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I'll Never Die

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It happened again.

Miyubi has died. It wasn’t even over anything major. She just tripped over and fell. You took her to the infirmary where she could rest up… You knew this is a thing that always happens to her, but you couldn’t quite grasp the concept behind it.

As a sloth, Miyubi cannot do too much or else the stress gets too much and she “dies”. You aren’t really sure if she just passes out or if she actually dies. You know that she wakes up after a while. As such, you decided to stay by her until she does… if she does.

Miyubi’s species has always been an enigma to you, but Miyubi herself was a nice, cheerful girl who brightens up your day… And you’re sitting by her side, just waiting for some form of energy inside her. Minutes felt like hours as your belief she’ll wake up dwindled with each ticking second. You waited… And waited… And… waited…

“Are you… okay?” A voice called out to you… Miyubi’s voice. You opened your eyes as you felt her hand on your head. You instantly reached for your skin to pinch it. You felt pain, but you still wanted to ask…

“Miyubi?” You asked. It seemed almost unnoticeable with how slowly she moved, but you saw her nod. “Is this a dream?”

“No… It’s not…” Her slow speech was soothing to hear, as far as you know. Yet… How come it’s making you want to cry?

“Oh, thank goodness!” You wept onto the side of the bed. “I thought for sure this was it! That’d you’d be gone for good!” As you sobbed, she slowly got up and wrapped her arms around you. Despite her rather weak health, her grip was pretty good.

“Don’t… worry… I won’t… die…” She said. You two remained like this for a long while. It was only until the self-proclaimed boss of her cooking club, Ranka came in and escorted her out of there. She even thanked you with a lick onto the mouth and an invitation to the cooking club…

An invitation that you might just consider…