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liar liar pants on fire

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Yoonji is a good liar. 

Well, she learned to be a good liar at the very least. 

One area of her expertise stems from her lack of pleasure in bed. Rather, her partners inability to pleasure her in bed. 

Most of the time, much to her chagrin, it’s just much easier to fake an orgasm than it is to walk her partner through the motions of making her orgasm. Sometimes only getting fucked is okay, it all feels good in the end. Self preservation, she calls it. 

She knows how to moan like she’s coming harder than she ever has before, knows how to grab the sheets or their hair and whine. She thanks youtube for teaching her about kegels because she can even fake the muscle contractions of an orgasm to some degree. All in all, she’s got the fake orgasm down to a science. 

Moan (loudly), proclaim you’re about to come, throw in a couple “don’t stop!”‘s for good measure, kick your legs, flail your arms, grab the sheets, bend your hips down, moan a little more, hit ‘em with the kegels, and boom. Satisfied partner. 

It’s always been that easy, it’s not like Tinder dates are that serious anyway. Yoonji likes being fucked regardless of whether or not she comes. It’s fine, she can just get herself off after with her vibe if she’s feeling it, but most of the time she just goes to bed. New day, new conquest. 

That is, until she meets Jung Hoseok. 

They had been acquainted through mutual friends, but they really took off once they matched on Tinder. They had texted for a week before deciding to meet up for coffee. Yoonji, expecting to get laid, had been thoroughly surprised when Hoseok took her out for dinner and then took her home after, leaving her with just a peck on the cheek. 

He’d made enough of an impression at least that when he asked her out again a few days later, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. 

Hoseok and Yoonji had been dating for about a month when they finally decided to have sex. 

Moan (loudly), proclaim you’re about to come, throw in a couple “don’t stop!”‘s for good measure, kick your legs, flail your arms, grab the sheets, bend your hips down, moan a little more, hit ‘em with the kegels, and-


Yoonji froze, Hoseok’s voice like ice running through her veins. A blush rapidly covered her cheeks and chest, eyes refusing to open. 

“Yoonji.” Hoseok repeated, much softer this time. 

Eyes still closed, Yoonji hummed in question. 

“Did-“ Hoseok paused. “What was that?”

“I came.” Yoonji answered, eyes still very much closed. 

Hoseok snorted loudly and pulled his face away from her cunt. “No, you didn’t.”

“I did!” Yoonji yelled, voice horribly strained. 

“Yoonji,” Hoseok pushed himself up onto his knees and crawled over Yoonji. He grabbed her by the jaw and forced her to look at him, coaxing her to open her eyes with his soft words and light kisses. 

“Yoon, why’d you do that?”

“You were doing fine.” Yoonji answered, eyes open finally but not looking at Hoseok. 

“You’re barely even wet, Yoon. Weren’t even hard.”

Yoonji’s eyes snapped to Hoseok’s at that, mouth open in shock. “How-“

“I pay attention.” He said with a smile. He leaned down and kissed her softly.

“You can tell me what you like, you don’t have to worry about hurting my feelings.”

“I don’t- It’s not that.” 

“Then what is it?”

“It’s just easier, sometimes, to do-“ Yoonji looked up at the ceiling. “-that. It’s frustrating to guide someone.”

Hoseok chucked. “Oh, I get it.”

Yoonji looked back down at Hoseok, eyebrow raised. 

“Has a man ever made you come, Yoonji?”

Yoonji blushed at his words. “No one but me has ever made me come.”

Hoseok nodded. “Have you ever asked someone to make you come?”

Yoonji paused. “No. It’s too complicated!”

Hoseok laughed loudly. “It’s really not, babe.”

“How would you know!” Yoonji yelled. 

“Want me to show you?” 

Hoseok’s voice had dropped low, his drawl slow. He lightly ground his hips into Yoonji’s, making her gasp. 

“Ten bucks says you can’t.” Yoonji said breathlessly. 

“Mmm,” he said. “Keep your money.” 

Hoseok lingers for a second around her neck, softly biting and soothing the spots with kisses. It’s relaxing, but it’s not something that would get Yoonji soaked. 

Yoonji settles against the pillows once more as Hoseok slowly makes his way down her chest. He gives a small lick to her nipple that sends a shiver down her spine. 

He slides a hand down her waist, down her stomach to her cunt, nimble fingers softly touching her lips. His middle finger dips inside, feels the slight slickness there as he bites down tenderly on her other nipple. Yoonji gasps, her hand coming up to Hoseok’s hair as she holds him to her body. 

His hand then starts to pull up, middle finger dragging wetly across her pussy, before catching on her clit. She moans quietly then, the pressure on her clit just right. Yoonji shifts her hips, searching for more. 

Hoseok rubs slow, languid circles around her clit and presses soft kisses to her breasts. “Good?” 

Yoonji nods her head against the pillows. “Yeah, yeah it’s good.” 

He circles his finger against her again and she can feel herself clench down, pleasure slowly coursing through her veins. 

“What do you need babe?” Hoseok breathes against her. 

“I-“ Her cunt clenches again as Hobi puts a bit more pressure against her clit. “In me, I need something-“

Her voice breaks off into a high moan when Hoseok slides his hand down once more and slips a finger into her. He fucks her with that for a second, and it’s good but-

“Another,” Yoonji whines. “Add another please.”

Hoseok looks up at her as he presses two fingers into her cunt. He smiles and leans up to kiss her hard. “Good girl.”

Yoonji shakes at his words, feels herself clamp down around his fingers and gush a little. Hoseok sets a near brutal pace then, fingers pressing perfectly inside of her. His palm slaps against her clit every time he fucks into her, making her see stars. She’s never felt this sort of pleasure during sex before, it feels a little unreal. 

Hoseok hums as he watches her, settled over Yoonji on his elbow. She grips the bed sheets in real pleasure this time, hips flexing up to meet every thrust of his hand. Her eyes slam shut, unable to keep them open anymore. 

She can feel Hoseok maneuver himself again, and suddenly there’s another hand at her cunt. He keeps fucking her with his fingers as his other hand rubs tight harsh circles around her clit. 

Yoonji yelps at the direct pressure and grabs Hobi's arm with both hands. The pleasure is so intense that her legs are shaking and she can’t hardly breathe, but she doesn’t want him to stop. She’s so close now, she can feel herself about to tip over and she says as much, begs Hoseok not to stop please she’s almost ther-

Yoonji screams when Hoseok stops fucking into her. He stops his movements completely, a knowing smirk stretched across his face. Yoonji digs her nails into his arm so hard that he cries out but he stays still. She bucks her hips against his hand almost as if she’s possessed, as if her body is moving without her knowing. 

“Were you close baby?” Hoseok breathes against her neck. 

Yoonji tries to kick him in response. “Fuck you, I told you I was.”

Hobi pulls his fingers out of her only to slam back in quickly but stay still yet again. Yoonji groans loudly and throws her head back onto the pillows in desperation. 

Hoseok uses his other hand to spread her labia open, her cunt on display. He groans and shifts his hips against her. “So hard, baby.” he says as he flicks his thumb against her clit, making her moan. 

“Hear that?” Hoseok growls lowly. He pulls his fingers out of her once more, only to slowly push back in. She’s so wet, she can hear every movement his fingers make inside of her. “Hear how wet you are?”

“Hobi please, I wanna come.” 

Hoseok makes a questioning noise but smiles down at her anyway. “I guess since you said please.”

He starts to thrust his fingers back inside but he stays shallow. Small little thrusts that drive her insane because it feels good but it’s not enough. 

He shushes her, a flush of embarrassment cascading down her chest as she realizes she was actually whining. 

Hobi crooks his fingers upwards and Yoonji surges up, hips jumping, as he presses against something inside of her that turns her bones into fire. She can faintly hear Hoseok talking to her but she can’t focus on anything other than the stars she’s seeing. 

Hobi presses on that spot a little more deliberately, crooks his fingers a little faster and starts to rock his hand up against her. She can feel herself gushing around his fingers, can feel how she tightens around them. She feels a little hysterical. 

She looks up from where she was watching Hobi finger her to his face and finds that he looks just as fucked out as she feels. His eyes are blown wide, his face and chest are flushed with heat and his underwear are tented so harshly she thinks they might rip. He speeds up the movement of his hand and she makes a noise deep from her chest, watching as Hoseok’s cock jumps where it’s trapped. 

There’s an odd sensation building up as she starts to get close again. She knows her orgasm feeling, knows that clean transition from pleasure to pure bliss, but this is different. She starts to get nervous, cause it almost feels like-

“Hobi I gotta pee.” She gasps out between the thrusts of his hand. 

Hoseok shakes his head, “No baby you’re good, trust me okay?” He looks down to where they’re connected and presses just a tad harder, thrusts just a tad harsher. 

Yoonji nearly screams at the blinding pleasure, but there’s still a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. “Ho-bi this doesn’t feel li-ke,” 

“It’s okay, it’s okay, let it go, trust me baby.”

And she does. 

She comes, hard, around Hobi’s fingers and opens her eyes in panic as the floodgates open in her pelvis. She squirts, so much, as Hobi continues to fuck his fingers into her that she can hear the squelch of his hand hitting her cunt. 

She’s not even fully done coming before she leans up and makes grabby hands at Hoseok. 

“Cmon, fuck me, please.”

Hoseok hurries out of his underwear and readies himself between her thighs, hand clamped tight around the base of his cock. 

Yoonji looks at him skeptically, eyebrow raised and chest heaving. 

“I’m not gonna last long.” Hoseok says with a laugh. 

Yoonji giggles along with him and lays back prone on the bed. She can feel Hoseok scoot closer, can feel the warmth of his body between her wet legs. 

She gasps when he rubs the head of his cock over her swollen sensitive clit. 

“Fuck,” he mutters. His eyes rake over her body, over her soft stomach, her breasts. “You’re so hot, fuck Yoonji.” 

Something molten flips in her stomach at his voice. She moans quietly when he rubs his thumb over her folds. “Still so fucking wet.”

Yoonji doesn’t get a chance to respond before Hoseok slides inside, the stretch a pleasant burn that sets her nerves on fire. 

Hoseok sets a steady pace, the dancers hips easily keeping a rhythm. Yoonji feels hot all over. She has sweat collecting behind her knees and under her tits. Her slick covers the inside of her thighs and the bed below her, but she still feels so beautiful under Hoseok’s gaze. He can’t seem to take his eyes off of her, lip bit between his teeth as his gaze roams over her body. 

Faintly, Yoonji can feel another orgasm brewing. Excitement bubbles up in her chest, adrenaline pumping at the thought of coming twice in one night. She wants it, wants nothing more than to come on Hobi’s cock. 

She reaches a hand down to her cunt, but Hoseok intercepts her, knocks her hand away and brings his thumb back down to her clit. 

Yoonji surges up beneath Hoseok as he continues to fuck into her. It’s almost too much, having this much stimulation so soon after coming already. She clenches down hard on Hoseok’s cock inside of her and he hisses, hips stuttering before finding their rhythm once more. He moves a little more rough now, cock buried deep inside of her when he pushes in and his thumb rubbing tight, hard circles around her clit. 

She’s close already, and so is Hoseok by the way he pauses after every thrust in, like he doesn’t want to pull out. 

Yoonji moans loudly at the thought. 

Hoseok swears, thumb picking up speed. “Can I?” He asks lowly. 

Yoonji nods vigorously. “Yes, yes please fill me up Hobi please.”

Hoseok growls and fucks into her hard one last time and buries himself deep, cock throbbing as he comes inside of her. She feels it, warm filling her up, and that sends her over the edge once again. 

She comes just as violently as the first time, clamping down on Hoseok’s cock as he groans at the feeling. She can feel herself squirt a tiny bit more onto the mattress below. 

She comes down slowly, idly noticing Hoseok pull out and wipe her down with a washcloth he’d gotten out of bed to get. She’d make a witty retort if she could remember how to blink properly.

Hoseok flops back onto the bed beside her and pulls her close, kissing up her shoulder to her flushed cheeks. “Did I win the challenge?” 

Yoonji uses what was left of her strength to hit Hoseok on the arm. They both laugh softly, slowly fading into unconsciousness. 

“So I guess that’s what sex is supposed to feel like.” Yoonji says idly. 

“That it is.”

“How’d you get so good at it?” 

“Years of practice my friend.”

“Don’t friendzone me while your come is dripping out of my cunt.”

Hoseok groans and Yoonji laughs when she feels his cock twitch against her thigh. 

They fall into silence after that, Yoonji listening to Hoseok’s breath slow and even out. 

Yeah, she thinks, he’s the one