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Your First Assignment

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“Your first assignment.” Gabriel hands Sarawat a folder, within in it a picture of a young man. Name: Tine Teepakorn

Age: 18

Problem: Clumsy




“This kid has almost died five times in the past week and he’s supposed to live till 85. We need you to go down there and make sure that happens.”


“Okay, when do I start?”


“Right now.”


“Wait-” Gabriel places two fingers on his forehead and suddenly he is transported to a dark parking lot outside an apartment building occupied by a gaggle of drunk men. The six-foot-tall one with black, styled hair is rambling incoherently. “I’m telling you Fong, it makes no sense for there to be random-ass flightless birds on a giant block of ice at the bottom of the world. There’s no way penguins are real. Have you ever even seen a penguin?”


Sarawat recognized him from the picture: Tine Teepakorn. He wondered if he was also like this while he was sober. Well, at least he seems to be close to his home. He couldn’t get into too many accidents this close to- Tine tripped and fell flat on his face. There wasn’t even anything to trip over, but he managed to do it anyways. Oh dear God.


“Bro, you good?” His friend- Fong- asked.


“I’m fine.” He was not fine. His nose was a bloody mess. Sarawat walked over to him and gently placed his hand on his head, letting his grace flow through him to stop the bleeding. Tine, of course, could not see him, as he was currently invisible to humans.


“Get up.” Fong pulled his inebriated friend off the ground and began to guide him up the stairs. Tine pushed him away and grabbed the railing. “I can do it myself, ‘m an adult,” he slurred.


“Your funeral.” He had no idea. Tine, incredibly, managed to stumble up the stairs without a major disaster happening. At least until he reached the last step, where he promptly began to fall backwards into an untimely death. Sarawat quickly switched to his corporeal form and caught him from behind.


Tine looked up in shock. “Who are you? Where did you from?”


“I’m your guardian angel.”

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Tine’s head was spinning. Was he really drunk enough to hallucinate a guardian angel? He chastised his own subconscious for dreaming up some guy to save him. He could have at least dreamed up a pretty girl. And he most certainly would not be the one falling- she would be falling. He did not need anyone’s help.

His stream of thought was interrupted by the stranger sticking his hands into his pants pockets. “Why-What are you doing?”

“I’m looking for your room keys. You’d never get it in the lock in this state.” The man pulled the keys out of his back pocket and wrapped an arm around Tine’s waist, guiding him to his room. The last thing he remembered was being plopped down on his bed and a blanket being pulled over him.


Tine blinked wearily at the sight sunlight filtering in through his window. “You’re awake,” he heard a voice say. Tine screamed and tumbled off the bed.

“Shit! Who are you? How’d you get in here?”

The man shook his head amusedly as Tine struggled to free himself from the blanket he was now entangled in. “My name’s Sarawat.”

Tine looked at him incredulously, waiting for him to provide any sort of explanation. “...And? Why are you in my room?”

“I told you last night. I’m your guardian angel.”

The events of last night slowly came back to him and his eyes went wide. “But… why? I’ve managed just fine on my own.”

“Why?” Sarawat sputtered, “You just nearly died last night!”

“Yeah, but I didn’t.”

“Because of me!”

“Whatever,” TIne grumbled. He rubbed his temples, trying to comprehend this batshit insane situation he had found himself in, then the questions started spilling out, “Wait, can anyone else see you? Are you gonna be around all the time? How am I supposed to explain you to-”

“Easy, easy, one question at a time. Yes, I’ll be around all the time but other people will only see me when I allow them to. As far as anyone else is concerned, I’m just your new friend.”

Tine let out a sigh of exasperation at his newfound predicament. “I can’t handle any more of this conversation on an empty stomach. Let’s go eat.”


Tine walked awkwardly down the street with his hands in his pockets with Sarawat beside him, matching his pace step-for-step. This did not suit his normally chic image, but he struggled to find anything not weird to stay. “So have you… been an angel long?”

Sarawat chuckled at the awkward phrasing, “No. I was human once, if that’s what your asking. When I died, I was chosen to become a guardian angel. You’re my first assignment.”

“Shit. Did dying hurt?” Tine asked without thinking. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. Of course it hurt, and it’s none of my business.”

“It’s alright, Tine,” Sarawat answered earnestly. “To be honest, I don’t really remember my death. When you get to Heaven, pain, specific events, they just kind of fade away, like they’re not really important anymore.”

Tine was about to step out onto a street when Sarawat grabbed him and pulled him back. Not a second later, a car came speeding through a red light. “Holy shit. You just saved my-”

Tine was interrupted by a shrill voice from behind. “Tiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeee.”

“Oh god, hide me.” Tine attempted to hide behind Sarawat, but there was no fooling the menace in his life that was Green.

“Tine, I can see you.”

Busted, Tine though as he stepped out from behind a very confused Sarawat. “...Hi Green.”

“Tine, I’m so glad I found you. We should get breakfast together,” Green grabbed Tine’s wrist but Tine protested.

“I can’t Green, I’m having lunch with someone else.”

“Who, this guy? Who even is he?” Green pouted.

Suddenly, Tine had an idea. Tine grabbed Sarawat’s hand and announced, “He’s my boyfriend.”