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Your First Assignment

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“Your first assignment.” Gabriel hands Sarawat a folder, within in it a picture of a young man. Name: Tine Teepakorn

Age: 18

Problem: Clumsy




“This kid has almost died five times in the past week and he’s supposed to live till 85. We need you to go down there and make sure that happens.”


“Okay, when do I start?”


“Right now.”


“Wait-” Gabriel places two fingers on his forehead and suddenly he is transported to a dark parking lot outside an apartment building occupied by a gaggle of drunk men. The six-foot-tall one with black, styled hair is rambling incoherently. “I’m telling you Fong, it makes no sense for there to be random-ass flightless birds on a giant block of ice at the bottom of the world. There’s no way penguins are real. Have you ever even seen a penguin?”


Sarawat recognized him from the picture: Tine Teepakorn. He wondered if he was also like this while he was sober. Well, at least he seems to be close to his home. He couldn’t get into too many accidents this close to- Tine tripped and fell flat on his face. There wasn’t even anything to trip over, but he managed to do it anyways. Oh dear God.


“Bro, you good?” His friend- Fong- asked.


“I’m fine.” He was not fine. His nose was a bloody mess. Sarawat walked over to him and gently placed his hand on his head, letting his grace flow through him to stop the bleeding. Tine, of course, could not see him, as he was currently invisible to humans.


“Get up.” Fong pulled his inebriated friend off the ground and began to guide him up the stairs. Tine pushed him away and grabbed the railing. “I can do it myself, ‘m an adult,” he slurred.


“Your funeral.” He had no idea. Tine, incredibly, managed to stumble up the stairs without a major disaster happening. At least until he reached the last step, where he promptly began to fall backwards into an untimely death. Sarawat quickly switched to his corporeal form and caught him from behind.


Tine looked up in shock. “Who are you? Where did you from?”


“I’m your guardian angel.”