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Yoongi steadies the electric saw over the piece of wood he’s marked, the diagonal cut perfect for the table he’s putting together. As the saw cleanly cuts through, powdery specks of sawdust fluttering about, he’s reminded of why he can do this for hours. There’s a deep satisfaction in constructing an item, a personally designed art piece, and watching it come together one bit at a time. He felt the same about music and he feels the same now about woodworking. 




Yoongi scoots the ply of wood further until he comes to the other line he drew, carefully guiding the whirring saw through that part as well. He’s been working on this table for the past three days, possibly to avoid the next song he should be working on or maybe just to replace their current coffee table that stands a bit at a slant. 




Yoongi straightens up and peers over, spotting Namjoon standing there at the door frame to their garage, Yoongi’s second workroom. He reaches over to turn the saw off, the steady thrum now silent. 


“What’d I say about coming in here when I’m working?” Yoongi asks with a small, harmless frown. He tugs his hearing protectors down from his ears that resemble oversized headphones, letting them rest around his neck. “It’s dangerous.” 


“I wouldn’t have to if  you didn’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and fed,” Namjoon tuts as he shuffles over in sandals which provide terrible protection. This only deepens Yoongi’s concern for accident prone Namjoon. 


As Namjoon offers him a cool glass of water, Yoongi lifts up his goggles, letting them sit atop his thick, deep red strands. His hair’s been growing out so he uses the goggles to help push some of it back. Pulling his utility gloves off, he tosses them on top of the nearby tabletop in his workspace. Yoongi wipes the sweat off his brow and takes the glass to slowly sip from it. The cold water is heaven sent, much like his boyfriend. 


While drinking, his feline eyes drag up and down the length of Namjoon’s body. He’s wearing a sleeveless tank, loose and soft, but expensive thanks to the fair trade, cruelty-free textile company he often rambles about. With each sway of his body the open sleeves are dangerously close to a nip slip, Yoongi’s thirsty eyes frequently glancing there. 


Namjoon’s skin is wonderfully tan, keeping a yearlong bronze to his skin. Collarbones, arms, all on display. And his legs. Fuck, he’s wearing those tiny gym shorts that he knows drives Yoongi crazy. All retro and small so that when he bends over (and he likes to do that a lot around Yoongi when wearing them), the pudgy, gelatinous part of his ass shows.


Now that is a tall glass of water he could drink. 


Namjoon has a perceptive smirk on his face, watching as Yoongi devours him up with his eyes. Turning around to head back towards the door, he pauses at the frame. 


“Why don’t you come inside and take a break? Maybe eat something.” 


And there you have it, everyone. The move


Namjoon leans over as if he’s fixing something on his sandal, endless, voluptuous legs a whole feast in front of Yoongi. While his eyes drag upwards, because he likes to save the best for last in his meal, they land on that distinction of skin that’s lighter in color. The most tender part of his ass that causes the older to forget the remaining water in his glass. 


Yoongi nearly pops a boner right there. But who could blame him. 


Following Namjoon inside after setting down all of his work accessories, they barely  make it to the kitchen. Yoongi has the younger man pushed against the counter, already on his knees behind him. Wide fingertips push the edge of those red, cotton shorts up, dimpling into the soft, fleshy muscle. He first bites into the fatty tissue, huffing out a hungry breath as he hears Namjoon groan from above. 


Yoongi presses kisses into his skin as he moves over to where he pulls aside those sinful shorts. His thumb sneaks in to pull at one of those cheeks, opening up the other to him moreso. “Fuck, Joon,” he breathlessly exhales as he sees his puckered hole all tucked between the slope of his backside. He looks delectable and the fluttering of his rim sends Yoongi into a massive heart attack. 


Leaning in without hesitating any longer, he pushes the entirety of his face right into those cheeks. Cushiony mounds squeeze about his face as he draws his tongue out, lapping thoroughly over Namjoon’s hole. His boyfriend shifts against the counter, convincing Yoongi to swirl the tip of his tongue generously about him. 


A few more teasing lengthy licks and he’s finally pushing the tip of his tongue past the tight opening, his lips sucking wetly at the sensitive area surrounding it. His own cock throbs at this point, in which he ignores it in favor of shallowly thrusting his tongue inside of Namjoon. Delving his wet, thick muscle past the initial resistance of his quivering hole, he uses the momentum of his working jaw to thrust further into him. 


As if noticing how heavy Namjoon’s cock has become, filled plumply with arousal, Yoongi reaches between those parted thighs and palms at his boyfriend. He cups his balls in the groove of his palm, kneading firmly, appreciating the weight of Namjoon. His hand then drags upwards, massaging at his cock through those shorts, hearing how labored Namjoon’s breath has become. 


Needing more, Yoongi pulls back then, his tongue slipping out and his hand falling from Namjoon. He doesn’t make his boyfriend wait much longer as he roughly yanks those shorts down, presented with a front row view of his ass. Round and full, so much to admire and press his face into. He playfully smacks at the underside of one of his cheeks, watching it bounce. 


“Hyung!” Namjoon reprimands, the strained disbelief to his voice telling Yoongi he actually enjoyed that. He knows his lover. 


Now he’s able to use both of his thumbs, prying Namjoon apart and once again slipping into the valley of his ass. He doesn’t hold back this time. First he builds up the slickness, his tongue earnest in running past his rim, letting his saliva collect on his warm skin. When he shoves his tongue back into Namjoon, his lips are drawn wide apart to allow him to push in deeper. 


In the middle of being tongue fucked, Namjoon pushes his hips back, grinding against Yoongi’s face. Namjoon seizes his large cock and starts to stroke himself, becoming more desperate for release. Yoongi can feel the steady way he fists his arousal, the timing of it matching the way Namjoon arches back against Yoongi’s tongue. Riding his face, Yoongi groans from the base of his throat, his own hand having found his shameless cock in his sweats. 


The two of them please themselves, increasing the pace in which they use their precum to aid each hefty stroke. Yoongi doesn’t let up on how his tongue retreats and pushes, forcing its way to taste the most intimate part of Namjoon. He hears Namjoon’s moans growing louder, his rhythm uneven as he’s now just chasing his climax. 


Yoongi doesn’t mind it and rather enjoys the clumsy way Namjoon bounces upon his tongue, even if it starts to ache. Pushing through the discomfort to instead embrace the pleasure, only a few more moments pass before he feels Namjoon seize up. His tongue is clenched about and he halts, panting out as he lets Namjoon’s frame tremble and convulse as his orgasms. He listens and waits for his boyfriend to ride through it, soon relaxing enough for Yoongi to withdraw his tongue. 


Focusing on his release now, he hastily jerks himself, shallow breaths rapidly leaving his sore lips until he’s soon tensing up and crying out gruffly. He catches most of his cum in his palm, thickly swallowing as he now languidly spread his wetly coated hand along the rest of his shaft. 


Once the feverish need dies down, Namjoon turns around and crouches down next to Yoongi. He’s pulling the older into a kiss, sweetly so, with gentle brushes of their tiers and warm palms cupping his face. 


When the kiss naturally ends, he hears Namjoon’s low voice speak up. “What was that about interrupting your work? I shouldn’t do it?” 


Yoongi opens his eyes to smile softly at Namjoon, unable to conjure up any witty remarks. “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he grumbles through the affectionate curve of his lips. 


Namjoon and Yoongi moved out here two years ago. Or was it three years now? Yoongi’s lost track of time since entering this peaceful oasis where deadlines don’t determine his every waking moment. 


They used to be songwriters and composers in Seoul. The pair met on a job together where Namjoon was writing the lyrics and Yoongi produced the track. They did it for a top singer in Korea and her single went platinum. Their success led more artists to ask for their collaborative song writing skills. Spending more time together naturally brought them closer as friends. 


That was ten years ago. 


Yoongi still remembers their first kiss. It was fucking awkward. Namjoon asked him on a date after working together for almost a year. He likes to share that Yoongi said yes to the date before Namjoon could even finish asking. Yoongi denies it, claiming that he always takes his time with these decisions so he at least left Namjoon in limbo for a whole minute before agreeing. In the end, it doesn’t matter who’s right, since one date turned into two, which turned into three and then ten. 


Back to the first date. Having always had an affinity for the arts , Namjoon took him to some small, independent gallery with curated pieces from local artists. Yoongi doesn’t remember what the fuck was shown, but he does remember Namjoon. 


Tall and handsome. Instead of wearing his usual cottagecore aesthetic of earth tones and warmer neutrals in looser fits, he had on this fabulous embellished denim jacket with a white button up underneath. He intentionally left the top three buttons undone to give Yoongi something enticing to look at. On the bottom he had these black, sinfully tight pants. It made Yoongi want to climb him, sit on his lap, or bend him over while ripping those jeans off. 


It surely left him feeling underdressed in his own black on black attire of what Hoseok called his skater boy jeans, paired with his black tee and a black cardigan that swallowed up his hands. He was a random ad in teen magazine J14 compared to Vogue front cover Namjoon over here. 


Yet as much as Yoongi had the hots for Namjoon, he also admired his cognitive thought processes. They talked so much that night. About any and everything. Of course work crept up into the conversation because they’re both in love with music and their creations, but it felt carefree and fun. And when the date came to a close, Yoongi was the one to initiate the kiss. Or so he tried. 


He remembers Namjoon stopped him, which is where the awkward moment fucking came in. Namjoon had to tell Yoongi right then and there how much he liked him, how he’d liked him for a while. He had to make it clear that this wasn’t a one and done date. That he hoped it’d lead to more dates and hopefully an actual relationship. 


Yoongi clammed up. His gut reaction was to tell Namjoon goodnight and leave right there. The typical fear of changing an already great friendship made him want to retreat. There’s always a risk in opening up and Yoongi knew himself well enough to know it wouldn’t be easy. But he pushed himself to grow the hell up and be honest. In which he also confessed that he liked Namjoon. He told him that he wouldn’t have agreed to the date if he also hadn’t seen a commitment to their future. 


Yoongi remembers becoming a teenager all over again. Face unbearably hot, head pounding loudly with his heartbeat, fingers too uncertain to do anything but clutch at his sides. But the kiss was one of those cliche, magical, head-spinning kisses. Soft and sweet, with careful brushes of lips with only a slight touch of tongues. 


And then they fucked. 


Namjoon admitted later that he wore the outfit in hopes of seducing Yoongi into bed. Yoongi told him he knew. 


Fast forward to when they grew tired of the strenuous demands of the music industry and decided to move out to the mountainside. They wanted more time with each other while they were still young. Sort of young. Yoongi’s most recent birthday cake had the numbers 33 on them and he ordained Namjoon to always and forever put 33 on his cakes from here on out. 


In the woods, they do whatever the fuck they want. Their closest neighbor is a drive away. The nights are quiet and the mornings are revitalizing.  


Namjoon finally planted a garden like he always wanted. He has a green thumb that can grow anything around their lodge. First they started with flowers then he added herbs and vegetables and more recently started to plant fruit. On top of that, he wanted to stay fit and active so he chops wood among other yard work. He’ll even order beautiful pieces of salvaged wood and axe them down into more workable sizes for Yoongi. 


Yoongi who’s taken a hobby in craftsmanship. He’s the one who’s more adept at actually creating something out of the wood. After designing an item for their place, he’ll disappear for hours into his woodshop and work. Saw and cut, shape and sand. Slot the pieces together and voila, a fucking five-star table. Or so he’s hoping right now.


The current bookshelf they have in the living room is Namjoon’s favorite piece. The staircase shape to it with a nook for succulents was a big win and Yoongi is convinced he’ll never top that. 


Overall, he and Namjoon have this system that works very well for them.


It also helps that they can live in luxury thanks to their constant income of royalties. Occasionally they’ll respond to requests from old friends and make a song here and there. The last one they did was for Hoseok who’s a choreographer and wanted a chart topping song for the group he was helping. He’ll sometimes come up to the cabin and visit, just spend an idle weekend with the pair to get away from the city. Every time, he comments how they look a lot happier since they moved. Namjoon especially likes sharing the cakes or bread he’s made, quite pleased to show off his improved culinary skills. 


Other than that, their life is calm. Their cabin feels homey and sweet, industrial and modern enough for the two of them. They have these large, sweeping two-story windows on one side of their house that overlooks the woods. The stars are endless beyond the treetops.  It’s a great view for night time reading when they both grab a book. Sometimes Yoongi will work on a puzzle and they’ll play vinyl records into the late evening. 


Yoongi loves it. And so does Namjoon. 


A few days later they’re eating breakfast together. Yoongi’s perched on a stool at the wide countertop of the kitchen island. Namjoon’s slicing up fruit. Years ago Yoongi would fear for his boyfriend’s fingers, but now he slightly trusts all of the efforts Namjoon put into cooking classes.


“Babe,” Namjoon starts, gentleness in his voice. 


“Hm?” he hums out in response, still trying to wake up with his coffee in hand, a cinnamon roll in the other. 


“I’ve been seeing the cutest bunny in the garden lately.” 


Yoongi pulls a face. “It better not be eating our vegetables.” 


Namjoon shakes his head, “No, no. I usually give him a treat if he gets close enough to me.” 


“You what ? You feed a rabbit that comes into our garden ? What if the rabbit starts asking for more?” Yoongi sounds skeptical and distrusting of a rabbit. He just imagines one day they’ll wake up and Namjoon will scream in horror at the deceptive bunny having invited all of his rabbit friends for a carrot festival. That’s not an unreasonable thought. 


“Yeah. He’s harmless,” Namjoon brushes off the tone of judgement in Yoongi’s voice. “But the reason why I noticed him… is because he’s all black. I’ve seen white bunnies, gray ones, and two-toned ones. But never one that’s pure black. If he comes by today, you should try to feed him too.” 


Namjoon smiles up at him, lifting a strawberry to his lips, dimples all cute. Yoongi can’t argue much with that. 


He shrugs, nonchalant. “Sure. What’s a fucking rabbit gonna do to me? Eat me?” 


Namjoon chuckles as he has his bowl of sliced fruit, walking around the counter towards Yoongi. He pauses at him with a hand on the small of his back, leaning in to press a kiss right to Yoongi’s neck towards the nape. Yoongi presses his lips together as he subtly shivers. 


“Thanks, I’ll call for you if I see him,” he murmurs, breath ghosting over Yoongi’s skin. 


Before Namjoon walks off, Yoongi does steal a sliced pear and strawberry for himself, turning back to his coffee. It’s moments like these that he remembers he practically married a man with the softest heart for wildlife. And honestly? He wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Later that day, Yoongi’s lounging on the couch in the living room, arms folded over his chest trying to brainstorm. He’d been considering starting up an artisanal furniture business since he and Namjoon were almost done with their own house projects. 


The biggest hurdle is having to hire an accountant and a business consultant because as good as Yoongi is with finances, he doesn’t know the first thing about business plans. He lucked out with his producing, having been signed to a smaller label through his Soundcloud popularity. 


“Hey, am I waking you up from a nap?” Namjoon suddenly asks and when did he become so quiet? 


Yoongi squints open his eyes. “No.” 


Namjoon grins at that, nodding over to the glass doors. “Come, it’s the bunny!” 


Yoongi wants to stay put, but when he sees the excited way Namjoon hurries to the windows, he sighs and swings his legs off the couch. Much like a lazy caterpillar, he shuffles over to the doors with Namjoon. 


Namjoon is lifting a finger to his lips to remind Yoongi to be quiet. Yoongi just stares, unable to recall the last time he tried to interact with the wild animals out here. As his boyfriend slides the door open carefully, he’s wearing a pair of mustard yellow overalls, looking absolutely adorable with his gray hoodie on underneath. 


It’s an early spring day, a bit chilly as the mornings are more dewy before the sun comes out later. Sometimes there’ll be thunderstorms in the afternoon, leaving the two to enjoy a game of scrabble or curl up together with a movie while the cloudy skies look oddly enchanting. 


Yoongi’s just in a pair of black track pants and a black long sleeve, keeping it dark and simple. He runs a hand through his thick, auburn strands of hair, thinking about how this is the longest his hair has ever been. 


As they step out onto the patio, sliding into their designer slippers, Namjoon keeps gesturing for him to follow as he tiptoes to the edge of the deck. “Look,” he pauses at the top of the wooden stairs leading out to the yard. He points outwards with a wide smile, causing Yoongi to be more curious. 


Approaching the railing, Yoongi follows his direction. 


It only takes him a moment to look across the garden before he spots it. The bunny is quite hard to miss in its pure black coat, sniffing at the cucumbers. Yoongi wants to shout, “Git!”, at it, and watch it scramble away in alarm. But Namjoon seems to adore the rabbit with those heart eyes he keeps sending its way. 




All of a sudden Namjoon’s holding out a baby carrot to Yoongi. The older man looks bewildered. 


“You said you’d feed it,” Namjoon restates their deal. 


“Oh, right,” Yoongi looks crestfallen. 


Of course Namjoon would remember this. Yoongi sighs, figuring the rabbit would skedaddle before he even got close enough to feed it. Taking the baby carrot, he strides right down the stairs and through the garden, not even trying to be stealthy about it. 


The rabbit doesn’t seem alarmed though, making Yoongi question it for a second. In fact, he marches right up to the fluffy black ball of cuteness, its large inky eyes peering up at him as its little nose is wiggling about. The rabbit’s ears are up, alert and curious, as it waits. The audacity of this fucking bunny. 


Yoongi crouches down just shy of an arm’s length away. He holds the baby carrot out, tutting at it gently. “Here you go,” he speaks out to it, voice low, studying it closely. 


The rabbit’s black coat has a healthy sheen to it, catching the traces of sunlight that filter in through the cloudy sky. He sees the rabbit sniffing, peering over at him, and then with a few little bounds of its round body, it’s right before him. It sniffs once more at the fresh baby carrot he has in his fingers and he almost thinks it’s going to dart away now. He’s wrong though, and watches as the rabbit starts to chew on the carrot, his teeth crunching into it with easy small nibbles. 


Yoongi hears Namjoon behind him whoop for joy and he looks over his shoulder to see his ridiculously cute boyfriend grinning at him. 


Returning to look back at the rabbit, he decides that it is super adorable and he can see why Namjoon made a big deal out of it. 


“You like it?” he asks, setting the carrot down to let the rabbit hop closer to it, chewing on it more. Yoongi then hesitates, before he reaches out to let the underside of his fingers gently stroke along the pelt of the bunny. Silky and soft, the little rabbit is warm under his touch. “Cute,” he mumbles, exhaling as he then stands up, deciding he fulfilled his end of the bargain. 


“You owe me,” Yoongi says, just to be a brat about it and pretend it took a huge toll on him. 


He walks past Namjoon who simply turns in an offering, which Yoongi does not miss a beat and slaps the younger’s ass.


About a week later, Namjoon’s checking his phone and frowning. He’ll glance at his phone then look wistfully outside. Then he’ll be silent for a few moments before repeating the whole process. Yoongi’s trying to finish this crossword puzzle, having only three more words. 


When he hears Namjoon sigh again , he rolls his eyes and sets the puzzle aside, sitting up on the couch. “What’s wrong?” Namjoon looks over, surprised to be caught. “You’ve been sighing and staring out the window for the past ten minutes.” 


“Oh,” Namjoon replies bashfully. “It’s just… supposed to rain this afternoon. And all the way into the night.” 


Yoongi is perturbed as to how that has his boyfriend looking so forlorn and bothered. “And? It always does that in spring.” 


Namjoon sighs again. 


Yoongi rolls his eyes even harder, standing up and moving over to Namjoon in his chair. He climbs right onto his lap, hands sliding right up his boyfriend’s firm chest. They reach up to smush Namjoon’s cheeks together, forcing him to look up at Yoongi. 


“Look, if you’re worried about your garden I’ll help you cover it up, okay? Just stop moping around like this,” Yoongi frowns a bit, trying to ease Namjoon up. The edges of his lips threaten to spill into a smile though as he keeps prying at Namjoon’s cheeks, watching them squish together. 


Namjoon tries to resist at first, but finally smiles as Yoongi lowers his hands. Yoongi has a clear view of those dimples, little dips of crescent craters that helped him fall in love with Namjoon years ago. 


“Okay,” Namjoon nods in agreement, not without his hands reaching back to cup at Yoongi’s backside. 


“Yah,” Yoongi chides, laughing as he climbs off his boyfriend, but not before he happens to lean in to press a chaste, fond kiss to his lips. 


Outside, Yoongi takes one side of the plastic covering, making sure the metal hook is deeply in the ground. He pushes a bit harder to make it won’t slip free when the dirt soaks with water. They finish covering up the vegetables and fruit that Namjoon has been working so hard to grow. 


Just in time too, for Yoongi feels the first drops of rain fall from the sky. 


“Is that all?” Yoongi asks as he stands up, brushing off dirt from his pajama pants. He has maybe worn this outfit for the past two days.


Namjoon’s staring off into the trees and Yoongi follows his line of gaze. He doesn’t see anything though. When his eyes are back on Namjoon, he’s nodding at him, “Yeah! Thanks! I’m just–” 


His words are cut off by a loud crack of thunder and lightning in the sky. 


What the fuck?! 


The skies open up all at once and it starts to downpour. Yoongi yelps as he tries to run through the garden in his sandals, trying not to trip. 


He heads straight for the patio deck, heading up the stairs when he sees that Namjoon isn’t following. 


“Joon!” he yells out as he lifts his hands to cover his eyes, squinting into the rain. 


Namjoon is still at the other end of the garden, seemingly bent over and looking at something. 


“Namjoon!” Yoongi yells again, louder this time. 


He sees Namjoon is still preoccupied with whatever it is out there. It’s cold and Yoongi shudders with a grimace. 


Shaking his head and giving up, Yoongi heads back inside where he decides to at least get towels for them both. Kicking off his sandals, he shuffles to the bathroom closet, rubbing at his arms as he continues to tremble some. 


Grabbing two towels, he drapes one around his shoulders for warmth. He returns to the glass door, finally seeing Namjoon hurrying back to the house. But it looks like he’s carrying something. 


Yoongi can’t exactly see but he steps back from the door to let Namjoon in. His boyfriend shuts the door behind him, shivering as his clothes are drenched. 


“I found this little guy,” Namjoon all of a sudden is showing Yoongi his hands full of black fur. 


“The fucking rabbit?!” Yoongi raises his voice in disbelief. 


He watches as Namjoon tucks the rabbit closer to his chest as if to shield it from Yoongi. The rabbit also seems to hide away, pressing more into Namjoon’s palms. 


“Hey, he’ll get scared,” Namjoon shushes him. He then takes the other towel from Yoongi’s hands, kicking off his shoes as well before he makes his way to the living room. Plopping down onto his chair, keeping the rabbit held safely in his arms, he uses the towel to wrap around the bunny instead of himself. 


“Oh, great, just ruin the furniture with your wet, dirty clothes,” Yoongi mumbles as he takes his own towel and works on drying his hair. 


Namjoon doesn’t seem annoyed, hugging the rabbit close and murmuring to it. 


As cute as the rabbit is, Yoongi doesn’t know what they’re going to do with it. Does he need to prepare himself for now having a pet rabbit? Also, does the rabbit not have a family of its own? A shelter that it burrows in when it rains on other days? 


Knowing that Namjoon doesn’t easily change his mind when making decisions, Yoongi lets it go and spends the rest of the afternoon and evening doing his own thing. He showers to warm up from the rain, now dry and cozy. He continues a crossword puzzle, getting stuck on a word. Usually he’ll ask Namjoon for help but right now his boyfriend is still in his same damp clothes, petting the rabbit, which seems to be asleep in his arms in the thick towel. 


He’s worried though, about Namjoon getting sick. Tapping his pen along the puzzle with a few moments of consideration, he finally concedes with a large, exasperated sigh. “Okay, fine,” Yoongi sits up. “Go take a shower. I’ll… watch over the rabbit,” he rubs at the back of his neck, scowling a little. 


Namjoon looks at him for what seems like the first time in hours. “Really?” Namjoon asks, as if he’s doubtful of Yoongi’s kindness. How offensive. 


“Yeah,” Yoongi nods again. His hand drops from his neck as he feels a blush spread along his cheeks. “I don’t want you to get sick.” 


When the knowledge hits him, Namjoon nods in understanding. He smiles as he carefully stands up, not wanting to disrupt the rabbit’s slumber. Much like one would handle a baby, Namjoon has the rabbit held in his arms securely. He lets Yoongi get comfy, which for him right now is lying on his back, a couch pillow tucked under his head. Namjoon then lays the towel holding the rabbit on Yoongi’s chest, petting along those black, furry ears. 


Yoongi tucks his head down and he knows it gives him a double chin but he doesn’t care right now. He’s observing the sleeping rabbit, its nose twitching rather cutely in its sleep. 


Maybe this won’t be so bad. The rabbit’s body heat does add another layer of comfort. 


“Thanks, hyung,” Namjoon murmurs, bending over to press a kiss to Yoongi’s temple. He wrinkles his nose, feigning discontent. 


When Namjoon leaves, it’s just Yoongi and the rabbit. 


He simply watches the rabbit, staring at it steadily, hoping it stays asleep this whole time. He’s not sure what he’ll do if it awakes, having not read the manual on How to Care for Rabbits 101. Eventually though, curiosity gets the best of him and he reaches upwards, stroking the pads of his fingers softly, slowly, along the black coat. The rabbit remains asleep, and Yoongi smiles. It truly is a travesty at how cute this thing is. 


One should know Yoongi has little resistance to naps, especially when they’re cozy like this. The fire is crackling, warm flames flicking about and the sound of the rain is soothing now that the thunder and lightning have stopped. His hand is gently resting atop the rabbit, feeling its rhythmic breaths while also making sure it doesn’t hop away. Like that, he’s asleep.


By the time he wakes up, with Namjoon gently prodding him, he first looks down to see the rabbit still there. It's awake though, its large black eyes seemingly watching him. 


“Hyung,” Namjoon addresses. “I made dinner.” 


“Oh, the three magic words. Other than, fuck me now.” 


Namjoon snorts as he collects the rabbit from Yoongi’s chest, the loss of warmth causing Yoongi to frown a little. He dismisses the feeling though and pushes himself up from the couch, rubbing at his tired eyes. 


The smells of dinner are great, and Yoongi once again, is still impressed by the vast improvement Namjoon made with his cooking skills. Tonight they’re having bolognese with a side of salad. He chuckles as he sees a small plate with some lettuce and chopped carrots. 


“Is this for the bunny?” he asks, amused. His speculations from earlier at taking the rabbit in seem to have faded. Just a little. 


Sitting at their dinner table with the bunny on the table, it adds a different element that warms Yoongi’s heart. The rabbit immediately approaches the plate as if it knows it’s for him. It chews up the lettuce then moves on to the carrots while its cute little mouth nibbles along with round, sparkling eyes darting between Yoongi and Namjoon. 


After dinner, Namjoon takes care of the rabbit. Yoongi heads up to their loft to crawl into bed. Shortly later his boyfriend joins him, the rabbit looking freshly washed and blown dry, its fur having returned to that brilliant sheen. He sets the bunny on the mattress as he climbs into the other side. 


Yoongi doesn’t protest, instead turning so that he’s facing the rabbit in the middle, watching it plop its round body around the sheets until it finds a comfortable spot. Which so happens to be right by Yoongi’s pillow. He smiles, feeling pretty pleased about that. 


Namjoon sees him smile and Yoongi quickly wipes the look off his face, embarrassed. Here he had been giving Namjoon a hard time over raving about the rabbit, and now look, he’s completely smitten with the black furball. He’s grown too soft over the years. 


The last thing Yoongi remembers before dozing off to sleep is the feel of a tiny warm body against him. His fingers were last brushing aimlessly along the tuft of a twitching cottontail, listening to the sound of his boyfriend’s breathing. 


When he wakes up, it is a very different situation than when he fell asleep. He’s used to waking up with Namjoon spooning him from behind, a strong arm heavily draped around his smaller frame. Other times they’ll be on opposite ends of the bed, maybe only their legs touching to remind one another of their presence. 


This morning though, Yoongi has a different feeling. It’s a warm body snuggled up right against him, burrowed into his arms, a thick nest of hair tickling against his chin. The more he starts to rouse, the more ticklish and confusing it feels. 


Frowning, with his eyes refusing to open yet, he moves his hand, only to feel his fingers brush along very bare, very soft skin. 


Yoongi’s first thoughts are, Namjoon? But this doesn’t smell like Namjoon. There’s a sweet floral tone, like a fresh batch of flowers blooming. Namjoon has a more earthy and warm scent that’s inviting in its own way. 


As Yoongi takes another deep and slow inhale, feeling the body snuggle into him more, he all of a sudden hears an, “Oh fuck .” 


Yoongi’s eyes immediately snap open, looking over to Namjoon. Who’s on the other half of the bed. Staring at Yoongi in shock. Which means… 


“Who the fuck?!” Yoongi startles, jerking away which makes the very soft and very naked body also startle and awake. 


The boy between them has quickly rolled over onto his back, staring up in alarm at the two males while clutching tightly onto the edge of a pillow, nibbling on it. 


Namjoon is already sitting up, holding his hand up in mid-air to halt Yoongi, as if he knows what Yoongi’s about to do–which is to dropkick this kid out of their bed and out of their house. 


“W-Wait,” he says firmly, peering down at the clearly frightened boy, but really Yoongi should be the one terrified. “Kookie, it’s okay. He won’t harm you, he’s sweet. Sweeter than me even if he pretends he’s not.” 


Kookie ? Oh, they’re on friendly terms? When the fuck did this happen? 


Yoongi sends Namjoon a sharp gaze, waiting for him to explain this sudden secret. Since when was he making friends with one of the neighbors? Neighbors that aren’t even around for at least five fucking kilometers. 


“N-Namu-hyung, I didn’t mean to,” the boy speaks, his timid voice just as sweet as that fucking face. He’s still clinging onto the pillow, his eyes looking so adorably apologetic up at Namjoon.


“It’s okay, bun,” Namjoon reaches down to stroke through a few of those dark strands at his forehead. 


“Can someone give me a fucking explanation?” Yoongi cuts through, feeling the anger and confusion start to interfere once he sees Namjoon touching the boy like he’s known him for years. 


Sure, he and his boyfriend have an open relationship, always had, but usually they talk about their potential partners before taking them. The last time they had a partner in bed with the both of them had to be five years ago. It was one of their birthdays, he can’t remember exactly whose. When they woke up with Jimin already giving Namjoon a blowjob while palming at Yoongi’s dick, neither of them had any complaints. 


Right now though? Yoongi’s fucking complaining. 


“This is… Jungkook,” Namjoon begins slowly. He keeps his fingers lightly petting Jungkook’s hair when Yoongi thinks he’s the one who rightfully deserves those pets. “I met him a few weeks back,” Namjoon continues with Yoongi staring unamused. This next imminent sentence seems to take a lot for Namjoon to say with the way his eyes worriedly dart between the boy and Yoongi. “He’s… a rabbit.” 


Well. That was unexpected. 


“A what?” Yoongi repeats, thinking he misheard. 


“A rabbit,” Namjoon says more confidently. “My little bun,” he adds with this affectionate smile as he peers down at Jungkook. And the way Jungkook just beams back up at him has Yoongi thinking he’s learning some new kink of his boyfriend’s. So he’s into pet play. 


“Okay, well why didn’t you tell me about him sooner?” Yoongi asks briskly, hating the way he starts to feel jealous. If he’d known Namjoon was into this, he would’ve surely dressed up for him. There’s been many times he’d been compared to a cat. And although he’d regretfully put on a pair of cat ears and ‘meow’ for Namjoon–okay, he wouldn’t really do that. Damn, now he knows why Namjoon didn’t come to him for this. 


The question Yoongi asks must be a surprise for Namjoon whose eyebrows raise high on his forehead, his deeper ash toned hair looking impossibly handsome even after just waking up. “Oh, well,” his lips form a frown as he tries to answer that. “Just thought you’d freak out a bit more.” 


“But we’ve always been open and honest about our other partners,” Yoongi is quick to respond, harsh in his tone. He knows it because the boy, Jungkook, makes a little whimper between them as he tries to burrow further into the bed and hide under the pillow he’s managed to pull more over to his face. He hates how cute he finds that. 


“Yeah, but we’ve never dated a rabbit before,” Namjoon states again, letting the word rabbit emphasize in case Yoongi didn’t hear him the first time. 


“That doesn’t fucking change anything. If you wanted to bang someone acting as a cat or a dog, it doesn’t fucking matter to me. I just want to know these–” 


Right before his eyes, Namjoon is gently collecting Jungkook, coaxing him to drop the pillow and sit up. The boy listens with just a little resistance. He sits up, flopping right against Namjoon and Yoongi is about to continue his angry rant when he sees… 


“Rabbit,” he mouths. 


There’s a pair of black, floppy ears, draping down to bare shoulders. They’re so thick and large that he wonders how he missed those when he first looked at the boy. 


“Are those real ?” Yoongi suddenly asks as he’s trying to process this new information. 


Namjoon nods. 


Jungkook reaches up to take one of his ears, deciding to halfway hide behind it and nibble on that instead. 


“Like a real rabbit?” Yoongi croaks. That’s when he also remembers yesterday. Yesterday, all those events. 


The black bunny from the garden that he first saw a week ago. Then yesterday with the thunderstorm, he kept wondering why Namjoon cared so much about a wild rabbit and took it inside their home for shelter. Now it’s all piecing together and Yoongi doesn’t know if he should be scared again. 


Namjoon must know he’s had the epiphany. “Yeah, a real one. I didn’t know either that he could… change into… this,” Namjoon goes on to explain delicately. “It happened a few weeks ago. I was in the garden collecting some lettuce. I’d seen him in his bunny form a few times already but this time… well, let’s say I yelled so loudly and fell back hard on my ass. You remember that? I was sore for days.” 


Yoongi does remember that incident. Namjoon said he tripped which didn’t seem too far fetched at all. 


“Ever since then, he’d visit me in both ways,” Namjoon’s arms slide around Jungkook, squeezing about the boy who snuggles into the warmth. Yoongi knows how great it is to be in Namjoon’s arms, so he doesn’t blame him at all. 


“Naked,” Yoongi states, getting to the important details. “He’d visit you naked. And so at some point you started fucking.” 


Okay, so, he still may feel bitter about it all. 


Namjoon shakes his head, wrinkling his nose at Yoongi. “No, you ass.” 


Yoongi inhales sharply, about to retort because in no way is he the ass in this situation. 


“Jungkookie wanted to,” he rubs at part of the rabbit’s ear and Yoongi sees his leg start to tremble and twitch at that. Fuck, his ears look incredibly soft. “But I told him I wouldn’t do anything without… you.” 


Yoongi does a double take. He blinks widely and he swears he looks like that meme. 


“You wanted to wait for me? Before you… fucked?” Excuse his choice of words but he’s having a crisis right now. 


This time it’s Jungkook who nods. “Namu-hyung said he loves you. And I love him. And anyone he loves, I love too.” 


Bold of this kid to say. But there Yoongi is, sitting in the sheets, legs all tangled up, hair a stupid mess on top of his head as he’s feeling his heart soften up like tofu. The boy’s voice is so tender and his eyes are watching Yoongi carefully, bright with this hope that Yoongi’s still unsure of what he’s hoping for. He doesn’t know anything about loving a stranger, but he finds it sickeningly adorable the… rabbit… thinks he loves him. 


“And how do you know he’s of age?” Yoongi tries to counter, wanting to get himself grounded again after being completely disarmed by Jungkook’s sweet nature. 


Namjoon smiles, like he knows Yoongi is warming up to this idea. “He’s an adult. He’s been looking for a mate for a while now. Just so happened he came across me in my garden one day and… you finish the story, bun. Tell him.” Namjoon gently prods Jungkook to share. 


The rabbit sits up straighter at this, gently unraveling himself from Namjoon’s warm hold. 


“I was just looking for food… when I came across the most delicious smells. Your garden has to be the most fresh, wonderful place I’ve seen in these woods. And he was so cute… singing to all of the vegetables… I knew then, that I wanted him to be my mate.” All of a sudden the bunny’s lips part into a gasp. “Y-You too! I..” he tries not to scrunch up with embarrassment as Yoongi sees those lovely features darken with an opulent pink. “I want both of you.” 


Yoongi still doesn’t know why this boy who doesn’t know him well wants him too. He’s not even looking his best right now. 


However, before Yoongi can even proceed to try and sneak in more arguments, to try and push back on all of this, Namjoon steps up to the plate. In the most unfair way he could ever possibly imagine. 


“Aren’t you interested, hyung?” Namjoon asks, voice low and Yoongi hates it when it drops that deep. He watches closely as Namjoon’s hands smooth down Jungkook’s sides, hearing the bunny’s breath hitch. They reach his hips and then his thighs, gently curling to the insides of them and parting his legs. 


Oh jesus god-damn fuck. 


Now Yoongi really looks at Jungkook. He really takes him in as more than just a stranger in his bed. He marvels at him in a different way, as a potential lover that he claims to want to be. 


The boy has breathtaking features. Shimmering, large eyes with cherry red lips all parted in a silent gape as he finally releases his rabbit ear . He doesn’t think he’ll get over that any time soon. Jungkook’s round nose is twitching as his jet black curls frame his soft, plump cheeks. His face alone is beautiful and enough for Yoongi to be stunned. 


However, the boy’s body is incredible too. Smooth and soft skin with warm tones of the sun, not quite on Namjoon’s level but still a brilliant luster. He’s toned and fit, a lean type of strength that must come with using his entire body all day long. And fuck, he has the tiniest little waist. 


And one would think Yoongi would stop there? Hell the fuck no. His eyes greedily rake lower and he sees a pretty cock to match the rest of him. It’s sitting there, nestled between gorgeous thick thighs. 


Oh shit, Yoongi feels himself getting hard. 


“Kookie, you say?” Yoongi asks, just to be clear as he glances at Namjoon. There’s this smug look in his boyfriend’s eyes like he knows the exact journey he’d just finished traveling: the internal debate of justifying reality and contemplating morality that was in the end won out by a pretty face and hot body. 


Jungkook nods, his gaze looking awfully sweet at hearing Yoongi address him, those ears twitching upwards, “That’s what Namu-hyung calls me.” 


Yoongi watches as Namu-hyung caresses over the inside of those large thighs, fingertips dipping into soft flesh as Yoongi watches the fatty curves of them give beneath his touch. 


Jungkook keens beneath those teasing touches, leaning back once more against Namjoon’s chest. His thighs spread wider as he softly moans, giving Yoongi an explicit view. His cock that was flaccid seconds ago is quickly fattening up. A terrible part of Yoongi wonders if Jungkook’s libido is as rambunctious as they say a rabbit’s is. 


“Wanna touch him, hyung?” Comes Namjoon’s voice again, and Yoongi looks up at him, almost to send him a scowl but he can’t when he sees Namjoon smiling. 


He tries to sit there for a second. Or two. But Yoongi’s getting fucking hard and this boy is so extremely beautiful. 


“Please, Y-Yoonie-hyung,” Jungkook stutters out as Namjoon’s fingers brush past his cute, thick cock. 


That does it for him. Yoongi pushes the sheets away, still in his own t-shirt and shorts, feeling unrivaled compared to the beauty Jungkook exudes in all of his bare glory. Effortless and natural. 


He doesn’t let that stop him though. Jungkook’s already reaching for him, fingers finding his shirt and pulling on the material to draw him close. Yoongi is the first to kiss Jungkook, his lips falling firmly against those rosy lips. He tastes sweet and feels warm, instantly needy and pliant as his arms wrap around Yoongi’s broad shoulders. 


Yoongi can hear Namjoon groan, so close. It’s shortly followed by this wet noise of sucking on skin that causes Jungkook to writhe and squeak into the kiss. Namjoon must be simultaneously kissing along his neck. Yoongi takes that opportunity to slide his tongue past those cherub lips, past his bunny teeth and into the heat of his mouth. Jungkook welcomes him so easily, opens up so nicely and Yoongi wonders if the rest of his body will open up so prettily for him too. 


When Yoongi reaches down to feel more of that bare skin, he feels Namjoon’s hand gliding up and down, stroking the rabbit steadily. Yoongi pauses at the boy’s chest, feeling those pecs and flicking a thumb and forefinger over his nipple. The response he earns makes him want to do it more, feeling the way Jungkook so eagerly arches his chest against him with a lovely moan. 


Wrenching his mouth free from Jungkook, he huffs out and stares down at the flushed boy. Namjoon takes this chance to kiss him on the lips too, Jungkook turning his neck to meet him. Yoongi watches as his boyfriend and the bunny lock mouths, able to see the urgent way Jungkook tries to deepen the kiss with puckering, cute lips. Namjoon is collected but demanding, his dark lips prying Jungkook’s apart easily while Yoongi can see how his tongue slides out to clash together with Jungkook’s. All fluid and controlled, leaving Jungkook a whimpering mess in his arms as he continues to stroke at his arousal. 


Which brings Yoongi to his next point. He starts to press kisses down Jungkook’s body, the rabbit now fully melted back against Namjoon’s sturdy frame. He pauses at his nipples, having had a good reaction with his fingers. As his lips find a pert bud, drawing it between his teeth, he tugs firmly at the flesh while the rabbit fidgets beneath him. He then lavishes over it with the flat of his tongue, sucking right away and feeling how the boy squirms. 


Namjoon’s doing a great job at pumping the bunny’s length for the noises have gotten wetter. Yoongi steals a glimpse downward to confirm. He sees that pinkened cock of his all hard and taut, the bulbous tip dripping in precum with excited droplets leaking profusely. Namjoon being the tease he can be, avoids touching Jungkook’s tip at all and just strokes along that girthy shaft. The steady dewy drops of his prerelease slide down, getting caught up in Namjoon’s fist, aiding his tight hold as he drags his hand up and down, over and over. 


Yoongi continues to watch as he reaches out with his fingers, toying with a bronze nipple. When he decides to test boundaries again, he pulls at the sensitive bud, pinching it and pulling. 


All of a sudden, Jungkook’s body goes tense and he cries out. His cock twitches and there’s an abrupt eruption of white streaks of cum that spurt out. They splatter along Jungkook’s quivering abdomen and Yoongi jerks a little as he feels some stray droplets hit him on his chin and neck. He’s certain some of it got on his shirt too. 


“Good, bun, such a good bun,” Namjoon coos gently, now dispersing gentle kisses to Jungkook’s bunny ear. Jungkook mewls as his orgasm subsides. 


To Yoongi’s surprise, though more like an answer to his earlier question, Jungkook is still hard as a rock. His cock hasn’t softened up even a little bit, still plump and flushed, ready for more. 


“Joon, look at him,” Yoongi speaks up, voice more gruff than he intended, showing how turned on he is as well. “The bun’s still needy for more.” 


“Then we better give him more,” Namjoon replies without missing a beat. They lock eyes for a second, exchanging a silent agreement. It feels like years ago, falling back into a routine that was once familiar. Taking another into their bed, moving like clockwork, giving the other person the best time of their lives while also taking what they wanted. 


With that, Yoongi dips down and without warning, takes the neglected tip of Jungkook’s cock. Namjoon continues to stroke the base with firm rubs of his palm. Jungkook squeals and bucks his hips, in which Namjoon reaches down to hold him still, a strong hand at his hip. 


“H-Hyung!” Jungkook whimpers out. To who? Neither of them know but it doesn’t matter. 


Yoongi starts to drive his mouth down onto the top of Jungkook’s cock, slick and velvety tongue cradling the pretty crest of his length. He sucks lewdly around him, adding friction. He can taste the remnants of Jungkook’s release and a part of him thinks it shouldn’t taste this sweet. It’s saccharine with just a dabble of salty, otherwise delectable and fuck, Yoongi wants more. He starts to push his mouth further down, taking more of the sweet bun’s cock. Namjoon follows his actions and moves his hand further down, now just fondling Jungkook’s balls. The rabbit keeps shuddering out moans and trying to rub his nose into Namjoon’s neck. 


A groan slips from Yoongi the second his lips reach the base of Jungkook’s cock. His mouth stuffed with the rabbit’s throbbing length. The weight of his arousal sitting heavy on his tongue while the boy starts dribbling out precum again. He can feel Namjoon’s fingers brushing past his chin as he continues to knead at Jungkook’s sac. His own lips, all soft and tightly wound around the bunny, drag up and down while he breathes through his nose. Slow and fluid, he finally plops his mouth off Jungkook’s length with a pretty, little cry leaving the youngest. 


There’s no time for Yoongi to continue after a momentary break, because Namjoon’s lifting his hand up in awe. Yoongi’s gaze follows his boyfriend’s surprised look to his long, tanned fingers, spreading apart to see a white filmy substance sticking between them. 


“Wh-What,” Yoongi questions because it doesn’t look like cum. It almost has the consistency of frothy milk, which is not a great example but he’s currently going through it . There’s a white sheen to the fluid, some parts of it a little foamy but sticky all the same. He does notice the very sugary scent. 


Namjoon, in his tendency to study and find answers, drops his hand again and Yoongi watches intently. His fingers reach further past Jungkook’s balls and they practically scoop between the soft valley of his ass, where Yoongi can’t quite see but knows the bun’s hole must be twitching. 


Jungkook whines and writhes, his cute feet kicking against the mattress, like he’s suddenly embarrassed. 


“I-It’s.. It’s slick,” Jungkook fumbles out as Namjoon’s hand comes up coated in the unfamiliar substance. “Just… makes it easier for… you know,” Jungkook tries to explain but of course leave it to Namjoon to properly formulate. 


“So when you’re aroused, this is what you secrete. Fluids from your arousal which also must mean… our little bun doesn’t need much prepping… when you’re excited, you’ll just take us right in… fuck,” Namjoon appears to be having his own crisis now at this newfound knowledge. 


Yoongi smirks, amused by the whole situation. But also he wants to get in on this–literally. He reaches down as well, tucking his fingers past Jungkook’s perineum, wetness meeting his fingertips instantly. Even the sheets beneath Jungkook’s ass are soaking wet and Yoongi’s a bit startled. His fingers are sliding through this puddling mess, and when they find Jungkook’s hole, he can already feel how the boy’s rim is quivering and soft, opening up in invitation. And Yoongi can’t stop just there. 


Jungkook’s hips naturally shift, offering more of himself to make it easier for Yoongi. There’s a series of moans leaving him now, his face all tinted pink as his beautiful, dark ears keep twitching. Yoongi watches intensely as he dips a finger past that hole, sucking in a sharp breath as he feels the endless wetness. Jungkook takes his finger so effortlessly as he slides it in further, housing his whole entire finger within seconds. 


“Oh my fucking god,” Yoongi is stunned and his own cock pulses hard in his shorts. He starts to pump his finger in and out of Jungkook, watching the rabbit succumb to the pleasure as his glistening eyes flutter and close. Namjoon’s holding Jungkook’s thighs apart and it’s like a whole entire meal presented to him. He can see his slick gushing out every time his finger draws out, and when he pushes it back in, the ease in which Jungkook takes him makes his cock shudder again. 


He and Namjoon both could fit inside Jungkook. He knows it. 


And Namjoon seems to know it, too. They meet each other’s eyes again and Yoongi nods, seeing his boyfriend groan and practically lose it at the thought. 


With a new goal in mind, it doesn’t take long for them to move into different positions. Namjooon strips down to nothing, his massive cock a fucking sight to behold as always. Yoongi finds himself endeared in amusement at seeing the bunny squirm and gawk at seeing how Namjoon’s cock hangs heavily between his already bulky thighs. 


“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to take it bun,” Yoongi is the one to speak up, perfectly smug as he sees Jungkook largely gulp and nod. The boy has a rosy tint to his cheeks. 


Yoongi keeps his shirt on, not as confident in revealing his body yet. Sure he’s been gaining muscle since moving here, Namjoon always complimenting his shoulders, chest and arms, but it doesn’t mean he wants to particularly have his abs on display when Jungkook freaking Rabbit Adonis is made of chiseled gold. But he does at least shirk his shorts and underwear off, his own cock tenting his oversized shirt at the hem. 


Namjoon has posted himself back against the headboard and pillows, Jungkook still propped and coddled against his chest. His boyfriend keeps his legs open by making Jungkook’s thighs rest atop his, spreading them both apart. They quickly discover that Jungkook’s black cottontail is supremely sensitive. 


The moment he’s settled back against Namjoon, his tail rubs right against Namjoon’s cock. The older man lets out a deep, throaty groan but it’s Jungkook’s reaction that makes them both transfixed. With his soft, fluffy tail being pushed right against Namjoon’s arousal, the rabbit cries out in shock as another wave of orgasm hits him. His strained dick releases another stream of cum, adding to the mess on his abdomen. He’s shaking against Namjoon, thighs trembling as they’re spread apart, toes curling as his bottom lip wobbles. 


Strewn about in ecstasy, Jungkook flops back once more against Namjoon, who rubs his fingers soothingly into Jungkook’s hips. 


Yoongi is in awe. 


In this position though, Namjoon easily inches his hips forward and leans further backward, collecting Jungkook into his arms to lay more on top of him. It leaves Jungkook fully exposed, his hole on display for Yoongi. He can see the full view of how exactly wet Jungkook is, how much slick has been sticking to his skin. It’s all glistening and dripping, a sopping mess that keeps growing as Jungkook’s pleasure continues. 


That’s fine with both Yoongi and Namjoon. The oldest scoots closer, his fingers once more stroking along Jungkook’s entrance. The bunny snivels and moans, his body so hypersensitive with how much he’s quivering. 


“Fuck, bun… can feel your tail. You sure this is okay?” Namjoon asks, his nose brushing along Jungkook’s ear along with his lips. He must be able to feel that fluff ball of a tail vibrating against his cock, for he can see the way even Namjoon shifts about on the bed beneath him. 


Jungkook nods so eagerly, “Y-Yes! I’m good!” He’s quick to answer, turning his eyes upon Yoongi who’s currently got two fingers about to push inside of him upon permission. “I want it. Want both of you,” he mumbles, pouting a little as if either of them daring to stop is an upset to the universe. Yoongi’s not about to upset it. 


Yoongi delves both of his fingers inside and groans. Jungkook is so tight, swallowing him up with ease, practically sucking his fingers into his frame. Yoongi’s fingers thrust inside of him, steady and thorough, dragging the pads of his fingers along his upper walls. He feels a familiar swollen gland, round and obvious. Yoongi dares to push his fingers past it during his deep movements, rendering Jungkook quiet for a few moments as his eyes squeeze shut and his nose scrunches, but then he wails out the second time Yoongi massages into it. 


The rabbit’s reaction is so enchanting as he writhes sharply against Namjoon who also moans out. His boyfriend has his hand on Jungkook’s cock now, fisting him tightly. And while Yoongi’s fingers are lodged deep inside the bunny, just having fun with feeling him from the inside out, he catches how his sweetly scented slick is dripping out steadily. He can see it trailing down with more weight to it as it glops out. He notices how it follows the crevice of his cute ass cheeks and then finally drops down onto Namjoon’s skin beneath him. 


Yoongi doesn’t know how much longer he can hold off, and thankfully doesn’t have to guess. 


“Babe,” Namjoon pleads, sounding absolutely wrecked. 


That’s all Yoongi needs to hear before he slides his fingers out of Jungkook, pushing the boy’s hips higher. Jungkook easily bends. As Yoongi’s reaching for Namjoon’s cock, he sees his tail. The black, soft coat is already stained with some of Namjoon’s precum. Because he’s curious, he does turn his hand about and squeezes at the tail, the tuft soft and light between his fingers. Jungkook instantly ruts upward into Namjoon’s grip with a surprised squeak and Yoongi chuckles. 


“Yoonie-hyung!” Jungkook whines, so precious with his sweet voice. 


Taking Namjoon’s cock, returning to his original mission, he helps guide his boyfriend’s huge, swollen length straight to Jungkook’s hole. Namjoon’s arousal is so thick he looks like he’d split Jungkook apart, but there’s something about the way Jungkook easily took his fingers that tells him this is possible. Namjoon’s hand leaves Jungkook’s cock and he hoists the rabbit a bit further up his chest to make it easier. 


Licking his lips, Yoongi teases Namjoon’s cock along his entrance, rubbing the rounded tip along that fluttering puckered hole. Both of his boys– his boys? –moan out in sync the second Yoongi guides Namjoon inside of Jungkook. The stretch of Jungkook’s rim is fascinating to watch as he adjusts so wonderfully to the width of Namjoon. 


Carefully Namjoon lifts his hips, heels in the bed, pushing himself further into Jungkook. Yoongi can see that thick vein along the underside of his boyfriend’s cock push past Jungkook’s tightly wound hole, watching closely as he sees more of his slick dribble out past his length. 


It’s incredible to watch as Namjoon’s arms are wrapped snugly around Jungkook’s middle, holding him against his chest as his hips start to pump upwards. Heavy and hard, he watches as Namjoon fluidly thrusts up into him with powerful control. He sees his lover’s large ballsack bounding upwards with each motion, every thrust met with both of them grunting or mewling. 


“N-Namu-hyung…!” Jungkook whimpers out, completely at Namjoon’s mercy. His thighs locked open, his frame being hugged, he can’t do anything but submit to the way Namjoon fucks him. 


Yoongi meanwhile has been stroking himself, tending to his own cock. He spreads his precum along the heated surface of his length. He thinks about how good it’s going to feel being inside of Jungkook too. 


When Namjoon starts to slow down, stagnant grunts falling out of him, the slick noises quiet down as well.. He gradually decreases until the tip of his cock is barely tucked inside of Jungkook’s pinkened rim. Yoongi swoops in the moment Namjoon’s cock falls free, taking a break. 


It’s Yoongi’s turn. His cock isn’t as large as Namjoon’s, but it still has girth to it. It still makes Jungkook keen as he starts to push inside of the bunny. 


“Oh fuck…” his eyes flicker closed as he slides right in. Jungkook is remarkably wet and warm, causing him to groan out in astonishment. Yoongi doesn’t waste a second before he starts to pound into Jungkook. Each forward thrust of his hips is met with a loud sound of slapping skin and he can feel the way those plush thighs reverberate with the force. He also feels the way his cock comes back out, coated in heaps of Jungkook’s slick. The musky, sweet fluid sticking to his hips, smears all over their skin. 


The glide is easy, the walls of the boy tight as they envelop around him. It’s so addicting, and Yoongi keeps rolling his hips with fervency. His hands find their way to Jungkook’s body, smoothing up his toned form. His hard muscles still have a pleasant softness. He reaches the boy’s nipples where he rolls them between his fingers sharply, his hips starting to snap forward, causing the rabbit to jostle back and forth on top of Namjoon. 


Yoongi cracks his eyes open to watch, breathless at the sight of his boyfriend sucking a mark into the base of Jungkook’s neck. The rabbit’s whole face is scrunched up, lost in pleasure. One of his ears is draped upwards on Namjoon’s head, probably moved aside so that his boyfriend could reach him easier. He looks so cute like this, his skin taking on a rouged tint from his chest all the way up to his face.


When Yoongi feels like he’s getting too close to his climax, he sharply pulls out without warning. Jungkook sobs out, reaching for Yoongi but he’s still being held back by Namjoon. 


“It’s okay, Kookie,” Namjoon placates against his neck. “You’re going to get both of us now.” 


That promise calms Jungkook down who nods, whimpering softly. Yoongi looks upon the boy and it looks he’s been fucked into more minor orgasms, having squirted out streams of a clearer liquid that’s coating his stomach. Their bun is so messy and cute. 


Their bun. 


There he goes again, showing ownership and attachment over the rabbit he technically just met today. 


Yoongi tries not to get caught up again in the realization that they’re fucking a rabbit. A supremely adorable and needy rabbit. Instead he focuses more on the urges at hand, letting his dick talk for him. 


To make it easier on Jungkook, the two of them work together to get the pliant and helpless rabbit to turn around. He’s now curling into Namjoon’s chest, holding onto him and rubbing his round nose into Namjoon’s pecs. Meanwhile his ass is all pert while facing Yoongi, his two cheeks cutely succulent as they face Yoongi. And then there’s that black bush of a tail, twitching intermittently. This side of Jungkook is just as pretty as any other. 


Yoongi helps Namjoon enter Jungkook first. The rabbit willingly accommodates, curling his hips down to let Namjoon sink into him. Just a few slow rolls of his hips and then Yoongi’s pausing them, lining up his own cock at Jungkook’s already filled entrance. 


Slowly, cautiously, he starts to ease himself forward, gripping onto his shaft steadily. “Fuck, s’tight,” he hisses out, his breaths uneven. Both of the other boys are still, allowing Yoongi to keep nudging inside. He’s watching through an intent gaze, feeling the steady pulse of Namjoon’s cock against his own. Jungkook’s walls wondrously open up for him too, his rim stretched to the brim. Jungkook starts to moan again, panting hard and feverish.


When they’re both inside of Jungkook, housed deeply in him, Yoongi is the one who starts to set the pace. He begins to move, gradually retreating halfway before pumping himself back in. The friction of rubbing himself past Namjoon and also sinking into Jungkook’s heated frame, leaves him breathless. 


It’s a matter of moments of him taking his sweet time in getting used to the sensation, of also providing space for Jungkook to adjust, before Namjoon starts to move too. First in oscillation, they alternate who pushes inside of Jungkook so that the rabbit has a constant flow of being filled. The rabbit is huffing out these cute noises, his stark red lips all pouty and agape. Yoongi likes this rhythm at first, feeling how Namjoon’s balls graze along his cock. It’s easy, their breathing also falling into the rhythm. 


But then they decide to change it up. They move in tandem now, like two fistfuls of cock shoving into Jungkook at the same time. The rabbit starts to cry out loudly at this. When Yoongi and Namjoon slide out, only to both force themselves back in, Jungkook sobs and whimpers. He’s holding onto Namjoon for dear life. 


Namjoon slides his arms back around Jungkook, palms rubbing along the dips of his back. Yoongi lets his wide palms push down onto Jungkook’s ass, keeping him spread open for them both. And also so he can watch as Jungkook’s leaking hole takes them both so well. Without complaint, the rabbit is soon enough drawing them both inside with little effort, his rim softening up some to the give and take of their cocks. 


Like that, they’re all in sync. Satisfied moans combine with surprised gasps, along with emboldening rocks of hips. They fuck in unison and Jungkook is starting to vibrate, his cottontail twitching uncontrollably the faster he and Namjoon thrust. Yoongi casts aside all reservations and he starts to just pound into the boy with more desire. It may cause his and Namjoon’s thrusts to lose their synchronized motions, but he doesn’t care. Everyone takes what they need, including Jungkook who keeps himself open and eager, moaning out with each pump inside of him. 


Yoongi thinks Jungkook is the first one to release. He feels the bunny jerk and convulse, his hips snapping as he howls out. He sounds and looks so pretty from his profile, eyes squeezing shut and his bunny teeth biting down onto a plump bottom lip. Yoongi feels Namjoon submit next, peaking with weighted moans, his own face screwing up as he does his infamous last three pumps. Yoongi knows them well and can feel the way Namjoon stutters up into Jungkook’s heat two times before leaving himself buried inside the boy on the last one. Yoongi’s the final one to follow, with shorter, rapid bucks of his hips, his load shooting out as his entire body trembles. 


“Fuck....!” he curses, also his usual go-to as he lets his cock spill forth its release into the already soaking wet rabbit. 


The tension in everyone loosens up, the climax of their orgasms allowing them each to relax. Namjoon’s hold on Jungkook hasn’t let up, still rubbing a soothing palm over his back as he relaxes into the bed. Yoongi slides himself out of that comforting heat, rolling onto the space beside them, dazed and exhausted. He looks like he’s in pain but only because he can’t remember the last time he’s fucked so enthusiastically. 


He and Namjoon have fallen into such an easy rhythm that it doesn’t take this much energy. 


With Jungkook though, he wonders if the rabbit’s finally let up on his persistent stamina. 


Moments pass of quietness around them all. The only sounds in the room are of their labored breaths and the occasional whine from Jungkook. Cute. 


When Namjoon finally moves, careful as he helps Jungkook slide off him, the rabbit is deposited onto his back beside Yoongi. He sees Jungkook’s cock has finally gone soft and there’s an immediate pride in knowing he helped satisfy the boy. 


The bunny is a whole mess though. He’s covered in so much filth, making his skin all glossy and pretty. Namjoon climbs off the bed, ever the good boyfriend really. He returns with two large towels, tossing one to Yoongi who first wipes himself clean. 


Then they both move to Jungkook, who’s surprised at the actions. 


“Our bun did such a good job,” Namjoon praises, a soft smile on his handsome features. 


“Mm, you took us both so well, Kook,” Yoongi chimes in. 


When Jungkook’s eyes dart between them while they’re wiping up any traces of release they find on his skin, he looks astounded and absolutely happy. 


“D-Does that mean you’re both my mates?” Jungkook asks, the tone in his voice so elated that Yoongi can’t find any ounce of rejection in himself. 


Namjoon’s softening gaze turns to him, leaving the answer to him. He knows what Namjoon wants. So the decision really is up to Yoongi. 


Literally hours ago he would have never fathomed this could happen. Yet within a day he’s smitten with the boy, from his cute, black ball of fur form to this gorgeous hybrid mix before him. Jungkook, who already seems like he’s ready to please them and bring smiles and new adventures to their previously predictable days.  


“Mmm…” he pretends to think about it, before he laughs out a, “Yeah, bun. Of course.” 


Yoongi takes the initiative to lean in, pushing some of Jungkook’s dark curls from his forehead and kissing him there. Namjoon follows suit, pressing another kiss. 


Jungkook beams, his angelic face looking even more beautiful with a smile. Namjoon takes the towels and tosses them into their hamper. He then climbs into the bed, which will also need a change of sheets later, but for now he’s curling up to Jungkook. 


Yoongi sees them both, wonderful and bare. Jungkook turns so that Namjoon’s spooning him from behind and both of them are watching Yoongi. 


“Alright, alright, I’ll fucking cuddle you two,” he pretends to give in, finally removing his shirt too and tossing it across the room for show. 


Namjoon whoops for him and Jungkook’s eyes light up like he’s seen a feast of carrots on a platter. Yoongi smugly joins them, turning so that the bun can spoon him. 


“Hyung, you’re so handsome,” Jungkook’s sweet voice pipes up. 


“Yeah, yeah, I know,” he chuckles as Jungkook eagerly wraps his arm around him, nuzzling into his back. He also feels Namjoon’s arm reaching past Jungkook to also partly curl around Yoongi and he finds himself smiling like a cheeseball. 


Looking out towards the windows from here, Yoongi sees there’s going to be another day of rain. Which now that he thinks about it, a day of lazing in bed with Namjoon and Jungkook doesn’t sound bad at all. 


Maybe later he’ll even hand feed Jungkook a baby carrot, in commemoration of the day they first met a week ago. Still smiling to himself as he snuggles into the bed, body warm from the two figures with him, Yoongi finds sleep take him again in this late morning.