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The dress doesn't make the priest

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"Hey, Jim, they called: my new Harley Davidson is ready! Wanna come with me?"
"Oh, that's good news. And I suppose that's the reason why you're dressed like a dismissed Hell's Angel..."
Seb lows his gaze to the floor and shakes his head.
"Always a pleasure to receive your words of support and appreciation. Nevermind, I'll go by myself"
He goes to the wardrobe and changes his clothes with a black suit and a tie.
When he walks into the hall there's Jim waiting for him, wearing and old leather jacket and a pair of jeans...
They start laughing in sync, and then Seb holds his beloved boss in his arms.
"You're awesome, you know? I love you so much" Seb whispers in his ear.
"And I you, little silly tiger. Now go change or we'll be late"