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Schoolgirlstuck - An Illustrated High School AU

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T)(e festival is t)(e epitome of )(ig)( sc)(ool life. As suc)(, it’s tradition t)(at t)(e student council set an example wit)( t)(eir contribution. It not only s)(owcases t)(e creativity and talent of eac)( student, it symbolizes t)(e putting aside of differences to come toget)(er and unite.

T)(at’s w)(y we’re saying ‘glub off’ to tradition t)(is year!

What you’re saying is, this year there are so many opposing viewpoints and alliances in the council that we’re forced to split our event several ways.
Exactly! I’ve put the council into eig)(t pairs to make eig)(t different events, sad to say. I reely was hoping we’d be on better terms by now, but I just don’t think we’re ready yet! 38(

In any case…

T)(at’s w)(ere you and your koi)(ai come in, Rose! Today I’d like t)(e two of you to go make sure everyone’s on task and )(as t)(eir event planned out.
Understood, Seitokaicho.
You t)(ink you’re up to t)(e task, Miss Egbert? 38)

yes ma’am! :D

Your name is JOHN EGBERT, and despite the bizarre assumption many people you’ve met have jumped to, you are, in fact, a girl. Considering you are attending the prestigious Alternia Academy of the Virgin Mother Grub, this should come as no surprise.

AAVMG is an all-girl school that follows a strict oligarchy between under-and-upperclassmen. It’s typical for second and fourth year students to take a younger girl under their wing, as a sort of balance for each other. The older girl teachers her junior the ropes, while the younger keeps her senior down to Earth. It’s suspiciously close to the Troll concept of moiralliigence, and it’s been thought that these relationships are encouraged to teach you all about the importance of the conciliatory quadrants even in earlier years.

Or something. Trollanities Studies is like your worst subject.

T)(anks again for )(elping, Rose! T)(is w)(ole council president gig is cool and everyfin, but sometimes it can reely take…
Atoll on you?

The blond girl with the headband, that’s ROSE LALONDE, who you guess is like your weird MOIRIAL/SEMPAI MISHMASH. It doesn’t matter what the proper name is, because she’s your PAL! When you first joined the council you had thought that she was pretty kind of distant and, well, almost scary.

But then you got paired together, and in a series of wacky hijinks that would probably make an AWARD WINNING MOVIE, you became friends! Feferi says all the time you’re a great example of bringing out the best in each other, with Rose helping you stay focused, and you helping her not to take things so seriously. Even though she’s your sempai, she’s allowed you to take the title of GRAND GALPALHONCHO in your GALLIANCE.

Because that's what you are!

Galpals and nothing more.

*ahem* so, rose...

what do you think we should try for our event?

Hmm? Well, I think it’d be wise to see what everyone else is planning on so as not to overlap.
But I was personally considering a fortune telling booth.
woah, you know how to do that?
I’ve studied the occult a little. I can create a reasonable imitation.
that is so neat! do you do palm readings?
Not usually. I ‘ve read a little on chieromancy, but I prefer other methods. I’ve never put too much stock into “lifelines.”
too far-fetched?

hehehe, right. horoscopes and crystal balls are the only methods ~logical~ enough for Miss Lalonde~!
Ha ha.
If you’re so adamant about it, I’ll read your palm in private all you like later.
haha! you better beli

…wait what?

Who’s our first visit?
uh--—oh r-right! uh, lemme see…

Okay, okay, try not to think about that too hard. She probably didn’t mean anything. Galpals for life, right? You have matching bracelets and everything, right?

Breathe. You’re good at that.

Just...try and focus on your job! If anything it'll be a good distraction.


Well, it'll be a distraction.