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People have different ways to cope with heartbreak. Some drown themselves in work, some indulge in sweets. Some reach out to friends, some cry in private until they are ready to face the world again. 

Jimin's heart has been broken before, many many times, and he has found that what really helps him move on is the furious beat of a nightclub on the wrong side of the town.

Decalcomania is the newest and hottest club in the city which is exactly what Jimin was looking for. The cantankerous dance music blares loud enough to feel like silence, invading his mind until he can't even hear himself think. After listening to what ifs echo in his mind for the past week, all he wants is to stop thinking.  

Big hands circle Jimin's hips, a strange alpha's warm body grinding and moving against him, his scent growing stronger as he gets more worked up. For the first time in years, those hands don't belong to Namjoon. Being held by someone else feels strange and bittersweet, but it's also exhilarating, rush of freedom coursing through his veins. Jimin closes his eyes, breathing in the dusty smell of sweat, cigarettes, and alcohol. Nothing can touch him here, he's oddly comforted by feeling lost in the crowd of strangers. 

Someone in the crowd around him moves out of the way, and suddenly Jimin's wandering eyes meet with Jeon Jungkook's, of the Jeon family. Jungkook is sitting in the VIP section, overlooking the dance floor with a bored look on his handsome face. His expression quickly changes to interest when he picks out Jimin in the crowd. Their eyes lock across the room, and while Jimin usually would avert his eyes, not supposed to be associating with a known enemy of the Kim family, this time he stares back almost defiantly. 

His decision doesn't go unnoticed. Jungkook smirks at him.

Jimin smirks back, unbothered by the lust in his eyes. 

The beat drops, loud and distracting, and Jimin willfully forgets everything else but the music pounding through his body. The bodies surrounding him revert to shadows, only illuminated by the flashing lights of red, blue, and green.

The  pheromones mixing together in the stuffy air around him make his head spin, dizzy. But his omega is finally silenced, no longer beating him up for losing his alpha. His alpha. The words hurt, rubbing salt in his still bleeding wounds. Namjoon never even claimed him. He probably never meant to mate with Jimin, just strung him along until something better, more suitable for a ringleader came along. 

The alpha is talking to him, lips almost touching his ear. Jimin stifles a shudder when the alpha takes a tighter hold of him, trying to ground him to the smoke-veiled dancefloor, but Jimin can't come down, doesn't want to. He breathes in, breathes out, letting go of the heavy emotions burning in his chest; of the painful memories anchoring him to the ground. He doesn't belong to anyone anymore. It's time to accept it. 

Through heavy eyelashes, Jimin catches a flash of a tall, dark figure making his way across the floor. Unbothered by what he knows will follow, Jimin keeps dancing, rolling his body to the music, never taking his eyes off of Jungkook whom strolls closer, the crowd giving him more than enough room. No one wants to knock into the shoulder of a man whose family has made people disappear for less.  

And then he is right there, looking at Jimin curiously.

Jimin stares back, unafraid. 

Seoul is divided into territories; there are areas owned by a handful of families who have paid for their property in blood and ammo. Most people know only part of the story — they've read the news surrounding the disappearances, deaths, and shaky business deals. They know enough to be on their guard in bad neighborhoods, but what they fail to realize is that bad seeds can't be contained to one place. It's just easier to believe that evil lives next door to those no one cries for and not in a penthouse overlooking the city. 

The good people in Seoul forget that blood money built their expensive condos, planted their safe, clean parks where their precious children play. The pillars of the community wear masks in public, smiling to elderly, kissing babies — only to turn around and commit horrible crimes in private.

And the Jeon family is no different. 

The beat of the song reverberates through Jimin, something in the limited space between them turning electric. Jungkook nods at the guy holding Jimin, and the hands on Jimin's hips disappear. Jimin quirks a brow at that, but doesn't comment. He is already used to the power the Jeons have over other people. 

Jungkook steps closer, placing a hand on Jimin's waist, feeling the flimsy material of Jimin's shirt. 

Jimin pulls away, smirking. "I might be pretty, but I'm not stupid." 

Jungkook leans in, speaking into Jimin's ear. "Come home with me." The Jeons and the Kims have been enemies for generations. Seeing as Jimin is deeply affiliated with the Kims, just being here, talking to a Jeon would be frowned upon, but going home with their crown prince? Namjoon would never forgive him.  

Then again, what Namjoon thinks shouldn't matter anymore. 

Jimin laughs. "In your dreams." 

The song ends, and Jimin gets pushed by some drunk moron stumbling after his angry girlfriend. He loses eye contact with Jungkook which can only be a good thing. It's time to end the insanity, have one last drink and leave while he is still in one piece. Jimin is not an official member of the Kim family, but everyone knows how tightly wound him and Namjoon were. Even now, after their breakup, no one will touch Jimin — unless they want a war on their hands. 

Which very well could be the case with the Jeons. 

Running a hand through his black locks, Jimin walks up to the bar. At the sight of Jimin, the bartender skips customers who have waited longer to take Jimin's order first. There's not a lot of upsides to being associated with the mafia, but at least he gets good service, even if it's out of fear. 

As he waits for his drink, Jimin stares at the golden letters above the bar. He should go. He shouldn't be so far away from home, shouldn't have wandered into Jeon territory. He might be a civilian, but that doesn't mean he's safe on every street. Namjoon has a lot of influence, but not on this side of the city. Members of other crime families aren't allowed on anyone else's territory but their own, so if Jimin finds trouble, he's on his own.

Crossing into another family's territory is dangerous, but it's the only way to lose the tails keeping an eye on him. He's sick of having his every move watched. Namjoon says it's to keep him safe; he has always been paranoid about their relationship costing Jimin his life, and Jimin knows their breakup hasn't changed Namjoon's mind. It does make it more annoying, though. Namjoon never believed that Jimin could handle himself. To him, at least in some capacity, Jimin was still that terrified orphan runaway Taehyung brought home one cold winter night. 

His drink is delivered just as quickly as it took to order. When he hands his card over to pay, the bartender just shakes his head and gestures at something behind him.

At first, Jimin is confused; being affiliated never bought him free drinks before. 

"I heard you left him." 

Ah, Jimin thinks. He should have remembered that there is no such thing as a free drink. 

Jungkook slides to stand next to him, right hand resting on the bar, caging Jimin in. Jimin can feel his gaze on the side of his face, heavy and intense. 

"You shouldn't believe everything you hear," Jimin counters, taking a sip. Jungkook paying for his drink is all the more the reason to drink it. Jungkook owns the club which means that Jimin is costing him money just by sitting here drinking and avoiding his questions.

"So it's not true?"

Jimin is careful not to meet his eyes. "Is that your concern?"

Jungkook raises his pierced eyebrow, the silver shining in the dancefloor's strobo light for a split second. "You're avoiding the question. That makes me curious."

"Don't you have something better to do, Jeon? Gun running, perhaps? Slaughtering innocent families? Playing with your minions?" Jimin jests, but Jungkook doesn't take the bait. 

"I'd rather play with you." Jungkook pauses, signing for the bartender to fill his glass up which the man promptly does. Taking a sip, Jungkook turns his eyes back to Jimin. "If you didn't leave him, how did Namjoon let you come here?"

"Namjoon doesn't 'let' me do anything. I do what I want." Jimin takes another sip, breathing in. The alcohol thrums in his veins, burns just the way he needs it to. 

"Is that so?" Jungkook says, but it doesn't sound like he expects a reply. His eyes trace Jimin's lips. 

Jimin sighs, running a hand deliberately slowly through his hair. "Did you really come over to talk to me about Namjoon? I don't mind, I'm just saying he's single now. Go get him if that's who you're really after." 

Jungkook's dark eyes narrow. "Watch your mouth."

"Aww, am I supposed to be scared now? Big, bad mafia boss will hurt me if I keep teasing him about his obvious crush on my Namjoonie?" Jimin sing-songs, wicked smile on his lips. Jokes like that would usually land him in a fight, and there's something in Jimin's blood that wants to see how far he can push Jungkook before he breaks. 

Jungkook regards him with cold eyes, no sign of amusement left on his face. 

"Why'd you leave him, Jiminie? Or maybe he left you? Got tired of you, did he? You always did want him more than he wanted you," Jungkook strikes back. 

Jimin's poker face doesn't falter, he's too used to hiding his thoughts. But in a blink of an eye, something about him turns colder. The taunt must have hit a nerve. Jimin has chased after Namjoon since they were all still in school. Jungkook doubts Jimin would give him up unless he really had to. 

"Is that supposed to hurt me?" Jimin scoffs, but it's obvious that it already did. 

"I never understood what you saw in him." 

"Big dick, thick thighs," Jimin replies flatly. "The usual." He finishes his drink, standing up. This was a bad idea. "Well, this has been fun, but I'm out." 

Jungkook leans in closer, effectively blocking Jimin from leaving. His tattooed hand comes to rest on Jimin's hip, and this time Jimin doesn't pull away. Encouraged by the challenging tilt of Jimin's head, Jungkook's fingers slip under Jimin's thin shirt, his breath ghosting over the omega's lips before moving over to Jimin's ear, speaking in a low voice.

"When are you going to drop the act, baby?" he asks, voice low and treacherously sweet. "I'm the reason you came here, to my territory. You sought me out on purpose. You came here because you knew that would get my attention." 

Jimin looks at him, evaluating. "Let's go to your place," he finally says. 







Jungkook's car is parked behind the nightclub, next to a private exit. Clearly, owning the place has its perks. Jimin doesn't give a fuck about cars, but even then he can tell that Jungkook's car is new and expensive. It might have not even launched yet; the Jeons like to flaunt their wealth and connections. It's important to them that when people see luxurious items in Seoul, their mind connects them to the Jeon insignia. 

"You know what people say about guys with expensive cars?" Jimin says. 

Jungkook clicks the car locks open. "That they have a good taste?" 

"Nope, tiny dicks." 

"Fortunately, my self-perception isn't dependent on anyone else's opinion." Jungkook opens the passenger door for Jimin who rolls his eyes, muttering something unflattering under his breath as he gets in the car. 







Jungkook likes to drive fast. 

The roads are a blurry shade of gray; white road marks flashing in front of Jimin's eyes as they race across Seoul, cutting in on slower drivers. The momentum presses Jimin against his seat, heart beating fast. Speed limit signs flash past, and the board on the side of the road measuring speed turns red. 

Still, no one will stop them.  

Namjoon used to say he was envious of only one thing the Jeons had — their influence on police. The Kim family has a lot of pull in the city, but the Jeons have the police, always did. Some of their members are even rumored to be a part of the force. That would explain how court cases against the notorious crime family always seem to be missing integral evidence, witnesses changing their stories or disappearing, judges making nonsensical rulings. 

Jimin has seen that power in action, once. As a teenager, he had been caught spray-painting the lyrics of his favorite song onto a playground's wall. It had been shit luck — some cop was taking a leak, they locked eyes, and then the cop arrested Jimin more out of embarrassment than anything else. 

At one of the desks at the police station sat a dark-haired boy Jimin knew well, feet up and arms resting behind his head, the epitome of nonchalance. His eyes followed when the cop dragged Jimin across the room, his ears perking up when the cop chastised Jimin for vandalizing public property with satanic symbols and incomprehensible lyrics. His eyes caught the subtle roll of Jimin's eyes, the plump lips pressed tightly together. 

The cop went to print out the arrest report, and Jungkook swaggered over to the desk Jimin was chained to. "What did they get you for?" 

Jimin stayed silent. He had nothing to say to a Jeon. 

"Some new guy booked me for underage drinking. It was kind of funny, honestly. I'm just waiting for the captain to set him straight," Jungkook said. He glanced at the desktop screen where Jimin's arrest report could still be seen and whistled. "Vandalism? Look at you, Park. Have your new friends been teaching you bad habits?" 

Jimin finally looked at him, even if it was a glare. Jungkook held his gaze for a moment, the usual mischievous glint gradually fading from his eyes. 

"You chose wrong, Mini," he said, articulating very carefully. "Namjoon is just as bad as I am, and I don't know what you've told yourself to think otherwise, but stop kidding yourself. The Kims have left just as many bodies in their trail, probably more." 

Jungkook seemed to think otherwise, but leaving the dull comfort of the Jeon area where he grew up hadn't been Jimin's choice. His social worker caught onto the fact that Jimin hadn't lived with his foster parents in months and butted in. Up until that point, it had been the perfect arrangement: Jimin's foster parents got to keep cashing in the welfare checks for supposedly taking care of Jimin while Jimin was free to do as he pleased. But then Song Minah just had to try and save him from his 'unstable living situation', and Jimin was thrown back into the system and placed in a group home in the Kim territory. 

He was not going to tell any of that to Jeon Jungkook, though. 

"I'd clap my hands for that very poetic notion, but as you can see, I'm a little tied up at the moment," Jimin said instead, rattling the handcuffs for show. It was kind of insulting he had even been handcuffed. What, did the detective think he might go on a rampage or something? 

He briefly wondered if the cop knew whom Jimin had grown close to in the last few months. Maybe he was being punished for hanging out with wrong crowd, guilty by association? It felt like a reach; Seoul was home to nine million people. The cops probably cared very little about who the mobsters's kids hung out with. But stranger things had happened. To Jimin, Seoul often felt like a suffocating little village where everyone knew everyone's business. 

Jungkook glanced at Jimin's bound wrists. "I see that. Not gonna lie, that's kinda hot." 

Jimin rolled his eyes. "What do you want, Jeon?" 

"You chose wrong. I want you to know that," Jungkook repeated. His voice had dropped down to almost a whisper, but far more deadly, inciting fear in the bottom of Jimin's stomach for the very first time. 

Jimin wondered if he should point out that he hadn't fucking chosen anything, neither the Kims nor the Jeons. He never even got a goddamn vote in; others had dictated his life to an extent he swore he'd never again allow. Although, if the question of loyalty was between the Kims and the Jeons, Jimin knew what his answer would always be. 

He stayed silent, defiantly holding Jungkook's gaze, refusing to apologize. 

Jungkook huffed. "It was one of my family's parks you vandalized. Not very smart, even if you hate us. My father loves those parks. Lucky for you, I don't feel like dealing with any more legal shit today. Consider the charges dropped. You're free to go." 

Jimin's jaw dropped. "What?" 

Jungkook didn't meet his eyes. "Go home, Jimin."

And that had been it. Jungkook had signaled for the detective who arrested Jimin to let Jimin out of the handcuffs. The detective obeyed and deleted the arrest report. There were no objections, no questions asked. Just like that, Jimin was free to go, and the arrest mark disappeared from his records. 







Jimin is brought out of his thoughts by the loud honk of a neon green muscle car. He habitually checks the rear-view mirror, just in time to catch the driver flipping them off for passing him. Uninterested, Jimin's eyes wander to the night sky, taking notice of how quickly the buildings pass by. The engine on the car is so quiet it's eerie, so soft he barely noticed them moving.  

He glances at Jungkook from his spot on the front seat. He thinks about that arrogant boy who just let him walk out of a police station, tries to see him in the impassive man next to him. They've both grown a lot since then. 

Jungkook slows down, and suddenly Jimin's vision is littered with red, the numerous lights of the cars in front of them as well as the traffic lights. It's a Saturday night, everyone seems to be on the move, but the red light excuses no one. 

Jungkook is staring straight ahead, drumming his fingers against the wheel. He's lost in his thoughts, unusually quiet. It's ironic that the one time Jimin is granted the gift of Jungkook's silence, he doesn't want it. Staying still, keeping quiet makes him nervous; it's not what he's used to, especially when it comes to Jeon Jungkook. 

Reaching across the center console, Jimin runs his fingers down Jungkook's silk shirt, smirking when he twists a nipple, and Jungkook chokes back a moan. 

"Behave," Jungkook mutters. 

Jimin grins, sliding his hand down Jungkook's torso, down to his lap, squeezing his inner thigh. "Or what?" 

There's a stretched silence between them, Jungkook's eyes hard on him, and then the light changes. Jimin pulls away, smirking at how Jungkook speeds up. His satisfaction turns into confusion when Jungkook pulls over at a rest stop, pushing a button that makes the car's hood rise up, hiding them. 

"What are you doing?" Jimin questions, twinge of nervousness poking at his chest. 

Jungkook leans over, popping Jimin's seat belt open. Right as Jimin thinks he's being kicked out of the car, Jungkook gestures for him to come closer. "Come here." 

Hesitantly, Jimin leans a little closer. Jungkook's hands settle on his hips, pulling him over to his lap. Jimin hates how intoxicating Jungkook smells, hates how just a whiff of his scent has Jimin's omega going into overdrive, needing more, closer. Jungkook's lips look for Jimin's, but he backs out at the last minute, going for Jimin's neck instead. He kisses the spot right under Jimin's ear, making him shiver. Jimin feels himself start dripping slick from just that. Jungkook smirks when he smells Jimin's arousal, pleased.

Jimin opens his mouth to say something snarky, but he doesn't get that far: Jungkook pushes two fingers into his mouth, making him choke. Jimin glares at him, but obediently sucks on Jungkook's long fingers, coating them with saliva. 

Then Jungkook's hand travels down, slipping inside Jimin's tight pants. He teases the rim of Jimin's wet hole with his slick finger, but won't go any further, driving Jimin crazy. Waves of lust crash over him; he's surprised Jungkook can resist the sweet pheromones Jimin's releasing. Surprised, and also a little annoyed that he can't bend Jungkook to his will. 

Jimin bites his neck in protest, making Jungkook hiss. "Keep going," Jimin demands.

Jungkook's eyes are dancing with mirth. "I don't have any condoms with me. Can't fuck you without the proper equipment. You know that, baby." 

"Then why the fuck did you pull over," Jimin growls. They could be at Jungkook's apartment already. Granted, Jimin doesn't know where he is living these days, but they have been driving for a while already, it can't be too far away. The Jeon territory is big, but there is only so much room until they are out of Seoul. 

"Can't you take a little teasing?" Jungkook taunts, massaging Jimin's rim. Jimin bites back a moan, not wanting to show how affected he is already, even if the slick pouring out of him kind of makes it pointless to act like he's unaffected. "You can't always get what you want right when you want it, baby." 

"Yes, I can. And you're going to give it to me," Jimin threatens. 

Jungkook raises a brow. "Or what?" he asks calmly, pulling his hand away. Jimin has to force down the whine threatening to escape from his lips. He isn't going to beg. 

"Or I'll just do it myself, right here on your lap. Make you watch me," Jimin threatens and stares into Jungkook's eyes just in time to see his pupils dilate with want. "Would you like that?" 

Headlights of a passing car illuminate them for a moment, and Jimin's eyes catch the flash of something metallic hanging from Jungkook's neck, stealing his attention. He carefully pulls it out from Jungkook's shirt's collar, turning it around in his hand. Non ducor, duco, reads on the other side of the locket. 

It's a locket Jimin is very familiar with. 

"I remember this", Jimin says, fiddling with the chain. Jungkook doesn't stop him, but his posture turns more rigid, stern. An alpha. "It was your dad's, right?" 


Jimin hums, turning the locket around in his hand. "I hated your dad. My only regret is that I didn't get to be the one to put a bullet through his head."

Jungkook's face contorts in anger, growling, "Fuck you."

"Don't bother acting like you didn't hate him, too. I saw you at his funeral, not one fucking tear spilled down," Jimin accuses. He can still see it, the funeral procession of dark cars with people dressed in even darker clothes. Jungkook at the age of nineteen, mad at the world and guilty for feeling relieved. 

Jungkook glares at him. "What the fuck would you know about my father's funeral?" 

"Know thy enemy," Jimin replies airily as if it's any kind of an answer. 

The word sounds strange even as it leaves his lips.  He could never properly define what Jungkook meant to him. They've known each other since they were both little, but they are not friends, can't be friends. At the same time, they're not really enemies, either. Not like Namjoon and Jungkook's families are. 

Jimin has always been in the middle: after his parents's death, he bounced around in the foster system, group home to group home, from the Jeon area in Eastern Seoul to the foster homes in the heart of the Kim territory in the west. 

"Are you my enemy, Jimin-ssi?" Jungkook asks, voice softening. "What happened to the boy I used to share my lunches with in elementary school?" 

You know exactly what happened, Jimin thinks, but doesn't say. He doesn't want to think about all that right now. 

"He heard your last name and walked away," he says instead. 

Jungkook lets out a bitter laugh. "All the way to another mobster's son." That's not really how it went, but there's not really a point in arguing. Jungkook can think whatever he wants about Jimin, none of it will matter tomorrow. 

"To someone whose dad didn't have my parents killed," Jimin reminds quietly.

Jungkook's eyes are so dark, so deadly; they are like lead, ready to drown anyone who dares to get lost in them. "Why did you come tonight? What do you want?" he asks, but there's an edge in his voice that almost sounds desperate. 

Jimin doesn't want to answer, so he picks up Jungkook's locket again, pulling at it. "Take this off. I don't want to think about all that right now."

"Then what do you want to think about?"

"Nothing. I want you to make me think about nothing at all," Jimin whispers, his breath warm on Jungkook's lips. 

There's a sudden knock on the car window. "Okay, move it along, lovebirds," unfamiliar voice commands. Jimin catches a flash of a uniform at the same time as Jungkook presses a button to make window go down. 

"Evening, Officer Byun," he calls out calmly over Jimin's shoulder. Jimin vehemently looks away, wishing he was anywhere but here. Anywhere in the world rather than getting caught by the fucking cops sitting in the lap of Jeon Jungkook with his pants undone and air smelling unmistakenly strongly of sex pheromones.

The officer's eyes widen comically. "Mr. Jeon! I didn't realize it was you! New car, is it? So pretty! Hahah, I should get back to work. Sorry again!" he babbles, bowing all the way to the patrol car and speeds off, tires squealing. 

"Are you... blushing?" Jungkook asks incredulously, brushing Jimin's admittedly rosier than before cheeks. 

Jimin scowls at him, crawling off Jungkook's lap, zipping up his pants. "Just drive." 






"No kissing, no knotting, no marks on me, and no talking. Just fucking," Jimin lists as he starts taking off his clothes. 


Jimin freezes in the middle of unbuckling his belt. "No?" 

"No, I don't agree." Jungkook smirks at him, sinful glint in his dark eyes. "If we are going to fuck, I'm going to kiss you everywhere until you're shaking. I'm going to suck hickeys into your thighs, your neck and your chest. I will whisper dirty things into your ear and hold your hips so tightly you might still see my fingertips on your skin tomorrow. My scent will linger on your skin for days afterwards and you'll feel me with every step you take." He plays with the zipper of his jacket, pushing it agonizingly slowly off his shoulder. "Those are my terms. Do you agree?" 

Jimin's omega is fucking panting in his ears at hearing Jungkook's words. That part of him wants to drop down to the floor and beg the alpha to take him any way he wants, but Jimin has learned long ago to control the wolf's desires.

He has learned to live with the disappointment of presenting as an omega, taught himself to accept that being an omega was just as good as being an alpha or a beta. No matter what their world claimed, being an omega would not stop him from living exactly the kind of life he wanted. Even if omegas were still expected to act gentle and submissive. All his life, Jimin has had to compete with alphas and betas, killing himself trying to prove that he was just as strong, just as fast, just as capable. Good enough

Jimin grits his teeth, but he knows from experience Jungkook won't do anything else until he hears Jimin say it. "Yes," he says, "I agree." 

"Good. Take off your shirt."

"Why don't you do it for me," Jimin sasses, being difficult on purpose. Jungkook quirks up a brow, but he walks over to Jimin. There is an intensity in his eyes that has Jimin's breaths shortening. He almost wants to take a step back, afraid of being burned by fire, but at the same time he craves the heat, welcomes the flames of desire licking up his stomach. 

And then Jungkook's there, so close that Jimin can feel his hot breath on his skin. Keeping their eyes locked, he pulls Jimin's shirt over his head, discarding it on the floor. His eyes sweep over the NEVERMIND Jimin has tattooed across his ribs, landing on the little silver piercings on the omega's nipples. He smirks. 

"You never fucking listen, do you, Park Jimin?" he mutters, pulling Jimin closer. His hands land on Jimin's waist, sliding down to his ass and giving it a rough squeeze. "I bet I could make you listen so well." 

"You never could before," Jimin taunts while his fingers make quick work of the buttons on Jungkook's shirt. A couple of them come off due to the excessive force, but Jimin doesn't slow down until he has stripped Jungkook's upper body. He shoots a glare at the gang insignia over Jungkook's heart. "What makes you think that'll ever change?"

"I'll show you," Jungkook promises. "I'll have you begging for me in no time. When I'm finished, you won't even remember anyone else." 

Jimin scoffs at that, even if just the thought of soon being pounded into oblivion makes his blood pump faster. "You like to talk big." 

"Didn't you come to me because you know it's not just talk? I can make you feel so good, Mini." Jungkook pops open the top button of Jimin's slacks and slides down his zipper. Impatient, Jimin kicks his boxers and jeans off rest of the way, leaving himself completely naked. "Let me do just that." 

He walks Jimin back to the bed, and Jimin lets himself sink to the soft sheets, without a doubt the most expensive ones in all of Korea. It should feel strange to be naked under someone else's eyes, but the way Jungkook is looking at him... all Jimin feels is wanted. 


"I didn't come to you. I just liked the bar," Jimin claims, even as he is moving back on the bed, making space for Jungkook whom promptly follows, settling between Jimin's legs. "And my name is Jimin."

Mini is what friends and family call him. What Namjoon used to call him. Maybe, once upon a time, there was a period when Jungkook had the right to call him that, but not anymore. Not after all that has happened between them. 

"You never leave the Kim territory, Mini. Namjoon's had you all to himself for years. Why did you leave him?" Jungkook wonders out loud, curious eyes on Jimin, as if he'd tell him, but Jimin is done playing twenty questions. He brings his mouth to Jungkook's chest, kissing his way down to his nipples, sucking one into his mouth while his left hand works the other one. Jungkook's hips stutter when Jimin's hand travels lower, freeing his erection from the confinements of his pants, wrapping both of his hands around Jungkook's cock. 

Jungkook drops his mouth to the juncture between Jimin's shoulder and neck, kissing the sensitive skin. Jimin shudders when he feels Jungkook suck a bruise to his neck. 

"A hickey? Seriously?" he still protests. Exposing your neck to an alpha is always a bad idea unless you're in a loving, secure relationship with them. He's not really sure why he's letting Jungkook continue, but fuck, if it doesn't feel good.

Maybe it's because he knows that Jungkook would never lose his mind enough to actually mate him. Traditional, that's what Jungkook is, like all the Jeons. Romantic, a nicer person would call him. Jungkook believes in soulmates and destiny, all that crap Jimin never got a chance to even consider before he was turned into a cynic. 

Jungkook licks up the column of Jimin's neck, breathing in the addictive lust that makes the omega's sweet scent heighten. "They are, ah, an undervalued art form," he breathes out, bucking into Jimin's hands.  

"What they are is ridiculous."

"I'm guessing Namjoon doesn't like hickeys?" Jungkook taunts, and Jimin hates that he's right. "Probably thinks they are beneath him, juvenile. But you like them, don't you? You like it when I mark up your pretty skin?" 

Jimin glares at him, but doesn't deny it. Instead, he looks for another way to waver Jungkook's confidence. "Namjoon's not like that. He didn't have to suck bruises to my skin to prove a point, I've always been his," he reminds, and the way Jungkook's jaw tightens tells him that he took the bait. Hook, line, and sinker. 

"Shame he didn't feel the same," is all Jungkook says, sucking another hickey into a more visible area of Jimin's neck just to piss him off. "Shame he never marked you as his, despite all those years you wasted on him." 

A growl escapes through Jimin's teeth. "Shut up."

It's considered an extreme faux pas for an omega to growl at an alpha. Jimin knows that had his mother heard him growling at an alpha, she would have been horrified.

Most alphas wouldn't tolerate a second of it, but Jungkook just looks amused. "Tell me I'm wrong." 

"How could you understand? You've never even dated for longer than what, a month?" Jimin mocks, cruel undertone in his voice to mask the pain. "Talk to me about relationships when you've been in love with someone for half your life like I have."

Jungkook looks like he's dying to say something, but bites his tongue.

Jimin scoffs. "Do you even love anyone?" 

"Was he too busy for you? Did he forget to give you attention? Is that what happened with you two?" Jungkook pries mercilessly, refusing to get sidetracked. "I know how you get when you feel ignored."

His words take Jimin right back to the time Namjoon and Jimin broke up after Namjoon graduated. Jimin was left behind at a prestigious private school he hated, along with Jungkook he had successfully avoided for the first year. Mainly because the school had been under strict orders not to put the Jeon kid and the Kim boy anywhere near each other, but nothing kept Jimin and Jungkook apart after Namjoon left. 

Jimin's adoptive parents had been trying to stick to the plan his parents had made for him before their deaths, but they failed to realize Jimin wasn't that same kid anymore. He had loathed being stuck with the rich kids, and when Namjoon left him alone there, he hated it twice as much. He hated it so much he was desperate for an escape. 

An escape named Jeon Jungkook. 

Jimin takes a firm hold of Jungkook's chin, tilting his head up. "You don't know anything about me," he says, articulating very carefully. 

"Don't I?" Jungkook hums. "I seem to recall a lot of things I know about you. Like, how you really like it when I kiss you here—" he sucks the skin right under Jimin's jawline, making him squirm, "or when I pin your wrists down." 

His hands wrap around Jimin's wrists, pinning them down to the bed. Heat rises up Jimin's spine. This is exactly what he wants from tonight. Even if Jimin would never admit it, Jungkook's right: he does love being trapped under him, feeling Jungkook's weight on top of him, breathing in his aftershave. 

Jimin struggles under Jungkook's body until his hips are angled slightly more to the left, rolling against Jungkook's erection. Jungkook groans at the feeling, responding in kind. The friction is nowhere near enough, but for now, it's good.  

Jimin nips at Jungkook's neck with his teeth, making the alpha release a low, warning growl. "Stop," Jungkook commands breathlessly. 

Jimin doesn't back down like he's supposed to. "What, can't you take a little teasing?" he challenges instead.

"You're going to regret saying that once I've got you drooling on my cock." 

"Impossible. You'd have to actually fuck me for that to happen, and all you've done is talk." Jimin welcomes the way Jungkook's eyes turn even darker at the taunt. His scent overpowers Jimin for a moment, making him feel slightly dizzy. He fights through it, not letting the alpha pheromones affect him.

"Give me what I want," Jimin demands, unabashed. Jungkook's eyes flash, torn between lust and ire. Jungkook's like Jimin — hates being told what to do unless it's in bed. When it comes to Jimin, he probably hates it in bed, too. 

Or at least acts like he does. 

"And what is that you want, Park Jimin?" Jungkook whispers, voice low and seductive. Jimin hopes to shut him up without having to answer, so he starts sucking a hickey to Jungkook's neck, but the alpha keeps going. "Seems like you can never figure it out, so how could anyone else?" 

Jimin glares at him. "I know exactly what I want. I want you to stop talking and start fucking." 

Lifting a brow, Jungkook goes to get a condom while Jimin falls deeper into the soft sheets. If he were to stop and think for a minute, he'd admit fucking Jeon Jungkook could only be a bad idea. But there's something so tempting about burning bridges. He's been in love with Namjoon for years. It feels like he won't truly be free unless he makes sure he can never go back. 

Waiting for Jungkook to return, Jimin lets his gaze wander around the room. As expected, Jungkook didn't bring him to the Jeon family home, but rather to one of the many lavish apartments they own around the city. Jimin has never been there before, Jungkook is someone he shouldn't be seen with. It was fine to interact while they were all still in school, but they are adults now, on different sides of a gang war. 

He opens the drawer of the nightstand next to him, not sure what he's looking for, but definitely not the handcuffs he finds. He briefly wonders if Jungkook got them from his connections to the police. 

Next, he picks up Jungkook's phone from the dresser. As expected, it's locked. Jimin tries guessing the passcode, going as far as punching in Namjoon's birthday. It'd be such a Jungkook move, using his enemy for protection. Using the same logic, he tries his own birthday. 1-0-1

Then he hears footsteps and quickly returns Jungkook's phone to where it was. 

"How should I prep you? Fingers or my mouth?" Jungkook mutters as he returns to the bed, stripping out of the last of his clothes.

"Both," Jimin says boldly. It doesn't escape his notice how Jungkook takes a deep breath, eyes raking over Jimin's naked body. 

Jungkook's eyes gleam. That's exactly what he wanted to hear. "Greedy," he says out loud. He pushes Jimin's legs up, fascinated when he feels very little resistance despite Jimin's toes touching the pillow behind him. 

"Fuck, I forgot how flexible you are." Ignoring the roll of Jimin's eyes, Jungkook spreads Jimin's legs to his sides, marveling at how far open they slide. "You could do an actual split on a dick." 

Jimin places his legs on Jungkook's shoulders. "Chop, chop," he commands. "I don't have all night."

Jungkook's eyebrows drop to a frown. "Where are you in such a hurry to?" he asks, and there's a look in his eyes that Jimin doesn't care for; a look that says his answer better be good or Jungkook won't let the matter go.

Jungkook always was too curious for his own good. 

Jimin thinks quickly and says, "I'm sorry, were you expecting me to stay and cuddle afterwards? Maybe talk about our feelings? Ask about your day, darling?" 

Jungkook's eyes narrow. "You're diverting the question," he says slowly. With Jimin, that's always code for trouble. "What are you planning, Jimin?"

Jimin shrugs. "Overthrowing the government, of course. No biggie." 

"If you aren't planning anything, you won't mind spending the night here, right?" Jungkook says, calculating look in his dark eyes. "You still live in Namjoon's apartment, right? Probably wouldn't want to run into him while smelling like another alpha and sex?" 

Jimin bites his lip, and then forces out, "No, I wouldn't." Namjoon let him have the apartment when they broke up, but most of Namjoon's things are still in there. There is no predicting what would ensue if Jimin happened to run into him while smelling like Jungkook. "I'll stay here." 

Smug, Jungkook rubs the sensitive rim around Jimin's glistening hole, listening to the omega's breathing grow heavier in anticipation. His alpha preens at the low, needy moans spilling from Jimin's lips. Jimin has the best sounds in bed, he always thought so, ever since the first time they fucked.

Wanting to make Jimin louder, he ventures the first finger inside and smirks when it immediately has Jimin leaking. He leans closer, licking up from Jimin's hole to his balls, tasting him. Jimin moans, low and broken. Easiest way to break his bravado has always been to eat him out until he screams. 

Satisfied, Jungkook adds another finger, enjoying the obscene squelching sound his fingers make when they move in and out of Jimin. 

"You're so tight. Doesn't Namjoon take care of you? Leaves you all alone like that?" Jungkook sucks another bruise to Jimin's thigh. "When's the last time he fucked you, baby?" 

"None of your business." 

"Maybe, but I want to know." He curls his fingers, looking for Jimin's prostate. The way Jimin's moans turn higher in pitch confirms his finding. He's relentless, directing all of his attention to that one spot until Jimin squirms in his hold, almost begging, but for mercy or for Jungkook to keep going, he doesn't know. "Wanna come, Jiminie?" 

Jimin's head is woozy, throat dry from the moans and pants. He still forces out, "Yes."

"Then answer the question. How long has it been?" 

"A... while," Jimin manages to say after a pause. Seven months is more accurate, but that's not for Jungkook to know. 

Jungkook makes a disapproving sound. "Not a smart man, that Namjoon. If you were mine, I'd fuck you every chance I got." 

Jimin suddenly feels defensive. "It's not his fault. He's busy." He knows that Namjoon tried, he wanted to be what Jimin needed, but they never quite got it right. Equal part of the blame for that falls on Jimin's shoulders. He's too reckless, too defiant, too crass to be the sophisticated mate the cherished Kim heir deserved. 

Jungkook scoffs. "No one's that busy. If he's not getting it from you, he's getting it from someone else."

Jimin squeezes his thighs together, effectively choking Jungkook. "Shut up about Namjoon," he growls. Jungkook's a little too close to home with his guesses. "If you want him so badly, why'd you take me home?" 

Instead of answering Jungkook engulfs the head of Jimin's cock in his mouth, drawing out an involuntary moan from Jimin's lips. He eases the pressure on Jungkook's neck, about to let him go when Jungkook makes an unimpressed sound and uses his left hand to guide Jimin's thighs back around his neck. 

"You're a fucking freak," Jimin mutters, but no matter what he says, he loves it. His pulse is banging uncomfortably hard against his throat, deep red blush rising on his cheeks the deeper his cock slides down Jungkook's throat. He's so turned on that he has to pull Jungkook off his cock less than two minutes later. 

Jungkook's lips are slick with Jimin's precum, the look in his eyes cocky. "Too much?" 

"You get that turned on from just sucking dick?" Jimin counters, not missing the way Jungkook had been stroking his own cock while sucking Jimin off. 

"I was thinking about all the things I wanted to do to your thick thighs," Jungkook confesses, squeezing Jimin's undeniably toned thigh. It makes something inside Jimin hum, infuriatingly pleased at the compliment. 

"If only your daddy and his friends knew..." Jimin says just to hide his own reaction, knowing full well he has just poked the bear. Jungkook had a very complicated relationship with his father and mentioning him used to be a guaranteed way to start a fight. 

Jungkook pauses, lips leaving Jimin's skin before he's done sucking a mark to his inner thigh. "My father knew. About me." 

Jimin's eyes narrow. "No, he didn't. If he had, he would have thrown you out of the family. Your dear old was the biggest homophobe I've ever met."

It can't be right — the same Mr. Jeon who had often tried to spit on Jimin, claiming it might turn Jimin into a real man, would have never let his gay son stay in the family if he knew the truth. Jungkook might have been his only son, the golden boy, but it wouldn't have been enough to redeem him. Mr. Jeon was a garbage human being. 

"Well, I didn't say he liked it," Jungkook says. If anything, his father had made his hatred and disappointment blatantly obvious. The night his father figured out what Jimin and Jungkook had been up to at the lucrative school he paid for still sometimes echoed in his mind. 

It's all because of that dirty omega, isn't it? his father had rambled, drunk out of his mind. Park Jimin. Tainted you, my only son. My golden son. Ruined you with his touch. Should have ended his life when I had the chance. It's not too late, accidents happen...

Years later, Jungkook shivers at the harsh memory. You won't touch him. 

Jimin's mind is on another spectrum entirely. "He was a fucking disgusting pig. Your whole fucking family is nothing but a bunch of murderers," he mutters. 

Jungkook glares at him. "And yet here you are, fucking a Jeon."

"You didn't order my family's death," Jimin says. "Can't really blame you for simply sharing a name with the person who made me an orphan."  

"My name was enough for you to run away before," Jungkook reminds. He and Jimin had played together all the time as kids, the two sons left behind by their busy families. Everything had changed when Jimin's parents were murdered and he heard from his school friends who Jungkook really was. Up until that point, he never could imagine that the Jungkook he played with after school every day shared blood with the man he always heard his parents argue about. 

"Because I was so fucking scared I'd be the next body in a shallow grave if I reminded Mr. Jeon of my existence," Jimin confesses quietly. The fear had paralyzed him for years after his parents's death, curling him into a ball, praying that he was invisible. 

The day he was transferred into Jungkook's class had scared him out of his mind. His guidance counselor said that due to bouncing around from home to home, school to school, his education was uneven, and he should repeat a year to not get left behind. It was all true, but small, terrified Jimin was convinced Mr. Jeon orchestrated the transfer to make Jimin an easy target for his son. For the next few days, Jimin waited for Jungkook to pull a knife and finish the job for his father right there in the middle of calculus class. Or maybe at recess. Maybe he'd jump Jimin on his way home? 

But all Jungkook pulled out was a pencil, and when he noticed that Jimin didn't have one, he slid over another pencil onto Jimin's desk.  

"Jimin—" Jungkook starts, tongue swiping anxiously over his bottom lip. His ears ring, the faithful words spoken that night returning like a boomerang. You won't touch him. 

"Don't," Jimin warns. There's no point; neither one of them can rewrite history. Jungkook's dad had Jimin's parents murdered and never got punished because he owned the police force. Sometimes, Jimin wonders if the first time he fucked Jungkook was some sort of fucked up revenge. That maybe he took too much pleasure out of fucking a violently homophobic man's only son, and Jungkook had been all too happy to oblige. 

Jungkook's still looking at him like he's about to say something, and Jimin can't have that. They are going off-script: this isn't what Jimin had planned when he left home earlier that day. What he wanted was one last rough fuck and not some goddamn heart-to-heart with a gangster. 

He pulls Jungkook down to him, kissing him. It's a fool-proof way to shut him up. He hasn't kissed Jungkook in years, but their mouths still mold perfectly against each other, like they never parted. He can taste Jungkook's surprise before he kisses Jimin back; he's reluctant to let the subject go so easily, but Jimin is nothing if not determined. He wraps his legs around Jungkook's hips, grinding against him as he sucks on Jungkook's bottom lip to be let in. Jungkook opens his mouth and Jimin slips inside, massaging Jungkook's tongue with his own, smirking when he hears the alpha moan, low and wanton. 

"Fuck me," Jimin whispers when they break apart, a little breathlessly. 

Jungkook looks a state, lips swollen red and his hair a mess. "Why don't you beg for it?" he still challenges. He nibbles at Jimin's lip, reveling in the little pants he gets in turn. "You can beg so pretty. Let me hear you." 

"I don't beg." 

Jungkook chuckles darkly. "I think you will. Hands and knees." 

Jimin obeys, expecting to be fucked next. Instead he feels a tongue in his ass, smooth and wet, picking up speed. He splutters, thighs shaking. Jungkook doesn't give him any time to adjust, he spreads his slick-covered hole with his thumbs, licking at the rim.

"Won't you say please, baby?" Jungkook taunts when he pulls back to breathe, only to continue fucking Jimin with his fingers this time. Jimin lets out a breathless moan, startled by the change of pace. "For me?" 

By the time Jungkook has fitted four fingers inside the omega, the JEON tattooed across his knuckles has completely disappeared from view, and the tattoo of a rose Jungkook has on the back of his hand is covered in Jimin's slick. 

Jimin's arms shake from holding himself up, his resolve flailing. Torrents of pleasure crash over him, making his cock curve up against his stomach, hard and leaking. He can feel himself give in; Jungkook knows just how to play him. 

"Please," Jimin gasps. "Please fuck me." 

His arms give out, body falling onto the bed. Jungkook turns him onto his back, wasting no time before pushing inside Jimin. The tip of his cock feels intimidating already, stretching Jimin despite the careful preparation. 

Jimin takes a breath. "Go slow," he says, "you're... big."

"Bigger than Namjoon?" Jungkook can't help but ask. It's immature and pointless, but he's been competing with Namjoon since birth, pushed on by his father. Any time Jungkook manages to get one over Namjoon, it's a victory. 

Jimin's eyes are a thunderstorm, lightnings flashing each time Jungkook pushes his buttons. "Say his name again and I'll leave right now," he growls. 

"No, you won't. You want me too badly," Jungkook says. His words are a paralyzing opposite to the gentle way he's kissing up Jimin's chest while he bottoms out. 

Jimin doesn't appreciate being called out so candidly. "Whatever, just fuck me already," he snaps, canting his hips up. He feels so full, it's dizzying, but he knows from experience that the best part is yet to come. 

"So impatient..." Jungkook mutters. "I bet Namjoon didn't make you scream like I can." 

"Namjoon fucked me so hard, so often that we got evicted from his first apartment," Jimin reveals and smirks when he catches Jungkook's mouth tightening at the revelation. 

"If you won't stop bringing him up, neither will I. And I could tell you so many stories about how I bounced on his cock, how I begged for him to fuck me harder, how I screamed for more," he threatens, enjoying the storm of annoyance radiating from Jungkook. 

Jungkook growls at that, his alpha going haywire at the images of Jimin with Namjoon flooding his mind. All alphas are possessive to a degree — some more, some less, but they all hate the thought of their omega with someone else. Jimin's not Jungkook's omega, but that's not how his wolf sees it. It's been begging him to stake a claim on Jimin ever since he presented, maybe even before that. Jungkook knows what Jimin is to him, he has known since they were kids, but he's not sure if Jimin's figured it out yet. 

Jungkook comes out of his thoughts just in time to hear Jimin say, "So — do you want to keep talking, or do you want to fuck me?" 

Jungkook responds by pulling out and then pushing back in, the drag of his cock slow but deep. Jimin loses his breath, trying to adjust to the unfamiliar size. The truth is, he and Namjoon haven't made love in months. At first, it was because they were fighting, but then the distance between them had grown too great. Jimin thinks Namjoon was actually relieved when Jimin left. 

He'll be even more relieved tomorrow. 

Jimin's voice is more of a breath than an actual word, but Jungkook still hears him. "Faster." 

Jungkook gyrates against Jimin's ass, slowly moving his cock in and out. "You were so polite before, Jiminie," he taunts, "Why don't you ask nicely?" 

Jimin tries to fuck himself onto Jungkook's cock and growls in frustration when the hands on his hips keep him in place. 

"Because I'm not very nice," he snaps. 

"You can be if you choose it. Come on, Jiminie. Give up control. Just for a second," Jungkook coaxes into Jimin's neck, peppering the sensitive skin with kisses. Jimin shivers, leaning back to give Jungkook better access. "I promise I'll give it back. Right after I make you feel so, so good."

Before Jimin can say anything, a loud ring of a cellphone fills the room. Jimin recognizes the sound as his phone, looking up just in time to see Jungkook pick it up. He spins the phone around in his long fingers, checking the caller ID.

Once he does, he snickers. "It's Namjoon," he sing-songs, giving the phone to Jimin. "Answer it."

Jimin pushes the phone away, sitting up. "I have nothing to say to him." 

"Then just let him listen," Jungkook suggests lewdly. Jimin glares at him, trying to hide how his dick twitched at the dirty suggestion. Based on Jungkook's prurient smirk, he wasn't very successful. 

"Answer it," Jungkook repeats and hands Jimin the phone again. This time Jimin picks it up, still looking at Jungkook as he accepts the call. 


Namjoon's familiar voice fills his ear. "Oh, good. You're okay," he says, sounding relieved.  

"Why wouldn't I be?" 

"Someone saw you cross over to the Jeon area. Just wanted to make sure you got home okay." 

Jimin frowns, turning away from Jungkook. They broke up, but Namjoon still has eyes on him. He had guessed as much, but hearing Namjoon so blatantly admit it, like keeping tabs on your ex was in any way normal, made it worse somehow. 

"I didn't."

"Sorry?" Namjoon says, confused. He's always so fucking clueless. Namjoon is good at his job, excellent even; yet, sometimes figuring out relationships took more than he had to give. 

"I didn't go home," Jimin clarifies, heart thudding against his throat. Jungkook comes up behind him, kissing Jimin's neck. Jimin lets Jungkook pull him to his knees, allows himself to be moved to his hands and knees, for once without a comment. He's too distracted to say anything even when he feels the tip of Jungkook's cock massaging against his wet entrance. 

"Oh," Namjoon says flatly. "I see." 

"Did you need something?" 

"Jimin, let's just talk—" Namjoon starts, but just then Jungkook thrusts all the way back inside. Caught off guard, Jimin lets out a loud sinful moan, unable to hold it back. Namjoon goes quiet, listening. Jungkook picks up his pace, making Jimin moan louder with each thrust, even if he tries to muffle the sound with his hand.

Jungkook leans closer, licking the column of Jimin's neck. "Say bye, baby," he whispers, his hot breath on Jimin's neck conjuring goosebumps. 

Namjoon sounds alarmed. "Who was that? Jimin, where—" 

Jimin presses end call, throwing his phone away. It lands on the floor, the screen cracking, but Jimin doesn't even glance at it. He pulls off of Jungkook's cock, turning around to glare at the alpha. Jungkook's smirking at him and sitting up on his heels, cock hard, sweat glistening on his chest. Jimin's throat goes dry, his eyes tracing Jungkook's taut thigh muscles as he tries to remember why he's annoyed. 

"That was rude, hanging up like that," Jungkook taunts, "he'll be worried now. Might even stay up thinking about you all night while you are getting the best dick of your life." 

"You take some sick satisfaction in our breakup," Jimin accuses. Jungkook only hears how Jimin doesn't deny that Jungkook's the best he's ever had. "You've always been so obsessed with him. Why is that?" 

"Namjoon takes everything I want. It's only fair I take something he still considers his," Jungkook claims, making Jimin's blood boil. 

"Is that how low you think of me? That I'm just some mindless puppet, only here to look pretty on someone's arm?" Jimin snarls, anger biting in his voice. "Namjoon thought so, too. Funny how men in power can be so blind to what's right in front of you. Fucking alphas. You both fail to see that I'm smarter, stronger, and more resilient than either one of you. If I wanted to, I could fucking demolish you both. Haven't I been nice that I didn't?" 

Jungkook looks amused. "How would you destroy me, Jiminie?" 

Jimin refuses to be discouraged. "I know things you wouldn't want me to." 

Jungkook chuckles. "Oh yeah? What kind of things?" 

"I know about the pipeline from Daegu to Seoul. I know what you agreed with Jung Hoseok last February. I know about all the things you did to The Kim family. I even know where Min Yoongi is. You're getting careless," Jimin chides, trailing his fingers up Jungkook's chest.

Jungkook's face contorts in anger, all traces of amusement wiped away. "Who's talking to you?" he hisses. There's a rat in his organization, and he won't rest until he finds and puts an end to it. 

Jimin smiles, unbothered by Jungkook's anger. If anything, he looks satisfied for having flipped the power switch back in his benefit. "People like to open up to me. I guess I just have one of those faces," he says, brushing Jungkook's dark hair away from his face. 

"Give me a name." 

Jimin shakes his head, a smile curving up his lips. "You don't control me, Jungkook. I will never take orders from you," he reminds. He crawls over to Jungkook, sitting in his lap. 

"I want a name," Jungkook reiterates in a dark tone. 

Jimin hums. "You always want things you can't have." 

"I think I have a pretty good track record of getting what I want," Jungkook says, glancing meaningfully at the very naked Jimin sitting in his lap. 

"You're a fucking fool, Jeon Jungkook. One day, your pride will be your downfall." Jimin drags his nails down Jungkook's chest, leaving behind red lines. Jungkook moans, grinding his cock between Jimin's slick-covered ass cheeks. Jimin curses at him, but very eagerly guides himself back onto Jungkook's cock. They both groan when he sinks down, filled to the brim.  

Jimin starts bouncing up and down, with Jungkook's hands squeezing his waist, helping him rise up and drop down harder. Despite the constant movement, Jimin captures Jungkook's lips in a deep kiss that has the alpha's head dizzy. It's been so long, he forgot how Jimin's kisses feel, like fire on his lips. 

The debaucherous sounds of sex fill the room, their scents mixing together like a forest in full bloom. Jungkook pushes Jimin carefully down onto his back, chasing his orgasm. Leaning down, he notices that Jimin's eyes are closed. To make sure he's not thinking about someone else while Jungkook's balls deep in him, he taunts, "Does Kim Namjoon fuck you like this?"

As expected, Jimin's eyes fly open, shooting daggers. 

"I fucking hate you," Jimin spits. Jungkook traps his wrists against the mattress, enjoying the way Jimin's glaring up at him. 

"Say that again. I love it when you talk dirty to me," he taunts as he thrusts inside again. 

"You think me cursing you out is dirty talk? Don't make me fucking laugh. If I were to talk dirty, I'd say something like 'after getting a taste of me, no one else will feel like anything anymore'," Jimin hisses. His head turns to the side, biting back a moan when Jungkook hits his prostate straight on.

Raising a brow, Jungkook focuses his thrusts into that angle, so Jimin can't keep his moans down anymore. He squirms in Jungkook's hold, a lovely shade of blush rising to his cheeks as he nears his release. 

Jungkook's lips graze Jimin's ear, promising: "After me, you won't ever be satisfied with Kim fucking Namjoon again."

Jimin's not surprised that Jungkook doesn't obey his 'don't mention Namjoon' rule, he never fucking obeys. His palms tingle, he almost wants to slap Jungkook. Jungkook seems to always bring out someone very different from Jimin, someone who doesn't care about anything else but getting what he wants from Jungkook. 

"I fucked you before and still went back to Namjoon." 

Growling, Jungkook speeds up, slamming into Jimin, using him to come. Jimin holds on for dear life, fingers digging into Jungkook's back, legs wrapping around him, pulling him closer, closer. Pleasure has his head spinning, voice hoarse from moaning out Jungkook's name. Jungkook breathes hard into his neck, the sound of skin slapping skin increasing in the room. He takes a hold of Jimin's cock, stroking while sucking another hickey into his neck. 

When Jimin comes, he swears he blacks out for a split second. Overwhelming waves of pleasure crash over him, pulling him underwater for a moment. Hazy, he feels Jungkook finish half a dozen thrusts later with a moan of Jimin's name. He groans as he pulls out, plopping down next to Jimin. For a moment, their ragged breaths are the only sounds in the room.  

Jimin feels cold somehow despite sweat pearling in his hair, glistening on his chest. It's finally setting in: today he's here, tomorrow he's gone. Jimin's used to running, used leaving everything behind, but this is different. 

The emptiness won't leave his chest, his heart compressing into a small ball. He can't leave like this.

Before he can talk himself out of it, Jimin has already moved closer to Jungkook, breathing in Jungkook's familiar forest scent, nuzzling into his skin. He presses his nose into Jungkook's neck, scenting him. He hasn't scented Jungkook in years, not since he started dating Namjoon. He shouldn't do it now, either, but Jimin just needs to leave some reminder that he was here before he is forgotten. Before tomorrow morning wipes him away with the rain, before the city of millions forgets that someone like him ever existed. 

Jungkook doesn't stop him, even if scenting is usually only done between family, close friends, or lovers. He just sighs when Jimin nuzzles in closer, drenching the alpha in his sweet scent. When he's confident that Jungkook will smell like him for days to come, he presses one last kiss to Jungkook's lips while his hands search for something; something he hid under the pillows. His fingers wrap around cold metal, setting the trap. 

And then he locks Jungkook's wrist to the bed railing with the handcuff he found earlier. 

"Well, this was fun." Jimin stands up with wobbly legs, cursing himself for not thinking this through. He really thought he could impale himself on an alpha cock and then just skip away happily? 

"What the fuck?" Jungkook struggles against the restraint before he notices Jimin put on pants. His gaze sharpens. "Where are you going?" 

"I still have a score to settle with the Jeons before I leave this place behind for good." 

"Don't you fucking dare," Jungkook warns, but Jimin pays no mind to him. He walks over to Jungkook's discarded pants, picking up the alpha's phone and wallet before placing the pants on the bed next to Jungkook. Jungkook grabs them with one hand, glaring up at Jimin. "You promised me you'd stay."

Jimin's more focused on twirling the locket around in his fingers. "I know you carry a key inside this locket and I kind of need it." 

He presses Jungkook's fingerprint on the device, unlocking it. "You remember that my parents were business executives, right? They built this one company out of nothing but the sweat on their backs." 

Jungkook guesses immediately what he is thinking about, hissing: "Lunar belongs to the Jeons."

He remembers the day after Jimin's family died vividly; every moment is clear like a photogragh. Jungkook came home late, crying because his only friend refused to talk to him anymore and no one would tell him why, they just glared and whispered curses at him.

That night, as he sneaked into his home, he heard his parents arguing. In the middle of the fight, Jungkook heard his mother beg his father to spare Jimin's life for Jungkook's sake, and he finally understood. He finally realized what all the things that never made sense to him meant. How he was always able to find Jimin, no matter where he was. How he could always tell if Jimin was in pain, in trouble or just in a bad mood. How he felt better just being near him and how he felt restless if too much time passed without him being able to see Jimin. 

There was only one reason his mother would care whether Jimin lived or died, and it wasn't because he was Jungkook's friend.

In the world of wolves, there's only one truly unforgivable act. It's unforgivable because such loss is thought to be too cruel for anyone; even the worst of the worst are spared from the crippling pain. Even during pack takeovers and territory battles where no other laws reach, one rule always remains. 

Jungkook's mother had figured it out before anyone else and begged her husband to spare Jimin's life to save Jungkook. She had been afraid, not for Jimin, but for Jungkook. She was desperate to protect her son from a pain so intense it could kill him. She hadn't said why, but Jungkook understood what his father couldn't grasp. 

After all, there was only one unforgivable act: killing someone's mate. 

He wonders sometimes if knowing beforehand about the connection between him and Jimin would have stopped his father from going after Jimin's family or if it would have just made his father make sure Jimin died with his parents. He had never wanted Jimin for Jungkook, he hated even the thought of the omega. It was a cruel trick of fate that Jimin was the only one for Jungkook. 

Jimin shakes his head. "Lunar is mine. Your dad's thugs extorted and threatened my parents to sell it to them at a laughable price, then turned around and still shot them both in the face. Under your dad's commands. I am the last of my family, that company was my birthright and I'd rather see it burn to the ground than be managed by Jeons any longer," he says.

With the help of Jungkook's key, Jimin will be able to get into Lunar's headquarters and release the carefully collected evidence of money laundering the company has been riddled with since its very conception to every media outlet in the city as well as the internet. After investors get a whiff of it and sell their stock away to avoid the scandal, the value of the company is going to plummet, probably crashing by the following morning. Jimin loved his parents, but they were just as corrupted as the mafia was.

Lunar deserves to burn. 

Jungkook's dad made a huge miscalculation by allowing someone like Jimin to live. Someone who knew every secret, who knew where the bodies were buried. His parents never wanted him to know about any of it, but Jimin often played in his parents's study as a kid, and eavesdropped on their phone calls when he was bored. What he didn't understand then, he made sense of later. 

He pockets the few bills in Jungkook's wallet. "Sorry, but it's good to have cash when you're going on the run," he explains before dumping Jungkook's phone in an abandoned coffee cup on the nightstand. "Wouldn't want you getting on my trail too quickly." 

"What's your plan, Jimin? If you run, I'll find you, wherever you go. You know I will," Jungkook swears, yanking at the restraint. 

Jimin sighs. "No, you won't, little prince. If I want to disappear, you'll never see me again," he says. He picks up the keys to Jungkook's car, twirling them around. "Would you mind terribly if I borrowed your car?" 

"Untie me," Jungkook growls, pulling at his restraint again, more furiously this time. The bed frame squeaks in protest, but doesn't break. "Right now." 

Jimin's eyes soften. "I'm not cruel," he promises. "I just need you preoccupied for long enough to get a head start. I'll call someone in... a couple of hours to come and rescue you." 

Jungkook curses. "Did Namjoon put you up to this? You didn't really leave him, did you?" he spits. He should have fucking known, should have seen this coming, but he didn't because Jimin fucks with his head. 

Jimin sighs. "No one seems to get it, but I belong only to myself. I understand that as an alpha, this might be terribly confusing to your possessive nature, so let me break it down for you: it means that the only orders I take are my own. I left Namjoon because I wanted to. I fucked you because I wanted to. And now I will get the hell out of this rotten city because that's what I want. Have a nice life, Jeon Jungkook." 

Jungkook can only seethe in silence as Jimin walks out of the room, out of his life. 















[six months later]

There's gray snow on the ground, melting on his black shoes. Despite the wetness, the day is beautiful. Jimin walks through the park, just to see the Christmas lights hang around the vibrant city. He had chosen Norway on a whim at an airport in Spain; a seat had opened up just as he arrived. Mere hours later, Jimin was standing in the cold streets of Oslo. He had debated with himself whether to leave the capital and wander further up, but a city of thousands is always a better hiding spot than a hearty smalltown. 

In the park, on the trail to Jimin's apartment, there is a small child playing with jingle bells. It seems like she's trying to play a song, but all the bells have the same pitch which is frustrating her to no end. Jimin stops walking, smiles and listens to her play for a moment. He wishes, and not for the first time, that he spoke the language, so he could tell the girl how well she is doing. 

After a while, Jimin waves the little girl goodbye, securing the shopping bag better on his shoulder as he walks the rest of the way to his apartment. The building itself is nothing spectacular, rents so close to the train station and the bus station are high, but in case he needs a quick exit, it's nice to have a short way to go until a bus to the airport. 

There are three bolts in his artificially strengthened door as well as two brand new, sturdy locks. The landlord had given Jimin more than a few questioning glances upon installing them — what was so precious inside a studio apartment that needed so many locks? But Jimin just smiled at him, acting the part of a strange foreigner to a tee. 

He lets himself in, humming under his breath to a tune he can't quite remember right. 

It's dark inside the apartment — sun goes down early in the north. The distant glow of the streetlights provides little illumination, cloaking the apartment in shadows. Jimin's hand reaches for the light switch, fumbling in the dark. The corridor has no windows, so he usually leaves one of the smaller lights on in case he knows that he'll be home late, but today was supposed to be a short day that just dragged on. Right before Jimin's fingers press the switch, his eyes pick out a dark figure. 

There is someone else in his living room.  

"Hey, Jiminie," Jungkook calls out softly. He is sitting in Jimin's favorite armchair, posture calm and collected. It appears that he has been waiting for a while; there is a glass of Jimin's whiskey next to him. 

His finger is playing with the trigger of a gun resting against his thigh. 

Jimin's heart is beating so loud he thinks his neighbors might hear it, but he tries to play it cool. Never show fear to a Jeon. So instead, he smiles. "Hi, Alpha," he teases, eyes sultry; his voice nearly purring as he takes a step closer. "How's tricks?" 

"Business is good, what with one company crumbling," Jungkook replies. It had been all over the news — Lunar had sunk fast in the trap Jimin had left behind, and none of the finance experts Jungkook's family's hired were able to save it. Not after the chaos Jimin created. The investors had fled at the first sign of trouble, just as Jimin had predicted, leaving the company to bleed out until it was only mercy to pull the plug. 

Jimin's parents would have mourned the company as if a child had died, but for Jimin, it's better this way. Lunar was only a constant reminder of all that he had lost because of the Jeons. 

"If I knew you were coming, I would have bought more food. What do I owe the pleasure of your company to?" Jimin asks, subtly trying to pry how the hell Jungkook was able to trace him to a place so far away from home. Tracking Jimin must have driven Jungkook crazy, with all the fake passports, false leads and clues Jimin had left for his pursuers to find. He had planned his escape well in advance.

"I have friends in low places. High places, too," Jungkook replies. His eyes flick to Jimin's face. "I told you I'd find you." 

"And how many of your friends did you bring with you to celebrate our tearful reunion?" Jimin asks. His brain is rattling, busy forming a plan to get himself out of the newest twist in the sordid story. 

Jungkook shrugs. "It's just me," he announces nonchalantly.

Jimin tsks at him. "That's dangerous, love. Shouldn't give me information like that so easily. Now I know that you are the only person standing between me and freedom. Not a good place to be." 

"I'm not worried," Jungkook replies. 

"I told you. Your pride will be your downfall." Jimin puts his jacket on a hanger and walks further inside the apartment. 

Jungkook hums. "You told me a lot of things." 

"But you didn't listen, did you? Otherwise you wouldn't be here."

"I did listen. That's why I'm here." He is quiet for a moment. "You took something from me, Jiminie. I want it back."







He can't show fear. That's how a person gets killed in their world. Switching schools, sometimes as often as every other month, taught him as much. He had been the weird kid, usually the only one in the class, in the school, even, who didn't live with his parents. The kids in his schools were all either afraid of him or disliked him. Usually, both. And he had liked it for the most part, feeling safer on his own.

But it all changed when he presented as an omega. 

He had seen the way the other students were all looking at him, tigers waiting to pounce if he showed any fear. Male omegas were rare and widely frowned upon which resulted in them being harassed often. 

Survival 101: if you want to invoke fear, take down the scariest kid around. And that's what Jimin did. He walked up to Jeon Jungkook in the middle of the cafeteria, so everyone would hear and challenged the mafia heir to a fight behind the school after classes. 

Jungkook had shown up, but refused to fight. "I'm not going to fight you, Jimin," he said. 

Jimin was frustrated. "Why not?" 

"I don't fight people smaller than me," Jungkook taunted which blew Jimin's lid right off. He had attacked Jungkook with everything he had, only to be quickly pinned down. With one hand, even, to further rubbing in his humiliating defeat. Fucking alpha strength.

Jungkook waited for him to calm down, locking him down. "Jimin, stop," was all he had to say. 

"Why won't you fight me? Who the fuck do you think you are?" Jimin hissed, angry and embarrassed. 

"I'm not going to fight someone I used to call a friend." 

And he didn't, no matter how hard Jimin pushed him. They're not in school anymore, but the rules are the same. If he shows fear, he loses their battle of wills. 







You took something from me. 

"Was it your heart?" Jimin flirts. "Because I'm not giving that back." 


Jimin sighs, giving in. "I don't have your locket anymore."

"What did you do with it?" 

Jimin shrugs. "I sold it. Gave the profits to a charity." 

Jungkook's eyes are unreadable, Jimin can't figure out if he's about to pull the trigger or burst into laughter. "Which one?" 

"I made a hefty donation to AIDS research in your dear old dad's name. Thought it was befitting since he always told me disgusting homos like me should die from a disease. They were very grateful."

One of the researchers, a friendly beta, had even asked Jimin out on a date. It didn't really amount to anything, but they had dated casually for a while. It had been nice to date someone without any connections to the mafia. And at the same time, so fucking... dull

"Hm." Jungkook is quiet for a moment. "You shouldn't have done that. It was my father's."

Jimin scoffs. "So? You hated your dad." 

"Doesn't mean it was yours to give away." Jungkook looks around the apartment. There's not a lot to see, Jimin's only been there for a month. "You had already decided to split when you came to see me that night."

Jimin nods. "I needed time away from Seoul. Time to think."

"Think about what?" 

Jimin shrugs. "Where to go next. What I wanted out of my life." 

Jungkook's tone changes, dropping lower. "Why'd you come to me that night?" 

Jimin walks over to him. "You know why. To say goodbye." Jungkook follows his every move, his hold on his gun never wavering.

"You're not here for some jewelry or a company. You didn't track me across the world all by yourself for that. You're here because you want more." He straddles Jungkook, pushing the gun away. Jungkook doesn't fight it, letting the hand holding the gun fall down onto the couch cushion. 

"If you admit it, you can have more. You can have me," Jimin coaxes, lips only a breath away from Jungkook's. 

"Yes," Jungkook finally admits, letting go of the gun in favor of holding Jimin's waist. "I want you." 

Jimin smiles. "That's a good alpha," he says, pressing a gentle kiss on Jungkook's lips.

Now that he is closer, Jimin notices a dark bruise in Jungkook's chest. He examines it, frown marring his handsome face. "What's this? Where did it come from?"

"What do you care? We are still enemies, right?" Jungkook says sharply. 

"Don't be a dick. Who did this?" 

"If I said Namjoon, what would you do?" Jungkook challenges. 

"Laugh," Jimin replies without missing a beat. Jungkook scoffs, muttering something that sounds like nice. Jimin flicks his forehead. "Because Namjoon doesn't do shit like that."

"Yeah, right, because precious Namjoon is such a saint. Precious Namjoon has never washed blood off his hands before caressing your face." Jungkook huffs, the sound bitter. "You never saw him for who he really is." 

Jimin sighs. "I know who he is. I know what he has done. And he didn't do this. So who did?"

Jungkook looks away. "The north has been giving us some trouble lately." 

"Irene's crew? Why?" Jimin frowns, confused. Irene rules Northern Seoul, and there has never been any trouble between her and the Kims. As far as Jimin knows, Irene has never battled the Jeons, either. 

Jungkook shakes his head. "If it was Irene's crew, we'd all be dead by now," he points out dryly. "No one fucks with Irene. And Irene is nice enough to only fuck with us if we cross her which we aren't stupid enough to do. No, there's a new player in town who has been taking over everyone's business. Honestly, I thought it was you at first." 

"You thought it was me?"

Jungkook shrugs, pushing Jimin's fringe away from his eyes. "You made it pretty clear what you thought about the families. Even told me you could destroy both me and Namjoon. Right before you disappeared." 

"So you thought that I'd escape the gangs in Seoul, just so I could start one myself?" Jimin shakes his head, huffing out a tired huff. "Do you ever think these nifty little theories through, like, even once, before you say them out loud?" 

"I didn't say you'd want to. Just that you could." 

Jimin scoffs, irritated, even if there's a tiny bubble of nonsensical satisfaction in his chest when he hears Jungkook admit that he thinks Jimin really could cause damage. "Well, rest assured I want nothing to do with that world anymore."

"Tell me who told you about the guns in Daegu." It's been driving him crazy, carving up his every move for the past six months, and yet, he can't figure out who it was that told Jimin. 

Jimin shakes his head. "I'm not a snitch." 

"If this turns into a full-blown war, I need to know who I can trust before I take you home." 

Jimin lets out a derisive laugh. "I'm never going back." 

"I think you will," Jungkook says, calm as ever. "Because I'm not leaving without you."