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Fallen Star

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David kissed his lover, slowly and thoroughly. He could feel a chill in the air and shivered, pulling back to look at him. "Welcome to San Francisco, Harlan," he said, smiling.

Harlan grinned, glancing around quickly. "So, we're really free?" he asked, moving to sit up.

David rolled off him and sat up, looking about the dark, wooded area. "It is three hours behind the East Coast, so sunrise hasn't happened here yet," he said. "We should leave this park just in case someone manages to trace us.”

"Do you know where we're going?" Harlan asked, slowly standing up and dusting off his clothes.

"No, do you?" David asked, grinning.

Harlan glanced up at him, raising an eyebrow. "...No," he replied hesitantly, as if he were waiting for David to tell him.

"Well, I don't either," David said with a smile. "We have to figure it out together." He got to his feet and held a hand out to the other man.

Harlan slipped his hand into David's. "We will. I know that much..."

They walked along a path until they found a road with pavement along it. David looked both ways and then shrugged, turning right for no reason in particular. He could smell the sea in the air.

Harlan was walking alongside him, looking around curiously. It was a lot different from England from what he could see. He would have to wait until the sun came up to really see how different.

The occasional car passed them and soon they were out of the wooded area and standing before a large road. David glanced behind him, seeing that the sky was lightening. He looked again and saw that on the other side of the road was a beach, and beyond that, the Pacific Ocean.

Harlan pointed, his eyebrows rising again. "I've never been to the beach before," he commented, glancing at David. "We should go once we get settled."

"Why wait?" David said, taking Harlan's hand and leading them to the crosswalk. The road was busy, even this early, and they waited for the light to change before strolling across. There were steps down to the beach, and benches facing the ocean. David led them to the bench and then bent to remove his shoes.

"I thought we'd have to wait until a certain time," Harlan murmured, bending over to take off his own shoes.

David tucked his socks into his shoes and then tied the laces together so he could put them over his shoulders, turning to help Harlan do the same.

"You look like you've done this before," Harlan said, smiling softly as David worked. He looked out at the sand and dug his toes into it, laughing softly.

"Yes, my mother took me to the beach at the Riviera," the blond answered. Then he stood and took Harlan's hand, leading him farther out onto the wide sand.

"Can we go by the water?" Harlan asked, wanting to know how it would feel.

"Why not?" David said, bending down to roll up the legs of his trousers.

"Sorry if I'm asking too many questions," Harlan said, doing the same with his jeans. "I'm not used to this is all..."

David smiled at him. "You can ask all you want," he said, "but I have never been a Muggle before, so I am not sure I know the answers."

"I know about inside the house," Harlan said, beginning to walk closer to the edge of the water, "so you can ask about that."

David walked with him, watching the birds flying overhead as the sky lightened.

Harlan stopped up to the edge and waited for the water to come to him. It took another moment, but soon it was washing over his feet. He jumped back with a small yelp, trying to get away from the extremely cold water. "It's freezing!"

David laughed. "Well, we're not in the South of France here," he teased.

"Is the water warm there?" Harlan asked, pouting slightly as he glared at the ocean.

"Yes," David answered and dipped his toe into the next little wave that lapped ashore. "Considerably warmer," he added, pulling his foot back.

"Should be warm here, too," Harlan mumbled. "Maybe I'll get used to it after a while?"

"Or maybe we walk on the beach but not in the water," David said, smiling and holding out his hand for Harlan.

"Oh, that sounds better anyway," Harlan said, taking his hand and walking closer. "Much better than standing in cold water."

They walked along the beach for a bit, watching as people came out to run or walk their dogs. The traffic on the road had picked up too. "We will need to find a place to live and a way to make money," David said into the quiet.

"Jobs," Harlan said softly, still looking out at the sea. "And a cheap flat..."

"How does one find a cheap flat?" David asked.

"Uhm...a newspaper?" Harlan suggested, glancing at him.

"Let's find one then," David suggested, leading them back to the pavement to put their shoes back on.

"Do we need money to buy one?" Harlan asked, sitting down so he could pull his socks and shoes on.

"We have money, but we need to change it to American currency," David said, dusting sand off his feet. "That means finding a bank."

"Maybe we should ask around," Harlan said, getting up with a shrug.

They got their shoes on and walked in the direction of the businesses. It took them a while, and then they had to wait for the bank to open. David was hungry by this point and was glad to finally exchange some of their money. He didn't do too much at once just in case anyone came looking for them. "Breakfast now?" he asked his lover.

"Sounds good to me," Harlan replied, looking amused, but in awe because of the way Americans spoke.

They found a little corner diner and were seated. The waitress smiled at their accents.

"Will we have to talk like them?" Harlan asked as she walked away after they ordered their food.

"I suppose it will be odd to some people that we have American identity cards but are obviously British," David whispered.

"We can always say that we were raised there, but we moved here and haven't lost the accent yet," Harlan said quietly.

David nodded, reading the menu and puzzling over some of the descriptions. He finally settled on the most familiar food on it. They had picked up a newspaper and now he began looking through it, trying to figure it out.

"It's like the Daily Prophet," Harlan commented, watching him with a small smile, "but with still pictures..."

"And a lot bigger," Draco said, leafing through the thick stack of newsprint.

The waitress came back with their tea first, and Harlan took it with a smile. "Maybe you can even look for a place that needs flatmates. I think that would cost less."

David frowned at the suggestion, not sure he could handle that idea. "I think a country full of Americans is enough to get used to, let alone living with them," he drawled.

"Fine, fine...then keep on looking for a flat," Harlan replied, sipping his tea after he added sugar. He made a small face, reaching for more milk and sugar. "Different tea, too..."

David had just taken a sip as well, his face scrunching up in distaste. "Add finding a decent place to get tea to our list of things to do," he said, also adding more milk.

"We could buy our own tea once we get a flat," Harlan said, taking another sip. It still didn't taste like he was used to, but it was something warm to drink so he didn't complain.


The first day was a disaster. They found that without a phone number to give potential landlords, they weren't going to have much luck finding a place to live. They eventually settled on finding a cheap hotel room in one of the seedier parts of town. David hated it and was currently sitting on the uncomfortable bed counting their remaining funds.

"We'll find a place," Harlan murmured from beside him, kicking his shoes off so he could get more comfortable. "Just don't know how we'll get a phone number to give them. Can we make one up?"

David huffed. "What good would that do? They have to be able to call us back and let us know if we got the place. Unless we can convince them to give it to us on the spot."

"I think if we have enough money to give them they might," Harlan said, shrugging. "How much do we have left?"

David frowned. "Things are expensive, and they expect us to have three times the rent just to move in. First, last and a deposit. Then we need money for power for lights and things like that. Not to mention food, clothes and transportation."

"That's a lot of money," Harlan sighed.

"And the exchange rate makes it hard to figure out. I had to transfer Galleons to pounds and now pounds to dollars. I think we have enough to get us one of the cheaper apartments listed but only enough to live on for a week or two after," David said. He frowned and stuffed it back into the pack. "Not to mention we need clothes if we don't want to wear the same ones everyday.”

"I don't mind wearing the same ones," Harlan said, glancing at what he was wearing. "Just until we get a job. We can wash them every night if you want."

"We can't use magic, and they will take too long to dry," David said, frowning. And he hated the idea of wearing the same clothes over and over.

"Or we can just not get them dirty," Harlan said. "We've got to work with what we have for now..."

David half smiled. "Maybe we should be naked whenever we are alone then," he said, voice low as he did.

"That would work. Not like I'm not used to being naked all the time," Harlan said quietly, smiling a bit at him.

David set the pack aside and pulled his own shirt off, arching an eyebrow at Harlan.

Harlan followed him easily, knowing just from that look that David was silently asking him to do the same.

"I liked you naked all the time," David said, lying back to unfasten his own trousers.

"If it were acceptable to society, you'd probably have me naked everywhere," Harlan said, grinning as he pushed the jeans down and off.

"Yes, naked and ready for me," the blond said, grinning at his increasingly naked lover. He set his own clothes aside and then reached to idly fondle his own quickly hardening cock.

Harlan moved back on the bed once he was naked, smirking at David. "Always for you."

David released himself and reached for his lover then, pinning Harlan to the bed and pressing their bodies together.

"Mm," Harlan hummed softly, looking up at the other man through his fringe. "Missed you like this...Draco," he whispered quietly, as if someone else could be listening.

The blond arched his eyebrow. "Dangerous," he whispered, then licked his lover's lips. "Don't worry, David likes to fuck Harlan into the mattress too," he teased.

Harlan blushed hard, leaning up to kiss him softly. "Then he should probably get to doing that, right? And soon..."

"So Harlan is a pushy bottom?" David asked with a smile, nibbling on the man's chin.

"Only when David's being a little tease about everything," Harlan murmured, tilting his head up.

David brought his mouth down over his lover's, kissing him hard, his tongue thrusting against Harlan's lips.

Harlan moaned, opening his mouth and sliding his tongue alongside David's. His arms moved up and wrapped around him as they kissed, his head tilting to the side.

David wrapped a hand in that dark hair and rocked his body against his lover's so their cocks brushed against each other.

Harlan moaned into the kiss, his legs opening wider so he could thrust up against David.

David slid a hand down along Harlan's body and then between them, wrapping his hand around both their cocks.

Harlan gasped softly, thrusting into David's hand as he opened his eyes and watched him.

"I love you," David whispered. It was only the second time he had said it, and it sent a shiver down his spine to admit it still.

"I love you too," Harlan replied softly, kissing him. "We'll always have each other no matter what happens."

David was panting now as he stroked them, but then he stopped. "I want to fuck you now," he said, voice rough with desire.

"I need you to," Harlan said, his voice gone husky. "I'm yours."

"Yes, mine," the blond said, reaching for the pack again, and stopping briefly to pull out a small jar of lube. He opened it and then returned to his position above Harlan, his fingers reaching below his lover's balls to press slickly into him.

Harlan bit his lip and relaxed around the fingers, lifting his hips and angling them so he could push down on the fingers himself.

"You want me inside, don't you?" David asked, smiling at the eager look on his lover's face. He found it one of the most intoxicating things he had ever experienced.

"Yeah, please," Harlan murmured, rolling his hips as his eyelids fluttered. "More...”

Smile wide and heart speeding up, David moved forward, pressing the head of his cock against Harlan's opening and then pushing slowly inside.

Harlan groaned, his hands reaching up to grip David's shoulders. "Draco..." he whispered.

The blond didn't have the heart to correct him at a moment like this. He loved the sound of his real name on his lover's lips. He leant in, pressing his lips to the other man's ear. "Harry," he whispered.

Harlan moaned softly, slowly wrapping his legs around David's waist. "Draco," he whispered again, trying to urge him to move.

David chuckled, sliding nearly out and then quickly back into his lover, beginning to rock harder with each thrust.

"Yes," Harlan hissed, beginning to move with him. He tried his best to keep his eyes open so he could watch David, but it was hard to, the pleasure was too much.

"Baby, you feel so good," David gasped, the cheap bed squeaking now as he thrust.

"Harder," Harlan cried out, digging his nails into David's skin as he felt the bed move underneath them.

David pushed hard, the sound of their skin slapping together only drowned out now by the mattress squeaking. There was also a pounding on the wall from the other room but David ignored it, thrusting hard. "Touch yourself," he encouraged.

It was difficult, but Harlan managed to reach between them and wrap a hand around his cock, his head falling back as he began to stroke himself. "Close," he yelled.

"Come, baby, come for me," David cried out, as he began to fill his lover with his seed.

Harlan came with a scream, his back arching off of the bed as he clenched around David.

David shuddered and held his lover through their orgasms, feeling like nothing could be wrong when he was with the man he loved. Well, except for the idiot pounding on the wall and yelling for them to be quiet. He laughed.

Harlan blushed before he laughed softly, glancing up at the wall. "Sorry!" he said, hoping they heard him.

"I'm not," David said, kissing his lover.

Harlan smiled into the kiss, relaxing back against the bed as they kissed.

David lay back, pulling Harlan into his arms. And relaxed. Had he ever truly relaxed before? No Voldemort to call him at any moment. No Death Eater "games" to play. No constant fear. And best of all, someone he loved who loved him too.