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Akira's new life

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*6 months later*

Yashiki: *rubs his sore back and moans* Geez baby boy.. Your really making me sore.. *feels some kicks and smiles, rubs his swollen stomach* But it's worth it for you Akira. *pats his belly* Oh! *holds his belly and leans on the wall* Easy Akira. I know you'll be out soon, but go easy on your kicks and punches please. *rubs his side gently*

Hanahiko: *floats in and looks worried*

Yashiki: Oh Hanahiko.. I'm ok.. *breathes* Akira's just getting ready to be born...

Hanahiko: *touches his belly and jumps from feeling a tightness* !!!

Yashiki: *groans softly* Oh god.. *pants* Mashita isn't home... Please Akira just wait a bit longer... Please... *rubs his belly* !!! *felt a pop and sees a gush of fluids* Oh god...!! *drops on his knees and moans loudly* H-Hanahiko... Get help... Please hurry...!!

Hanahiko: *nods fast and floats to the others*

Yashiki: *pants and groans*

Kannon Solider: *carries Yashiki to the bed and lays him down gently*

Urashima Woman: *brings in the items for the birth*

Hanayome: *holds his hand and pets it*

Hanahiko: *makes makeshift stir ups*

Screaming Author: *pulls a blanket over his lower half*

Kubitarou: *chops up herbs and places them in the water for Yashiki to drink, helps him*

Yashiki: *drinks softly and pants* T-Thank you all..

Killer Peach: *wipes the sweat off his brow*

Red Riding Hood: *holds his other hand*

Urashima Woman: "Your almost ready to push Yashiki... Try and breathe.."

Yashiki: *pants and breathes through the contractions* Ow...!! *tears up and cries* God don't take my baby again..!

Killer Peach: "No one is taking him Yashiki... The medicine is helping to try and calm the pain... Your ok... You'll see your son again soon..."

Yashiki: *pants and cries a bit* I forgot how bad this hurts...

Hanahiko: *worries and rubs his stomach softly, tries to ease up the pain*

Mashita: Yashiki!!! *runs in* I'm here..!

Yashiki: Mashita...!! *reaches for him*

Hanayome: ^^ *switches with Mashita and helps Urashima Woman*

Mashita: *grips his hand and holds him* It's ok baby.. It's ok..

Yashiki: *cries softly* Oh god it hurts....!! *clings*

Urashima Woman: !!! "Yashiki your fully dilated, you must push!!"

Mashita: Hanayome and Hanahiko. Help Urashima Woman. You all help me count to ten while Yashiki pushes.

*they all nod*

Yashiki: *pants and grips his hand* T-This is it Mashita... Akira's coming...

Mashita: *kisses his hand* Yeah.. He is.. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere..

Yashiki: *smiles softly*

Kannon Solider: *removes his glasses*

Yashiki: T-thank you..

Urashima Woman: "Yashiki.. Are you ready to push..?"

Yashiki: *nods and breathes fast*

Hanayome: "Push!!"

Yashiki: *pushes and squeezed Mashita's hand*

Mashita: *grips* 1.. 2.. 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8.... 9... 10

Yashiki: *grunts and breathes*

Mashita: Your doing good sweetheart. Great start. I'm right here. We're all right here.

Yashiki: *pants and smiles* I'm glad... *grunts and grips his arms* Oh god another one..! *groans and pushes*

Mashita: *holds him and rubs his back* Breathe baby.. 1.. 2.. 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9.... 10.

Yashiki: *breathes and pants*

Hanahiko: *floats excited and claps* ^^

Urashima Woman: "He's almost here Yashiki.. Just a few more pushes and he'll be here."

Screaming Author: "He's almost here I'm so excited..!" ^^

Killer Peach: "We all are but I think Yashiki is the one most excited with Mashita. They finally get to have their baby boy back."

Hanayome: "Push Yashiki-san!!"

Yashiki: *pushes and screams*

Urashima Woman: "Here he comes here he comes..!" *grabs the baby gently* "1 last big push!!"

Mashita: 1 more push baby. You got this. We all believe in you.

Yashiki: *pants and nods* A-Alright.. *smiles a bit before pushing again, screams in pain*

Hanayome: "He's here he's here!!!" *holds up Akira*

Akira: *cries loudly and kicks a lot*

Mashita: *laughs softly and tears up* He's here.. *kisses Yashiki* I'm so proud of you honey...

Yashiki: *pants and smiles* You all helped me... Thank you...

Urashima Woman: *brought Akira to Yashiki and puts him in his mother's arms* "Here he is Yashiki. A beautiful healthy baby.." ^^

Yashiki: *holds Akira and tears up, smiles* Hi baby boy... Hi Akira.. It's mommy..

Akira: *calms down and nuzzles into his chest*

Mashita: *smiles and kisses his lil head* Hey buddy.. Daddy's happy he and mommy finally get to see you.. You made it Akira...

Akira: *grips his finger*

Mashita: *holds them close* We're a family again.. *tears fall*

Yashiki: Yes.. Yes we are... *leans on him* Thank you.. All of you...

Hanahiko: *nuzzles him* ^^

Screaming Author: "We also.. We also have a surprise for you Mr Yashiki..."

Yashiki: ???

Red Riding Hood: *brings in Saya softly*

Saya: Hello big brother *smiles sweetly*

Yashiki: !!!! S-Saya... *tears fall* Your alive... How...?

Hanahiko: ^^ *floats and giggles*

Mashita: *smiles softly* I think they brought her back for us... To help with Akira and be alive for good

Saya: Yes. When the spirits told me that my brother was going through a rebirth with my nephew, I wanted to come back. I missed you so much.

Yashiki: I missed you to Saya.. *hugs her* Want to meet your nephew?

Saya: Yes. *looks at Akira and smiles* Hello Akira. It's so nice to finally meet you dear nephew

Akira: *grips her finger tightly*

Mashita: *smiles softly*

Red Riding Hood: "I think we should leave the family to bond" ^^

Killer Peach: "Your right. Let's leave them be to bond with Akira." ^^

*the spirits fade with smiles leaving the family to bond*

Yashiki: *sings the lullaby to Akira*

Saya and Mashita: *joins in*

Akira: *nuzzles in Yashiki's chest and smiles cutely, closing his eyes*

Yashiki: *kisses his head* Sweet dreams Akira

Mashita: *kisses Yashiki* I think we should all rest. We had a long day.

Saya: He's right brother. *lays beside them* It is late

Yashiki: *yawns softly and lays with Akira in his arms* Yeah... Goodnight guys. I love you

Mashita and Saya: We love you to *falls asleep*

Yashiki: *smiles softly and falls asleep with Akira*