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Akira's new life

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*3 months later*

Yashiki: *lays in bed, sleeping after reading to Akira*

Mashita: *just got back from work and saw this, smiles softly and covers them with a blanket, rubs Yashiki's stomach softly*

Yashiki: *sleeps and smiles*

Mashita: *kisses his stomach softly* Hey Akira.. It's daddy.. I'm home.

Yashiki: *chuckles softly in his sleep, feeling Akira squirm*

Mashita: Ah you've been a good boy for your mom I see. Mommy's been plagued with nightmares for a while so just seeing you help him with it makes me happy. I'm glad I married your mommy. Now I get a loving son to.

Yashiki: *yawns and wakes up* Welcome home Mashita.

Mashita: *chuckles and kisses him* How was your day Yashiki?

Yashiki: It was nice. I'm glad Mary is gone, it's so peaceful. I took a walk and did some light chores. Got some tea and snacks, worked on a few mini statues when Akira started moving around. I told him the story on how we beat Mary and put the vengeful spirits to rest. He didn't like Miss Zoo or Mary. He also felt bad for Red Riding Hood. *sniffs* I told him about his aunt Saya... He hates Mary for taking her away from us...

Mashita: Yashiki.. *wipes his tears* I'm sure Saya would have loved Akira if she met him. But I'm sure she's watching and will see him from heaven.

Yashiki: Your right Mashita.. *smiles and sniffs*

Hanahiko: *floats in and giggles*

Yashiki: !!! Oh Hanahiko *smiles* What brings you here lil one?

Hanahiko: *floats onto the bed and touches his tummy* ^^ *rubs it*

Yashiki: Your excited for your new friend?

Hanahiko: *nuzzles softly and plants kisses over his tummy, having tiny flowers bloom over his shirt*

Mashita: Isn't that sweet?

Yashiki: Yeah. He's so sweet. Hanahiko, could I hug you?

Hanahiko: ^^ *floats and hugs him and Mashita*

Mashita: Aww hehe thanks Hanahiko *hugs*

Yashiki: *smiles and hugs*

Hanahiko: *floats and gives Yashiki a flower crown, an apology for taking his sister*

Yashiki: Oh Hanahiko... *sits up and hugs him* I'm not angry at you honey.. I could never be angry.. Your such a sweetheart.. I just feel sad that your adoptive dad hurt you.. At least you get to see your mom again..

Hanahiko: ^^ *nuzzles into him*

Mashita: *smiles* I think he's saying you remind him of her. Such a loving and sweet person.

Hanahiko: *points to his lips*

Yashiki: Oh. You want the keepsake of your mom on you again?

Hanahiko: ^^ *giggles and nods*

Yashiki: *smiles and grabs it* Ok. I never applied lipstick on anyone until after our battle but I'll try my best.

Hanahiko: *floats in from of him, closed his eye and waits* ^^

Yashiki: *applied the lipstick gently* There *shows him*

Hanahiko: ^^ *giggles and loves it*

Yashiki: I'm glad Hanahiko. I think Akira will like you to.

Hanahiko: *nuzzles his tummy softly* ^^

Yashiki: *smiles* Oh! Can you feel him Hanahiko? He's moving.

Hanahiko: ^^ *nuzzles into his tummy*

Mashita: Akira must like Hanahiko. My guess is, the spirits we put to rest and purified will help us with Akira, right Hanahiko?

Hanahiko: ^^ *nods happy*

Yashiki: *smiles and pets Hanahiko's head* Your a sweetheart.

Hanahiko: ^^

Mashita: *smiles softly and heard laughing, recognized the laugh* Shimi-o?

Yashiki: Oh no.. Please don't tell me he brought bees in the mansion...

Mashita: *looks outside* Uh quite the opposite. He's outside, with the bees. And it looks like he's taking care of the garden, though it didn't need help.

Yashiki: It's ok if he wants to help, just tell him keep the bees away from the baby. I've already been stung and now I'm allergic. I don't want Akira getting stung.

Mashita: Mhm. Got it

Yashiki: *breathes* !!! *heard the other spirits* They're here to?

Killer Peach: *shows up softly, looks at them*

Mashita: The spirits that Akira purified are here as well.

Killer Peach: *touched his stomach gently, feeling Akira* "He's... In here?.... Did.. He die...?"

Mashita: No. He didn't die. We just got the wish of bringing our son back into the world with rebirth.

Killer Peach: *nods and gently strokes Yashiki's stomach*

Yashiki: Killer Peach, I'm very sorry for what happened to your family...

Killer Peach: *pets his head softly. "You.. Have nothing to be sorry for... Your an innocent... Sweetheart... You've been wronged once..."

Yashiki: *smiles softly* !!!! *goes pale and covers his mouth, gags*

Mashita: *grabs the bucket for him, holds it over his mouth*

Yashiki: *vomits* S-Sorry everyone... *gags and vomits*

Urashima Woman: *rubs his back softly*

Hanahiko: *holds his hair back*

Mashita: *smiles softly* That's very appreciative you two.

Screaming Author: *walks in softly* "I-Is he ok mister..? He looks sick.."

Yashiki: *pants and lays back* I-I'm ok... Just nausea... Akira has been moving non stop...

Screaming Author: *walks over then lowers herself to listen* "I'm sorry.. If my appearance is not all pretty..."

Yashiki: *strokes her head softly* Hey... It's ok... Your still a beautiful girl... No matter what...

Screaming Author: *smiles a bit then nuzzles him* "Thank you Mr Yashiki... Your so nice..."

Yashiki: Your welcome... *feels dizzy and heard growling, blushes* I think Akira's hungry...

Urashima Woman: "Cravings... I used to get those... I know what to get you... ^^"

Yashiki: Huh..? *blinks*

Urashima Woman: *grabs some food Yashiki would crave and brings it* "Minus the coffee... Bad for a growing fetus..."

Yashiki: *smiles softly and sits up* Thank you.. Sorry if this grosses you out Mashita...

Mashita: Honey I've been around you how long and I've seen you eat more crazy combinations during your cycles. I'm used to it and it's what our son wants. If he's hungry and making you crave something, we'll get it. *kisses his head*

Yashiki: *smiles softly* Thanks Mashita... *spreads chocolate and honey on some apple slices, eats them* These are delicious ^^

Mashita: *tastes the honey and smiles* It's not Shimi-o honey but it's better.

Yashiki: Thank god.. I'd get sick off that honey..

Hanahiko: *brings in mint cookies and placed them near Yashiki* ^^

Yashiki: Thanks Hanahiko. *smiles and eats*


Yashiki: Phew... I'm stuffed. I think Akira's full to. *burps softly* Excuse me

Mashita: *chuckles and kisses him* Now we have 2 full bellies. You feeling better babe?

Yashiki: Mhm ^^ Now that Akira is fed, he'll be wanting a nap. *rubs his belly softly*

Mashita: Oh that's for sure.