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Akira's new life

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*After the plane landed*

Akira: *rubs his eyes* Mm.. Mommy I'm getting hungry...

Yashiki: *holds him and smiles* Alright Akira, let mommy get you your bottle. *grabs a bottle from the fridge, heats it up then feeds him*

Akira: *drinks it happily and nuzzles*

Yashiki: *smiles softly*

Mashita: *smiles and had everything set up* Think he can keep it up for a while?

Yashiki: Ssh.. He's still our baby for a while yes so I wanna make up for the lost times.

Akira: *drinks the bottle*

Yashiki: *kissed his head*

Mashita: Think he'll still want his baby toys after a while?

Yashiki: I'm sure. *feeds Akira and sings*

Akira: *drinks and nuzzles softly*

Mashita: *holds them close* Do you ever wish to be pregnant with Akira again and stop that midwife and Satomi from taking him?

Yashiki: All the time.. But I don't know if I could risk the time..

Urashima Woman: *breathes*

Mashita: ?! Urashima Woman? When did you follow us home?

Urashima Woman: "Few.. Few hours ago.. Perhaps I can help with your wish.."

Yashiki: W-what do you mean..?

Urashima Woman: "Your womb.. Is still healthy for more births... Maybe... A rebirth..."

Mashita: A rebirth? How can that happen?

Akira: *finished and sleeps on Yashiki*

Urashima Woman: "Your baby.. Will have to want to be baby again and be the same Akira.."

Akira: *nuzzles*

Mashita: Yashiki, will you want that?

Yashiki: To bring my baby into the world again safely, I want to... Urashima Woman, what do I have to do..?

Urashima Woman: *brings the safe birth amulet to his belly*

Yashiki: !!!! *starts feeling pain but tries not to scream*

Akira: *glows and goes into Yashiki's womb*

Yashiki: !!!! *tears up*

*Akira's outfit was there*

Mashita: H-He's really..?

Urashima Woman: *nods gently and touches Yashiki's belly*

Yashiki: *pants and tears fall down his cheeks, touches his stomach softly* M-Mashita... He's.. He's inside me again... I'm pregnant with Akira again...! ^^

Mashita: *hugs him close and kisses* Our son will be safe now.. Urashima Woman, thank you..

Urashima Woman: *nods and fades*

Yashiki: *gags and holds his stomach* Ugh.. I forgot how much morning sickness Akira gave me at 18.. *rubs his belly* But it's going to be all worth it... *tears fall and smiles*

Mashita: Yeah it will be.. *holds him* I'll go put his clothes in his big boy room. I'll be back *kisses his head and grabs the stuff*

Yashiki: *smiles softly and holds his stomach, rubbing over it softly* You'll be in my arms again soon Akira. And I'll make sure nothing happens to you.

Mashita: *walks down and smiles* Think he's happy he gets to be born again?

Yashiki: *smiles and nods* I'm sure he is. *rubs Mashita's head as he lays it on his belly*

Mashita: *smiles and closed his eyes* Our lil Akira. Already strong even in the womb.

Yashiki: *giggles softly* Yes.. Our strong baby boy. *frowns* Saya never met her nephew... She would have loved him.. Probably spoil him with spirit training.. *sniffs and wipes his eyes with his palm*

Mashita: Yashiki.. Saya is looking down on you.. Watching over her big brother and soon to be born again nephew.. And your not alone in this.. I'll take care of both of you.. Your my family and I want you both to be safe..

Yashiki: *smiles and kisses him* Your right Mashita.. I have you and lil Akira.. And our friends.. *gags and holds his stomach, covers his mouth* B-bucket.. *gags badly*

Mashita: !!! *grabs one beside the couch then holds over Yashiki's mouth*

Yashiki: *vomits in the bucket, feels Mashita hold his hair and rub his back* S-sorry.. *vomits*

Mashita: Don't be.. Your going through something that will all be worth this morning sickness... Our Akira will be worth it...

Yashiki: *pants and sniffs, smiles a bit* Your right.. Akira will be worth all of this...

Mashita: *wipes his mouth softly with a cloth, wipes the sweat and gives him ginger ale* One of the few drinks you could keep down

Yashiki: *nods and drinks it softly, feeling the nausea slowly start to dissipate* That's better.. *rubs his stomach softly* Mashita feel right here.

Mashita: *touches the spot* I can feel him. He's moving. He's very active.

Yashiki: Yeah he is.

Mashita: *listens to belly, hears Akira* I can hear him. He's happy.

Yashiki: *smiles and strokes his head* He knows your listening to him.

Mashita: *kisses his stomach softly, strokes with his thumb*