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Akira's new life

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Akira: *hears his phone go off* ?? Who is this? *answers* Hello?

Mashita: Ah I finally got a hold of you. Akira Kijima right?

Akira: Who the hell are you and how did you get my number?

Mashita: Relax kid, I'll explain here in a minute but I think someone who you haven't seen in 18 years wants to talk to you. Oi Yashiki. Here *hands him the phone*

Yashiki: H-hello..?

Akira: M-mom..? Mom is that you?!

Yashiki: My little boy... It's been so long since I last seen you.. I thought you were dead... I... I lost consciousness after you were born and you weren't crying...

Akira: Mom... *cries softly* Mom... I missed you so much... Why did they take me from you..?

Yashiki: That one nurse who killed that woman years ago.. She took you and told me you were stillborn... I yelled at her that she didn't have the right to take you away and that you were still alive... But she knocked me out with a drug... I cried until the day I got released... I didn't want to believe her.. I never believed her.... I knew you were alive...

Akira: *cries* Mom please I need you...! I can't do this spirit shit alone...! I wanna be that lil baby again and be held by you..!! Mommy.. Please..

Yashiki: Please don't cry Akira... Mommy's here now... I miss you so much baby...

Akira: *sniffs* Mommy... Can't you come get me...?

Yashiki: Why don't I and Mashita come to you..? It will be easier since we won't be far anymore..

Akira: *cries* Yes mommy... Please I wanna see you so bad...

Yashiki: There there my little Akira... Do you want me to sing to you..? It will help you calm down..

Akira: Mhm.. *sniffs*

Yashiki: *starts singing a soft lullaby he sung to Akira in the womb*

Akira: M-my favorite lullaby... *tears fall more and gets sleepy but wants to stay up for a bit longer* Mommy... I don't wanna go nite nite yet...

Yashiki: I know my sweetheart.. But Mashita and I will arrive in the morning... Do you want me to keep singing until you sleep..?

Akira: Yes pwease... *curls up in his bed like a small infant*

Yashiki: *smiles softly and sings more, tears streaming down his own cheeks*

Akira: *smiles for the first time in years, sucks his thumb and kicks a little like in the womb, falls asleep and breathes*

Yashiki: *smiles and tries not to cry more* I love you my baby boy.. Sweet dreams.. *does a kiss on the phone then gently hung up* M-my baby...! *cries in Mashita's arms*

Mashita: *holds Yashiki close and rocks him* Ssh... Yashiki it's ok now.. We found him.. He's safe.. I'll protect you and him with my life.. I promise..

Yashiki: *cries softly and clings* I want to hold him again.. I want our son in my arms again Mashita...

Mashita: And he will be.. I have everything packed for when we bring him home.. He's a Kazuo after all

Yashiki: *chuckles a bit* Yeah.. *sniffs* Honestly I didn't think you would be able to take him in as your stepson...

Mashita: I like kids, and I wanna try and bring this kid up right. We missed so much on his childhood... We need to make up for lost times...

Yashiki: *sniffs and nods* Let's go.. Flight won't wait long..

Mashita: *nods and grabs the bags*

*in the morning*

Akira: *sleeps softly then suckles on something, blinks realizing its a binky but didn't mind, holds a stuffed bunny and looks up* Mommy..?

Yashiki: Good morning my little Akira.. *smiles and tears stream down his face, gently grabbing onto Akira* My baby boy...

Akira: *tears fall down his face and clings, holding his stuffed bunny* Mommy... *cries and whines*

Yashiki: Ssh baby.. It's ok now... Mommy's not gonna let anyone take you away again... *kisses his head*

Akira: *sniffs and whines*

Yashiki: Ssh... Oh my poor baby.. You must be starving... Why don't we fix that..? *lifts up his shirt and brings Akira's head up to latch*

Akira: *latched on and suckles, didn't care about how he was acting or how old he was, he wanted his mother for years*

Yashiki: *smiles softly and rubs his back, kissed his head*

Mashita: *smiles softly* Usually I would say something about stuff like this but I won't do that anymore. Not after we were just reunited.

Yashiki: I know.. Mind you I had him at 18 years old. I waited 9 months for this baby.. And the nurse takes him away... 18 years without my baby boy.. It was torture... I couldn't eat or sleep... I saved all my milk for him in bottles if we found him... *tears stream down* I'll never let anyone take him away again...

Mashita: *kisses his head* I know Yashiki... And I'll make sure he stays with us.. No matter what..

Akira: *suckles and clings*

Mashita: Hehe. Breastfeeding an 18 year old, but in your case he's an 18 month old in your eyes. He looks adorable and cute.. All curled up and making cute suckling sounds. *grips his hand* Feels like I known this kid for years..

Akira: *suckles and grips his fingers*

Mashita: Strong lil boy. Just like his mother

Yashiki: Hehe.. He knows his father now.. You hear that Akira..? Daddy's gonna protect us from the bad people who took you..

Akira: *smiles while suckling*

Yashiki: *smiles softly and kisses his head* Our lil Akira..

Mashita: *smiles and holds them close* Yeah..

Akira: *suckles and nuzzles*

Yashiki: *rubs his back*

Akira: *finished and hiccups*

Yashiki: All done? *pats his back softly*

Akira: *burps softly and clings*

Mashita: That's a good boy.. *kisses his head*

Akira: *smiles softly*

Yashiki: *holds him close* Akira wanna show us around or do you wanna nap now that your belly is full?

Akira: Zzzz *clings, suckling his binky and cuddles his stuffed bunny*

Mashita: I think nap time won. Hehe he looks so peaceful.

Yashiki: Yeah he is. Our sweet baby is back. Even though he is fully grown, he's still our lil Akira.

Mashita: Yes.

Yashiki: *smiles and looks at the files he's been looking through*

Mashita: This kid has been hunting spirits to. The Urashima Woman and Killer Peach, hell even the Screaming Author.

Yashiki: He's a lil spirit hunter like me.

Mashita: Hehe yeah he is.

Akira: Zzzz

Yashiki *kisses his head softly and hears breathing* Urashima Woman?

Urashima Woman: *walks over and touches Yashiki's belly* "The baby... Tell me..."

Mashita: What does she mean?

Yashiki: Your asking about my son?

Urashima Woman: *nods*

Yashiki: You suffered something like what I did.. *touches her swollen belly* Someone took your baby to.. Didn't they..?

Urashima Woman: *nods slowly* "Tatsumi.. My baby is still alive... But I will never see him again... I died at the hands of my midwife... She took my baby away... But at least I'll look after him from heaven..."

Yashiki: I am so sorry... What about those stillborn fetus corpses..?

Urashima Woman: "I heard them splashing in the lake... I thought they were my baby... But they were other babies.. They did not deserve to die... I gave them life to the turtles..."

Mashita: You mean the human face turtles?

Urashima Woman: *nods* "The girl who lulled the babies was so pure and motherly... She put them at ease... All they wanted was... A mother's warmth and love... Yashiki... Tell me... Did my midwife take your baby to?..."

Yashiki: *tries not to cry but nods* She did... She took Akira from me... I was woozy from the drugs... I didn't hear Akira crying... She told me Akira was dead but I saw him alive. I demanded she give him back to me but... She knocked me out with a sedative then took Akira... I was heartbroken... She gave me a stillbirth certificate... I left the hospital crying... All I wanted was my baby... *tears stream down* I was 18 when I gave birth....

Mashita: Urashima Woman, please explain that woman's obsession with babies.. Why was she after them...?

Urashima Woman: "She was unable to become pregnant so she stole stillborn fetuses from the hospital to make herself feel whole.."

Mashita: So that's why she took Akira and Tatsumi.. Because she wanted a baby to call her own.. She's just a sick twisted fucking woman

Yashiki: Mashita please..

Mashita: Right.. Very sorry.

Urashima Woman: *shakes her head* "Used to the cussing and swears. Here..." *grabs out 2 safe birth amulets*

Yashiki: A-aren't they yours..?

Urashima Woman: *shook her head* "Not anymore.. You and your son need them more than I do.. Keep him safe... Farewell.." *she fades*

Yashiki: *holds Akira close*

Akira: Mmm... *rubs his eyes* Mommy...

Yashiki: Ssh it's ok.. Mommy's here. I didn't go anywhere...

Akira: *clings* I wanna go home.. My real home...

Mashita: We'll go home soon son. *kneels beside the bed* I promise. But don't you wanna say goodbye to your friends here? They'll probably miss you.

Akira: Can you come with me..?

Yashiki: Of course we will honey.. We won't leave you..

Akira: *smiles and cuddles* Mommy.. What about my paci and Bunbun...?

Yashiki: Oh honey.. Your pacifier and bunny will be in your bags.. You'll have your own room with lots of toys and stuff..

Akira: *clings and cuddles*

Mashita: *made sure everything was packed and the stuff was in the moving truck* It's all locked and secure

Akira: Black Rabbit.

Yashiki: Natsumi's bar. Alright lets go there.