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Chroniko's last view of the world.

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The blue-haired girl’s eyes closed, shedding a single tear as her memories were extracted, leaving her body numb and lifeless…


She had heard what he said.


“I’m never going to get my memories back..?” her bodiless soul thought...


 The memories weren’t ever put into a chip, but rather they joined in the sea of lost memories. Her body never reuniting with her mind.


“How could I not hate you..” “This was for my family… The money was for my family.” The lingering soul grumbled, for nobody to hear. 


The soul, without eyes or a body, could see the scenery around it… Rather strange for the girl, who could no longer remember her name… The helpless soul that could only glare at the cruel doctor taking the unused body away. Loading it into a ship.


“Selfish lolicon, taking my body for granted…” Chroniko’s soul growled, letting out a sad sigh, “I wish I’d never agree to this.” 


The soul did not have a range, it just roamed. This was all new to Chroniko or as just the bodiless soul. To haunt the planet forever, without gaining memories, without a body. An awful state to be in. 




Chroniko’s old body lay on a pile of rocks, the irresponsible workers placing her there. 


The varying shapes of rocks would be uncomfortable for the body… The soul that was once the girl’s winced at the thought, disregarding that it no longer had feelings. 

Chroniko’s lingering and haunting soul could not avoid the wave of nostalgia that hit her, gazing at the lifeless body, the pink boots.

It does not affect her, but she was moved to tears in an instant, only if she had her body to cry in.


The mute white hippo stalked the body, stepping out of the shadows to take a gander… Was it the girl? He thought, interrupted by Vanilla. Who had spotted him.


Hyo Hyo flew into action, disturbing the cop, flying away with Vanilla on its trail.


“Good job Hyo Hyo.” The hippo would think, nodding subtly… Stepping closer to the body.


The cute little bunny hood, it wasn’t nearby. Chroniko wasn’t moving. 

The hippo gently grabbed the body by its arms, shaking it a bit...




This made the emotionless hippo-body feel sad, Kaiba inside feeling some sort of guilt. Her last day was with him… All he could do was stare, as the straight-faced costume had no tears to shed. 


He got out his memory scanner, clicking it on. Scrolling through the blank black pages of her memory.








“Hippo man, there’s nothing there… I’m sorry” The soul thought, staring right at the scene.


It seems like she was pretty much brain-dead, waiting for the new memory-chip to be installed.


Kaiba heard her faint voice, causing him to get on his knees.


“What do you think?”

“Aren’t these boots cute?”


He clutched the ground, not able to express any further emotion.


Hyo Hyo, as swiftly as she left, grabbed his memory chip. Extracting it from the Hippo-Costume, it turned into a small compacted square. 


“Looks like my body will be used for good!” The soul’s voice lit up, only itself hearing the happiness behind it.


It could feel a slight tingle, although the soul had no body anymore, where it’s face used to be, the mouth crept into a smile, the invisible and unseen soul smiled as it saw Hyo Hyo with the memory chip.


“Hippo man, use my body wisely.” Chroniko thought, the surrounding world getting darker and darker as the body sprung back to life.




The soul state was not long, as Chroniko quietly passed on, deeply regretting her choice, but was finally at ease.


Her body was in good hands.