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Episode IX: Resurgence and Reckoning

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A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away…



It is a lean, restless time for the RESISTANCE. Having escaped the FIRST ORDER at Crait, General Leia Organa’s brave freedom fighters have been constantly on the move for two years, waging a campaign of raids and rescue missions against the First Order. Luke Skywalker’s valiant sacrifice has returned a spark of hope to the fight and brought new allies to their banner, but their enemy remains terrifyingly powerful.


Supreme Leader Kylo Ren is fighting his own war on two fronts, trying to root out the Resistance even as his vast legions fight to bring the Galaxy under his dominion. Newly returned from his dark pilgrimage into remote and shadowed regions of space, he has grown obsessed with crushing all threats to his power. Even the First Order’s officers live in fear of their master. But Ren’s true vendetta is with the young Jedi Rey.


As the First Order tightens its grip, the Resistance know that they are running out of time. They must find a way to strike back at their enemy before freedom is ground out of the Galaxy completely…