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Icons for Trobadora

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01) Happy

For the prompt "Shen Wei or Zhao Yunlan or both of them smiling/grinning". I went for 'both of them' in all of these:
guardian33_34.52 guardian33_34.52b2-3
guardian33_34.52e guardian33_34.52c guardian33_34.52a4-6
guardian21_38_06c guardian21_38_06b guardian21_38_06a guardian21_38_067-10
guardian20_20_38c guardian20_20_38 guardian20_20_38b11-13
开心 = kaixin = happy

02) Yay! Guardian or RPF

This also includes three pics from the Guardian press conference.

by_zyl_euu 14-15
by_zyl_fd6eca by_zyl_fd6ec16-17
zyl_epiy2 zyl_epiy2a18-19
by_weibo_unka by_weibo_unk20-21

03) Comfort/Sympathy

This was - as you can see - by far the easiest theme:

guardian08_25_11_15d guardian08_25_11_15c guardian08_25_11_15a guardian08_25_11_1523-26
guardian15_34.48evd guardian15_34.48evb guardian15_34.48evc guardian15_34.48eva27-30
guardian15_34.48fva guardian15_34.48bvf guardian15_34.48bve31-33
guardian15_34.48bv guardian15_34.48bvc34-35
guardian33_31.27bv guardian33_31.27v guardian33_31.27bva36-38
guardian28_27.18vb guardian28_27.18va guardian28_27.18v39-41
guardian20_43_11_03ba guardian20_43_11_03 guardian20_43_11_03ca guardian20_43_11_03c42-45

放心 = fangxin = rest assured, relax, don't worry
我保护你 = wo baohu ni = I'll protect you
我在 = wo zai = I'm here
是我 = shi wo = it's me (which is what Shen Wei really said, I just thought the other one might work better on an icon?)

04) Jia You!

I did my best, but do Zhao Yunlan or Shen Wei ever look like they're cheering someone on? Not really... :D
guardian29_34.14c guardian29_34.14 guardian29_34.14b guardian29_34.14a46-49
guardian21_28_30_02a guardian21_28_30_02 guardian21_28_30_02anim3.gif guardian21_28_30_02anim4.gif guardian21_28_30_02anim5.gif50-54
guardian21_33.44ra guardian21_33.44r guardian21_33.44r2c55-58
guardian21_33.44r2b guardian21_33.44r2a guardian21_33.44r259-61

加油 = jia you = come on!, step on the gas!, expression to cheer someone on

05) Agreement

guardian18_40.39a guardian18_40.3962-63
guardian07_06.48abv guardian07_06.48abva guardian07_06.48abvc guardian07_06.48abvd64-67

没错 = mei cuo = "not wrong", right, yes

06) Hopeful Final Episode

guardian40_36.19_50ve guardian40_36.19_50vd guardian40_36.19_50vb guardian40_36.19_50va guardian40_36.19_50v68-72

07+08) Trolls

by_zyl_bazaar_esw zyl_by_pet8 73-75

你走开=ni zou kai = go away! (Zhu Yilong's favorite reaction to Bai Yu's antics)

09) Bai Yu Photoshoots

These are from Bai Yu's latest photoshoots (except #2):
by_316265 by_ew3u83-84
by_exfgza by_exfgz85-86
by_exfaa_02 by_exfg87-88

10) Zhu Yilong Photoshoots

Again, I decided to use only his latest photoshoots:
zyl_ekro2c zyl_ekro2a zyl_ekro2b zyl_ekro289-92
zyl_exysvzb zyl_exysvz zyl_exysvza zyl_exysvzb_0193-96