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Dandelion, into the wind you go (won't you let my darling know?)

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He was just a young one when his late grandmother told stories about soulmates. People and their other halves, or so others would like to say it. Though Tanjirou had been quite too young to understand her, he did, however, enjoy her stories a whole lot. 

“When you find your soulmate, both of your hearts shall become one...and you'll be able to appreciate colors.” 

Five-year-old Tanjirou looked up at his grandma, curiously, he asked: “How do I know if I've found my soulmate, grandma?” 

She smiled, running her frail hands through his maroon hair. 

“Your heart will let you know, dear one.” 

He didn't get what she meant back then- or, even now. (Did love at first sight even exist?) 

“I'm on my way home right now, okay? I just need to drop by the flower shop, make sure to get out all your books, yeah?” Tanjirou says through the phone and his sister replied with a hum. 

[ Alrighty! Say hi to the girls for me, tell Kanao that her soulmate misses her badly… ] 

Tanjirou chuckled, replying a brief “Sure,” before hanging up. He continued walking and sighed. Why does life have to be so hard for him? The gods are making him suffer even though he surely did nothing wrong of the sort. Believe him. (Maybe he did, but nope, he can't remember. At all.) 

Just then, a couple passed by him and he momentarily turns to their way before blinking. A gust of wind gently blew, and he was reminded of that day–the day he had first heard his grandma tell him a story of two soulmates. 

All these couples...are they soulmates too? He idly wondered to himself, but no one really answered his unsaid question. And then he wondered; when will I find mine too? 


Tanjirou stopped in his tracks. 

Nezuko had always bugged him about getting a lover or else he'll grow old with an aching back while lonely reminiscing his golden days. Tanjirou honestly thinks that would be hilarious if anything. 

“Love is everything, brother! I'm worried about you! You're always thinking about others and you don't even think about yourself!” Nezuko frowned and Tanjirou had the actual tendency to look guilty. 

“I–Nezuko, I'm sorry. Is it really that bad?” 

“Yes!” his younger sister cried out. 


“But nothing!” her sharp tone immediately shuts Tanjirou up. “You have to enjoy life and find someone to spend the rest of your life with, like, very much right now, please.” 

He cringed at the memory. 

Was it really that bad not having a single lover? He guessed so. Maybe? 

Gods, life decisions are so– 



Tanjirou flinched a the sudden shout and looked up–too late. The next thing he knew, however, was that his own body had collided with another. And they both screamed. 

Tanjirou groaned as he and the stranger landed harshly on the ground. The park was mostly empty by now, so the remaining people didn't bother turning their attention to the pair who just crashed into each other. 

“Oh my gods, I'm so sor–” 

The person–a boy, Tanjirou assumed from the way his voice sounded, immediately lifted his body and the maroon haired looked at him, completely dazed and vision blurred. Whatever the heck he was saying didn't anymore matter when Tanjirou stared right at the prettiest, sweetest, soft pair of honey-melted colored eyes, who gazed right back at him with what seemed to be a heavy concern. 

Tanjirou's heart thumped. 

Boy was the other cute. 


He wouldn't mind having him for his soulmate. Aha...maybe he was. That'd be funny, Tanjirou thinks. He didn't even know where the hell his thoughts are at this point. He couldn't care less, honestly. 


Oh...what's this sudden bubbly feeling inside of him–?  


He abruptly snapped awake to reality when he realized that the person helped them both sit. The maroon blinked. Timid, honey-coated eyes were looking at him, worried. 

Cute, Tanjirou thought. 

...okay, he needs to go home as soon as possible. 

“Sir,” the blonde spoke again, louder this time. Tanjirou was semi-aware of his surroundings now. “P-please, tell me you're alright! I–oh my god, that's a stupid question. You don't seem fine at all, so, uh, I'll take you to the hospital and pay for the bills–a-and call an uber–” 

“I'm sorry!” Tanjirou suddenly exclaimed. 

The other stared at him, flabbergasted. 

“You– I–” the blonde made a pause. And then he laughed. “I'm– why are you apologizing?!” 

Tanjirou didn't know either. 

When the laughter died down, Tanjirou thinks he'd maybe want to hear it again. He scoffs in his mind, talk about the impossible

Suddenly, he remembered something. They were still on the ground. Huh, talk about public embarrassment. 

“Ah,” Tanjirou says, and then quickly stood up offering a hand to the other, who shyly accepts. “Sorry, I...I wasn't looking where I was going.” 

“No, no,” the blonde shakes his head. “I lost balance. I could've dodged you, but, ugh, something felt off halfway. I'm so sorry.” 

“I'm sorry, are you alright?” Tanjirou frowned. 

“Please, stop apologizing,” the other wheezes out. 

Right. Okay. He'll do just that. 

“ look familiar,” the blonde sounded uncertain. “Have we met somewhere before?” 

Pause on that. 

Have they? 

"I...I don't think so?" Tanjirou replied, but even he himself sounded unsure. 

“Huh.” the boy looked lost in thought for a moment, and Tanjirou continued to stare at him. 

His reminded him of something. 


Tanjirou was suddenly craving some ripe peaches right now. 

“...well, it doesn't look like I'll be able to move unless I tell you my name, hm?” Tanjirou heard his laugh again. Okay, god was surely trying to assassinate him. 

It took a few seconds, but the moment Tanjirou realized that he was looking like a creep, he backed away immediately. 

“I–I'm very sorry!” Tanjirou bows and the other laughed, again. Does this guy like to laugh that much? 

“I told you to stop apologizing already, jeez,” the guy huffs, giving him an amused look and Tanjirou has to turn away. “The name's Zenitsu. Agatsuma Zenitsu,” the blonde–Zenitsu, introduced himself, holding his hand out. 

“Agatsuma...?” Tanjirou mumbled. 

Agatsuma wife. 

“Yeah, so you better remember that.” 

“Ah, erm,” the maroon cleared his throat and shook the blonde's (warm) hand. “It's nice to meet you, Zenitsu. I'm Tanjirou. Kamado Tanjirou.” Tanjirou says as he returned the smile, the other stared at him, surprised. 

“Oh, wow, first names already, I see,” Zenitsu's brows shot up, then he chuckled. “Then, nice to meet you too, Tanjirou. Sorry again for earlier.” the blond sheepishly smiled, and Tanjirou couldn't take his eyes off of him. 

The clock probably isn't moving anymore, but really, who cares? 

Only Zenitsu matters now. 

For the first time, Tanjirou could finally see the meaning of colors in his life. 

He'd very much like to cool off right now. 

Tanjirou's gaze then flickered to the skateboard in the other's hand. “Hey, um–do you need a new skateboard? I can–” 

“You talk as if I don't have any spares,” Zenitsu says, and Tanjirou could see a tiny smirk form on his lips. “Don't worry about it.” he waved the maroon off. “I'm just glad you didn't hit your head or something.” 

“Ah, I see…” Tanjirou muttered, feeling a tint of disappointment. He brushed it off. “Then, I'll take my leave now.” 

Just as he turned to walk away, the other called out to him. 


Tanjirou stopped in his tracks, turning back to the other expectantly. 

What he wasn't expecting, however, was–for the other to catch up to him. The redhead blinked at him, curious. 

“It's nice finally meeting you,” the blonde flashes him a bright smile. “How about we stop by a café?” 

‘Finally?’ Zenitsu must've worded that wrong. 

“I don't...get it. Have we met before?” 

“You're an oblivious one, aren't you?” the smaller of the two rolled his eyes. 


“I've been told,” Tanjirou laughs lightly. 

There was a long pause before the other finally spilled what's on his mind. 

“We're soulmates.” 


He's an idiot.