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Velvet Rope

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“Say, have you heard about them?”




“The infamous Moon family.”


“Apparently, they are on the move again.”


“So who’s their next hunt?”


“I heard they are searching for someone with golden long hair.”


“Golden hair? Does that even exist in this world?”


“Yes, it does. I even caught a glimpse of it last night. It’s hard to not notice it in the dark.”


“For real?”


“Absolutely! Maybe I can get some reward for that information.”


“Ha. Don’t even bother. You think they’ll pay you for that prove less evidence?"


"You're right. I don't have any proof at all-."


"Care to tell me where you saw that?"


A dark figure, cloaked, loomed above the two figures, his face kept hidden.



"I'll make sure that your reward satisfies you."