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Dawn and Twilight

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Sora stayed even as the boy with the empty, hazy blue eyes woke. He stayed and looked at the mended heart he had helped make. He didn’t really understand what had called him here in the first place. He just knew that one minute he had been sleeping soundly, and the next there was a bright, bright light calling out for him. And even though this light was bright – the brightest he had ever seen, in fact – it felt wrong. It felt hurt, broken, like it was crying. So he had wandered closer to take a look.

Only to discover that the bright, bright light had been broken in a terribly, horrible way.

And that the beautiful, horribly broken, bright light belonged to an equally beautiful, horribly broken boy.

He was older than Sora, but his eyes were so blank. It hurt to look at them. It hurt to look at the bright, bright light. It was crying and the boy it belonged to was sad – sad and maybe dying.

Because his heart was broken.

Part of it was snatched away and the rest of him was discarded.

Sora didn’t like seeing this boy so sad and broken.

So he put their hearts together, intertwined them so that the bright, bright light wouldn’t go out, but wouldn’t be so bright that it hurt either. And broken shard became a whole. A whole that was green and blue and yellow and bright – but not too bright. Too much bright was bad. This was just enough bright, like watching the sun start to peek over the horizon in the early morning and turn the sky into a sea of colors.

This was much better.

And the boy seemed better to.

He woke up and Sora stayed.

Sora was curious.

The part of the boy’s heart that had been missing was still missing after all, even if his heart was whole again. He was curious because he didn’t think hearts could be broken like that – not completely anyway. They were held together by memories and precious people and love. And as broken as that boy had been, there must have been something before that brokenness. So he stayed and he looked.

And sure enough, just past the edge of the bright-but-not-too-bright light, there were shards. They were blue like the sky and they were scattered, leading away from the whole-now-not-broken-anymore heart. He wondered, with all of the curiosity of his new mind, if he followed this trail of heart shards, would he find the piece that had been stolen away?

Ever so carefully, he jumped onto the closest shard of sky blue broken heart. When it held, he smiled and followed the trail. And he watched at the sky blue under his feet slowly got darker and darker and darker still. Sky blue turned into deep, dark purple. And that deep, dark purple led to another broken heart that was a deep, deep dark to the bright, bright light from before.

And just like before, this deep, deep dark was sad. So very, very sad. It was screaming and empty and alone.

And just like before, this deep, deep dark came with a broken boy.

He was different from the other, with hair as black as night and shining gold eyes. Eyes that weren’t hazy or lost like the other’s, but still broken and terrified and tired all the same. He was huddled in the center of his broken-shattered-not-whole-anymore heart with black pooling around him and arms wrapped around him tight like he was trying to keep anymore pieces from slipping away.

“Hi!” he said as he jumped onto the boy’s broken heart and walked over the deep, dark purple and crimson and black that was so very different from the blue and the green and the yellow and the bright.

The dark boy’s head whipped up and he stared at him in surprise before those gold, gold eyes narrowed in a glare.

“What are you doing here?” he growled, “This is my heart! Mine!”

“I know,” he said, coming to stand in front of the angry-scared-broken boy, “I followed the trail you left from the other boy’s heart.”

Gold eyes blinked. “You mean my light. I want it back. But Master separated us and now it always aches.”

Sora nodded as he watched the boy curl further into himself, pain and fear and brokenness making it hard for him to stay angry at the intruder to his heart.

“The other boy hurt too,” Sora said, “His light was too bright and it was crying so loudly, so I followed it.”

The dark boy’s brow furrowed. “The other boy…?” he blinked, “Oh. Him. The one that was too weak to accomplish the Master’s goals.”

Sora just hummed. “He doesn’t sound like a nice master.”

The boy snorted. “He’s not.”

Sora cocked his head to the side. “Then why follow him?”

“He made me,” was the simple response.

Sora frowned at the boy and his curled up form and too-dark-broken heart. “He hurt you. He broke you.”

The boy didn’t say anything, just glared at him with those glowing gold eyes.

“I helped the other boy stop hurting so he wouldn’t lose any more of his heart,” Sora continued, “Maybe I can do that for you too.”

The boy stared at him in surprise, angry glare completely wiped away. “You can do that?”

Sora smiled. “My heart’s new,” he said, “But I think it’s big enough to help both of you.”

And then Sora stepped up to the deep, dark, broken boy and wrapped his tiny arms around wide shoulders and held him close. The boy sucked in a sharp breath and Sora reached between them with his heart and suddenly everything was less. The boy sagged against him, uncoiling and the screaming from inside the deep, deep dark grew quieter. After a long moment, Sora pulled back and looked around.

Just like before, the broken, shattered pieces formed a whole with the parts he provided. His was still purple and crimson, but it wasn’t the deep dark kind and the black had turned to gray. It was softer and less jagged, soothing. Like the sun sinking below the horizon and turned sky blue day to dark blue night.

He smiled at the boy who looked around himself at the not-broken-but-whole heart with wide eyes.

“There,” he said, drawing the boy’s gaze back to him, “Now you’re not too Dark and he’s not too Light.”

The boy just stared. “It doesn’t hurt anymore,” he said slowly, looking down at his hands before drawing them close to his chest.

“Our hearts have touched,” Sora said, “Nothing else will slip away now. And when the time comes, you and the other boy can decide what to do.”

The boy blinked and his brow furrowed. “What to do?”

But Sora just smiled. “It’s time to wake up now.”