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In Letting Go

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Mu had honestly never been interested in buddhist meditation before meeting Shaka, but after meeting him and becoming friends, he had never missed any of his weekly morning meditation classes at the buddhist center.

Especially during the last year, the routine of the classes, the calm of the center, and Shaka’s wise advice had been the one thing keeping him centered.

He opened one eye and took a quick peek at Shaka at the front of the room, guiding the meditation for the group of over thirty people gathered. He had tanned some more these days, and Mu thought that the look suited him very well. With the morning light coming in through the tall windows behind him, giving the exposed skin of his shirtless torso a soft glow, he did look quite saintly. Mu looked at the way his golden hair fell over his shoulders, wondering how his own fingers trailing that same skin would feel.

He closed his eyes again, and forced his mind away from such thoughts, trying to get back into the meditation.

His phone vibrated and he opened his eyes. Everybody knew not to call him at that time, so he worried it might be something urgent. He discreetly pulled it out of his pocket and took a quick look at the screen. It was a message from Camus.

[Come to Shion ’s apartment. He ’s marrying some chinese guy. Not a joke. Urgent.]

Mu blinked once, and took a second look at the message and the person sending it. Camus would never joke like that. Right? He pocketed his phone and silently slipped out of the class.

Once outside he called Camus right away, even before he had finished putting on his shoes.

“Camus what the hell was that message?” he asked, bowed down and trying to lace up his sneakers.

“Exactly what I said,” answered Camus in his usual icy tone “He’s marrying some old Chinese friend who just reappeared last Wednesday. They’re getting married today. Come to his apartment, I don’t know what is going on.”

“Are you serious? Camus if this is some joke,” started Mu, getting agitated.

“Do I joke like this often? Ever?”


“Come to his apartment.”

Mu huffed and hung up. Someone touched his shoulder and he whirled around to find Shaka. He had put on a simple white shirt.

“Is there a problem? Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yes. No. I mean, something’s going on with Shion. I’m going to go see him.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“But your class-“

“I’m calling an uber”

“Uh? Uhmmm, thank you…,” said Mu, some of the worry lifting from his chest. He really was not ready for another shock, especially not one coming from Shion, and he felt happy that Shaka was so willing to be with him.