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Eve watched Villanelle step out of the shower and leave the bathroom as she went and looked for some towels. She spun around, giddy from Villanelle’s kisses, excited about what was coming next. Villanelle had covered her from head to toe in soapy bubbles and kisses and whispered promises in Eve’s ear that made her throb between her legs and her toes curl. Everything that had happened over the last few months really did seem to be leading up to this moment. Eve wasn’t certain of what would happen in her life after this. After the shower alone - the giggles and the passionate kisses - there was no way she could pretend that this hadn’t happened and go back to how it had been before. Eve wanted this. She wanted Villanelle. In every way. It was clear to her now as she looked at her reflection in the steamy glass. 

I love her , she thought to herself and drew a heart with her finger into the condensation. Behind it, Villanelle appeared, still naked. In her hand was something purple and small. Eve stepped out of the shower facing a sheepish, almost embarrassed-looking Villanelle.

“It’s a microfiber towel,” Villanelle said, unfolding it and shaking it out.

“A what?”

“The Airbnb, it didn’t come with any towels so…” she held out the towel to Eve who stepped into it and let Villanelle wrap it around her. “So we’ll have to use my gym towel.”

It wasn’t the clean, fluffy white towels that were in romantic movie scenes like this, but it made Eve grin. She loved that she was being wrapped into Villanelle’s gym towel. She loved that Villanelle had a gym towel. She loved that Villanelle was patting her dry with her gym towel.

“A microfiber towel, huh?” Eve asked as Villanelle slid into the towel too and they stood cocooned in it together.

“Oh yeah it’s great!” Villanelle jumped at the opportunity to talk about her towel. “It’s huge but it folds up really small and the fibers can absorb up to 8 times their weight in liquid. I take it everywhere, it’s…” But Villanelle trailed off as Eve was beginning to laugh. 

“Don’t laugh at me! This towel is great!”

Eve laughed and kissed Villanelle, “God, you are ridiculous.”

“Well, if it wasn’t for these microfibers, you’d be dripping wet still,” Villanelle said frowning and feigning anger.

“Oh, I’m still dripping wet,” Eve said, jokingly seductive.

“Oh you are? Well, in that case…”

Eve laughed as Villanelle scooped her into her arms and carried her out of the bathroom, the miracle towel falling to the floor, completely forgotten. Eve felt content as Villanelle carried her into her bedroom, kissing and smiling onto each other's lips.

“Throw me onto the bed, daddy!” Eve shouted, continuing to joke.

“Oh, don’t call me ‘Daddy’,” Villanelle warned and threw her onto the mattress, “I might just like it.”


Eve pulled Villanelle on top of her for a long, deep kiss. Her breasts touched against her own and Eve felt the weight of them in her hands. She had wanted to do this for so long, longed to be naked beneath Villanelle. Her body reacted to the stimulation and she felt herself grow wetter and wetter the more they kissed. Villanelle repeated her name over and over between kisses as she left a trail of them down her neck, between her breasts and towards her pubic bone. She watched Villanelle kiss and lick her skin, not wanting to pull her eyes away and miss anything. Villanelle slipped her fingers into the thick curls between Eve’s legs and pulled on her pubic hair. Eve bit her lip.

“You are so much more perfect than I dreamed,” Villanelle’s voice was low as her eyes looked up to match Eve’s gaze. She kissed her thighs and Eve moaned, squirming beneath her; she arched her hips towards Villanelle’s mouth, desperate to be kissed there. Villanelle complied and kissed closer and closer to Eve’s hot centre, rolling her tongue across the dark curls. She pushed Eve’s legs further apart and held them down forcefully.

“Villanelle,” Eve moaned as she felt the wonders of her mouth between her legs. She was working very slowly, still teasing Eve and cautious not to give too much too soon. Eve watched as Villanelle’s head bobbed up and down, her tongue working miracles and her hands grabbing and scratching at Eve’s legs and hips and back to her legs.

“Fuck,” she moaned, unable to remember a time she had received oral this good.

Shocking Eve and silencing her with open-mouthed pleasure, Villanelle pushed fingers inside of her without any warning. Gasping for air, Eve’s whole body shook with anticipation, though Villanelle’s fingers remained completely still. Villanelle expertly brought her body back up on top of Eve and started to stroke between Eve’s wet folds, kissing her neck.

Eve grabbed at Villanelle’s waist and ass and pulled her hips against her own, desperate to be fucked harder.


Villanelle didn’t need telling twice. She pushed another finger deep into Eve. The wave of her oncoming orgasm rose inside her and she gave herself into the power of Villanelle. Villanelle, the assassin. Villanelle, the alleged psychopath. Villanelle, the woman expertly fucking her to climax.

“Oh, Villanelle,” Eve groaned as her body tensed, and she collapsed into the pillows. She felt Villanelle kiss down her body and kiss between her legs, licking up the liquid pooling out of her. They kissed sloppily, Eve sucking Villanelle’s mouth and loving the taste of herself on her tongue. Villanelle smiled into her kisses and Eve couldn’t help but reciprocate. How long had she longed to be fucked like that by Villanelle?

“I’ve wanted to do that forever,” Villanelle grinned as if reading her mind and kissing Eve’s nose playfully.

They looked deep into eachothers eyes and Eve couldn’t help but notice the adoring look in Villanelle’s hazel eyes.

I love you , she wanted to say to Villanelle. I love you and I want to be with you.

Villanelle squirmed on top of her and Eve felt a drip fall onto her thigh that made Eve groan with pleasure and excitement.


Eager to touch Villanelle and make her feel what she had done to her, Eve let one hand make its way between Villanelle’s open legs, the other onto the back of her neck. Eve’s fingers made contact with her wetness and the feel of Villanelle’s hot anticipation dripping down her inner thigh made Eve’s mouth water and she kissed Villanelle deeply. The two women breathed heavily into each other's open mouths. Eve pulled back from her to get the best view of Villanelle’s face as she pushed two fingers into her. Villanelle arched her back and began to ride Eve’s fingers hungrily. Eve was amazed with the frenzied look in Villanelle’s eyes; she felt powerful as the blonde woman sat herself up on her hips and rode Eve’s fingers hard. Eve was mesmerised by Villanelle’s chest bouncing and her hair, still damp from the shower, tumbling over her perfect skin. 


Villanelle held onto Eve’s chest for support as she fucked her fingers harder and Eve brought her other hand towards Villanelle’s clit and began rubbing her there. This movement seemingly pushed Villanelle over the edge and she grabbed onto Eve’s neck with two strong hands. Eve felt the air to her lungs cut off immediately. Villanelle choked her and watched her eyes bulge, grinning as she edged closer to orgasm whilst draining the life out of Eve. Eve felt her vision begin to go black and panic rose in her throat. She knew Villanelle got off on killing people but, like this ? Before Eve could even start to struggle, Villanelle’s hands left her throat and she collapsed onto Eve, shaking and moaning as she climaxed, whispering Eve’s name over and over. Eve kissed Villanelle’s hairline, excited from being choked and thrilled to have been the reason for her orgasm. She loved that Villanelle had given up everything to her and shook, powerless on top of her. Eve was overwhelmed by a wave of love for Villanelle. She didn’t want this to end, didn’t ever want to leave the safety of this nameless flat.


Villanelle rolled onto her back and lay beside Eve on the messy sheets, holding onto her hand and panting like she had run five laps of the park. They gazed at each other, both overcome with endless amounts of love for the other woman. 

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Villanelle said bewildered, though with a smile.

“I can,” Eve said and rolled towards her and laid her head on her chest. She left a trail of soft, loving kisses across Villanelle’s chest and neck and jawline. Because she could believe it. No two people with this sort of connection should ever ignore their feelings or push them away, she thought. They had been through so much. Their lives had both been torn apart and thrown into the air. Now they were lying here together, in the mid morning light of Villanelle’s rented apartment, Eve couldn't help but feel as though all those pieces of her life were finally beginning to fall right into place. Villanelle played with her hair, twisting dark curls around her long fingers.

“Eve,” she breathed and Eve propped herself up on her elbow to look into her hazel eyes. A tear rolled down her perfect skin. Eve wiped it away. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything I’ve put you through. I’m…”

Eve pressed a watery kiss on Villanelle’s lips as she felt a tear drip out of her own eye. Villanelle pulled her towards her and they held each other close.

“I’ll never hurt you again,” Villanelle said, and Eve knew she meant it. 

Eve smiled into the nape of Villanelle’s neck, eternally thankful for the Couch 2 5K advert on the side of the bus that had brought her here.