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the drink you spilt all over me

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The day of Rin’s birthday party rolled around a lot quicker than Sousuke would’ve liked. Well, it wasn’t a party per se; as Rin’s mother had agreed to her son hosting a small get together to simply mark the occasion. Consequently, Rin had only invited his old friends from Iwatobi and his own relay team.

“If you make a mess, just tidy up before I come back. And look, I know you’re going to be drinking, but don’t overdo it, ok?” Rin’s mum began, worrying her lower lip between her teeth. At Rin’s request, his younger sister had convinced their mother that this weekend would be the perfect time to visit granny and grandpa Matsuoka. So here they were, Sousuke sitting on and Rin leaning against the garden wall, seeing off the Matsuoka ladies early on a Saturday morning.

“Yes, yes, I know. I’ll be good, I promise,” Rin smirked. The mischievous glint in his eye unveiled his intentions though, and Mrs Matsuoka groaned.

“Well, at least I can trust Sousuke. You’ll keep him in check, right?” The woman smiled at her son’s friend.

“You know me, Mrs Matsuoka. I won’t let him do anything that I wouldn’t do,” Sousuke grinned.

“Well… that doesn’t completely fill me with confidence-”

“MUM. Come on, I have sleep to catch up on!” yelled an impatient Gou from the passenger seat of the family car.

“Ok, ok, I’m coming!” Mrs Matsuoka sang, pulling her son close for one last hug. “See you tomorrow night! Be careful!” she teased, climbing into the car.

Rin stood next to Sousuke, and waved until the car was out of sight. Then, he turned around and punched Sousuke on his good shoulder.


“FINALLY! We can start to get the house ready now!” Rin proclaimed, stretching his arm above his head.

“Rin… we have over 12 hours until the party starts,” Sousuke sighed, but there was no dampening the redhead’s excitement.

The day passed by quickly, in a blur of balloons and banners and an improptu dash to the supermarket because ‘Sousuke, have you seen how much Nagisa eats? How could I have thought this would be enough?’

Sousuke sat down with a coke, whilst Rin dashes around making the final last-minute preparations before the guests arrive.

“Ah-ah,” Rin chided, eyeing Sousuke’s carbonated drink. “What d'you think you’re doing?”

“…I’m…having a drink. Of coke.” Sousuke wavered. “…Want some?”

“No! I didn’t spend a fortune on alcohol so that you could drink POP! Here!” Rin tossed his friend a can, which Sousuke easily caught with his left hand.

“Beer. Classy.” He commented, after glancing at the can.

Rin was about to make some smart-ass reply, but fortunately was cut off by the doorbell ringing. The swimmer squealed. No, he actually did squeal. Sousuke burst out laughing and Rin hastily left the room to get the door, covering his beet-red face.
Sousuke wasn’t a fan of parties. Over the years, he had acquired an impressive bank of excuses so that he could avoid the mundane social events. However, as Rin was his best friend (and had threatened Sousuke with a butter knife. As a joke. He hopes.) the brunet couldn’t really get out of this one.

Soon, all 6 invitees had arrived and the eight of them were assembled in the living room. Nanase had evil-eyed Sousuke upon entering the room, but had then just stood and chatted with his tall friend. The other two Iwatobis looked to be inseperable, and the little blonde one had ambushed Momo and Nitori and the four were now having an animated conversation. Rin was playing the part of the perfect host, flitting here and there between his guests, and whenever he saw Sousuke without a drink in his hand he quickly ammended the situation.

“Rin… I thought you- you weren’t supposed to mix your drinks?” Sousuke questioned, after a strange looking, pink concoction that definitely wasn’t beer had been placed in his hands.

“Whaaaat?” an ever-so-slightly drunk Rin sang, eyeing the aforementioned beverage. “No, no, it’f- it’s fine! Look how tall you are, like, it won’t even affect you.”

Sousuke bit his lip, trying not to laugh. The poor guy was barely making sense. “Ok. You go enjoy yourself.”

“Come talk to people! You’ve just been sat here like you’re- like you’re boring or broody or something.” Rin whined.

“I AM boring and broody,” Sousuke replied with feigned disdain. The redhead lifted his head to the heavens and groaned, then set his own drink down on the side and clumsily tried to heave Sousuke up out of his seat. The taller boy sighed and let himself be pulled up. However, he misjudged the strength of Rin’s arms and stumbled. Stumbled right into Nanase’s tall friend, who just happened to be passing by to get to the food table.

“Shit. I-,” And, of course, Sousuke had spilled his pink cocktail down the front of this unfortunate boy’s shirt. And as Sousuke’s bad luck knows no limits, said t-shirt was white. And probably expensive.

And damn, this guy was ripped.

Rin laughed maniacally, and then dashed off to ambush Haru, who whad been heading over to the disaster zone to see what was going on. Sousuke groaned inwardly, and his eyes finally met the victim’s.

Now standing up, Sousuke realised that maybe he was a little drunker than he realised. That’s why he suddenly felt dizzy. It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that the guy whose top he’d ruined had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. They were a vibrant green, a shade of green he was sure he had never and would never see anywhere else in his life.

The guy giggled nervously and Sousuke snapped out of his trance. Shit, how long had he been staring at his stupid eyes? The butterfly swimmer scrambled to find the words to apologise, especially since the pretty-eyed guy was smiling at him, with those pretty, pretty eyes.


“I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you!” Sousuke mumbled, looking anywhere but this guy’s face.

“No, don’t worry, I actually think it’s an improvement, I hated this shirt.”

It takes a moment for Sousuke’s alcohol-hazed brain to realise this is a joke. “Oh! Well I liked it… um. Sorry, what was your name?”

“Tachibana Makoto. You can just call me Makoto though, no point in being formal when you can probably see my nipples right now.”

Glancing down, Sousuke saw that Makoto was right. He could see his nipples through the tight-fitting, newly see through shirt. Even they were pretty.

“You’re Yamazaki Sousuke, right?” Makoto enquired, forcing Sousuke to tear his eyes away from the perfect, perky nipples. “Rin used to talk about you a lot.”

Bless him, Sousuke thought. He was probably feeling very uncomfortable right now due to his wet and increasingly cold shirt, and due to the awkwardness of the boy who was responsible for said wet, increasingly cold shirt.

“Yeah, that’s me,” Sousuke murmured. “Want me to um, maybe find a shirt of Rin’s for you to change int-”

“DRINKING GAAAAAME,” yelled the little, blond Iwatobi shit. Makoto quickly thanked Sousuke but declined his offer, and offering him an apologetic look, (seriously though, what did he have to be apologetic about?) went to join his friends.

Sousuke quietly groaned and rolled his eyes. He couldn’t have fucked up more. But shit, that Makoto was hot.

“SOUSUKE!” Rin burped. Impressive. “Get your ass over here!” he laughed, gesturing to the space next to him, where he was sat in a circle with the other guys. Not one to deny the birthday boy anything, Sousuke joined the gang.

The little blond twat, who Sousuke found out was called Nagisa, reeled off the rules of the game, and the boys proceeded to get roaringly drunk. They ended up playing a few other drinking games, then Nitori suggested one to do with cards, and everyone had to fill up a glass in the centre of the circle with their own drink, and a coin was placed in the drink. Nitori was about to explain what exactly the cards were used for, when the seemingly ever-eager Nagisa grabbed the glass and drowned the drink. Including the coin. He promptly started choking but fortunately, his nerdy friend knew how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. And so ended the drinking games.

The group dispersed to get more alcohol, or more food, or in Nanase and Rin’s case, make out.


Sousuke watched them for a while. He was mildly fearful for Rin, as it looked like the noir was sucking the life force out of him. However, when Nanase started grinding on Rin, Sousuke decided that it was every man for himself and rose to his feet, slowly this time. That didn’t stop the room from spinning a little.

Seeing as Rin was…distracted, now may be Sousuke’s only chance to grab a beverage that wasn’t alcoholic. He took his first step towards the kitchen, when a large figure blocked his path.

“!” slurred Makoto.