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spark of black i seem to love

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"You really wanna do this?" Someone mumbles, voice crackly and deep.

"If you back out now, I'm never talking to you ever again," another voice hisses, voice lighter and softer.

"Okay, okay," the former voice chuckles lowly. "That excited for my cock, huh?"

"Oh, shush."

Then Feenie, or as the viewers know his name to be, at least, appears on the screen, blinking his wide eyes as he double-checks the camera and settings.

"We're all set," he giggles.

Feenie steps back, grinning as he clambers onto the bed. Wearing his usual blue lingerie that's practically his brand by now as a cam worker, he's also wearing a giant red scarf that's tied into a bow behind him.

He then grabs at someone off-camera and pulls him into the camera's line of sight. The man grumbles, moving into a position where his face can't be seen and recognized.

"This is--"

"Screenname's Godot," the man cuts over the other. 

"Hehe, yeah, my number one fan," Feenie giggles.

Godot slaps his ass. "Shut up, whore."

"Ooh, yes, Daddy," Feenie leans down and paws at his pants, pulling on the waistband. "Now, you're wearing too much. I'm all exposed and you look like you're ready to clock in for work."

Godot chuckles lowly. "Alright, so you're just gonna sit there and complain?"

"Mm... no," Feenie practically purrs, pulling harder. His pants drop, revealing the bulge in his boxers. "Hee hee, look at you," he coos, rubbing at the rapidly-hardening cock.

Godot clicks his tongue. "Don't be a fucking tease."

"Sorry, sorry, it's just -- mm, you look great. Can you..." Feenie points at his open mouth, winking.

Godot snorts, kicking off his pants and pulling off his boxers. "You're just an eager little cocksucker, aren't you?"

Feenie whines, easily hitting falsettos as he watches Godot. "H-Hngg... m-maybe..."

"Oh, that's a definite yes," Godot growls. He grasps at Feenie's hair, making him squeal softly. "... Color? Non-verbal safeword?" He asks in a softer voice.

"Green and three taps, now, come on, Godot--"

Godot decides to shut him up by pulling him closer, shoving the first couple of inches into his mouth.


Feenie pulls back slightly, drooling slightly as he looks up at Godot. Feenie's open mouth and delirious look on his face just make him look like he walked out of an incredible dirty fantasy.

Godot hisses slightly. "Fuck, come on, pretty boy. Get those pretty lips 'round my cock again..."

Feenie sticks out his tongue, teasing the tip of his cock.

Godot groans. "Feenie," he growls dangerously.

He responds by putting his mouth around the tip, taking in his cock slowly until all of it is in his mouth.

"Fuck... look at you, so fucking hot--" 

Godot grasps tightly on his hair and pulls hard, making Feenie choke slightly when his cock hits the back of his throat.

"You're just so eager to please, aren't you, you stupid little slut."

Feenie pulls his best attempt to nod with Godot in his mouth. 

Godot chuckles. "Of course. You'll bend over for me any time I want it, huh? Such an eager slut that you'll drop everything just to get my dick."

Feenie garbles incoherently.

"All you think about is your own pleasure and being fucked -- you're better off just being a fucktoy and a cocksleeve, my personal fucktoy, my personal cocksleeve, since that's all you're good for, isn't it, sweetheart?"

Feenie sniffs, bobbing his head faster. Godot lets out a few pants and moans, before suddenly pulling him off his cock.

"Hnnngahn...?" Feenie peers up at him through lidded eyes, delirious after the way Godot used and practically abused his throat.

"I'm gonna fuck you," Godot pants slightly. "You're all prepped, right?"

Feenie shakes his head eagerly, turning around and pulling his panties to the side. "Y-yes, just put it in, fuck me, please--"

Godot lets out a long breath, chuckling slightly. "So desperate for cock, just so desperate to be fucked. You're a fuckin' dream."

Godot slides in smoothly with a single thrust.

Feenie keels, letting out a sharp cry. Godot grasps tightly onto his hips, allowing both of them some time to adjust.

"Oh, fuck, look at you. You feel so good, so warm, so fucking tight."

Feenie lets out a cry, a tear spilling down his face. "You're s-so b-big...!"

"Mmm... god, you're fuckin' gorgeous. Anyone would be lucky to have you -- it'd be so easy to just own you and tie you down, legs spread and constantly wet and open -- just so I can fuck you any time, whenever, wherever I wanted--"

Feenie whines. "Oh, oh god, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me like the whore I am, p-please, sir...!"

At those words, Godot grabs at Feenie's hips and rolls into him, making him practically squeal at the sensation.

"God, you're so fucking loud."

Feenie babbles, "Sir, sir, sir, please, use me, let- let me pleasure you, please...!"

Godot lets out a strangled groan at that. "God, fuck, you're-- god, looking at you, you're willing to give everything up for me, aren't you? You're all mine, all fuckin' mine--"

Feenie whines loudly, face scrunched up in pleasure. Tongue hanging out, eyes lidded, his fingers hooked in his mouth as he just sticks his ass up in the air to let himself be used. As the thrusts increase in pace, Feenie lets out a strangled moan from the back of his throat.

"Hnggahh... G-go-"

Godot pulls at his hair, making him bare his neck to the camera as he whines softly. "What'd you call me, slut?"

"Hn...! S-sir, I-"

"Just shut up, would you? Don't want your neighbors hearing you being an absolute slut for my cock, would you?"

Feenie makes a face, dark with desire and filled with wild abandon for his own well-being. "T-then make me."

Godot lets out a moan at that, pushing his face into the bed and growling. At the sudden harsh motion and movement, Feenie lets out a sharp cry just as his face hits the sheets.

"You're a fucking screamer, huh? Gonna scream yourself hoarse? Then do it into the sheets."

Feenie lets out a sob, letting Godot ravage his body over and over.

"You're such a good slut, aren't you? The way you feel around me - oh fuck, you're just so eager for this, aren't you?"

"Hnggahhnn ... ??"

"Made you speechless for once, huh? Can't even speak, that's how good my cock is."

Feenie lifts his head, desperately nodding. Tears streaming down his face, he whines and babbles incoherently as Godot continues to relentlessly fuck into him.

"S-sir, please, I-"


"More, more, please, I need - I need more--"

"More?" Godot lets out a dark laugh. "Really? You're already sobbing and crying as I ravage you... and you want more? God, you really are a dumb fucking whore, aren't you?"

Feenie sobs desperately. "Y-yes...! I'm a dumb fucking whore. I'm your stupid slut, just want cock, your cock, give it to me please, please, please...!"

Godot yanks his hips up, evidently hitting a good spot because Feenie's breath catches in his throat. As the thrusts increase in ferocity, Feenie cries out loudly and sharply. He moans from the back of his throat, letting out a strangled noise as he's being relentlessly pounded into the bed.

"Yeah, yeah, take it, fucking take it---"

"H-hnggh!!! I'm-- I'm gonna- ohhh, god, oh god...!"

"Yeah? Yeah, you're gonna cum for me? Gonna cum on my cock untouched? Come on, sweetheart, cum for me--"

And at that, Feenie hits his climax. Judging by the groan and low cry that comes out of Godot, Feenie's release triggers his own as they both come down from the high of orgasm.

Eventually, after a short moment, Godot pulls out of him, Feenie panting heavily and groaning softly at the loss of something inside of him.

Godot looks down at Feenie, letting out a small chuckle. "That was quite the show."

"You're just biased because you were in it."

"Well, I'm sure everyone loved it, too."

"You're probably right," Feenie giggles, leaning over to his webcam, giving it a wink. "Hope you enjoyed it. Feenie signing off."

The camera goes black.