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Friendship Goals

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The Lizardman Stare








Kaiman, for the first time in his life, thought he would definitely die.

Not by the hands of a magic user or by a cadaverous infection acquired in the hospital where he worked. But at Nikaido's hands.

Or rather, her mouth and breasts.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, the lizardman felt the air refusing to enter his lungs whenever his best friend's warm lips wrapped around the ultrasensitive tip of his penis, sucking hard; and his heart missed a beat with the sensation of her glorious breasts' skin brushing along its length.

Kaiman admired many things about his friend: her dedication, her kindness, her gyozas. He also couldn't ignore her physical attributes - he liked to see her small, callused hands bring his favorite food to life.

But his most secret thoughts often focused on her ample bosom. From time to time it was inevitable not to look at the necklines she wore on hot days. But, with the least decency he still had, he avoided it as much as possible. He merely drew her naked from the waist up only in his imagination. A mental journey that ended in a lonely and raw masturbation session.

And since their friendship with benefits started, it was just happiness. Now he could put his eyes and hands on her tits without feeling guilt or shame.

But in that pleasant afternoon in a restaurant closed for 1 hour, she decided to make him... Shy again.

For some reason, Nikaido had her hormones running high and wanted to do something about it. Kaiman didn't quite understand what she meant by "you look especially hot today" and the smirks and winks throwned on his reptilian face during the business hours. The answer came when she, as soon as she closed the restaurant door, took him by the hand and dragged him upstairs, throwing him on her bed.

The lizardman just surrendered, leaving her to do whatever she wanted.

And well. Apparently she knew very well about some... Fetishes.

'Where the hell did she learn to do that?' He wondered internally as he looked at his own member being swallowed between her breasts, in a mesmerizing up-and-down movement. Again: do those devil awkward times have anything to do with it? 'Demons are perverted, I know that, but ... What the... Fuck...!"

At one point, the blonde pulled her wet lips away from the glans and stopped her movements with her soft mounds.

"I want you to fuck my tits. Now."

And in an instant, she was already lying down, waving her hand, asking him to come over her body. And so he did, positioning himself so that his cock could be accommodated in the moist valley between her luscious breasts.

It was a strange position, but he couldn't refuse her request. They still had a few minutes before the store opened. He had to be quick. Kaiman closed his eyes and simulated the thrusts as if he were fucking her in the traditional way.

It was kinda weird, but also fucking hot.

Kaiman really thought he would have a heart attack seeing those big, beautiful, soft breasts compressing his member about to come at that moment. At least, he would die happy seeing Nikaido having so much fun with him.