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Friendship Goals

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Relief With Chocolate Taste








As soon as Kaiman entered Nikaido's room, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into a kiss. He devoured her lips in a gentle and awkward way, while she reciprocated in the best way, pressing her small body against his, feeling the fury of his muscular arms.

"I missed you", he said, pulling away from her lips.

The blonde laughed, slapping his arm. "You saw me about 15 minutes ago down there!"

"I know. I don't want to lose you again and that's why I miss you every time I don't see you near me", Kaiman's cheeks flushed violently as he justified himself. "Ah! This is for you", he added, handing Nikaido a golden rectangular box full of beautiful and delicate chocolates.

A smirk formed on her lips. The fuck is going on?

"Well, honestly I'm not a chocolate fan, but thank you! Very kind of you, but… Why?" She asked suspiciously. "You're not into these romantic things."

"Oi! I can be romantic when I want to, okay?" Kaiman replied with a pout. ""It's just that I noticed that today you looked really stressed and then I decided to buy this so you could forget about this shitty day."

"Awn, this is so sweet! But you didn't have to do that, seriously", she smiled, then hugged him tightly, spreading pecks all over his face. "Come on. We can eat these romantic treats together", she laughed, taking him by the hand and guiding him to her bed.

"Look, I read in some magazines that couples eat chocolates together in many ways." Kaiman commented, wiggling his thick eyebrows suggestively. Nikaido winced.

"Let's eat in a civilized and innocent way, you perv ass."

They both laughed together and sat on the bed. A disconcerting silence came over the room. Despite the chocolates, he noticed that she still looked very uncomfortable.

"Hey, you okay?"

“Huh? Oh I'm fine. It's just-” She started, but found the subject unnecessary at that moment. He certainly wouldn't understand. “Ah, nevermind." 

“Hm. Whatever the fuck it is, I will work hard to make you feel good”, Kaiman laughed, putting two chocolates in his mouth.

“You don't need to. Your presence here already makes me feel good.” Nikaido assured him, taking a chocolate out of the box and biting it. As soon as she did, a creamy red liquid dripped from the corner of her mouth. It looked like a liquor, and had a soft cherry scent.

Kaiman swallowed when he saw that scene. 

So... Sexy.

She wiped her chin with the back of her hand, laughing disconcerted. At one point he also ended up fumbling with the liquor, letting it run down his chin.

When he was about to clean himself up, she took his wrist. "Hey. Let me clean it for you."

Then, Nikaido approached his face and ran her tongue over his chin, wiping the cream on his skin, then giving a tender bite.

For a few seconds, they looked into each other's eyes and then kissed with lust.

And things started to heat up. Their kisses became more urgent and hotter. His lips on her neck and her hands wanting to remove the shirt he was wearing. A grip on her thigh. A bite on his ear. A soft groan from her. A sigh from him. Their hands were restless. Her hand approaching the bulge in his pants. His hand going down her groin...

"Kaiman... No."

"And why not?"

"Let's say... That I'm not in a good time for this."

"I'd better not ask why... You women and their secrets."

The blonde sighed in frustration. "Basically, I'm bleeding."


"No no, Kaiman! It's nothing like that. I'm just on period. That's all!" Nikaido laughed hard watching his quizzical look. Then she realized that maybe he didn't quite understand how the female body works. "You never saw or read about it, right?"

He continued to look at her with a goofy and shocked face. The blonde had to spend a few minutes explaining all the female body's physiological mechanics to him.

"So you mean... Nothing's gonna happen tonight?

"I can't believe you came here just for that", Nikaido said indignantly.

"You know… It's been a while…"

The blonde just sighed, leaving a chaste kiss on his face. "We can do other things together.”
"Really? So... Can I ask you something?"

"Depending on what it is, yes."

"Can you..." He muttered shyly, taking her hand and leading it to his covered member. He waited a few seconds for her to get the message.

“Oh? Seriously?" Her voice took on a low tone, gently pressing the slightly bulge between his legs. Kaiman blew out a heavy breath.

"This is your fault", he claimed, hissing when she squeezed him again, now more tightly. "Can you do this for me?"

Since she was unable to give him what he wanted, then her lips would do that for sure.

"Eh? Do you want that much?” Nikaido asked in a playful tone, positioning herself in front of him and unzipping his black pants, facing his proeminent erection.

"Oh you have no idea", Kaiman replied, already burying a hand in her long blond hair, anxious for her to attack him.

As soon as Nikaido finally opened his pants and lowered his boxers a little, she took his cock and began to make gentle up and down movements, causing him to groan in relief.

Her fingers skimmed his hard length, while her lips left chaste kisses on his crotch. When she realized he was already very horny, the blonde stopped her movements, whispering in his ear. "Tell me what you want, Kaiman."

And he said, in a murmur. "Suck me."

Nikaido decided to tease him some more. "And how do you want me to suck you, hm?"

"I want you to put it all in your pretty mouth", he pleaded, letting out another breathy groan when he felt her thumb slowly rubbing his glans.

The blonde laughed at those perverted words and finally lowered her face. Her soft lips began to suck the tip slightly and then put more intensity on that caress, enveloping him at once. His moans echoed through the room, taken by the delirium of being sucked by such a sexy woman like her.

Suddenly her lips were sliding down his cock to the base, taking him completely. Kaiman growled, closing his hands more tightly on her hair, encouraging her to suck him harder. And so she did. She increased her oral work efforts, massaging his balls with one hand.

More, more... This is what he wanted. 

She was so amazing. How? Perhaps that weird demon times gave her other incredible abilities.

"N-Nikaido… You're really good at this- hah!"

"Thanks!" She replied cheerfully, giving a kiss on his tip and again sucking and licking it deftly.

After a few minutes, she noticed that he was almost there. And she didn't stop. Nikaido continued sucking him willingly, with him pushing her head in a silent request to not stop. Until he didn't resist. He let out a long moan and poured his ecstasy into her mouth. The blonde drank all that deliciously hot and bitter liquid until no more drops were left.

She took one last lick on his cock and went up towards his flushed face, taking his lips in a calm kiss. They smiled at each other with their foreheads close, being silent for a while, enjoying that good moment.

"It's dirty here", Kaiman warned, running his thumb over the corner of Nikaido's mouth, cleaning up the semen that was still there. She thanked him with a lovely smile.

With all that proximity, it was inevitable for him not to notice how beautiful her smile was.

And surely he would make a similar effort to see that precious smile everyday. Maybe with chocolates again.