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Friendship Goals

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Friendship Goals









Nikaido had no idea where Kaiman got that wine.

Maybe he stole it from somewhere. Or maybe bought in an illegal market. It didn't matter. He had already planned something more or less special for that night in her room. They needed a good time together, alone. It was all damn crazy during that period in Hole, when they were separated and often on the verge of death. They really needed a little peace.

That night, the two friends talked about the new life. With each new dose, a new subject to be addressed.

After a few more full glasses and a lot of conversation thrown out, Nikaido was already feeling a little high. Kaiman looked fine. Too fine. She couldn't tell if it was the effect of that wine, but felt an inexplicable warmth just looking at him.

"It seems that this wine is so good that it suddenly makes people attractive", the blonde commented, her voice already slightly affected by alcohol.

"Yeah, I can tell you liked it a lot", the lizardman said, seeing her condition. She wasn't completely drunk, but a little more spontaneous. "In fact, I was always beautiful, okay?"

Nikaido laughed almost wildly, filling her glass with more wine. "Look, I can't say 100%. You still have that lizard head."

"I bet I'll shut your mouth when you see my extraordinary beauty... O-Oi, take it easy, idiot", Kaiman interfered, holding her hand. "You must be even more annoying and sadistic than usual when you're drunk and I don't wanna see that."

"Annoying? Sadistic?" Nikaido replied, bringing her face close to him. She smiled mischievously. "You haven't seen anything yet."

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and for no apparent reason they burst out laughing. Nikaido always had fun with him, despite the hostile world they lived in.

"You know Kaiman," she began, circling her glass with a finger. "I never imagined myself so happy the way I am now. And it's not for alcohol's blame that I'm telling you this, I swear," she joked. "I don't know... I just know that I'm happy now. And I'm really happy that you're my friend.”

Kaiman stared at the blonde in front of him, feeling his scaly skin heat up. She really seemed to be happy with him being part of her daily life. “Oh… I-I'm also happy that you're my friend. But-"


"It's just that I-" The lizardman faltered, lowering his head.

"If you have something to tell me, just say it", the blonde asked.

He lifted his head, looking into her baby blue eyes. "I really like you, Nikaido. But in another way, I think..."

She raised her eyebrows, surprised by his words. "Kaiman..."

"I don't think I need to hide it from you anymore", he admitted, scratching his head and looking away. "I never managed to get you out of my head while we were apart. I slept and woke up thinking about you, worried as fuck and afraid of losing you forever. I don't know exactly what that feeling is, but... I realized it just now."

Nikaido blinked a few times, trying to assimilate what she had just heard. Maybe she was really drunk. Or maybe he was too drunk to say something like that.

But deep in her soul, she knew she felt the same way too.

And suddenly, she took his reptilian face and left a chaste kiss near one eye. Kaiman was static, startled by her unexpected initiative.

"Thank you for telling me this, Kaiman. I just want you to know... That I thought about you a lot all this time, too."


Suddenly things started to heat up. And it wasn't just because of alcohol.

Nikaido felt the heat build up in her body when her lips moved down to his neck, gently sucking on his sensitive human skin. Kaiman closed his eyes, feeling her small hands land on his broad chest.

Suddenly, the blonde was lying on her bed, seeing his huge body standing over her. "I really wish I could kiss you", Kaiman sighed in disappointment.

"Don't worry about it", Nikaido smiled sweetly, placing a hand on his scaly face. "It's not like you're a complete lizard, right? You still have your hands. Use them."

And then, her hands brought his to her breasts covered by her work uniform. His big hands shook at the contact, and panicked, he quickly pulled them away. "N-Nikaido?!"

"Stop being silly, Kaiman! I know you always wanted to touch them", the blonde laughed.

Before he protested, she unzipped her clothes to her waist, revealing her usual black bra. Then she took his nervous hands again and placed them on her waist.

"Just relax, Kaiman."

Nikaido then stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck, positioning herself on his lap to facilitate his work with his hands. She brought his reptilian face closer, resting it on her soft shoulder, in a warm, sensual embrace.

At that moment Kaiman couldn't take that warm thing anymore, and he decided to put his rough hand up between their tight bodies and squeeze one of her breasts. Nikaido pulled away and threw her head back slightly, letting out a small squeak. The lizardman took advantage of the exposed skin of her neck, leaving an experimental lick with his reptilian tongue.

"Oh Kaiman..."

"Ah… I-I'm sorry. It was fucking weird, I know, but-"

"No, no. It was… It was good", Nikaido assured, giving a peck next to his nostril.

"You… Don't you really disgust me? You know, I-"

"Why would I?" She asked, patting his rough head. "You're special just the way you are. I would never feel that way about my best friend."

The two still stared at each other for a few minutes, their faces flushed and hearts racing. Then they turned their attention to their needy bodies. His hands were touching all the fleshy parts of her body, while she remained wrapped in his buff arms, giving due attention to his neck with kisses, licks and tender bites. At that time, the mood was already reaching high temperatures. She discreetly slid a hand into his white shirt, gently running her fingers over his sculpted abdomen, feeling his arm hairs reacting to her soft touch with a shiver. The blonde laughed softly. And then sighed when she felt his fangs brush against her shoulder.

"Nikaido, can I… Take this off?" He asked, referring to her bra.

“Y-Yes. Go ahead."

With her still in his lap, he put his hands on her back trying to open her bra as he attacked the exposed bosom, sliding the tip of his exotic tongue across her collarbone, going down a little more, until it reached the curves of her full breasts accommodated by the garment.

A few minutes - and a few attempts to break that thing at once - were enough for the piece finally be released, sliding down her arms, being forgotten somewhere in her room.

His reptilian eyes widened at that magnificent view of her opulent and gorgeous breasts, with pink, hard nipples. They were more beautiful than his lonely fantasies imagined.

Nikaido parted her lips, trying hold a moan when she felt his hands feeling both of her bare breasts at once. Soon his hands were replaced by his inhuman tongue, tasting one perky nipple and then the other. She could feel that different texture caressing her sensitive nubs, giving her intense and delicious chills.

"K-Kaiman... So good..." She whispered between broken and low moans, digging her nails into his scaly head.

Nikaido felt his bulge growing beneath her, and then she began to roll her hips on his lap, in a mutual provocation. Kaiman sighed heavily feeling her ass teasing his cock like that.

Then he laid her down on the bed again. They caressed each other for a few more minutes (she more than he, who was limited to just licking and tickling her skin with his pointed teeth), with their hands still restless, groping several places. Until they rolled on the bed and she got on top of him. Nikaido again rubbed her ass on his friend's erection while leaving more kisses and bites on his neck. Kaiman closed his eyes and moaned softly, putting a hand in her blond hair, encouraging her to continue to lower her mouth far below.

More than ever, she felt she needed to touch him. And taste him.

Nikaido stopped kissing his skin and immediately take his shirt off. Without saying anything, she began to kiss and lick his stout chest, savoring the slightly salty taste of his skin; then she lowered her lips further, snaking her tongue from his chest to his abdomen. Kaiman sighed heavily, his eyes still closed. 

Her lips were close to reaching where Kaiman really wanted. He felt an inexplicable horny. The bulge in his jeans left no doubt of that. And without delay, Nikaido unzipped his pants, relieving that pressure a little. She left wet kisses on his covered cock before finally removing his boxer.

He was now completely naked. And she still with her uniform. She took it off immediately, feeling a little more comfortable at that point. Her cotton panties were already damp and she needed relief. But she was patient.

Nikaido stared at Kaiman's shaft for a moment. 'Damn he's… Big…"  She thought, feeling her cheeks burn with shyness.

Focusing again on the sight before her eyes, the blonde began to act, firmly holding his hard cock. Kaiman opened his big mouth again and closed his eyes tightly.

“Fuck Nikaido…! Come on..."

And she responded to his friend's plea with a gentle lick on the head, circling it with her tongue soon after. After a few minutes, her mouth already enveloped his cock in a mind-blowing up-and-down move. Her small hands pumped the extension while her lips sucked the tip willingly. Kaiman deepened his fingers into her golden strands again, silently asking her for not to stop it.

But then, she stopped.

"Shit Nikaido! Why?!"

"I don't want this to end now, dumbass", the blonde winked. Kaiman made an almost inaudible grumble, which she didn't care.

But suddenly, Nikaido felt herself being thrown on the bed again. The lizardman stood over her small body, with a different look in his eyes - a wild look. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to cut his vibe.

He decided not to waste time with long caresses on her body, tearing off her panties and opening her gorgeous legs. But, suddenly, he stopped and remembered the condition he was in at that moment.

"If I had known we were going to do this, I would have asked your brother to change my face", he said, frustrated once again.

Nikaido laughed softly. "We can do this another day, don't worry."

"B-But… I want to make you feel good..."

"Relax, Kaiman. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same way, you know? Here", she said, taking his hand and bringing it to her cunt. She instantly bit her bottom lip feeling his callused fingers touching her clit.

"Wow! So wet… Is that so?"

"Yeah, it is", Nikaido chuckled, enjoying Kaiman's such inexperience. "I'll show you how I like to be touched. Pay attention."

And slowly, she was guiding his hand across her vulva, feeling his fingers graze her wet folds, making gentle circular movements at her hard nub. She moaned softly, closing her eyes and enjoying that delicious caress.

Kaiman's eyes never left those movements. He looked like a curious boy seeing an adult magazine for the first time. A drop of sweat ran down the scaly skin of his face, which at that time burned like never before. His fantasy of seeing her completely naked in such a special moment, something that was limited to his turbulent imagination, now became a reality.

Suddenly he felt her taking his two fingers and pushing them into her wet opening. Nikaido arched her back, groaning lasciviously at the feeling of being filled.

Kaiman couldn't say anything. He just looked mesmerized to her pussy, not sure what to do. So pink and soft… Oh, so fucking tight too…

"Can I tell you a secret?" The blonde murmured, interrupting his thoughts.

"S-Sure!" He responded nervously as he felt her insides squeeze his fingers.

"Did you know that I already touched myself thinking about you?" She started, moving his fingers inside her. "Just like that… I shoved my fingers just like that imagining you fucking me every night after work…"

Kaiman felt his stiff cock twitch as he heard that dirty confession. And seeing her move his hand more quickly made him take the hint about what she wanted at that moment. Harder and faster. He took her hand away and let his fingers do the work without the blonde's help, going in and out of her tight entrance, occasionally spreading the natural lubrication throughout her pussy, and penetrating it again.

The lizardman noticed the small nub abandoned above her juicy folds, and as if testing the waters, he touched the tip of his tongue there. The blonde gave a small cry, being taken by surprise.


"Ahhh Nikaido! Sorry again! I'm not gonna do this damn weird thing again, I prom-"

"No, keep going!" She asked, lifting herself up by her elbows and spreading her legs wider. "Keep touching me there, please…"

"Oh... O-Ok..." And so he did, flicking her throbbing clit with his tongue as he continued fucking her with his fingers more vigorously.

After a few more minutes being stimulated in such a different way, a familiar warmth began to form in her lower abdomen. Nikaido already felt the need to feel him entirely inside her.

“Kaiman! I want you right now!"

He then removed his fingers and tongue from her pussy and finally positioned himself (remembering an image he saw in an adult book). She immediately wrapped her toned legs around his friend's waist, pulling his face closer to cover him with loving kisses. A silly smile appeared on his wild features.

"I really am a lucky guy."

"Why? For having sex with me?” Nikaido joked.

“Hm, not just for that. I bet Thirteen would die with so much envy if he knew that- Ouch!” He exclaimed when he felt a hard slap on his arm. The two ended up laughing. “But seriously... I'm lucky to still have your friendship and affection, despite all the shit that happened to us. I am grateful that you believed in me and fought beside me on the search for my identity. You're so fucking special to me, Nikaido. And I will never let you go again.”

"Kaiman..." The blonde didn't know what to say. Maybe he really was… In love?

That greedy, impolite and often childish lizardman wasn't there.

At that moment, there was a real man above her body.


Nikaido let out a muffled groan from her parted lips when she felt Kaiman's cock entering her. She clung to his broad back, running her nails over his skin, like an escape valve. She needed to express all the frenzy she felt, as her vocal manifestations didn't seem to be enough. When Kaiman was completely inside, he paused a little so she could get used to his size.

"Kaiman... You can keep going." The blonde said, pushing her hips against his. It was a permission.

And with a hoarse groan, Kaiman started to move, holding her legs tightly, squeezing the soft flesh of her thighs in his huge hands.

Minutes later, his thrusts started to get harder and faster, making Nikaido scream with pleasure. For an inexperienced guy, Kaiman was pretty good at what he did. He managed to alternate between fast and slow strokes, always trying to caress her body and prevent anything from taking her arousal away.

They switched positions, with the blonde on top again. She took his cock, positioning it in her wet pussy and slowly went down, feeling him fill her insides completely. She started to ride him slowly, his hands gripping her waist guiding her curvy body. It wasn't necessary for a long time - soon, she was going up and down in his lap like a madwoman.

Her breasts bounced in front of him, making Kaiman moan at the sight and Nikaido's fleshy walls rubbing his pulsating cock inside. She threw her head back, biting her lips, squeezing her own tits as she rolled over and over in her friend's lap.

Absolutely thrilled by that lewd sight, he decided to try even harder to fuck her real good. So he hugged her waist with his muscular arms, stopping her movements. Then he started to smack his hips harder against her. She rested her hands flat on Kaiman's chest to withstand his firm thrusts into her tight pussy.

"Shit, Kaiman!"

“Nikaido... Do you like that? Hm? Come on, tell me..."

“Yes, just like that... I'm gonna come... D-Don't stop, Kaiman! Please don't stop...!”

He grabbed her by the nape, sinking her face into the curve of his neck. “I'm not gonna stop, Nikaido."

"Touch me Kaiman… Oh please touch me…!" The blonde pleaded breathlessly, taking his hand and guiding it on her clit again. Understanding her plea, he began to rub it furiously, making her shiver. Her insides tightened more and more. She was so close.

A heat grew in their bodies, their breathing became more difficult, their hearts beat faster. He continued to stimulate her along with his violent thrusts until she raised her head abruptly.

"K-Kaiman! I'm gonna- Oh fuck!"

And Nikaido reached her orgasm, sinking her face into Kaiman's neck, letting out a loud, muffled groan, feeling her soaked cunt squeezing Kaiman's member. He also couldn't resist; he ended up reaching the climax, quickly pulling out of her insides. The blonde sighed contentedly when she felt his cock between her luscious buttocks, releasing hot spurts into the curve of her back.

Their breath was gradually resumed, their foreheads together. They hugged each other tightly and parted, tired, sweaty and satisfied.



"You're not a sadistic as I thought when you're drunk."

"Of course I'm not, Kaiman", the blonde joked, adjusting her body and laying her head on his large chest. She purred when she felt his fingers comb through her tousled hair.

They were quiet for a long time, just paying attention to each other's breaths. Until Kaiman breaks the silence.

"Maybe this is what they call love."


"The feeling that I told you before, Nikaido. Must be something like that, right?" He wanted to know, hugging her tightly.

She smiled, closing her eyes. "We can find this out together, Kaiman."