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Rubeus Hagrid

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You're walking in the Forbidden Forest

There's no one around and your wand is dead

Out of the corner of your eye you spot him:

Rubeus Hagrid


He's following you, about 30 feet back

He gets out his crossbow and breaks into a sprint

He's gaining on you

Rubeus Hagrid


You're looking for your broom but you're all turned around

He's almost upon you now

and you can see there's a small frown on his face

By Merlin, there's a frown on his face!


Running for your life (from Rubeus Hagrid)

He's brandishing a wand (It's Rubeus Hagrid)

Lurking in the shadows

Three times Order of Merlin holder Rubeus Hagrid


Living in the forest (Rubeus Hagrid)

Killing Death Eaters (Rubeus Hagrid)

Vanishing the bodies

Actual Wizard Rubeus Hagrid