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Stick in the Mud

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"I don't get it," says Ming Yi. "You could have a real cock with actual sensation. Why are you in that body with a fake cock that can't feel anything?"


"Because it's interesting," Shi Qingxuan explains, not for the first time. "You know how many people go their whole lives only having one kind of sex and then they die? Most of them, Ming-xiong. That is so amazingly sad. I didn't become a Heavenly Official just so I can have one kind of sex and then die."


"Hm," Ming Yi grunts. They cut another skeptical glance at the jade pillar jutting from Shi Qingxuan's harness. "No, I suppose you didn't."


"Exactly," Shi Qingxuan says. And then, feeling like she does sort of owe Ming Yi some real honesty here, she admits, "And anyway, I like this body better. I like being a woman, you know that."


"It's not like you're a man in that body either," Ming Yi grumbles, which is the sort of thing that might be an insult and might be Ming Yi seeing her, really seeing her, which they do occasionally and which almost no one else ever does.


"Hm!" Shi Qingxuan says. "Well, anyway, here I am. Do you want me to go down on you?"


"Yes," Ming Yi says. "But I'll suck you off first."


Shi Qingxuan is about to point out that, as Ming Yi said, the jade pillar has no sensation and there's not really any point to sucking her off like that. But then Ming Yi slinks onto the bed and pushes their way into her lap and licks a smooth stripe up the jade pillar, and, okay, Shi Qingxuan can see the appeal here. Then Ming Yi looks up at her through their dark eyelashes, the way they do when they go down on her or blow her for real, and Shi Qingxuan feels a blush start between her breasts and travel its way up her chest, all the way to her throat.


Ming Yi wraps their mouth around the tip of the jade pillar and sucks. Shi Qingxuan can't even feel it beyond the way the pillar twitches minutely in its harness, but Ming Yi's cheeks are hollowed in a familiar way, and when they bob their head down to take it deeper into their mouth Shi Qingxuan says, "Hhuhhh," and Ming Yi quirks an eyebrow in a way that they know gets to her.


After a couple more bobs, Ming Yi pulls their mouth off the jade pillar and says, "Normally this is when I would fondle your balls, but you don't have any right now, so," and they reach forward to stroke one finger in a hot wet line between Shi Qingxuan's legs, where her harness leaves her exposed. 


Shi Qingxuan shudders a little and parts her legs willingly; she receives another stroke, light and slick, in return. Still, she manages to complain, "Please don't say words like 'fondle' or 'balls,' Ming-jie, it's really not very sexy of you."


"My apologies," Ming Yi deadpans. "I'll have to try harder." They flick the end of their finger so it brushes past Shi Qingxuan's clit and she jerks in response.


"No fair! You're supposed to be sucking me off, not fingering me," she protests.


"Fingering is frequently part of sucking you off," Ming Yi points out, but they withdraw their hand and wipe their moistened fingertips on the inside of Shi Qingxuan's thigh. Then they apply their tongue to the jade pillar again, messier this time, open-mouthed, slicking the already shiny jade surface into a wet sheen. Shi Qingxuan watches, entranced, as drool begins to slide down the sides of it.


Then Ming Yi leans forward and pushes her shoulders with both hands. "Lie back," they instruct her, and she does as she's told, feeling the muscles in her belly jump. She takes a moment to arrange pillows behind her head so that she's still propped up enough to see, and Ming Yi leans back away. Then they wrap their long fingers around the pillar and starts to pump it, their tongue pressed flat against the elegantly carved head. The movement of their hand pulls the pillar upward and then pushes it back down, effectively shoving at Shi Qingxuan's hips via the harness. She had counted on this sort of movement; the straps of the harness frame her lips and push them together with every movement, and she can feel herself starting to drip. She stifles a moan.


Ming Yi releases the pillar from their mouth with a wet sound and demands, "Let me hear you." A thread of spit connects their slick red lips and the tip of the pillar. They pump harder with their hand, pull forward and up, push down and back, to roll Shi Qingxuan's hips. Shi Qingxuan gasps and whines, curls her fingers into the fine silk sheets, fucks up into Ming Yi's hand. She can feel the muscles that surround her entrance clenching and unclenching, a second needy mouth. 


"You're so wet," Ming Yi tells them, in a tone of voice that suggests they think it's a little shameful. "I'm not even touching you."


"Yeah, well," Shi Qingxuan pants.


Ming Yi hums thoughtfully, then gives one last hard tug up on the pillar before releasing it and throwing themself onto their side next to Shi Qingxuan, fields of warm bare skin pressed against her arm. "You're too turned on," they decide. "Eat me out and then you can fuck me."


That sounds like a good plan to Shi Qingxuan! She takes a moment just to breathe, then she shoves herself up and shuffles down to kneel before Ming Yi's closed legs. They're such a liar, she thinks fondly. She's no more turned on than they are; she knows how they get about blowjobs. Indeed, when she pushes their legs open, the hair there curls wetly around their sweet pink folds, glossed with sex already. Shi Qingxuan takes a moment to kiss the side of Ming Yi's knee, then down the inside of their thigh. Her instinct is always to go too fast with these things, to just dive straight into the wet heat of Ming Yi's body, but she knows they like it slower, like their pleasure to be drawn out.


Ming Yi twitches under her mouth as they say irritably, "Get on with it." Shi Qingxuan presses a grin into their bare skin; they never say what they mean. She gives the soft skin a little nip and hears Ming Yi's breath go ragged; she licks it better and hears a little "Nn." At that she's suddenly too impatient, so she licks her way down Ming Yi's thigh to kiss the hot swell of their outer lips, the brush of soft hair familiar on her face. She sucks on the junction between Ming Yi's thigh and the soft hidden parts of them, smells Ming Yi's wetness as it begins to pool.


Shi Qingxuan gives in with a moan and sticks her tongue between Ming Yi's folds, gathers wetness from her entrance and spreads it up across their lips to their clit and then back down. She loves this. She loves the smell and the taste and the relentless slick heat, loves sucking on Ming Yi's inner lips and thrusting her tongue into their entrance and letting drool drip from her mouth. She presses her whole mouth into Ming Yi's wetness, feels her cheeks and chin and nose get sticky, and hums another moan. Ming Yi's entrance is so hot and wet, open for her and pulsing. 


"Use your fingers," Ming Yi commands, their voice rough.


"Hmmmnn," Shi Qingxuan says into Ming Yi, then flattens her tongue and licks a broad trail up Ming Yi's folds. She finishes by flicking the tip of her tongue against Ming Yi's clit and says, "Maybe if you're nice." She kisses it and feels Ming Yi suppress a shudder. "Be nice, jiejie. Say please."


Ming Yi does not say please. Instead they scoff and grind up into Shi Qingxuan's face, which is rude! But irresistible. Shi Qingxuan hooks her arms around Ming Yi's muscular thighs and doubles down with the licking. Fuck, she loves this. She spends a long several minutes giving broad cat-grooming licks all the way from Ming Yi's entrance to their clit; she swazzles the tip of her tongue in zigzags up and down their folds; she thrusts her tongue inside her friend as deep as it will go. Ming Yi swears above her.


"Shi Qingxuan, if you don't fuck me soon I am leaving this bed," they threaten, which is their way of saying 'please.'


"Mmmnn," Shi Qingxuan agrees into their clit, and pulls off. "Whatever Ming-jie says." She rubs her thumb along Ming Yi's slick folds in satisfaction, feeling her own throb with sympathetic interest, and watches as wetness leaks down from Ming Yi's entrance. Well, that's wasteful! Shi Qingxuan straightens into a kneel and swipes her thumb up to catch the fluid, then smears it onto the tip of her jade pillar. That's not enough, so she goes back for more, finally sliding two fingers inside Ming Yi to really slick them up.


"Oh," Shi Qingxuan says, half-aware of herself. "Oh, you feel really good… You're really warm inside, and so wet…"


Ming Yi says, "Hn," and pulses around her.


"Give me your pillow," Shi Qingxuan says, and Ming Yi obeys. "Hips up." She pulls her wet fingers out and uses her other hand to wedge the pillow under Ming Yi's hips so that they're propped up nicely, then finishes lubricating the jade pillar with Ming Yi's wetness.


She looks up Ming Yi's body, all the smooth curved planes of it: the softness of their belly; the hint of their abdominal muscles, hidden now but jumping into relief when they go tense; their breasts, pulled down and to the side by gravity, so that their chest is almost as smooth in the middle as it is in their other body. Their hands, up near their head. The flush working its way up their throat. Their pretty dangly earrings. Their hazy yellow eyes, locked now on hers.


"Get on with it," they demand. Their voice is too breathy for Shi Qingxuan to find it really rude. She breaks their gaze and looks back down at the place of interest, so to speak. She gives Ming Yi another stroke.


Then she carefully uses one hand to spread Ming Yi's lips, and uses the other to guide the tip of the jade pillar to nudge against their entrance.


"Cold," Ming Yi says, but it's not quite a complaint. Shi Qingxuan hums in response. She hadn't spent really any time stretching them out, but that was on purpose; Ming Yi likes a little pain. And anyway the pillar isn't that big — its diameter is a little wider than two of her fingers side by side.


She slips the head of it inside. Ming Yi makes a little sound. They look so good like this, laid out in front of her, their legs spread, their lips wet and darkening pink around the creamy pale green of her jade cock. "Deeper," they growl.


Shi Qingxuan keeps one hand on her jade pillar and uses the other to grab the angle of Ming Yi's hip and pushes slowly, slowly into them. Ming Yi is so wet and the pillar is so smooth and slicked that it enters them effortlessly, easy as a dream, all the way to the hilt where it's strapped to Shi Qingxuan's harness, itself a contrivance of pale green silk ribbons, something that surely shouldn't work except for the spark of spiritual power keeping it together.


When Shi Qingxuan is fully seated between Ming Yi's legs, the pillar swallowed up by their body, she stays there for a moment leaning over Ming Yi. And then Ming Yi's eyes roll open and they say, "Move," and Shi Qingxuan laughs breathlessly and starts to move. She pulls out almost all the way, then thrusts powerfully back in again, forcing a ragged gasp out of Ming Yi: "Yeah."


"Oh?" Shi Qingxuan asks, rolling her hips out before pushing halfway back in, then easing back out. Halfway in, ease back out. The motion pulls at the harness again, pushes her lips together then pulls them apart. "Mn." Below her Ming Yi is trembling in what might be arousal and might just be fury. Shi Qingxuan moves her hands to the insides of Ming Yi's thighs just below the knee and spreads their legs wider, admires where the jade pillar disappears into their body.


"You look so good," she tells them. "All stretched around my cock like this, you take it so prettily. My pretty Ming-jie, my handsome Ming-xiong."


Ming Yi is biting their lip so hard that the skin is turning white. Shi Qingxuan tells them thoughtfully, "You're so wet, you could take my fingers too. You could take anything."


Ming Yi releases their lip with a gasp, and Shi Qingxuan fucks into them, all the way in again this time, the fronts of her thighs hitting the underside of Ming Yi's with a quiet slap. She grinds closer with a roll of her hips, and a little keening sound forces its way out of Ming Yi's mouth, and then she starts fucking them in earnest, big rabbiting motions that pull the pillar almost all the way out before fucking it all the way back in, over and over. The sound is obscene, wet and rhythmic, layered with Shi Qingxuan's little grunts of effort and Ming Yi's panting. Shi Qingxuan is very aware of the movements of her unbound breasts like this, how they move with every thrust. 


"Can you come like this?" she pants, although she knows the answer.


"Mngnh," says Ming Yi.


Shi Qingxuan shifts on her knees, slides a little lower down so that she can fuck up into Ming Yi's body. Ming Yi gasps and whines and finally brings their hands down from beside their head to tangle their fingers in her hair. "I'm gonna make you come like this," Shi Qingxuan decides. Ming Yi sort of whimpers in outrage. Shi Qingxuan pulls out and lets the cum-slick, body-warmed head of the jade pillar slide between Ming Yi's flushed inner lips, its movements silky smooth against their skin. When it brushes their clit Ming Yi moans out loud. Shi Qingxuan leaves it there, heavy and hot against Ming Yi's body, for one breath, two, and then she takes the pillar in her hand again and guides it back inside them. This time she fucks them deep and slow, rolling her hips to drag the curved head of the pillar up against that sweet spot on its way out. Ming Yi whines with every thrust, their mouth open, their eyes shut in concentration.


"So good," Shi Qingxuan tells them, "so good, Ming-jie, you're my absolute favorite," and Ming Yi sobs and wraps their legs around her waist, grips her hair almost too tight. Shi Qingxuan speeds up her thrusts, feels her own wetness soaking into the silk of the harness. Underneath her Ming Yi's panting has become vocalized, each sound punched out of them, and their thighs clench and clench around Shi Qingxuan's waist, until at last they suck in a huge deep breath and let out a long, ragged moan, and their back arches off the bed. They lock their legs around Shi Qingxuan's waist and pull her as deep inside as she can go and grind up into her, their thighs and abdomen flexing powerfully for three rolling thrusts, four, and then they freeze in place for a long moment, their mouth open soundlessly.


Then they slump boneless back onto the bed, pulling Shi Qingxuan down on top of them. Shi Qingxuan laughs breathlessly; Ming Yi appears to have come so hard that they spend a long moment not breathing at all, just lying there with their heart pounding hard underneath her.


Finally they open their eyes and give a long sighing groan. When they're done with that they buck their hips and say, "Get off me."


"Yes, Ming-jie. As soon as you release the death-grip of your legs," Shi Qingxuan says sweetly. Ming Yi huffs and lets their legs fall open again, and Shi Qingxuan carefully pulls out, watching with horny fascination as the jade pillar is followed by a slick puddle of cum.


"You," Ming Yi says when Shi Qingxuan has been staring between their legs for possibly too long. Shi Qingxuan blushes and snaps her head up. "Take that thing off and come here," Ming Yi says. Their voice is wrecked.


Shi Qingxuan obeys, untying the silk ribbons from around her waist and hips with alacrity. She sets the jade pillar aside to wash later and crawls up Ming Yi's naked body to lay her head on their shoulder the way they both like. Ming Yi hums in approval and shifts to accommodate her. "Pretty girl," they say, and Shi Qingxuan's blush deepens. This Ming Yi!!!! Absolutely no way with words, and yet — ?!?!


"Pretty girl yourself," Shi Qingxuan tells them.


"I'm not a girl," Ming Yi says, pawing clumsily at Shi Qingxuan's thighs. "Open up. How am I supposed to finger you if your legs are closed?"


Shi Qingxuan opens her legs obediently. Fuck, she's so wet. "What are you then? Pretty boy?"


"I don't know," Ming Yi says, dipping a finger between Shi Qingxuan's lips. "I don't really care. — I don't know what I am," they repeat, glancing up to meet Shi Qingxuan's eyes, their gaze serious suddenly, and inscrutable.


Shi Qingxuan looks at them. Their finger turns slow circles around her clit. "I don't know if you have to know," she decides. "Ming Yi is my friend and that's what matters."


Ming Yi's eyes flutter closed, and they tilt their forehead to rest against Shi Qingxuan's jaw. "Mn," they agree. Their finger slides up and down between Shi Qingxuan's folds. She's been so turned on for so long that there's no resistance whatsoever, no part of her there that isn't slicked with desire; when Ming Yi slips two long elegant fingers inside, they go easy as anything. Their other arm is tucked underneath Shi Qingxuan, so they reach around with that hand to stroke her breast, play with her nipple a little.


Sometimes when they do this, Ming Yi comments on her handiwork; they'll cup Shi Qingxuan's breast in their hand and say, "Soft," or run their fingers through the hair between her legs and say, "Fine." (The hair is one of the details of which Shi Qingxuan was particularly proud; in her other body the hair is coarser and lighter in color, but in this one it's dark and fine.) But Ming Yi is silent now; thoughtful, maybe, or just concentrating.


They fuck their fingers slowly in and out, their thumb working in light little vees around the bud of Shi Qingxuan's clit. She shifts a little in place and requests, "Harder. With your thumb. You can touch me directly."


"Hm." Ming Yi obeys, and then there's their thumb, warm and firm right against her, and she gasps. Ming Yi settles into a rhythm there, matches it with their fingers at her nipple; they pull their fingers from her entrance with a wet sound, instead rubbing the edges of it.


"Fuck," Shi Qingxuan gasps. "Ming-jie —" She presses her hips up into Ming Yi's hand, forces the tips of Ming Yi's fingers back inside her.


"Greedy," Ming Yi tells her, and strokes firmly at the rim, pushes their thumb in a horrible circle all the way around her clit without touching it at all. Shi Qingxuan shudders and whines and bucks up against their hand again, and then all at once Ming Yi pushes themself up on top of her, braced on the arm half-trapped under her neck, and with the new leverage it takes one, two, three strokes of their fingers inside her, three fast loops around her clit, and she's coming so hard her back arches off the bed. Ming Yi releases the pressure on her clit but keeps fucking her through it, somehow finding just the right rhythm to fit with the pulsing of Shi Qingxuan's body around their fingers.


Shi Qingxuan moans and shudders and rolls her hips up into Ming Yi's hand until at last it becomes too much, and she finally lets herself collapse back onto the bed. Ming Yi withdraws their fingers and wipes them on the insides of her thighs again. "Ming-jie," Shi Qingxuan whines, but she can't bring herself to complain more than that. It's not like her thighs weren't already sticky with evidence of her own desire, anyway.


"I'll lick you clean later," Ming Yi offers.


Shi Qingxuan perks up. "Ming-jie is so smart," she says.


"Mmm," Ming Yi agrees. "I'm hungry. Let's get a snack."


"Sure, sure!" Shi Qingxuan says. "Snacks for Earth Master and Wind Master. We've earned them, I think."


Ming Yi grunts in agreement but doesn't get up, just stays there sort of draped over Shi Qingxuan's naked body. They're so hot and so cute. Shi Qingxuan pinches their buttcheek. "Which do you like more, sex or eating?" she asks.


"Which do you like more, me or your brother," Ming Yi counters without looking at her.


"Ew! Don't make me think about my brother, I'm thinking about sex!! He is not invited into my sex life, Ming-jie," Shi Qingxuan tells them firmly. 


"Hm," Ming Yi says, but they sound sort of pleased. "I like sex."


"Good," Shi Qingxuan says, although she thinks it's sort of nonsensical even as she says it. Why should she care? "I like sex too."


"Hmmmm," Ming Yi says, and then they fall asleep. Right on top of her! They fall asleep on top of her!


"How rude!" Shi Qingxuan tells them, and snuggles in to nap.