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100 Drabble Challenge

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Rokka knew that Masuki liked to lay down anywhere and everywhere that she could. She didn't give much explanation for why this was the case, just that cold surfaces felt good on her back, which she guessed was valid.


Apparently, this also applied to fields.
Before they had even set their blankets (if you could call them that) down, Masuki was already essentially T-posing on the grass, definitely getting some sort of dew on the back of her jacket, closing her eyes and letting herself smile a tiny bit. God, Rokka loved that smile.


"Masuki-san, what are you doing?"


"Laying on the ground." She tilted her head to look at Rokka.


"Okay, well, do you still want this, or...?" Rokka held up the maybe-blanket after she had set down her own, to which Masuki shook her head.


"I'm good." Rokka shrugged, and laid down on her maybe-blanket, but seeing as it wasn't that well made, she could still slightly feel some blades of grass poking her back. About a minute later, after she had already gotten lost in the stars, she felt somebody gently poke her shoulder. "Can you...?" It was Masuki, who, at the moment, was gesturing kind of incoherently. Luckily, Rokka understood.


"Of course." She awkwardly scooched over, and Masuki eagerly joined her, leaving 'just' enough space between them so that they weren't touching but were close enough that any sort of shifting at all would make them touch. Usually, Rokka would question anybody doing this when they had their own perfectly good blanket, but the gayness of the whole thing already overwhelmed her. Besides, it wasn't like she minded Masuki being this close anyway.


About another minute passed, and Rokka felt a hand gently grab her right shoulder. Then a body pressing into her left side. She looked over, already knowing what to expect, but 'wow' Masuki's face was still really close to hers. And then Masuki backed away a little.


"Oh, sorry, did you not want me to-?"


"No, no, it's fine!" Rokka responded a bit too quickly, realizing that she probably made some sort of shocked face. Her heart couldn't take much more of this. She rolled onto her left side so that their position was a little less uncomfortable.


Neither of them were looking at the stars anymore. Rokka was frantically looking around and avoiding eye contact, while Masuki kept her gaze focused on the guitarist. Eventually, Rokka couldn't keep it up. She gave in, and looked back at the girl in front of her.


"Hmm..." Masuki was on the brink of one of her scary expressions, but, strangely, it was a bit softer. "You're cute, you know that?" Masuki called things cute a lot, but this felt different. Maybe it was their close proximity, maybe it was the way she said it, maybe it was the fact that Rokka was finally realizing that she had been crushing on this girl for a long time, but something about it made all the butterflies in Rokka's stomach try to come bursting out.


The last straw for Rokka was when Masuki finally broke her stare, looking down for a brief moment, and then looked back up at her, lingering on Rokka's lips for a second before continuing to stare into her eyes.


"Masuki-san..." She squeaked out as she tried to control her heartbeat, but she lost the ounce of composure she still had when Masuki used the hand that wasn't on Rokka's shoulder to gently cup her cheek.


"Rokka..." The way Masuki said her name was so gentle and soft that Rokka had to stop herself from screaming. "... Can I kiss you?"




Rokka couldn't exactly say anything at the moment, considering that she could barely form a coherent thought at all. All she could do was nod, blush, and feel incredibly gay. Masuki smiled the most genuine smile Rokka had ever seen her make, and blushed. She wasted no time, quickly pressing their lips together, and Rokka though she was about to implode. It was amazing, a little awkward considering neither of them knew what they were doing, but amazing nonetheless. Rokka's heart was pounding, and there was a tingling feeling in her chest. After what felt like minutes, it was over.


"Hah..." Rokka didn't know how long she had been holding her breath for, but it was nice to breathe again.


"I love you, Rokka," Masuki sounded a bit breathless.


"I love you too," Rokka smiled even wider.


"Now, do you wanna do what we actually came here to do?" Rokka laughed along Masuki, her heart feeling happy.


The stars were beautiful, even more so since she knew Masuki loved her. Her entire world felt brighter now.


She loved the feeling of being loved.