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Baby You Said

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“I want a child with you..”

Johnny jumped in Gyro’s arms, dropping his phone which fell on his face. Rubbing his nose, he looked down at Gyro. The man had his face against Johnny’s tummy and was pouting, lost in his thought.

Johnny blinked and frowned at him. Did he really say what he heard..?
After a moment, Johnny asked:
“What did you just say..?” Gyro stroked Johnny’s bare skin with his bearded cheek.

“I said.. I would like a child with you..” Lazily repeated Gyro, the thumb of his hand brushing Johnny’s hip.

What the heck? Johnny suddenly sat straight, Gyro moaned, annoyed.

“Why in hell are you talking about that Gyro..?” Johnny’s worlds were slow to come out his clenched jaws.


Johnny clearly never been that kind of soft omega, whose biggest wish was to find a loving alpha, to be bonded, to carry children and raised them.
Johnny was a wild-soul, independent and he was clearly not into those ‘perfect family’ stuff.
Family was a pain in the ass and he didn’t want to have to deal with it anymore.

Gyro frowned back at Johnny.
“What..? I didn’t say it like it would happened anyway..” He said with a sulky voice.


If Johnny wasn’t the cliché of an omega, Gyro was somehow that ‘alpha cliché’. He was dedicated, he was patient, he was protective and his biggest dream was to have that big and happy family, full of pups running around.

“I thought I made it clear. I’ll never bear any child, Gyro.” The way Johnny was saying his name now, it was upsetting Gyro, it was maybe even hurting him a bit.
Yet, he still smiled, a bit sadly, standing from the bed and heading out.

“Don’t worry, I know.. I’m going to grab coffee, do you want a cup?” Johnny only answered with an affirmative ‘hm’ leaning back on the bed, his eyes on his phone.
Gyro looked at him and sighed deeply, leaving the room.

‘It’s not as if we’re dating for years now..’ the Italian hoped to throw back, but he wasn’t like that, and Johnny had really made it clear since the first day.
After all this time, they weren’t even mates..


Johnny was half living at Gyro’s place. Half-living since he still had his own flat, with his own clothes, his own bed, his own home.
It always made Gyro’s heart hurt when he accidentally talked about ‘their’ home, ‘their’ bed’, ‘their’ stuff.. and when Johnny was correcting him ‘your’ home, ‘your’ bed, ‘my’ stuff.

And even if Gyro knew where Johnny was living, he never passed the front door.
It saddened the alpha deep in his heart.
Because he loved Johnny. He genuinely was in love with him.
Johnny was cute, beautiful and handsome, he was talented and intelligent.. all of this, Gyro really meant it, but when he started with those compliment, when he told Johnny how much he was to him, the boy was just shushing him, laughing at how dumb he was, warning Gyro to not ‘fall in love’ with a snicker on his perfect face.

But Gyro had fell in love. And Gyro wanted a family, he wanted children or even just only one, and he wanted this to happen with Johnny.
But Johnny had really made it clear.


The truth was that Johnny was afraid.
Afraid to develop a serious relationship. He wasn’t ready. It was too much. He didn’t feel like it. It was too soon.

Not that he didn’t like Gyro.. It was far from it, Gyro was more or less perfect for Johnny, that was why they were still dating.. after several years.. how long already?
Johnny could have just search in his Facebook profile page or on scroll down on Instagram to find the date of their first date. But it didn’t worth it. There was no point to look for it now.

Johnny just kept scrolling, double clicked to like random post here and there.


But having a child? What on Earth?! The matter was stuck in his mind.
Johnny would never carry someone’s child. He would never bound no one.
It was easier. What if something was going wrong, uh? What if he met someone better than him? Or if Gyro just aged like a grumpy, old and annoying alpha? No way Johnny wanted to bond. It sounded like a prison. And he needed his freedom.

In fact, Johnny needed to feel able to flee, to run away.
If Gyro now knew where he lived, he only found out after three years of dating.. and because Johnny had accidentally broke one of his crutches.

Gyro was a kind man and a good alpha. He always wore condom in their first times, when Johnny hadn’t started his birth control. He even started taking suppressant.
He never made any comment about Johnny’s smell, he was careful to not kiss him too close of his neck, he was caring, but always let Johnny had some space.

Johnny’s hand slowly slid to his belly.

Gyro was really perfect..

The omega startled when he heard Gyro coming back with the two coffees. He straightened up, pulling his hand away from his tummy.
Damn that man.. Making him to think at such stupid ideas..!

When he gave him his cup, Gyro was all sweet smiling as always, he didn’t start again with his insanity about baby and just casually cuddle with Johnny for the rest of the evening.


Johnny was smiling at the sky, looking how the big clouds were lazily running in that blue canvas. It was peaceful. He closed his eyes and smiled larger to the fresh wind blowing on his cheeks.
He was waiting.

“Ama!” He opened his eyes and lowered them on a little boy with blond hair and green eyes, running at him with a blue schoolbag and a pink teddy in his hand.
Johnny knelt and opened his arms, the boy ran faster to reach those warming arms.
“Hey sunshine~!”


Johnny awoke with a strange feeling. He slowly sat in the bed, making Gyro’s arm sliding from his waist. The man turned in a moan.

Johnny looked around. It was Gyro’s room, as always. There’s clothes from yesterday on the floor..
He turned his gaze to the window. According to the light, it was still quite early. He looked at his phone, ignoring all his notifications, just to check for the hour.
6:37 a.m.
What a shame. Johnny didn’t feel like going back to sleep, but wasn’t it too early for him to wake up?
He turned to look at Gyro’s back and messy hair.
Oh, how pretty he was in the morning light.. even from behind..
Johnny slowly approached his hand from Gyro’s head, but changed his mind. He didn’t want to wake him up. He might be peacefully dreaming.

Dreaming? Did Johnny have a dream? He had that feeling, but what was it again..?
Gyro growled in his sleep.

Anyway, Johnny felt like staying in bed would only make his boyfriend awake.

Slowly, as carefully as he could, he took his crutches and stood. On his way, he grabbed a hoodie.
One Gyro’s hoodie.


When he woke up, Gyro felt something strange.. the place next to him.. It was empty. He sat quickly, looking at where he hugged Johnny last night. But there was no one.
Frowning, the alpha tried to stay calm and not to overreact at Johnny’s absence – it was hard sometimes to suppress his own instinct..

When he entered the living room, only wearing a boxer, he caught Johnny sitting on the couch, his legs up in his arms, against him, a cup of coffee on his knees and his eyes turned to the sky, through the window.
He seemed lost in his thought, but he slowly turned his eyes to Gyro with a soft smile.
How unusual to see such an expression on Johnny’s face, and to see him up so early and so peaceful and so calm..

“Are you alright..?” Asked Gyro, standing in the middle of the living room, feeling a bit out of place with his messy hair and boxer.

Johnny was simply so beautiful.. There was something melancholic in this beauty, and it made Gyro’s heart missed a beat.

“I’m fine.” Said Johnny, with a really sweet and calm voice.
It was true, he felt fine. He was just calm, still a bit drowsy from the night. He had spent his morning looking at the sky, he felt that he would eventually be able to remember his dream like that, he was pretty sure he, at some point, dreamed of the sky.

Gyro’s frown was still on his face and he came closer.

“You know you can tell me if anything bothered you, right?”

“Yeah, of course, don’t worry, I’m really fine.” Gyro was worrying. Cute.
Now the man was crouching down in front of Johnny, his hands on Johnny’s cold feet.
Johnny could barely feel it, but the warmth from this touch still tingled his numb legs.

“Tell me..” That concerned was cute, but now it started to be a bit annoying.

“I told you, I’m fine. I made coffee, don’t you want a cup?” The poor attempt of Johnny to change the subject didn’t change anything at those puppy green eyes on him.

Green eyes.. Johnny had the feeling he saw such eyes somewhere not so long time ago.. But now, he knew only one person with such eyes..

“Common..” It sounded like a plea, coming from Gyro, with his hoarse, morning voice.

“Gyro, I swear I’m fine!” Now, that mood had passed and Johnny felt kind of stupid.
It was really not in his habit to sit on the couch and to look at the window as a sighing, romantic teen.
What the fuck?

“Is that because of yesterday..? Because I talked about child-?”

“Oh shut it!” Cut Johnny, pushing Gyro’s shoulder to get his crutches and stand. “I said I was fine, nothing to do with that shit!” He headed to the bathroom. He didn’t really need to go there, but he really needed some space, to be far from Gyro for a while.
“And never talked about that ever again!” He slammed the door behind him, feeling a bit guilty at how Gyro’s face looked lost, how his genuine eyes seemed hurt.

Johnny remembered now. He remembered his dream.
And it made him freak out.

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If nothing seemed to have change between them, both Johnny and Gyro felt something different.
They were still taking their coffee in the morning, Gyro still leaving for his job, Johnny doing his stuff, then Johnny was joining Gyro to share the lunch time with him, the afternoon was as the morning, then Gyro was coming back home, kissing Johnny, they were sharing a moment watching TV, then Gyro was leaving to cook – when they weren’t ordering food –, they were eating, sharing the news of the day – Gyro was talking about his work and Johnny about some drama he saw here and there – then, they were going to the bathroom, sometimes they were watching a movie or a show, or else they were directly going to bed for some cuddly time.

It was a pretty good schedule, the kind Johnny liked. But since that day, it was hard for him to fully relax when Gyro was at work.
He was always waiting to see him again and at the same time, he was somehow anxious about it.

Gyro, even if he didn’t really change anything in his behavior, seemed kind of distant, as if there was less.. concerned in his attention. As if he was just doing what always did, but because of the habit and no more by love.
It made Johnny mad, and also worry, and sad, and mad again.

What the fuck? What was wrong with him?? If Gyro had a problem, he just had to talk about it! As they always did!
Johnny would ask him. He would definitely ask him. Tonight.


That was what Johnny repeated to himself for four whole days.

Until Gyro broached the hot topic himself.

“Don’t your parents a bit upset to still rent you a flat when you are living at my place?” It was during Gyro’s lunch break. And oof. Gyro knew how talking about Johnny’s parents was like walking on a fucking thin ice.
Johnny opened his mouth to close it right after. He didn’t really know how to answer.

“They didn’t care. Since I’m far from them.” Said Johnny, after a while, with bitter voice.

Gyro hummed and moved the discussion on some other subject.


Johnny was looking at his phone.
5:47 p.m.
Then he looked back at the TV. And again at his phone.
Still 5:47..

He tsked, putting his phone on the couch.
What the hell? What the fuck.. What was going on..?

Why Gyro talked about that? Why so suddenly..? And why Johnny was overthinking about all of the tiniest acts and words of that man? Why did he feel so tensed all the time?

Johnny was eating his lips now, making it bleed. He suddenly stopped, remembering how Gyro scolded him for doing that.. ‘You have pretty lips! Stop eating it! No more kiss for you if you still make it bleed, get it?’
Gyro’s voice in Johnny’s head sounded just as if he was there, but Johnny couldn’t help and still sucking on the metallic taste leaking from his lip.

He checked his phone again.


What? So slow.. For God’s sake..
Johnny turned to look at the door. It was highly improbable that Gyro would arrive at home so soon.. His work ended at 6:00 p.m. and he had all his way back home..
Gyro would probably not be there before at least 6:30.. maybe 7:00..

Johnny sighed and stood up. He had time for a bath..


All clean, his head spinning a bit due to the steam in the bathroom, Johnny walked out of the bathroom. He had put his blue-star short and the sleeveless, white hoodie with that single blue star on it.

Johnny liked this outfits. It was a gift, from Gyro.

The fresh air from the living room was good. But the place was plunge into darkness, so Gyro wasn’t back yet. Johnny took his phone and checked the hour.

7:45..?! Johnny really spent all that time in the bath? More importantly, why did Gyro isn’t home yet..?!

Johnny felt his heart beat faster. Something maybe happened to him? Maybe he was mad, maybe he was angry..? Maybe did he have an accident?!
Without noticing it, Johnny put a hand on his tummy and tugged at his hoodie.
Should he call him? Or sent him a message..? A call might disturbing him.. but a message, it was not enough, too slow, Johnny wanted an answer.. quick.

He decided to wait five more minutes, until 7:50. When the last minute passed, he called.
Johnny could barely hear the beep from the phone through his heartbeats.

Damn Gyro..

No answer, only a voice asking for him to leave a message. Johnny hung up and recalled right away.

It still ringed with no one answering.. until the last second. Gyro picked up, but his voice was strange.

“Ah Johnny, sorry. I’ll be late, don’t wait for me, eat and go to sleep. Forgot to tell you.”
Wow. It was so.. cold? He forgot..?
The background was noisy. Gyro’s voice sounded like he just laughed a second before, and now as he was kind of uncomfortable.. was he annoyed..?

“Y-you..” But before Johnny had found what to say, he heard a voice, two voices.. no three? Calling for Gyro.
“I’m sorry Johnny, don’t wait for me.” And he hanged up. Johnny stayed there, on the couch. All alone, in the silence of the living room, in the mere light of the little lamp.

Gyro was.. hanging out? With colleagues? Or friends..? Johnny looked at the black screen of his phone.
Gyro was hanging out.. with other persons? And he was there. Alone.

Johnny couldn’t understand his own feeling. Was he mad? Angry? Or sad..? No..
Well, yes he was all of those, but he was mostly confused. Lost and confused. And also worry.

It was the first time.. the first time Gyro was doing something.. like that. What was that? How Johnny should react to that..?

Gyro said to eat and sleep.. without him. Johnny doubted he could eat now. Even if he felt hungry, he had knots in his stomach, and it made him sick to even imagine him sitting alone, eating.

He headed straight to the bedroom, rolled under the blanket and just crossed his arms, really really hard around his own body, face buried in pillow.


Johnny didn’t remember the moment he fell asleep, but he woke up at a creak from the living room. Sitting, he tried to get if he just dreamed that sound or if it was really something.
Giving a look at the phone, it was two in the morning.
Outside, it was raining and the sound of the drop on the window made it hard for Johnny to get any sound from the other room.

Then Gyro opened the door. Johnny jumped at it, it was so sudden, and Gyro looked so..
So not like Gyro..

His hair was messy and wet, he smelled so many the scents.. mostly alcohol and so much unknown people’s smell.. He was groaning, stumbling to the bed where he fell heavily.

“Hey Johnny..” He mumbled, trying to remove his shoes.

“Gyro..? Are you.. alright..?” Asked Johnny, genuinely worry, scared.

“Yeah, yeah I’m super fine.” He yawned, opening his mouth wide and spreading the alcohol’s smell all around.

“You smell bad..” Remarked Johnny, frowning at the disturbing scents.

“Gonna shower later..” He was already half asleep. Damn.. Gyro.. This was so not his Gyro..

“Go shower now Gyro.. At least, do it for yourself, tomorrow..”

Gyro hummed for a whole minute. And then another minute passed.
“Hmmyeah..” And he awkwardly stood up, reaching the bathroom, his pace not so straight. “You, sleep.”

Johnny didn’t sleep. He stayed sit, looking at the bathroom’s door. He listened at the sound of the shower, mixing with the rain sound from outside.

But the shower was too long.. Johnny was exhausted and laid on his side, looking at the window, his back at the bathroom.
Some times later, Gyro got out of the other room and slid in the bed. He seemed a little bit more sober.

He probably thought that Johnny was asleep when he passed a hand around Johnny’s body, caressing his belly, sniffing into Johnny’s neck.

It was both good and uncomfortable. Johnny grunted, making Gyro at least stop nuzzling near his bond spot. But he whispered something. Something that Johnny was sure to have heard, but also unsure to really understand.

“Ti amo.”

Johnny tried to not tense too much, but.. Gyro, what on earth was going on..?
Never he ever..
Johnny ever been clear about that-

Exhausted and troubled, they fell asleep like this, together.

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Johnny awoke with the sound of the dryer. He frowned, looking next to him. Of course Gyro was awake. He then looked at his phone. 8:30..? But it was Saturday..! Gyro couldn’t just wait and leave him sleep?
Johnny had spend all his last evening worrying.. and now Gyro was doing the chores at 8:30 in the morning.. on Saturday?!

Grumpy, he joined the living room, still wearing the white and blue-star pajama.

Gyro was in the kitchen, humming while he was cooking something.

“Good morning Johnny!” Wow.. He seemed in a way too good mood for a man who was supposed to have a hangover.. Such an alpha.

Johnny sat at the table, looking at how Gyro had prepared the breakfast.
Toasts, juice, coffee, jam and butter, also Johnny’s favorite cereals.
The omega hummed, feeling his belly gurgled.

“It looks good.. Thanks!” Johnny started to drink a coffee and butter a toast. Gyro joined him with egg and bacon. What a morning!
“What did you put in the dryer?” Asked Johnny, this moment only disturbed with the machine’s sound. Maybe Gyro needed some clothes for today? Did he have some plans?

“It’s your clothes. I washed it earlier in the morning.” Gyro answered, eating his own toast, with a light tone.
His clothes..? Why?

“Well.. thank you..” Johnny was a bit circumspect. “But you didn’t have to.. and you could have just let it dry on the dryer rack..” Gyro softly smiled.. It looked like a sad smile.
“But thank you! This really kind of you!” Added Johnny. He felt as if he just had a reproaching tone. Yes it had awake him when he wanted to sleep a little more, but Gyro was just kind and dedicated.

“I had to clean it.”
Johnny frowned, ‘had to’..?

“Johnny..” Oh no. Oh damn.. That tone, Johnny wasn’t ready for anything that would follow.
“I thought a lot about it.. About us.” Johnny’s jaws clenched.
“I.. I think I love you.” Now, Johnny was all tensed. Fuck, no Gyro, you weren’t supposed to say something like that.. in the middle of the morning..
“But I know you. And I know you are not that kind of person.” Johnny felt a little relief – so it wasn’t any marriage like nonsense, eh? –, but it was only to hear even worse.
“I want a family, Johnny. I want to be bonded, I want to be married. I want children. As I said, I genuinely.. like you, and since I know you don’t any of those things.. Since I know you don’t want to be engaged, you don’t want a family.. I think..”
Now, Johnny forgot how to breath, to blink, to move, to relax. His eyes were on Gyro, a knife with butter in one hand, the toast in the other hand.

“Don’t..” Johnny wanted to make it sounded like a threat, it sounded like a plea.

Closing his eyes in a painful face, Gyro said it.

“I think it would be better if you were going back at your home.”

Johnny wanted to answer, to talk, to argue, to ask, to plea, to threaten, but his jaws were too clenched.

“I’m sorry Johnny.. I would really like to have all of this with you.” He paused, looking up at Johnny, as with a gleam of hope behind is sadden, sorry eyes. But nothing came from Johnny and Gyro simply sighed, continuing. “But I can’t force you. You have the right to live the life you want..” He paused again. “But you can’t prevent me to have the life I want neither.”

The dryer beeped from the bathroom. Gyro sadly smiled at Johnny and slowly stood, reaching the bathroom.
What.. What did he just say? It was nonsense.. Gyro said he liked him right? He said he loved him.. So why? Why was he doing that?!

Somewhere, Johnny could understand. It was legit.. If Johnny had been clear about his wish to not be engaged, Gyro had been clear about how he wanted to build a family.
Both of them somehow knew that, a day like this would come, but Johnny never hoped it would happen so soon and not like that..


The rest of the morning passed with Gyro gathering Johnny’s belongings. It was pretty easy and quick, since Johnny never really settled in here.
Johnny didn’t eat his toast, nor drink his coffee. He was still on the chair, unable to move, looking at Gyro packing his things.

“I’ll drive you. You’ll not be able to take all of this alone.” He casually said, but Johnny knew Gyro. Gyro was not feeling great. Gyro’s jaws were clenching and his eyes were always down. Gyro never looked up at Johnny, it was how he acted when he was sad. The man mumbled something else, something like ‘I didn’t know you brought so many things..’


Johnny was now biting at his lip instead of eating his breakfast.
He didn’t want. He didn’t want to leave this place. He didn’t want to come back in that flat. He didn’t want to leave Gyro. He just didn’t want anything of his perfect life to change.
But he couldn’t complain. Each time a thought was coming in his mind, an argument, Gyro’s voice was echoing ‘you can’t prevent me to have the life I want’.
If Johnny wanted to convince himself that Gyro was selfish, he couldn’t help but thinking that he was himself the egoist one here.

So he shut and stayed still.

“You should change before we go.” Gyro said, looking at the white and blue-star pajama with that same sorrow in his eyes, his hand at scratching his nape.
As if he was barely conscious, Johnny stood and left for the bathroom. He stopped.

“I don’t have change left.” His eyes were on the three overnight bags in the living room.

“I left you some on the bed.” Answered Gyro, with a blank voice. Johnny nodded and left.


Gyro had chosen one of Johnny’s favorite outfits. A white big hoodie, a black pants, some NASA socks and the ‘softest’ shirt. All of it was perfectly folded on the bed.
Johnny tried to not focus on that thought. The thought he would probably never sleep again in that bed, or be in that room.. or maybe even that place.
He swallowed, hardly.
No. He would not cry. Not for that. Common.. it wasn’t the first time he broke up with someone.. Well.. usually, he was the one who broke up.. and none of his relationship lasted for so many years..

But, after all, all of this was the price of his liberty.


It had been hard for Gyro to take such a decision. The weeks before this day, he had been so absent minded, colleague genuinely concerned and worry. In the end, he did follow them for a drink.

There, seeing that young married guy with his girl as phone wallpaper, that other girl bragging about her mate’s and her baby.. He had felt alive and excited.
Until he remembered what would wait for him at home.

Johnny was.. He was all he ever hoped to have. He definitely felt his heart beat faster at the thought of that delicate face and strong personality, he was all Gyro would always looked for in a partner.. He was looking at their few years just pasted together with tenderness and satisfaction.

But at the right time he turned to their future.. He felt gloomy and alone. Johnny was soft and tender, but Gyro never really felt like.. he was..

He sipped at his cocktail.

Johnny seemed he didn’t really care. Gyro knew his mind was blurred right now. But some fact had to be put down right there: He loved Johnny as he would love his mate.
Johnny would not mate anyone, not even him. And it was such a sore for Gyro’s heart.

He realized how.. the illusion of their teen dating life was now over. Just as a bubble that popped, Gyro realize that none of them could be happy this way. And if he could manage to make it for Johnny, maintaining their relationship the way it was, it would be the end of himself.

He loved Johnny deeply, but was it enough for him to kiss goodbye his own goal in life? His own dreams? Did it worth for him to just get rid of who he really was..?

Gyro finished that last glass. His mind resolutely made.


It had been so awkward when Johnny left the bedroom. When they took the luggage and stepped into the elevator and when they sat in Gyro’s car.
During all the way, Johnny was looking outside. As far as possible of Gyro. He didn’t want to see his face, his hand or his eyes.
Johnny’s hands were clenched on his thighs.
None of them talked.


Once they arrived in front of the said-flat. Johnny struggled with the key. His hand was shaking and he couldn’t align it with the lock. Gyro was behind him, looking at this hand.

“Let me help-..” He started leaning in Johnny’s back, about to put his hand on Johnny’s.

“Cut it out!” Yelled Johnny, all tensed. Gyro stopped and leaned back. Johnny opened the door, threw his bags inside and slammed the door behind him without even a last glance.

Gyro stood there for a while. Looking at the closed door with that same blank face. Johnny could see him through the spyhole.
He lowered his head and left. Johnny wanted to open the door.. he wanted to yell at him, he wanted him to come back, to say it was a joke, a really really bad joke..

Johnny left his crutches fell on the floor and made his way to the window. He could see him. He saw Gyro got into his car and leave.

Johnny turned to face the room. It was so strange to be there.
It was as an unknown place, so big and in the same time so small..

Johnny curled under the window and let his frustration, anger and sadness go. Crying, yelling and hitting the floor as hard as he could.
He spent the rest of his day there and a part of his night.


He woke up, body all sore. He really fell asleep on the floor..?
So none of that was a dream, right..?

Sitting, Johnny had to put his hand on his mouth to not throw up. He was so hungry.
He didn’t had anything since yesterday’s lunch.

With a huge effort, Johnny took his phone, tried to ignore all the notifications, and just ordered something on his app.
The only option for the hour was a pizzeria.. Johnny stared.

His guts contracted again when the app asked if he was at the good address, since his current localization seemed different from the registered address.
The registered address was Gyro’s, of course.

Tsked, Johnny changed it, ordered and just threw the phone away.

He then closed his eyes, trying to focus on what would happen now. What he would do.

Ok, he had nothing in the fridge and only some old can and such, so he needed to do grocery shopping. Ok, but the next shop was two roads away and he didn’t have a car, and he had to deal with the crutches.. How was he doing before Gyro..?

Anyway, he would order for those delivery services..

What else?
Oh, he had to change his statue on Facebook and his bio on Instagram.. Should he post something about it? Should he just remove it or write he was single..?

His eyes turned to the phone away.

He would deal with that later. His eyes turned back on the door and it made his head spin.
He let out a loud burp, not a good sign. He just needed to eat soon.

What would happen next so..
Johnny was not the kind to engage, but he was not the kind to live alone neither.

“This is good.” Said Johnny out loud, regretting it instantly.
First, talking made his body contracted, and his stomach didn’t like it, then because he heard his own voice echoing in the silent and dark place.
He hated it. He hated his voice and to hear it.
He hated talking alone and he was just not so vocal.

He tsked again, focusing on the sound of the car in the road.
He started to fantasize that a car would stop there.. that he would hear the elevator’s voice say ‘third floor’, that he would hear someone knocked at his door and..

He heard a car stop, he some time later he heard the ‘third floor’ and he jumped when he heard someone knocked at the door.

Making his way as fast as he could, he reached the door and open it. Was it possible that Gyro-?!

“I have a Regina with extra mozza for.. Johnny..?” Said the beta delivery boy, a bit confused to see the man who opened the door with such an expression and.. in a dark place.

Damn it.. Johnny frowned, taking his pizza.
“Yeah, whatever.” He said dryly, slamming the door. He bit in an almost completely cold slice.

Chapter Text

Johnny was laying on the sheet-less bed, looking at his new bio on Instagram. It was better to not post anything about it..
He switched to Facebook. Oh, what a bad idea.
Scrolling through the dash, he saw that Gyro had already changed his statue.
Johnny sat, offended that Gyro changed it before himself.
There was some comments from people Johnny didn’t really know.

‘I’m sorry for you..’
‘I hope you’re alright!’
‘If you need to talk or go out, I’m here!’

And Gyro’s answered to all with some ‘Don’t worry’, ‘I’m fine’, ‘It’s ok’ and he even added smiley.
He added smiley? He answered to his friends on social media? When Johnny was laying on his uncomfortable and cold bed? Alone?
Gyro was planning to see his friends and enjoy his new ‘freedom’ when Johnny was stuck alone here?!

No fucking way.

Johnny stood and headed to the bathroom. He had to get ready.
Tonight, he would not sleep alone.


Things indeed had been hard for Gyro. Because he didn’t want to hurt Johnny, because he loved him. For real.
But Gyro wanted a family, he needed it. And it couldn’t be helped.

He had to break up. He had to let Johnny go.
That was what he repeated himself for that whole week. He had to make things change. Even if it would be hard for both of them.


The first day, it had been strange to wake up alone, not having to prepare someone else a coffee, not waiting for him at lunch.. The worst was certainly when he was coming back home in the empty apartment.

Was he happier now? Definitely not. He knew it would be hard, that it he would suffer of that break-up.
But he would find someone.. someone else. Another omega, ready to have that family Gyro was craving for.. It may be hard now, but in the end, he was doing it for his own care.. Self care is important.

When his father heard about this break-up, he quickly sent his son some contact of omegas, from ‘honorable family’, as he said it.

Looking through their profile on Facebook – for those who had one – Gyro stopped on that girl.
She was cute. Blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin, she even had some freckles, but she was not only cute, it seemed she was clever and kind. She had scientific diploma from a good school and she was working as a nurse.. at his father’s hospital.

Gyro smirked.

Well, why not try with her..?


To be honest, Gyro hated to force destiny. He was not so fan of dating site or meeting new people only for dating.. But he was too old to waste his time again.
He had spend so many years with Johnny.. So many, really good years.

He chased that thought from his mind. Not time to think about it. He needed to go to bed early and to get ready for the brunch tomorrow. It was their first date – and first meeting – with that Lucy.

Gyro looked down at the suppressant in his hand. Now that he was no more with Johnny.. He didn’t need it anymore..
His alpha scent would be strong, so it would be easier for him, and also for the omega. He looked up at his reflection and nodded.
No more suppressant.


Johnny were looking at himself in the mirror, checking his outfits.
Seems pretty good.. That skinny black jeans was highlighting his curves and it was perfect.
The pale blue and pink loose tank was showing his narrow shoulders and his thin, but muscled arms and in his back, it was showing a part of his shoulder blades. He liked it.

Lucky him, the night promised to be hot and clear.

Johnny nodded and gave himself a little smirk in the mirror before leaving the flat.


Boring. Ugly. Virgin. Too old. Too young. Too short. Too obvious. Stupid.
Really stupid, thought Johnny looking down at the filled glass, with a rest of white powder at the bottom. He looked up at the dude smiling at him, proposing the drink, then Johnny looked behind him, at this weirdo’s friends, laughing. All jerks.

“I never gonna drink that shit.” Said Johnny, looking again at the glass.
The man didn’t insist, he shrugged and left, spitting a ‘bitch’ to Johnny.

Common, was that dude really expecting Johnny to drink that? When he saw him put his drug inside of it? Duh?!

Johnny was bored. No one had piqued his curiosity. The alphas were either already bonded, with their own date or simply just no-no to Johnny’s standards.
He finished his umpteenth drink, ordering the same to the barman. With a sidelong look, the beta took the order. Johnny knew what he was thinking.
He was pitiable. He clenched his jaws, looking at the bottom of the empty glass. He had a bad taste in his mouth, those alcohols were shitty and not sweet enough for him..

Lost in his thought, he didn’t even get that someone had approached him in his back.

“Look at what we are there.. Johnny Jonathan Joestar!” Johnny shivered, hearing his full name was really dreadful; but what was really dreadful.. was the one who called him. He could recognize this voice, easily identifiable.
Johnny turned his bored and now frowning gaze to the young man sitting next to him.
Diego Brando. All right, the evening was completely messed up.

“Can’t you go somewhere and just piss off someone else?!” Hissed Johnny, taking the glass the barman just put in front of him to sip a long mouthful of it.

“Aye, it seems to be a bad day for you..” Said Diego, looking at the many empty glasses around Johnny.

“Mind your own business, asshole.. I’m trying to lure alpha.” Diego raised an eyebrow, but Johnny added with disgust. “I’ll never sleep with you! Queer!” The other one grimaced as well. Such a gross idea.

“Why are you so aggressive, though? It’s been so long~ Let’s chat a bit, yeah?”

Johnny looked at the man with narrow eyes, wrinkling his nose. Diego’s smell was disturbing. He was obviously not on suppressant.. And that weird scent.. Johnny hated it.


Diego Brando and Johnny Joestar knew each other for years. They more or less grew up together.
Diego’s, and his twin brother Dio, mother worked at Johnny’s father’s ranch, and they had been raised together. Johnny never appreciated the Brando twins.
If Dio had been the worst, Diego was unbearable as well. Maybe it was because Diego was an alpha.. and Johnny’s father always saw him as a ‘backup solution’ for his second son..

Their childhood had been full of their parents leaving them together.. Diego had been pretty kind though, but Johnny just hated to be forced in any of his relationship. And so he started to hate that guy.

Diego interest never really turned to Johnny. Way too.. eh difficult, spoiled.. bitchy.
But Johnny was still cool kid and Diego somehow saw him as a brother or such, nothing more anyway.


“Be a good boy and go fuck yourself..” Mumbled Johnny, leaning on the bar, barely spilling his drink, tilting the glass to sip.
Diego looked at him with a genuine concern.

“Ok.. You had enough of those..” He said, taking Johnny’s now empty glass away, looking at the barman. He paid for both of them and helped Johnny to stand. He passed a hand around his waist, taking the crutches in his other hand.
Johnny seemed barely conscious when Diego made him stand, and when he tried to punch him, unsuccessfully.

Not knowing where Johnny was living – and on Diego’s guessing, Johnny’s boyfriend’s place might be not a good option – Diego just decided to bring the boy to his own home.


In the morning, when Johnny woke up, he needed time to remember his last night. He remembered clearly the bar and the drinks.. and that awful guy with his shady cocktail with drug and..
And then?

He blinked in the dark. He was in a bedroom, probably not his bedroom. The window’s shutters were closed and the curtains pulled.
Where ever he was, the person who lived there couldn’t bear light..
Johnny slowly moved to sit and regretted it instantly. His head hurt and spin. He was now really thankful of that obscurity.

Slowly, he decided to first turn and look at who was laying near him. All he saw in the obscurity was clear mid-long hair on a big stuffed dinosaur..
What the..
Johnny inhaled and screamed.

Diego jumped in a really weird pose and looked at Johnny who felt from the bed. Now, Johnny could see how Diego was only wearing a boxer.

“You fucking prick! You queer! You weirdo! What did you do to me, asshole?!” Johnny was really freaking out. How would Diego dared doing anything.. A disgusted shiver ran in his back, he started to feel sick over that though – but it was also.. probably the hangover.

“The fuck?! I didn’t touch you!” Answered Diego, freaking out too, he grimaced with disgust. “You were drunk, I just couldn’t let you alone to sleep on that bar!” Johnny calmed down a bit.
Being honest, he didn’t feel like anything had happened last night.. and even if he couldn’t trust Diego, it was still really not the kind of man to do such a thing.. or would he? Johnny suspiciously looked at Diego.

“Why are you half naked and why am I in your bed so..?” Diego relaxed, hugging his dino plush.

“I always sleep naked.. be glad I didn’t really sleep naked.. And I tried to sleep on the couch, but damn.. it’s uncomfortable, cold and there’s too much light..” Now, Diego was pouting, mumbling “And it’s supposed to be my bed..”

Johnny’s eyes were still on Diego. This guy was really an alpha..? Sighting, Johnny did his best to stand and sit back on the bed.
Diego Brando..
“Okay, I’m gonna leave now. Where’s my pants?” Diego sighed as well.

“Don’t you want a breakfast? I have tea.. or coffee if you want and-”

“No. I want my stuff and I want to leave.” Rolling his eyes, Diego stood and grabbed the black jeans, the socks and gave it to Johnny.

“No need to be so grumpy just waking up..”

Once the omega was all clothed, he looked around for his crutches, which he couldn’t see. He was about to bark to Diego for him to bring them back to him, but the British alpha sent a hoodie to his face. It was black, with Jurassic Park logo on it.
Perplexed, Johnny took it, looking at it, then raising his gaze to the other, perplex.

“Yesterday was pretty hot, today it’s cold. Take it.” He said, but Johnny threw it away.

“I don’t need that thing.” He stubbornly answered.
Diego raised an eyebrow and headed to the window. If the only light’s source had been from the bedside lamp so far, once Diego had opened the curtains and the shutters, Johnny could see the gray sky and the slight rain pouring outside.
To be more convincing, Diego opened the window, letting a gust of wind, of fresh even cold wind, entered the room.

Johnny couldn’t help and shivered. His poor little tank top couldn’t be enough..
Diego quickly closed the window, throw the hoodie and jumped back under the blanket with a grunt.

“You take it and I give you your crutches back..” Johnny gritted his teeth. It seemed he had no choice. He took the hoodie and put it on. If Diego was not really taller than him, he really liked his hoodie extra large, and it was – to be honest – pretty comfy and soft..
Without a word, Johnny turned his imperious eyes to Diego, pouting, waiting for his crutches.
The man lazily bent to his side of the bed and took the crutches that were simply laying there..

“Thanks..” Mumbled Johnny when he leaned to take the crutches, but Diego handed them back with a cheeky smile and curious eyes.

“What did you say Joboy~?”

“Don’t call me that you prick!” Diego laughed, Johnny tried to catch his crutches, but Diego still kept them away.

“Said it again, louder~” Teased the man, Johnny was half laying on him now, really, really pissed off by that asshole.

“Go fuck yourself you freak! Give it back or I knock you out!” Diego leaned further away.

“Common~ Repeat the kind word you just say~” Uurgg.. that queer..

“I swear Diego I gonna-” Johnny had raised his fist.

“Okay, okay, slow down Joboy, there take it.” Diego gave back the crutches and Johnny snatched them out of Diego’s hands.
With still a smirk on his lips, Diego looked at Johnny stood and moved to the door, whispering something like ‘prick’ or ‘freak’. He followed, bringing his whole blanket with him.

“Well, really sure you don’t want have anything before leaving?” Still asked the Dino boy, with slight, yet sincere concern.

“Sure, leave me alone you freaking alpha eater” Answered the other one, dryly, with a gloomy face. Johnny reached the door and headed outside, but before he slammed the door behind him, he half turned to Diego, avoiding the eye contact and simply said.
“… Thank you.” Then he left the place, slamming the door.

After the door had violently close, Diego looked at it for a while with his pouting, thoughtful face.

“They call me alpha breaker..”

Chapter Text

Gyro checked at the sky through the window with a pout. It was a pretty bad weather for a date..
He looked at his umbrella.
At least.. they could maybe share that kind of romantic scene under the same umbrella..
Ready to leave, the alpha looked all around, at the empty apartment.
Why did he have the feeling to forget something..?


He headed to their meeting place. A little café, all cozy, with wooden furniture and calm colors aesthetic, a lot of plants and a comfy ambiance. Gyro was used to go there pretty often, to enjoy a brunch. Their pancakes were the best.

Lucy wasn’t there yet. So Gyro just waited outside, under the umbrella, looking all around, smelling in the fresh air all those scents he wasn’t able to get when he was under suppressants.

After a while, Gyro focused on that sweet smell approaching, something similar to melon and roses. He turned to see a little blond girl, wearing a pink dress, a beige trenchcoat, boots and a cute, pink umbrella matching to her dress.
Lucy smiled at Gyro. She was so small..
They had a 5 years gap between them.
Just as with Johnny.. Gyro chased that thought with a smile and greeted the blond girl, offering her to enter the café.

Lucy was the daughter of a doctor who was working for Gyro’s father. The old man had sent his son her contact because, even if the Pendleton’s family wasn’t an influential one, Gyro’s father esteemed this colleague highly.

Somehow, Gyro and her were in the same situation. Both of their parents were pushing them together. Well, it might maybe worked after all, who knows?


Johnny just couldn’t resolve himself to come back at that empty home.
And he was hungry. Was it by force of habit that Johnny headed to that special café?
Who knows. But what Johnny knew was that, this man, sitting inside the café, in front of that blond unknown girl, was definitely Gyro.
It made Johnny freeze, staying straight in front of the large pane. How should he react? Somehow, he just wanted to leave, but he couldn’t look away of that charming, smiling face.

Eventually, Gyro’s eyes caught Johnny’s. The latter straightened in surprise to see this green look on him, he raised a shy hand to wave at Gyro. The man blinked twice and then looked back at the girl, telling something in a hurry, with a sorry expression, she answered by nodding with a bright smile and Gyro stood.

He had been pretty surprise to see Johnny outside. Even more when the man waved at him.
He seemed not so good. Gyro was a bit worry.. And he didn’t know that black hoodie he wore.. And Johnny’s face was so pale and he had dark rings under his pretty blue eyes..

Now approaching Johnny, Gyro frowned. Johnny smelled. He smelled alpha.

“How are you?” Asked Gyro, he was standing a bit far from Johnny, further more than before.

“I’m fine. You?” Answered Johnny quickly, looking at Gyro’s chin, unable to look at his eyes.

“Everything is fine.” Said Gyro, not really sure to why he came and how he would continue that conversation.

“She’s cute.” Said Johnny after a while, nodded at the girl inside the café, with a little smile, maybe a bit bitter.

“Ah yeah..” Gyro looked over his shoulder at the girl focused on her phone.

“You look good as well..” Johnny had approached a hand that surprised Gyro, approaching his face to move a strand away. This proximity.. Gyro’s nose was suddenly filled with that other alpha sent on Johnny’s hoodie. Instinctively, the man reached Johnny’s wrist, pulling his hand away.

“We are engaged.” He said curtly, letting Johnny’s wrist go. Johnny opened round eyes and parted his lips to only close it, unable to find anything to answer. “You slept with someone..?” Adding Gyro, it sounded more like a statement than a question. The alpha discretely raised a hand to his nose. This smell was really disturbing.

“Ah this..” Johnny lowered his head to the hoodie. He just didn’t know how to exactly react since the ‘We are engaged’. He felt so awkward..
“This is Diego’s, he-” But he didn’t had time to finish, Gyro hummed and suddenly turned to leave.

“See you, Johnny.” It was harsh and rough. Johnny was troubled and felt even more miserable than before. He looked at Gyro, sitting back with his date, a cute little smile on his face as he said ‘sorry’ to her, Johnny could clearly read on his lips.

Johnny stayed there for a while. Looking at Gyro and his new girl chatting and laughing together. It was such a strange feeling.. That girl as the same kind of hair as him. It was barely as looking at himself, with Gyro, back in those bright days.
Johnny tsked, moving to find another place to have his brunch.


Johnny ended in a McDonald’s. The rain had start to fall heavily and he was starving. On top of that, there was spot to recharge his phone and free wifi.
The man stayed curled on his seat all the day, sometimes ordering a new watery coffee or some random burgers.
No one approached him, maybe Diego’s alpha’s scent had at least been useful for one thing. Fuck, it made Johnny barely sick to smell him all the day.
And also how Gyro looked at him..

The man shook his head, no point at thinking about him anymore. He was like already married now. He focused on his phone, already 5 p.m.. It was time for him to come back home and take a shower. He couldn’t go hunting some alpha with that Diego’s scent on him.



He had thrown the odorous hoodie in his laundry basket. He took a long shower, thinking at what he should wear. Checking the weather on his phone, he completely ignored the full bags still in the leaving. Full of the belongings he brought back from Gyro’s place.
Johnny once tried to open it and tidy it, but the man’s smell was too strong. All his clothes were smelling like Gyro, and it was too much for Johnny.


Now, he was ready. Since the sky was still pouring hard, he had chosen that hoodie he didn’t wear for years. Still comfy, it was pale pink, with a white part at the bottom and a black line across the chest. Nothing too stylish, but with that weather, his mood and the fact he didn’t want to scared alphas because of his ‘too fancy’ style.. It would be good, cute enough.
For his legs, it was a simple black thick legging, easy to pull off. He might have choose some special underwear, just in case..

Johnny’s eyes slid to the suppressant’s pill box. Shit. He forgot to take it yesterday when he was at Diego’s place..
He was about to take it, but he stopped his hand mid-air.
Well.. Now that he was back to the old business, his omega’s allure could be useful..
He would deal with that ‘heat problem’ later.

Johnny headed outside, leaving that place he couldn’t bear.


The air was fresh, but it had stopped to rain. After a whole day with Lucy, they ended at some restaurant.
Lucy was kind and intelligent, but really calm. They mostly shared about their respective childhood, their current job and all those plain small-talks. It was sure kinda interesting, but still so boring..
Gyro only dared to admit it to himself when they finished the dessert of their dinner.

Oh well, now that the day was over and their dinner too.. what should happen next..? Gyro remembered, unwillingly, how it happens the day he met Johnny.
Definitely not a reference, he frowned closing his eyes. He was tired and started to have a slight headache.

“Are you alright?” Asked the soft voice, a hand reaching his arm.
“Ah..! Yes, I’m sorry..” Gyro didn’t get how long he stayed with his hand over his eyes, but when he raised his gaze to the one in front of him, he felt blinded by the light of the restaurant.

“You seem tired, we should leave now.” Her smile was so pure and genuine, there was nothing behind it, no implicit question, no request. She just really cared and meant what she said. “I can call a taxi if you want.”

“No! No, don’t worry, I..” Gyro paused, he had to think quickly and carefully at how he wanted the day to end. “I’ll drive you back home.” He would see in the car, if he felt good enough and if Lucy seemed up to more than their chaste date or if he was not in the mood and rather preferred to come back at his home.

“Okay.” She didn’t stop to smile. They stood and Gyro paid for both, they reached his car.
Their travel was quiet, she was looking outside with that resting, smiling face, Gyro couldn’t find anything to say, it seemed they had run out of topics.
But the silence wasn’t heavy, nor awkward. It was calm and peaceful, and welcomed when Gyro’s headache was just worsening due to the city’s light in the night.

Here they were. Gyro stopped the car. He still didn’t know what he should do. He couldn’t focus.
Well, he was clearly not in the mood, but he didn’t want to ruin this day by leaving Lucy all alone and maybe.. frustrated..
But it seemed Lucy had taken the decision for him, bending to kiss his cheek, she opened the car door.

“Thank you for today Gyro, it was really good. I hope we could do that again soon!” Gyro smiled at her happy and genuine tone and smile. She was just so purely sweet.
She closed the door and waved at him, reaching the door of her family’s house.

Gyro left, driving back home.
The way she waved, the way her blond hair bounced.. It was so cute-
Johnny’s face appeared before his eyes. When he waved at him, with that ridiculous Jurassic Park hoodie, his hair wet with the rain.
Gyro grunt his teeth and clenched his hand on the wheel. So he did it, uh..? He did fuck with the ‘queer’? What happened to all the complains about that ‘alpha eater’? All of those time where Johnny was winging about how a freak he was..


Gyro closed the door behind him and didn’t even bother turn the light on. His head was hurting way too much for that.
He headed to his bedroom, stripping on his way. He fell on the bed and rolled under his blanket. It had been a strange day.
In his somnolence, he grabbed the pillow near him, Johnny’s.. No, the other side of the bed’s pillow.. and brought it closer, putting his nose in it.
If it was subtle, it still smelled him. Gyro denied it, but when he changed the sheets the last time, he just didn’t touch his pillow, sometimes falling asleep just like that, his face buried in it.

Chapter Text

Johnny had his eyes on the man for 20 minutes now.
Sipping his cocktail at the bar, he was looking at that tall, blond alpha who was moving for a while in the dance floor.
If Johnny’s was not fan of his Western style shirt, he somehow enjoyed the large collar he was wearing. And he was kinda handsome. A true south-American stereotype.

The song ended and the blond alpha left for the bar. This is what Johnny was waiting. The man seemed alone when he bent on the bar, trying to order something.
Johnny slid to the seat next to him, with his drink.

“Can I buy you a drink?” He said, all smiling, loud enough to cover the music. The unknown looked down at Johnny with a surprised face, but he smiled.

“It would be my pleasure to offer you something.” He replied with a weird cheeky tone.
Johnny’s smile froze, gritting his teeth, doing his best to not roll his eyes. He hoped the man had better body than flirting skills..
After he finished his drink and they ordered another one, Johnny looked down at the double-Jack Daniel’s with ice cube the man had ordered.
Well, maybe the evening could end interestingly.

“I’m Johnny.” Said the omega, sipping a bit of his sweet cocktail.

“I’m Timothy, you can call me Tim~!” He answered with a large smile.

“Sound nice~” Johnny drank half of his cocktail, impatient. “Say, do you mind if I take a pic?”

Tim looked at the omega a bit surprised, his smile widened. “Sure, why not!”

Johnny bent over the counter and stretched his arm, ready for a selfie. Tim came closer, a bit awkwardly and smiled at the screen, Johnny made the V sign and took one pic and another and another one again. He stopped after the fifth one. All was the same and Tim was a bit perplexed about that, but he didn’t bother. After all, none of them were here for that kind of matter.

“Wanna dance Tim?” Said Johnny, giving the man his best cheeky smile, showing his phone back in his pocket. Tim looked down for a second at the crutches, Johnny imperceptibility tsked.

“Sure! Let’s go!” Tim took Johnny by the waist, half lifting him.

They were in the middle of the crowd, Johnny so close to Tim that he could barely looked up at him – at least, he could feel that the man was not only huge by his height..

After a while, Tim let go a bit of Johnny and the boy took the chance to turn, putting Tim hands on his hips, since his crutches were still at the bar.. he needed his support..
And now, he could put on his favorite show. Moving his hips to the other guy’s crotch. He could feel and smell how the alpha appreciated his attention..

They stayed like that during all the song. Once it ended, Johnny grabbed Tim’s neck and made him bed closer, purring in his ear.

“We should go the restroom, don’t we?~”

Tim smiled at this offer, kissing behind Johnny’s ear. The boy shivered at the feeling, so close to his spot. He thanked himself for the anti-bond choker he was wearing now.
Johnny just took his crutches back before they both rushed through the crowd to the restroom.

He pulled Tim against the door of one of the dirty cabins. Now, he was half hanging at the man’s neck, taking his lips in a really hungry kiss. Johnny needed it, so long since the last time he fucked.. and doing it alone was not a satisfying option.
At this instant, with Tim’s hands holding him by his waist, Johnny just let go a bit of the stress and the frustration of those last days.

Damn, he was good kisser.. But Johnny wasn’t here for just kissing. He pushed back the man and managed to make Tim dropped him. A bit curious, the tall one let Johnny slid on the floor of the cabin, between his legs. Johnny frown at the huge belt buckle with the carved bull head.. Ah.. never mind.

Johnny managed to open the belt and the pants, pulling out the already half hard cock.
Okay. The man was huge, even not fully hard. No way Johnny could eat it all.. but he still knew he would do the best job..

Taking Tim in his hand, he started by the underside, he licked all the other’s length to the tip and suck at the head.
The wet track he just left made Tim shivered, he let out a little groan, a hand softly reaching Johnny’s head, stroking it gently to encourage the boy to continue.
The omega took a deep breath and blocked, he slid as much as he could of the man’s cock in his throat, now able to smell the alpha’s scent. It smelt like.. sun..? and leather..
Anyway, Johnny was focused on the increasing member in his mouth, the tip of Tim’s was brushing the back of his throat and he had to make an effort to not contract too much around him.
He slowly moved back, pressing his tongue all along the hardening.

Tim was panting, Johnny felt his legs loosen a bit, pushing against his shoulders. Gooood, he was enjoying it.
Johnny repeated his moves three times before pulling away, his hands stroking quickly and roughly, when his lips went to kiss the man’s crotch, humming through his hair, inhaling his strong scent. His lips were kissing, his tongue licking and his hand still running all along the length, pressing it against the soft skin of his cheek.
The other’s hand on his head clenched in his hair, it wasn’t painful and the man’s grunts were the proof that he was close.
Johnny slid his lips back to the tip to tease and kiss, putting his wet lips and tongue on the head of Tim’s cock. Once ready, he took back all he could from hardening in at once, in a fast move.
He was lucking and sucking, going back and forth at rapid path, his hand covering with stroke what his mouth couldn’t reach.
He could taste the pre-cum leaking in the back of his throat.

Both hands were in his hair now, moving with him. Tim’s sighs and growls were turning Johnny on. The omega could feel how wet he was and how his own cock was already leaking.
He reached his crotch with his free hand and started to jerk himself off, settled the rhythm with the one of his lips.
Sure, Johnny would have preferred to be pinned against the wall and pounded till he could see stars, but he couldn’t do that right here, so he would just wait to move at that Tim’s place.

“Are you.. touching yourself..?” Moaned Tim, with a hoarse voice, seeming kinda aroused by the idea, Johnny could feel him twitch in his mouth.
Geez, having that man so turned on.. Johnny definitely would come first.. he squinted his eyes, giving two more strokes between his legs and came on the floor, his dirty hand resting there.
As he came, he stopped to move. With the cock deep inside his mouth and his moans around Tim, that was making all his throat resonated, it was probably really good for the man, because it caused him to come inside Johnny’s mouth.

He was about to move back, but he stopped at the tip, preventing that the sticky fluid flowed all over him. It would not be really good if Johnny was leaving the restroom, covered with cum, even if Tim had not been so discreet himself.. With his moans and how he hit the thin partition between the cabins..

Anyway, Johnny carefully swallowed most of what was coming inside his mouth, and keep the rest in mouth. When Tim gave all he could in that guy’s throat, Johnny moved back, giving a lick at the pinkish tip, making all Tim’s body shivered, then he turned back and spat it all in the toilet.

“I’m sor-” Started the man behind him, but stopped when he saw Johnny’s finger raised to him.
Johnny spat again and turned to face Tim with a damp chin and a burning gaze.

“Don’t say that, it was great.” He paused to spit again and turned back to the man, stretching his dirty hand to Tim. “Help me to stand. Let’s move to a.. more private place.”

Tim had to admit that this Johnny was really hot.. And seemed to know what he wanted. The way he was looking at him.. Tim could barely saw flame in those blue eyes. He took the smaller guy’s hand and pulled him up kinda easily.
All Tim’s body had been tensed, and now was relaxing, making his muscles sensitive, he almost felt like he could have fall earlier.

“Where.. do you want to go?” He finally asked.

“Your place.” Johnny answered tit for tat, taking his clothes back. “You should..” He moved his hand around Tim’s crotch.
Tim’s pants were still around his knees and his cock was still fully exposed.

“Shit..” He quickly put his clothes back.

Now, they were ready to move.


After they left the party, in the road, Johnny turned to him and asked if he had a car or something to go at the place. Tim guessed Johnny should not live too far and probably had use public transportation to come here.

So, if Johnny was leaving not so far…. And he still wanted to go at his place..
Tim was trying hard to see right through that mysterious boy, but with the alcohol and what just happened, he needed time before he could think straight again.

Tim had indeed a car, but didn’t take it to come at the bar tonight, he explained to Johnny that he knew he would drink and so rather prefer not to drive by himself. Before he had finish to answer, Johnny had already called for a taxi.

The taxi arrived pretty quickly. Yet, Johnny still seemed really impatient, never stopping to kiss, lick and suck Tim’s neck, stroking his back, chest and shoulders.

Once in the taxi, Tim had to almost fight for Johnny not to go down again.. Not that Tim didn’t want it, he was just a bit uncomfortable in the car.. with the driver.. And his place wasn’t that far, and he really really didn’t want to have to rush it or leave the car with a hardening.

Soon, they were in front of his door. Tim opened it fast as he could, with Johnny sighing and moaning next to him.

Damn, if Tim could be sure Johnny wasn’t in heat due to his scent, he would have doubt, looking at how impatient and needy he was..

Chapter Text

Johnny stopped.
Even if since he left the bar’s restroom, he had felt that need to be laid.. He now just stopped.

The flat he just entered was.. just like the owner.

It was not a small place.. but the dark wallpaper, the dark parquet, all the old fashion furniture made with dark wood.. Everything was made to give the impression the place was smaller.

But it wasn’t the colors that was the more disturbing. Johnny just really had the feeling.. he entered in a set for a movie.
Everything looked like in a western. The bar, the table, even that swing door leading to the bathroom.. Johnny grunt his teeth.
On the walls.. was a full collection of cowboy hats. It was so kitsch.. but somehow weirdly cute..?

Johnny turned to Tim, he was obviously a bit embarrassed, looking at the floor.

“You might.. find it a bit weird as a decoration, but-” He started, but Johnny made him shut with a fevered kiss and a cheeky smile.

“So you like cowboy that much..?” Johnny asked. “So where’s your room, stallion?” Tim slightly blushed and leaded the way, without a word. If he tried to talk now, he would probably just stutter.
Following him, Johnny entered the room, finding a king-sized bed and some cowboy’s hats again.

It was really hard to remember he was in an actual flat and not a house..

Tim didn’t have the time to turn to the other that he heard something falling on the floor and Johnny pushing him to the bed, falling with him.

The boy had removed the hoodie and the shirt, now bare chest.
He borrowed a beige, cowboy hat from above the bed and wore it for the hem to barely show his face. He climbed and sat on Tim, a leg on each of his sides.
Now with his cheekiest face, he gave the hat a flick and looked down at the man with that same burning gaze than earlier in the restroom.

“You-” Once again, Johnny made Tim shut, putting a finger on his lips and bending over him, moving his hips.

“Common, we don’t have to talk, let me be your cowboy tonight.. I gonna ride you as no one else~”

Tim shut, but he felt a bit wronged to always be interrupt like that. If it wasn’t his first rodeo, he could feel that there was something strange with that hungry, edgy blond boy.


The way he was moving against his crotch, it inevitably made him harden, and how Johnny was now unbuttoning his shirt, passing his hands all along his torso and shoulders, how he was kissing the bare skin, it was so damn good..

But there was definitely something strange with that Johnny’s behavior.
He was in such a hurry, as if he had to do it quickly, however, the omega was clearly not in his heat period, not even in his pre-heat.. So the cause of that rushing, it was something else. Maybe was it just needy? But there was really something almost desperate in this rush.

Strongly, but carefully, he grabbed Johnny by his arms and made him straightened up.
“Wait.” He said, pretty seriously.
Johnny tried to release from the grip with a large smile. Now looking at him closer and not in a haze, Tim could definitely said that the boy’s smile had something rigid.. it was not caused only by pleasure.

“Common’~ don’t we waited enough yet??” Johnny tried to cheer, still trying to get rid of Tim’s grip.

“I.. I’ll not do anything with you..” It was hard to say that, even more when his full erected cock was bumping, still in his pants, against Johnny’s ass.

“Wha’? What did you just say..?” Asked Johnny, not sure if he should continue to play cheeky and smile or if should frown and stopped. Anyhow, Tim could clearly now see how Johnny was tensed and seemed.. stressed.
Tim completely sat, a hand on Johnny’s back, the other reaching his face. The move made the omega’s smile wider, he surely thought Tim was about to kiss or something, but no. Tim was just looking straight in his eyes with his serious face and frowned brows.

“You look so.. sad..?” He murmured, unsure of himself.
Johnny froze, his naughty expression and behavior had disappeared. Now, he was simply tensed, trying to pull Tim away, avoiding the eye contact, even his voice was now full of venom.

“Leave me alone, I’m not here for that.” He spat. “I’m here for fun.” While he added it, he started to move again against the painfully hard cock. “You should free it.. it might me so.. painful..” He pronounced his last word in a whisper at Tim’s ear.

Fighting his own instinct, Tim closed his eyes a second, trying to focus, ignoring as he could the smell of that omega. Even with that choker, when Johnny’s neck was close, Tim could smell the peaches and cherry blossom way better.
In a sudden move, he pinned Johnny on the bed and stopped on top of him. The shock had made Johnny show his real face. Tim had used all his will and strength to move, but his move spread a big wave of his own scent and aura, something almost oppressive. It might have frightened the omega, making Johnny feel in danger. Tim really didn’t like it, but he had to.
Yet, he wanted even less to do anything with an omega in such a state. But when he reopened his eyes, he felt a huge guilt overwhelmed him.

Johnny’s had closed his eyes, but tears were running anyway on his cheek, he was gritting his teeth and his body was all tensed, quivering in a repressed sob.

“I’m sorry Johnny, I-” Ironically, he had been cut again by Johnny’s sobbing. Without thinking twice, Tim moved on the side and hugged Johnny slowly, tightly, stroking his hair.


Johnny really hated himself at this moment, he couldn’t stop to cry in this random guy’s arms.. why did he’s even crying?! If that alpha’s pressure had been a bit of a shock, it should not have been so impressive for Johnny..
Why was he crying, uh? Certainly not for him. No way. Why would he? Ah! That Gyr- That guy was not so important..!

“Fuck..!” Spat Johnny, with all his frustration. “Fuck..”


After a long time, Johnny seemed to calm down under Tim’s caress. The alpha couldn’t tell if he had fall asleep, but his breathing was calm and steady.

“I’m so.. ridiculous..” Whispered a voice against Tim’s chest. He lowered his head, moving a bit farther. Johnny was fully awake, his eyes opened and puffy, staring into space.

“You are not.” Simply answered Tim. Johnny looked up at him and rolled his eyes, moving away.

“You don’t know me.”

“I know enough to say that you seem lost and hurt, and you were ready to do that with me just to not have to face this night alone at your place.”
Johnny turned to him with a suspicious face, frowning, but also a bit of fear.

“How..?” He asked slowly. Tim sadly smiled.

“I endured that myself some times ago.” He confessed. “I..” He hesitated a second, but he continued. “I was dating a girl for some times, we were about to celebrate our first year.. when she left me..” Now Johnny was looking at him with a certain interest and a hint of compassion.

“I’m sorry..” Johnny said. “You don’t have to.. talk about it.” He whispered, looking away, feeling both concerned and awkward.

“I know.” He answered with a smile, putting his hand on Johnny’s. “I just think it can be good.. for both of us, to share about those feelings.”
Johnny was about to protest and denied, but it was really not the time to be all proud, so he simply nodded.
“I think I really loved her” Tim continued. “And I was ready to do anything for her.. but it was apparently not enough.. since she left.” His jaws clenched. “Even if she told me the I’m a ‘good guy’, that it was ‘not my fault’, she just left me, with no more explanations, except a ‘I just can’t handle it anymore’..” He stopped.

“…” Johnny couldn’t find anything to say. Tim seemed to be a really good guy, indeed, and he was obviously pained..
After a minute where Tim was just staring into space, he started again, but more for himself than to Johnny.

“I still don’t understand.. what was I supposed to do..? I was ready to do anything for her, I would have followed her to the other side of the world.. I could prepare all her favorite dishes, I was driving her to her job and back home.. I was always doing my best to pay attention to her needs, to be sure to please her.. to make her happy.. She was my whole world..” Johnny bit his lips. He might be a bit obsessed, but what was explaining Tim.. it was reminding him of how Gyro was with himself. Like that morning.. when he was overwhelmingly worrying about Johnny, just after he had that weird dream..

He sighed deeply. “You know..” What was he going to say next..? Was he really about to entrust that guy with those feelings he was not completely assuming himself..? “One week ago.. my.. boyfriend.. just broke up with me. And we were dating for something like 5 years..? I was mostly living at his place..” Tim was looking at him, listening silently. “The fact is.. I’m..” He sighed again and grunted his teeth. “I’m not the kind of guy ready to serious relation.. and Gyro-” He froze when he pronounced the name, but soon kept going, trying to not pay attention to that sore in his chest. “His goal in life is to bound, to have children and all.. and I.. just couldn’t give him that kind of life.” Johnny’s lips started to bleed under the pressure of his teeth. “I.. I just didn’t know and still don’t know.. what I should do. I can’t.. you know.. keep him just for myself and make him sad for the rest of his life.. it’s just.. too selfish and..” He paused and admitted in a sigh. “And I like him way too much for that..” He bit a bit more, sucking at the metallic taste from his lips. “So I just have to let him go.. but.. why is it so frustrating- and.. ah fuck..” Johnny had started to cry again, frustration, sadness and anger turning into tears in his eyes.

Tim patted him and left him a minute to calm down before he asked.

“Can I ask you why you don’t want to.. bound..?” He said a bit shyly. “And to have a family..?” Johnny would probably had left the room, slamming the door, if he wasn’t so wretch, exhausted and drunk.

“I don’t know.. Probably because it’s what my father want me to do..” Pouted Johnny, looking away. “He always tries to make me do what he wants, never asking me what I want. It’s frustrating.. and when I try to do what he wants.. it’s never good enough.. for God’s sake, he is so-” He clenched his fists, but relaxed quickly, too exhausted. “Anyway.. more than that.. I just.. How can one be sure that this mate is the right one? That this one would be a good partner? A good parent.. If they will not aged like a jerk? However how much you trust and love someone.. who knows what could happen..?” When he turned his eyes to Tim, the man was slightly smiling. “What..? Are you mocking me?! Asshole!” Johnny weakly punch him.

“No, no!” Swore Tim, still smiling. “I just.. find you cute, somehow.”

“Shush it, you idiot.”

“I mean, it’s obvious that you like, that you even love that guy. And you are in that conflict because you still love him and you respect his choice. Even if so, you are lost and hurt, you are putting your own feelings and hopes apart.. for him. With all of this.. you are still afraid that the man you are in love with, that man you lived with for so many years, the man you left because you wanted him to achieve his dreams.. could be not the right choice for your life’s time partner..?”

“…” Johnny felt at lost, his cheek heating up. Of course.. said like this.. it sounded really ridiculous and pretty obvious.. “I-it’s.. not like that.. It’s way more complicated..” He tried to argue.

Tim nodded with a ‘hm’, not sounding really convinced, but Johnny didn’t bother.

“Anyway..” Johnny felt ashamed and needed to change the topic. “Talking about your own story.. I have the feeling that, even if you were a super guy and always pampered your girlfriend, you were maybe too focus on what she wanted and needed.. and you were like… less spontaneous..?” Tim seemed about to answer, but Johnny continued.
“What I mean is: that girl seems to be either a bitch or an idiot, with all due respect, to have hurt a guy so kind, but the worst is that she just didn’t even explained to you..” Johnny tried his best to not identify to that girl, to put himself in her shoes, somehow.. he felt her, but she was still a stupid bitch from his point of view.
“What if, what she wanted, what she really wanted, wasn’t you to know what was her favorite dish or whatever, not having you all overwhelming around her, almost worshipping her, but that you also put a bit of ‘yourself’ in your relationship..?” Tim was now blinking at Johnny, unable to really understand the point.
“I mean.. I think a lovers’ relationship is.. like a friendship.. but.. more like..” It was hard now to find his words.
“You know that.. game.. with the rope.. where both side have to pull one of the end and to make the other team fall or cross a line..” Raising an eyebrow, Tim slowly nodded.
“Well.. how I see lovers’ relationship is when both teams are pulling as strong as the other, one can loosen a bit sometimes, the other can be stronger at some time, but it have to be like an endless fight..? but how you described your past relationship.. I have the feeling that you were the one who were pulling.. when your girlfriend was just.. you know.. following..?”
Tim blinked at Johnny and Johnny blinked at him back. Both of them seemed a bit perplex.

“I’m not sure to.. get what you mean..” The metaphor was pretty mysterious for Tim, but it seemed something in him was close to understand. Johnny sighed.

“I don’t know.. I think I just try to say that you were so obsessed with the fact to please her, that you lost the concept of exchange? And mutual feelings.. you forgot she also may want to please you, to see you doing things you enjoy by yourself and for yourself.. and not making your whole life gravitate around her and her well-being..” Johnny yawned, closing his eyes. “Do you even imagine how tiring it may be to be constantly overwhelmed by one’s presence..?”

“You mean.. that.. by wanting her to be happy.. I made her unhappy and.. I pulled too hard on the rope and made her.. fall..?” Tim slowly started to understand the metaphor, Johnny nodded, his eyes still closed.

“I guess yeah..” He rolled under the blanket. “May I stay for the night..? This bed is so comfy..” He asked, not waiting for the answer to fall asleep.
Tim looked at the blond hair and the pointy nose. Maybe.. maybe Johnny just said something true, maybe he had said something important.. But Tim’s mind was blank with exhaustion and alcohol, and he couldn’t think anymore, deciding that he would think about it later, he just felt asleep as well.

Chapter Text

When he woke up, Johnny kept his eyes closed for a while. He remembered that he dreamed, a good dream. Something full of peacefulness and simplicity. If the images were fading, the feeling still lingered in his heart.

It was rare, one of the best nights he had in.. many days, and he didn’t want to awake of that dream. Not yet.. but he finally opened his eyes slowly and moved slightly.
He was too hot.. He had slept with his leggings and socks, on top of that the blanket was really thick and warm.
In support in his arms, he looked around. The same cowboy room, uh..? But no cowboy.

Johnny looked at the empty place next to him.
A lot of thoughts started to flood his mind, like: he had been lucky to find on someone as kind as this alpha, did he really tried to teach him about lovers’ relationship based on rope metaphor..?
Anyway, the last thought that settle in his mind in the end was: once again, he woke up alone.

When he was with Gyro, that silly guy was often the one who awoke first. He smiled quickly at the memory of him, pretending to be asleep, only to have Gyro waking him up with his kisses and hugs. It was so painful to remember, the smile turned bitter and the eyes looking at the empty place looked away. He shook his head and managed to stand.
Johnny noted that Tim had put his crutches near his side of bed. How kind.
He put his hoodie on and left the bedroom to go in the living, another door was opened in the opposite side, probably the kitchen.

Johnny stood in the middle of living room. With day light, the place was almost.. kinda cool.. ok, it was kitsch and really too much, but at least everything was harmonious.
He turned his head away, hearing the swing door slammed on his right.

“You are awake.” Smiled Tim, only wearing a towel around his hips.
Johnny looked down, raising an eyebrow, unable to restrain a cheeky smile.

“You always appear like that to your-” Wait, what were they for each other now?

“Friends? No.” Laughed Tim, heading to the kitchen as he waved his hand happily. “But eeh.. today is a bit particular isn’t it?” He winked at Johnny.

Friends? It just how it was? When Johnny had entered that bar yesterday, he had expected a good fuck and never called the man again, he had not expected no fuck but new friend.

Now, Tim was handing him a cup of coffee, calling him a friend, putting a bowl down on the table, with cereal and milk.

“Thanks.” Smiled Johnny, sitting at the table, Tim in front of him. It was strange feeling to be there, with that guy who was both still a foreigner and already a confident to him.

“It’s nothing~” Answered Tim. It was so casual, so normal. It strangely made Johnny felt as good as before. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing to have a no fuck but new friend after all..




Three weeks had pass since they broke up, and nothing.
Gyro was checking Johnny’s Instagram and he didn’t post anything, nor did he on Facebook. It was only thanks to their common followers that Gyro knew Johnny was still active his social media, he was still liking content and rarely he was commenting under posts, mostly emojis, but never provided his own content.

He tsked, shoving the phone in his pocket. Now was no time for him to worry about Johnny.

Gyro was waiting for Lucy. It was their fourth date, and he now was regretting to agree she would choose what to do and which place.
He looked up again at the tea house’s window.
It was.. really girly.. Not that Gyro was judging, or that he hated cute things..
But Gyro was really not in the mood for that.

Lucy told him she wanted to present him some friends of her, making it a double date or whatever. Gyro tsked again, annoyed and tensed, looking at the time on his phone.
All of this sounded so.. fake..
He checked once again Johnny’s profile, scrolling to a pic they took together, he looked for a long minute at how he was smiling and how Johnny was smiling.

“Gyro..?” Someone called him, drawing him outside of his thought’s track. It was Lucy, slowly pressing on his arm. “Are you alright?” Gyro shoved his phone back in his pocket. He had been so surprised, he didn’t even felt Lucy approached.

“I’m fine, sorry, was reading something.” He gave the young woman a little smile and turner his gaze to the two other people.

“Let me introduce you: here are Maelys and Hannah, they are the friends I wanted you to meet. Girls, meet Gyro!”

Gyro looked down at the two girls. Both where small and smiling back at him. The one named Maelys had short hair, tied in a dark purple color and black eyes, Hannah was ginger, with a bangs on her forehead and blue eyes. They had matching clothes and were holding hands.

“Nice to meet you.” Said Gyro on a natural tone, barely looking at them. “Should we go inside..?” He asked to Lucy, his hand already reaching the handle. She hummed with a nod, turning to her friends, but Gyro was already inside.

Everything there was pastel, either pink, blue, green or yellow, the seats were fluffy and comfy, tables in a sort of shiny plastic and there was a lot of cute decoration with baby animals. Even the air was sweet, so sweet.. too sweet. It made Gyro’s nose frowned. It was almost overwhelming.

And the menu just looked like all the rest. It was pet’s head-shaped: Gyro’s one looked like a blue kitty, Lucy had a pink bunny, Hannah had the green teddy and Maelys had also a blue kitty. Gyro pouted a second looking at the teddy one but focused back on the menu.
Everything was sweet dishes, well nothing unusual for a tea house, but Gyro was still not in the right mood for that kind of things.

“I love this place~” Hummed Lucy, looking at the menu.

“It’s really cute.” Said Hannah, looking around.

“Are those stuffed animals available to buy?” Asked Maelys, tilting her head to a shelf with a kitty, a bunny, a teddy, and a puppy.

“I don’t know.. will ask about it.” Shrugged Lucy, putting back her menu.


A waiter arrived. He was a ginger omega with green eyes and freckles, wearing a pale green pants, white shoes, pale yellow shirt, a pink apron and kitten’s ears and tail. His smile was soft, just as his quiet voice. They barely heard him. Gyro only noticed him because of his sweet smell of vanilla and almond. It was light, but still strong enough among all the other odors of that place.
Gyro would really be sick once they left this place..

“Did you choose your order..?”

Gyro frowned a bit. Looking at the waiter, the boy seemed just calm and quiet, with that shy smile and his eyes focused on the table – a fancy pale pen in a hand and a cat-shaped note book in the other – but looking at him.. He looked so tensed.. Biting inside his cheeks and seeming eager to runaway.


“Hi Eddie!” Smiled Lucy, looking at him.
Oh, so she knew that boy?
The said-Eddie turned his eyes to her, his smile genuine and less tensed.

“Hi Lucy..”

“How are you?” She asked, with a soft concerned tone.

“I’m fine.” He didn’t really sound fine, but Lucy didn’t pressure him.

“Tell, those stuffed toys, are they available to buy?” She asked, pointing the shelf.

“Hm.. Yes.. But on our website. I can give you a card with the address.”

“Sure, it would be great~” Answered Lucy.

Eddie reached the counter and took three cards, handing it to the two girls and Lucy. Gyro pouted. Even if he was not in the mood.. that green teddy boy was really cool..

“Can I have one too?” He asked to the waiter.
This was the moment he saw it. On his neck.
The omega’s jaw tensed, looking up at Gyro, on the other side of the table. His eyes quickly came back on the table and he unconsciously took a step back.
“… Did you choose your order?” He repeated, even more quietly.

Lucy put a hand on Gyro’s arm and said with her soft tone.

“Don’t worry Eddie, Gyro is with me, he is really kind, you don’t have to worry.”

Eddie’s hands were now slightly shivering, but he still nodded with a deep sigh. Then, he turned a painful, forced smile to Gyro, but quickly turned his interest back to the note book, ready to write and not to bring any more card.
Not wanting to bother him more, Lucy ordered: a crêpe with strawberries and raspberries, plus vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating, she also ordered a grenadine.

Maelys and Hannah, that had smiled tenderly to Eddie, were now pointing on each other menu, whispering quickly.

“Gonna have a cheesecake and she gonna have the carrot cake.” Said Maelys, instantly followed by Hannah.

“And we gonna share a spicy coffee milkshake!”

Eddie nodded, noted all the orders. Then, he slowly turned to Gyro.

During all this time, he had tried to not stare at the omega, but it was hard for his alpha’s instinct to not stare, to not care. He wanted to ask that omega if he was good..
Obviously enough, Gyro get that he seemed particularly uncomfortable in alphas’ presence. He tapped his fingers on the table, moving once again his eyes from the boy to his menu.
Not that he was nervous, but he could feel the tension and anxiety radiating from that guy.

Once again he turned and looked up at omega’s neck.. Gyro hid behind his menu, trying to focus on what to choose. Staring at an omega wasn’t good. Especially their neck.. And it was even worst when the omega was stressed.. and even more bad thing when the neck of that stressed omega seemed so damaged.

Feeling Lucy’s hand again, Gyro realized he was the only one who hadn’t ordered yet. He quickly looked at the milkshake section and ordered in a soft voice.

“A peach and banana milkshake.. please.” He carefully avoided any eye contact with Eddie and gave the menu to Lucy, for her to return it to the waiter herself.

Eddie quickly nodded and leave, half running.

Gyro scratched the back of his neck, uncomfortable and somehow frustrated, looking at the omega’s back.

“Don’t worry Gyro, it’s not about you.” Said Lucy with a smile, rubbing Gyro’s hand.
“Eddie just had.. he had a bad experience with an alpha..”

But Gyro still worried, he wanted to ask what kind of ‘bad experience’? If that ‘bad experience’ was over? If this Eddie needed help, or whatever? But he also knew it was awkward to ask that and very out of place.

“What with his neck..?” Softly asked Hannah, a glint of curiosity and genuine concerned in her eyes.

“Yeah..” Sighed Lucy. “His ex-boyfriend.. he was kind and cool, I think they once were really in love..” She shook her head sadly.

“What happened?” Asked Maelys, with a tone more serious than her girlfriend.

Gyro looked at both of them with wide eyes. How could someone asked about an omega’s private life so freely..? Especially about omega’s neck..

They were both betas.. maybe it was why..
Gyro had met betas before.. but he never really get along with any of them.

“They had both decided to take suppressant and to give time to their relationship.” Answered Lucy, pensive. “Eddie is pretty shy and he needs to feel safe and time to adapt in a new situation. He is really soft boy.”
Gyro started to feel uncomfortable. Was it because Lucy was sharing the secret past of someone else..? Was it because he could tell how the story would end? Or was it because the ‘both take suppressant’ and ‘give time to their relation’ were sounding oddly familiar to his ears?

“You should.. maybe not talk about that Lucy..” Started Gyro.

“I think it’s an important story Gyro, and I think it’s important for you, an alpha, to hear about it.” Answered Lucy with that soft authority.
“I am the one who helped him back then, and I truly hope that kind of thing would never happen again to anyone.”
Gyro remained silent, looking at Lucy. What else could he do?
“So, everything had started amazingly for both of them, but Eddie’s boyfriend started to grow impatient about certain things.”
Gyro’s jaw clenched, he was now looking down at the table, his hands clasped, his nails scratching at his skin.
“So they often argued about it. Even if Eddie is shy, he knows what he wants, or what doesn’t want, and can stubbornly argue for himself. But one day.. One day the argument was more serious than any other.”
Now Gyro was so tensed, he had to close his eyes to remember how to breath. He didn’t want to hear. He didn’t want to know know. He didn’t need to know. He already knew how to act decent with omegas. He already knew what an alpha should do or not, what were the boundaries. So what was the point of this story?
“Eddie’s boyfriend always had problems with his own hormones, it was just ‘too strong’ even with suppressant, according to his say. What I know is that.. when he was really angry, Eddie couldn’t help but submit and resiliently let him do whatever he wanted. This day, he forced Eddie to bound.”
She had speak the last words pretty abruptly, lowering her eyelids.
Gyro had put his hands up, leaning on his elbows, his forehead pressed on his clutched hands. Geez..
“He bit him, several times, and so deep, so fiercely.. Eddie loose a dangerous amount of blood. And he.. forced him.” She stopped her story, once again abruptly. Lost in the dreadful memories.
Gyro’s imagination could clearly image what was implied, everyone at the table could figure it.

He wanted to leave this place. He needed fresh air, a good walk, good and long fucking walk outside of this suffocating sweet air.
He needed a fucking break.

Chapter Text

The door of the kitchen opened and Gyro smelt again the vanilla and almond scent.
He breathed deeply. He couldn’t help, but relaxed when Eddie approached their table with a tray. It was instinctive, it was deep inside his alpha instinct.
He had to calm down, he had to make that boy feel safe.. It was what Gyro had to do.

Eddie put the trail on the table and handed the orders. Starting with Lucy, ending with Gyro.
With hesitation, Eddie tried to bend and put the drink in front of Gyro, but he seemed like stuck, the drink frozen mid-air.
Gyro tried to use is softest voice, avoiding the direct eye contact and even lowering a bit his head, in some sort of submissive move. Maybe it was too much, maybe it was the right thing to do. Anyhow, it coasted a lot to his own pride.

“You can leave it there, I’ll take it myself. Thank you.”

Eddie moistened his lips, looking up at Gyro. He was obviously hesitant, but finally, he was unable to do it. He couldn’t approach him.
He left the milkshake mid-way on the table, quickly bowed and half ran away to the kitchen.
Gyro hardly hid his annoyed sigh, almost a growl. Lucy sent a glare at him while he took his milkshake.

“Poor boy..” Whispered Hannah, grabbing her lover’s arm and leaning on her shoulder. “I can’t imagine what it could be..” She nuzzled to Maelys who reached her hand to pet her mate.

“Don’t worry Hanni, it’ll never happen to you.”

Gyro was sipping his milkshake, which was very good, while looking at the two lovebirds.

That’s right, those girls were both betas, they didn’t have to worry about bonding or such.. Gyro looked at how lovingly they were looking at each other, how soft and caring they were for each other. He tapped the table with his index thoughtfully.

Why did he feel so annoyed? And why did that feeling didn’t pass..?
He was chewing at his straw, looking away. Why was he so bothered today?!

“-ro, Gyro?”

He slowly turned his gaze to Lucy, her hand back on his arm. The two other girls were also looking at him, perplexed.

“Are you alright Gyro?” Asked Lucy, looking at the messed-up straw and back to Gyro’s eyes.

“Ah-” Gyro realized how deep in his mind he had been. “I’m sorry, I was just lost in my thoughts.” He mumbled.

“Can you just.. relax?” Lucy’s hand slid to Gyro’s thigh and squeezed softly. He could feel how tensed he was. Since Eddie had left, all his bad mood was overflowing.

“Sorry.” He said again, shaking his head, trying to disperse the cloud of thoughts in his mind. He forced a smile and turned to the others, forcing a lighter tone. “So~ What are we talking about~ Eh?”

Maelys and Hannah turned to look at Lucy, she looked back at them with a little smile.

Gyro did his best to focus, listening about all the stories the girls were sharing. Eventually, the two betas explained how they had met on some meeting party.
It made Gyro frowned. He went at one of those parties before.. but made for alphas and omegas only, from wealthy families.
Definitely not his kind of thing. He only joined those because his father wanted him to, but never met anyone interesting there. Anyhow, it wasn’t how he met Jo-

“And you?” Asked Hannah with a high-pitched voice. “How you two have met~?”

Lucy’s hand, still on Gyro’s leg, tightened softly.
“We met thank to a common friend.” She answered vaguely. “And we decided to try..” As she was talking, she slowly made her hand slid up, still smiling at her friends.
Gyro looked down, almost jumping at the bold move. What was she doing..?

“You are a pretty couple though.” Smiled Maelys, looking at both of them. Gyro faked a smile, but he tried to softly move Lucy’s hand away.
For the sake of God, Gyro was not in the mood to play. This whole day was a real curse.

“Thank you..” Grouched Gyro, widening his fake smile.

Lucy took her hand back and Gyro sighed in relief slightly, until his eyes saw how she had her hand open on the table. Obviously enough for everyone around to understand what she waited.
Gyro looked at the girls, they saw the opened hand and softly smiled while they shared a gaze. ‘How cute!’ That’s what was written on their face.
Damn, Gyro had no choice.. He slid his hand in Lucy’s. Not that it was a disagreeable feeling, but Gyro really had the dreadful feeling to lie to those girls, to Lucy and to himself. He really didn’t feel like they were a couple..

His left hand was now between both of Lucy’s, she was softly playing with his finger and his palm.

And suddenly, he felt again something on his thigh. He looked down, it was Lucy’s right hand, her left one still squeezing Gyro’s palm.
Fuck. He couldn’t take back his left hand now, she would not let him go and he couldn’t move her other hand anymore.

Lucy started with the middle of his thigh, squeezing the contracted muscle, then she slid up, in a curved move.
Gyro cleared his throat when she reached his groin’s area, he corrected his pose and squeezed Lucy’s left hand.
He clearly had no freaking idea of what was going on in the current conversation, but he interrupted softly.

“Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.” As he talked, he pushed Lucy’s hands and stood up.

Sweet Jesus, he was could breath again.

Heading to the restroom, Gyro could feel Lucy’s gaze on his back.

What’s wrong with her.. It was just their.. hm.. fourth date! How come she was so bold??

Okay. Maybe, with Johnny.. things went to serious business very quickly.. But it was different.
Lucy wasn’t Johnny. With Lucy.. it was to create something, to have a family and they didn’t have to rush anything. Right?
‘It’s not like we met just for bonding and breeding..’ Bitterly thought Gyro, looking at his reflection. He was bending over the sink, looking at the tiny mirror. In the so freaking small single toilet cabin of that whole tea house.
This restroom was really, really not made for his size.
And of course, everything was super ‘cute’ with pet shapes.

Gyro stayed here for a while, looking at his reflection again and again.
What was he doing with his life right now? He couldn’t be that stubborn and capricious. He couldn’t expected better than Lucy. Lucy was amazing.
‘She is cute, kind, clever and dedicated’. It strangely sounded familiar to Gyro’s mind, it wasn’t the first time he was repeated this to himself. He shook his head, placed a smile on his face and wash his hand – with a soap smelling a delicious and awesome peach odor.

He reopened the door on Eddie. The waiter had a trail with the empty dishes from his table, he opened wide his eyes and tensed immediately, unable to move.
His gaze saddened Gyro more he had expected. It was terror that he saw in those green eyes, and tears. A true terror that was petrifying him. Gyro just lowered his head and passed quickly when his instinct was yelling him to protect that boy, to hug him and reassure him. He knew he shouldn’t, things weren’t that easy.

Back to his place, he thought they would finally move, but Maelys and Hannah hadn’t finished their shake yet.
He remembered to smile wide, instead of acting sulky, and turned to Lucy, being the one who grabbed her hand – making sure she would not escape the grip to tease him again.

“So, what were we saying?” Started Gyro.

“We were talking about our favorite sweet taste~” Answered Hannah, smiling wide to the man.

“What’s yours, love?” Oh damn, now Lucy was using pet names.

“Hmm..” Gyro rested his head on his free hand, thinking about it. The smell of the peach soap overwhelmed his nose and he smiled softly, half lost in that scent. “I guess it’s peaches..”

Lucy squeezed his hand slightly, but he didn’t get it.

“I thought you would have said melon or roses, since it’s Lucy’s scent, isn’t it~?” Asked Maelys, leaning toward Lucy to smell her. ‘Shit’.

“Stop teasing them Mae!” Gently scolded Hannah. “And how can you even know about Lucy’s smell..?” She added softer, as if it was some delicate question.

“Well, I once saw her in heat, even I could smell it~ wonderful and sweet!” Lucy chuckled, blushing. ‘Cute’ thought Gyro, caressing her hand and leaning to smell that same melon and roses odor he already knew.
It was also such a surprise to the alpha, to see Lucy so easy with talking about her heat, kind of unexpected coming from an omega, is it?
“Don’t look at me like that Hanni~ It’s you, my mate~” Maelys was now kissing the cheek of her girlfriend, going down to her neck. Gyro’s heart stopped a second, before he remembered none of them were an omega.
But it was still strange to see anyone, so indecently kissing and teasing the neck of someone else, in public place. Gyro looked away. Maybe he was just too sensitive.

“Aha~ Stop! You tickle me!” Answered Hannah, trying to flee with no conviction her lover’s cuddles.

“Common~ Let me bound you~” Teased Maelys, now obviously biting softly her neck.

Gyro felt his ears reddened, even if he wasn’t looking at them, he could hear them.. and it was very embarrassing for him.

“Mae! Stop it..! Stop it! Eddie’s back..” Hurried Hannah in a whisper, pushing away her mate for real.
Eddie was coming back to see if they had finish with their milkshake.

“Can we have the check, please?” Asked Maelys, sounding playful.

Eddie nodded, he took the empty glass away and just disappeared again.

Both girls still had a wide smile on their face, Hannah was red and Maelys obviously in the mood to tease her.
Eddie came back with a machine for payment. Maelys paid for Hannah and herself and Gyro was about to take the machine to pay for Lucy and himself, but he stopped, handing his card to Lucy.

“Put it on the machine, I have contactless payment.” He softly said to the blond one. All the three women smiled to Gyro, tenderized. It made the man really uncomfortable, but since Eddie felt safe..

Lucy paid and Eddie left, but this time he didn’t run away, he took his time and looked at Gyro for a while, with a strange gaze. When he finally left, Lucy chuckled.

“We should move.” She said, brushing her thumb on Gyro’s hand.

“Yeah, we should.” Nodded Maelys, standing up. Lucy followed, Gyro and Hannah too.

They headed out, stopping in front of the tea house.

“Well, what now?” Asked Maelys, hugging Hannah from behind, her head on her shoulder, so so close to her neck. Gyro couldn’t stop himself to think about it. He was really not used to that nonchalance, not used to beta at all.

Lucy looked up Gyro, his hand in hers. “We will maybe come back home..?” She proposed, looking at how Maelys eyes shined, kissing again Hannah’s shoulder and neck.

“What a good idea..” She half purred out in Hannah’s ear, making her blush harder.

“Common Mae! I hope you’ll be able to wait till you’re home..! So indecent..” Lucy shook her head with a false disapproval and a large smile.

“See ya Luce’, see ya Luce’s mate!” Waved Maelys, dragging Hannah away.

Gyro waved back, without a word. Damn, this day was a whole mess.
And it seemed it wasn’t over.
He felt his hand pulled down, he turned to face Lucy who was pulling him down, so he bent. ‘What a fucking good idea Gyro!’
She put her pink lips on his. She was kissing him. It was soft and chaste, but it was a kiss.

Gyro panicked. He didn’t move back, but he didn’t either moved his hand up to her cheek as he had imagined he would. Being honest, it was really not how he had imagined their first kiss.
He had imagined it way more romantically. In the night or something, with light all around them, he had imagined it had him doing the first move, cupping her cute round face and leaning to her. He had imagined her being so shy, unable to move in his hands, he had imagined her eyes opened wide before she closed it, shivering with anticipation. And finally their lips would have been connected..

And now, they were just in front of that tea house, stinking ultra sweet scents, after dreadful story about a poor omega and after that two betas had half started foreplay in front of them..
And Gyro thought of Johnny.

He moved back quite suddenly, but not violently. Lucy’s cheeks were red, but her gaze was hazed. She was up to more.

Gyro bit his lips, feeling his heartbeats raced. He was not ready. Not at all. No, he just couldn’t and he didn’t know how to-

His phone started to ring. Feeling a deep relief, he picked the call. It was the hospital. They needed him. A fucking relief.
After a quick chat, he hanged up and turned to Lucy with a sorry face.

“I-I’m really sorry, really.. I.. It was the hospital.. They need me and.. yeah, I’m sorry, I would have like to stay but.. yeah, you know.. Sorry..” Unable to stop to stutter, Gyro was shoving his phone back in his pocket, starting to softly walked away.

Lucy slightly smiled and raised her hand. “Don’t worry, work his important, especially yours, please don’t worry for me and just go.” She waved at him and Gyro tilted his head both to thank her and to say goodbye.

Once away, he relaxed a bit. What a hell of a day.

Chapter Text

Johnny was looking outside, lost in his thoughts. Tim was driving them back from some meal.

It had been a habit between them now.
Tim had been kind enough to offer Johnny to come to his place if he didn’t feel like sleeping alone in his apartment. He was also taking him out and was doing his best to help Johnny to focus on something else than his bad mood.

And it was clearly not easy.
The younger one still had shared a bit of his own story.
He told him about Gyro, how they had met the first time, how they met again. How they started their relationship. How Johnny was reluctant to engage or to bond. How he didn’t want to have a child..
Tim also learned a bit about his family, how Johnny hated his father, how his father was an asshole who thought that Johnny was just good to be bound and breed, nothing else. How he had some harsh world for Johnny..

In a few days, the omega opened to Tim, letting everything flow. He talked so much, it was obvious that he needed it. And Tim was good listener.
Now he was silent. He had been silent since the day before. Probably he had said all he had to share. Tim wasn’t pushing him neither. He understood the boy needed time, and it didn’t bother Tim. He was just a bit worry for Johnny.
At least, he was sure that he was eating well and had a healthy sleeping schedule, but he had to change his mind. He was overthinking..

“Tim!! Stop the car!” Suddenly yelled Johnny straightened up, his voice was so high-pitched it barely hurt Tim’s ears. He violently braked, looking around.
He saw it a second before the car stopped and Johnny jump outside.

A child. It was a child who had run across the road. Tim hadn’t saw him, he was so tiny.. and he was running so fast. Now he was on the floor, his head in his knees and his hands over his head.

Johnny, who had jumped out without crutches, was now reaching the child as he could.
Tim walked outside too, a bit shocked, mostly because of what could have happened, but also about that expression on Johnny’s face.

It was panic, deep and intense. All the body was shivering when he took the child in his arms.

“Everything is alright, don’t worry. It’s over, it’s okay, are you hurt? Show me your face..!” Johnny sounded so concerned.
Not that Tim expected him to be indifferent, but this reaction.. For the few, but enough, time he knew Johnny, it was really unexpected to see a reaction so overreacting and.. maternal.

Johnny had his hands on the young boy cheeks, looking at his face if he had any mark, he then checked his arms and legs.

“Does your head hurt? Where’s your parent? Ama, papa..? Why are you alone??” Johnny really sounded like he was about to freak out.
The child was looking at him, blinking, obviously a bit lost through the shock he just had. He looked up at Tim, approaching and at the big pick-up the man had as a car, and his eyes wetted. Now, he was crying loudly, raising grabby hands to Johnny.

Without any hesitation, Johnny took him in his arms and slowly stroke his back, tracing large circle. He rocked both of them back and forth softly, whispering a quiet “Shh..”.
The child relaxed, Johnny clothed his eyes and now had a so tenderized smile on his lips, Tim thought he was hallucinated. Was that Johnny the same guy who did all those dirty thing in the shady restroom of a lame bar with him..?

“Pumpkin!” Tim turned and saw a woman with a lot of bags in her hands, running to them. “Pumpkin! Are you alright?!”
The little boy raised his head and turned to the woman.
“Mama!” He said, with a large smile. Anyhow, Johnny kept his arms around the child for a while, looking at the woman suspiciously.

“Oh pumpkin you are there, oh thank you, thank you!” Said the lady to Johnny, who was still not loosened his grip.

“How can you let your child run across a road! What if I didn’t have see him?! What if he had been hit by the car?!”

Oh Lord, Johnny was freaking out. Tim knelt near him, looking at the mother with an apologize look. She seemed shocked. Not only she thought she had lost her baby, but that unknown was now yelling at her, when she was obviously overwhelmed..

“Johnny.. I think it’s ok now..” Softly started Tim, trying to take Johnny’s arms away of the child.

“No! No, it’s not ok!” Was that tears in his eyes? “You didn’t see him! What if I hadn’t be there uh?! What if-”

“You were there Johnny, don’t worry. The child is okay, thanks to you, let him go back to his mama now.. She will take care of him, doesn’t she?” And Tim looked up to the woman, silently asking for her help.

“Y-yeah, I will not let his hand go.. I’m.. I am sorry.. and thank you.. thank you so so much.” And she meant it, it was obvious.
Still with a frowned and his wetted eyes, Johnny let go of the child. The kid turned to Johnny and kissed his cheek.

“Than’ you!” He said, probably not getting everything of what was happening, but mama said thank you so..
He then run to the woman who hugged him tight, whispering some sweet words to her precious one.

As promised, she took her child’s hand and they slowly walked away, she was now hanging all the bag on the same hand, definitely struggling with it.
But Tim couldn’t offer them to drive them back, he had to deal with Johnny.

Still sitting in the middle of the road, his arms dangling, his gaze staring at the floor. He seemed so empty and perturbed.
He frowned and looked up at Tim, then tuned to the woman and child away and back to Tim. He was blushing.

“Fuck..” He cursed. Tim was about to talk, but as usual, Johnny cut him off. “Give me my crutches and let’s go back to your place.”

Obeying, Tim didn’t ask anything, nor now or once they started to roll again.

“It’s only because I’m in pre-heat. Don’t fucking imagine things, you get it?” It sounded pretty much as a justification and also, a threat..
Tim just hummed with a nodded.
Though, Johnny didn’t smell like he was in pre-heat.

Johnny was sulking. Sitting in the back of the crowded club, Tim was looking at him with a worry face.
Since what happened earlier the same day, Johnny was sulking. Probably offended and upset about his own behavior.
Tim had hoped that hanging out would be a good idea, but now..
He sighed, looking at all the people laughing and dancing around.

“Do you want a drink?” Asked Tim on top of the music. No answer. Only the same pouting face and crossed arms.
Tim sighed again and stood up, let’s say it’s a yes..

He headed to the bar, moving a bit on the song. He somehow wanted to dance though, to have fun.

He ordered a whiskey and vodka, he wasn’t sure about what Johnny liked, but each time they shared a drink, the omega was taking vodka..

Waiting for his order, he suddenly felt someone’s arm against his.
He turned to look down at a smaller blond guy, his face turned to him. His smile was cheeky and his eyes had a strange glint. Was he trying to flirt..? According to his smell, this guy was an alpha..

Tim greeted him with a nod and turned back to the barman who was handing him one of the drinks he ordered.

“Hey.” Said the other alpha, still smiling, softly pressing his arm against Tim’s. A bit uncomfortable and suspicious, Tim frowned and moved on his left.

“Hey.” He politely answered, gazing at that weird guy with a sidelong look.

The guy bent back and look at where Johnny was supposed to wait. “See you know the Joboy.”

Tim turned to their table, he couldn’t see Johnny from here, but that man knew him.. could it be that famous Gyro?
If Johnny had told a lot about him, he never showed Tim how he looked. Yet, this guy wasn’t matching the description Johnny made.

“Yeah..” He answered, more and more suspicious. Tim took the second drink the bartender just put in front of him. “See ya.” He quickly said before hurrying away to his table.


He stayed still for a while, his two drinks in his hands, looking at the empty table.
Johnny was gone. He looked around, at the dance floor, there was few chances he was still in the club. To see his sulking mood, it was not a surprise that Johnny just left. Tim wasn’t mad, but who gonna drink this vodka? He didn’t like vodka..

The question was answered when that weird alpha appeared behind Tim and took the glass, sipping a bit of it unhesitatingly.

“Joboy stands you up.” He underlined, looking at the empty table, before he half sat on it, in front of Tim, the vodka glass still in his hand and that same super weird smile. “Mind if I keep you company?”

“Who the hell are you?” Asked Tim, a bit offended by that overconfident behavior.

“My name is Diego.” He smiled wider, straightening and approaching Tim. “What’s your name, cowboy?” While he was talking, he approached a bit the other alpha, putting his free hand on his collar, Tim winced, ready to react to any attempt from that weird man, but the one named Diego just let his fingers ran along his shirt collar, to his ascot.

“I-I’m Tim..” He answered, genuinely troubled, unable to really understand what was happening.

With his grip still on the ascot, Diego looked straight to Tim’s eyes, with such a hunger..
Tim gulped. Diego drank down in one his vodka, not breaking the eye contact even to blink. He put down the glass on the table so violently that the sound came to Tim even with the loud music.

“Up for a dance Tim?” Diego’s voice was a nothing more than a growl.. but far to be defensive or aggressive as it was expected between two alphas, it was a growl filled with lust and desire. Even the way he licked the rest of vodka on his upper lips was lewd.

Tim could only open his mouth, completely lost. That guy.. He was an alpha, right? And.. and he was really flirting with him..?
He swallowed all his own drink and followed that weird one. After all, what harm a dance could do?


Diego was good dancer. Really good. He was so fluid, so supple.. At each of his moves, his large tank top was moving, just as his half-long hair, following the song.
Tim could see over and over again the barely hairless chest and the pinkish nipples.
Being honest, this Diego was attractive..
But he was an alpha.. It was so, so weird.

The song changed. Diego turned to Tim. He had danced quite alone from earlier. Far from Tim, but not breaking eye contact. Even when someone was passing between them, he knew where the other alpha’s eyes were.
Now he was closing the distance. Facing Tim, he approached, stopping against his chest, following the man’s moves. Or more exactly, he made Tim followed his rhythm.

Diego was so much smaller and skinnier, but there was something in him that was so powerful. Tim wouldn’t even try to fight back, it was just a dance, not a big deal.
It wasn’t a battle for power, right?
There was no point for that.
Tim smiled at how Diego put his arms on both of his shoulders, sliding to his chest, to his hips.
This weird guy was fun and pretty attractive..

Tim was about to just give up, lowered his guard.
Johnny was kind, he was an awesome friend, cool and all, but it wasn’t really fun with him earlier. Of course, according to his situation, it was legit, but it was kinda frustrated for Tim sometimes.
And tonight, Tim was almost thankful that he left him without a word. He was pretty sure he did it on purpose.
That twisted minded boy.. It was so him, to just left Tim enjoyed a bit of free time, without a word.


Now, his hands were brushing the fabric on Diego’s hips. The other alpha’s hands slid up to Tim’s face, cupping his head forcing him to focus on Diego’s alone.

And he walked back. Diego avoided Tim’s hands and just took a few steps back.
Tim immediately frowned, growling softly. He was so close to touch him.. so close.. And now he was missing this contact against his chest. He wanted it.

He took a step forward. Diego took a step back.
And again, and again.

People just let them moved to one of the edge of the dance floor. Diego’s back met a table.
Tim snickered, he had nowhere to go now.

The song ended, the light turned off for a second.
When the next music started, when blue and green lights started to enlighten the place.

Diego wasn’t there anymore. The people that were sitting there were looking at Tim with a curious gaze. He looked on his right, nothing, on his left..
A bit further, Diego had climb on a table and he was now dancing on the new rhythm, putting himself on a show for those at the table.
Tim started to feel frustrated, even upset, but when he caught how Diego was arching, how his eyes were relentlessly gazing to him and him only.. Tim finally understood.
It was a game, a whole game. All of this, it was only Diego’s game.

And Tim had already lost.

Chapter Text

What a fucking day.
Johnny felt a bit guilty for Tim since he just literally fled the place. Though, he knew the man well enough to know he wouldn’t be mad at him. Tim was way too kind for that.

Now in his empty and dark apartment, his own apartment, Johnny felt alone and bored and tired.
He hated this place, but he had nowhere else to go. He couldn’t go back at Tim’s place tonight. He didn’t have enough of real friends to visit one of them in the middle of the night and he was clearly not in the mood to chill somewhere outside and hook up some unknown.

With a deep sigh, he fell on his bed, belly down, leaving his crutches dropping on the floor.

He looked at his phone. No notifications.
He scrolled through people stories and profiles. Everyone seemed to have a so wonderful and bright life lately. And Johnny was just there, looking at their happiness, alone in the dark, with a bitterness in his heart. How ironic, he used to be the popular guy with the perfect life people looked at with envy.

With little hope, he opened his pic folder. Maybe he would find something worthy enough to be post.

And he found the pics he took when he met Tim. He had planned to post it after banging the alpha, but since the evening had been a bit different..
Yet people didn’t have to know about the details.

And so he posted it. The selfie he took when he entered the club, and the one he took with Tim.

At least, he could pretend his life was still bright and wonderful.



The rest of Tim’s evening at the club was pretty unclear, it was as a whirlwind, a mess of flash. He remembered Diego on the table, he remembered how he joined him and how they danced.. and drank?

Tim blinked, looking around. It was stinking alpha’s hormones.. yet the bed under him was pretty comfortable.
He turned in his sleepy daze to the left and suddenly jumped.
Diego was leaning next to him, extremely close. His eyes were shining in the dark place. A thin light was coming from a window behind him, just enough for Tim to get that large smile.

“Awake, finally~”

“What happened..?” Weakly asked Tim, feeling the burning feeling of alcohol in his throat.

“We danced, we drank, we moved, you puked.. and you fell asleep.” Quickly resumed Diego, with detached tone.

“Is.. is this your room..?” Tim looked around.

“Yep’” And nothing more.

“Did we..?”

“Nop’” Tim sighed in a slight relief.
“Not yet.” He tensed.

Not that Tim did want it.. Did he want it? Or not..?

He looked at Diego sitting up and climbing on his hips, sitting there and looking down at him.
His gaze was piercing, just as if he was able to read down in his mind, able to see his more secrets thoughts.
Tim gulped.

“What do you want?” Asked Diego, his tone wasn’t cheeky anymore, it had nothing playful, nothing teasing. It was almost an order, a command.

The other man looked down at Diego’s body. It would have been a lie to say ‘nothing’ and Diego could felt it pretty well, right where he was sitting.
So.. what was the point in asking it..?

Tim didn’t answer, but Diego moved.
He leaned on Tim’s chest, wiggling slowly against his body. He didn’t break eye contact. Yet.
Diego lowered his eyes when he put a kiss on Tim’s neck. A kiss, and another one and a bite.

Tim tensed and grabbed Diego’s arms, but he didn’t push him back.
He didn’t push him, but Diego stopped.

He straightened back and looked down at Tim with that same, almost inquisitive gaze.
Diego said nothing, nor did Tim.

It had been so strange to feel an alpha.. so close to his neck. Of course, he didn’t risk any bounding problem, but.. His neck was a really important place, he felt so exposed. One alpha couldn’t just let another one approach this place serenely.
It was all domination business after all.

Tim released his grip on Diego and put a hand on his neck.

"What do you want?" He asked again.

"What do you have in mind?" Asked Tim back. Well, honestly.. he wasn't sure to know what Diego was expected, what he wanted. It was somehow easier when it was with omega. Their hormones where doing half of the job, but now..

Tim moaned, Diego had slowly stared to move his hips, still on Tim’s lower abdomen, making his butt cheeks rocking against the hard bump in Tim's pants. He accelerated, it was harsh movements, curt and jerky, but not clumsy at all. Diego knew what he was doing.

Tim flinched. It was almost painful, but he didn't stop Diego. Even through those rough moves, Tim was able to appreciate the stroking. Somehow.

Diego stopped again. Tim bit his lip, but sighed in relief, relaxing the muscles he had tensed unconsciously, he blinked at the man on him, frowning with incomprehension.
What was that game again? Licking his lips, Diego moved and Tim’s heart missed a bit.

Diego had spread Tim’s legs, bluntly, and was now positioning just between his thighs. Diego was once again looking down at Tim, now he was smiling.. a smile almost mocking.. and so smug.
Tim was so uncomfortable, he had raised instinctively, baring his teeth.

“Do you want me to stop?” Diego asked, slowly moving again against Tim’s crotch.
Tim remained silent, biting inside his cheeks. Diego waited a second and continued.

“Oh, so you want me to continue?” Now, one of his hand was groping the other alpha’s ass.

“No-!” Tim moved away, on the defensive. In an instant, he calmed down and looked away with a deep sigh. He was slowly leaving his drowsy mood, feeling a slight headache knocking in his head.
“I.. I can’t do that..” He sounded so profoundly sorry, so profoundly worry, even bothered by his own words.
“I’m so.. so sorry..”

Diego laughed so hard he fell on his back, hugging his ribs.

“Oh my God! Did you just hear yourself?!” Tim blinked. He didn’t know if he should feel surprised or offended. What was that hilarious?
“Oh for Lord’s sake Tim..! Relax! Are you serious right now?” Facing Tim’s confused gaze, Diego straightened and sat back on Tim’s hips.
“Ok cowboy, let me make things clear: I asked you what you wanted, you didn’t say anything, so yeah, I just continued!” Diego shrugged, a wide smile on his face and tears still in his eyes.
“But crap, Tim..” He shook his head. “It was so clearly obvious that you were uncomfortable!”

“Wha-?! Why did you continue if it was so clear..?”

As an answer, Diego just shrugged again.

“I have no interest in forcing people, you know?” While he was talking, Diego lazily started to move again against Tim’s crotch, but now it was carefully, and pretty good for both of them. So, he really did it on purpose earlier.

Forcing? But Diego wasn’t forcing him, Tim went here because he wanted it – and because he was a bit drunk, but he wasn’t regretting anything..
Okay, maybe he felt a bit uncomfortable for some of Diego’s moves.. and maybe he felt guilty because he just stopped him in his plan..

Tim felt really sorry for Diego, he seemed so ready to.. just go this way.. Somewhere, inside his mind, the thought that he could just have handled it a little while longer, that he would have done it only to please Diego, was filling his heart and guts with that same guilty feeling.
He was so used to please others, even such a new person as Diego. Yet, there was something else in his mind, a thought. It was his reason, the rational thought: Was Tim really okay with ‘handling it a little while longer’? That he had to please that guy?

At this very moment, something change inside of Tim’s mind.
He just realized to what extend he was ready to go himself to please someone. He realized how passive and self-denial he was able to be, and why for?

Tim blinked as his heart race paced up.

Diego closed his eyes, tilting his head on one side, sighing deeply.

Then, Tim opened wide his eyes, finally hit up by a thought. He had been close to let Diego raped him? Letting him doing as he wanted, while it was obviously making Tim uncomfortable? Only because Tim himself hadn’t been able to say no even once??

Diego reopened his clear eyes, Tim was still able to read the hunger in those almost reptile-like eyes. And he was still moving his hips against his crotch.

“Why are you looking at me with those silly eyes?”


Tim felt his head spin. This realization he just had, it was both so obvious, yet so new and unexpected for the silly man he was. This, plus the fact he was turned on by Diego’s move..

It was so good. The feeling to have finally understand something about himself, on top of that precise rubbing. It was so simply and dreadfully good – maybe it was due to the rest of alcohol and his hopeless desire at this very moment. Or maybe Diego was just really good at it.

However, he simple reached Diego’s hips to make him move faster.
It was his answer.
But Diego stopped again and bent over Tim, a hand on both side of his head. The man’s hair was brushing Tim’s face and he couldn’t escape that predatory smile and those gleaming eyes.

“What do you want..?” He asked in a whisper.
And Tim just gave up.
He gave up of his pride, of his constant worry, he abandoned all his principles, he broke his own barriers, just for one lay, one time in his life, the first time in his life, just to see what will happen.

Tim grabbed Diego, making them roll for Tim to be on top, and he answered with a wide smile and hurry tone.

“I want to make love to you and make you cry.” Diego laughed again, still pretty mocking, but Tim started to enjoy that sound.

“You sound fuddy-duddy~” Diego chanted.

“Oh yeah..?” Instead of saying sorry or feeling bad, Tim decided to tease his current partner. “Let’s try something else then..” He deep kissed him and nuzzled to Diego’s neck who shamelessly raised his neck.
Tim could felt the other alpha’s body shivering against him, he could felt Diego fighting his own instinct, exposing himself like that. He could also smelled that other alpha’s scent. Sand and cactus? Whatever, Tim was wondering if that kind of situation was a kink for that weird alpha Diego?

Was it why Diego was chasing alphas? To be honest, Tim just didn’t care at this point, he picked the exposed skin with one, two kisses and slid to his ear, whispering with his more hoarse voice.
“I’m gonna fuck you as an omega, fill you deep inside that.. all w-wet ho-hole-”

Tim barely finished his sentenced, hearing himself was so embarrassing and those words.. he never said anything that- pervert. He maybe even never imagined saying anything like that.
And now, he was there, with that alpha moaning and wiggling in his arms, obviously turned on by his words. A large smile on his face.

Oh fuck damn all that shyness, Tim just gonna enjoy what was offered here and now, and he would deal with the consequences later.

That hungry smile on Diego’s face increased and his arms embraced Tim’s shoulders.
Now, they were about to go on serious business.

The one above dragged the other closer and started to kiss him furiously, eating his lips, fighting his tongue. While Diego’s mouth was busy with Tim’s, he was moving, rocking his hips against that hardening still painfully stuck inside the man’s underwear.

Once Diego pulled away to breath, Tim didn’t hesitate and nuzzled in the other alpha’s neck, feeling a strange and powerful feeling of domination spreading in his whole body. Being on top of another alpha like that, being so close of his neck and being able to kiss it and lick it and bite it..
The feeling was rushing through his guts, through his heart, running inside his veins, it was barely bestial, barely wild.

Chapter Text

When Gyro opened the door of his apartment, it was unsurprisingly dark.
That darkness were welcomed, since the man a bad headache for one or two hours now.

With a deep sigh, Gyro looked around him, looking at his living room, a slight light passing by the windows.
It was hard for him to tell if he was happy to come back home, or not. His day had been a big mess, his date had been both boring and dreadful and the end of the day at the hospital had been even worst. At least, he escaped to end this evening with Lucy..

Gyro tsked, tuning the tv on, letting the rest of the room in the dark. Wasn’t he supposed to appreciate her? She was kind, pretty, cute, and all up to mate and have children, so why?
He headed to the kitchen, taking some bread, cheese and chips, too late, too tired for a real meal.

Sitting on the couch, looking at the perfectly uninteresting show, he ate his cheese sandwich and chips, his mind all blank.

After maybe half an hour looking at Karen, 40 years old, in love with her son’s best friend and experimenting a real crisis with her husband, Gyro decided it was enough of that shit and turned the sound off. It had something pleasant to see the screen’s light making the shadows dancing around him.
But as soon as the silence fell on him again, his mind started to overthink again. He definitely didn’t need this.
Lazily, he stood and reach his record player, vintage edition, and checked the vinyl which had been carelessly left there. Queen, album Innuendo. With a slight smile, Gyro played the disc.
It was Johnny’s favorite. How many times did he mocked Gyro because of this record player? Arguing that he could have better version on YouTube, but Johnny clearly enjoyed to sneak and use the record playing in Gyro’s back, always forgetting to remove the disc, always pretending Gyro was the one who forget it. Yet it was always this album of Queen.

Gyro stayed up in front of the thing for half of the first song, lost in his mind. Once he felt he was dozing off, he decided to sit back on the coach.
At the end of Innuendo, he lied down. He was barely focused for I’m Going Slightly Mad and Headlong, but he jumped at I Can’t Live Without You. The sound was surprisingly high on that track.
He couldn’t help but focus on the lyrics. Gyro stared at the ceiling, for a long time, his jaw clenched and all his body numb.
In his half conscious state, he felt as if each of those words had a weight and as if each of them were pushing him more and more on the couch, he was unable to move, all he could do was to wait the next words.
Maybe it was just because the music made his heart jumped all of a sudden, or maybe was it the meaning of the lyrics. However, he simply waited for it to end and turned on the coach to face the backrest, putting a cushion on his head.
He was tired, too tired to stand and turn the music off.

Soon enough, he was asleep and dreaming.

He was with Johnny, both of them in his bed with a slight and soft light from outside, something like a very early morning. The air was fresh and smelled cleaned sheets, and peach.
Gyro was smiling, brushing the tips of his fingers on Johnny asleep face. And he opened his blue eyes, slowly, with his soft smiles, which were making Gyro’s heart beat faster.

Without a word, Johnny moved closer and kissed Gyro, he kissed his lips, his jaw and his neck to his shoulder, a bit cheeky even if he was still half asleep.
And Gyro left the omega chew at his neck with a little laugh, one of his hand reaching the man’s hip.

In no time, Gyro rolled on top of Johnny, kissing him fervently. Johnny was already rocking his opened legs against Gyro’s hardening crotch.

How good dream it was.. until it turned into a nightmare.


Johnny’s hand came to Gyro’s shoulder and pushed him back, mumbling something like ‘No, not now’. Gyro looked up at Johnny’s face.
He was pouting and more than this sudden change of mood, the room was dark, as in a late evening, with only their bedside lamp on.

Gyro frowned but didn’t really payed attention at such insignificant details, he was right now horny and had to make his way into Johnny as soon as possible..
“I said no..!” He repeated with a sulky voice, pushing Gyro again.

“Common..” Groaned Gyro, a bit impatient. His hands were now running on Johnny’s tights, sliding between them. “You can’t tell me no now..” Said Gyro’s back, with a pout and a pretty impatient tone.
Johnny was wiggling, trying to turn his back to Gyro.
Without hesitation, the alpha pressed the smaller one against the mattress, nuzzling with a cheeky hmm his partner’s neck.

“Gyro!” If before the voice was only a distant sound, it was now a real shout. Johnny was now struggling, trying to push Gyro, to move the hands on his hips away.
But Gyro didn’t stop. No, he didn’t stop and he even gone further, making the omega knelt and bent, pushing his ass up.

“Oh you capricious boy~” Laughed Gyro, when Johnny was clearly mad, trying to punch him, but in his positions, it was almost impossible.

“Get away! I said no!” Johnny cried. Gyro caught the omega’s wrist and easily immobilized him, putting his both hands upon his head.

“Stop acting like a bitch Johnny.” Now, Gyro realized how wrong the situation was. Was it his own voice he just heard? Calling Johnny a bitch? No way. Gyro would never call him like that.. Never. “Aren’t you a thirsty omega?” And again, Gyro felt as he couldn’t have the control of his words.. nor his body.

His hands were reaching Johnny’s entrance, sliding a dry finger inside the already wet hole. Of course, Johnny’s body was just reacted to his presence, uh?

“Look at how wet you are for me, aren’t you thirsty for an alphas’ cock~?”

“Gyro..! No-!” Johnny’s complain stopped. Gyro had removed his finger.
And the omega could feel the other man’s lips on his neck. Kissing, licking and even nibbling.. “G-gyro.. please.. don’t.. I-I gonna do whatever you want but please don’t-”
And Gyro bit. He bit hard and deeply in the sensitive flesh. Johnny’s body shivered, probably due to the bonding, or maybe because he was sobbing loudly.

And Gyro bit again. He bit all the omega’s neck and shoulder and nape.
And he entered him, pounding inside with no gentleness.

Johnny was crying and moaning, letting Gyro made a mess of his body.
He could almost felt the dreadful taste of his blood on his tongue.

Yet, he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t control his actions, his own words. He was horrified by his own behavior, disgusted by himself. He wanted to stop, to say sorry, to hug Johnny, to heal him..

The dream jumped, just as an old vinyl. Gyro was sitting again in that ultra cute tea house, with Lucy and her friends. He was looking at the menu, unable to read what was on it.
He turned his head when Lucy put and hand on his arm. When he looked up, he could see the waiter with his pastel uniform.
But it was no more the ginger omega, Eddie. It was Johnny. With the same scars all along his neck, going down under his clothes.
Gyro froze. And so did Johnny, looking at him with tearing eyes. He was afraid, truly afraid. And when Gyro moved, to stand, to try to say something, Johnny simply dropped the note book and tried to flee, to run away, crying, deeply terrified.


Gyro suddenly opened in eyes. His headache was still here, even worse. All his body was covered with cold sweat and his heart was beating so hard to his ears.
He stood in a hurry, looking around, searching for Johnny until he remembered that the man was no more living here.
Without hesitation, Gyro jumped to the door, taking his keys and his phone, ready to reach Johnny’s place.
His phone indicated that he had a notification. He unlocked the screen.
Johnny just posted a pic on his profile.

It was two pics, one of himself alone, he was at a bar, according to the light around. It had a legend: “Party hard!” Plus an emoji wink, sticking its tongue out, another one kissing, with a heart and a wink, some confetti cones, musical note.

On the other pic, there was a guy with him, a tall, blond guy with a really doubtful sense of fashion and a strange hat.
And as legend, Johnny only used emojis: emoji cowboy, emoji smirk, emoji blue heart.

Gyro locked his phone and put back his keys.
He was so ridiculous.. He felt so miserable right now. So stupid.
He turned back, headed for the bathroom. Maybe a shower would help to chase his headache. And to hide his shame.

Chapter Text

In the morning, Johnny awake in the same position he had felt asleep. Drooling on his pillow, his phone in his hand, in the same clothes.
He took long minutes to fully awake, looking at the black screen of the phone, spacing out.

Oh yeah, he had left Tim at this bar and came back home..

What time was it? He unlocked the screen and took another long minute, looking at the ‘12:57’.

Wow.. He slept a lot. Johnny rolled on his back, checking how many people had liked his last posts. 21.. Hmm good enough.. But Johnny had to supply his profile, he had to get back his reputation.

He sighed and yawned. He had to move, to have fresh air. He felt kinda better today.
He stood up and headed for the bathroom. A shower, and then he gonna hang in the park.. There was that girl doing bubble waffle.. it would be a good breakfast-meal.

Removing his clothes, he texted Tim. Maybe Johnny could offered him a waffle to apologize.
The text had been sent, Johnny gone under the hot water.

Once he lounged enough in the shower, he went out, took his phone and head to the dressing.
Tim had answered a quick ‘Hi Jo’, sorry but I think am sick’ an emoji sick, the one with a green face and an emoji cocktail.
Even if he was a bit disappointed, Johnny still smiled at the emoji. He was the one who initiate the alpha to use it.
He answered good recovery message and headed out. He started to feel a bit claustrophobic in that apartment.

Outside, the air was pretty fresh and even if it was sunny, some clouds were growing afar. Johnny was glad to have choose the comfy hoodie instead of the fashion vest.

The park wasn’t crowded. Probably because of the not so good weather. But Johnny had always preferred the place like this.
Contrary to what people could think, the young man wasn’t so fond of crowd places. He did quite enjoy clubs and such, for partying and meeting people. But in days like this, a casual day, an everyday life day, he had a preference for quiet place, the rare presence of some parents with their children at the play area, the people taking their dogs out or some elders on a bench, looking at the sky or feeding birds, it was relaxing.

Johnny arrived at the van selling the bubble waffles. It smelled so damn good.
After a little hesitation, he took a whipped cream and chocolate one, with slivers of chocolate biscuits and piece of pear.
Feeling his mouth drooling at the sight, he quickly paid and was about to take the waffle. Only to remember how his hands were busy with crutches.
Awkwardly he looked down at the things and up at the waffle, he turned his head to look away, biting his lips.
Fuck. He didn’t think about that.. Must be said that he always had someone with him.. to carry such things for him.

But right now..

With a kind and enthusiast tone, the woman offered Johnny to accompany him to the nearest bench.
How dreadful of a feeling it was for him, to feel like that, to feel so restricted. It was so frustrating, and in another day, Johnny would probably had answer sharply, with a cool kid attitude, but today he was too tired. Tired of being that guy, tired of his own pride, tired of always acting like a brat. As if he was a cool and independent guy.
He was not cool, nor independent. Johnny was not the kind of person able to live all by his own. He was unable to take proper care of himself, he was unable to treat himself healthily by his own.

With a sigh and a slight smile, he accepted the girl’s offer and headed to the bench. He thanked her for her help and she answered with the same happy tone a melodious ‘It’s nothing~’. Nothing, in her voice or eyes, had been tenderized or looked like pitying him.. What a relief.
He looked at her coming back to her van.
He smiled wider, while he bit in the hot and good waffle. Oh shit.. He didn’t take a pic first..
Well, it wasn’t too late.

He took his pic and played with the edit for a while, until he finished the dish. He put the napkin in the trash nearby and raised his eyes to look a bit around, being focus on his phone for too long, it gave him a slight headache.


Some meters ahead, he could see a play area with some children. Surprisingly, they were not too noisy. Johnny looked at a little one afraid of the slide, another kid approached them and took their hand with a smile, the omega couldn’t hear what they said, but a second later, they were sitting together and slid down, laughing with each other.
How cute..

He looked a bit away, trying to stop to smile like an idiot. His eyes met something a bit strange.

A man, according to what Johnny could see of his face, he might be around 50 or 60 years old.. And was looking all around him suspiciously, approaching the play area.

Johnny straightened on the bench. There were no parents on that side of the structure..
He stood.

The man was wearing a long raining coat and a hat, too large for his head that was hiding a part of his face.
Johnny’s heart started to beat faster. It couldn’t be.. No way.. was it? Not in the middle of the day.. In the middle of the park..?

The shady guy was still approaching the area. Johnny walked faster.
Inside of him, he was ready to fight, to punch the man, if he was doing any dubious move.
In no time Johnny stopped near him, the man turned his head to him.
And where the omega had expected to see a panicked expression for having been caught in the act, he only get a surprised and eased face.

“Ex’cus’ mee sir..” The strange man had a really strong accent, something European. He took a paper out of his pocket and showed it to Johnny with big, genuine eyes, silently asking him for help.
The paper was the one of a museum. A special exhibition on the representation of musician in painting since Antiquity to our days.. Johnny looked incredulously at it.
First of all, the man was just lost? Was it.. really so easy? And second.. someone could really be interested in such an exhibition..?!

After some words and translator application, Johnny indicated to the man the good way, the foreigner thanked him way too much and he left in a hurry.

Johnny blinked at the man, a bit dubious. Did he half freak out.. because of that? Did he really imagined, in all possibilities, that this man could have been a menace for the children..? Was it a normal behavior or him overacting.. again?

Tsking at his own stupidity, he closed the translator application.


He was Italian and Johnny had been unable to recognize his accent, unable to say a word in Italian.
And he had date an Italian for years.

He shoved his phone back in his pocket, trying to repress the sudden feeling of guilt and regret in his guts. How ungrateful he had been.

Turning away to come back on the bench, he saw a little one at his feet. A four years old, or so, little one, crying his heart out, grabbing Johnny’s pants.

“Amaaaa..” Was crying the young one, desperate. Without hesitation, Johnny bent at the child, shamelessly sitting on the ground, his crutches next to him.

“Hey, hey, sweetie.. you’re lost?” He asked with the softest voice he ever heard from himself.
The baby nodded, crying even louder, falling into Johnny’s arm, nuzzling near his neck.
A big thrill ran into the omega’s body and he hugged the child tightly and carefully.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we gonna found Ama together, right?”
After a minute, the kid moved back, snot all over his face. With a discreet laugh, Johnny took a tissue and cleaned his face. He then managed to stand up, using the crutches – how hard it was – and said.

“Okay, let’s go. Where was Ama when you saw them lately?” The little one grabbed again Johnny’s pants and pointed an empty bench.

“Good, are you agree if we check around?” The child nodded, but didn’t let go of Johnny. He couldn’t walk with the kid grabbing his clothes like this.
“Sweetie, you have to let go of my pants if you want me to walk-” He didn’t even had the time to end his sentence, that the shy kid started to cry again and gave his leg a big hug. Johnny’s heart broke at his distress.

“Okay, okay.. What if you climb on big bro’s shoulders? Maybe you’ll see Ama from here~?” The little one slowly stopped to cry. He still hiccuped a bit when Johnny made him climb on the structure and on his back.
Now, it was more easy to move. They walked around the structure, looking at the benches and other parents.

“Do you see your Ama?” Asked Johnny, looking up at the little one who was now grabbing his hair as reins.

“No..” He shyly whispered, his voice weakened by his sobs.

“Okay sweetie, don’t worry, we gonna wait Ama at the bench, okay? Everything gonna be alright~”

They sat at the bench and the kid climbed on Johnny’s laps, nuzzling to his neck again. What a strange feeling..
So strong and soft at the same time.. Johnny passed his arms again around the tiny body and nuzzled in his hair, petting the back of his head.

“Don’t worry..” And with a soft, deep hmm, he started to rock the child, a warm hand on his back.
Johnny closed his eyes with a peaceful smiled. He could feel the young one relaxed in his arms and heard his breath slowing down.

A few minutes later, he heard a woman’s voice behind him.

“Liam!” The kid straightened suddenly, opening his big eyes to the woman half running to them with a bubble waffle in her hand.

“Liam! Honey!” And the child wiggled off Johnny’s laps to run to her.


“Honey.. what are you doing..?” She looked up, a bit suspiciously at Johnny. Of course.. it might be a bit strange to see your child in an unknown arms..

“I’m sorry.. Your son ran at me, crying, because he lost you.. I just wanted to.. to help him and..” How confused Johnny sounded right now. He was just worry for the little one being alone, nothing else.
The woman approached slowly, a bit wary, but her eyes soften when she looked down at Johnny’s neck, when she smelled his scent.

“Oh no.. I’m the one who’s sorry.. Liam.. I told you Ama would come back soon with a surprise, didn’t I?”
Little Liam pouted a sad face, his tiny hands grabbing his Ama’s coats tightly.
“Thank you for having taken care of him.. Say sorry and thank you, honey.” With a sulky face, Liam looked up at his mother. “What a shy child..” She sighted, sitting next to Johnny.

“Don’t bother..! It’s alright. Your son is really cute.” Smiled Johnny, tenderized by the child behavior.

They talked together for a while, the woman feeding her son with a bit of the waffle, all distracted, Liam was looking at another child running around the structure, chewing, chocolate all around his mouth.

After a while, the Ama turned to the play area and asked.

“Which is yours?”

Johnny blinked two times before answering.

“Mine..? Ah.. I don’t have child yet.” Yet. Yet? Why did he say yet? Why did he say that?? He never wanted to have child, and it didn’t change.. did it?

“Oh sorry! I thought you had.. since you seemed so comfortable with Liam..”

Johnny looked down at the child, who was now drinking from a water bottle way too big for him, he had to take it with both hands. Johnny was thoughtful and a bit lost.
Clumsily, he mumbled something like ‘I should leave now..’ or such and stood.
Liam jumped at his legs again and pulled on it. Johnny sat again and bent to him.

“What’s up sweetie?” And as an answer, he received a big kiss on his check.

“Than’ you big bwother! And sowwy..” The little voice was so genuinely sorry and friendly.. Johnny’s heart melted.

Fuck.. He had to leave right now.. Before..
Before his mind started to imagine things, things that Johnny didn’t want to imagine..

He said goodbye to both of the Ama and her son, and he left. He came back home with a strange feeling of insecurity and exposure.

A strange feeling that Johnny hadn’t feel for years for some reason.

Chapter Text

One more week and still nothing.
Gyro started to question his choice. After so many dates, nothing ever happened. And it was all Gyro’s fault.
He didn’t feel ready, didn’t feel this relationship at all.
And Lucy might have talked with her father. And his father talked to Gyro’s father.. Because Gyro just hanged up with him. And his father was not satisfied.
During a whole hour, he had explained to Gyro how it was important for him, as an alpha, to be the one initiating the first step. How, if he really wanted a family, he had to do something. He told him that today was his last chance.

Gyro’s father had booked them places for an opera the same day in the evening.

Opera.. Gyro looked up at his reflection in the bathroom’s mirror. Wonderful. Opera. ‘I always had been so fan of opera, thank you father’ He cynically thought with a rictus.

According to Gregorio’s indications, Gyro had to call Lucy and offered her to go out with him, as if the idea was coming from him, and had to ‘act like an alpha’ once the opera’s ended.
Damn.. So romantic and so natural.

Gyro called, Lucy answered. The proposal sounded more like a professional and pre-made appointment than a date.
Lucy accepted.
Gyro put an alarm at 6 p.m. The hour that would start his own end.

Gyro prepared his costume. ‘And please, dressed yourself with something suitable and appropriated’ said his father’s voice in his head.

“Yes.. Of course father, as you wish father.” Grumbled Gyro, ceremoniously bowing all alone. He was so done with all of this. Tonight, gonna be the good night or the last one. If things didn’t work, it would never work with anyone else. If tonight didn’t work, Gyro was ready to forget about his family dreams.
Though.. maybe he could message Johnny if it didn’t work.. maybe they could be together again.. maybe if Gyro said he didn’t want child anymore..?

He shook his head. No. He had to stop thinking this way. It sounded too attractive to be considerate: thinking this way would only lead him to canceled his today’s date, his last chance date, all that hard work and long days of awkward of dates to end like this? Asking Johnny out again with no guaranty of him to accept? Kiss goodbye his forever dream to build a family?

Gyro suddenly remembered his dreadful nightmare.
And that pic of the other alpha at the bar. He had knots in his stomach and his guts all tightened.
He quickly checked Johnny’s profile. Still marked as single.

He sighed, it was a relieved sigh, and it sounded stupid. After all, he was the one who broke up and who was dating someone else, all for..
Why for? Having a family and live ‘long and prosper with a loving omega, carrying his child’?

Wow, why did it sound so awful right now?

Okay, it was enough.
Gyro had to prepare, to call for a table in a good restaurant for before the opera, he had to take a shower, to mastered his hair, to dress, to go..

Oh and bought a bouquet of flowers. He was supposed to go all out tonight.


Johnny opened his eyes, and the first thing he did was to look at the time.
5 p.m. Even more late than yesterday and than the day before yesterday.
He sat and yawned, stretching. He didn’t do anything for the whole last week, except for eating, watching tv and sleep.

Maybe was he sick?

Johnny stood and headed for the bathroom, he needed to pee so much.

On the toilet, he spaced out looking at the sink. His eyes were slowly sliding from his toothbrush to his face soap, to the suppressant meds, to the cotton pot, to the water cleaning.. Wait.

His eyes came back on the suppressant.
He had stopped to take those. He had stopped for his scent to be stronger.
But if he stopped suppressant..

Johnny moaned, putting his head in his hands. It was obvious, how could he have forget about that..?
Lazily, he moved to the shower. He needed to make it quick.. he was so hungry right now.

Sliding outside of the bathroom to his bedroom, he passed some hoodie laying around and a pajamas pants, a tracksuits like, with star’s pattern.

Now, time for a breakfast, brunch and lunch. Unfortunately, the cupboards were empty. Just as the fridge and even the freezer.
Moaning again, Johnny didn’t want to go outside. He didn’t want to go at the super market now.. But he obviously couldn’t ordered food for the next week – especially when the deliver could be alpha.

Mad at himself, mad at his condition, Johnny searched for his collar. The large, leather, black choker. He hated this thing.. but since he was still a bit aware of the risk..

He put it and took his keys. There was no point in changing his clothes, he not gonna stay outside too long anyway..


Stupid. So stupid.. He forgot bags. Johnny forgot to take something to take home the groceries.
He already had to come back home to take his card, and now he also forgot the bags.
No way he gonna waste another half hour to go back again.

He just gonna buy a new one, he had added it to the basket. With a big ice cream pot, five different biscuits packs and five of different cakes, bread and chocolate spread, three big chips’ bags, two other kind of chips’ bags, family pack cereals..
Now, the basket at his feet, Johnny was spacing out near the bakery sections.

Fresh baked bread. It smelled so good..

“Oh, excuse me..” Said a guy, passing in front of Johnny who was standing in the middle of the way. He looked at Johnny from the corner of his eyes, speeding up.

“Sorry..” Said Johnny, stepping back, with a taking away voice. When the man passed, he left a green tea and pine trees smell that caught Johnny’s interest.
Without thinking, he followed the agreeable smell to the checkout.
And he followed it outside, forgetting his basket behind.

Outside, he still followed the smell for a while, till he lost it. And then another one.. sandalwood and nutmeg. How good.. Johnny followed it.

He was too far to get it, but people around were looking at him, were whispering, avoiding him, hiding their nose.
But Johnny was too far, way too far into his pre-heat drowsiness to get it.

He emerged around the down-town, a large place. A cinema and other kind of entertainment place were set all around it, spreading flashing light.
Johnny scratch the back of his head. What on earth was he doing here? It was pretty far from his place.. And the sky had already started to turn black.
What time was it..?

8 p.m.?! How? How was it possible??
He had wandered for almost a whole hour.
Johnny’s hand started to shiver, his heart and breath sped up. He looked around. The mixed feeling of exposure and insecurity was back.
He had to leave the center of the place, he had to find a corner where he could hide and calm down. Johnny half ran, avoiding passerby who was looking at him weirdly.
Fuck.. Johnny sat on a bench, against a wall, facing the place. Now it was a bit better, a bit safer. No one could approach behind.. And he could watch people around.

But he was still uncomfortable. He wanted to go back home, well.. he needed to come back home.
He took his phone and looked at his contact list. His thumb stopped on Gyro’s name, he was close to tap and call.. But he didn’t, scrolling a bit further to Tim’s name.

The alpha answered a bit worry.

“-Johnny..? Is everything alright?

-I.. I need you.. Tim, I feel my heat’s coming.. b-but I’m somewhere.. I’m uh.. Outside.. common please come.. I-

-Oh my..! Don’t move, stay where you are, I’m coming! Tell me where you are exactly and don’t move okay?

-Y-yeah.. I’m in front of the cinema.. on a bench.. I wanted to buy food and..

-Don’t worry, it’s ok, everything is alright, I’m coming!”

During the call, Johnny could hear Tim’s getting ready, and he could hear the real concerned of the man in his voice. Johnny smiled. Tim was really kind..

When he hung up, he still keep his phone near his heart.

People passing were still looking at him weirdly. Johnny put his hood and tried to keep calm, to repressed the feeling that was growing inside of him.
It was dangerous.. and he had been stupid to walk out alone.


The date had been the worst of all the dates Gyro ever had.
He messed up hours and put them late for the operate. They had had to rush the dinner, Lucy had had to throw the bouquet away before they entered the operate and they left in the middle of the performance, because Lucy got how Gyro seemed bored and unwell.
And on top of that, Gyro’s head hurt due to the high-pitched voice of the main singer..

Moment of truth. They were standing in front of the opera, people passing on the place around them. Gyro was discretely massaging his forehead.
He knew he was supposed to initiate something, that it was the ‘now or never’ time.

Lucy was looking up at him with a kind, little smile. She was waiting.

Gyro took a deep breath. I had to. I had to do it.

He took the girl’s hand and awkwardly bent for a kiss. She was so small.. it was pretty uncomfortable..
But she stepped back, still smiling, but she was looking down at their joined hands before she let go of Gyro.

“You know.. I don’t think it gonna works.. you and me.” She raised her blue eyes to Gyro, her smile seemed resigned, but it was a genuine smile. “It’s obvious how you are not ready. And, to be honest, I don’t think it’s only because of me.. but because of I’m not the one you want..”

Gyro was a bit surprised and incredulous. No.. No, it wasn’t how things were supposed to go..
“Don’t worry.” She cut, raising her hand. “I’m not mad, sad or anything, it’s okay and I think I got it till our first date. When you ran outside, for that guy.” Gyro hardly swallowed. Definitely not how the situation was supposed to go.
“I think you are still in love with him. And if such a thing really exists, I think he may be your fated mate. I’m sorry if I had been insistent in any way though. You have to know that my dad had good hope for us to be together, but I realized it was not something one can command or force. You are really kind, and I truly appreciate you Gyro, but I don’t think it would be good for both of us to continue this way. I don’t want to force our relationship. Let’s stop to pretend.” Her tone was so soft and so calm.
But she was also very right, and Gyro felt so, so bad and so guilty for her and yet there was a relief in his heart.
Lucy was pretty, she was cute, she was kind and she was clever, Gyro had repeated this to himself countless of time. But she also was very perspicacious and comprehensive.
She was a really good person, yet Gyro couldn’t deny his own feelings. Johnny was still the one he loved.

Unable to add anything, the alpha stayed there, looking down at Lucy, opening and closing his mouth as if wanted to say something, but unable to think straight enough about anything to say.
It had started to be really hard for him to even think. It was as if his mind was full of a moving cloud, a buzzing in his ear, just as white noises. It was hard to focus, to think and even to understand what was going on in front of him, in reality.

“I.. uh.. I’m sorry and..” Something was wrong. The dizziness was getting stronger and stronger, worse than any other day, Gyro closed his eyes, exhale profoundly by his mouth and inhale deeply with his nose.
And then, something was clear. Something, in his messy head, messy mind, was clear.
It was peaches. Peaches and cherry blossom. It was the only clear thing Gyro could focus on at this moment.
This smell. It was Johnny’s..?

Gyro opened his eyes and looked around him, turning on himself, half forgetting where he was and who standing in there, ignoring Lucy’s presence.

“I’m so sorry Lucy.. I..” There. The smell was coming from there. From that guy on the bench. It was Johnny, obviously, it couldn’t be anyone else. “I have to.. to go.. Sorry..” Gyro had mumbled his words, already leaving Lucy all alone in front of the opera.

Chapter Text

Head in his knees, Johnny felt as he had waited for hours. Tim couldn’t be so far now..
He looked up, to check his phone, but a sudden wave of wood fire and sesame smell hit him.

Johnny raised his head at the unexpected and perfectly well-dressed man in front of him.


Why.. why would Gyro be here? And those clothes.. He was so handsome. Johnny froze, feeling those particular tingles in his guts. Shit..
He squeezed his laps as he could. “Wha-what are you.. doin’ her-”

“What are you doing here?!” Gyro’s voice was loud and a bit deeper than what Johnny remembered. “Are you in.. in heat..?!” The omega lowered his head, biting his lips. Gyro was angry, wasn’t he?

Seeing Johnny lowering his head like this in front of him, Gyro didn’t like that, his Johnny would have answer him.
Gyro knelt in front of him, his hands on Johnny’s knees.
Surprised, the omega yapped in a moans, looking straight at the green eyes in front of him, half offended, half troubled.

Oh God, Gyro instantly regretted his move.. Now, not only he could smell Johnny’s scent stronger than before, but he could also smell something else..
Some very lingering and specific sent he used to know very well, coming from the omega’s crotch..
He should have moved back, it was what he had planned, but he just leaned closer, forcing his way between Johnny’s legs.

“Johnny..” His voice was now more a groan than anything else. And Johnny reacted instantly at the voice, opening his legs, he passed his arms around the other’s shoulders.

Wait.. no.. Something was wrong right now. What was wrong? Johnny could tell something was wrong.. but what?
Looking up, behind Gyro, his eyes caught people. People? Why people were looking at them..

“Gyro.. G-Gyro..” Mumbled Johnny, plaintively, and Gyro answered with a simple growl, his lips already behind Johnny’s ear, just where he adored it.
“Gyrooo..” Johnny tried to push him back.
And that feeling.. that feeling Gyro stopped. It rang and dreadful bell. Gyro regained a bit of his composure and stood. No way he would end as in this dreadful nightmare.

They were in the middle of public place. Did he just.. was he really about to.. on that bench.. in front of.. Oh no. No way.
And Johnny needed a safe place. He needed somewhere comfortable and private.

“Gonna drive us home..?” It wasn’t suppose to be a question, but Gyro wanted Johnny’s approval.

The situation was.. complicated and awkward and both of them were doing so big effort to keep their mind the clearer.
Johnny weakly nodded, stretching an arm for Gyro to help and hold him.

What a dreadful and so damn good feeling to feel how easily he was carried up.

“Gonna be easier if I hold you..” Growled Gyro, catching the crutches quickly, before heading away.

Johnny’s head was hidden in Gyro’s shoulder. His shirt, his jacket, his neck, everything was overwhelming, with the burning sandalwood and sesame smell.

He couldn’t help, but started to nuzzle and sighed against Gyro, pulling on his clothes, indulging himself in the heady feeling.

It was when Johnny started to moan that Gyro let out a shaking breath, urging the omega to stop, to calm down in a whisper.

None of them were able to calm their urgent desire.

Once they reached the car, Gyro managed to clear up his mind as much as he could. He needed to be focused once he drove.
Sitting Johnny on his passenger seat, the omega refused to let go of the other. Johnny had already lost his mind since a while and was now sucking and mewing into the Gyro’s ear.

“Gyro..” The word was whispered so lewdly, the man had to fight his instinct and to not pin Johnny here and now.
Skillfully, he slid out of the smaller’s grip, making the omega almost panic and even sob, stretching his hands in a grabby way. Gyro looked away, he couldn’t resist Johnny when he was playing the cute card.


He barely ran to the other side of the car, hurrying to sit and turn it on.
When Johnny saw Gyro back on his side, he tried to reach for his arms again. He needed to smell him, to sink into that fragrance and be completely lost in it.
But Gyro constantly pushing him away, gently pressing on his chest, pushing him back in place.

Now, Johnny had dropped the cute behavior. He was needy and it was nearly a torture for him, the frown on his forehead and the pout on his mouth, the omega came with another move, another way to get what he needed.

When Gyro stopped, at a red light, Johnny sunk down, his hands on the other’s thigh, and he put his lips right on the already a bit hard crotch.

The sudden move made the alpha gasped, looking down at the blond head, blowing a burning breath through the fabric of his pants.

“J-Johnny!” Someone beeped behind him. Looking up, Gyro noted that the traffic light was now green and that he was blocking the way.
He was stuck.. He couldn’t just stay here, what if the guy from behind came.. but could he really drive.. like this?

He decided to keep going.
When the car moved again, Johnny’s hands came to unzip the clothes and Gyro felt half of his mind already drifting off, half dazed.

He was driving carefully, always checking around and to the rear-view mirrors, trying to ignore the fire in his guts.

Johnny’s hands had taken his cock out now. Gyro wanted to push him away, to make him sit against his seat again, but he couldn’t simply grab this soft hair and pull back, could he?

“Johnny.. ah.. s-stop..! N-not here.. a-ah! Joh-Johnny!” Gyro’s face was redder than the traffic light and he genuinely wondered how he could be still so focused on the driving.

The man on his laps had start to suck loudly, hungrily at the now fully-hard cock.

All intoxicated, in need, Johnny was pressing one of his hand against his own crotch, the friction making the scent of slick stronger, mixing to his peachy and cherry blossom smell.

Thanks God, Gyro soon parked in the underground parking lot of his flat. Once he turned the car off, he put a firm hand on Johnny’s hair, guiding the omega in his move, letting out deep and loud growls and sighs, laying his head on the headrest.

Johnny hummed with satisfaction, feeling the pressure on his head.

How good it was to taste that salty pre-cum on his tongue. Pumping faster, Johnny couldn’t wait for the other’s release. He could feel the tip of the hard, leaking cock hitting the back of his throat, and he loved that feeling so much.

So long. It had been so long since the last time he tasted his alpha.

His alpha..? The thought took Johnny out of his dizzy state a second. But in no time, he had been thrown back into the daze, when Gyro came so hard in the deepest part of his throat, that Johnny didn’t even have to swallow, the same moment, the alpha was starting to knot and Johnny could feel it inflated inside his mouth.
He moved back, chocking on the cum overflowing off from his lips, receiving the end of Gyro’s orgasm right in the face. The sticky, milky and creamy fluid was running from his brow over his eyelid. His clear lashes gleaming white with the cum.
The swollen, bright and red tongue stuck out, he licked all over his full lips. It was more spreading around the stickiness than cleaning anything, but at this moment, Johnny couldn’t care less about his messy face or his messy hair, he was savoring the thick bitterness spread all inside his mouth, to the back of his throat.

Gyro was panting for a whole minute, the other resting on his lap, the black suit’s pants covered with white stains which were slowly disappearing, absorbed by the dark fabric.

Gyro needed a quick rest, but Johnny remained untouched and really desperate to have something inside him. He was playing with the cum on his face, sucking at his fingers again and again, being so thirsty for more.

A new shiver ran down his back, as lightning, and he grabbed at Gyro’s clothes, moaning and meowing the other’s name, pleading him, urging him to take him right here and right now.
As he was wiggling, his smell was spreading around. As he was pleading, his lips and mouth were making unholy wet noises, bubble popping and such.

Of course, Gyro couldn’t go with the plan to do him here and now. The car was still a too exposed place and really not comfortable. That was not right. His instinct was yelling him to treat his omega so much better.
And he still needed some time before being able to harden again.

So, first of all, they had to leave that place

Chapter Text

Lost in a thick fog, Johnny barely felt Gyro undoing his seat belt and taking him in his arms again, all he was focus on, was the smell of that man – the single clear spot in his mind – and the frustration, the absence of anything inside of him.

With some out of no-where foresight consciousness, Gyro managed to tuck the clutches in Johnny’s arms, then half-ran to the elevator, praying to not meet anyone on their way back home.
Johnny’s face was still dirty wet, even if he was hiding, rubbing his nose at Gyro’s neck, the strings of thick and now cold cum were spread everywhere. Still clinging and tugging at the suit; he was yapping in despair, long and lewd pleads.

A sudden fear grew in Gyro’s heart. Now, what if they were meeting another alpha..? What if Johnny was trying to have this other alpha’s attention? What if the other alpha wanted to take Johnny away??
Gyro felt his rage twisting his guts, over that hypothetical thought, at a non-existent alpha.
And as he growled and his gaze darkened, he spread his overwhelming scent all around the elevator. Both the alpha and omega’s scent were now mixing in the little space’s air, making it so thick it could be touch.

Feeling Gyro’s sudden hardening grip on him, how he growled, how he obviously get possessive over him, Johnny’s heart pounded more urgently to get more from that alpha, to be tore apart right here and right now by him.

As they reached his floor, Gyro thanked God they hadn’t meet anyone.
Now, he was rushing to the door.

Gyro could almost feel the moans as well as he was hearing it, the body in his arms wiggling and arching, Johnny’s lips sucking on his neck, leaving scarlet stains.

If he wasn’t ready for a second round when he left the car and entered the elevator, he was almost unable to restrain himself once he reached his door.

To open up, he had to let go of Johnny, holding him with an arm along his side, Johnny hanged at his neck. Why did he have so many keys?! Or maybe was it just that he felt overwhelmed by the urgent mewing in his ear. He felt so clumsy and with a clear mind, he sure would have feel ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Johnny was still pouring sweet sighs on his jaw and it was really hard for Gyro to not simply drop the keys and take him on the corridor’s floor.

Finally. Finally the door opened and finally he made both of them rushing inside. Slamming the door behind them, he put Johnny on their…his living’s floor.
Bed could wait, their common need couldn’t.

Laying on the omega, Gyro instinctively reached his neck to lick and nibbled at the smelling spot, while his left hand was pushing up the boy’s hoodie.
Johnny moaned loudly, as the feeling of pre-bonding rushed inside him.
Gyro suddenly stopped, looking away. No.
Even with his blurred mind, his will was still strong enough to stop him. No, Johnny didn’t want to bond.. Johnny wanted to remain ‘free’.

Instead, he took the pinkish nipple between his teeth, playing roughly with it. The alpha couldn’t get it, but Johnny had been almost frustrated at feeling of the warmth in his neck going away.
Yet, he was lost again under those hands which were undressing him, and those lips, kissing any and every parts on his body.

After smelling this whole body, kissing and biting everywhere, after he had felt the fever of the skin increased even in the cold air of the room, Gyro decided it was time.

Time to bring the omega in the comfy bed he deserved to have for what would follow.

But, if Gyro was satisfied after he played with his body, Johnny was endlessly frustrated. Moaning and digging his nails at everything he could reach.
He had tried his best to move, to get any kind of feeling down there, between his so spread and so wet legs. But the alpha had deliberately, or not, avoided that area, only grabbing at the round cheeks to carry the wiggling man to the bedroom.

Johnny’s body had already start to spurt his slick fluid everywhere on himself and on Gyro when they arrived in the bedroom.
Gyro’s patience was running out and he almost threw both of them on the already messy bed.

Johnny, that for a long while had lost the track of what was happening around, suddenly stopped, opening wide eyes. Though, Gyro barely could see it, too busy on kneading Johnny’s meaty cheeks and kissing his chest.
But Johnny indeed had a whole minute of freezing.
That smell.. Sure it was the alpha’s smell, the same smell he was intoxicating with for now almost half an hour.. but this was Gyro’s bed. It was Gyro’s bed he was in. And Johnny felt a strange feeling filling his heart.
Gyro. It was Gyro who was right here all over his body, still burning in need..

Johnny bit his lips to not let out a cry. Fuck, why had he been so stubborn? For so long?

The omega straightened, hardly. Gyro had still not realized the sudden change of mood. Lost in his rut, opening of his belt. He stopped as he felt two soft – but hella strong – arms locking him in a hug. Falling on top Johnny, his face against the omega’s neck.

“Gyro..” It’s barely a whisper, but Gyro could hear the name said as a plea slid in his ear.

It was as if everything had stopped, they were still both suffering of the urgent and burning need to fuck, but now Gyro was all focused to restrain.
He was so close.. the smell was so strong and Johnny’s behavior really didn’t help.
Johnny was stroking slowly the other’s hair. He was peacefully smiling, nuzzling in the other’s shoulder, preventing him from moving away.

“J-Johnny.. let me go..” Gyro felt the panic rising as well as the excitation. How come could he stay steady this close of the bonding point? How could he be strong enough if he’s so close?
Breathing that perfume. Ah! He tried to move back, wiggling between the unexpected, yet so strong arms of Johnny.

“Do it.” The voice was no more a plea, but an order. Johnny was not asking but ordering to Gyro to bite him.

“D-don’t- you-” Gyro was right now panicking for real. Johnny couldn’t be aware of his words, he was lost in his heat, Gyro couldn’t indulge himself in those wishes.

Suddenly pushed, he blinked down at Johnny. The omega was looking at him with a so serious, so intense gaze, he could swear he barely saw flames in those baby blue eyes.
The trace of the heat, the need, the impatience were still there, but he had also as an overwhelming will burning in there.

“Julius Caesar Zeppelli, I, Johnathan Joestar, want you to fucking bond me right here and right now.” And with those words, he forced back Gyro’s face in his neck, tilting his head to make the bonding site even more easy to reach.

The alpha was overwhelmed by so many feelings, perturbed, shocked, mad, glad, exited.. He couldn’t think anymore and simply gave up biting down. He let his teeth sink into the soft untouched skin.

On the other, he had reached his own limit and was eager to sink his painful cock in that twitching, slicky, impatient hole.
If it was a delight for Gyro, it was nothing to compare with the heaven Johnny was experiencing.

Shivers had gone all along his spine when Gyro brushed his teeth to his sensitive skin, but now that the flesh had been pierced, Johnny could barely see, even if his eyes were wide open, he could barely cry, even if his mouth was wide open, all he could hear, feel, was blood rushing in his veins.
The shiver going down his spine, as ice and fire melting in his bones, thunder in his chest, his heart beating so hard it could have broken his ribs. His hands were tensed and trembling on the smelly sheets, his legs wide open.
Gyro was thrusting inside him, as if he was cutting through the intoxicating feeling of the bond, only adding to the outrageous and limitless pleasure Johnny was already feeling.
And then, as if everything had been slow down until now, things sped up. Johnny’s heart was beating, Gyro was thrusting, the cry melting with the moans of ecstasy.
Johnny’s hands couldn’t choose in hugging Gyro’s nape or pressing on the abused lower abdomen, where he could feel a bump every time Gyro was hammering that spot.

If Johnny had thought that a bonding bite’s feeling only lasts during the bite, he now realized how wrong he had been. It lasted the whole time, all until Gyro came a first time. All inside him.
Johnny felt his eyes rolling back and his wrecked smile curled up on his lips as he was sticking his tongue out.
But as soon as Gyro moved back, a new wave of that same need flowed through Johnny. And it seemed the alpha felt it too, as he instantly hardened again and roughly turned Johnny’s his ass up.


None of them could remember how long nor how many times they did it.

But Johnny could say that they were now soon to reach their respective limits. His face sunk into the pillow, his hips up, he could feel and hear Gyro’s exhaustion.
The sheets under them, if they firstly smelled sweat and sleep, was now tinted with the smell of silk and sex.
And so Gyro came, his last shot, yet it wasn’t less good for Johnny, he arched as he never thought he could, yapping in a broken voice, feeling the alpha’s cum spurting out his abused hole, already overfilled with the hot and sticky fluid.

Gyro didn’t pull out entirely when he let down on Johnny’s back, nuzzling to the bonding site, making Johnny wiggling and moaning for a little while longer.
Johnny felt so good, so great. What a stupid, blind, little brat he had been to refuse this earlier. He was pondering to himself, but the reassuring growl on him, the warmth of that body still on him, hugging him, led Johnny directly into a deep sleep without any frustrated thought.

Chapter Text

With the next morning came the sun, after a so long time under the rain, one could be glad to see the warm color of golden light sliding on the messy green sheets. But Gyro wasn’t glad at all.
The ray of sunshine passing from the half-closed curtains came as blades to the corner of his eyes, increasing the man’s headache.

Feeling like going back to sleep would be only a vain attempt, he slowly sat.

Gyro, as an alpha, had already experience the aftermath of a heat drunk, of his own rut session. But never did he ever felt this wrecked. His head was spinning and it felt as if a hammer was knocking his skull. All his body was tensed and yet has no strength, his back was like bruised and he needed to rub his feet a while to get blood back down there.

How could his body feel so exhausted and in pain, when his heart and mind was so light and filled with satisfaction?

And then he remembered, then his brain started to work. The memory of a panicking Johnny alone on that bench came back. Everything was pretty blurry after this.. until..
Until their bond.

Finally connecting all the points, Gyro looked around him at the empty bed and his heart race quickly increased.

Even if Gyro was man of science and so used to work with logic, the panic blurred his sight and he rushed out of the bed to check in the living if Johnny was still there, without noticing the hoodie and tracksuit on the floor.
He didn’t even reach the door that he saw light coming from the bathroom.


Johnny hadn’t awake long ago neither. He had spent quite long minutes in the bed, looking at the room and at Gyro.
Nothing could have been seen on his face, probably due to his own drowsiness, or maybe was he slowly processing about what happened the day before.

He vaguely remembered the discomfort of sitting on a cold bench. He remembered that Gyro had appeared, he could guess the man had drove him to his place..

Johnny put a hand on his neck. This, he remembered very well.

As silently as he could, he stood, leaning on the bedside table to help. Somehow, it was as if the usual wight of his legs had partly disappear.
He found his crutches laying on the living room’s floor. Those more certainly had been thrown there yesterday. He then headed to the bathroom, where he was now still looking at the mark on the side of neck.

Gyro felt a dreadful contraction in his guts. Guilt was spreading fast in his veins, leading to kind of self-disgust.
He knew it, he knew Johnny wasn’t conscious, he wasn’t consenting, and he, Gyro, as an alpha, he still gave up and bit!

How easy was it to give in to auto-shame right now, when he clearly fought harder than many other alpha would have done last night. But every of those deep, torturing thoughts suddenly were whooshed away by two baby blue eyes sliding to him and a large, bright smile.

“Good morning Gyro.” Said that voice, so casually, as if the past months had been a long and ridiculous nightmare.

Unable to word out any thought, Gyro simply walked to reach the smaller body and hugged his back, hiding and nuzzling in that soft naked shoulder, inhaling the still present, but not intoxicating anymore smell of peach and cherry blossom, looking up at the reflection in the mirror and sighing his relief and joy in a tickling blow.

Laughing and wiggling, Johnny, now pressed against the sink, reached a hand to the messy blond hair and patted the man’s head.

“Let’s have a breakfast, yeah?” Asked Johnny with a pretty soft voice.


They were both sitting and eating in a relative silence.

After they left the bathroom and Gyro gave Johnny a shirt and underwear, the situation turned out to be awkward. They remained silent, avoided looking at each other or touching hands when they reached out for sugar or jam.

Anyhow, even with the awkward ambiance, both couldn’t help to hold a little smile on their lips.
Gyro couldn’t deny he appreciated the familiar morning routine and Johnny couldn’t help, but have this hope in his heart for, maybe, having a second chance with the man in front of him.

Johnny talked first.

“So..” Gyro almost started at the hesitant, but pretty loud word, looking up at the omega who was staring at his coffee, captivated by the spinning black beverage. “How did it go.. with your date?” He cleared his throat and looked up, straight at the green eyes. Gyro automatically looked away. “With the blond omega..” His voice was hesitant. “The girl.” He added quickly.

Both thought about it, but didn’t say it out loud, how ‘blond omega’ was description which could applied Johnny as well.

“Ah.” Gyro simply answered first, feeling so God damn awkward. He sipped a long sip of his too hot coffee, grimaced as it went down his throat, and continued. “I guess it’s not a match.” He concluded with a nervous smile.

“Oh.” Johnny added, in the same awkward tone. “I’m sorry.” He said, not sounding sorry at all, but more relieved, if not grateful.

Gyro smiled, hearing that not-even-trying expression and dared to look back at Johnny. This time, it was Johnny who couldn’t dare to keep eye contact and he looked away, exposing the bitten neck.

The alpha bit his lips and focused back on the egg in his plate.

“I’m sorry for..” He vaguely gestured at his neck hesitantly. He furtively looked at Johnny’s expression, but he only met a fond smile on the still looking away face.

“Don’t worry.. I-” He hesitated and his smile vanished a bit. “I meant it.. when I.. asked for it..” Now, he was anxious. If Johnny was good with it back then and still now, it didn’t mean Gyro had a clear minded then. And Johnny was really afraid Gyro was regretting what he had done now.

A silence followed. Too long to be meaningless. Johnny dared to look up. And he didn’t meet the expression he expected.
Gyro’s eyes were wide open on Johnny and he was once again out of words.

Johnny didn’t know how to take this and simply felt the urge to leave. He managed to stand, gritting his teeth and mumbling. “Sorry for that.. I should leave now..”

Gyro stood a bit to suddenly, his chair fell back. “Mind you to stay for the lunch?!” He asked, almost screaming.

Johnny blinked. Gyro blinked. Johnny laughed and Gyro smiled.

“Staying for a lunch, uh?” Answered Johnny, still amused.

“What about you stay for dinner?” Daringly asked Gyro with a bit of teasing.
“Why not for a bit longer..?” He added when Johnny bit his lips. Johnny was feeling his ears heating up while thinking this man was, well, really cute.

Chapter Text

The sun was hot on the car and Gyro could almost feel sweat dripped on his back.

Stuck in the car, music playing and an arm at the opened window, he was staring straight at his boy’s back.

Johnny, crutches in hands, bag at his wrist, was now talking with that weird blond alpha..

Diego had been awakened by Johnny’s harassing calls less than half an hour earlier, still wearing a sleeping shorts, pale green with cactus patterns and a black shirt with some 90’s kid’s show’s dinosaur.

Gyro frowned, what a creep indeed, just as Johnny had say. In no way he would himself wear such clothing and dare to go outside.. No way.


Diego frowned at the outside light. “What’s up Joboy..? What’s the matter..?”

Johnny with few words handed the bag. “Here, your hoodie.” He paused a little and quickly, hardly added through gritted teeth. “Than-ks.”.

Diego took the bag and grabbed the hoodie, rising his brows.

“Oh wow, is that my birthday?” He looked at the hoodie for a short while, before sniffing it and then he sniffed around Johnny who pushed him back with a ‘get off you queer!’. Diego’s gaze reached the car in the background and he nodded with large smile.
“I see that you get your alpha’s back. Though, you stink his pheromone. Did you guys just bang in the car or-” He stopped, his eyes hurrying to a certain place on Johnny’s neck.

Annoyed and irritated, the omega covered his neck. “It was a displeasure to see you as always. No, see ya’ in Hell.” Johnny was about to leave when Diego shouted.

“You! You mate!?? Johnny Joestar mated??” Johnny felt even more annoyed by that reaction and his face turned red, flustered.

“Quit it, I moved at his place, not you business, I gave it back to you, now hope to never see you again.”

Johnny turned back and started to walk towards Gyro, but he felt something strange. In his back, Diego didn’t move, he didn’t leave nor say anything. Shady.

The blond omega stopped and looked back suspiciously. Diego was still here, sniffing with long inhale the smell of his hoodie.

And suddenly, Johnny realized. “Gimme back that-!”

Diego laughed, taking the hoodie up, out of the other’s reach. “Nop’! I gonna keep it and never wash it ~ Johnny ~ Your alpha smells so good ~”

“You weirdo! You such a queer! Don’t you dare-” Johnny was enraging.

“Alright, alright, look your precious lover is impatient, is he up to say hi ~?”

In the back Gyro indeed stand out of the car, a frown on his face. It took too long and they seemed to argue.

Johnny cursed. “Fuck.. You take it, but don’t you dare to do whatever with this..” He looked, both menacing and concerned at Diego, before rushing back at Gyro.

Diego could take the hoodie with his alpha’s smell.. but never in this life would Diego approach Gyro. Never.


“Is everything alright?” Asked Gyro, meeting Johnny on his way back to car, still looking at the door where Diego just disappeared with a frown.

“Yeah’, everything’s alright. Let’s go.” Said Johnny obviously annoyed. “Let just not meet that creep ever again.” Gyro nodded and they both sat back to the car.


Few months had passed since Johnny moved to Gyro’s place, for good. He had left his former apartment and moved all his stuff in this place, their home.

Everything was going well for Gyro and he always felt the same blessing every morning waking up next to Johnny and once again when he came back from work, to feel that beloved omega lazily laying on the couch or snacking some cereals.

But lately, Johnny seemed kind of pensive, if not preoccupied. Gyro was worry and felt concerned, but he was afraid to be pushy, he was still very cautious about the new stability of their life, Johnny had had to do a lot of concessions and Gyro always felt like walking on thin ice.

This weekend, they were chilling at home, hugging on the coach, watching some old Italian movies. Johnny was unfocused, but it was easy to explain: Johnny was near his heat period.

Since they mated.. the heat periods were clearly less hard to endure, Johnny didn’t need to take his suppressant anymore and Gyro was less affected by the heady, sweet smell.
However, it was still a pretty hard period for the omega, and Gyro just hoped to make it easier for him.

“I go to pee.” Suddenly said Johnny, standing the next second and making his way to bathroom. Gyro looked up at him, a bit surprised. It was so sudden.


In the toilet, Johnny was looking at his phone. He was looking at this very specific app, this very specific calendar.
He already knew what he was about to see as he opened it, but he felt like a need to check it again and again.

He stayed here for a while, staring blankly at the screen, even when it turned black. His heart was beating, his face heating, his lips couldn’t help, but smile.
His hands clenched to the phone and he pressed his forehead to the screen as he bent, all shivering.


“Johnny..? You okay?” Gyro was just behind the door, shyly knocking, his tone genuinely worry.

Less a minute later, the door opened wide and Johnny appeared, with a strange expression on his face. A mix of excitation and embarrassment.

“Gyro.. hmm.. you..” He stopped to bite his lips, Gyro confused felt both curious and even more worry at that sight. “Didn’t you.. once talk.. about baby..?” He looked up with a certain cautiousness in his baby blue eyes. He was a bit afraid, worry and afraid, shy and excited.

Gyro blinked twice, unable to proceed. “..What..?”

“You once.. said you wanted child with me..” Johnny wetted his too dry lips. “Is that still what you want?”

Gyro seemed to internally panicked, he was panicking. Why did Johnny suddenly talk about it? Was it one trick question..? If Gyro said he still wants child.. would Johnny flee again..?

The alpha weakly opened his lips, unable to come with an answer, all troubled.

Johnny gulped and, leaning to the door’s frame. “I.. stopped to take the pill Gyro..” He was now looking down at his hands clenched on the crutches. “It means.. if you still want.. I-” When he looked up, he had no time to finish his words that Gyro was lifting him with a deep kiss.

Johnny felt relieved under that kiss.
Gyro took them both to the bedroom and ended up his kiss, pressing Johnny to the mattress.

“Are you really sure it’s what you want Johnny?” Asked Gyro, still a bit worry and pretty concerned. “It’s just that..”

“Gyro..” The omega’s voice was soft and he showed a smile of his lips. “I’m sure that I want you to mate me. I’m sure I want to live with you. I’m sure that.. I love you. And now.. I feel like.. I’m completely ready to try this as well.” He kissed the stunned face above him. “I’m pretty sure you will make me not regret this.” He added with a cheeky smile. His hands had traveled to Gyro’s hips and was now pressing it down to his own crotch. One leg on his right, the other on his left, Johnny slowly started to rile Gyro’s sensitive part.

The omega didn’t have to wait long to feel the result of his naughty moves.

Gyro was lost in Johnny’s words and this increasing smell, the peachy and cherry flower’s scent becoming stronger and stronger as Johnny felt more and more turned on.

Gyro’s mind quickly went blank of any worries. He buried his face in that gap, where the intoxicated smell was coming. He nibbled there as he started to rub his crotch to his omega’s one.

“Let’s remove those..” Whispered Johnny, tugging at Gyro’s home-tracksuit pants. The man only growled as Johnny pushed him back with a chuckle. “Common.. you don’t want to spare all those inside your underwear, do you?” Teased Johnny, his hand groping at the hardening, stuck in clothes.
Gyro whined his frustration with hoarse voice and almost tore the clothes apart.
Johnny quickly removed his owns with a little laugh.

Once both were free, Gyro showed no mercy as he rubbed his hardening to the wetting groin.
Johnny was sighing deeply, he may act a bit cheeky, but he was craving for Gyro to ravage him right now.

“Gyro..” He whispered, all needy. Looking up, he met Gyro’s smirk.
Oh no.. The man was in his teasing mood.. Johnny frowned and put both hands around his mate’s shoulders, bringing him closer, leaving him no choice – Johnny’s arms are really so strong.
“I warn ye’ boy’, if ye’ donnot’ take me ri’ now.. gonna castrate ye’ with me teeth. Ye got’it??” Johnny’s accent was showing withing his threat, and it only made Gyro’s over excited. His smile lewder than ever.

“Capito bene!” He answered as he slid out of the deathly embrace.
Being unable anyhow to wait any longer himself, he forced his fully hard cock inside.

Even if both had did it hundreds of times, it was still such a tight delight, to feel the pulsing hard one pushing the tightening walls apart, feeling it slid in so easily due to the natural lubrication, straight to the best spot.
As the slow thrust was bringing the both of them to Heaven, Johnny’s nails were digging to Gyro’s nape’s skin and Gyro’s teeth were nibbling to Johnny’s neck.

For once, both indulged themselves in a simple, but intense, first round. Gyro and Johnny tasting their love deep and raw.

Gyro came sooner than usual, but both were pretty satisfied. Staying inside, his knot preventing him to move back, they hugged, panting, silent for a while.
But even when Gyro deflated, none felt like moving.

Johnny had his eyes closed and his breath was back to calm pace. One could think he was asleep, but when Gyro tried to move back, he met a locking hug, Johnny looking straight at him.

“Where are you going?”

Gyro blinked and found no answer before being thirstily kissed.

“It’s not over, Gyro. I really, really want. To be sure. It works.” With his words, he progressively sat, making Gyro sat too. Still impaled on the other’s cock, Johnny kept sighing deeply each time it brushed a sensitive spot.
Both were sitting, Johnny pushed Gyro’s down and looked down at him with smuggy smile.
“I read.. about some pose.. to maximize the.. chances.” He confessed, as he slightly lifted himself, letting just the head squeezed inside him, and he turned.
Johnny sat back on the already hardening again intruder, his back to Gyro, he took the alpha’s hands, putting it on both his hips and bowed.
Gyro followed the move, Johnny was now on his knees, face down the pillow and Gyro sunk deeper than before, feeling his own cum melting to his omega’s slick, overflowing along Johnny’s legs.
Johnny’s face was hidden, but his ears were red, as the side of his face was barely showing through the blond strands.

“Now.. do me Gyro.. Breed me again..” The words being as pressing on Gyro’s horny button made him fully hard again and he didn’t restrain his moves.
Each of his thrust was coming with Gyro’s grunt, Johnny’s moan and the wet noise of where they were connected.

The whole room soon sunk into that intoxicated mix of peach and cherry blossom, of burning wood and sesame seeds and of sweat and sex.

The pleasure and joy for both was as much for the wild delight of their current session as for the prospect to have a soon a baby in that home.
Gyro couldn’t restrain himself to whisper all the sweet thought and little pet name to his omega, as Johnny was slowly loosing his consciousness, lost in the almost painful satisfaction and the perpetual need for more and more of that man inside of him.

They kept going like this for almost the rest of the day. Trying all those poses Johnny had read about.

One of the last was a first for both and it somehow asked a lot of strength from Gyro.
Somehow, Johnny was like all tilt back, his nape to the mattress, his both legs up, caught by Gyro who was standing up. Their hips connected, it indeed asked Gyro force and balanced, but now.. The way he felt Johnny’s inside.. it definitely worth all the muscle pained he got aftermath.

As soon as they were done, Gyro out of any energy, Johnny already half asleep, they laid sweaty and panting on the messy, soaking bed.
The omega instantly nuzzled to Gyro, sliding under his arm.

Johnny always had liked to be hugged like this after such an intensive session, being half crushed under his alpha.

Seeing the softness of his lover, Gyro couldn’t restrain a smile. How much did he love him.. him and all his aspect.. from the grumpy and stubborn Kentucky boy, to the sweet and fragile heart that was showing right now.

Chapter Text

Three weeks later, Gyro was nervously walking back and forth in front of the closed bathroom’s door.
He was all nervous and anxious, kept staring at the door.

Inside, Johnny was sitting on the toilet, looking at the test, waiting for the cross to appear.

It was his third one. The first had been positive. The second negative. Being extra nervous, Johnny needed to keep the test both hands and was barely unable to keep his eyes open as he waited. Praying all the gods on Earth to get that fucking lil cross.

“Johnny..?” Asked Gyro, almost pleading, now both hands to the door. “Johnny, please.. tell me the result…!”

Johnny had his eyes still closed and he frowned. “It hadn’t appeared yet..” In fact, it must be there already, but he didn’t check..
Gyro moaned his despair and put his forehead to the door. With a deep sigh, Johnny slowly opened his eyes and looked up. At the positive cross.

“YES!” He screamed, jumping up to instantly fall back, his legs unable to support him alone.

“Yes?!” Gyro tried to open the locked door. “Johnny! Open the door!” He asked, still playing with the handle.

The lock opened and he rushed inside to look at the result himself.

Both were crazy. Gyro laughing loudly and his eyes teary, while Johnny was simply crying as he shared the laugh.

“You gonna be a father Gyro..!”
“And you gonna be their beloved ama!” He answered fondly, hugging and kissing that man he loved so deeply.




“Why not ‘Hadrian’.. with an ‘H’..?” Asked Johnny with a pensive smile, looking at the bump of his belly. He was starting his fourth month of pregnancy and it was showing now.
Johnny, laying on the bed, Gyro hugging him, stroking at his round tummy with passionate love.

“What?” He asked, looking up.

“For him..” Johnny added with a chuckle, looking at his confused alpha’s face.

“W-why.. so precise..?” Asked Gyro, puzzled. Johnny looked him with a bright smile.

“Hadrian was the name of a Roman emperor..”
Gyro stared for a while, still lost, but soon he opened wide his eyes and blushed. He buried his burning red face to the round belly.

“Oh you-” He let out a sort of flustered gibbering. “I think.. I think Hadrian would be really perfect..”