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Baby You Said

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Three weeks later, Gyro was nervously walking back and forth in front of the closed bathroom’s door.
He was all nervous and anxious, kept staring at the door.

Inside, Johnny was sitting on the toilet, looking at the test, waiting for the cross to appear.

It was his third one. The first had been positive. The second negative. Being extra nervous, Johnny needed to keep the test both hands and was barely unable to keep his eyes open as he waited. Praying all the gods on Earth to get that fucking lil cross.

“Johnny..?” Asked Gyro, almost pleading, now both hands to the door. “Johnny, please.. tell me the result…!”

Johnny had his eyes still closed and he frowned. “It hadn’t appeared yet..” In fact, it must be there already, but he didn’t check..
Gyro moaned his despair and put his forehead to the door. With a deep sigh, Johnny slowly opened his eyes and looked up. At the positive cross.

“YES!” He screamed, jumping up to instantly fall back, his legs unable to support him alone.

“Yes?!” Gyro tried to open the locked door. “Johnny! Open the door!” He asked, still playing with the handle.

The lock opened and he rushed inside to look at the result himself.

Both were crazy. Gyro laughing loudly and his eyes teary, while Johnny was simply crying as he shared the laugh.

“You gonna be a father Gyro..!”
“And you gonna be their beloved ama!” He answered fondly, hugging and kissing that man he loved so deeply.




“Why not ‘Hadrian’.. with an ‘H’..?” Asked Johnny with a pensive smile, looking at the bump of his belly. He was starting his fourth month of pregnancy and it was showing now.
Johnny, laying on the bed, Gyro hugging him, stroking at his round tummy with passionate love.

“What?” He asked, looking up.

“For him..” Johnny added with a chuckle, looking at his confused alpha’s face.

“W-why.. so precise..?” Asked Gyro, puzzled. Johnny looked him with a bright smile.

“Hadrian was the name of a Roman emperor..”
Gyro stared for a while, still lost, but soon he opened wide his eyes and blushed. He buried his burning red face to the round belly.

“Oh you-” He let out a sort of flustered gibbering. “I think.. I think Hadrian would be really perfect..”