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Baby You Said

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The sun was hot on the car and Gyro could almost feel sweat dripped on his back.

Stuck in the car, music playing and an arm at the opened window, he was staring straight at his boy’s back.

Johnny, crutches in hands, bag at his wrist, was now talking with that weird blond alpha..

Diego had been awakened by Johnny’s harassing calls less than half an hour earlier, still wearing a sleeping shorts, pale green with cactus patterns and a black shirt with some 90’s kid’s show’s dinosaur.

Gyro frowned, what a creep indeed, just as Johnny had say. In no way he would himself wear such clothing and dare to go outside.. No way.


Diego frowned at the outside light. “What’s up Joboy..? What’s the matter..?”

Johnny with few words handed the bag. “Here, your hoodie.” He paused a little and quickly, hardly added through gritted teeth. “Than-ks.”.

Diego took the bag and grabbed the hoodie, rising his brows.

“Oh wow, is that my birthday?” He looked at the hoodie for a short while, before sniffing it and then he sniffed around Johnny who pushed him back with a ‘get off you queer!’. Diego’s gaze reached the car in the background and he nodded with large smile.
“I see that you get your alpha’s back. Though, you stink his pheromone. Did you guys just bang in the car or-” He stopped, his eyes hurrying to a certain place on Johnny’s neck.

Annoyed and irritated, the omega covered his neck. “It was a displeasure to see you as always. No, see ya’ in Hell.” Johnny was about to leave when Diego shouted.

“You! You mate!?? Johnny Joestar mated??” Johnny felt even more annoyed by that reaction and his face turned red, flustered.

“Quit it, I moved at his place, not you business, I gave it back to you, now hope to never see you again.”

Johnny turned back and started to walk towards Gyro, but he felt something strange. In his back, Diego didn’t move, he didn’t leave nor say anything. Shady.

The blond omega stopped and looked back suspiciously. Diego was still here, sniffing with long inhale the smell of his hoodie.

And suddenly, Johnny realized. “Gimme back that-!”

Diego laughed, taking the hoodie up, out of the other’s reach. “Nop’! I gonna keep it and never wash it ~ Johnny ~ Your alpha smells so good ~”

“You weirdo! You such a queer! Don’t you dare-” Johnny was enraging.

“Alright, alright, look your precious lover is impatient, is he up to say hi ~?”

In the back Gyro indeed stand out of the car, a frown on his face. It took too long and they seemed to argue.

Johnny cursed. “Fuck.. You take it, but don’t you dare to do whatever with this..” He looked, both menacing and concerned at Diego, before rushing back at Gyro.

Diego could take the hoodie with his alpha’s smell.. but never in this life would Diego approach Gyro. Never.


“Is everything alright?” Asked Gyro, meeting Johnny on his way back to car, still looking at the door where Diego just disappeared with a frown.

“Yeah’, everything’s alright. Let’s go.” Said Johnny obviously annoyed. “Let just not meet that creep ever again.” Gyro nodded and they both sat back to the car.


Few months had passed since Johnny moved to Gyro’s place, for good. He had left his former apartment and moved all his stuff in this place, their home.

Everything was going well for Gyro and he always felt the same blessing every morning waking up next to Johnny and once again when he came back from work, to feel that beloved omega lazily laying on the couch or snacking some cereals.

But lately, Johnny seemed kind of pensive, if not preoccupied. Gyro was worry and felt concerned, but he was afraid to be pushy, he was still very cautious about the new stability of their life, Johnny had had to do a lot of concessions and Gyro always felt like walking on thin ice.

This weekend, they were chilling at home, hugging on the coach, watching some old Italian movies. Johnny was unfocused, but it was easy to explain: Johnny was near his heat period.

Since they mated.. the heat periods were clearly less hard to endure, Johnny didn’t need to take his suppressant anymore and Gyro was less affected by the heady, sweet smell.
However, it was still a pretty hard period for the omega, and Gyro just hoped to make it easier for him.

“I go to pee.” Suddenly said Johnny, standing the next second and making his way to bathroom. Gyro looked up at him, a bit surprised. It was so sudden.


In the toilet, Johnny was looking at his phone. He was looking at this very specific app, this very specific calendar.
He already knew what he was about to see as he opened it, but he felt like a need to check it again and again.

He stayed here for a while, staring blankly at the screen, even when it turned black. His heart was beating, his face heating, his lips couldn’t help, but smile.
His hands clenched to the phone and he pressed his forehead to the screen as he bent, all shivering.


“Johnny..? You okay?” Gyro was just behind the door, shyly knocking, his tone genuinely worry.

Less a minute later, the door opened wide and Johnny appeared, with a strange expression on his face. A mix of excitation and embarrassment.

“Gyro.. hmm.. you..” He stopped to bite his lips, Gyro confused felt both curious and even more worry at that sight. “Didn’t you.. once talk.. about baby..?” He looked up with a certain cautiousness in his baby blue eyes. He was a bit afraid, worry and afraid, shy and excited.

Gyro blinked twice, unable to proceed. “..What..?”

“You once.. said you wanted child with me..” Johnny wetted his too dry lips. “Is that still what you want?”

Gyro seemed to internally panicked, he was panicking. Why did Johnny suddenly talk about it? Was it one trick question..? If Gyro said he still wants child.. would Johnny flee again..?

The alpha weakly opened his lips, unable to come with an answer, all troubled.

Johnny gulped and, leaning to the door’s frame. “I.. stopped to take the pill Gyro..” He was now looking down at his hands clenched on the crutches. “It means.. if you still want.. I-” When he looked up, he had no time to finish his words that Gyro was lifting him with a deep kiss.

Johnny felt relieved under that kiss.
Gyro took them both to the bedroom and ended up his kiss, pressing Johnny to the mattress.

“Are you really sure it’s what you want Johnny?” Asked Gyro, still a bit worry and pretty concerned. “It’s just that..”

“Gyro..” The omega’s voice was soft and he showed a smile of his lips. “I’m sure that I want you to mate me. I’m sure I want to live with you. I’m sure that.. I love you. And now.. I feel like.. I’m completely ready to try this as well.” He kissed the stunned face above him. “I’m pretty sure you will make me not regret this.” He added with a cheeky smile. His hands had traveled to Gyro’s hips and was now pressing it down to his own crotch. One leg on his right, the other on his left, Johnny slowly started to rile Gyro’s sensitive part.

The omega didn’t have to wait long to feel the result of his naughty moves.

Gyro was lost in Johnny’s words and this increasing smell, the peachy and cherry flower’s scent becoming stronger and stronger as Johnny felt more and more turned on.

Gyro’s mind quickly went blank of any worries. He buried his face in that gap, where the intoxicated smell was coming. He nibbled there as he started to rub his crotch to his omega’s one.

“Let’s remove those..” Whispered Johnny, tugging at Gyro’s home-tracksuit pants. The man only growled as Johnny pushed him back with a chuckle. “Common.. you don’t want to spare all those inside your underwear, do you?” Teased Johnny, his hand groping at the hardening, stuck in clothes.
Gyro whined his frustration with hoarse voice and almost tore the clothes apart.
Johnny quickly removed his owns with a little laugh.

Once both were free, Gyro showed no mercy as he rubbed his hardening to the wetting groin.
Johnny was sighing deeply, he may act a bit cheeky, but he was craving for Gyro to ravage him right now.

“Gyro..” He whispered, all needy. Looking up, he met Gyro’s smirk.
Oh no.. The man was in his teasing mood.. Johnny frowned and put both hands around his mate’s shoulders, bringing him closer, leaving him no choice – Johnny’s arms are really so strong.
“I warn ye’ boy’, if ye’ donnot’ take me ri’ now.. gonna castrate ye’ with me teeth. Ye got’it??” Johnny’s accent was showing withing his threat, and it only made Gyro’s over excited. His smile lewder than ever.

“Capito bene!” He answered as he slid out of the deathly embrace.
Being unable anyhow to wait any longer himself, he forced his fully hard cock inside.

Even if both had did it hundreds of times, it was still such a tight delight, to feel the pulsing hard one pushing the tightening walls apart, feeling it slid in so easily due to the natural lubrication, straight to the best spot.
As the slow thrust was bringing the both of them to Heaven, Johnny’s nails were digging to Gyro’s nape’s skin and Gyro’s teeth were nibbling to Johnny’s neck.

For once, both indulged themselves in a simple, but intense, first round. Gyro and Johnny tasting their love deep and raw.

Gyro came sooner than usual, but both were pretty satisfied. Staying inside, his knot preventing him to move back, they hugged, panting, silent for a while.
But even when Gyro deflated, none felt like moving.

Johnny had his eyes closed and his breath was back to calm pace. One could think he was asleep, but when Gyro tried to move back, he met a locking hug, Johnny looking straight at him.

“Where are you going?”

Gyro blinked and found no answer before being thirstily kissed.

“It’s not over, Gyro. I really, really want. To be sure. It works.” With his words, he progressively sat, making Gyro sat too. Still impaled on the other’s cock, Johnny kept sighing deeply each time it brushed a sensitive spot.
Both were sitting, Johnny pushed Gyro’s down and looked down at him with smuggy smile.
“I read.. about some pose.. to maximize the.. chances.” He confessed, as he slightly lifted himself, letting just the head squeezed inside him, and he turned.
Johnny sat back on the already hardening again intruder, his back to Gyro, he took the alpha’s hands, putting it on both his hips and bowed.
Gyro followed the move, Johnny was now on his knees, face down the pillow and Gyro sunk deeper than before, feeling his own cum melting to his omega’s slick, overflowing along Johnny’s legs.
Johnny’s face was hidden, but his ears were red, as the side of his face was barely showing through the blond strands.

“Now.. do me Gyro.. Breed me again..” The words being as pressing on Gyro’s horny button made him fully hard again and he didn’t restrain his moves.
Each of his thrust was coming with Gyro’s grunt, Johnny’s moan and the wet noise of where they were connected.

The whole room soon sunk into that intoxicated mix of peach and cherry blossom, of burning wood and sesame seeds and of sweat and sex.

The pleasure and joy for both was as much for the wild delight of their current session as for the prospect to have a soon a baby in that home.
Gyro couldn’t restrain himself to whisper all the sweet thought and little pet name to his omega, as Johnny was slowly loosing his consciousness, lost in the almost painful satisfaction and the perpetual need for more and more of that man inside of him.

They kept going like this for almost the rest of the day. Trying all those poses Johnny had read about.

One of the last was a first for both and it somehow asked a lot of strength from Gyro.
Somehow, Johnny was like all tilt back, his nape to the mattress, his both legs up, caught by Gyro who was standing up. Their hips connected, it indeed asked Gyro force and balanced, but now.. The way he felt Johnny’s inside.. it definitely worth all the muscle pained he got aftermath.

As soon as they were done, Gyro out of any energy, Johnny already half asleep, they laid sweaty and panting on the messy, soaking bed.
The omega instantly nuzzled to Gyro, sliding under his arm.

Johnny always had liked to be hugged like this after such an intensive session, being half crushed under his alpha.

Seeing the softness of his lover, Gyro couldn’t restrain a smile. How much did he love him.. him and all his aspect.. from the grumpy and stubborn Kentucky boy, to the sweet and fragile heart that was showing right now.