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Baby You Said

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“I want a child with you..”

Johnny jumped in Gyro’s arms, dropping his phone which fell on his face. Rubbing his nose, he looked down at Gyro. The man had his face against Johnny’s tummy and was pouting, lost in his thought.

Johnny blinked and frowned at him. Did he really say what he heard..?
After a moment, Johnny asked:
“What did you just say..?” Gyro stroked Johnny’s bare skin with his bearded cheek.

“I said.. I would like a child with you..” Lazily repeated Gyro, the thumb of his hand brushing Johnny’s hip.

What the heck? Johnny suddenly sat straight, Gyro moaned, annoyed.

“Why in hell are you talking about that Gyro..?” Johnny’s worlds were slow to come out his clenched jaws.


Johnny clearly never been that kind of soft omega, whose biggest wish was to find a loving alpha, to be bonded, to carry children and raised them.
Johnny was a wild-soul, independent and he was clearly not into those ‘perfect family’ stuff.
Family was a pain in the ass and he didn’t want to have to deal with it anymore.

Gyro frowned back at Johnny.
“What..? I didn’t say it like it would happened anyway..” He said with a sulky voice.


If Johnny wasn’t the cliché of an omega, Gyro was somehow that ‘alpha cliché’. He was dedicated, he was patient, he was protective and his biggest dream was to have that big and happy family, full of pups running around.

“I thought I made it clear. I’ll never bear any child, Gyro.” The way Johnny was saying his name now, it was upsetting Gyro, it was maybe even hurting him a bit.
Yet, he still smiled, a bit sadly, standing from the bed and heading out.

“Don’t worry, I know.. I’m going to grab coffee, do you want a cup?” Johnny only answered with an affirmative ‘hm’ leaning back on the bed, his eyes on his phone.
Gyro looked at him and sighed deeply, leaving the room.

‘It’s not as if we’re dating for years now..’ the Italian hoped to throw back, but he wasn’t like that, and Johnny had really made it clear since the first day.
After all this time, they weren’t even mates..


Johnny was half living at Gyro’s place. Half-living since he still had his own flat, with his own clothes, his own bed, his own home.
It always made Gyro’s heart hurt when he accidentally talked about ‘their’ home, ‘their’ bed’, ‘their’ stuff.. and when Johnny was correcting him ‘your’ home, ‘your’ bed, ‘my’ stuff.

And even if Gyro knew where Johnny was living, he never passed the front door.
It saddened the alpha deep in his heart.
Because he loved Johnny. He genuinely was in love with him.
Johnny was cute, beautiful and handsome, he was talented and intelligent.. all of this, Gyro really meant it, but when he started with those compliment, when he told Johnny how much he was to him, the boy was just shushing him, laughing at how dumb he was, warning Gyro to not ‘fall in love’ with a snicker on his perfect face.

But Gyro had fell in love. And Gyro wanted a family, he wanted children or even just only one, and he wanted this to happen with Johnny.
But Johnny had really made it clear.


The truth was that Johnny was afraid.
Afraid to develop a serious relationship. He wasn’t ready. It was too much. He didn’t feel like it. It was too soon.

Not that he didn’t like Gyro.. It was far from it, Gyro was more or less perfect for Johnny, that was why they were still dating.. after several years.. how long already?
Johnny could have just search in his Facebook profile page or on scroll down on Instagram to find the date of their first date. But it didn’t worth it. There was no point to look for it now.

Johnny just kept scrolling, double clicked to like random post here and there.


But having a child? What on Earth?! The matter was stuck in his mind.
Johnny would never carry someone’s child. He would never bound no one.
It was easier. What if something was going wrong, uh? What if he met someone better than him? Or if Gyro just aged like a grumpy, old and annoying alpha? No way Johnny wanted to bond. It sounded like a prison. And he needed his freedom.

In fact, Johnny needed to feel able to flee, to run away.
If Gyro now knew where he lived, he only found out after three years of dating.. and because Johnny had accidentally broke one of his crutches.

Gyro was a kind man and a good alpha. He always wore condom in their first times, when Johnny hadn’t started his birth control. He even started taking suppressant.
He never made any comment about Johnny’s smell, he was careful to not kiss him too close of his neck, he was caring, but always let Johnny had some space.

Johnny’s hand slowly slid to his belly.

Gyro was really perfect..

The omega startled when he heard Gyro coming back with the two coffees. He straightened up, pulling his hand away from his tummy.
Damn that man.. Making him to think at such stupid ideas..!

When he gave him his cup, Gyro was all sweet smiling as always, he didn’t start again with his insanity about baby and just casually cuddle with Johnny for the rest of the evening.


Johnny was smiling at the sky, looking how the big clouds were lazily running in that blue canvas. It was peaceful. He closed his eyes and smiled larger to the fresh wind blowing on his cheeks.
He was waiting.

“Ama!” He opened his eyes and lowered them on a little boy with blond hair and green eyes, running at him with a blue schoolbag and a pink teddy in his hand.
Johnny knelt and opened his arms, the boy ran faster to reach those warming arms.
“Hey sunshine~!”


Johnny awoke with a strange feeling. He slowly sat in the bed, making Gyro’s arm sliding from his waist. The man turned in a moan.

Johnny looked around. It was Gyro’s room, as always. There’s clothes from yesterday on the floor..
He turned his gaze to the window. According to the light, it was still quite early. He looked at his phone, ignoring all his notifications, just to check for the hour.
6:37 a.m.
What a shame. Johnny didn’t feel like going back to sleep, but wasn’t it too early for him to wake up?
He turned to look at Gyro’s back and messy hair.
Oh, how pretty he was in the morning light.. even from behind..
Johnny slowly approached his hand from Gyro’s head, but changed his mind. He didn’t want to wake him up. He might be peacefully dreaming.

Dreaming? Did Johnny have a dream? He had that feeling, but what was it again..?
Gyro growled in his sleep.

Anyway, Johnny felt like staying in bed would only make his boyfriend awake.

Slowly, as carefully as he could, he took his crutches and stood. On his way, he grabbed a hoodie.
One Gyro’s hoodie.


When he woke up, Gyro felt something strange.. the place next to him.. It was empty. He sat quickly, looking at where he hugged Johnny last night. But there was no one.
Frowning, the alpha tried to stay calm and not to overreact at Johnny’s absence – it was hard sometimes to suppress his own instinct..

When he entered the living room, only wearing a boxer, he caught Johnny sitting on the couch, his legs up in his arms, against him, a cup of coffee on his knees and his eyes turned to the sky, through the window.
He seemed lost in his thought, but he slowly turned his eyes to Gyro with a soft smile.
How unusual to see such an expression on Johnny’s face, and to see him up so early and so peaceful and so calm..

“Are you alright..?” Asked Gyro, standing in the middle of the living room, feeling a bit out of place with his messy hair and boxer.

Johnny was simply so beautiful.. There was something melancholic in this beauty, and it made Gyro’s heart missed a beat.

“I’m fine.” Said Johnny, with a really sweet and calm voice.
It was true, he felt fine. He was just calm, still a bit drowsy from the night. He had spent his morning looking at the sky, he felt that he would eventually be able to remember his dream like that, he was pretty sure he, at some point, dreamed of the sky.

Gyro’s frown was still on his face and he came closer.

“You know you can tell me if anything bothered you, right?”

“Yeah, of course, don’t worry, I’m really fine.” Gyro was worrying. Cute.
Now the man was crouching down in front of Johnny, his hands on Johnny’s cold feet.
Johnny could barely feel it, but the warmth from this touch still tingled his numb legs.

“Tell me..” That concerned was cute, but now it started to be a bit annoying.

“I told you, I’m fine. I made coffee, don’t you want a cup?” The poor attempt of Johnny to change the subject didn’t change anything at those puppy green eyes on him.

Green eyes.. Johnny had the feeling he saw such eyes somewhere not so long time ago.. But now, he knew only one person with such eyes..

“Common..” It sounded like a plea, coming from Gyro, with his hoarse, morning voice.

“Gyro, I swear I’m fine!” Now, that mood had passed and Johnny felt kind of stupid.
It was really not in his habit to sit on the couch and to look at the window as a sighing, romantic teen.
What the fuck?

“Is that because of yesterday..? Because I talked about child-?”

“Oh shut it!” Cut Johnny, pushing Gyro’s shoulder to get his crutches and stand. “I said I was fine, nothing to do with that shit!” He headed to the bathroom. He didn’t really need to go there, but he really needed some space, to be far from Gyro for a while.
“And never talked about that ever again!” He slammed the door behind him, feeling a bit guilty at how Gyro’s face looked lost, how his genuine eyes seemed hurt.

Johnny remembered now. He remembered his dream.
And it made him freak out.