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You, Me, and the Road

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saiki’s grip on the steering wheel tightens as the darkening grey clouds casting overhead seem to only get worse with each passing minute. the radio is turned down low, with the time reading 7:38 pm. the atmosphere is charged and exciting, nerves taking over their very beings as the car shifts over to the right lane. 


a pack of open gum rests in the cup holders and kaidou takes it upon himself to have the last piece.


“really?” saiki side eyes his boyfriend, who stops chewing momentarily.


“what? did you want the last piece?” saiki sighs through his nose and focuses on the road again, kaidou trying his best not to show a smile; his poor attempt failing miserably.


the highway seemed... empty in a way; more peaceful even though it’s anything but. keeping his eyes on the road, saiki let one hand off the steering wheel and latched onto his boyfriend’s hand, who hummed in acknowledgement. their fingers are linked on the center console, with kaidou rubbing saiki’s thumb in a slow rhythm. his fingers are warm, palm soft and saiki tightens his hold. 


“you know...” kaidou’s murmurs were breathless, anticipation curling in saiki’s gut, “we can just go anywhere we want right now.”


saiki hums with a raised eyebrow. 


“yeah i mean, no adults here with us or anything and it’s summer so no one would really try to stop us.” 


cars pass them in the other lanes, their backlights shining in the dark. kaidou leans back into the passenger seat, the streetlights marking his face with each pass. switching lanes once again, saiki turns off the highway and onto an empty exit street. 


popping a bubble, kaidou rows down his window even more letting the loud wind mess up his hair. saiki smiles and reaches to turn on the radio, a soft rock song saiki reconizes but can’t place the name of playing on air. he turns the volume up higher. 


it fit perfectly, in saiki’s opinion. the guitar blasting loudly from the car as well as kaidou’s head sticking out the window, huge laughs and happy grins coming from the residents in the car. tapping along to the beat of the music on the wheel, saiki brightens the headlights and he speeds up, now going seventy. 


“this. is. amazing!!” kaidou laughs, an arm going out the window as well; saiki smiles even bigger, making his cheeks hurt from the strain. kaidou whoops one last time before getting back in the car, his excitement never leaving his face. the radio shifting to a song both he and kaidou knows, as they both love this song equally. 


kaidou forms a fist and busts out singing the first lyrics of their song. “i gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over.” he dramatically looks out the window, placing his hand on the glass for the extra effect. saiki rolls his eyes in affection. kaidou looks back at saiki. “i better read between the lines, in case i need it when i'm older.” he tries to match the notes, his attempt laughable. 


“now this mountain i must climb, feels like the world upon my shoulders.” kaidou uses his hands to gesture the lyrics. “through the clouds i see love shine, it keeps me warm as life grows colder.” kaidou fake shivers and saiki lets out the laugh he’s been trying to hold in. kaidou grins and pokes saiki’s arm. “come on kusuo! sing with me!” 


saiki looks over at his boyfriend and the words coming out of his mouth are the next lyrics to the song. “in my life there's been heartache and pain. i don't know if i can face it again.” kaidou sways back and forth as saiki gets into the groove of the song, letting loose. “can't stop now, i've traveled so far, to change this lonely life...” kaidou and saiki look at each other and synchronize the chorus. 


“i want to know what love is, i want you to show me!” kaidou lean onto saiki’s arm and closing his eyes to the song, eyelashes fluttering prettily against his cheekbone. “i want to know what love is, i want you to show me!” saiki stares a little too long at kaidou before eyes travel back to the road, far too dark for either of them to be out this late, but at the moment saiki really doesn’t care right now. besides, seeing kaidou sing without the feeling of being judged doesn’t happen often. chances slim to none. 


letting go, kaidou blinks his eyes open and whispers the next lyric into saiki's ear, sending his nerves into overdrive at the sudden boldness and he shivers. “i want to feel it too, i want to feel what love is...” his breath is too hot and too warm and saiki slows the down car and pulls over to the side, putting the car in park. his breathing is a little unsteady and kaidou takes that as an opportunity. he climbs over the console and sits on saiki’s thighs, leaning down to where he’s face leveled with saiki and he smiles. “hi.”


saiki grips kaidou‘s waist and murmers against kaidou’s lips “hey yourself,” before whisking them away with his. his hand blindly reaches for the seat adjuster and when saiki finds it he pulls upwards, and both he and kaidou laugh breathlessly when the seat jerks backwards.


kaidou’s lips were tantalizing, to say in the least. slightly rough from all his biting, making them so very pink. as well as the slight taste of mint gum he had been chewing before. kaidou’s giggles felt loud and saiki greedily drank up each sound the teen on top of him was making. they split apart, a thin string of saliva connecting their soon-to-be bruised lips. they brush their foreheads together. kaidou and saiki both wipe their mouths. 


kaidou looked ethereal. the streetlight shines on his back and each time kaidou sat up that light glowed around his figure. “i love you.” kaidou looked shock before his face morphed into that of love, he will never get tired of that phase. not even a little bit.


“i love you too, ku-chan.” saiki grimaced at the nickname and kaidou laughed merrily, wincing when saiki pinched his thigh. 


“take it back.”


kaidou props himself on saiki’s chest, his elbows digging into his pecs. “i’m sorry and i take it back.” his eyes are closed and his head is slightly tilted to the right. “i love you too, saiki kusuo.” 


ironically enough, ‘Take My Breath Away’ played next. and as saiki goes to lean up and steal another kiss from kaidou, he finds that this song fits perfectly.