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A Virtual World [AH OT6]

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Gavin rushed into his room, the biggest smile on his face. He answered his mother as she yelled up the stairs to him if he was hungry, which he just answered with 'I'll eat later.'

He took his helmet out of it's box, staring at it in awe.

To any normal, boring person, it'd look like just a normal helmet with buttons and plugs. To a gamer, this was the best thing known to man.

It was 2045 this year, and the new virtual reality gaming console came out yesturday, March 17th. It was a simple helmet which you could get in black, red, blue, white or green. Gavin got it in black but he didn't care for the colour, as long as he got one he was happy.

The helmet didn't have a proper name, so the small white writing printed along the top said 'virtual reality.'

Gavin stopped staring, that was enough, he had to play it!

For anyone that preordered the console, they got a free game along with it, which the whole gaming population that had this helmet would be playing right now. The game was called Battle Quest and it was set in an almost mid-evil time. However the only castles were boss rooms, the rest was just little towns and feilds. Though Gavin only knew all of this because he was researching the game for over a month now.

Gavin plugged the helmet into his PC and then put the disc in. The PC came up with a note asking if he wanted to download Battle Quest to the console. Gavin clicked yes and it started downloading.

Thanks to Gav's fast computer, it didn't take long and he took the disc out once it told him so. Now the game was stored into the helmet forever and all Gavin needed to do was put it on.

That is of course, exactly what he did.

He laid on his bed, since you couldn't be standing when playing this and he smiled when he heard the little beep it made as it could sense there was a human in the helmet.

After closing his eyes, Gavin thought of the game, which was the way to get the helmet to know what you wanted to play. Then off he went.

He came to a character design, and found himself looking in the mirror.

After probably five minutes of deciding, he finally had an outfit. He made clothes with the colour similar to a creepers. The vest green with the creeper faced printed onto it. A short sleeved grey shirt under it, and a long sleeved white shirt under that.

His pants matched his vest colour, with a black stripe on the outside of each leg. His shoes were grey with three green velcro straps. The tips of his shoes were black, along with the heel and rubber bottom.

He had a choice to change his face, but decided not to, instead just making his eyes more green than they already were.

So after customization came power choice. He could choose between Magic, Swords, Archery, Axes, Guns and simple hand in hand combat. It didn't take him long to decide and after picking archery, he was heading off into the game.

He quickly found himself in the middle of a village, other players walking around, talking, trading, buying, anything that they could, and needed to do.

Gavin wore the biggest smile as he looked around. It was like a middle ages village but it was neat, clean and very pretty with few trees and flowers growing around.

Gavin then suddenly got a blue screen floating in front of him, asking if he wanted to take the menu tutorial. So being as unknowing as he was he sat down on a nearby bench then touched the yes button in front of him.

It first told him to swipe two fingers down in front of him, so as he did as told, his menu showed up in front of him. If he looked up a little further he could see his health, experience, money and currently held item, which was a picture of the bow and arrows that was right now behind him, hooked on with a belt.

The turtorial told him how to get through the menu, how to buy stuff, get money, change items and so on. It took Gavin a good five minutes before he finally finished the long intro of instructions.

When he closed the menu and look up in the left side of his vision, his health and experience popped down automaticly into his vision. So far health was full, and experience empty with him at level 1.

Then looking in his right side his money and held item popped down. His money sat at $1000 so at least he had something to start with.

He looked around the little village, it didn't look like there was much to actually do here, so spotting a sign he walks over to it to examine it. It pointed in three directions, the three different arrows having the words Shop, Inn and Feild.

He looked in each direction and decided to go down to the shop. Once there he walked inside, a cute little bell going off as he walked inside. The shop keeper made his way around from the back, a wide smile on his face, but it wasn't an AI like Gavin thought.

The shop keeper had a bar above their head. A green one, which must resemble health, a grey one under it with a little blue at the end which was probably experience. Finally the number 3 in a beautifly detailed circle right next to the health bar, which must of been his level.

"Hi sir, what can I do for you?" He asked Gavin as he walked up to the counter.

"Hi I'd like..." Gavin looked around a the labled items on the shelf behind the keeper. "two health potions please," Gavin asked.

The shop keepeer nodded and ducked under the counter and pull out two red bottles, handing them to Gavin. "That will be $80" the shop keeper said. Gavin reached into a little bag hooked to a loose belt that hung down his hips, taking out the money needed to pay for the items and handed it to the man. "Thank you, your new I see."

"How can you tell?" Gavin asked as he hooked the two bottles to his belt that held his weapon.

"I can see your level dumbass, you got quite a deep accent there, you from englang?" Gavin nodded with a wide smile.

"I just got the virtual reality console a few hours ago."

"Well good luck, this is completely different to any other game you would of played, so I recommend taking as much advice, and doing as much tutorials as possible."

"Thanks, I will!" Gavin said as he waved goodbye and left the shop. As he walked out he overheard some people talking outside of the store.

"Have you heard? Achievement Hunter is the number one most feared group in the game."

"Really? I thought they just came together last night."

"They did, but they've already fought their way through every other group and boss to get where their at."

"I'd stay away from them if I were you. I heard they don't give mercy to anyone who comes across them, aparently their happy with the amount of people in their group, they'll just kill you if you ask to join."

"Ruthless, but it's so cool!"

Gavin couldn't help but stay and listen. Achievement Hunter...they sound scary honestly, hopefully he wouldn't ever have to meet them.

So with his potions and weapon in hand he set out towards the feild, ready to fight anything and become the strongest he can be.