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You are not someone with a prize

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Zhang Yuan was invited by Jing Ran in one of his night with lots of people.
He needed to be there to accept one prize and meet people and he wanted that Zhang Yuan was here with him since he was his lover.
Jing Ran has offered him cufflinks, one ring (that for Jing Ran tell they are together), and one new suit.
Zhang Yuan was uncomfortable because of all of this, even if they are together for many months, sex is incredible and he still thinks at the time Daddy Jing Ran has spanked him and used one toy as a vibrator while they were outside, he is still blushing at it. But he was still uncomfortable about the money. They were exclusive he was his boyfriend. Jing Ran liked to take pictures of Zhang Yuan because some of them were his wallpaper for think at him when he was away in Italy. Jing Ran cherish him so much.

Jing Ran had told him "You can stay yourself I don't want that you be someone else or be not ease, everything will be alright I'm here with you".

Jing Ran just needed to be here for take one award and he was ready to tell about his "fiance" Zhang Yuan during his speech.

While waiting for the ceremony, Jing Ran gives food to Zhang Yuan and sat "Taste it, it's so good and you need to eat a little more"

and Zhang Yuan say "Why you plan to break me tonight and left me with no energy"

"We will see my baby boy" say Jing Ran

Jing Ran had the award of the best architect/designer and he said "I would like to thank many people because it's important but the one I would love to say thank it's to my fiance Zhang Yuan because without him I wouldn't be here, he is my motivation, he is my everything and my life"

Zhang Yuan was speechless and he looked at the ring now he understand the meaning of the ring sometimes Jing Ran doesn't talk about everything because he have a plan. Zhang Yuan always trusted him since the first day he meets him when he have saved him from one his ex, he was not only one architect but he was one fighter.

He still remember the day when Zhang Yuan had one fight with his ex-boyfriend in the street and this handsome men have saved him, offer him food, some clothes and one bed because he had no home.
Then they had begun one relationship he was more like one Sugar Baby since he doesn't had lot of money, not finished his studies at uni but Jing Ran always take care of him.

When Jing Ran return to Zhang Yuan he kisses him and says "I'm glad to have the prize but the most thing I'm happy is that you will come with me to our house it's just everything I need. You are priceless, you shouldn't have one price for everything. You are just my lover, my partner, you are not just my sugar baby I just do it because I want also to see you happy, this ring I have given you is to tell you that I want to marry you one day"

Zhang Yuan answer him by saying "I'm ready whenever you want, I want to follow you everywhere, I can work everywhere or not work and just be with you"

In the end, they’ll always belong to each other. And their relationship is just so strong that no one can break them