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To Die or Not to Die--- That is the Question

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Prologue: It was a beautiful sunny day in Cedar City Utah, with only just a few clouds to threaten tonight’s production in the outdoor Adam’s theatre, but it was only midday so surely those clouds would happily disappear before tonight. Everyone was outside in the courtyard, sitting under trees and picnic tables, as the tour guides would walk by with future students who were planning on attending SUU. The Shakespearean festival was located on the campus of the University, full of Shakespearean actors, tourists, locals, actors-in-training, Shakespeare fans, and college students. Cedar City was not known for its crime, because there was nothing to do after 9 P.M. except attend the festival, but all of the shows started at 8. The courtyard was located between five buildings, the bell tower, the Adams Theatre, the Randall Theatre, and the theatre that I forgot the name of. It was full of green grass, a waterfall, a lamppost, a few trees, and the green show stage. The green show stage was located in front of the Adams Theatre, and had a field in front of it where the audience would be. The green show was a pre-show full of music and dancing about forty-five minutes before the main production would start in the Adams Theatre. The Adams theatre was where most of the Shakespearean plays took place it was very close to the original Globe theatre but smaller. Behind the Adams theatre, was another indoor theatre, but I can’t recall the name, also inside is the AWESOME gift shop but that’s not important right now, what’s important is this actor that we see getting a coffee at the sweet shop, (which is basically the café and concession stand of the Festival) his name was James Stewart. He is ridiculously talented, and has studied/performed Shakespeare for nineteen years. He’s about six feet tall, blonde hair blue eyes, and a long face that looks as if it were hand chiseled by a God. He wore a light blue button up shirt, tan pants. He always had a certain determined look on his face as he walked to rehearsals, as he was walking, a fellow actor ran up to him. “James! James! Hey!” He yelled, James turned his head to see, Nick *place a last name here*, another actor in his mid-twenties, with a dorky and likable personality. He usually wore plaid shirts and jeans, with his satchel and water bottle over his shoulder. “Where ya headed?” Erik asked. “Oh, I just forgot a few things at home that’s all.” James lied, as he started to walk faster to his car. “Oh, well. I was hoping we could go get some food or something and just hang out? I asked a few-” Nick was interrupted by James. “Its fine, go ahead. I’m kind of busy.” He said as he shut the door in Nick’s face. Nick frowned, and watched as the black mustang drove off into the distance, then he turned around and started to walk through the courtyard to find his friends. All of Nick’s friends were in the play Titus Andronicus while he was in a The Comedy of Errors, and a few others. As he paced the courtyard searching for his friends, no one showed up. Was there a surprise rehearsal? Did something go wrong? He quickly glanced at his watch, hoping he wasn’t forgetting something. Suddenly, there was a woman’s blood curdling scream coming from the gift shop door that was behind him. The screams wouldn’t stop, but they faded as she was carried away into the forest. Nick followed her screams, but he was too late, he could not find her or her kidnappers. He immediately called the police, and by the time he arrived, he was almost late for rehearsal.