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And I'm here (like I used to be).

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Sun Woo, who had always considered himself a fairly early rising found the Grim Reaper mixing cale and bananas with a thick grey powder while Hansung was happily eating waffles. 

Hansung never woke up early. He usually arrived around noon with take overs or planning to eat whatever the Goblin was making. Unless he slept around that is. In that case, Sun Woo would always end up waking him up when he'd need to leave the bed. Because for some reason, the younger male categorically refused to sleep in a guest room and dubbed each and every of his stay a sleepover. Which equated with watching movies and talking about their feelings. The poor kid had a lot of regrets, missing a brother after they'd separately been put to adoption. Sun Woo understood in a way, having lost two brothers far too soon. Both dying because they considered his life worth every sacrifice. A part of Sun Woo knew why he'd accepted the kid so easily in his life and requested for Wi Hwa to adopt him as soon as he'd seen him. This kid, while he had no memory of who he'd once been, was a reincarnation of a brother that gave up his life for him. And it broke his heart to know that in this life still, Han Seong had been separated from his big brother. 

"Hyung, you slept in late." Hansung declared happily. "Was it a good night?" The male had noticed that Sun Woo mostly slept very little. But there were nights, where exhaustion and tiredness seeped in his bones. During those, he would completely put his guard down and sleep like a rock. It had been worrying at first, because he would always mumble incoherent words, seemingly reliving lifetimes at once. But it never quite looked like he was having a nightmare. Just a low, constant chanting that would periodically dissolve into snores. 

"You snore ridiculously loud." The Grim Reaper said, pouring his odd concoction in a glass.

"I do not, snore." The Goblin weakly argued, taking a seat beside Hansung. "You made breakfast?" He asked the younger male who chuckled. 

"Do you truly think I'd trust the baby in my kitchen?" Jeosung Saja inquired, speaking loud enough for his voice to carry. 

"Are you trying to over feed him to eat him later, you witch?"

The Grim Reaper sighed. "I'm not a witch."

"Oh? Then why do you dress like one?" Sun Woo shot back, before bringing a cup of freshly brewed tea to his lips, poorly hiding a smile. 

The Grim Reaper huffed, exiting the kitchen to join them at the dining table. "Did it cross your mind that I might just have been trying to be nice? I don't want it to rain today." He smiled when the Goblin scoffed. "Besides, I like taking care of a house. I've always wanted to have my own little farm, away from the capital and live humbly." He shrugged. 

"Right." Dokkaebi chuckled softly, thinking about an arrogant king that once told him some doors weren't to be opened by some. "City dwellers always say that until they leave for the real village, the kind forgotten by the rest of society. Then they realize it isn't easy not to be privileged." Sun Woo replied, more bitterly than originally intended.

"Hyung..." Hansung said softly. 

The Goblin heaved a sigh. "It's fine. I'm fine." He stood up. "Thank you for the breakfast. Please, enjoy your morning." Accompanying those words came a curt nod. Then the male took his leave, as the first drops of rain fell on the windows of the house.

The Grim Reaper heaved a sigh and stood up as well. "I need to buy an umbrella." 

Hansung chuckled. "I'll drive you, hyung tenant. I know you don't have a car." Death's envoy gave a polite, grateful nod. "Just go and change, I'll be done with breakfast by then."

"Alright. Don't go overboard with the whipped cream while I'm away." The Grim Reaper warned before leaving the room. 

"Dae, hyung tenant!" 





Hands shoved in the pockets of her thick coat as she rushed through the streets of Seoul, Ah Ro was desperately trying to make her way to school. The pouring rain was relentlessly hitting her hood, a white noise that felt oddly soothing as she walked. "Wait! Excuse me!" The female heard behind her, swallowing as a large hand fell on her shoulder. Ah Ro stilled in her steps, watching as the man moved to stand in front of her, holding his umbrella above her head and keeping a respectful distance. "I'm sorry if I startled you." He apologized, a genuine, bright smile on his  features. Instinctively, Ah Ro relaxed, an overwhelming sense of familiarity hitting her. "I just wanted to give you this." He spoke, holding out the umbrella to her. "I figured it'd be better than a sweater. Don't worry, you don't have to give it back or anything and I won't even ask for a name."

Gingerly, the female took ahold of the offered item. The carved wooden handle of the large umbrella indicating that it was probably expensive. "Why?" She asked gently.

"Because," The male shrugged, putting his hands in the pockets of his suit pants. "I think I would have wanted someone to hand me an umbrella when I stood under the pouring rain." He declared and gave a final nod, smiling at the female as he walked past her.

"Orabeoni!" Ah Ro called, spinning on herself. The male seemed to still. The spun on his feet, the same bright smile on his features. "Thank you." The female added, a smile settling on her delicate features. The male gave a cheeky wink, grinning brightly as he turned away to keep walking. "Orabeoni..." Ah Ro repeated softly, brows furrowing. Shaking her head before she could drown in thoughts, the female went her way. She couldn't be late to class.




"Hey, hyung tenant, I realize I never asked this but," Hansung shot his passenger a glance before focusing back on the road. "What's your name?"

The Grim Reaper stilled at the question. The hand he'd been tapping against his calf along the music limply fell on his lap. "I..." He lowered his gaze, ashamed at the admission to come. "I don't have a name."

"What?" Hansung asked, confused. "How is it possible? Everyone has a name."

Jeosung Saja chuckled. "Grim Reapers don't have names. It's part of our punishments. The sins of our past were too heavy for us to carry, so we all, drank a tea that made us forget of our past lives. So we could do our job well and be at peace with ourselves."

"And are you?" Hansung asked. "At peace, I mean. Not knowing where my brother is somehow feels much worse than any certitude would. Sun Woo-ah is good with me, but I know I'm lucky. And if," The young man's eyes twitched. "if it's not the case for my brother, if whomever he is with isn't as nice, or if he is alone and scared or worried about me too, or even dead... I just... I would like to know. Whatever the truth is."

The Grim Reaper heaved a sigh, casting a curious gaze to the young man beside him. So far, he'd seen little of Hansung but a bright, happy kid with an avid curiosity and hopeful eyes. But the expression he was currently sporting was entirely disillusioned, resolute and heartbroken. The kid, was constantly in pain. "The guilt." Jeosung Saja started. "We, Grim Reapers, don't have to carry any guilt. Not being actual people, it's supposed to free us from that sort of considerations." He smiled weakly. "I'm not, at peace. I'm anguished. Constantly wondering what I have done that is so bad that I erased myself from my own memory..." He swallowed. "But, I dont feel any guilt for every action of mine that a past self considered a mistake or a sin to atone for. That doesn't make me innocent. I know. But it allows me to rest a little for the many tomorrows that will come."

Hansung heaved a sigh of his own, his grip around the car's steering-wheel loosening. "I'm sorry, hyung tenant."

"So am I." Jeosung Saja replied, an exhausted smile on his features. As silent enveloped the two, the older male glanced out of the window, watching the scenery passing by.