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And I'm here (like I used to be).

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Readjusting his hat, the male narrowed his eyes. Right outside of his tea shop's window stood an immortal. "Dokkaebi?"

"Jeoseung saja?" The Goblin inquired, stilling in his steps. "What a vulgar hat you're wearing." He spoke, furrowing his brows at the sight of the Grim Reaper. He shook his head and went on his way, ignoring the offended expression on the man's features.

The Grim Reaper visibly pouted, pushing back his hat and watching the other male go before returning to his current task : cleaning a tea cup.




Ah Ro awakened to the sound of an alarm going off. Pushing away the covers of her bed, the young woman reluctantly dragged herself to the bathroom. She needed to always be the first up, in order to be the first in the kitchen. Living with her father's new wife and his daughter now that she had passed was particularly difficult. The woman resented Ah Ro for representing a proof that her late husband loved someone else before. The three of them lived on the money left behind by Ah Ro's father. But her stepmother was a woman of expensive taste, and the money was visibly dwindling. So she was hoping to get her hands on the money Ah Ro's real mother had saved up for her daughter's future. So far, the bank statements kept disappearing as soon as they were established. 




"Is it time already?" The Goblin asked, looking down at the official papers slid his way. So it had been another lifetime for a servant. Little more than a blink to him. But the man he once called his nephew now was his grandfather.

"Yes, master." The gentle, lilting voice replied, a tired smile bringing a shift to the man's features. "If you leave for twenty years, I fear I won't be there when you return." Wi Hwa gently informed. "So this is our last meeting of this lifetime. But Hansung will be there. He is  twenty two as of now." Sun Woo nodded at the words. "I have arranged things, you should have about a month before he disposes of your—"

"Haraboji, Hyung! Hey!" The young male happily interrupted, entering the flat. He approached the dining table, raising an eyebrow when he noticed the passport there. "Are you traveling, Hyung?" He inquired. "Will it be long? Will you be bringing me back something? Oh! I know! You're going to look for your bride again, aren't you? Where this time? Why can't I come with again?" 

"Aish." Sun Woo chuckled at the excitement fusing of the younger male as Wi Hwa laughed. "You always ask so many questions, why do you need to know so much?"

"Because," Hansung replied, before squeezing the male's face between his hands. "I care about you, hyung. You're cool."

Sun Woo gently removed the hands, chucking again at the male's behavior. "How can you shamelessly make such an admission?" He asked, visibly flustered. 

"It's the truth." The yougest male replied with a shrug. "But seriously, are you going to leave? Will you be my nephew when you return?" He inquired, gaining a certain solemnity.

Sun Woo sighed softly, traits hardening too at the words. "I..." He loved the kid, truly. And he hated to make him sad, but what was there for him? Freedom resided in the bride he couldn't find. And wasn't even sure he wanted to. His heart still longed for someone he couldn't have....


"Why couldn't you die away from my eyes."

"Because I refuse to hide from you, when we know each other's hearts best." Sun Woo replied, closing his eyes as he braced himself.  

The King brought a hand to the General's cheek. "Let me see those eyes. One final time."

Sun Woo obeyed, reopening his eyes and realizing just how close he was from the ruler. He offered a tentative smile. "It's okay. I would have hated to die at the hands of anyone else."

"How can it be okay? I made you a traitor..." The King argued, tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Because I might be the one who dies, but you will be the one who remains heartbroken. I will not punish you further than what you are already doing to yourself." He replied. 

"You were always so merciful. So good. With everyone." The King's traits hardened at the words. "Shin Sun Woo, I shall turn you back into a mortal today. May the heavens be deserving of you." He spoke, before taking a long step back. 

The King let the tip of his blade graze the male's neck, considering decapitation before he realized that he wouldn't be able to bear the sight. Instead, the sword trailed down to the male's chest and Jin Heung burried it to the hilt in a prompt move. Holding the man close to him one last time. Tears started to freely roll down the King's cheek as he held the other male, feeling the tremors that moved his friend's body. "It's okay." Sun Woo choked out, coughing up blood against the royal garment as the King held him close. "We will meet again. I, I know it. Sa, sa, sarang, saranghaeyo, Wa,Wang. Jin. Hu,Heu,Heung."


Shaking his head as if so dismiss the memory from the forefront of his mind, the Goblin glanced back at the passport that laid in front of him. He had to find that bride and set himself free. For good.