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"Get your lasso off me!"

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It was clear why the Cowboy was furious. So the next morning he marched onwards to Marys room where he started pounding on the door that was immediately thrown open after the 2nd knock. "Yes?" Violetta answered.

He was a bit shocked nonetheless to see Violetta be the one to answer but it wasn't why he was here. "Good mornin, I need to chat with Mary"

"oh! Very well, Marryy~" the spider like creature hummed out as she shut the door behind her.

After a few moments the door was reopened this time it being Mary. "Do come in" she said after Violetta left the room.

He did so and sat down soon after entering. When she sat down across from him he took a breath. "why'd you kiss her? On the lips!"

"Why's it concerning you? We're close is all"

"So's Emma and Emily but you don't see them kissing right?! Is this some tradition thing or something"

"well...kissing is very serious so she's told me when she first kissed me, I thought she meant it in a love way but no, she meant in a mother and child sort of way, she said she felt we were more than mentor and student. I accepted it because I felt the same and giving her kisses every now and then became natural...though unfortunate...her needing me again...felt nice, she use to fall asleep in my room often and carrying her was something I often did dispite her saying she hated it..." The Bloody Queen smiled to herself recalling some moments. "though once again, when I've taught her all over again she won't need me, but that's alright"

"Mary....I'm sorry, you know she still loves and needs you" Kevin said as he leaned forward. "Like how she goes to your room before breakfast when I uh- heh make her get up a little late"

"Yea..." she said with a soft chuckle. "She's so adorable when in a panic"

"Especially when you tell her she looks cute-" the cowboy started

"And she opens her fan and turns away to cover her blush" they both said at the same time.

They were silent before they both let out a laugh.

On the other side of the door was Michiko, blushing,with her fan indeed up to cover it as she listened in on their conversation. She couldn't help but smile a little before walking downstairs to the dining room to wait for then to join her and the others for breakfast.

More weeks went by and her English was to the point where she could be considered fluent in it.

"These are my 5 reasons as to why I love you" She said softly as she stood in her room in front of Kevin with Mary observing.

"Your very cute, I like your hair and beard" she said with a light blush. "I like how bold and loud you are" she said softly as she began taking a few steps closer to him.

As she went on the grin on his face widened. "Michi" he muttered softly when she got close as she could and sat on his lap when getting to her last reason.

As she whispered the last reason as to why she loved him while gently stroking his chest the Cowboys face proceeded to get red. "ah, is it hot in here or is it just-" he took his hat off and started fanning himself when she lightly grabbed his clothing and pulled him closer clearly not being done with what she had to say.

"M-Michiko who taught you these word's I-" he started but whatever she had said next was enough to silence him once more. When she was done she leaned up from his ear and smiled innocently as she looked down at him.

"Mm-michiko ahem" he glanced to Mary who was staring back at him with her arms folded across her lap.

"Yes?" Michiko answered with a small head tilt.

Kevin looked back at her and leaned closer and lowered his voice to whisper "come to my room tonight" before leaning up and kissing her forehead as she nodded before she bowed her head down to allow her forehead to meet his lips.

"well then, you did well Michiko I'll see you two in the duo match we have together" Mary said as she stood and walked over to her and watched her shifted out the Cowboys lap and onto the bed next to him after he lightly tapped her thigh, his usual signal for her to get up.

"I have to go talk to Demi before the round, I'll see you there" He said as he got up and stretched before both he and Mary planted a kiss on her cheek.

She giggled softly and blushed at the two kissing one of her cheeks. "Goodbye" she said softly as she waved. She was so happy her ability to understand and speak English was something she could fluently do again, she decided to put on her wintersweet kimono and further prepare for the duo match.

When the time came she happily made her way down to the waiting room where she sat in her chair next to Mary.

"How was your first round with Violetta?" Michiko softly whispered.

"A flawless win granted Violetta's little antics" Mary whispered back. "if you need my help don't be afraid to ask"

Michiko nodded with a smile as they both comfirmed that they were ready.

In the brief moment of silence as her eyes closed she wondered what environment they'd be on. Lakeside? Perhaps the Park. But when she opened her eyes, they widened in fear at the sight of crates and boxes, some full of gems, broken off tracks and walls. Fear struck her. That day playing back, the pain coming back from the fall. The Golden Caves...she slowly began making her way around the upper deck looking for Mary or Kevin to possibly follow around and remind her it'll be okay.

"Kevin?" she softly called out as she turned the corner only to see the priestess about to pull down a board before seeing her. "Geisha!" she called out as she ran over to her, she was one of the four there the day she fell. "are you alright? Oh, Mary taught us, oh gosh what was it"

"no need" she said softly. "would you...mind summoning Kevin with your little teleporting thing?"

"of course! You must be scard huh? I would be too" She put down the metal ring and soon it began to glow a light blue.

She watched in awe and full of hope until the blue light faded. "did it work?"

"no- I'm sorry he didn't put one down, he must not be near anything that he can place it down on" Fiona explained.

"Oh, I see, thank you...say...let's pretend I didn't see you this time" The Geisha said with a smile as she turned her back and looked up and walked off.

"Thanks!" Fiona softly called out as she watched the Geisha walk off.

So she continued to search the upper level, she caught hold of the enchantress and managed to get her in a chair. She left soon after putting her in the chair. Her fear decreased up until she came across the giant hole, it wasn't the one she fell in, but it sure looked similar, they all did, she needed to get down to the second level, but she was terrified, she was about to give up until there came a soft "Hey!" from behind her.

"Mary?" she called out happily as she turned around only to see it was Fiona again. "Oh!"

"need some help?" The Priestess offered with a smile.

"I- that would be nice, please I-"

"it's okay, if you go down that way you'll find the slope with the tracks that'll lead you down here too! And if I see Mary or Kevin I'll tell them you'll be over that way making your way dow-" The Priestess gasped when the Geisha suddenly wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a tight hug. She could feel her trembling and could only smile and hug her back

"Thank you so much" Michiko whispered softly.

"Don't worry! Now go on!" The priestess said with a giggle.

As the Geisha stood from leaning down to hug the Priestess there was a flare. Right as she turned to look she was hit. Her eyes widened and swelled with tears as she felt herself slip and on instinct turn into her demon form. With everything she had left she wailed out. ";HELP!!!!;"

She was prepared to hit the ground once more until she felt a familiar embrace instead of that of a rock hard floor. She was shaking violently out of fear and slowly looked up to see a very pissed off Mary. "Who. Shot. The Flare..." was all she said as she stared up. They didn't have the coordinator on their team which was why she could understand her questioning. ";I-...Mary...;" she wrapped her arms tightly around the Bloody Queen as she quietly began to cry. ";I was scared!;" was all the Geisha could manage out.

The Bloody Queen turned and began walking away from the ladder that led up to the first level. She walked down carrying the Geisha down a slope to what she assumed was now the third level and to a decoder. On the way she still managed to hit and injure some people but couldn't pick them up or chase them, so she simply just left them.

When the Geisha looked up, tears still fresh in her eyes at the decoder, her eyes widened in joy at the sight of her cowboy. "Kevin!!!" She called out, startling the poor man, causing him to miss the calibration. "Michi!" he was clearly getting ready to tell her off for scaring him until he'd seen the state she was in and quickly changed his tone to a more worried one. "MICHIKO!" he lunged forward to hug her as soon as the queen set her down. "Mary what-"

"she was hit with a flare and slipped" Mary immediately explained as she sat her down on the ground and watched her immediately wrap her arms around the cowboy when he hugged her.

"A flare? I swears I talked to everyone! Martha ain't even here!" He said with a frown as he stroked the weeping Michiko's hair. "My dear Michiko, I knew I should've looked for ya but Mary said she would and would bring ya when she found ya..." He grumbled softly as he leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Keep her here and try to calm her, I have some buissness to attend to..." Mary said as she gripped the shard in her hand.

"M-Mary! Fiona, ;please leave her be;" Michiko said as she looked back and up to her. She could see the hesitation on her face before sighing in relief when Mary nodded before leaving.

"Michi, my dear, who shot you" he said as he helped the sniffing and trembling woman up and onto a crate to sit on instead of her place on the ground after she changed back to her human form before going back to decoding.

"I don't know, I couldn't see through the smoke of the flare, only me and Fiona and Patrica maybe? We're up there with me but it couldn't have been because I put Patricia in a Chair and Fiona was there with me offering to come down to find you or Mary and directing me towards another way down here" Michiko had explained.

Kevin sighed softly as he looked up at her when he finished the decoder. "Well it possibly couldn't have been Emma or Emily their down here too, right around the corner"

Michiko looked over at the dismantled rocket chair and nodded. "I can see..."

"Michi" he said softly as he took hold of her hand. "how are you feeling..."

She was silent, and the few tears starting to form was enough of an answer for him. "I just-...please don't leave me alone..."

"I promise I won't, I'll even hold ya hand! I won't let go til you do" He said with a grin "and when you want to hold it again just say so...alright?"

A small smile found it's way across her lips as she nodded "okay, thank you..."

"of course" as Kevin said, he held her hand and walked along side her to the next decoder allowing her to stop and fix the dismantled chair before they left the area.

The decoder they were walking to lit up right as they turned the corner, it being none other than the Gardener and Doctor.

"Kevin? Do you need any help" she said running over to him, how could she have noticed he was injured. Michiko immediately let go of his hand so the doctor could help him.

The gardener dismantling the chair caught her attention, so she walked over and fixed it. The gardener watched her and as soon as she was done, began dismantling it again. While Kevin was being healed the two went back and forth between fixing and dismantling the one chair until the gardener was striken into a terror shock when dismantling the chair by none other than an annoyed Mary. "The ringing in my head from you dismantling the chair was getting so annoying" she groaned as she set the Gardener in the chair.

"Mary! Who'd you get up there? Sorry I couldn't be much help" Michiko said as she took hold of Mary's hand.

"Don't worry, it was only the acrobat and- hey wait!" The Queen stated when seeing Kevin take his lasso and capture the gardener right as the alarms for the exit gate sounded.

"Kevin!" The Geisha said shocked as she watched the cowboy set her down and allow her to run into the metal disc along with the Doctor.

Michiko dashed forward and hit Kevin, Mary summoned her mirror and hit him, knocking him down. "let's just make it a tie and let those remaining live" Mary said as she watched the Geisha tie him to balloons and bring him to a chair. Mary sat on a crate in front of the rocket chair Mary put him in.

"Okay" Michiko said softly as she sat next to Mary, staring at the cowboy who struggled. "Mary, can you bring me some tea, I don't think I want to attend dinner down there" she finally said.

"But of course..." Mary said softly as she kissed her forehead.

"I'll come eat with you too" rhe cowboy said with a grin.

Michiko smiled softly and nodded. "thank you" she said softly. It wasn't long before he finally blasted off, those remaining escaped and the round was over.

Michiko returned to her room with Mary following. "I still don't know who could've hit you like that" Mary muttered as she took a seat once reaching the Geisha's room.

"Yea..." she stated softly as she collapsed on her bed after setting her fan on her bed side table.

"How are you feeling" Mary said as she got up to sit on the bed with the Geisha.

"I don't was scary..." she muttered softly as she rolled over on her stomach and buried her face in her pillows. "I could've fallen again...and lost everything...maybe even losing more like who you are or- who Kevin or Mini Mi or-" she looked up at Mary with tears in her eyes. "Thank much I-"

She was pushed by the Bloody Queen lunging down and wrapping her arms around her and beginning to stroke her hair as she laid next to her. "even if you lost and violetta will always stick by your side, that's for sure"

The Geisha softly weeped as the queen comforted her. When she stopped the queen didn't. She held her hostage in her embrace and she didn't mind one bit. ";Remember when you use to come to my room to cry and always end up crying yourself to sleep on my lap;" she said softly as the Geisha had just barely managed to not fall asleep while crying and blushed in embarrassment.

";I-I don't recall!;" Michiko said as she buried her face in Mary's chest.

";Mmhm, I'll have to ask Violetta then, perhaps I'm going crazy?;" Mary said with a soft chuckle.

";I think you are, there's no need to consult Violetta at all;"

";Really? If you say so;"

There was nothing but silence before Mary had realized the Geisha had fallen asleep in her embrace like she use to all those years ago. She smiled softly and threw the covers atop the two, the next day she'd find exactly who hit her and make sure they paid.