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Peanut butter and pickles

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When Al told them the season was postponed, everyone groaned, but most people understood. Some were even relieved. They had wives and kids at home that needed them. Ginny groaned because a month of quarantine in her tiny apartment alone sounded a lot like torture to her. When Mike offered to let her crash at his place, she felt a little better. He had a pool, a game room, a sauna and multiple guest rooms. Still, she asked if he was sure. She had heard too many horror stories about friendship falling apart when people became roommates.

Mike insisted. He did not want to spend a month in his house alone either. They spent the airplane ride home ordering groceries, to make sure they were stocked on everything they could want. Mike grumbled about the grape soda and pop tarts but ordered them.

Ginny had to go back to her place to get fresh clothes when they landed. By the time she got to Mike’s, he had already made a Costco run purchasing only a reasonable amount of toilet paper and cleaning supplies as far as she could tell. The groceries weren’t supposed to be delivered until the next day so they ordered Thai food and settled on the couch.

“Are you freaked out?” Ginny asked when she finished her first beer.

“I’d be crazy not to be a little worried, but I think we’ll be fine. We are taking the right steps and that’s all you can do.”

“I know it’s stupid to worry about baseball in all of this, but…”

“Baseball is our life. It would be weird if it wasn’t on our minds.”

“So, I’m not a terrible person?”

“No, Baker, you are 100% the worst, just not because you are thinking about baseball. You are the worst because you waved me off 7 times in our last game and stole my blanket on the plane.”

“You said you would share,” she groaned, grabbing the empty bottles from the table and tossing them into the recycling before moving to the fridge for another round.

They switched off sports center after dinner. It wasn’t like the talking heads were saying anything new. Mike paged through Netflix for a while before landing on Major League. Ginny woke him when the movie was over and they both loaded the dishwasher before heading to their rooms.

“I put fresh towels in your bathroom, so you should be all set.”

“Thanks again for this.”

“Anytime, Rookie. See you in the morning, late morning if you don’t mind.”

“You aren’t going to get an argument from me, old man. I have been craving a good night’s sleep for a month.”