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good boy.

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"You want me to tell you here, right now?" Atsumu's breath was hot against Kageyama's neck. His hands were gripping his hips, tightly, thumbs hooked between the skin of his waist and his gym shorts. "How much I've wanted you? How much I've wanted to fuck that tight little mouth of yours?"

"Tell me," Kageyama challenged, his hands slipping underneath the other's shirt, exploring its way across his chest, briefly passing over his nipples.

"Kept dreaming about you, ever since I met you," Atsumu spat, pushing Kageyama against the storage room's wall, biting and sucking at his neck. (He could feel the other trying to suppress his whine, trying not to make it so obvious that he enjoyed it.) "Kept thinking about your pretty lips stretched around my cock, kept thinking about ruining you, you fucking goody-two shoes."

Kageyama grit his teeth, well aware that the arousal in his shorts was beginning to grow apparent. He just squeezed the other's ass with one hand, pulling him in for a sloppy, messy kiss with the other. It was a tacit competition between the two setters--who would give in to desperation first.

"Fuck," Atsumu panted into his mouth, wedging his thigh in between the other's legs. "Fuck you."

"Isn't that what you're trying to do right now?" Kageyama asked, though he quickly regretted it when the other's thigh rubbed at his painfully growing erection, biting his lip hard in order to suppress a whine.

"I hate you," Atsumu spat, before leaning in and giving the shorter setter another rough kiss on the mouth.

Maybe what they were doing was a bit too obscene, fucking in the school's storage room, pretending that they were putting away the volleyball equipment. But they were the last two students who stayed in the gym, after the practice match--no one else was around, and they both desperately needed an outlet to release the tension that had built up between the two within the last three hours.

It started during Kageyama's first practice game against another university--that's when they met. They were both setters, so immediately, their attention was fixed on each other. And as the game passed, and as the two players kept trying to upstage each other, that's when the rivalry formed.

But what really catalyzed it all were Atsumu's first words to Kageyama: I actually thought you were gonna be pretty prickly at first, but on the court, you're a goody-two shoes, aren't you?

All it took was that confrontation after practice, of when Kageyama demanded Atsumu's explanation about it before the other went on the bus to return to his campus. All it took was some grabbing and shoving and Shut ups and Make mes before they suddenly found themselves in the corner of the locker room, giving each other handjobs, jerking each other off quickly until they reached orgasm. All it took was for them to make it a regular thing, meeting up after the practices in secret, where they grew a bit more daring, a bit more dirty.

Atsumu had removed his shirt now, tugging at Kageyama's waistband, teasingly, painfully working them lower and lower until his hard-on was just about to be released from the confines of his shorts (so close to making him feel some sort of relief).

"Hurry up," Kageyama growled, though there was something about the way he was at the mercy of someone else, someone larger than him, stronger than him, that annoyingly turned him on.

"My, my," Atsumu said, clearly amused. His hand went to palm the other’s erection, and Kageyama closed his eyes, silently praying that the whine caught in his throat wouldn't escape. "Turns out the goody-two shoes doesn't have any patience?"

"I'm not," Kageyama began, gripping the other's sides tighter as he felt a tight grip form around his cock, "a goody-two shoes."

Atsumu leaned in close to the other setter's ear, his voice low. "Do you wanna prove it, baby?"

One jerk of his wrist was enough to make Kageyama's knees buckle, enough to force out the small moan that slipped past his lips. And Atsumu absolutely loved it, the begrudgingly resigned look that Kageyama wore on his face, the way he went onto his knees, pulling down Atsumu's shorts, trying not to look aroused despite how hard he swallowed--

Kageyama, slowly, sucked on the tip of his cock, tongue swirling small circles, hand holding the erection in place. He bobbed his head, moving slowly, the stretch just enough to make his jaw slightly ache. (But Atsumu knew that Kageyama was somewhat of a masochist--that's how he fell so easily into the former's relatively sadistic tendencies.)

"You taste so good," Kageyama murmured, after pulling away from his cock to take a breath.

"Yeah, baby?" Atsumu asked, his fingers tangled in the other boy's hair, pulling just a bit to make him wince. "Make me believe it."

Without further prompting, Kageyama's lips stretched around the width of Atsumu's cock again, eyes closed in concentration as he guided the length deeper into his mouth. This is where they'd usually stop--since Kageyama had told him it was too painful otherwise--but the younger setter pushed a little more, the tip of his cock hitting the back of his throat--

"Fuck," Atsumu hissed, his grip on Kageyama's hair so tight, it made the latter’s eyes begin to tear up. "You're a horny fucking slut, aren't you?"

Kageyama took a deep breath through his nose, his eyes flicking up. And as they looked at each other, as Atsumu stared at his dark eyes past his tear-ridden eyelashes, the younger setter took Atsumu's cock in even deeper--right up to the hilt.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Kageyama's jaw and throat were absolutely aching, but he figured it was worth it from how uneven Atsumu's breath was, from how he was gritting his teeth. It made him laugh, but he quickly regretted it, choking and quickly pulling off with a sputter.

Atsumu bent down, hand on Kageyama's chin forcing him to look up; forcing him to make eye contact.

"You thought that was funny?"

Kageyama did a terrible job of trying to hide his smirk.

"God, just finish sucking me off."

There was little hesitation as Kageyama bent down to take Atsumu's length in his mouth again, hand massaging his balls as he once again worked himself lower and lower, bobbing his head, tongue flat against the bottom of the cock. Atsumu experimentally moved his hips forward, and when Kageyama went still, not protesting, the older setter gripped his head tightly, fucking into his throat.

It stung, Kageyama thought, but he admittedly enjoyed the feeling of being used like this, of cock in his mouth, down his throat. He put his hands on Atsumu's legs to steady himself, gaze fixated on his clenched jaw, on the intense look that burned in his eyes.

"You like being used like a fuck toy?" Atsumu's voice sent chills down his back. "Like a fleshlight? Like my fleshlight? Huh, Tobio-kun?"

Kageyama's head was buzzing.

After a particularly hard thrust, Atsumu came, pulling out of Kageyama's mouth to smear his cum across his swollen, red lips with his cockhead. He watched as Kageyama licked his lips and swallowed, the way he licked off the extra cum that was on the other's dick, tongue moving until he was clean. When he finished, Atsumu hoisted him up onto his right thigh, smiling cruelly at Kageyama's small whine as his neglected cock finally got some friction.

"Can you kiss me?" Kageyama asked, quietly.

Atsumu absentmindedly smoothed Kageyama's spit-covered bottom lip over with his thumb, clearly amused. "Guess even when your head's up in subspace you're still a good boy."

Kageyama's eyes widened, and he opened his mouth to protest, but Atsumu cut him off by putting his tongue in his mouth, ignoring the taste of himself. He focused on sucking on Kageyama's tongue, playing with the other's hardened nipples, twisting and pinching them slightly to make him flinch and whine.

They pulled away for a breath, their lips connected by a thin string of saliva.

"C'mon, Tobio-kun," Atsumu said, beginning to bounce his thigh up and down. Kageyama moaned at the friction it gave him, eliciting a Fuck you. "Won't you get off on my thigh for me?"

Their fingers intertwined with each other as Kageyama nodded his head, burying his face into the crook of Atsumu's neck as he began to roll his hips, grinding himself against the thigh of the older setter.

"You look so fucking desperate," Atsumu laughed, watching the uneven movements of Kageyama as he tried his best to ride his thigh. Then, sadistically, he timed a bounce of his leg to align just as Kageyama moved back down, and the younger setter's grip on his hands tightened. "Gonna get off just from someone's leg, Tobio-kun? Such a horny fuck that you can get off, just like this?"

"Fuck you," Kageyama spat, though his voice was hoarse, and his thighs were trembling.

"Can't believe the goody-two shoes King of the Court can be put into submission just like this," Atsumu went on. "Just because he has a thing for big cock, just because he likes being used."

Every word he said was going straight down to his cock, Atsumu knew--he could tell just by the way his dick twitched in interest, how precum messily spilled from his tip.

Atsumu let go of Kageyama's hand, instead gripping around the length of his cock. Kageyama gasped, his hips jerking forward.

"Geez, Tobio-kun, you're leaking," Atsumu teased. "You're so fucking wet—do I really turn you on that much?"

"Shut up!" Kageyama hissed, clearly embarrassed, though he let out a high-pitched whine when Atsumu flicked his wrist, pumping his length faster and faster.

Their mouths met for yet another messy tangle of tongues, moans muffled and suppressed, Kageyama shaking violently until he finally released into the palm of the other’s hand. He let out a small cry as Atsumu ran his thumb over his now-sensitive tip, thighs quivering from the overstimulation.

"Next time, I'll fuck you," Atsumu told him as some sort of promise, as they got dressed again. "I'll fuck you so hard, it'll be all you'll think of whenever you're on your knees. You want it, right? My cock fucking your tight little ass?"

Kageyama shivered, swallowing hard. "I'll be very disappointed if it doesn't hurt to walk the next day."

Atsumu's lips curled into a smug smile, and he squeezed Kageyama's ass. "Of course, baby."

When the two finally looked decent, they walked out of the storage room, flicking off the lights of the gymnasium and making sure the door was locked as they stepped out.

"You were such a good boy, today," Atsumu cooed, teasingly.

Kageyama held up his middle finger, but the other setter was already turned away, headed to the direction of his bus stop.