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No Matter The Universe

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"Best human friend, relax Naga” Korra scolded. Naga hadn’t stopped growling since Korra walked through the door, Asami in tow. For whatever reason, the sight of the strange girl set her off. Korra squatted to her dog’s level and scowled as her.

"What is wrong with you?" she muttered to herself. Asami didn’t know what to do. Most animals didn’t have that sort of reaction towards her, especially not a dog that her best friend had assured her over and over had never bit anyone.

"Honestly, it’s alright. I just need to feed her and make sure she doesn’t die right? She can’t really object to that" She tried move behind Korra, hoping that if Naga didn’t see her she might stop growling. The other girl straightened up, still scrutinizing her dog.

"I mean, yeah, but I still want you guys to like each other. You’re my two best friends in the world! I want to be able to hang out with both of you at the same time!" she lamented. Naga found her and redoubled her growling efforts.

"Maybe it’ll just take some time, don’t worry about it. Go have fun with your parents. Bring me back a snow globe" Asami said laying a comforting hand on Korra’s arm. At the sight of the gesture, Naga barked and launched herself at Asami. Thankfully Korra’s reflexes were faster than light, and she caught her around the middle and held tight. She looked at Asami, concerned.

"Again, bad idea" she stated.

"I can do it"

"Naga won’t let you do it”

"Well it’s me or nobody. How about it Naga? Me or no food or company for two weeks?" The effect was immediate. She stopped growling and yapping, choosing instead to flatten her ears back and emit high pitched noises. Cautiously, Korra set her down.

"Fine" she huffed, "I guess you’ll do it"

Two weeks later, she entered her apartment expecting an over excited fluffy white dog to run and greet her. Instead, she received silence.

"Hello? Naga?" she called out, setting her luggage down in the hallway. A soft bark led her to her bedroom. She paused in the doorway, considering the sight. Asami lay asleep in her bed, one arm thrown over Naga’s middle. The dog’s tongue rolled about and her tail thumped the bed. Korra blinked in surprise.

"I guess you did it then"