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The 74th Hunger Games Cup Song

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I got my ticket for the Capitol train

To eat some lamb stew on the way

And I sure would like to go home to Prim

So all of you rich sponsors whaddya say?


Climbing trees

Climbing tree-ees

I'll spend my time here climbing trees

I'm gonna honor little Rue

Kill District One and Cato too-oo-oo

But right now I'll just sleep in a tree

Rue is dead

Rue is de-ead!

She got trapped in a net, and now she's dead!

I'm gonna sing until she dies

And then I'm gonna cry-y-y

I put flowers on her body 'cause she's dead


I got my ticket to the a-re-na!

The one that's filled with lots of woods

It's got arrows, bows, and quivers

Knives and swords to give you shivers

And a spear that killed my friend Rue


Flying knife

Flying kni-ife!

Clove hit me with a flying knife!

She pinned me to the ground

But Thresh came aro-ou-und

Cato begged the Knife Girl not to die



Huge wolf mutts in the finale!

They've got the eyes of little Rue

And other tributes too-oo-oo

Cato whispered "please" in the finale


Snow is mad

Snow is very mad!

We beat the system; Snow is mad!

He's gonna kill Seneca Crane

And torture us in another Games

Our threatened suicide made Snow so mad