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Being a celebrity sucked.

At first, Louis was happy with his life and to this day, he still loved doing what he did, this was his dream job after all. It just wasn't exactly what he had imagined.

At the beginning, Louis was glad to know people loved his songs, it was a pleasant feeling to know they were appreciating your hard work. A great reward you could say. Fans were coming to his concerts, they were sending him letters to tell him how much they loved the lyrics and the melodies of his hits and some were asking him for an autograph. It was great to feel loved and to gain more and more notoriety because people found you talented.

Then here came a time where people would just use you for your status. Everyone was suddenly becoming your friend, even the people you never ever met. Louis was invited to many movie premieres and galas just so a brand or an event could be more appreciated. Everything was controlled, his schedule, his travels, his tweets, even his damn trips to the grocery store. People were going crazy every time Louis would go out and at the end he didn’t even want to go out of his bed at all.

Most of the people had dreams, many of those were to become famous, rich or even both. Most of the people would think it was cool.

Expect when it really wasn't. Being a celebrity sucked.

* * *

For a couple of weeks Louis didn’t leave his house and people were starting to get worried. Management was calling him almost every day, fans were sending him tweets to see if he was alright and some media even wrote he was dead.

The headline was saying ‘Was the fame too hard to handle?’ and the article was basically saying he killed himself. ‘Louis Tomlinson was apparently too weak to handle his status of superstar, it’s been days since we last heard of him and at the redaction there is no doubt, there’s no wi-fi in paradise.’

As soon as the article was released people went crazy and a meeting was scheduled in the afternoon. Apparently, staying at your house while you were on break wasn’t allowed when you were famous.

“Good afternoon Louis, the meeting today is going to be pretty quick. We’ve noticed that you stayed at your place for two weeks now and as you can see people are worrying about you.”

“They think I’m dead actually, not so sure they’re worrying.”

 “We don’t want people to think your career is over when it’s clearly not.”

There was a thing Louis couldn’t stand since he was little and that was definitely authority.  Since he was a child, Louis always hated people who were telling him what to do or telling him what he had to say.

Now that he gained an audience, people were still treating him like a child, ordering him around so he didn’t screw things up. With no surprise, there was another thing he couldn’t stand since he was in the music industry, Management.

Those guys were old, bald and disgusting. Always wanting to gain more and more money, no matter the means used. They didn’t care about how Louis felt, what they only care about was the paycheck at the end of the month.  For management, ending up his career was near impossible, Louis was their biggest star, the one bringing the money.

With time, sarcasm became his only defense and he was always ready to use it when he had a meeting with them.

“Of course it isn’t, it would be a shame to stop selling albums and arenas when we earn so many things from it.”

“Alwats being on the defensive Louis. We’re here today to propose you something.”

“I’m all ears.”

“We want you to go out more so you can reassure media.”

“And fans.”

“Of course Louis, of course, that’s the most important. However, as you must certainly noticed, the main problem in that reassuring strategy is that you don’t leave your house anymore.”

“Not my fault the paparazzi you’re hiring are being rude and can’t seem to know what privacy and respect is.”

“We already told-“

“Yeah yeah, you told me you had no choice. Pictures in magazines were a part of the package.”

“Exactly. One way to address this problem though, so you can finally go out again, is to hire someone.”

“Another beard?”

“No. With time, we recognized this was mistake to hire Eleanor.”

“Was about time.”

“As I was saying, we hired someone. The main goal is for you to feel safe to go out at anytime and anywhere you want to go. We don’t want you to stay out of this world because you’re afraid to face your fans.”

“I’m not afraid of my fans, I love them. I just don’t want to be mobbed and harassed. I’ve never signed for this.”

“And that’s why we hired a bodyguard. Isn’t this amazing? He’ll live with you, obviously, and we figured that since you were living alone in that big mansion of yours, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. We were sure you had a couple of spare rooms.”

“A bodyguard? Is this a joke?”

“This is the only solution we found.”

“I’m not five I can take care of myself.”

“Those last couple of weeks just proved us you actually couldn’t.”

“Fine then. I’ll keep going to the park and jog around town if this is what you want but I don’t need someone to follow my every moves.”

“He won’t follow you. See this as a nice company. You two could bond.”

“Bond with a big and ugly man in his fifties? Thank you but I’ll pass.”

* * *

It turned out, quite surprisingly, that the bodyguard wasn’t a big and ugly man in his fifties.

He was in fact a tall and fit guy with high cheekbones and dimples. Muscular, if his broad shoulders were any indication, but he also seemed definitely too clumsy to protect someone. Louis was about to shake his hand a bit earlier when the curly lad tripped on his feet. If it wasn’t for Louis’ strong grip on the guy’s bicep, he would have landed face first on the ground.

Great first impression for a bodyguard.

Harry was his name, Harry Styles, and the mere mention of his patronymic made him laugh for a few minutes before realizing it was in fact his real name. Maybe Louis should invert the roles, Styles was a popstar name, not the one of guy supposed to assure his security.

Harry seemed to be quite dorky despite his rugged and muscular figure. How was he supposed to protect Louis? Like seriously? This was a honest question Louis was asking himself because granted Harry was taller than him but that didn’t mean a thing. Louis wasn’t a twink in need of a big boy. Thank you very much. He just needed a bodyguard to feel safer while going out. How was this guy supposed to watch over Louis if he couldn’t even stand on his two feet on a steady ground?

“Excuse me? Where can I put my bags?”

Above all, he was moving in Louis’ house today. No need to say the singer was already this close to send him back. (At least for the bodyguard part, maybe he could him around for other tasks.)

“Right, come with me upstairs, I’ll show you your room.”

Louis obviously didn’t make the mistake of choosing the biggest spare room, he didn’t want the guy to feel too comfortable around the house. He was a damn bodyguard. Why was he even living with Louis in the first place? Couldn’t he come at around 9am and leave at midnight? Louis really hated this arrangement.

The room was big enough, the bed quite large for one single person but other than that there was not a lot of furniture filling the place. There was a desk in front of the window and a walk-in closet behind a closed door. There were also a few empty shelves if Harry liked literature and bought some books with him. According to Louis, Harry might be the type of guy to read next to the fireplace with some homemade herb tea put on the table. Not that he was judging Harry because of his unbuttoned floral shirt revealing a butterfly tattoo on his chest but. Yeah. Louis was totally judging.

“Wow look at that! That’s huge.”


“I used to live in a small flat with only two rooms, this is bigger than my old living room slash kitchen slash dining room.”

“If you say so. Anyway, come downstairs when you’re settled down, I’ll show you around.”

* * *

“So this is the living room. If you wanna watch TV you can come here whenever you want, I’m usually watching movies in my own bedroom so I shouldn’t be a bother. The dining room is right there, I’m barely using it, only when important people are coming over, like managers and producers so trust me it’s close to never. This is the kitchen, I’m barely using it as well so feel free to use it because I can’t cook for shit. I won’t be against a nice meal once in a while you know.

At this floor, there’s also two other rooms. The library is at the end of the corridor and on this side this is what I’m calling the gym. There’s a punching ball and a treadmill I’ve never used but if you’re working out I guess you can use it.

As you must have noticed, I’m barely even using half of the rooms so we shouldn’t cross paths that often. Do whatever you want, I don’t care. As long as you’re not breaking anything of course.”

“Of course.” Seeing Louis didn’t have anything to add Harry continued. The air was filled with tension and Harry wanted nothing more than start a conversation with the guy. If they needed to live together 24/7, they could at least try to befriend. “Isn’t it too huge over there? Like I mean hm you’re living here alone right?”

“Not anymore apparently.”

While Louis was supposed to reply to Harry with a harsh tone, wanting to make him understand that there would be no sleepovers in his bedroom and movie nights together, the answer came out rather nicely. Damn brain never doing what Louis wanted.

“Hm yeah… Sorry if you’re not, like, happy I’m here. I didn’t really ask to live with you. Your team kinda just said ‘You’re moving in and this is non-negotiable. We want you to be able to accompany him whenever.’ They also said you were quite complicated to follow, like sometimes you might want a burger at 4am so that’s why I suppose.”

“Of course they would say that. It happened once. Fucking wankers.”


“Nothing. At the second floor, you’ll find all the bedrooms, including mine and this is strictly out of limits. There are two bathrooms normally but the shower doesn’t work in one so unfortunately we’re gonna have to share for a while. I’m a lazy ass so you should be able to shower before I even think about cracking one eye open. All around the house, you’ll find a lovely green lawn always perfectly cut and in the back a big enough pool. You can go swim in it, play some games, wank, I don’t care but not without my permission because I’m often in it and I don’t want to be bothered. Or disturbed by your willy.”

“Hmm okay.”

“Don’t pull that face. I know I can be a bit grumpy, mostly in the morning so I apologize in advance, and that I might also appear as slightly rude-“

“Slightly, right.”

“Something to add Harold?”


“Good. As I was saying, I might come off rude but I’m used to live by myself. You’re just a bodyguard, not my friend, so don’t expect me to do anything with you.”

“So nice of you. I’ll be in my room just bodyguarding no one.”

Okay, Louis could have been nicer and maybe Harry looked a bit hurt after the house tour but Louis didn’t ask for him to come. He didn’t ask for anyone to come really. He was forced and he just needed some time to adjust.

* * *

Louis was in his room when he heard a knock on the door. Off limits he said and Harry was already being intrusive.

“What?” He grumbled.

“I made dinner if you want to come down and maybe eat with me.”

“You know, when I told you could cook it wasn’t for you to make me dinner.” Louis said while getting up and going to the door to open it.

“I know I just love cooking.”

Harry was leaning against the doorframe, which was definitely too close after only meeting the guy a couple of hours ago if you asked Louis, and looked like a weird wet fantasy the singer could have had back in the days. His hair was up in a bun, a few shorter strands falling into Harry’s forehead. His legs looked as long as ever in the sort of yoga pants he was wearing and his biceps looked enormous with the sleeves of the shirt rolled up to his shoulders.

Louis was fucked and he knew it already.

“So hm. Well thank you… I guess. What did you cook?”

“I didn’t really know what you preferred so I made some pastas with vegetables and I added some spices.”

“Sounds good to me.”

It turned out that, Louis was right. The food was really fucking good.

It didn’t really surprise Louis that his new bodyguard could cook if he was being honest with himself. Harry seemed to love wearing an apron in the kitchen. Which wasn’t particularly a bad thing. Of course, Louis wouldn’t say no to an attractive guy wearing nothing but an apron.

Not that Harry was attractive. Or that he wanted to see him with nothing on but an apron. But well, Louis was only human.

The dinner went surprisingly well when Louis managed to stop himself from getting a boner. They talked a bit about the role of Harry, how far he was going to stand behind Louis if they were at the mall, how close he was going to be if they were in a crowd. Harry asked Louis if he loved to go out a lot, wanted to know if he could ever plan to go out with his friends on a Saturday night or if this was a no no.

If Harry would have asked a few years back, Louis was quite the party animal. He was going out a lot, drinking a lot, smoking a lot. He always told himself he was generous. His mum told him he was being excessive but to him it means the same thing. He gave a lot.

Now, for a reason Louis still wasn’t sure about, the singer was barely even out after ten in the evening. Even on weekends. Some could say he had boring life, him liked to say he settled down. Granted he never had anyone to settle down with but having a good cup of tea and watching football from his bed was quite a nice way to spend an evening in his opinion.

Apparently unaware of what Louis really did to become a singer, Harry asked. The answer was quick, easy and a little bit boring. Louis went to X-Factor, won and got signed. He always thought it has been too easy, even though he worked his ass off at Bootcamp, Louis felt like people voted for him simply because he looked like a twink and had a sob story. He wasn’t proud of that but it got him where he was now.

Against all the odds, it turned out Harry was a nice enough guy. Louis never thought the tall and lanky lad was mean or anything but he did seem to be a bit boring at first. Besides, Louis was hard to please and his shitty personality didn’t help him to make new acquaintances. It kind of made people run away. To Louis it was a good thing, he wasn’t bothered and people weren’t disappointed if he ended up not giving a fuck about them right from the beginning.

Unlike what he thought though, Harry was quite sassy and funny. He didn’t let any rude or cheeky comments reach him, he replied. He seemed outgoing and quite loud. It was like Harry could go from a clumsy toddler to a confident and bright man in a few seconds and to say this was disconcerting was an understatement. Louis liked that and what he liked even more was the fact that Harry seemed to be genuinely nice, he wasn’t just giving a smile because Louis got plenty of money.

And that, that was something Louis quite needed in his life. Honest and authentic people.

After dinner they both got into their respective rooms and Louis realized things could have been worse. He could hear Harry listening to some music while he was watching TV. It was like a new routine has began and Louis found himself smiling and relaxing against the pillow. Maybe having a bodyguard wouldn’t change things much.

Until Harry knocked on his door. For the second time today. Off limits he said for fuck’s sake.

“What do you want?”

“Can I come in?”

“Why not, since you’re already disturbing Captain America and myself. He was about to punch the bad guy you know, that’s a pretty great scene.”

When no one replied, Louis turned his head from the television. He was met with the confident version of Harry. The guy was already inside the room, getting closer and closer to the bed with each step. He wasn’t looking at Louis, more like fixing the wall behind him. Harry almost looked smug and his eyes were sparkling, as if enjoying an inside joke. That’s when Louis noticed the guy was hiding something behind his back.

“What do you have there?”

“Wouldn’t you love to know.”

“I don’t have time to play Harry.”

“This might help though.”

“Help with what?”

“Help you play.”


“See, Louis, I wanted to put some stuff in the nightstand when I found something quite interesting. I wasn’t sure at first because I had only touched it but the shape and the material reminded me of something. I couldn’t quite place it until I took a look and… Louis. I would have never thought.”

“Are you high?”

“I would have probably used it if I was but, I thought I could give it back to you. Well if it belongs to you. Not sure why you left if in the other room.”

“Okay tell me what you found. That’s enough and I suck at riddles.”

“You suck at other things apparently.”

“Are you insulting me?”

“Oh no. I found a really nice toy Louis.”

“Please tell me it’s not what I think it is.”

While Harry smirked and started to look as smug as ever, Louis just wanted to die. And really, he wasn’t being overdramatic. When Harry finally removed his hands from behind his back, Louis’ cheeks were bright red and he wanted to choke on his pillows.

Harry was holding Louis’ pink dildo.

“It sounds like you’re that kind of guy finally.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well I might not be aware of your career but I’m aware of the rumors. I like to know a bit about the person I work with.”


“You dated a girl last year.”

“Publicity stunt.”

“So she was a beard?”



“Why is that?”

“I’m gay too.”

That night, Louis barely got any sleep and when he woke up, it was to an embarrassing boner. Not that this was related to what happened last night. Or Harry related. It wasn’t related with the fact that he hasn’t slept with anyone in years either.

It was just some casual morning wood, nothing to talk about really. Just a good old boner. The problem was that Louis wasn’t living alone anymore and wanking would be more complicated, inappropriate even. Mostly now that Harry knew he owned dildos.

To Louis’ defense however, it was quite normal to own dildos when you were a young, single and homosexual man. Not his fault if he had needs. But, while wanking shouldn’t exactly be an issue since he was going to have to do it eventually, the main issue was that Louis was loud in bed. Like, very loud.

Even when he was pleasuring himself, he couldn’t help but moan, whimper and scream when he was reaching his climax. Some of his past hookups said it was hot but when you shared your house with someone, it suddenly lost his appeal. 

* * *

As Louis reached the corridor leading to the kitchen, he was greeted by the smell of bacon and toast.

Maybe having a bodyguard wasn’t that bad if it meant Louis could eat three great meals a day. He really liked pastas and take-out, of course he did, but he knew every Chinese, Italian or Indian of the neighborhood and the extra weight he gained lately wasn’t the most welcomed. 

What was unexpected but surprisingly enough not unpleasant either, was the sight of a Harry Styles wearing an apron, a pair of boxers and a white t-shirt. From where Louis stood, he couldn’t see a lot but he still could tell his bodyguard’s shoulders were broad and his back muscular. His legs were long, thin but fit and tanned. In all honesty, Louis would gladly bite the skin and leave marks all over Harry’s thighs. In a very platonic way. As a joke even. Like bro pals.

After a moment of catching his breath and regaining some dignity, Louis finally reached the counter next to him.


“Louis! Hi! How are you?”

 “Fine.” The singer replied, or mumbled really. He didn’t trust his voice at the moment.

“Oh right, you’re grumpy in the morning, I almost forgot. Your cup of tea is on the table.”


Just like dinner the breakfast was delicious. Harry has made a bacon omelet with slices of buttered toast. The tea was also really good and if Louis was honest, Harry’s tea tasted almost as good as his. But not better, Louis was making the best tea of England after all.

After breakfast Louis went to the bathroom while Harry stayed behind to clear up their plates and wipe the stove with a sponge dampened in plain water. Right now, Harry looked a lot like a maid but it was in Louis’ best interest.

He was messy and hated cleaning. His laziness got the best of him years ago and now he wasn’t doing anything but sing and write songs. His career was more important than an empty fridge and a dusty shelf.

Let’s say he had priorities.

* * *

They were both in the living room when Harry spoke up. Louis was at the coffee table, working on some new songs or at least pretending to while Harry was reading on one of the sofas. The scene looked a lot like two roommates enjoying a quiet morning and Louis decided that living with someone else was definitely not that bad.

An attractive and nice boy was sat on his couch, Louis didn’t know what he did to deserve this but he wouldn’t complain.

“Louis do you need to go somewhere today?”

“Not particularly.”

“You know I’m here so you can go out more.”

“Well I don’t need to go anywhere.”

“You sure? Some grocery shopping maybe?”

Okay. Maybe he wasn’t such a nice guy.

“No thank you, Harry.”

“Fine, Louis.”

And that was it. They both dropped the subject and both got back to their own business. If Louis turned his head towards Harry a bit too much to call it subtle, no one mentioned it.

* * *

After a few weeks, Louis realized Harry’s arrival didn’t change much. He could still live the way he used to and while Harry was supposed to be his bodyguard, he also helped him around the house. The poor lad was probably bored and did this to kill time but he never really complained so Louis let it be.

Harry was good at cooking and he didn’t seem bothered to prepare meals for the both of them. More often than not he would clean the house, some other times he would go out on his own to buy food or just to go out and jog for a bit. It wasn’t ideal but they both had found a routine and Louis was quite content with his life at the moment.

He was naïve of course. Delusional even. Or maybe just an idiot. One afternoon he got a call.

“Louis. Good afternoon.”


“Always so charming.”

“I saw the ID.”

“Of course you did. We can go to the business immediately then. You’re not going out and fans are still worrying. Journalists are starting to think you’re really dead. No need to say this is really bad for the charts.”

“Probably less money for you, what a pity.”

“Louis, this is for you.”

“Isn’t it always?”

“Go out please.”

“No need to be authoritarian.”


“Fine, boss.”

 Louis was pissed and it was barely two in the afternoon.


“Wait you told me you needed new clothes.”


“Then why did we stop in front of… that shop?”

“Because I need new panties.”

And this was how, Louis William Tomlinson, singer on a hiatus, ended up in a Victoria’s Secret shop with his bodyguard. Bodyguard who needed to buy lace panties.

Louis had no idea how and when his life became such a mess but one thing was sure, it had to do with Harry’s arrival and he was going to regret it soon.

After searching through the shop, twice, for the perfect panties to buy, Harry did buy some but not without asking Louis for his opinion. The question was simple enough, he had to choose between the pink, the white or the light blue one. What wasn’t simple was when Louis had to ask the shop assistant to bring him some panties in different sizes while Harry was in the changing room. What really wasn’t simple was Louis discovering Harry’s tattooed torso.

Louis got out of the shop, went straight to the bathroom and took ten minutes to regain a normal breathing and for his cheeks to stop burning. If he had to touch himself to cool down, that was his own business.

Back in the car, Louis thought he was going to burst.

 “So, what do you think of them? You left so fast.”

“What I think of what?”

“The panties.”

“They’re… I’m not answering that.”

“Oh come on.”

“Nope, not happening.”

“Personally I think they’re really nice.”

“If you say so.”

“You’re going to love them too you know.”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“You’ll see.”

Louis was pretty sure Harry winked at him after that and that absolutely didn’t turn him on. Not one bit. Louis was an adult, a responsible and perfectly in control adult and he wouldn’t be aroused by a simple wink. He needed more than that. So much more.

In his defense though, it was not his fault if Harry was fit. Or not even fit really. He was just nice to look at, in a friendly way. In a bodyguard-ly way.

“Are you okay Louis?”

“I’m okay.”

“You don’t seem like it.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You seem to be hot. Your cheeks are a bit red.”

“I-I’m… They aren’t and I’m really fine. Just the mall you know.”


“Really, the air conditioning wasn’t working or something.”


Louis always told himself that you learned a lot about people by looking at what they bought and right now he wasn’t sure if this was a good thing.

Louis ended up buying the last Call Of Duty and a pack of beer while Harry bought panties, candles and oil massage. It made him wonder how many personalities Harry had and so far, the singer detected four: a cheeky one, not afraid of teasing and making sexual innuendos; a confident one where Harry clearly assumed his opinions; a clumsy one where he acted like a big toddler (or deer, according to the circumstances) and a domestic one where he cleaned, cooked and basically took care of everything and everyone.

Louis hoped for himself Harry had a bodyguard personality as well because so far the job he had been employed to was still missing.

Back in home Harry went to the kitchen to reheat the takeout they bought while Louis settled the table. They decided to buy some Indian and even if it wasn’t as great as Harry’s cooking, it was still something tasty.

Not that Louis was already used to Harry’s cooking or anything.

* * *

Louis was sound asleep the next morning when his phone rang.

“Good morning Mr Tomlison.”


“Meeting at 10 am, bring your bodyguard.”

And then the line went dead.

It has only been a few weeks since Harry was living with Louis so the singer was feeling rather confident, he wasn’t expecting anything bad, mostly because he knew he finally managed to go out a few times and fans were relieved.

Once again though, Louis has been naive to think Management would call him to a simple debriefing meeting. Of course it was bad news. When wasn’t it? They were greeted by three people, Louis’manager, his assistant and someone he knew way too well, the PR guy. He should have known better.

“Take a sit, both of you.”

It was probably the first time Harry was attending a not-so-nice-meeting and according to his sweaty hands he was a nervous wreck. If Louis was honest, Harry had all the right to be.

“Have you seen the news Mr Tomlinson?”

“Not really.”

“Allow me to enlighten you then. This morning The Sun released a paper about your little walk to the mall. I was delighted to see you’ve listened to me and went out. I wasn’t as delighted when I saw why you went shopping.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean? Was it necessary to go to a shop selling women underwear with a male?”

Of fucking course.

Louis knew this was up to no good.

“Anything to say?”

“It wasn’t for me?”

“I don’t care for whom it was Tomlinson. We didn’t spend two years hiring the lovely Eleanor for you to go to Veronica’s Secret-“


“-buying God knows what with that little fellow over there. We were clear on that point.”

“What does this have to do with the beard?”

“The beard, as you so nicely call her, was there to stop any homosexual rumors. Do you think you’ve spent two years dating a woman to end up buying some gay things in a shop. Louis, I know you’ve always been a bit reckless and I know you don’t like rules but this is for you and your career. You can’t risk it. People aren’t as opened as you think.”

“You the first. I’m pretty sure if we made a survey people would answer yes to the question ‘do you think Louis Tomlinson is gay?’ but people are still here. If they stop buying my albums because of my sexuality it clearly means they weren’t there for the right reasons.”

“So what? You’re willing to take the risk?”

“Yes I am. This is my image and my career and I wanna be honest with the people supporting me. Besides, in what going to this shop is gay. That doesn’t mean anything, a lot of people are doing it. What if I wanted to buy something for my sister? You know The Sun is always saying shit.”

“So you’re saying an intervention isn’t necessary?”

“Yes, Harry is my bodyguard and we went to the mall, end of story.”

* * *

During a couple of weeks life went on.  

Harry and Louis went to the mall another time (to buy groceries only), went to the park to play footie and on a Saturday night they even went to the cinema. Which wasn’t a date night. It was just a movie night where Louis might have let a few tears fall down his cheeks while Harry was soothing him with a hand in his hair. Not a date then.

Harry wasn’t really appearing as a bodyguard to Louis but more like a friend. They were hanging out, walking side by side, bantering and chatting easily. Sometimes, Louis would get this weird feeling he has known Harry for his whole life and that thought was scaring him more than he would want to.

A few times, fans saw them on the streets and came to ask for autographs but the singer never got mobbed. Harry had learned to step back a little for the pictures not to get in shot and everything was working pretty well. No one ever asked who this tall boy going out with Louis was.

Harry still cooked and cleaned, looking a lot like a maid with his apron and tight yoga pants but Louis never found the strength to tell him to stop. He loved it. Harry was also more comfortable around the house and that was how both men found a routine. Harry was now used to watch TV in the living room when Louis was upstairs and they managed to share the bathroom without any incident. Three times a week, Harry would work out and after that he was often at the pool, making sure Louis wasn’t.

All in all, they were never bothered by the other and it was nice to have someone to spend time with. Living in a big mansion was great but often lonely.

Today was not different. Both of the boys woke up around nine in the morning, ate breakfast and showered. This time in their own bathroom now that the other shower was finally fixed. While Louis was writing, Harry was running on the treadmill.

A casual and incident free morning really.

“Hmm Louis. Can I go to the pool? I’m sweating.”


When the noises around the pool stopped about twenty minutes later, Louis got up from his place on the couch and decided to go change into his swim trucks. Today was a lovely day and he sure was going to enjoy it. His perfectly tanned skin needed some help.

When Louis arrived, Harry was still by the pool and it would seem the singer wasn’t the only one wanting to enjoy the day. Harry was sunbathing on one of the deckchairs, some drops of water still present on his chest while his hair was wet and down.

The bodyguard was wearing short yellow swim shorts making his limbs look even longer. For the first time, Louis could finally take notice of his tan and toned torso and some tattoos covering his chest, a butterfly, two swallows and two leaves. He also had some on his arms, some weird doodles mixed with awesome masterpieces.

Louis’ mouth was suddenly very dry and his cock very awake.

“Louis! Hi!”


“You okay there?”

“Yep. Hm… Are you almost done?”

“Yes, no more sweat. Just chilling out you know.”

“I can see that. Can you leave me the pool?”

“Oh you can swim while I’m here.”

“I’d rather not.”

“Are you afraid I might stare?”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“That’s what you think Louis. That’s what you think.”

* * *

From there, things went downhill.

It all started on a Monday. Harry woke up first and went to his own bathroom to clean up like any other day. Louis who liked to pretend he didn’t know Harry took exactly thirteen minutes under the hot spray every morning was listening.

At first everything seemed as normal as ever, the water was running and the radio was still playing. Louis, as the awful human being he was, decided to get up. Harry has been in the shower for twenty minutes and well, Louis was the one paying the bills. (He really wasn’t a little shit or curious okay.) He walked down the corridor and that’s when it strike him, Harry wasn’t singing along the radio.

It should have been nothing but hey, Harry could have slipped, fell and hit his head really hard. Maybe Harry was dead and Louis could not announce his bodyguard died in his shower. He could not.

Louis was definitely a curious little shit and that’s when the first sound came out. A heavy breath.  After a few seconds it started again, louder this time and for a few more moments, the soft noises continued until something resounded. This time Louis forgot about any boundaries, opened the door and stepped in. It sounded a lot like someone falling.

Except. Well except Harry was definitely not drowning, nor falling on the ceramic tiles, nor even asleep under the running water and Louis was so fucking embarrassed he might die. Could the ground swallow him? Quickly? Please and thank you.

Harry was fingering himself. His head was thrown back, probably the sound Louis heard before coming in, his back was arched against the wall of the shower and while his left hand was gripping his hair, Harry’s right hand was behind him. Two fingers deep in his bum. Not that Louis took the time to notice, count and watch them move. Nope.

“Oh Louis! I didn’t hear you coming!”

“Well I almost had. Heard you coming that is.”

“Cheeky.” Over the lack of answer, Harry continued. “I think you should go back to your room, I’m in the middle of something, if you know what I mean. Or maybe you want to stay? I can put on a show. It’s up to you really.”

“Are you planning on getting off in my shower?”

“That won’t be the first time. Or the last for that matter. I also came in my bed, well yours technically, but I washed the sheets don’t worry.”

Louis left without another word or glance. He wasn’t pissed, he was hard, rock hard.

Things continued on a Tuesday night. He and Harry just came home from a day with Louis’ label and as usual Louis headed straight toward the living room while Harry was cooking dinner.

The problem occurred when Harry called Louis to eat, saying dinner was ready. Louis didn’t take notice at first since his brain was too busy trying to figure out what the smell was. It seemed to be macaroni cheese, Louis’ favorite meal, and really that was all he cared about at this very moment. He sat down, poured water in both of their glasses and fumbled with the tablecloth while waiting for Harry to arrive.

It sounded all very domestic and he didn’t mind one bit.

And then, well. It all happened too fast for Louis to register anything. While Harry usually wore his apron with clothes under it, he was only wearing an apron tonight. Yes Harry Styles was very much naked in Louis’ kitchen.

“I hope it doesn’t bother you I don’t wear anything.”

Louis was just sporting a semi, not bothered at all.

“I used to be naked all the time at my old place but I didn’t dare asking you because I didn’t know how you would react. However things changed a bit since you saw me naked, in a comprising situation and position at that, so I thought we were passed that.”

Louis left the room without even eating his favorite meal.

On Thursday, things became a bit clearer. Louis was now sure Harry was doing everything on purpose. He just couldn't find a solid reason why.

If it was to make the singer slightly uncomfortable, it worked. If it was to sexually frustrate him, it worked. And if it was to make him flustered, it worked too. Everything worked and Louis really needed to find a way to wank. His balls were going blue. All of these were still no solid reasons though.

* * *

It all happened pretty randomly but Louis lost what he has left of willpower on Sunday.

Louis was once again in the living room working on his next album while Harry was tidying the messy kitchen. Thanks to a great idea from Louis, thinking it was so cool to have an open space, there was no separation between the two rooms and Louis had a great view on Harry's back. Or just a view really. No greatness in that.

It was a perfect coincidence when Louis’ eyes caught movement in the kitchen, Harry bent over the counter to wipe it off. What was not a coincidence however was Harry wearing low waist skinny jeans.

The problem with low skinny jeans if you asked Louis was that everyone could see your underwear. Louis has seen tons of underwear in his life. Boxers, panties, tongs, everything really. And while Louis didn’t mind a great sight he saw some really nasty things with low skinny jeans revealing really unpleasant body parts.

The bigger problem at the moment was that the sight was actually really really really interesting. It shouldn’t have been an issue but Louis was pretty sure those were panties and he was also pretty sure this bum belonged to Harry.

So yeah Louis had a perfectly angled view on Harry's panties.

Harry’s panties were white, the lace looking thin and soft. Harry's bum looking even smaller in those but appeared to be well-rounded. Louis’ mouth was agape and that's when Harry decided to clear his throat. Louis realized he has been staring, drooling almost, and he flushed.

"Enjoying the view? You recognize them?"

"Do I recognize what?"

"Louis you're not productive! The panties. We bought them together."

"I don't think we did, you bought them."

"You helped me choose them it’s basically the same thing. Do you like them?"

Yes yes yes.

"You don't have to reply, I'm sure you like them anyway. I personally think they make my bum look great. The lace is such a great quality. Feels like I don't even wear anything. I think you should touch them, never found something that soft. Did I mention how they make my bulge look? It's so tight around it. Just thinking about it gets me hot all over. Anyway. I'm done in the kitchen so if you need anything Louis, I'll be in my room."

"Yeah do that."

"If you need anything Louis, really.”

That night, after dinner, both boys went back into their rooms earlier than usual. Louis had a public event at Manchester for the launch of a new perfume the next day and they needed to leave the house at 8:30am.

Once Louis was sure Harry's TV was on, he picked up his computer and went to his favorite website of the moment, Tumblr. Louis was used to watch porn videos but he soon found himself tired of it. That was of course until he found the best tag of his life 'boysonboys'. Gifs, shorts videos and pictures of gay couples making out, fucking or playing were now enough to make Louis hard. It was exhilarating, new, softer that what he was used to and he loved it.

He knew what he was about to do was bad but today was a rough day and he still got Harry's panties in mind and he was only human. Besides, it has been weeks, Louis needed some sort of release.

He started with a few gifs. The first one showing two men on a sofa, one on the other's lap, simply making out. They were shirtless and both of their cocks were aligned together even though they still had their pants on. It was hot and cute at the same time. All the things Louis liked really. He used to like it rough back in the days but sometimes he needed his partner to whisper sweet nothings into his ear, kiss him passionately and fuck him deep and slow.

The second gif made Louis play with his nipples. He liked the teasing part a lot, even when he was pleasuring himself. Two naked men were in bed, the sheets around their ankles and while one seemed to be sucking on his lover's neck, the other was trying to gain more friction. Louis missed love bites and intimacy, someone calling him his.

The next link he found was a short video. A young boy was riding a man, the tags saying it all #daddy #kink #riding #baby #twink. What the tags didn't say was that the younger boy kept his back to the camera and Louis could perfectly see the dick of the older guy going deeper and deeper into the twink's hole. His butt cheeks were spread wide and Louis didn't need anything more to start touching himself properly.

His nipples were hard and red, his breath hitching every time the younger man moaned on cam and all he wanted was a cock up his bum. As soon as Louis started to pump himself he was on the edge. All his sexual frustration was rushing through him and he realized he has forgotten how good it was.

After a few more strokes Louis was already leaking precum and his slit was sensitive. His right hand was moving quickly on his dick and his left hand was pinching his nipple hard, making Louis’ hiss in pleasure. He wanted to moan loudly, wanted everyone to know how good it felt right now.

The faster Louis stroked his dick, the more his breath was shattered. Little sounds were escaping his mouth and he wished he could moan as loud as he wanted to. It has been so long since he last had a hand on himself, so long since he didn’t feel this strong and amazing feeling at the pit on his guts.

His hand tightened around his dick, the pumps going faster and stronger. Louis was so close, he could feel his orgasm building up. His toes were curled around the sheets, his back arched and all his muscles were tensed. He was going to come, he knew it, he was one stroke away. His breath was out of control, sweat was running on his forehead and he was already planning the second round in his head. He wanted fingers in his bum, he wanted to feel full and wreck himself.

He was still one stroke away when a knock on his door startled him.

He wanted to scream in frustration, to tell Harry to fuck off already but he just couldn’t. He was so close that he couldn’t even think about a sentence. His brain was only focused on the pleasure he was feeling. His lungs not receiving enough air to form a sound that wasn’t a moan or a whimper.

Deciding not to respond, he hoped Harry would get the memo and go back into his room. The only emergency at the moment was Louis’ need to come, a conversation with his bodyguard could wait.

The last few strokes were even quicker, his breath heavier and his moans louder. He no longer cared about anything or anyone, only thinking about a release.

When Louis finally came, his orgasm lasted for what felt like minutes. His whole body stilled and his head was spinning by the strength of it. He was on the verge of passing out, like drained from energy. His mouth was still wide open, a scream escaping his lips. His eyes were shut and he was sure those were fireworks under his eyelids. Bright colors dancing and creating weird patterns. His forehead was covered in sweat, his hair all over his face and he felt wrecked. Completely and utterly wreck.

That night, Louis fell asleep in no time.

As predicted, the singer and his bodyguard left the house early the next morning.

They both wore sweatpants and loose t-shirts, Louis’ personal stylist and makeup artist supposed to make them look beautiful in a hotel room of Manchester. The whole crew was always meeting up before an important event and this one was going to be the first with Harry as Louis’ bodyguard. Louis still didn’t really see him as a bodyguard. Whenever they went out, Harry was with him but he couldn’t really say Harry was a protective armor around him.  

Even if he would never admit it, Louis was nervous. This was his first public event with Harry and he still didn’t know if his bodyguard’s skills were great. He was sure his management wouldn’t have employed a novice but Louis still wasn’t convinced.

The ride to Manchester was quiet, a soft song playing in the car while Harry was asleep. Bodyguard 0 – Louis 1.

Louis was lost in his thoughts when the car came to a stop. He was glad to already be there if he was completely honest and just wanted one thing, be back at home. He didn’t particularly want to spend the day pretending to love a perfume he never ever smelt. Just because this launch was important didn’t mean it was important for Louis.

It wasn’t like he had other things to do but still.

Louis’ team had booked a suite in the hotel right next to the place of the event so they could all get ready. Become a celebrity and lose all natural, that should have been the title of the job advert. Every time Louis went somewhere he needed to get his hair styled, his skin cleaned and his outfit approved.

Before anyone could leave, a member of the security team did a little speech to detail the progress of the day and too Harry apart to remind him his role.

“Mr. Styles, as you probably already know it, this is a really important event. There’s going to be a lot of people and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a crowd. However, your job is to not let that happen. Everything needs to stay under control. Your job here is simple, you don’t leave Mr. Tomlinson’s side, even for a minute. You’re staying with him at any time. He needs to go to the toilets, you follow. He talks to people, you follow. He signs autographs, you follow. If he needs to be guide, don’t hesitate to help him with a hand on his back. Your role here is easy, don’t lose him.”

“Yes Sir.”

Until the opening of the perfume launch everything passed in a blur. There were people everywhere, running, screaming and speaking in different languages. Everyone worried something bad will happen and security members at every corner because of the number of celebrities present.

Louis’ makeup artist, Mrs. Teasdale, wasn’t only here for the singer today and she had a tight schedule to follow. Caroline, his stylist, took care of him right after and gave him his outfit. She got him tight black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, a beautiful black blazer and polish shoes. His bum has always been his best feature and she knew it just as much as he did.

Ten minutes before the beginning, Louis met up with Harry. He was wearing a perfectly adjusted black suit and his hair was pushed back with some hair gel. If Louis was flirting with him he would tell him he looked gorgeous but. He was not.

Just before opening the door Louis was held back by Harry. A hand was on his elbow and Harry’s mouth was right next to Louis’ ear, ready to tell him something.

“Love the way you scream my name when you come.”