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Smears on an Angel

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It's a well known fact indeed, Zhu Yilong is just simply beautiful. Everything he does, anything he wears—no matter how outrageous—couldn’t mask his ethereal, personally sculpted by gods profile. One may vow as a believer if he were to say he’s an immortal being; a member of the angels of sky.

And he's still exceedingly beautiful on his knees like this; mouth full, eyes teary. 

Loosening his tie, Baiyu let out a content sigh. It was a hectic, extremely busy day for him. He has just come back from a clothing brand photoshoot, hours of camera flashes wears him out to the bone. To plunge down on a soft bed and doze off is his ultimate plan he had laid out while on his way back home.

He doesn’t mind the current change of plan though.

Loud slurps disperse his cloud of thoughts, letting them dissipate as his attention anchors him to the present. He glances down and a pair of glassy brown eyes returns his gaze. They are rimmed red, bright and open with want. When they had first met, Baiyu admits to not having enough strength to endure Zhu Yilong’s unrelentless constant stare for he finds them too enticing for his sanity. At that time, he very much needed his train of thoughts in check. Getting a boner while shooting a supposedly innocent—although filled to the brim with innuendo—lollipop scene is unprofessional for an actor such as he. At a point he can’t believe how strong his self-control had been, with his co-star whom he had fallen head over heels sucking on a lollipop, his huge gleaming eyes — in wonder of the sweet flavour of the candy.

Baiyu’s indecent mind crave for him to taste something else.

He had been patient for so long, sealing his emotions inside from spilling through his eyes everytime they converse. Veiling his adoration with teases and jokes, oh he hopes he comes off as a friendly neighbourhood co—actor to Zhu Yilong. The last scene of their drama was strenuous for his emotions. A method actor like Zhu Yilong will fully immerse himself in the character’s soul; living it .So when Shen Wei cried, promising, betting on Zhao Yunlan to meet again, his expression pained from their fate, Baiyu’s heart ached. At that moment, he felt disconnected, lost from reality. He knows it’s the character’s feelings, it is not Zhu Yilong who is hurting. But with the weak heart of his, he can’t bear to be on the receiving ends of a weeping lover. Zhao Yunlan’s lover, he scolded himself. Those eyes, that love is not for you, It’s for Zhao Yunlan.

Wake up.

And yet he couldn’t. He had found himself drowning even deeper, his feelings full in his chest, slamming onto him with extreme intensity. It’s almost gut-wrenching. If he were to cry like Zhu Yilong did, it would be the end of him. He could never stop himself from reaching out to his co-star, embracing, kissing in desperation because it had been too much. 

I’m here, I’m alive. We’re alright.

And so he held it in, swallowing a lump on his throat as he replied Okay to the bet. Zhu Yilong, no, Shen Wei had smiled at him, his suffering of all those years streamed down his cheeks. 

This wasn’t for me, this is not him.

A loud cut from the director broke their entranced emotions, the dark agonizing atmosphere of farewell around them instantly collapsed. Having almost at the edge, Baiyu laughed; hoping no one would notice how far gone he was and proceeded to playfully hit Zhu Yilong.

Stop it with that look. Don’t do it if it weren’t for me.

Baiyu felt his tears almost trickling down, so he was grateful for the competent staff providing him with a clean napkin. The tears did break when he’s at a safe distance, he wiped them away hoping it would wipe his feelings too.

Oh he had been so patient.

He’s glad he doesn’t need to do so anymore.

Running his hand along Zhu Yilong's jawline, he caresses up to brush off his hair, plastered to his forehead from the sheen of sweat. Baiyu nudged at his lover’s bulging cheek, tracing the shape with his fingertips. The hooded eyes watch him in awe, misty as he eventually shuts them close in concentration. Gripping the base of the cock, Zhu Yilong hollowed his cheeks—creating a delectable suction—and bobs his head in earnest. The first time they had done this, it was uncomfortable. The way the length filled the cavern of his mouth, straining it and his jaws ached as he had to hold the weight of it on his tongue. He wasn’t used to it at all.

There’s a lot of things he wasn’t used to when it comes to Baiyu. Luckily, the man is more than delighted to teach him a few ropes. 

Under his ministrations, Baiyu whimpers. Zhu Yilong feels his legs tremble as he doubles his effort; cock throbs in his mouth. Angling his head carefully, he traced the familiar veins on the man’s arousal with his tongue, lapping at the head. Baiyu always teases him, loves to provoke him in public so when it’s his turn to unwind the man, he savours the sounds Baiyu pours out.

“Urghh Long Ge, wait-”  A hand tugs his short ponytail backward, Zhu Yilong inevitably retracts. He watches him with wide questioning eyes, slightly tilting his head in a quizzical look. As if Baiyu could hear his thoughts, the man chuckled breathlessly, “No, you’ve been so good, it’s just,” he sighs and falls into a silence, tracing Zhu Yilong’s ridiculously long lashes,” Can I..if you don’t mind,” he rubs at the swollen lips, spreading the wetness all over it before he pushed his thumb in. When he feels Zhu Yilong’s seconds lick at the coarse pad of his skin, a small tremor electrify his body.

Nodding, Zhu Yilong releases his finger with a pop. He adjusts himself so that he’s seating on the calves as he kneels. Baiyu’s cock was presented right in front of his face, glistening wet and throbbing red. Eyes locking with the other man’s, he parts his sultry lips, laying out his tongue flat as he tilts his head upward. 

Use my mouth.

Baiyu curses loudly, the alluring lover of his could put even the best pornstar to shame. Carding through his hair, Baiyu guides himself in. Zhu Yilong relaxes his throat, his jaws sag, allowing Baiyu to rut into the heat in abandon. The thrusts are vicious and fast, so he tries his best to take it in. Few times, it cuts off his air supply, his face now burns crimson and he feels tears pricking at his eyes. He resists the urge to blink them away. Instead, he wills himself to hold his gaze at Baiyu. That’s right, watch me.


Zhu Yilong feels his length grows impossibly harder in his mouth, feels the familiar throbs of it when Baiyu’s at his limit. Releasing it, he closes his eyes as he sticks his tongue out. Eyes closed, face in bliss as he waits—ready to catch anything Baiyu willing to give.

Groaning at the view, Baiyu desperately strokes his cock, mouth muttering Zhu Yilong’s name, as he aims at The Angel’s face.

He wants to mark him with his very essence, he’s mine.

He’s mine in this lifetime and any others.

Zhu Yilong could only hear Baiyu’s loud groan and expletives before he felt spurts of cum splatters on his face. He resists the urge to lick at some that lands on his lips. Instead he let Baiyu take his time—waiting for the man to take his fills. He chooses to ignore the burn of his knees from his current position; the carpet grazes on his skin.

The aftershocks of orgasm spikes Baiyu’s body, his mind hazy in grains as he milks the last of his spend on Zhu Yilong’s face. A soft sigh accompanies his caress of the smooth skin, pale and soft like tofu, now painted with streaks of his own cum. They land on the accentuated bridge of his nose, on both of his cheeks. It streams down his face, a forbidden cream of sin. Like a dessert, Zhu Yilong swallows the remaining on his tongue, moaning at the taste. There’s still the very last bit dripping down from his lips.

“Oh my love”

Zhu Yilong smiles, licking them clean.

With impatient grunts, Baiyu snaps as his hips juts, nudging his cocktip at those tantalizing lips for Zhu Yilong to take him in again. 

And he does.