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Compliments to the Chef

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“Compliments to the chef!” 


The whole kitchen waits with bated breath as Shouto stands fearlessly (and shamelessly) in front of their head chef. This is a daily occurence. They should be used to this by now. But every time that Shouto opens his mouth it’s always…


“The cakes are fine today as usual, chef.” With a wink and a slap to the head chef’s butt, he heads out the doors and leaves the whole kitchen with a ticking time bomb. Izuku looks up and clasps his hands in silent prayer. Kyouka puts her soup on low flame, bowing her head in preparation. One could see the rest of the chefs hold their breaths as the inevitable comes.




This has been happening for the past few weeks. Ever since their new waiter, Shouto, arrived he’s been flirting with Head Chef Katsuki the second he laid eyes on him. None of the chefs are blind, they can clearly see how mind blowingly attractive Katsuki is when he doesn’t try. They have eyes. And if some of them use that to peek at their boss’ ass every once in a while, they all have each other’s backs not to tell.


But Shouto takes it to a whole different level. The whole staff wonders how the hell he can be so damn confident in his advances toward their short-tempered head chef. Even if his reaction is the same every single time, Shouto doesn’t back down. He’s annoyingly persistent but that’s what leaves the staff in awe. No matter how many times Katsuki would yell at him, he’d throw him a wink and do the same thing the next day.


They all came to the conclusion that he must be a monster


As another slap echoes throughout the kitchen, they all seem to just telepathically agree that Shouto is also absolutely insane.

“Hey, Todoroki-kun?” Izuku asks the waiter one day after work. “Why are you always uh… Complimenting Kacchan?”


“Is there any reason that I shouldn’t?” He says back with a curious little head tilt. He’s a monster, Izuku thinks as Shouto blinks at him with wide yet knowing eyes. Izuku lets out a nervous laugh, looking around them to make sure that Kacchan wasn’t there to overhear their conversation.


“It’s just uh… I don’t know. He always gets so tense and extra pissy every time you do it. And you do it about five times a day.” They walk together, Shouto’s bicycle in between them as they head back to their apartment complex. “I’m not sure if you like him or you just enjoy pissing him off.”


“It’s both.”


Izuku stops in his tracks. “What?”


“I like him and I enjoy pissing him off,” Shouto says with a cheeky little smile and the color drains from Izuku’s face. Monster. Surely, he has a death wish. “He’s so cute when he’s flustered.”


“I-I see.”


They eventually move on to other conversation topics, mostly just to keep Izuku’s blood pressure from rising even higher. Shouto surely does show his affection in unconventional ways. Then again, he’s also relentlessly pursuing Katsuki Bakugou, the tsundere chef from hell according to Chef Weekly. Izuku isn’t sure if his persistent flirting (?) is just his way of trying to get through to Kacchan.


Well, he definitely succeeds in getting Kacchan extra flustered every time Shouto slaps his ass. He does notice though that he never actually outright objects to it. He just yells about it for a couple minutes, calms down, yells at the rest of them to cook better, then goes to sulk in his office for the next half hour. It’s a very precise post ass slapping induced cycle that Izuku, unfortunately, memorized by heart.


“You wanna come over and watch The Witcher? I’ve been dying to start binging it for a while,” Izuku offered when they finally arrived at their apartment complex. Shouto lived one floor above him and they usually alternate watching shows in each other’s apartments every weekend. However, this time Shouto shook his head and gave him an apologetic smile.


“I’m gonna have to take a rain check on Witcher night.” He places his hand at the back of his neck, a blush rising in his cheeks. Izuku squints his eyes a bit, not quite sure he’s actually seeing this properly. “I have a date tonight.”


“Oh! That’s fine. We can watch it next weekend. I’ll just watch Haikyuu again tonight.” Shouto apologizes one more time for bailing on their weekly binge watching session but before Izuku could even wave him off, someone approaches Shouto from behind.


“Oi, you aren’t even ready yet? We’re gonna be late.”


“I just got home, babe. You’re the one who’s too early.”


Izuku couldn’t believe his eyes when Shouto stepped back a little to reveal none other than his boss standing behind him. There he is, standing there with his signature annoyed expression, all dressed up in casual clothing. Izuku doesn’t usually see Kacchan outside of his usual chef’s uniform so it’s double the surprise to see him wearing… Is that a pastel blue sweater? Are those checkered pants? Wait, Kacchan wears GLASSES? 


“Sorry Izuku, I gotta get ready.” Shouto snaps him out of his Kacchan related mini-breakdown and he tries to give the both of them a smile. It probably came out more as a grimace because Shouto asks him if he needs to go to the bathroom after taste testing all of Denki’s weird seafood experiments.


“N-No! Have fun on your date, Todoroki-kun!” He gives both of them a very out of place salute before he dashes up to his apartment. He doesn’t care if his apartment is in the 24th floor, he’s taking the goddamn stairs. Who knows what will happen if he goes into the elevator with the two of them. Izuku continues to have a mental breakdown all the way up to the 24th floor.


When he finally closed his door behind him, he slid down to the floor with one thought plaguing his mind:


Have those two been dating all this time?

“You’ve really got to stop slapping my ass while we’re at work.”


“But it’s a good quality ass. 10 out of 10, would slap again.”


“You really are shameless, aren’t you?”


Shouto smirks, giving Katsuki’s ass one more good-measured slap before placing a little kiss on his nose. The sweet sound of Katsuki’s ass against his hand giving him goosebumps. “I just like to claim what is mine.”


Katsuki rolls his eyes but wraps his arms around Shouto’s waist anyway. “It’s yours anyway.”


Shouto laughs, draping his arms over Katsuki’s shoulders as his boyfriend moves to pin him against the wall. “That’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Shut up,” and Katsuki shuts him up with a searing kiss. Shouto smirks against his lips, kissing back with equal fervor. There are perks to riling up his boyfriend at work and as Katsuki starts to kiss down his neck, Shouto can only think about how else he could pay his compliments to the chef.