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karaoke in the sky

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Jimin sits at his usual seat, at their usual bar, properly entertained watching Seokjin and Namjoon hopelessly and awkwardly flirt with each other. 


It was a normal Tuesday night for him; coming to Karaoke In The Sky — which by the way, he had no idea where the owner got the name from — hanging out with his little group of friends as they kept Namjoon company while he tended bar, occasionally cheering on his friends whenever they decided they wanted to put the other customers through a brief three to four minutes of torture by doing a song. 


Tonight that was Yoongi and Hoseok’s job. They were currently doing a very erotic rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody , complete with Hoseok practically grinding up on Yoongi. It was a good thing Tuesday’s weren’t too crowded. 


“Oh!” Namjoon tore Jimin’s gaze away from where he’s looking, about 90% sure Yoongi was one second away from popping a boner right on that stage. “I think I see your problem.” Namjoon isn’t talking to Jimin, but Seokjin, who was the only person Jimin ever knew to bring homework to the bar. He couldn’t be blamed though, not when he was a first year medical school student, currently trying to balance his new classes as well as his social life. 


Karaoke In The Sky was a pretty big part of their friendship. For some reason, it was a tradition they spent their 21st birthdays there. Something about doing show tunes and songs from the ‘80s no one really cared about just screamed I’m legal! Seokjin was first to turn 21 of course, Jimin and Taehyung’s first big outing with their new older friends as little freshmen. They were still scared of the world and still a lot like they are now: loud, noisey, touchy. 


After that was Yoongi, then Hoseok, who made his birthday memorable by deciding that was the night he would finally tell Yoongi he was utterly in love with him. (Yoongi passed out, but it worked out in the end.) Then Namjoon, who not only celebrated but somehow landed a job as bartender to help pay for the inevitable extra classes he was taking to help himself double major. 


It was strange, not your usual college hang out place, but it was theirs and it was something to do. Missing a night there was like missing an episode of Jersey Shore in the year 2010 or something. You miss one, you might as well miss a million. 


“Please, help me. Give me any answer at this point. If I have to make one more correction to this parietal lobe diagram I think I’ll make a permanent correction to my own forever.” Seokjin is exasperated, looking up at Namjoon with wide eyes. 


“I hope that doesn’t mean…” Namjoon starts, almost a little afraid to ask what his friend was even implying. 


“Yes.” Seokjin nods quickly, “I’m going to give myself a lobotomy.”


“Let me ask you this,” Jimin chimes in, “Would a lobotomy enhance your ability to read people and pick up on flirtatious conversation?” 


“What? No.” Seokjin shakes his head, proving Jimin’s point of not being able to read people at all. “If I gave myself a lobotomy I would basically become a chocolate ring ding.” Jimin was clearly making a dig at him and Namjoon and the obvious romantic feelings on both sides. Neither of them seemed to get it. Maybe that’s why they were perfect for each other. 


“A chocolate ring ding?” Namjoon raises an eyebrow, “Isn’t the whole lobotomy thing like, you become a vegetable?”


“Yeah. But vegetables are disgusting. If you willingly eat vegetables I’m going to assume you have a criminal record.” 


“You do know you recently graduated from university right? Like, not middle school?” Jimin rhetorics. 


“If you think that age has anything to do with eating and enjoying vegetables then you are ignorant.”


“Anyway,” Namjoon starts, bringing Seokjin’s attention back to the diagram in front of him with a light touch of his hand to Seokjin’s shoulder, “You just mixed up the main sensory receptive area with the dorsal stream of the visual system. Flip those spots and you should be able to do it from there.” Namjoon assures him, though Jimin know’s for a fact he’s going to ask him what Namjoon just said the second he turns around to serve the upcoming customer, because Seokjin was probably doing that thing where he focuses only on Namjoon’s right dimple. 


“Right.” Seokjin nods, “That makes sense, ok, thanks Joon.” He smiles at him, Namjoon smiling back before heading to the other end of the bar. 


Like clockwork, Seokjin turns to Jimin, “What‘d he say?” 


“Sensory overload ceptors… Then something about the Dursley’s from Harry Potter.” Jimin offers weakly, but Seokjin seems to understand, immediately going back to his worksheet. 


“When are you gonna admit that you like him?” Jimin questions, playing with the straw in his coke, painfully sober. That’s the one thing that sucks about constantly hanging out in a karaoke bar when you’re only 20 — no alcohol. Even when the bartender is pretty much one of your best friends. 


Jimin didn’t totally mind though; he only had about a month until he could finally drink all the alcohol he wanted. Well, in public anyways. 


Not looking up from his worksheet — a sure sign that he is lying — Seokjin scoffs, “Namjoon? Me? Me liking Namjoon? You’re crazy. Did you have Jungkook’s fireball-mountain-dew-pixie-stix mixed drink again before we left?” 


“You hallucinate that George Clooney is in the dining hall one time —“


“Jimin, it was the Dean of Students and you tried to kiss him.” 


“But I didn’t.” Jimin points out, folding his arms. “Now stop ignoring the question. When are you telling Joon you have a big fat gay crush on him?” 


You’re gay.”


“You sound just like my seventh grade bully.” Jimin laughs, “I think he’s in prison now.” 


“Where did you go to school again?”


“Wrong side of the tracks, baby. Now stop stalling.” 


“Who’s stalling?” Hoseok and Yoongi stroll over, hands intertwined and both of them looking a little out of breath. “Oh!” Hoseok continues, “I hope it’s that hot mechanic coming back to fix the air conditioning in here.”


“That’s installing , babe.” Yoongi corrects lightly, “How many tequila sunrises did you have?” 


“Only like… Wait, where are we again?” 


“Guys, retweet this if you’re getting really sick of Seokjin and Namjoon’s sexual tension and want them to just bonk it out already.”


“Retweet.” Yoongi glares at Seokjin. 


“Retwe— Wait, does Twitter have a new update? Is this voice command new or something?” Hoseok looks at Yoongi in awe, before looking at Jimin, who just snickers. 


“You know we have an eight am lab tomorrow, right, Hobi?” 


“I like to academically challenge myself.” 


“You know what, I’m done talking about this. I do not have a large, flaming, burning with passion, gay kind of crush on Namjoon, or whatever you called it.” Seokjin looks back to his homework pointedly. “I just like his brain. He’s taken so many honors courses here, you know? If he can help me with med school then so be it.”


“First of all, I referred to it as a ‘big fat gay crush.’” Jimin corrects, “But yours is much more fitting I think.” 


“Fuck you.” Seokjin frowns, to which Jimin smiles. Seokjin already knows what’s coming next but he lets it happen anyway. 


“Later, baby, not here.” 


“You’re funny, Jimin, you should quit the whole bio major thing and just do stand up instead.”


“If you guys are really gonna fuck, can we watch?” Hoseok asks, without a hint of shame, making Yoongi blush. 


“I should probably get you some water. Do you want water? I think you do.” He tells Hoseok, taking him closer to the bar to get Namjoon’s attention. 


“I’m just saying, if you don’t tell him soon, I’m gonna tell him myself.” Jimin evilly promises. At that Seokjin raises his head again. 


“You know, I wish I never helped you find the chemistry lab in your freshman year. Seriously, you’re a barbarian.” 


“You love me.”


“Do not.”


“Ok, fuckers, I’m ready to get wasted and sing that Nickleback song everyone seems to hate for no reason!” There's a new voice suddenly approaching the group, cutting Seokjin off from any other arguments he might've had left to make against Jimin. “And by get wasted, I mean, drink so many free shirley temples that I get another sugar headache so bad it makes me wish I was wasted instead.”


It’s Taehyung, naturally, followed by Jungkook who looks like he would rather be caught dead than be seen being dragged in by Taehyung. 


“Those aren’t free, you know.” Namjoon tells him blankly as he approaches the bar, pausing for a minute before shrugging. 


“Ok, then put it on my tab.”


“I have. Every time.” Namjoon elaborates, “You know you owe like.. Close to $200 in shirley temples alone?” 


“No, that wasn’t me then. You must be referring to my evil twin. He comes here a lot because he has a crush on Yoongi.” Taehyung quickly lies, Yoongi groaning. 


“Please don’t drag me into another story about your apparent evil twin.”


“But you love Taeyong!”


“No I don’t. ‘Taeyong’ almost got me banned from all Burger Kings in a 30 mile radius.”


“Let me ask you this,” Hoseok slurs, “Is Taeyong hot?”


“Hobi, he’s a fake person.” Yoongi reminds him, “You also literally have a boyfriend who’s me, we’re literally in a relationship.”


“Whatever.” Taehyung scrunches his face up, deciding to deal with his impending debt another day. “Sorry we’re late. Our spawn didn’t wanna come out tonight.” Taehyung apologizes, directing the second half of his sentence at Jimin. 


“Please stop referring to me as your ‘spawn.’” Jungkook whines, however not putting up a fight when Jimin reaches out to pull him into a hug. 


“But that’s what you are. You’re my baby. Me and Taehyung raised you.” Jimin tells him, chin resting on Jungkook’s shoulder as he hugs him from behind, still planted in his bar stool. 


“You literally didn’t though?” 


“Shut up. Don’t talk to your dad like that.” Taehyung points a finger, Jungkook just giving him another estranged look. 


“You’re not my dad?” 


“That’s funny,” Namjoon laughs, “That’s exactly how I used to sound in middle school when my mom got remarried.”


“Why didn’t you wanna come out tonight, anyways, Kook?” Yoongi asks, keeping a close watch on Hoseok who seems to be overly enjoying a plate of nachos that definitely don’t belong to any of them. 


“I have homework. Tests and shit, you know, like, stuff you actually do in college.”


“He’s bitter, what for?” Seokjin shakes his head, pen going back to where he was trying to locate the somatosensory cortex. 


“Fuck homework.” Jimin shrugs, finally releasing his grip on Jungkook. “I promised your mom I’d keep an eye on you until you got settled. And given the fact that it’s only one and a half months into school, you’re still my responsibility. Deal with it, you little son of a bitch.”


“Did you just technically refer to my mom as a bitch?” Jungkook raises a brow. 


“Only figuratively.” Jimin shrugs, “Your mom is a lovely woman. If she wasn’t married and I wasn’t gay, I think I would—“


“I don’t want you to finish that sentence.” Jungkook cuts him off, hands going up over his ears. 


Jimin laughs, because that’s what he always does when he bothers Jungkook. They had been friends since they were younger; having grown up in the same neighborhood and all. Jungkook had spent the majority of his time growing up hanging out with Jimin, doing things because Jimin did, liking things because Jimin did. All up to Jungkook picking the same college Jimin did come time for his high school graduation last year. It is fair to an extent to say Jimin might’ve raised him. A two year age gap made Jimin feel like he was responsible for Jungkook, way more than he was responsible for his other friends anyway. And while Jungkook constantly bickered with Jimin, they both knew he loved him. 


Taehyung on the other hand was a recent development in Jungkook’s life. He was the first friend Jungkook made here at university, all thanks to Jimin, obviously. Jungkook liked Taehyung, actually, despite his incessant protests that he is not in fact his dad, he did enjoy the time they spent together. Taehyung was funny and sweet and liked anime and video games as much as Jungkook did, so they got along rather well. Plus, Jungkook would kind of be out of luck if he hadn’t liked Taehyung. Since starting at university Jimin stuck to Taehyung like glue , and vice versa. 


Flash back to their freshman year, two years and one bad haircut from Taehyung ago, they had been paired up as roommates. They spent the first night fighting over which sides they would take and the second night pushing both their beds to the window side, thus creating one giant bed instead. It was a little weird how fast they clicked. Especially because Jimin wasn't one to just open up to anyone , so that just made their friendship all the more real. From freshman year on they became kind of a thing, not in a romantic way of course, but the kind of thing that everyone who spends more than two minutes with them seems to pick up on. They just worked. 


Soulmates , their other friends would sometimes tease them with. They never denied it. 


“Why don’t you just do your homework here?” Seokjin questions Jungkook, gesturing to his work that is becoming increasingly stained with pencil erases. 


“Because it’s one thing for you guys to know I’m a nerd but I don’t want the general public to know.” Jungkook tells him quickly, scoffing. 


“Art majors think they’re so edgy.” Seokjin rolls his eyes. “Fuck you.” 


“Later, baby, not here.” Jungkook promises him, making Seokjin only roll his eyes harder. 


“He really is your spawn.” He points to Jimin. 


“I told you guys I raised him.”


“Is Jin upgrading from sleeping with just Jimin to now sleeping with Jungkook too?” Hoseok is nearly done with his nachos. “Because I know I asked to watch, but I don't know if I can do a threesome. My brain might explode.”


“No ones fucking anyone.” Seokjin assures him, to which Hoseok looks slightly disappointed. 


“I wouldn't say that, Jin.” Jimin teases, glancing at Namjoon, who’s too busy cleaning up a bit of cranberry juice he spilled to notice. Seokjin shoots him a glare, Jimin’s attention now focusing on Taehyung, who’s tugging at the sleeve of his sweatshirt. 


“Jimin,” He calls him, though he knows Jimin is already giving him his undivided attention. He always is. “We should do our Elton John duet again.”


“Oh no,” Namjoon is shaking his head, Jimin and Taehyung looking at him with big eyes, practically full of devastation. “My boss said if you guys did that shit again he wouldn’t let you guys back in. And I wouldn’t push it, neither of you are even 21 yet.”


“Oh come on!” Jimin whines, “What shit is he even talking about? Me and Taehyung are delightful performers.” Jimin wraps his arms around Taehyung’s waist after having released Jungkook, and brings him closer to his side, pouting at Namjoon. 


“Ha!” Yoongi lets out a loud laugh, which Jimin goes to ask what he means by it before Namjoon is speaking again, so Jimin lets it go. 


“You and Taehyung would be delightful performers, maybe, if this was some kind of sex club.” 


“What the hell does that mean?!” Taehyung is frowning now too, pressing himself further into Jimin’s side. 


“Taehyung tried undressing Jimin last time you guys did the Elton John song.” Jungkook points out, everyone else muttering agreements. 


“And then you actually succeeded. Literally he was shirtless, halfway out of his pants when we stopped you guys.” Yoongi added. 


“It’s a very romantic song.” Taehyung shrugs in defense. 


“It is not.” Seokjin counters, “It is Bennie And The Jets.” 


“That’s romantic.” Jimin shakes his head. 


“Keep your pervy hands to the dorm room.” Namjoon says as if it's final, so Jimin sighs. 


“So no one is going to discuss Hoseok and Yoongi basically bonking on stage before?” 


“Please stop referring to it as ‘bonking,’ you are an adult.” Yoongi pleads, but it goes unheard as Taehyung speaks up instead, again whining. 


“You guys did it again? Without me here?” 


“You’re sick.”


“We can do it again for you, Tae.” Yoongi and Hoseok respond in tandem, Yoongi quickly stopping Hoseok when he tries to get off the bar stool, “No we cannot.”


“Boring.” Taehyung throws up a thumbs down, “I had a history exam today that kicked the shit out of me. Don’t I deserve something to unwind?”


“I’ll buy you a shirley temple.” Seokjin offers weakly, if anything just to get Taehyung to shut up. 


“Really?” Taehyung reaches an arm out to touch Seokjin’s shoulder. “I love you so much, Jin. Have I ever told you how handsome you are?”


“No, but you bitches should be telling me that everyday.” Namjoon puts a shirley temple down on the counter. “Enjoy, heathen.”


“I’ll suck your dick later if you want.” Taehyung offers casually, leaning over to grab his drink. 


“No thank you, I don’t want you anywhere near my dick.” 


“Ok,” He takes a sip, and then another, “You said I can’t sing with Jimin but you didn’t say I couldn’t sing at all, so Kook,” Taehyung points to where he had gravitated towards Yoongi and Hoseok, though maybe he didn’t have much of a choice because Hoseok has him in the tightest hug he’d ever seen. “We’re up.”


“Tae—“ Jungkook starts to whine. 


“I literally gave birth to you.” Is all Taehyung says and Jungkook gives in with a sigh. 




“Fuck yeah!” Taehyung wiggles a bit in his excitement, “Jimin, this ones for you.” He turns towards Jimin who smiles. 


“Go get ‘em, baby.” Jimin encourages, like the good friend he is, even slapping Taehyung’s ass as he drags Jungkook away towards the stage. 


Jimin smiles, watching his two friends make their way towards the empty mics, Jungkook doing it with much less pep in his step than Taehyung. The music starts and it sounds a bit like Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, which is a horrible song, but Taehyung dedicates it to Jimin just before it starts as he promised, so Jimin decides it's acceptable. 


When he looks back to the rest of his friends, they’re all wearing the same look. The same annoying, knowing look. 


“What? Are my nipples hard again? You guys know I can’t help it. It happens when I have too much sugar.” Jimin frowns at them, Seokjin being the first to shake his head no. 


“Just wondering when you are going to stop being so blind.”


“So blind to what?” Jimin questions, genuinely confused. 


“You. Taehyung.” Yoongi offers, giving him a look that says you know what I’m talking about. 


Jimin doesn’t. “I don't know what you’re talking about.” 


“Jimin, you just smacked Taehyung’s ass and called him ‘baby.’ He’s dedicating a song to you right now.” Namjoon points out. 


“Platonic display of affection.”


“He sleeps in your bed more times a week than he sleeps in his own.” Hoseok manages to get out, a giggle at the end. 


“He likes being cuddled and I like giving cuddles.” Jimin says pointedly. “Besides, our apartment is always cold and we need body heat.”


“You shower together.” Yoongi adds weakly, to which Jimin scoffs. 


“It’s called preserving the environment , Yoongi. I would do that with anyone.”


“You’ve never done it with me.” Namjoon reminds him, to which Jimin shrugs. 


“Ok, Namjoon, would you like to—“




“Ok, so why are you getting mad at me here?” Jimin folds his arms, once more giving them a pout. 


“We’re not getting mad at you,” Yoongi explains, “Just wondering when you guys are gonna stop beating around the bush and just… I don't know. Fuck it out. Date.”


“Why the hell would we do that?” Jimin’s face turns to one of disgust. 


“To stop suffocating us with your tension. Taehyung looks at you like he wants to eat you.” Namjoon tells him.


“Yeah,” Hoseok agrees, “You guys act more like a couple than me and Yoongi do.”


“Well that’s because Yoongi is a cheap date.”


“Hey!” Yoongi starts to protest, but it gets lost once Hoseok is squishing his face between his hands, telling Yoongi he’s the best boy in the world or whatever. 


“Just saying,” Seokjin lowers his voice a bit, eyes trailing Namjoon who quickly rushes over to help a customer on the other side of the bar, “If you can't take it, don’t dish it out.”


“But I don’t even—“


“Take your own advice, brat. We’re all sick of suffering.” 


Jimin looks over at the stage, watching where Taehyung is currently trying to get Jungkook to hold his hand to dance with him, all while still holding the microphone. A few people in the audience seem to be enjoying it though. Most people enjoy Taehyung, he’s a people person. That’s part of the reason Taehyung is so special to Jimin; he makes friends easily, constantly charming people, yet Jimin is always his number one. It makes Jimin feel important. Taehyung makes Jimin feel important. 


“Whatever, dumbass.” Jimin decides to reply, so intelligently, and definitely a little delayed. 


“I’m just saying! You guys have something special.” Seokjin puts his hands up in defense, turning back to his homework. 


Something special, huh?

They part ways way too late for kids who have classes tomorrow, but they’re young and reckless and have monster energy drinks coursing through their veins so they don’t care much. 


Seokjin and Namjoon head home together, Seokjin promising Jimin he’ll talk about something other than human anatomy, but they both know it’s a lie. Yoongi calls a cab to lug a still very tipsy Hoseok back to their apartment off campus, Hoseok trying to give all of them a goodbye kiss before he gets into the car. He only succeeds in kissing Taehyung, though, because Yoongi is getting grouchy that his boyfriend has turned into a sex feign while intoxicated, so he quickly gets him into the cab to sober him up. 


That leaves Jungkook, who of course is under the watchful eye of Jimin, and therefore Taehyung. They insist on having Jungkook come over to their place and stay with them, even though Jungkook has a dorm room for himself that he doesn’t actually really mind. 


After a lot of whining and tugging of his arms outside Karaoke In The Sky, Jungkook gives up, deciding once again to fall victim to Jimin and Taehyung’s slightly overbearing, slightly comforting care. 


He would never admit it, but sometimes Jungkook liked being babied by Jimin and Taehyung. If he had a particularly hard day and maybe missed home a little more than usual, he had no qualms with being wrapped up in one of Jimin’s famous burrito blankets while Taehyung watched Death Note with him. It was nice. They were good to him. 


“You can sleep in Tae’s again.” Jimin tells Jungkook as he searches through his drawers for something clean that both he and Jungkook can wear to bed. Jungkook always insists he doesn’t actually need a change of clothes, that he’s perfectly fine sleeping in jeans that are so tight they practically cut off his circulation, but Jimin never lets him. 


“He always gives me his room. You guys do know you have a perfectly good couch I can sleep on, right? Or one of you could sleep on it.” Jungkook reminds him. Jimin scoffs, turning around with clothes for Jungkook. 


“Why would we sleep on the couch when there’s a perfectly good bed for both of us?” Jimin throws the clothes at Jungkook, who catches them with ease. 


“I said I could also sleep on the couch.” 


“No way,” Jimin shakes his head, “We like taking care of you, Kook. That means you getting to sleep with Tae’s Bulbasaur plushie.”


“I can’t wait to realize that Ivysaur is actually a million times better.”


Jimin shrugs, giving a hum. “Maybe if I understood what it's like to be a nerd, I could contribute. But I don’t, so I won’t.” 


“Shut up.” Jungkook mumbles, deciding to change into the clothes. “I saw you crying the last time we watched the first Pokémon movie.”


“Just because I’m not a nerd doesn’t mean I’m heartless.” Jimin tells him, rolling his eyes once he was changed as well, turning to Jungkook. “Lets go.” 


“I’m perfectly capable of walking myself to Taehyung’s room, you know?” Jungkook reminds him, but follows anyway. “It’s literally four feet away.” 


“Tae,” Jimin practically whines when they enter, ignoring Jungkook’s complaints. “Come on, I have an early lab tomorrow.” 


“You also know you can go to bed literally whenever you want? Like, you don’t need to wait for him.” Jungkook continues, to which Jimin rolls his eyes again. He does that a lot around Jungkook. 


“You know you can stop poking around with questions at any point, right?” Jimin spats back. “Nosey bitch. Besides, Taehyung’s the little spoon, it’ll totally mess up our sleeping dynamics if I go in first.”


“You guys are annoying. I hate it here.” 


“Watch it, or we won’t let you stay here anymore.” Taehyung points at him with a glare, or so he tries to glare, but Taehyung has never been very good at that. 


“That’s funny, because I actually never ask to stay here.”


“Well, I never asked for Jimin to stick and poke ‘I love dicks’ on my thigh, but here we are.”


“Jimin?!” Jungkook wears a look of sheer terror, Jimin just smirking. 


“He was wearing short shorts to bed, I was trying to teach him a lesson.”


“Fuck right off, my short shorts are delightful sleepwear.”


“No they’re not, you shouldn’t be allowed to wear them, like, ever. They’re rated like, R.” 


“How short are these shorts?” Jungkook asks, horrified, before adding, “And no, I do not want to see them, it was just a simple question.”


“Not short enough.” Taehyung scoffs, “Besides I lent them to Hobi, anyways. Did you guys know he and Yoongi are a lot kinkier than we think?”


“I’m going to go to bed now.” Jungkook tells them solemnly, deciding he’s had enough of the current conversation. 


“Whatever, dude.” Taehyung shrugs, heading towards the door where Jimin is making grabby hands at him. “Do you want the Naruto nightlight on or off?”


“Tae!” Jungkook whines, Taehyung holding his hands up as if to silently say fine, forget I asked. 


“Night, Kook.” Jimin waves, turning on his heels, Taehyung’s hand loosely in his own. 


“Wait!” Jungkook calls out quietly before they leave entirely, “I want the Naruto light on.”

Morning classes the next day go by painfully slow, which Jimin can only guess is even worse for Hoseok, who spent the majority of their bio lab trying to nurse his hangover. 


“I’m never drinking that much again.” Hoseok tells him as they’re finally dismissed, now heading to the cafeteria to meet the rest of their friends. “How bad was I last night? I don’t remember a lot but I’m pretty sure I suggested a threesome with a few of you guys and then my mouth also vaguely tasted like chocolate covered raisins when I woke up, so I’m pretty sure I kissed Taehyung.”


“In your defense you just wanted to watch the threesome.” Jimin corrects. “But yeah, you kissed him. Though, I don’t think he minded. He hasn’t gotten much action in a while since he stopped seeing that kid from his instructional studies class.”


Hoseok hums, “At least I made somebody’s night.” Then he adds, “Thanks for telling me, by the way. Yoongi refused to tell me because he thought I’d be too embarrassed.” 


“You? Embarrassed?” Jimin scoffs, “You wear ‘World’s Best Grandson’ tee shirts for fun.”


“I know, that’s what I said.” Hoseok agrees, before frowning, “But also, you’re a little bitch. Don’t you love your grandma?”


“Not that much.” Jimin shrugs lightly, which launches Hoseok into a long winded conversation about how much he actually loves his grandma, and misses her even though she makes him clean the cat pee off her couch every time he visits. The conversation lasts the rest of their walk to the cafeteria and Jimin only half listens as he wonders what kind of prison food they’ll be serving today.  


They find their friends in their usual corner, all of them huddled around trays of food besides Namjoon, who has a longer lab on Wednesday’s. 

He usually just meets them for dinner. 


“Hi, assholes.” Jimin greets them, sitting down in his usual seat next to Taehyung. Hoseok sits across from them, giving his own welcome to Yoongi with a quick kiss. They were cute. Jimin always had been rooting for them when they first met, so when they finally got together, it was a god sent. 


“Jimin!” Taehyung’s eyes light up and suddenly he’s turning his entire body towards where Jimin is, knocking down Jungkook’s Sunny-D while he’s at it. 


“Watch it, dick face.” Jungkook warns him, attempting to clean up anything that might’ve spilled. 


Taehyung ignores him, going back to Jimin. He would always much rather talk about Jimin. “I think I finally have the perfect present for your birthday.”


Jimin’s birthday was coming up way sooner than most of them had expected, which is evident from the way they all tense at Taehyung’s announcement. They had totally forgot to get Jimin anything. Another gift card to Applebee’s it is. 


“First of all, I told you not to get me anything. You literally don’t have any more money, Tae. Not since you made the bet with Yoongi last week.” Jimin scolds him, Yoongi snickering from across the table. 


“That’s his own fault and we all know it.” Yoongi looks smug, “Taehyung has never been good at uno, I don't know why he put his entire savings on winning like he actually would.”


“You’re the one who made the bet and took the money, so what kind of friend does that make you?” Jungkook points out, Yoongi’s smile faltering. 


“No, no,” Taehyung waves a hand. “Yoongi can keep the $17, I started making money the old fashion way. I’m on the streets now.”


“You’re prostituting yourself?!” Hoseok asks, probably a little too loudly. The table next to them looks over. 


“What? No. I’m a sign spinner for Subway.” Taehyung shrugs, “I stand on the corner by the library.” 


“You really need to learn how to pick your words.” Yoongi advises, but Taehyung doesn’t really seem to get it, so Jimin moves on. 


“Ok, so you have money. I still don’t want you getting me stuff!” He goes to push Taehyung’s shoulder slightly, but Taehyung catches his hand, looping it into his own. “You’re my best friend, you seriously don’t need to get me shit.”


“But I want to.” Taehyung counters, “You're my best friend, so that’s exactly why I should be getting you all the shit.” 


“Gay.” Jungkook comments dryly, poking around his plate of expired looking vegetables. 


“Your mom.” Taehyung shoots back over his shoulder, barely bothering to give him a glance. 


“That doesn’t even make sense—“


“Hey,” Yoongi starts, cutting off Jungkook, “Since I’m also your best friend, that means I don’t have to get you anything either, right?”


“No.” Jimin shakes his head. “I still expect a gift from you.” 


“The double standards are appalling.” 


“You’re dense for thinking you would be above Tae.” Jungkook tells him, “I’ve been friends with Jimin since I was basically conceived and I still have to buy him things.” 


“He’s right.” Hoseok agrees, “Tae is above the law. No, Tae is the law. At least in Jimin terms.”


“What the fuck does that mean?” Jimin frowns, turning his body towards the rest of the table again, though Jungkook could still see their hands loosely intertwined on Taehyung’s lap. 


“It means you treat Tae way more special than you treat us. He gets the special best friend treatment. We get the Jimin scraps.” Yoongi scoffs. 


“Not true!” Taehyung protests, “Name one time Jimin treated me more special than you guys.”


“Besides right now?” Hoseok scoffs, “Easy.”


“Last week when Jimin went on a coffee run while we were studying he bought you a frappe and the rest of us black coffee.” Yoongi starts the list.


“That's because Taehyung doesn’t drink coffee. The rest of you can.” Jimin reasons. 


“You run Tae baths.” Hoseok reminds the two of them. 


“I would do that for any of you.”


“But you don’t.” Jungkook points out. “I’ve also witnessed you willingly massaged Tae’s ass multiple times. Who the fuck does that?”


“My horse back riding club is a really intense workout.” Taehyung defends, small pout forming at his lips. 


“Whatever.” Jimin shrugs, glancing at Taehyung, “They're just jealous that no one has ever offered to do a cancerous mole check for them or something.”


“I’m sorry,” Yoongi shakes his head, “A cancerous mole check? I’m scared to ask why that’s so specific. Why is that so specific?”


Before either of them can explain, Jungkook speaks up. “Because they literally check each other for weird moles every two weeks. Wanna know how I know this? I’ve walked in on it. Several times. It’s one thing to see two people naked having sex but it’s unnerving to see them just starring at each other.”


“You guys are weird as fuck.” Yoongi tells them with a nod, making Jimin roll his eyes. 


“And when that freckle ends up not really being a freckle—“


“Forget them, Jimin.” Taehyung nudges his side, Jimin’s sentence coming to a stop. “Let’s go see if Barbara has any more pictures of her pregnant dog to show us.”


“Barbara?” Hoseok parrots, “Are you guys talking about the lunch lady who’s press on nails fall in the soup?” 


“Yeah.” Taehyung nods, “She always gives me extra chili. She also has a pregnant dog.”


“The mystery ingredient in the chili is her nails Tae, I hope you know that.” Yoongi says, almost like he’s terrified of the response he’s about to get. 


“That explains why it’s always a little crunchy.” 


“Tae, if you keep eating that, I fear that you have a very limited time left on this earth.” Jungkook says slowly, trying to really get his point across. 


“Fuck the nails! Pumpkin the pregnant puppy!” Jimin stands up, turning to pull Taehyung with him. “She’s probably entering her third trimester now.”


Without another word, Jimin and Taehyung quickly excuse themselves, heading back towards the food area to visit Barbara. “Hey,” Jimin says after a minute, looking up at Taehyung, who looks back with a smile. His brown locks have gotten a little longer these days, kinda hang in his face and in his eyes. Jimin is always nagging him for a haircut, but secretly he thinks it suits him. Everything suits his best friend. 


“Hi.” Taehyung returns easily, letting Jimin continue. 


“Do you think we are weird? Like, do I really treat you that much different than everyone?”


Taehyung pauses before he speaks, like he’s trying to come up with the right words. “I dont know.” He shrugs, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being weird. Who cares if you treat me a little differently? I’m your best friend and you’re mine.”


It's a good enough reason for Jimin, so he smiles, giving a shrug. “I guess you’re right.”


“I’m always right. I’m the smartest guy on the planet.”


“That’s true.” Jimin agrees, bringing a hand up to play with Taehyung’s hair for a minute. “Always.”


“Oh, by the way!” Taehyung’s eyes widen, like he’s just remembered the most exciting thing he’s ever thought of, “I’ve been thinking, what if we ask Barbara if we can keep one of her puppies when Pumpkin has them?”


“A dog?” Jimin raises a brow, “Those are kinda hard to take care of, Tae, you know that right? Like, that’s a living creature.”


Taehyung shrugs, “So is Jungkook and we take care of him.”


Jimin hums, before shrugging, “I guess you kinda have a point. Why not?” 

Jimin’s birthday is everything that is expected from them: messy, loud, filled with way too much awkward flirting from Namjoon and Seokjin and an overly large amount of empty shirley temple glasses, thanks to Taehyung. 


It’s also everything Jimin ever wanted; everything he ever dreamed since stepping foot into Karaoke In The Sky when he was a mere 18 years old. Because it’s messy and loud and filled with way too much awkward flirting from Namjoon and Seokjin but it’s all so very them ; nothing makes Jimin happier. 


Namjoon had the night off, which means he could be roped into doing a Journey song with Taehyung, who is absolutely butchering it. Jimin is pretty sure all those shirley temples Hoseok had been ordering for Taehyung were mixed with some kind of alcohol, but honestly, Jimin couldn’t tell. Drunk or sober, Taehyung was Taehyung. And that was Jimin’s best friend. 


“So,” Jungkook tears Jimin’s gaze away from the stage, where Taehyung was currently trying to get Namjoon to participate in some kind of choreography, “Enjoying your birthday so far?” 


“Fuck yeah,” Jimin nodded, the simple answer coming out with a giggle, a slight buzz running through his veins. “It’s my birthday, of course I'm enjoying it.” 


Jungkook hums, “I can tell.” 


For a minute, Jimin thinks he might be talking about the two beers he had on top of the shots of tequila Taehyung made them all do before they left. But when he follows Jungkook’s gaze back over to the stage — Taehyung now resorting to just linking his hands with Namjoon — he gets what he’s trying to say. 


“You’re annoying.” 


“Am not!” Jungkook laughs, “You guys are the annoying ones!” 


“We are not—“ Jimin starts, but is quickly cut off by Seokjin, who seems to be on standby with Hoseok and Yoongi, almost like they were waiting for this conversation to happen. 


“Don’t say you’re not annoying, you’re totally annoying.”


“But like, in a cute way!” Hoseok adds.


“No, there's literally nothing cute about this.” Yoongi shakes his head, “He’s basically eye fucking Tae right now. I kinda wish you guys would go to the bathroom and deal with it already.”


“Fuck you guys, it’s my birthday.” 


“Hey,” Hoseok nudges Yoongi, “Were we ever that bad?”


“Yes.” Jimin answers for him, “You guys had sex in my freshman dorm. We knew each other for like, a month.” 


“Jimin! You said you’d take that to the grave!” Hoseok whined, shoving his shoulder. 


“You guys did what?!” Seokjin raises an eyebrow, stifling an inevitable laugh. 


“Hey, this isn’t about us. This is about Jimin and Tae.” Yoongi says rather pointedly, sitting into his hip. 


“He’s right. We can’t lose sight of what’s really important here.” Seokjin nods, “You guys getting to know each other’s dicks.”


“That sentence didn’t sound right.” Jungkook comments warily. 


“What would you know, you’ve never even been near a dick.” Seokjin spats back. 


“Neither have you?”


“Are you kidding me?” Seokjin scoffs, “People love showing me their dicks.” 


“That sounds like a cry for help.“


“Jimin!” Suddenly Taehyung is calling, voice giddy as always, he and Namjoon plopping off the stage. 


“Hi, cutie.” Jimin laughs as Taehyung and Namjoon finally reach them, Taehyung practically shoving Seokjin out of the way to throw an arm around Jimin. 


“We were a hit.” Taehyung tells Namjoon, pointing a ring clad finger in his direction.


“If you wanna call getting booed by a deaf man ‘a hit,’ sure.” Namjoon shrugs with a nod. 


“Also,” Taehyung starts again, “I don't know what you’re doing wrong, but your friend at the bar tonight is making these shirley temples way better than you do. Also who’s paying for these? Are they free yet? Please tell me your manager got my request for shirley temple Tuesday’s.” 


“That’s the vodka Hoseok has been ordering them with.” Seokjin replies, Hoseok scoffing. 


“I would never do that. He’s not 21 yet.” He adds an exaggerated wink in Taehyung’s direction. 


“Hobi, I think there’s something in your eye. Yoongi try blowing in his eye.”


“Tae, you know all of these are still going to your tab, right?” Namjoon raises a brow, “Also my manager told me if he got another email from you he would personally contact your internet provider to stop allowing you wifi.”


“Tough room.” Taehyung scoffs, “Anyway, you guys beat it, I wanna give Jimin his birthday present.”


“Why can’t we watch?” Jungkook asks, “You all saw the ham flavored lube I bought Jimin, I wanna see how you top it.” 


“Me too, to be honest.” Yoongi agrees, “You haven’t stopped talking about it like, all week.”


“Is it a dwarf horse?” Seokjin prods excitedly. 


“Why would Tae get me a dwarf horse?”


“I don't know.” Seokjin shrugs, “He bought you a sea urchin farm one year.”


“Don’t bring up Farm De Jimin, you know how badly the fire struck it,” Taehyung pouts, “Don’t you have a dick to suck? Go away.”


Yoongi snickers, linking his hand with Hoseok’s, “More like he wishes.


“Funny.” Seokjin nods, turning to follow them as everyone does the same, “You know with the mic up there you should try your hand at standup, Yoongles.”


“Don’t fucking call me that. How many times do I have to tell you I’ll eat your left ear if you keep calling me that?” 


“So,” Jimin starts, nudging Taehyung, “What’s this big present? Are we finally running away to join a nudist colony?”


“No, no, that’s my 21st.” Taehyung shakes his head, all very seriously. “I just didn’t want them poking fun at us. More so than they usually do anyway. Here.” Taehyung reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small, velvet box. 


“Tae—“ Jimin starts, but he’s quickly cut off. 


“Open it!”


Because he would never not do anything Taehyung asked of him, Jimin opens the box, a silver ring staring back at him. 


“It’s a friendship ring,” Taehyung explains, “Look.” He holds up his own hand, “I have one too. That way even when we’re not together, we’re still always together.”


Jimin can feel himself smiling so big, his cheeks hurt. He pulls the ring from it’s box, slipping it onto its new home. “I love it, Tae.” Jimin tells him, admiring it for a minute before looking up at his friend, his best friend . “It’s perfect.”


Jimin looks at their hands, smiling at the piece of jewelry now shared between them. It feels right, for some reason. To have something this nice matching with Taehyung. The sight of it makes Jimin’s stomach feel a little nervous, or excited. He’s not too sure why, but he has a feeling it has something to do with the way Taehyung is looking at him when they lock eyes again. 


“Good.” Taehyung smiles back, allowing Jimin to engulf him in the world's biggest hug, the kind that Taehyung was sure only Jimin was really capable of. “I love you, you know that?”


Jimin pulls away, smiling, nodding, “Always.”


“Good.” Taehyung repeats, smile still bright and glowing. “Now let’s go do our Elton John song.” Taehyung proposes, holding his hand out for Jimin to take. He does. “I’m pretty sure I saw Joon’s boss head out for a smoke so I think we have enough time to make that group of middle aged moms uncomfortable.”

“I can’t believe you guys actually got a dog.” Jungkook gapes, sitting across from the couch where Jimin and Taehyung are seated, paying extra attention to the puppy running around Taehyung’s chest. 


“Barbara literally just gave her to us!” Taehyung explains excitedly. “All I did was ask one time back when Pumpkin was still pregnant and boom—“ Taehyung pauses, “Out comes six puppies and one sweet ‘lil baby into our hands.”


Taehyung coos, holding the puppy’s face in his hands while his head rests on Jimin’s lap. He’s basically taking up the majority of their shitty, second hand couch, Jimin in the corner, letting his thighs do their usual job of becoming a cushion for Taehyung. 


“She’s cute.” Jungkook comments absentmindedly, smiling as the dog slides off Taehyung’s chest, in between him and the couch. 


“She gets it from me.” Jimin tells him seriously, not even bothering a glance in Jungkook’s direction. 


“Also from me.” Taehyung adds, to which Jungkook rolls his eyes. 


“You guys are funny.” Jimin gives him a smile as if he was serious, “What's her name?” 


“Fucker.” Jimin answers smoothly, like ‘Fucker’ was on the list for Most Popular Dog Names of 2020.


“You named your dog Fucker ?” 


“Yeah.” Taehyung confirms, scooping the dog up to hold above his head. 


“She reminded us of you.” Jimin adds in confirmation, flashing another pearly white smile in Jungkook’s direction. 


“I hate you.” Jungkook states blankly while Taehyung hands Fucker off to Jimin, allowing Jungkook to notice a certain piece of jewelry on their fingers. “Wait a minute.” He leans forward, trying to get a better look through all the fur of Fucker, now being cradled in Jimin’s hands. 


“What? Did you remember a part of your Jack Sparrow sex dream?”


“No,” Jungkook shakes his head, “I told you I had finally remembered all that, anyways, I literally updated you at lunch yesterday.”


“Oh right.” Taehyung nods, “You guys finally robbed the rich people. He took you to his cabin—“


“Hey, hey, hey, this is my sex dream, shut the fuck up about it.”


“Yeah that you didn’t tell me about,” Jimin pouts, “Tae, keep going!”


“Jack Sparrow told Jungkook that he was really—“




“God, fine, forget I even said it.” Taehyung rolls his eyes, before leaning over to Jimin, attempting to whisper, “I’ll tell you later.” 


“What I was going to say,” Jungkook begins again, doing his best to ignore Taehyung’s promise to Jimin, “What are those rings you guys are both wearing?”


“This one? This is my purity ring.” Jimin holds up a finger, shrugging. 


“No, not that one.” Jungkook shakes his head, “By the way, I think it’s hilarious you have one of those like you haven’t fucked anyone in the bathroom stall at the karaoke bar.” 


“I would never do that. Who do you think I am? Hoseok and Yoongi?”


“I’m talking about the other ring, asshole.” Jungkook simply points out, Jimin pulling up another finger instead. 


“Oh.” He nods, “This was my birthday gift from Tae. Show him, Tae.” Jimin goes to grab for Taehyung’s hand, holding up a ring identical to the one on his own finger. 


“You guys have matching rings? That was the big gift, Tae?”


“Yeah.” Taehyung nods, “I thought Jin was gonna make fun of us or you were gonna call us gay as if we actually weren’t, so that’s why I made you motherfuckers leave us alone.”


“Oh my god,” Jungkook shakes his head, laughing lightly, “You guys are really gay.”


“He thinks he’s doing something with that every time he says it.” Taehyung directs his statement to Jimin, but Jungkook doesn’t give him time to respond. 


“So now what, are you guys actually married or something?”


“Funny.” Jimin scoffs. 


“I’m being serious!” Jungkook laughs, “You guys might as well be. You live together, you go everywhere together, you do gross domestic things for each other, you constantly nag me like i’m your actual own kid—“


“You are.”


“I’m not.” Jungkook continues, “And now you have a dog together. You guys are literally a married couple. You know that right?”


“We’re best friends. What’s so hard to understand about that?” Taehyung throws a hand at him, rolling his eyes. 


“I should be asking you guys that.”


“Shut up or I’ll tell Tae about the time you peed yourself in senior year.” 




“As interesting as that story sounds,” Taehyung starts, “I think I’ll be a good friend and decline the details. For now anyways.” He shrugs quietly, “What are you doing for Halloween?”


“Besides staying inside all night and completely ignoring everyone?” Jungkook quirks an eyebrow, smiling a bit. 


“Haha.” Jimin deadpans, “It’s funny that you think we’re avoidable.”


“Especially because I’m forcing Yoongi and Hoseok to throw a party.” Taehyung adds a-matter-of-factly, smiling, pleased with himself. 


“As if Yoongi would ever let you,” Jungkook cackles, “Why don't you throw it yourself?” 


“No way!” Taehyung shakes his head, “What if someone accidentally steps on Fucker?” Taehyung leans his head down to where the puppy is sat on Jimin’s knees, making a kissy face at it. “Besides,” He goes on, “Yoongi owes me. He can’t say no.”


“Are you blackmailing him again? Tae, you can’t keep sneaking into his apartment to take nude photos of him only to use them against him later.” Jimin scolds Taehyung, who just throws a hand in dismissal. 


“That only happened twice .” Taehyung reminds him, “And that’s not even it this time! No, I actually went to a sex store and bought something very classified on behalf of Yoongi and Hobi. So he promised he’d pay me back with whatever I wanted.”


“You went where?! ” Jungkook practically chokes. 


“I told you guys they’re super kinky!” Taehyung reiterates, “And also really closeted about it, apparently. Like, I don’t see why it was ok that I went but they couldn’t. They’re dating each other. Wouldn’t that make more sense? If anyone saw me they would probably think I was fucking you guys.”


“At the same time?” Jimin mischievously raises an eyebrow. 




“Please stop talking.” Jungkook begs, to which Taehyung changes the subject.


“Anyway,” He sits up, rubbing a hand on Fucker’s back, “I’ll work on it. Me and Jimin need a place to wear our Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy costumes.”


“Why the hell are you guys dressing as them?!”


“Because you were being Iron Man.” Jimin shrugs, “We wanted to piss you off by being villains.”


“That’s not even the same cinematic universe though. Iron Man is Marvel, Harley and Ivy are DC.”


“I don’t care where they live.” Taehyung throws another hand, “I just wanted an excuse to wear my booty shorts, to be honest.”


“I’ll give you another stick and poke, I swear, Tae, I won’t hesitate.” Jimin points a small finger at him, but Taehyung just laughs. 


“Come on, what's Halloween without a little ass?” 


“Halloween without trauma.” 


“Don’t be so dramatic, Kook.” Taehyung scoffs dismissively. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go shave my legs in preparation.”

By the grace of god — and a lot of begging and whining and holding a certain purchase over their heads — Taehyung does in fact convince Yoongi and Hoseok to throw the Halloween party in their small, but not as small as Jimin and Taehyung’s, off campus apartment. Taehyung is pretty sure they would’ve had the party anyway, being that Hoseok is a complete people person and Yoongi would basically do anything he asked him to. Talk about whipped. 


It was a little past nine now, which Jimin deemed the perfect time to be early, yet also fashionably late — something that Jungkook could never quite understand about Jimin. But he stopped trying to understand Jimin somewhere during middle school. 


Jungkook trailed behind Taehyung and Jimin, who both looked ridiculously obnoxious if he might add, the two of them in absurdly small shorts (yes, even Jimin), holding hands loosely as they walked. Taehyung had tried to get Jungkook to hold his free hand, but Jungkook refused, claiming that people would start throwing eggs or something since polyamory wasn’t the norm around here. Jimin told him those metaphorical egg throwing people could suck his dick. 


“I can't believe you talked me into your Four Loko-tequila hybrid shots.” Taehyung shook his head as they walked, Yoongi and Hoseok’s place nearing any minute. 


“I can’t believe it either.” Jungkook agreed, adding, “Are you already wasted? You’re kind of a lightweight.” 


“Am not!”


“You kind of are.” Jimin shrugged, giving Taehyung’s hand a slight squeeze. “But I brought you bread. Do you want to eat it now to absorb some of the alcohol so you can get more drunk when you and Kook lose beer pong?”


Taehyung goes to answer, probably to say something equally as domestic in return, but instead Jungkook speaks up, laughing loud, “Are you serious, Jimin?!”


“What?” Jimin looks back quickly, raising a brow. “We both know you guys are gonna lose. You literally challenge Joon and Jin every time, the two smartest—“


“No, you fucker.” Jungkook shakes his head, “You brought him food? What are you his mom?”


Jimin scoffs, quietly reaching into his jacket to pull out the snack for Taehyung, which he happily takes. “No.” Jimin says flatly, “That’s only my job when I’m dealing with you, Mr. I Forgot My Wallet Again.”


“That was once, that was only this afternoon and that was it.” Jungkook tries to defend himself. 


“No it wasn’t.” Jimin denies, “You made me buy you the Call Me By Your Name audio book last week. And earlier this week you made me buy you those toe socks.”


“First of all, Armie Hammer’s voice is incredibly sensual.”


“Armie Hammer?” Taehyung asks through a mouthful of bread, “Isn’t that that baking soda guy?” 




“No, I’m pretty sure it is.” 


“I’m pretty sure you should shut the fu—“


“Jungkook, don’t yell at him.” Jimin interrupts, scolding, “He cries easy when he’s tipsy.” 


Jungkook doesn't answer that, simply gives a roll of his eyes when he’s sure Jimin can’t see, too busy babying Taehyung again or whatever it is that he does for fun. 


Within a few minutes and a few more suggestions to sober up Taehyung, they arrive at the party, which already seems pretty packed, if not just because Hoseok and Yoongi’s apartment is not the biggest. They find the rest of their friends quickly, all gathered in the kitchen by the drinks, where Namjoon is currently making them all try new recipes for him to use at the bar. 


“Well if it isn’t Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.” Seokjin greets them with a lazy smile, to which Jungkook returns the greeting with a flip of his middle finger. 


“Dibs on ‘Dumbest.’” Taehyung calls, immediately glancing to Jungkook and Jimin who remain silent. 


“Of course, Tae.” Hoseok pats him on the back before looking to Jimin, lowering his voice in an attempt to whisper, “Has he already been drinking?”


Jimin nods with a shy grin before looking over to Taehyung, running his hand through his friend’s dark locks. 


“No jizz juice for Taehyung then.” Namjoon declares, pouring a cup for the rest of his remaining friends. 


“I’m actually not sure if I even want this. You literally just called it jizz juice.” Yoongi scrunches his nose up in distaste, before Namjoon scoffs. 


“It’s a prototype name. I’m working on my alliteration, just fucking drink it, it’s booze” 


“So what are you all supposed to be?” Jimin muses, looking around their group. 


“I’m obviously Kim Kardashian.” Hoseok shrugs, stating simply. 


“What’s so obvious about that?” Jungkook shoots. 


“Yeah, you’re literally wearing the same clothes that you always do.” Taehyung adds, confused, “I’m pretty sure I saw you on the quad today in this exact outfit.”


“What the fuck?” Hoseok pouts, “First of all, I’m in beige. Hello?”


“That means nothing to me.”


“Second of all I have a fat ass. Isn’t that enough?”


“You? A fat ass?” Seokjin scoffs, “Hobi, who's lying to you?”


“Shhh! Jin, don’t be a dick.” Yoongi scolds him, before turning his attention to only Hoseok, “I think you have a great ass, babe.” 


“Thank you.” Hoseok smiles, quickly pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Besides,” He directs his next statement to Seokjin, “You’re literally just in scrubs. You wear that almost everyday. Boring.”


“Forgive me for being too busy with medical school to come up with a better costume.” 


“Yeah, yeah,” Jimin throws a hand, “We get it you’re smart.”


“Well what the hell are you two supposed to be?” Seokjin looks to Taehyung and Jimin, hands still brushed against each other. “I know Kook is Iron Man because he has the biggest hard-on for Tony Stark, but I can’t figure out what deranged thing you two picked.”


“Hey!” Jungkook interjects, “I do not have a—“


“Save it,” Namjoon warns him, “It’s no use fighting.”


“We’re Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.” Jimin explains, as if it’s obvious. 


“They’re the two baddest bitches in Gotham, and we figured we were the two baddest bitches here so.” Taehyung reasons, playing with the fake poison ivy glued onto his costume. Jimin had called dibs on Harley when they first came up with the idea and Taehyung could never say no to Jimin so let him have it. 


“Aren’t they dating?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow, causing Namjoon to release the laugh he had been holding in.  


“They’re what?” Jimin raises an eyebrow, looking over at Taehyung. 


“Since when are they dating?” Taehyung asks back, mirroring Jimin’s confused expression. 


“Actually if you read all the comics I’m pretty sure they get married in some versions.” Namjoon adds, Jimin’s brows knitting together. 


“Well…” He trails off, as if he’s thinking of what to say next. “Whatever.” Is what he decides on, “Me and Tae pretended to be married that one time at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a free towel rack. Now it’s just official I guess.”


“Wait a minute, you guys did what?” Jungkook shakes his head, but Jimin ignores it, moving on.  


“Someone come dance with me.” He whines, Yoongi rolling his eyes. 


“No,” Yoongi starts, holding Hoseok a little tighter to his side, “No, because every time you ask us to dance it’s only ever Hoseok who willingly wants to and then I have to get stuck watching Jin and Namjoon flirt with each other.”


Namjoon drops the cup he’s holding, stuttering, “W- what are you… We don’t…” He grabs some paper towels, attempting to clean up, “Jin, do we? We don’t… w-we wouldn’t—“


“Slow down, romeo, he’s teasing.” Jimin scoffs, attempting to assure his friends (even though it was totally the truth), shoving past Yoongi to grab Hoseok. “Because of that, your boyfriends mine.”




“Sorry, babe.” Hoseok shrugs, patting his cheek. “Until you wanna dance with me like Jimin does, I have the right to leave you.”


“Hey, that's ok, Yoongi.” Taehyung pipes up, throwing an arm over his shoulder, “You can come with me. I promised Nayeon I would show her my ‘I Love Dicks’ stick and poke tattoo.”


“Taehyung, how many times do we have to tell you that is not something to be proud of.” Seokjin rubs his temples, “The same sentiment goes to you, Jimin.” 


Jimin frowns where he has his arms thrown around Hoseok, rolling his eyes, “It makes him look cool.”


“Since when do you know what’s cool, you wear a matching set of flannel pj’s to bed every night.” Namjoon points out, laughing a little too loudly than he should be. 


“Fuck you.” Jimin spats, adding, “By the way, Yoongi wasn't lying. You guys are always flirting. It’s annoying. Just date already.” 


“Jimin!” Seokjin tries to scold him, but Jimin is already dragging Hoseok out of the kitchen, leaving the rest of them to the awkward tension and jizz juice. 

Despite his protests, Yoongi does tag along with Taehyung to show off his ink, along with Jungkook, and in an effort to avoid where Namjoon and Seokjin are most definitely undressing each other with their eyes, Yoongi even joins in on Taehyung and Jungkook’s beer pong game. It goes terribly. 


Actually, all five of the games go terribly, the majority of them won by Nayeon from Taehyung’s stats class and her friend Momo who Jungkook is pretty sure is on the dance team with Hoseok. To top off their losing streak they find Namjoon and Seokjin, forcing them to take a break from the science puns and pick up lines for a little bit, just to beat their asses. They do. 


It isn’t until around eleven that the seven of them regroup, all drunk enough to be on the dance floor — which is actually just Hoseok and Yoongi’s living room — where Jimin and Hoseok have practically made a second home. 


“Hi, cutie.” Jimin greets them, well, he greets Taehyung, when they all crowd into the mini dance floor, Jimin gravitating away from Hoseok to dance with his best friend. 


“Hi.” Taehyung smiles, bright and big, just like he always does, closing his arms around Jimin to pull him into a hug. Jimin laughs, hugging him back because he was never one to turn down physical affection, especially from Taehyung. 


“Did you guys win any beer pong tonight?” Jimin asks, still holding him pretty close, but Jimin reasons that's so Taehyung can hear him over the Beyoncé song that’s blasting. 


“No.” Taehyung frowns, shaking his head. “We got creamed. Like fourteen times. Jungkook is good at a lot of things but he's awful at beer pong.” 


Jimin just laughs, deciding to leave the conversation at that, slipping his hand into Taehyung’s to spin him. They dance like that for a little, Taehyung and Jimin in their own little world of Taehyung and Jimin with population two: Taehyung and Jimin. They mix up the dance partners here and there, even forcing Namjoon and Seokjin to dance together, which goes surprisingly better than they had all expected. Namjoon doesn’t step on Seokjin’s toes or spill anyone’s drink in the process so they all consider it a win. 


Some time later, Jimin is about 80% sure he hasn’t had anything that wasn't alcohol in about five hours, and he wasn’t always the best at math, but Jimin is about 90% sure that that means he‘ll probably end up half dead when he wakes up if he doesn’t get some water in him soon. 


“Hey!” Jimin yells to his friends over the Justin Bieber song blasting, “I’m getting water!”


“What?!” Yoongi yells back. 


“He’s getting a restraining order!” Hoseok answers, throwing a thumbs up to Jimin, like that’s exactly what he said. Jimin doesn’t bother correcting him, instead glances at Taehyung, who looks like he’s having the time of his life now squeezed in between Namjoon and Seokjin. Smiling, Jimin decides to force Jungkook to accompany him instead, dragging him away from the random girl he had been chatting with. 


“Dude!” Jungkook whines when Jimin pulls him away, out of the living room and back towards the kitchen. 


“What?” Jimin scoffs, “You think she was gonna bone you or something? Jungkook she’s a senior. And also you live in a dorm filled with a beanie baby collection.”


“Fuck you, my beanie babies are valuable. I’m gonna be rich someday from all those. And when I am I won’t bother paying you back for my Armie Hammer ear porn.”


“I can’t believe you have the audacity to call me out for my interests when you just referred to ‘Armie Hammer ear porn.’”


“Interest is a funny word for your Endgame fat Thor fetish.”


“Oh my god,” Jimin shoves him, a little too harshly, causing Jungkook to bump into someone dressed up as a pirate, “Leave me alone, just because I don’t love muscles doesn’t mean anything.”


Jungkook doesn’t bother answering that, pretty satisfied with Jimin’s level of annoyance, accompanying him the rest of the way to the kitchen in silence. 


“What are you drinking anyway?” Jungkook decides he’s given Jimin enough time to cool off once they’re at the makeshift bar again, loud music faintly playing in the background. 


“Water.” Jimin answers quickly, “If I don’t hydrate myself soon, I’m pretty sure I’ll die and turn into a pile of dust or something. Then I’ll be forced to live here in Hobi and Yoongi’s kitchen watching them have weird sex until someone notices the giant pile of dust here and sweeps me away forever.”


“That’s oddly specific.”


“Stress dreams are very real, Kook.” Jimin tells him solemnly. 


“Apparently so are sex dreams.”


“Ew!” Jimin shoves him, picking up the glass of water he had got himself. “I don’t have sex dreams of our friends. Who do you think I am? You?”


“Motherfucker.” Jungkook swears under his breath, following Jimin out of the kitchen, back in the direction of the living room. “I’m not even kidding when I say it, I want you to get hit by a— Oh no.” He stops himself short once they reach the edge of the living room, Jimin raising an eyebrow. 


“What? Did you pop a boner thinking about Jennifer’s Body again? Jungkook, we’ve talked about this—“


“What? No, you dick hole.” Jungkook shakes his head, offended that Jimin would even bring up the Jennifer’s Body situation. “Look.” He points, back over to their friends, Jimin turning to follow his gaze now that he’s satisfied with his cup of water big enough for an entire village. 


“Oh no.” Jimin repeats, watching as someone dressed as — a devil? Or are they Britney Spears from Oops I Did It Again? — is currently dancing with Taehyung, a little too close for what Jimin knows Taehyung is comfortable with. Jimin is pretty sure he had human anatomy with the guy last semester and his name is something stupid that he doesn’t really care to remember. 


“Why can’t Taehyung learn to say no to people? He doesn’t have to dance with everyone who asks.” Jungkook points out obviously, to which Jimin scoffs. 


“I know that.” He chugs the rest of his water, “And why is this the one time Namjoon and Seokjin wanna be near each other? I mean seriously they pick now of all times to make a move and leave Tae alone?” 


“Yeah.” Jungkook agrees, “I don’t even wanna know where Hobi and Yoongi went.”


“Well,” Jimin looks over Jungkook’s shoulder down the hall to where the bedroom is, “I’m gonna assume the sock on the door is them.”


“Ew.” Jungkook grimaces, “Why is everyone so sexually charged?”


“As if you didn’t just get a boner thinking about Jennifer’s Body.”


“I didn’t!”


“Whatever.” Jimin throws a hand in Jungkook’s direction, handing him his cup, “Now if you’ll excuse me, my boyfriend needs me.”


Jimin has done this way more times than he can count. Rescue Taehyung from yet another guy, or sometimes even a girl, who is so desperately trying to make a move. Taehyung is a nice person, way too nice for his own good, and he has a hard problem saying no to people, or figuring out how to let them down easily in the moment. The one time he tried to get out of it was last year. He ended up spreading a rumor about himself that he had chlamydia. After that they decided to stick to the system they had. 


It works well enough, mostly when they’re at Karaoke In The Sky, but college parties too. Most people who know Taehyung and Jimin well enough know they aren’t dating, but would never try and make an uncomfortable move on either of them, and those that don’t know, it works perfectly on. 


The accidental couples costumes definitely helps this time. 


Pushing through a few sweaty bodies and Namjoon and Seokjin, Jimin finally reaches Taehyung, snaking a hand around his waist. “Hi, baby.” He greets him smoothly, like he always does. He can feel Taehyung relax against his touch. Jimin smiles a bit. 


“Jimin!” Taehyung turns to him, smile on full display and eyes sparkling. Jimin was pretty sure there wasn’t a night sky in any region of the world that could compare to all the stars and galaxies Taehyung’s eyes held. They were beautiful. 


“Having fun?” Jimin asks, voice teasing as he glances at the Britney Spears double. They’ve been through this routine before; usually stick to the same script. And usually every time it works. 


Taehyung hums, “I am now that you’re back. You left me.”


“I was just getting another drink, cutie.”


“Don’t leave me again.” Taehyung whines, attempting to hide his face in Jimin’s neck. Devil guy is still standing there, staring and Jimin isn’t a violent person, but he’s never been opposed to a good fight when necessary. This seems like it’s necessary. 


“I won’t.” Jimin giggles, Taehyung’s breath tickling his skin. “I never will.” Though the promise is for the purposes of show, Jimin doesn’t think it's all a lie. He’s not too sure he can imagine ever leaving Taehyung. 


“Good.” Taehyung picks his head up, eyes glancing down at his lips. This part always makes Jimin nervous. Always brings him back to earth for just a minute where he’s actually not Taehyung’s overprotective boyfriend, he’s Jimin, Taehyung’s absolute best friend forever and always. Because there’s something about this part that always leaves Jimin feeling a little giddy, almost a little weird even, though he can’t ever explain why. Whatever it is, it definitely isn’t what you should be feeling about your best friend probably. 


Taehyung quickly leans in, leaving the most chaste of kisses against Jimin’s mouth, smiling when he pulls away. Britney-devil guy is gone now, though Jimin isn’t too sure when he actually dipped, because he feels like he might’ve blanked for a minute or two watching the way Taehyung looked at him. 


“Thank fuck,” Taehyung swears, looking to where the culprit just was. “What was his problem? Did he think we were gonna fuck and he’d get a free invite or something?” 


Jimin laughs, the sudden nervous feeling drifting away just as quick as it came. “You really need to learn to say no.”


Taehyung shrugs, humming, “Why learn how to say no when I have you?”


“I guess you’re right,” Jimin shrugs back, letting Taehyung pull him back towards his friends to dance. “You’ll always have me.” 


The music is loud again, so there’s no way Taehyung heard that last part, but Jimin doesn’t mind. He doesn’t have to hear him to know it. Taehyung will always have Jimin. That’s what best friends are for. 

It's rare that Jimin has bad days recently. Days where he feels like he would much rather curl up into a ball in his room, alone, and stay there until he had to absolutely come out. Like, if there were an apocalypse or Ben & Jerry’s stopped selling half baked and he had to come out to help Seokjin protest. 


He used to feel like this a lot more, back when he was in high school, and his brain was always at war with itself for no reason. Jimin had never been the best at expressing himself. A lot of times back then he tried talking to Jungkook about how he felt. But every time he always made a stupid excuse of why he was feeling a little down, and brushed it off like it was nothing. 


It wasn’t until college, when he met Taehyung, that he realized sharing how you felt was ok — in fact, it was better that way. Taehyung told Jimin everything. He told him about his good days and bad days and in between days. He told him about how his morning class went and how he almost got chased by a dog off campus later that day. Told him about the guy in his literature class who told him his voice could be a sex phone operators. Told him that he spoke to his little sister that day and that she missed him and that he missed her a little more probably. Everything. 


Jimin had only admired it at first, only listening and a lot less sharing, until one day he himself had a bad day, the kind of day that felt like nothing could go right, and telling Taehyung felt a little better than keeping it in. 


Since then, he had less bad days, most likely because he was more open. But still, sometimes, they still got to Jimin. The bad days. 


And today was a bad day. 


He had woken up late after studying all night for his human bio test, which made him late for his morning class. He met Yoongi afterwards who decided to treat him to coffee, only for Jimin to completely spill the coffee on his white sweatshirt. Which was a birthday gift from Namjoon. 


Having no time to change, he headed into his test with his now coffee littered sweatshirt, which only gave him a headache while taking his test. Who knew the smell of coffee could be so unbearable? Which, by the way, was not the only down to his test. He had studied the completely wrong unit, most likely failing it. Way to go, Jimin. 


To top it off, it started pouring as soon as class ended, and no, he did not have an umbrella. 


So it was a bad day. 


Declining to meet with Namjoon and Jungkook for dinner, Jimin headed home, much rather longing for the feeling of being buried under his comforter than eating jail food under the cafeteria’s fluorescent lighting. Taehyung had night classes on Monday’s, which meant he wouldn’t be home any time soon, so Jimin probably had a good amount of time to just be alone. Cry maybe. 


Trudging into he and Taehyung’s apartment, clothes damp and heart heavy, Jimin left his backpack at the entrance, right next to the framed photo of some Sonic the Hedgehog art that Jungkook made them. Jimin always thought something about it was borderline pornographic, but Taehyung insisted it added character to the place. 


“Hi, puppy.” Jimin greets tiredly, bending down only for a minute to pet Fucker, who happily danced around his feet. “Do you have food? Did Tae feed you before he left?” Jimin asks absentmindedly, as if the dog was going to answer him. 


Jimin quickly glanced in the kitchen where her bowls were, filled up. A little relieved that he could go straight to bed, Jimin patted the puppy’s head once more, making a beeline to his room. 


He pulled off the coffee covered and faintly wet sweatshirt, flinging it somewhere he hoped was near his hamper, before peeling off his jeans. He made his way over to his dresser, putting on a pair of sweatpants instead and a shirt that was way too big to belong to him — most likely making it Taehyung’s — before collapsing into bed. 


He decided he would shower after he gave himself a pity nap. Maybe if he fell asleep for a bit he could pretend like today was all just a dream and didn’t actually happen. 


Within a few minutes of relaxation, Jimin fell into a deep sleep, the kind of nap that when you woke up you had no idea where you were or what time it was. Or even what year it was. 


“Jimin?” He heard his name being called somewhere outside his door, the voice obviously belonging to Taehyung. Jimin picked up his phone, glancing at the time. Taehyung’s class was well over now.


“I’m in here.” Jimin calls out quietly, hoping he wouldn’t have to strain his voice for Taehyung to hear him again. Luckily he didn’t. 


“Hey.” Taehyung smiles at him when he reaches his doorway, stepping into his room a bit. “Have you been home? Did you and Jungkook already finish your Teen Wolf binge?” Jimin shook his head softly, opening his mouth to give a verbal answer when Taehyung was suddenly speaking again, “Oh no. Jimin? What’s wrong? Is something wrong? Something’s wrong.” 


That was the thing with Taehyung, there were never any secrets between them. He had always been able to read Jimin and vice versa. 


Jimin sighs, facing his inevitable, probable breakdown. “I didn’t see Kook or Namjoon today, I just, I just wanted to be alone.” Jimin tries his best to explain without crying from the amount of exhaustion he had been through today. 


“Did something specific happen? Or was it just one of those days?” Taehyung asks softly, gently placing himself on Jimin’s bed, Jimin scooting over to make more room for him. 


“I don’t know.” Jimin croaks, though obviously he knew, he just wanted to stall a bit so he could make it through relaying today without crying, “Too much happened. I know it was all stupid things though, so it’s probably just also one of those days. Does that make sense?” 


“Yeah.” Taehyung nods, reaching out to push Jimin’s hair off his forehead. “It’s not stupid, though. If it makes you upset it’s never stupid.” 


“I just felt stupid today, I think.” Jimin admits, before launching into his tiresome tale of today. 


Taehyung listens intently, eyes only fixed on Jimin, letting his hand linger by Jimin’s hair while he does, carding through it gently. Taehyung had almost a healing touch to Jimin. With each run of fingers through his hair he felt a little better. 


“Can I be honest with you?” Taehyung asks once Jimin finishes. 


“Of course.”


“One test does not define you, whatsoever.” Taehyung shrugs, “And I know everything else that happened today was awful, and you have every right to want to come here and cry and yell and do whatever you want about it. But you're the smartest person I know, Jimin. Don’t let one bad grade tell you you’re not.”


“How is it possible that I’m the smartest person you know?” Jimin almost laughs, “We’re friends with a medical student and someone who takes only honors courses.”


“Very possible.” Taehyung tells him, bopping his nose with his free hand. “You do great in school. And you know so much about life in general. I think that’s what really matters.” Taehyung shrugs, “You taught me how to drive. And how to scam Starbucks into giving me free almond milk.”


“The almond milk hack was all Buzzfeed.”


“You still told me about it, which makes it yours.” Taehyung tells him softly, “So fuck bio or anatomy or whatever insane course you have to take for your insane biology major. You’re the smartest person I know. You don’t know how talented and big your brain is, my love.” 


Jimin smiles, doing his best to hold back the tears he felt creeping into his eyes a little. He wasn’t too sure now if they were from the stresses of today or maybe just Taehyung, listening to his best friend be the absolute sweetest person in the world to him. 


“Jimin,” Taehyung pouts, “Are you crying? What’s wrong, is it something else? Did you finally find the rip in your 2001 Justin Timberlake poster?” 


“There’s a rip in Justin?” Jimin pauses, craning his neck to try and look over to where the giant poster was shoved into the corner. 


“What? No. Who the hell said that?” Taehyung scoffs, continuing, “It was Jungkook, though. Not me.”


Jimin laughs, shaking his head, going to wipe his tears, but Taehyung beats him to it. “There’s nothing else.” Jimin finally answers, “I think I’m just lucky to have you.” 


Taehyung smiles, the kind of smile that’s all in his eyes, practically beaming at Jimin. “You’ll always have me.” Taehyung reminds him, before moving his hand from his hair to squish both Jimin’s cheeks at once with it. Jimin tries to swat him away in protest, giggling as he does so. 


“You’re cold.” Taehyung tells him as he traps Jimin’s small hand in his own, catching it after Jimin had tried to scare him away with it. 


“The rain.” Jimin offers simply, eyes quickly glancing at his window, where it was still coming down. 


“You should shower or something to warm you up.” Taehyung tells him, giving his hand a slight squeeze. “You’ll get sick.”


“I know.” Jimin just groans slightly, dreading having to even get up again. 


“Come on, pretty.” Taehyung tugs his arm, standing up. Jimin groaned again, however obliging, mostly because he knew Taehyung was right and naturally, he never said no to Taehyung. 


He especially couldn’t say no now, not when Taehyung was talking to him in the sweetest voice and wiping his tears and calling him things like ‘pretty’ when he most definitely resembled everything but. 


“You shower and then I’ll go get us dinner, ok? And afterwards we can watch whatever you want. Even one of those god awful, corny ‘80s action movies you’re obsessed with.” Taehyung told him as he led the way out of Jimin’s room, their hands still lightly intertwined. 


From her bed in the corner, Fucker sat up, tail wagging at the sight of them. Jimin smiled a little, and then smiled even wider when Taehyung greeted her with the brightest voice possible, bending down to pet her as she moved around at his feet. 


“Ok, fine.” Jimin agrees, laughing a little at the way Taehyung was suddenly so enthralled with their dog. 


“Come on, get out of here.” Taehyung told him lightly, standing up to give Jimin a little shove in the direction of the bathroom, same sweet smile as always plastered on his face. 


Jimin stepped back into Taehyung’s space quickly, throwing his arms up over him instead, taking him into a hug. He decided he needed one now, rather than waiting till after he had showered. When he felt Taehyung’s arms around his waist within a second, Jimin was pretty sure his friend didn’t mind. 


“Thank you.” Jimin mumbles into Taehyung’s shoulder, his sweatshirt warm against Jimin’s cheek, smelling like something crisp and clean and sweet — something very Taehyung. 


“You’re welcome.” Taehyung returned just as quietly, and although Jimin couldn’t see him, he could hear the smile on his face. 


They stayed like that for only a minute or two, maybe, before Taehyung gave him one last squeeze, pushing away. “Now, seriously, go shower.” He instructs, “You’re cold as fuck and I don’t wanna cuddle with anyone who plans on giving me pneumonia.”


“Bossy.” Jimin huffs, stepping away to return to the bathroom.


“But you love me right?” Taehyung calls back to him, cheekily. 


“Yeah.” Jimin confirms over his shoulder with a laugh. “I always will.” 

“I think I’m going to pass away a slow and painful martyr like death, you guys, I really do.” Seokjin dramatizes as they sit in a corner booth at the coffee shop nearby Karaoke In The Sky. 


It was Saturday, which meant they could freely hang out with Seokjin without having to worry about him having to bring along a mound of homework and pretend to be doing it. Currently, they were missing Namjoon, who had work study hours to fulfill, Jungkook, who insisted he get at least five minutes away from Jimin and Taehyung — especially after they forced him to watch Golden Girls reruns last night — and Hoseok, who had to sadly give up his afternoon with Yoongi to pitch in with something for the dance team. 


That being said, Seokjin could have a breakdown over Namjoon without him being there. Which is exactly what he was doing right now. 


“Don’t martyrs die for like religion or something? Like isn’t it supposed to be something you strongly believe in?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow at Seokjin, giving him his usual, skeptical look. 


“Yeah,” Seokjin shrugs, “And what's your point? I strongly believe in Namjoon’s thighs, Yoongathon. I literally saw them with my own eyes and now my life will not know peace until they suffocate me.”


“Kinky.” Jimin snickers.


“First of all,” Yoongi raises a finger, “I’m so fucking sick of your nicknames for us.”


“Speak for yourself,” Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, “I like mine.”


“Whatever, Tae-fun.” Yoongi scowls, Taehyung looking rather proud as Seokjin gives him a finger gun. 


“Better than mine.” Jimin speaks up, “You literally gave up, I don’t even have one yet.” 


“It’s a work in progress, kid.” 


“Well stop progressing.” Yoongi snaps his fingers, taking Seokjin’s gaze away from where Jimin had been pouting. “We’re talking about Joon’s thighs.”


“Oh, god, right.” Seokjin nods, enthusiastically taking a bite of his donut. “He was wearing shorts yesterday. Shorts. He wants me to break. He wanted me to get a semi right in the middle of that gym yesterday.” 


“No, I don’t think anyone wants that.” Yoongi shakes his head slowly.


“Well too bad. I got one.”


“Kinky.” Jimin repeats, Taehyung giggling along with him. 


“Why are you guys even here? You’re no help, especially when Tae probably just got a semi just thinking about Jin getting a semi.” 


“Are you guys telling me you didn’t? He looks like god.” Taehyung defends himself, earning another pair of finger guns from Seokjin. 


“And we can help, Yoongi.” Jimin interjects, “Let’s not forget who the tiny sophomores were that got you and Hobi together. Oh yeah. It was us.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes, knowing he can’t really protest it, but he tries anyway, “We were doing fine on our own.”


“Fine?” Taehyung repeats with a laugh, “When I met you freshman year, you were spying on him in the library.” 


“I was waiting for the perfect moment to talk to him!”


“You were already friends.”


“Can we focus on Jin?”


“Yeah, can we focus on me?” Seokjin whines, “We should all put our heads together to come up with a hypnosis spell to get Joon to ask me out.” 


“Or,” Taehyung counters, “You could just ask him out yourself.”


“Jesus, Tae, are you insane?” Seokjin scoffs, “What kind of man would do that?”


“You’re freaking out over his thighs you saw nearly 24 hours ago and are asking me if I’m insane?”


“You’ve never seen his thighs like I have.”


“He probably has.” Jimin shrugs, Taehyung seemingly thinking about it before he smiles. 


“Yeah.” Taehyung reminisces dreamily, “I had accidentally spilled my blue gatorade all over his jeans—“


“Don’t finish that story or Jin will get another half chub.” Yoongi interjects, Taehyung pouting, but obliging.


“I just can’t do it guys.” Seokjin groans, shoving more of his donut in his mouth, “I’m going to die alone.” 


“No you won’t.” Jimin shakes his head, “You guys will just continue to awkwardly play cat and mouse until you both grow old and realize that you’ve both totally wasted your entire lives doing exactly nothing about the fat gay crush you both knew you were harboring on each other.” 


Seokjin chokes a little on his donut, making Taehyung giggle before Jimin continues, “So you’ll finally get together, but it’ll be kind of way too late. You’ll go through your mid life crisis and probably shave your head and Namjoon will decide he wants to live in the woods. You’ll fight because you much prefer the city. You’ll break up and then silently curse each other for waiting so long.” 


It’s quiet for a minute, Jimin just staring at Seokjin, who stares back, leaving Taehyung and Yoongi to look between them. Taehyung does his best to combat any more giggles that might slip out. 


“Well, fuck, Jimin, what the hell was that?” Yoongi breaks the silence, Jimin just giving him a shrug. 


“I’m just giving Jin his inevitable future if he doesn’t go to Namjoon before this year ends and tell him how badly he wants his dick in his mouth.” 


“You’re a fucking menace.” Seokjin points a finger at him, before sighing. “But I can't hate you because you’re right. And I totally taught you everything you know. You evil, beautiful little son of a bitch. I despise you.” 


“I know.” Jimin smiles sweetly, contrast to the words Seokjin is throwing at him, taking a sip of his coffee. 


“You don’t have anything to be afraid of, Jin.” Taehyung offers quietly, trying to coax Seokjin out of the fight or flight mood Jimin had slipped him into. “You know Namjoon likes you.”


“But things are good now. We’re friends. What if we make it weird?” 


“Me and Hoseok were friends.” Yoongi reminds him, “I think that almost made the transition better.”


“God dammit.” Seokjin mumbles, “I hate it when you guys are right and make points. Makes me regret ever forcing you to watch all those TED talks.”


“Don’t regret it,” Taehyung shrugs, “I honestly never got the point. None of them were ever even named Ted.”


“Is he serious?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow, watching Taehyung innocently sip at his hot chocolate. 


“Oh, sweetie,” Jimin pats Taehyung’s head, ignoring Yoongi’s comment, “That’s not what that means at all.”


“Oh.” Taehyung stares blankly at the croissant in front of him. “So what the hell was I supposed to be paying attention to?” 


“Ok,” Seokjin stands up, looking like he had a point to prove, “I’ll tell him.” 


“Fuck yeah.”


“That’s the spirit, you bumbling idiot.”


“Hey!” Seokjin pouts at Jimin’s insult, quickly moving on, “But soon. Before everyone goes home for the holidays. I’ll tell him and hopefully by New Years…” He trails off, eyes shifting to the floor. 


“By New Years you will have Namjoon’s thighs bringing you to sweet bliss.” Taehyung offers, Seokjin nodding in agreement. 


“Yeah, sure. What Tae said hopefully.” 


“Ok, cool, now can you please sit down?” Yoongi looks around, “People are going to think we’re leaving and start waiting around to sit here.”


“No can do, Yoongi the Pooh.” 


“That was the worst one yet.”


“I gotta head to the library, I actually have a giant paper I’m supposed to be writing on the nervous system.” Seokjin informs them, finishing up the rest of his donut in one bite, “I was technically supposed to be done yesterday, but, you know, the whole thighs incident happened and I couldn’t focus on anything but his giant—“


“Alright, that’s enough, I think.” Yoongi gives him a thumbs up, Seokjin just rolling his eyes.


“I’m leaving, fine.” He informs them, turning to leave before adding, “Yoongi, maybe you can convince Jimin and Tae to admit their fat gay crushes on each other next.” 


“Our what ?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow before Seokjin turns on his heel, practically speeding towards the door with a ‘goodbye’ over his shoulder. 


“Don’t worry about it, Tae, he’s just projectiling or whatever it’s called.” Jimin shrugs, throwing a dismissive hand in the direction of the exit. 


“It’s called projecting.” Yoongi corrects, continuing, “And I also think he’s just referring to the fact that you guys got married and didn’t tell us.”


“When did we get married? Now you guys are just being delusional.” Jimin scoffs, “You wanna see two hard working, beautiful young men together so bad. Well I have news for you, if you wanted that, you should’ve watched Glee.”


“I don’t get that reference. Am I supposed to get that reference?” Yoongi asks blankly. 


“You’ve never watched Glee?” Taehyung gapes, “What kind of gay are you?”


“You guys are so annoying, it’s like you came out of a Bravo show and somehow weaseled your ways into my life.”


“Oh, so we can’t talk about Glee, but you can bring up Bravo.” Jimin rolls his eyes, glancing at Taehyung. “He’s unbelievable.”


“Shut up !” Yoongi groans, “I’m just talking about the stupid rings you guys keep wearing. What are those promise rings or something dumb?”


“Harsh words.” Taehyung scoffs, “Is this a sensitive topic for you?”


“I will eat your Nintendo switch.”


“No you won’t, you’re allergic to gluten.” Jimin corrects him, as if any of it makes sense, continuing, “They're just rings, anyways. Tae got it for my birthday gift. Friendship rings.”


Taehyung holds his up next to where Jimin was now displaying his own. “Friendship rings.” He repeats. 


“Does that also explain the dog you guys are raising together?”


“Nope.” Jimin replies, popping the ‘P,’ “That was all Barbara the lunch lady. But Fucker is very happy with us now. She’s like our little baby. We do everything together.”


“It’s true.” Taehyung nods, “Last weekend we snuck her into T.G.I. Friday’s. I said she was my service dog.”


“That’s illegal.”


“They don’t have to know.”


They prepare themselves for another snarky, Yoongi remark, but instead he just shakes his head, picking up his coffee with a sigh. 


“What?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow, slight pout at his lips. 


“Nothing.” Yoongi shrugs, “One day you guys will wake up and realize.”


“Well that’s fucking ominous.” Jimin scoffs, nudging Taehyung, “We should get going, though. Fucker needs food probably. And a walk.”


“Fine.” Taehyung nods, finishing up his food, “But it’s your turn to walk her. I did it this morning for you.”


“Or we can go together!” Jimin sings, giving Taehyung a sweet smile with it. 


“Hello? Did you guys forget i’m literally right here?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow, the two of them giving him a glance. 


“No. But you’re not walking our dog so why the hell would we include you right now?”


“You guys are so domestic, it’s almost unsettling.” 


“Whatever.” Taehyung rolls his eyes, “Can you take the bus home with us, by the way? Me and Jimin like sharing headphones on the way and last time we did we zoned out so bad someone stole my wallet.”


“What the fuck?”


“No, it’s cool,” Jimin assures him, “It only had Pokémon cards in it.” 


“I can’t believe I’m an extra in the world's worst romantic comedy.” Yoongi shakes his head, “I gotta get new friends.”

They’re brain fried, exhausted and collectively running on 13 hours of sleep between the seven of them by the time finals end. But hey, that’s college right?


They’re at Karaoke In The Sky again, probably the last time for a bit, as most of them are heading home for the holidays. It’s almost like the last hurrah — maybe more so if any of them had energy for it to be. 


But it was Tuesday, and they hadn’t missed a night here this semester yet — or ever really. Besides that one time Taehyung got his entire hand stuck in a jar of strawberry jelly and they had to go to the ER to get it off. 


Yoongi still holds a grudge; he claims it was absurd Taehyung even had an entire hand in the jar in the first place. 


“Can you stop staring and just do it already? I’m getting sick of watching your desperate puppy dog eyes.” Jimin asks Seokjin, breaking him out of whatever trance he had accidentally fallen in while watching Namjoon help serve a bachelorette party. 


(Which, by the way, none of them really understood why the group was even there. 


“It’s a Tuesday, who the fuck wants to get wasted on a Tuesday?”


“Are you just mad because they’re hogging the mic so now you can’t do that stupid Doja Cat song you haven’t stopped singing?”


“Fuck off.”) 


“What are you talking about?” Seokjin asks, and Jimin has to sigh. He isn’t sure if it’s just a reflex at this point, or if Seokjin is seriously stupid. 


“You and Joon, asshole.” Yoongi offers on behalf of Jimin instead. Jimin’s thankful. 


“Yeah, didn't you promise us you’d tell him how you felt before we went home for break?” Taehyung looks down at his wrist, as if a watch is there, “Break’s like, this weekend.” 


“You’re not even wearing a watch. Fuck off.”


“Jin!” Jimin whines, grabbing onto his arm to shake him. 


“Leave me alone, you barbarian. These things don’t just necessarily happen in a second.” Seokjin snaps, “Besides, he's been busy all night. I can't just be like, ‘excuse me ladies, do you mind putting your martini’s on hold, I need to tell this man how badly I want to cherish him.’” 


“No, that’s actually exactly what you can do.” Jungkook nods, “These ladies would eat that up. I’m pretty sure one of them cried before looking at her friend's engagement ring.” 


“I’m just,” Seokjin pauses, voice going quiet, “Terrified.” 


“Don’t be!” Hoseok nudges him encouragingly. “I guarantee he likes you back. Besides, if you make the first move, you’ll always have the upper hand in the relationship. How do you think I always have Yoongi doing whatever I want for me?” 


“Uhm,” Yoongi interjects, “I do that because I love you. Not because you told me you liked me first.”


“That’s what I want you to think, baby.” Hoseok squeezes his cheek, before turning back to Seokjin, “See?” 


“Hey!” Yoongi tries to protest, but it falls on deaf ears to everyone but Hoseok who quickly assures him he’s kidding and kisses his cheeks about a thousand times in one minute. 


“It's now or never, Jin.” Taehyung offers with a shrug, “Don't make me take away your title as favorite big brother.”


“We’re not related.”


“Ok,” Taehyung tries again, “Favorite honorary big brother, what the fuck do you want from me? I’ll change my answer to Yoongi right now if you don’t tell him.” 


“Thanks.” Yoongi and Seokjin offer in tandem, Taehyung just shrugging. 


“Ok fine.” Seokjin suddenly stands up, stepping away from his chair before looking at his beer sitting there, going back to chug it. 


“I guess that’s one way of doing this.” Jungkook snickers, earning a glare from Seokjin in response. 


“Shut your bunny teeth filled mouth, Kook.” Seokjin adds before turning back in the direction of Namjoon, “His thighs are about to be mine. Also his heart, I guess.” 


“That’s the spirit!” Hoseok encourages him, Seokjin quickly making the short distance to the other end of the bar. 


“Namjoon!” He says — maybe shouts — strongly. Sternly. 


“Fuck, he’s really doing this.” Yoongi mumbles to Hoseok, receiving a sharp jab from his boyfriend’s elbow to his side. 


“Uhm,” Namjoon stutters, pausing the brief housekeeping he was taking care of behind the bar. “Jin?”


“I need to ask you something.” Seokjin tells him, very pointedly. “Maybe just, tell you something.” 


“Ok,” Namjoon looks to his friends who are not even three feet away. “What’s up?”


“I—“ Seokjin pauses, then panics, “I want another beer.”




“But wait!” Seokjin is speaking again, rushing his words out almost, eyes frantically scanning Namjoon’s face. “That’s not actually it.”


“So…” Namjoon opens the floor up for conversation again. It’s quiet for a minute, almost way too quiet, especially for their friend group, but Seokjin looks like he’s a minute away from having a heart attack. 


“I like your thighs.”


“You like my what?”


“Is he being serious?” Jungkook pipes up, scoffing as he does so. 


“Shut it, Kook!” Seokjin quickly snaps in his direction, before looking back to Namjoon. “Not just your thighs. That was worded wrong. I just seriously haven’t been able to stop thinking about your thighs.”


He’s rambling now. 


“Did you want my workout routine or something? Because I can get you only so far, I was kind of born—“


“I like you, Namjoon.”


It's silent again. Namjoon looks like he’s very close to passing out directly behind this bar, wearing a tee shirt that says ‘I ❤️ Karaoke’ stained with the smell of alcohol. 


When Namjoon seems too paralyzed with fear to answer, Seokjin decides to elaborate, as if telling him how much he liked him would coax him out of it. 


“You’re so smart and funny. And you’re so kind, and so patient; you always help me when I can’t get the right bone combination labeled in the leg joints. You’re funny and you like making fun of Tae just as much as I do, only you have a way higher tolerance to him and Jimin’s annoying fucking commentary and that just makes me like you even more.”


“Why the hell is he bringing us into this?” Jimin mutters, raising an eyebrow to look at his friends. 


“Honestly, I like the fact we got a shoutout.” Taehyung admits, “We're a part of this narrative forever now.” 


“You’re so good , Namjoon.” Seokjin is still going, having completely disregarded Jimin and Taehyung’s delight at their cameo. “And I don’t care if you don’t like me back, but it’s been so long since I’ve felt like this, I— I had to just say it .” 


Namjoon swallows whatever fear that had been sitting in throat and starts, “Jin—“


“But if you don’t like me back, please take it easy on me.” Seokjin holds up a hand, “I was kind of lying about me not caring, I think I’ll probably fucking stop going outside for a week or something. Most likely out of embarrassment, because I’ve never done this for anyone.”


“Jin,” Namjoon starts again, this time with the faintest smile on his lips, “I like you too.” 


“You do?” 


“Are you a dumbass? Obviously he likes you? He has literally always liked you.” Jimin chimes in. 


“Can you guys please shut the fuck up? It’s bad enough you all made me confess now, I don’t need anymore comments from the peanut gallery.”


“That’s insensitive.” Hoseok mumbles, “Kook’s literally allergic to nuts.” 


Jimin goes to make a very mature joke, one that most likely only Taehyung and Hoseok will giggle at, but Namjoon is suddenly speaking again, so they decide to draw their attention there instead. It’s like a real life drama. 


“Yes, I like you.” Namjoon confirms, “So, so much. And for so long. Like, the first time I ever saw you. I thought you were the coolest guy I’d ever seen.”


“Are you kidding me?” Seokjin scoffs, “I had the worst haircut in history when we met.”


“You were cute.”




Are .” Namjoon corrects, shaking his head, “I’ve waited so long for this. I’m not sure what I’m even supposed to do now. What do we do now?”


“Uhm,” Seokjin pauses, helplessly looking over to his friends, “What do we do now?”


“Suddenly you want the peanut gallery’s input?” Jimin scoffs, with a roll of his eyes. 


“Who cares?” Taehyung shrugs, “Just fucking kiss already or something. It’s been years of this.”


In celebration, Yoongi and Hoseok decide to perform a riveting rendition of Can You Feel The Love Tonight , and as much as Seokjin and Namjoon would like to hate their friends, they can’t. Namjoon buys everyone a round of drinks, except for Taehyung and Jungkook who get a round of shirley temples, which Taehyung is so pleased with he practically kisses Namjoon before Seokjin gets the chance. 


And eventually, when the night dies down and most customers go home, Seokjin and Namjoon do kiss. 


It’s soft and lovely and everything either of them could have dreamed of and Seokjin promises he will tell Jimin everything when they meet up to go see the new Nicholas Sparks film in theaters on Thursday. Jimin smiles. 


But like all nights at Karaoke In The Sky, this one comes to an end. The seven of them part ways as they usually do outside; Hoseok and Yoongi hanging all over each other and heading for a cab while Namjoon and Seokjin walk a few blocks for the subway. Taehyung and Jimin head in the opposite direction of the new couple, dragging Jungkook reluctantly behind. They all promise they’ll see each other tomorrow and they all know they will. 


“I can’t believe the years of Joon and Seokjin’s insufferable tension is finally over.” Jimin scoffs, fingers once more locked with his lanky best friend. Jungkook just watches. 


“Me too.” Taehyung agrees, “It’s literally been like that since we met them. It’s all we’ve known. I feel like it’s about to be culture shock or something.”


“Right?” Jungkook nods, “Kind of like when I realized there was more than one genre on PornHub.”


“Well you guys know what that means.” Jimin shrugs, nudging Taehyung slightly. 


“Kook has no idea how to use porn sites?” 


“No.” Jimin shakes his head, “Well, yeah, but, no. We’re the only non couples in the friend group. Everyone else is dating each other. That’s gross.” 


“Well, fuck.” Taehyung swears, looking over at Jungkook with a glimmer in his eye, “What do you say, Kook? Do you wanna catch a movie sometime or something?” Taehyung giggles, stepping away from Jimin to slip his hand into Jungkook’s instead. 


“No, you dick.” Jungkook laughs, shoving him away with his free hand. “We would completely ruin each other.”


“Kinky.” Jimin comments.


“Not like that.” Jungkook groans, “We’re too similar. We’re both Killua when one of us needs to be Gon.”


“I have no idea what any of that means.” Jimin comments absentmindedly, slipping his hand into Taehyung’s again, pulling him closer. “But you have my blessing regardless.”


“See?” Taehyung looks back to Jungkook, “Now we have to date. I think it’d be funny as fuck anyways. To leave one of us out like that? It’s funny.”


“You’re a sadist, I think.” Jungkook squints a little at Taehyung, who shakes his head quickly. 


“Am not, I’m terrified of BDSM.”


“It’s true,” Jimin nods, “He cried when we watched Fifty Shades of Grey together.”


“Why would you guys ever watch Fifty Shades of Grey together?”


“Well I wasn’t gonna watch it alone.” Jimin responds as if the answer is simple. 


Instead of the usual arguing, insult, maybe a groan and a light punch that’s expected from Jungkook, he does none of the above. To Jimin and Taehyung’s surprise, he smiles and it’s barely there but they know him inside and out by now so they can tell it’s the kind of smile he pulls when he knows something. Slight, smug. Kind of like the way Yoongi smiled at them in the cafe over the weekend. Neither Taehyung nor Jimin like it. 


“What?” Taehyung asks. 




“It’s something.” Jimin presses. “What are you so smug about?”


“I said nothing!” Jungkook reiterates, laugh lacing into his voice. 


“He’s lying to us. Why would he lie to us?” Taehyung asks Jimin, as if Jungkook still isn’t right there.  


“It’s just,” Jungkook starts, still laughing lightly, “You guys will get it eventually. I’ve said enough about it already.” 


“Whatever.” Taehyung decides to shrug it off, too tired, yet somehow still running on his shirley temple sugar high. “Let’s get home. I have to get my booty shorts out of the dryer to make sure they haven’t shrunk.”


Tae !”

Winter break comes at the end of the week just as promised. While they’re all excited to be going home where they don’t have to worry about cooking, there are also some downsides, if you asked Jimin. 


Downsides being: no Taehyung. His best friend forever and always. 


It was nearing the end of break now, after Christmas, but before New Year’s eve. They had all made the agreement to go back early and celebrate together. Taehyung’s birthday was the day before, too; it felt necessary. 


Jimin had obviously spoken to Taehyung since he’s been home. What kind of friend would he have been if he hadn’t? Texts, FaceTime, even bothering each other on Twitter. But he hadn’t realized how dependent he had grown to Taehyung. And sure, he had Jungkook, right next door, even. But Jimin decided then that he didn’t want to do anything else without Taehyung. It just wasn’t the same. 


“Stop pouting.” Jungkook told Jimin, bringing Jimin’s attention away from the animated story one of their friends from back home, Jaehyun, was telling. They were all out to dinner, kind of like a last goodbye again, but Jimin was counting down the minutes before he could go home and watch Drag Race with Taehyung. 


And it wasn’t that Jimin didn’t like his friends from home, he appreciated them very much and was happy that they could all get together, but there was no way any of them could really compare to Taehyung. Not even Jungkook, who Jimin was pretty sure he loved more than life itself. Loving Taehyung was a little different. Maybe that’s because Jimin could tell Taehyung loved him a little different. 


“I’m not pouting.” Jimin returns, all while pouting even harder. He lowered his voice the best he could, not wanting to distract the rest of his friends by drawing attention to himself. 


“Yes, you are.” Jungkook corrects him, snickering, “Miss Tae?” He was teasing. He had that annoying, tilt to his voice. Jimin hated him. 


“Shut up. I’m having fun.” Jimin snaps, maybe a little too harshly, but he also doesn’t care. So what if he missed Taehyung? Jimin misses the rest of his friends too. “You miss Tae, too, I bet.” 


“I do.” Jungkook nods, “I miss having someone who understands how important to me it is that I caught five Eevee’s in Pokémon today.” 


Jimin rolls his eyes, laughing a bit, “Call him later and tell him.” 


“I already did.” Jungkook shrugs, smiles a bit, before he adds, “He misses you too.” 


And even though Jimin knew that, knew that since the second day they were apart, he still smiles. Taehyung missed Jimin just like Jimin missed him. 

The return to school is both dreaded and celebrated. While none of them are particularly excited about being subjected to classes they would much rather eat glass instead of attend, they are excited to hang out again. 


More so, get drunk in celebration of Taehyung’s birthday. 


Most of them got back last night, some this morning, but they were all present at Jimin and Taehyung’s place, ready to celebrate with as many people as they could cram into their tiny apartment. 


It was a double party, they had decided, New Year’s eve and Taehyung’s birthday. Taehyung made the sacrifice to do it on actual New Years instead of his actual birthday. 


That was the one downside, though — Karaoke In The Sky was booked tonight with some other New Years party, one that was actually paying unlike ‘you and your freeloading friends,’ as Namjoon’s boss put it. Needless to say, they would just be getting drunk on Tuesday again as a belated separate celebration. Jimin liked to make a big deal out of Taehyung. 


Which is exactly why he invited as many people as he could to come over, using his freshly 21 ID to buy as much cheap alcohol as his wallet allowed. 


“I don’t see why you won’t drink it, Tae.” Jungkook was holding up a monstrosity of a drink in front of Taehyung’s face, who was simply frowning in response. 


The party was in full swing now, about two hours till midnight — till the New Year. There were people spread all throughout their place, drinking, dancing, smoking who knows what. Most of all there wasn’t a single person in there who didn’t give Taehyung the biggest birthday hug when they saw him. It was nice. 


“Because I have no idea what you put in it.” Taehyung explains, “Just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean I have to get completely black out drunk. That’s actually why I shouldn't get completely black out drunk.” 


“This is my birthday gift to you, though.”


“Is not. You gave me that signed photo of Rachel McAdams.” 


“Well this is the second part of it.” 


“Jimin.” Taehyung looks over to where his best friend had just been watching, grin plastered across his face. Jimin was always happy on people’s birthdays. Especially Taehyung’s. 


“What’s in it, Kook?” Jimin decides to ask, raising an eyebrow at his younger friend. They were all gathered in the kitchen — well, all of them but Namjoon and Seokjin — where they had been for the last ten minutes, since Jungkook started this whole charade. 


“Is it really that serious?” Jungkook huffs, sitting in his hip.


“Yes.” Yoongi nods, “Hasn't your mom told you about a thousand times not to drink something that you have no idea the contents of?” 


“I guess.” Jungkook shrugs, “But Jin is always offering me drinks I don't know. And I’m fine.”


“Yeah, by some miracle.” Hoseok scoffs, “Jin has never not offered me something that hasn’t been tainted.”


“Last time I drank something Jin gave me I got sick.” Taehyung adds, “ And that was just because he put hot sauce in my milkshake.” 


“Well, that's because you’re weak and can’t handle spicy food.”


“Well, I could sure as hell handle your mom when we—“


“Dumb, dumber and dumbest!” Taehyung is cut short by a voice they know all too well, a nickname they know all too well, only this time it’s a little lighter. A little happier. A little bit like the owner of said voice had spent the past half hour making out with Namjoon by the beer pong table. 


“Hi, Jin.” Jimin smiles, a little too smugly, mostly because he knows exactly where the pair had spent the better part of the ten o’clock hour. 


“Hi Hobi. Hi Yoongi.” Seokjin decides to look to them instead, who just give him a small wave. 


“Ok,” Jungkook puts the drink down, sloshing a bit over the top of the cup, “Is no one else gonna point out the elephant in the room?”


“Elephant?” Hoseok looks at Yoongi before going back to Jungkook, “Did you eat one of those brownies from Taemin again?” 


“Hoseok, that’s—“


“That’s the expression, baby.” Yoongi shakes his head, deciding he could probably explain sweeter than the way Jungkook was about to. 


“What’s the elephant, anyway?” Namjoon shrugs, looking around the group. 


Nothing out of the ordinary. Yoongi and Hoseok are doing that thing where they think no one can see their hands on each other’s asses. Namjoon and Seokjin are lightly brushing their hands against each other like they’re still not really sure where they stand with each other. Taehyung has Jimin’s hands around his waist with his chin on his shoulder. The usual. 


“You motherfuckers.” Jungkook points to Namjoon and Seokjin, who look back, wearing nearly identical looks of confusion. He elaborates, “Or more so, how dating has severely fucked both your personalities. You’re both delightful now. Even when Seokjin was calling me ‘an idiotic pain in not only his ass but every ass on the planet’ before, it still sounded sweet. It was barely an insult.”


“You’re complaining because…?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow. 


“You’re messing with the group hierarchy. If Jin doesn’t make fun of me in a way that has me questioning my entire existence, then i’m going to develop a massive ego. One that not even another Roast of Jeon Jungkook that Jimin made us all attend last month can fix.” 


“Aww,” Jimin coos, reaching over Taehyung to squeeze Jungkook’s cheek, “Are you nervous that I can’t break you down, Kook? Has our years of friendship meant nothing to you?”


“Fuck off.” Jungkook swats Jimin’s hand away, “You guys are annoying.” Taehyung goes to open his mouth, most likely to point out the way he and Jimin are not annoying, but Jungkook stops him, “Yes, that includes you two. Maybe not Yoongi and Hoseok though. We should hang out, just the three of us more often.”


“Last time we did you forced Hoseok to do that VR game that made him cry.”


“It was a good time for me.” Jungkook shrugs, suddenly turning to Taehyung, “Birthday beer pong?” 


“Hell yeah.” Taehyung agrees, “Maybe people will go easy on me because it’s my party.”


“They won’t.” Namjoon shakes his head softly, “But it’s a nice sentiment.” 


“Whatever.” Taehyung rolls his eyes, detaching himself from Jimin to instead grab Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook fights it, but Taehyung wins in the end. “We’ll catch up with you guys later. Tonight I made a bet with Johnny that if he lost I could give him an ‘I Love Dicks’ stick and poke.”


“What if you lose?” Seokjin asks, already knowing that’s what the outcome will be. 


“He gets to give me another.” 


“Please stop letting people defile your body.” Jimin groans, pouting a bit at Taehyung. 


“Says you,” Yoongi scoffs, “You started it.”


“It’s different when I defile Taehyung.”


“That sounds a lot more compromising than it probably actually is.” Namjoon informs Jimin, who just shrugs, not seeing a problem in his word choice. 


Anyway, ” Jungkook makes a point to tug Taehyung closer, as if to prove they’re really leaving, “We’ll see you guys.”


They all mumbled their goodbyes, closing their circle a little smaller to accommodate for the loss of two members. 


“Jimin.” Hoseok laughs, grabbing his attention from where Jimin had been watching Taehyung and Jungkook leave. 


“What? Did you say something?”


“No.” Hoseok laughs again, causing confusion to spread further throughout Jimin’s expression. 


“Then what’s the problem?”


“You checking out your best friend’s ass. That’s the problem.” Yoongi answers for his boyfriend, a loud laugh matching Hoseok’s. 


“Ass—?” Jimin chokes and looks back to where his friends had already disappeared, “I— No, I wasn’t.” 


“Take it from a group of people who have most definitely checked out their friends’ asses—“ Seokjin cackles, “You did.”


“No, I don’t think I will.” Jimin shakes his head, turning on his heel to reach for his drink on the counter. “And for the record, Tae’s ass is genuinely really great, so I think if I was looking at it — hypothetically, of course — then it would be excused.” He turns back around to face his friends, “It’s a good ass.”


“Alright.” Yoongi nods, “Let’s go... literally anywhere else but here.” 


“You guys!” Jimin whines, watching his friends drift to a different part of the house. 


“Bye, Jimin!” Seokjin sings over his shoulder, “Let us know when you’ve finally worked through your feelings!” 


Jimin huffs, leaning back onto his counter in defeat. Feelings ? For Taehyung?  




Though something about the idea of it made Jimin feel a little nervous. A little giddy, maybe. 


He decided on another vodka shot. 

Jimin finds Taehyung later squished in between Yoongi and Hoseok on the living room couch, proudly showing off his new ink. Luckily, it’s in a spot that’s much more appropriate to be flashing in public, so Jimin just smiles as he makes his way over, settling on the arm of the seat next to Hoseok. 


“Hi, cutie.” Jimin coos, sweet like he always greets Taehyung, who’s eyes immediately light up, before he bites his lip, as if he suddenly remembered something. It makes Jimin worry. 


“Hi, sweetheart.” Hoseok teases, giving him a big grin with it. 


“Shut up.” Jimin shoves him, deciding to deal with Taehyung in a minute, “Or I’ll tell everyone here you can’t watch TLC commercials without crying.”


“What’s wrong with being sensitive?” 


“Everything when it’s promo for Dr. Pimple Popper.”


“Oh, that show is just fucking gross.” Taehyung makes a face, “Did you know my uncle was on it, though?” 


“Please tell me he’s the doctor.” Yoongi grimaces, kind of like he regrets ever making friends with Taehyung in the first place. 


“No.” Taehyung shakes his head, “He’s in season two, episode thirteen. Don't watch it on a full stomach, though.” 


“Thank you for that.” Yoongi nods, “I will seriously never be watching it.” 


“Ok, well as erotic as this conversation is,” Jimin begins, “It’s almost midnight. Almost the new year.”


“Shit, really?” Hoseok pulls out his phone to check the time. “Babe, we should get moving now if we wanna secure a good spot to have our midnight kiss and watch Post Malone on the TV special.” 


“You’re right.” Yoongi agrees, standing up quickly, “Especially because we’re now in competition with Joon and Seokjin.”


“Competition?” Taehyung raises an eyebrow.


“Yeah.” Hoseok nods, “We were kind of the established couple first. We have boundaries we need to maintain.” 


“Happy New Year, then.” Jimin gives them a small wave, to which they return before darting across the room to find whatever they deem a good spot in the shitty apartment. 


“Excited?” Jimin asks, slipping into where Hoseok was previously seated. His arms find Taehyung’s body naturally, pressing him a little closer to where he’s seated. 


“I think so.” Taehyung hums, “New Years is kind of nice. It’s a new beginning or whatever.” 


“How poetic.” Jimin giggles and when Taehyung doesn’t giggle back, Jimin frowns. “What’s wrong, Tae?” 


“Nothing’s wrong, I was just—“ He stops, then shakes his head. “Nothing. I’m ok. I think I just have low blood sugar or something. The stick and poke kind of took a lot out of me.”


Taehyung smiles so Jimin does too, squeezing Taehyung’s thigh that had been under his hand. “Let’s get you a cupcake or something.” Jimin stands, extending a hand to Taehyung, “And then we can watch the ball drop. Maybe we can both kiss Jungkook this year. I feel like that would really bug him.”


“Fuck yeah,” Taehyung agrees, “I already embarrassed him in front of this dude he was flirting with before, this will just be the icing on the cake.”


“Exactly.” Jimin agrees, “That's why you’re my best friend.”

The ball drops and the new year strikes, filling pretty much the entire party with a second wind. People pour more drinks, Hoseok gets on the coffee table to dance and Taehyung and Jimin do in fact kiss Jungkook to ruin his chances with the hot guy he had been trying to impress. 


It’s a great night. 


But it’s also an exhausting night, leaving Taehyung and Jimin with the destruction of a natural disaster to clean up tomorrow. Jimin silently thanks the kid from his engineering class who he paid $20 to watch Fucker for the night for his services. The puppy wouldn’t have lasted an hour in here. 


Jimin flops into bed, immediately gravitating towards the inner corner where his best friend already is. He wraps his arms around Taehyung’s waist and smiles a bit. Taehyung’s warm, he fits perfectly in Jimin’s arms. Jimin has always liked that about him. 


Well, that’s one thing he’s liked. 


“Did you have a good birthday, cutie?” Jimin asks him, letting Taehyung situate himself deeper against Jimin’s chest. Taehyung smells a bit like alcohol and a lot like strawberries, which Jimin concluded is Taehyung’s natural scent. He wasn’t sure how, but Taehyung always smelled sweet. 


“The best.” Taehyung nods, his head knocking against Jimin’s chin a bit. “Thank you, Jimin.”


“Of course.” Jimin returns, giving a quick squeeze to Taehyung’s waist to tell him he really did mean it. “And now that you’re 21 we can go move to the nudist colony together.” 


Taehyung laughs, loud like he always does, and it makes Jimin smile. “You’re right. Though I think we should tell Kook before we go. Someone will need to take care of Fucker.”


“What kind of attitude is that?” Jimin scoffs, keeping up with the charade, “Fucker is coming with us. I got in touch with the nude people already, they said she’s set.”


Taehyung laughs again, shaking his head a little. When he doesn’t say anything else for a bit, Jimin assumes he’s fallen asleep, most likely exhausted from the late hours the party dragged on for. 


Just when Jimin starts to close his eyes himself, though, he hears Taehyung again. “Jimin?” His voice sounds small, almost a little uncertain. Unusual compared to Taehyung’s constant outside voice. 




“Remember you asked if I was ok before?”


“Yeah.” Jimin nods, “What's wrong?”


He pauses for a minute, hesitating. Then, “I was talking to Sana earlier tonight.”


“Yeah?” Jimin repeats, because he’s not too sure what the point of the statement is, “Sana’s nice. Did she do something?”


“No— I, she...” Taehyung stutters, before continuing, “We were talking about Namjoon and Seokjin. And how they were constantly tiptoeing around each other before they finally just decided to date. How it was annoying.”


Taehyung laughs a little, so Jimin does too, letting Taehyung further elaborate. 


“And then she—“ He pauses, “And then she asked if we used to be like that.”


Jimin freezes for a minute. He’s confused, “If we used to—“


“Before we started dating.” 


Jimin lets out a short laugh, much louder than he intended. “Tae,” He shakes his head, allowing Taehyung to turn in his arms to look at him, “What’d you even tell her?” 


“I told her we’re not dating.” Taehyung says quietly and Jimin nods, pushing a piece of Taehyung’s hair from his eyes. “But then I started thinking.” Jimin watches as Taehyung swallows hard and by reflex, does the same. 


Why was Jimin nervous all of a sudden?


“Are we dating, Jimin?” 


Jimin would have laughed, he would’ve pushed his best friend back over to his side of the bed and probably would’ve changed the subject, talking about something Hoseok had done earlier instead. He would’ve done that if something in Taehyung’s eyes wasn't so completely earnest, pouring into Jimin’s own. 


Taehyung was nervous too. 


“Of course not, Tae.” Jimin laughs lightly, ignoring the sick feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. “Best friends.” It’s a reminder maybe none of them need. 


Or maybe both of them need it. 


“Right, I— I know.” Taehyung nods, eyes scanning Jimin’s face subtly, “But, if you think about it…”


“Think about what, Tae?” Jimin laughs, “Now you sound like Jin.”


“We live together. And not even together like Jungkook and his roommate, we sleep together, Jimin. We literally force ourselves into a tiny bed just to be close to each other.” Taehyung starts abruptly. 


“Well, we—“


Taehyung doesn’t let Jimin finish, “We got a dog together. We take care of her together. And before that we took care of Jungkook like he was literally our own baby.”


“Jungkook’s just younger. I promised his mom I'd take care of him!” 


“That’s not what I mean.” Taehyung shakes his head, “You know that.”


When Jimin doesn’t say anything again, Taehyung keeps going.


“I think what got me most of all isn’t what’s obvious. It’s not the pet names and cuddling together and the raising a dog together.” Taehyung shakes his head again, “It’s the overall feeling, like— Like, the fact that being loved by you feels a lot different than being loved by anyone else.” 


Being loved by you feels a lot different than being loved by anyone else. 


He was right and Jimin knew it. There was nobody that compared to Taehyung in Jimin’s mind. 


But Jimin remains quiet, so Taehyung takes that as his cue to go on. 


“Because I love all our friends. I love Kook and Yoongi and Joon and I’ve been loved by them too. They hug me and look out for me and they tell me they love me back. But every time they tell me that, it feels like it’s expected. Like it’s your brother telling you they love you. But every time you tell me you love me,” Taehyung reaches out to ghost fingers across Jimin’s jawline, “or you hold me and tell me everything’s gonna be ok when I’m down, it’s different. It feels like you chose me. Like you choose to have me.” 


“Tae,” Jimin finally finds himself saying, though he’s not entirely sure where he’s even going with this, “You’re my best friend.”


“I know that, Jimin.” Taehyung sounds impatient, like his words aren’t going through to Jimin, “But for me, I’m realizing, it’s you. It’s always been you.”


“Tae,” Jimin starts again and this time he knows what he’s going to say. If the butterflies in his stomach are a sign of it, anyway. “It’s you.”


Taehyung’s eyebrows knit together for a moment, almost like he wasn’t expecting Jimin to say that. His mouth parts in confusion, but Jimin is speaking again before Taehyung has the chance to. 


“It’s you.” He says again, “I don’t think I realized how different everything was with us until recently. I don’t think I want to do anything ever again unless it’s with you. I miss you when you’re not next to me and I think about you way more than I probably should. I hate the idea of anyone else meaning as much to you as I mean to you, and I know that’s selfish and probably messed up, but I think I've felt like this for way longer than I’ve realized.”


“Jimin, you—“ Taehyung is starting to smile a bit, but Jimin doesn’t let him finish because he has a lot more to say than he originally thought. 


“Because I look at you, Tae, and I don’t just see Taehyung, my best friend. I look at you and I see Taehyung and me . I see us . I see us when it’s four in the morning and we’re talking about conspiracy theories even though we have class in four hours. I see us when we’re walking anywhere and you slip your hand in mine and it’s warm, just like everything with you is warm.” 


Jimin can’t seem to stop the words that keep coming out of his mouth, but if the smile Taehyung is wearing is any indication of how this is going, he doesn’t need to stop. 


“I see us at Jungkook’s graduation cheering louder than anyone else on the entire campus. And I see us in a few years at Hobi and Yoongi’s wedding and you’re hijacking the mic from Yoongi’s brother to tell the story about the time Yoongi cried trying to find the perfect anniversary gift for Hoseok. I see us when we’re old and wrinkly and we’re still loud and we’re still making fun of Namjoon and Jin for whatever reason because Tae—“ 


He pauses, his eyes scanning all over every dip and curve of Taehyung’s face before meeting his gaze.


“It’s always you.” 


Taehyung smiles bigger, wider, something Jimin didn’t think was even possible, before he’s leaning in, pressing his own lips to Jimin’s. And it feels like magic. 


It feels like every bit of love Taehyung has ever given Jimin over the course of their friendship in one tiny action all at once. It feels like the one thing that had been missing in their relationship all along. It feels like two best friends finally realizing what they were the entire time. 


When Taehyung pulls away, they’re both smiling and Jimin can’t see himself, but he assumes he has the same kind of euphoric glow Taehyung has right now. At least he hopes so. He certainly feels like he does. 


“It’s you, Jimin.” Taehyung repeats with a nod, “You’re mine.”


“I’m yours.” Jimin confirms, mimicking the turn of his friend’s head, “Always.” 

It’s Tuesday night, which means most things are the same. 


They’re back at Karaoke In The Sky; Namjoon at the bar, Seokjin with whatever homework he was currently supposed to be completing in front of him, Yoongi and Hoseok performing a song from the ‘80s no one really likes. 


It’s the usual, for the most part. 


Except this time, Seokjin is doing absolutely nothing to hide the fact that he’s looking more at Namjoon than the behavioral science worksheet in front of him. He makes flirtatious remarks at Namjoon that do not go over Namjoon’s head, they actually get reciprocated, and it actually kind of makes Jimin wish they never unleashed the monsters that were Namjoon and Seokjin’s feelings for each other. 


“I ended up getting an A+, Namjoon. Not even just an A, but the plus. I have so much adrenaline, I seriously feel like I could run a marathon or something.” Seokjin is telling his boyfriend about the grade he just got back on a research paper he was terrified about. Jimin has heard the story three times now. Once this afternoon when Seokjin called him about it, then on his way here when Seokjin told Yoongi and Hoseok about it, and then right now. You could say he was proud. Jimin was, too; the first two times at least anyways. 


“See?” Namjoon smiles big and full of dimples and Jimin’s pretty sure Seokjin is a second from blacking out because of it, “I told you you could do it. You’re smart! You’re the smartest guy I know.” 


“Well I don’t think I could've done it without you.” Seokjin shakes his head, “You reread it like, fourteen times for me. Not to mention it was entirely on that unit we studied for that one time. You know the one.” Seokjin’s lips curve into a smirk, one that Jimin absolutely wishes he never saw. 


“Ok, I’m literally right here.” Jimin waves a hand in between the two of them, wearing an obvious look of disgust. “And while I’m happy you guys are out here having nerd sex and stuff I would really much rather you keep it in the bedroom.”


Nerd sex?!


“Yes.” Jimin nods solemnly, “I have it on good authority that reciting Norton’s Theorem gets you hard.” 


“Fuck you!” Namjoon frowns, “And fuck Hobi, I told him that in confidence.” 


“Joon, you literally can't tell me anything and expect me to not tell Jimin.” Hoseok suddenly appears, he and Yoongi looking a little sweatier than when they had left to perform Jessie’s Girl . They always went a little too hard for Tuesday night karaoke. “He’s way too cute to say no to.” Hoseok finishes his reasoning, sliding into the stool next to Seokjin. 


“Thank you.” Jimin smiles angelically, before batting his eyelashes in Namjoon’s direction. 


“Forget them anyways, Joon.” Seokjin shrugs, “I’ll just remember all this when I’m a doctor and you guys are suffering from like, food poisoning or something.” 


“Are you threatening us?” Yoongi scoffs. 


“I absolutely am, Yoongz.”


“I’m begging you to just use my birth name.”


Seokjin goes to fire back yet another horrible nickname when a new voice joins the group, one yelling something about the curry he made for his Eevee’s last night. Taehyung and Jungkook, naturally. 


“Hi, bitches.” Taehyung greets when he and Jungkook finally reach their friends, Taehyung holding Jungkook’s hand like he was going to escape any second. Yet another usual happening. “Hi, Jimin.” He adds, flashing a smile that’s way too sugary to be used on any of his other friends. 


“Hi, cutie.” Jimin returns, holding his arms out for Taehyung to slot himself in between, which he does wordlessly. 


Taehyung wraps his arms over Jimin’s shoulders, giving him a kiss on his cheek before his nose and then finally connects their lips, lingering for only a second. They are in public after all. They’re not heathens. 


“Gross.” Jungkook groans, settling next to where Yoongi stands, though wishing it was a little farther from the current PDA. 


“Cry me a river, Kook.” Jimin groans back, allowing Taehyung to situate himself into Jimin’s side. “You guys complain when we’re not together and now you wanna complain that we are?”


“I’m not complaining.” Yoongi shrugs, “Frankly, this is better. It’s much less disturbing now that you’re not pretending you’re not thinking about blowjobs when Tae is eating a banana at lunch.” 


“Thank you.” Jimin looks pointedly at Yoongi before pausing, “I think.”


“That’s easy for you to say.” Jungkook scoffs, “I’ve caught them being gross two and a half times now. They’ve only been dating for like, a week.”


“That’s your fault for not calling before coming over.” Jimin shrugs, that being his only argument. 


“One time you were in my dorm. How’s that anyone else’s fault but yours?” 


“I hope that was the half time.” Yoongi grimaces. 


“It wasn't.”


“Don’t lie.” Taehyung rolls his eyes, “I know you’re happy me and Jimin are finally together.” 


“Well, yeah.” Jungkook shrugs, “I’ve only been waiting for it to happen since Jimin called me freshman year to tell me about the sexy dream he had about you.”


“Kook!” Jimin whines, “That was a secret!” 


“You have those kinds of dreams about me, Jimin?” Taehyung giggles, Jimin doing his best to look anywhere but at his best friend — or, well, boyfriend. 


“You guys are literally dating.” Seokjin points out, “What’s all the giggles for?” 


“Freshman year was before we started dating, Jin.” Taehyung reminds him, as if he could actually forget. “But that’s fine. It makes me feel less bad for all the dreams I had about you.”


“Tae!” Jimin’s face breaks into a smile, his cheeks heating up a bit. 


“Can we please change the subject?” Jungkook groans, “I regret bringing this up.”


“Yeah, yeah, ok, me and Jimin’s amazing chemistry since day one aside,” Taehyung obliges, digging into his jacket pocket, “This is for you.” He leans over Jimin to put a wad of crumbled bills on the counter, pointing at Namjoon. 


“What’s this?” Namjoon picks it up, pulling out what looks like a gumdrop, throwing it to the side.  


“$177.99. Everything I owe you for my shirley temple tab, baby.” Taehyung looks proud, sitting into his hip a bit. 


“How’d you even come up with that money?” Seokjin scoffs, picking up a bit of the cash in front of Namjoon before looking over to Taehyung. 


“I sold my laptop.”




“No, it’s cool.” Taehyung assures them, “It had so many viruses from the one time me and Hoseok tried to watch live action Beauty and The Beast illegally. That guy I sold it to totally got ripped off.”


“I hope you at least deleted everything on it before you sold it.” Namjoon looks up from the bills he’s counting for only a minute. 


“Fuck.” Taehyung swears, as if he’s remembering something, “How much damage could someone do with your credit card information?”


“You should probably call your bank.” Hoseok advises, Taehyung’s brows knitting together before Namjoon speaks up again. 


“You really did pay us back.” He looks impressed, shoving the money into the register. “I guess that eliminates your tab.” 


“Fuck yeah!” Taehyung does a quick move of his hips to punctuate his excitement, “Does that mean your boss has forgiven me enough to let me and Jimin do Elton John?”


“Absolutely not.”


“That's discrimination.” 


“No it’s not, Jimin, that’s called protecting customers.” 


“We can just do it for ourselves later.” Taehyung shrugs, kissing Jimin’s nose. 


Gross .” Jungkook mumbles again, before Taehyung turns to face him. 


“Kook! You know the drill. I think I wanna do Mariah Carey with you tonight.”


“Why is it always me?” 


“Because you’re our baby, how many times do I need to tell you?” Taehyung shakes his head, rolling his eyes as he turns back to Jimin. “This ones for you. Boyfriend .” 


Jimin just smiles, feeling his entire face practically glow at the label. Even though they had basically been dating for the past two years, everything just seemed way more exciting now that it was official. Maybe it’s because they get to call each other things like that in public. Or maybe it’s because they get to finally hold hands without being teased. 


“Go and crush it, baby!” Jimin sends him off with a slap to Taehyung’s ass — like he did even before they were dating — smiling even harder. 


“I can't believe you didn’t see your feelings for each other sooner.” Seokjin shakes his head, pen going back to the homework in front of him. 


Jimin doesn't answer, doesn’t try to fight Seokjin this time. And as Taehyung and Jungkook reach the stage and Taehyung shouts something into the microphone about his beautiful boyfriend who was actually his best friend until like, last week — crazy right?, Jimin can't help but smile even more. 


It’s a normal Tuesday for them, except this time Jimin knows he’s in love.