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The R.Y.V.A.L. Files

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Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug: 

The Fool is fitting for our pigtailed protag. But Igor is already the Fool, so I took a page from the Tarot de Maléfices. Marinette would be of the Luck Arcana, which is the TdM's version of the Fool. It's quite befitting given her Miraculous, isn't it?

Completing Marinette's Social Link unlocks Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons (and former Ladybug, if memory serves) for fusion. It also transforms Mulan into [REDACTED].

Luka Couffaine/Kobra:

For a figure that keeps Marinette grounded and all that, I thought it would be cool to make Luka of the Adam Arcana, or the TdM's version of the Emperor (in some cases, it's also considered to be of a "High Priest" Arcana, which apparently isn't to be confused with the High Priestess). Don't make too many jokes relating the Emperor being representable by a father figure to Marinette & Luka's relationship now, y'all hear me?

Completing Luka's Social Link unlocks Genghis Khan, Mongol Emperor for fusion. It also transforms Terpander into Krotos.

Nino Lahiffe/Shadow Barb:

For someone who managed to choose to fight for what's right, even if it was the girl he loved (Alya), I thought it would be fitting to give Nino the Artisan, another TdM equivalent - this time of the Lovers Arcana. The Lovers Arcana often requires the character in question to make an important choice, so it works given the two sides Nino will be stuck between - Alya & Lila vs. Marinette & the Phantom Thieves.

Completing Nino's Social Link unlocks Saint Valentine, Priest of Courtly Love (and Epilepsy, on an unrelated note) for fusion. It also transforms Shaka Zulu into Shango.

Alix Kubdel/Bunnix:

I don't recall why I chose this one, I'll admit, but I thought it was fitting to make Alix of the TdM's Archangel Arcana (not to be confused with the Persona Archangel) - it's equivalent to the Judgement Arcana.

Completing Alix's Social Link unlocks Lif, Female Survivor of Ragnarok for fusion. Her male counterpart is Lifthrasir, who will not be a Persona. Oh, and it transforms Atalanta into Wenet.

Kagami Tsurugi/Dragonica:

As many people predicted, Kagami is of the Eve Arcana, or the TdM's version of the Empress (in some cases, it's also considered to be the High Priestess).

Completing Kagami's Social Link unlocks Snedronningen, Snow Queen for fusion. She inspired Elsa from Frozen. Oh, and it transforms Jingu Kogo into [REDACTED].

Lê Chiến Kim/Yanbian:

Yeah, this was obvious, wasn't it? Kim is of the Captain Arcana - the TdM's form of the Chariot!

Completing Kim's Social Link unlocks Thánh Gióng, Giant Rider of the Iron Horse for fusion. He is widely considered to be the first anti-invasion hero of Vietnamese mythology. Ah, yes - it transforms Lê Lợi into [REDACTED].

Nathaniel Kurtzberg/Ibex:

This one wasn't so obvious, was it? Nathaniel, given his creativity and great potential, is a fitting choice for the Cobbler Arcana - the TdM's version of the Magician!

Completing Nathaniel's Social Link unlocks Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance Man for fusion. If there ever was one, it was him... anyways, it transforms Peruggia into Pan.

Shiho Suzui/Hou-ou:

Perhaps the Arcana I chose for Shiho - the Thunderbolt, which is an alternate version of the Tower - was too fitting. The card even features people falling off of it...

Completing Shiho's Social Link unlocks Icarus, Fallen Son of Daedalus for fusion. He flew too close to the sun... and got burned. Ah, and it transforms Leda into [REDACTED].

Juleka Couffaine/La Prédatrice:

As some of you predicted, Juleka's Arcana is the Sorcerer, an alternate version of the Hanged Man. Hanged Man characters are self-sacrificial, and Juleka fit the vibe anyways.

Completing Juleka's Social Link unlocks Morgan Le Fay, Arthurian Enchantress for fusion. She was a magical protector of King Arthur. Also, it transforms Nene into [REDACTED].

Yuuki Mishima/Great Dane:

As you know, Yuuki's Arcana is the Moon. We considered making it change into the Dark Moon, but ultimately decided nah.

As you might also know (and as with canon), Akira having completed Yuuki's Social Link unlocks Sandalphon, Heavenly Twin Brother. Oh, and at some point, Fenrisúlfr will transform into [REDACTED].

The following are other Arcana which will be given out later. I won't necessarily confirm if you're right about any guesses y'all might make in the comments about who they belong to. Regardless, feel free to theorize!

Chagrins (alternate Devil) - unlocks Atë, Greek Goddess of Dooms & Downfalls for fusion. Her name was given to the action of heroes that led to their doom.

Alchemist (alternate Sun) - unlocks Grannus, Celtic God of Gleam for fusion. He also was the deity of Thermal Baths, Spas & the Sun.

Extra Made-Up Confidants (not actually Confidants, but if they were, this is what they would have):

  • Jagged Stone: The Mountebank Arcana (alternate Magician)
  • Xaver Yakup Roth: The Lightning Arcana (alternate Tower; it's very similar to the Thunderbolt Shiho has)
  • Lionel Garçon: The Truth Arcana (alternate Judgement)

This will all be updated as the story progresses. See y'all then!