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Ruining Kids Shows

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Here's some rules that need to be brought down











I'll write whatever comes to my head til I grow tried!! YAYYYYAYYAY!!!

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The city smog covered the night shy,everything was normal for a regular day in a city. A huge building towered above it though, it belong to a woman who just gotten back from paving the worlds biggest forest. It would be used to expand the business but the woman had other things to think about then that.

The operation went well, the people she worked with got what they wanted but something happened that ruined her joy in doing this


Two brothers who traveled the world learning about animals and protecting them, they were the Kratt brothers, she met them and they were annoying but meant no harm. But when they interfered with their plans, the three others she was working with..tied them up and killed them.

Everything became blurry as she saw the blood. She didn't want that to happen, all she wanted was to pave the forest clean..not see blood be spilled of two innocent people..the worst being one of them..the one in blue..looked into her eyes as he was beaten to death but a huge stick that smashed his head.


The woman breathed in and out as she looked out into the city her hands behind her back her mind rushing over the events. The blood being shed, the laughter of the three, those eyes looking at her begging for help, all these thoughts became blurry as the woman started to cry,"Miss Paver? Are you ok?" The woman quickly wiped her tears and looked over with a serious face

"Yes. I'm fine, what do you need?" She asked holding back as many tears as she could,"We just got informed that all the animals are out the location, the paving shall begin tomorrow." "Very good! I'll be taking a trip there to see it happen, now go." Paisley said flipping her hand as she looked back at the window. The employee left.


Paisley lost the expression and took her glasses off when tears built up again, they fell out. No matter how much she loved her job, doing it to the forest where two people died trying to protect and that she had witnessed struck her with more grief

She put her glasses back on and hugged herself,"I don't care..why do I care?" She asked looking into her refection seeing her gray eyes that held nothing but tears and regret. The woman sighed grabbing tissues off the table and wiping away the tears that stained her face,"Deep breaths..just go home..get rest..and see the paving. That always makes you happy! It'll be fun.." She said walking towards the door












The woman sat in a cab as she took a drive to the paving sight, after a 12 hour fly, she was able to get to the forest. Once the cab stopped, Paisley got out and looked around the area smiling

Everything was set to go, Rex was standing there reading a clip bored,"Ready to pave?" She asked sounding a lot more cheerful then normal,"We're almost ready, you seem awfully happy today!"

"Why wouldn't I be? This is the biggest pave our company will be doing!" She said hardly holding in her excitement,"Of course! How could I forget? Ha ha!" Rex and Paisley walked onto a lift and was brought up to see the whole forest and machines

Paisley held her arms behind her back,"See? It's fine..everything will be fine-" But all that reassurance faded when she saw where it took place. The tent marks were still there, along with a stains of blood that would disappear when the paving was done. Memories flew back as tears built back up,"Miss Paisley?" The woman held onto the railing looking down breathing heavily..the memories taking over her mind




*Lots of bad things coming up ok?*







"Well well..WELL..if it isn't the Wild Rats!" Zach said giving a creepy smile,"It's 'Wild Kratts' but you're getting there." Chris said tied up beside his brother,"Whatever, that won't matter after we're done." Donita said sharing that same smile,"You got that right." Gaston said having the smile on his face as well. The brothers looked at each other confused, Paisley walked up confused on what they meant

She had only just joined this villain group and she already felt like an outcast, the main three planned something to the side and Paisley wasn't told of what that plan was, so it was no surprise why she would be confused

"Um..we're just pushing you two to the side, you're getting in the way of progress-" Paisley watched as each villain grab a weapon and walk towards the brothers, now she knew what they meant. But she didn't dare move, all she did was look at them, hoping they would reconsider this,"Who wants to go first?" "I want to! They caused me the most pain." Zach said holding a huge stick, he took the first swing at Martin.


All Paisley heard was the stick hitting something hard and the blood that made it's way to her vision. She looked at the boy who was being beaten with no mercy, the other brother screaming loudly as his brother was being beaten in front of him.

The two others grabbed the other brother and pulled him to a nearby tree and tied him up. Paisley didn't dare look over, all she could look at was the boy whose eyes looked into hers. He looked at her as blood was spilling out, he tried to speak but then his head was crushed when Zach smashed it with all his anger breaking the stick. Paisley looked in horror at the aftermath, everything was blurry as blood flowed towards her

She backed away, her breath hitching before she vomited at smell of death and the sight of blood


Once she regain her composer, she looked at Zach with a confused mixed with fear,"What? It's revenge!" He yelled with no remorse of what he done, he kicked Martin's semi- living corpse,"T-This is..this is-" "Beautiful, isn't it?" Donita asked pulling on something that Paisley couldn't make out,"Wouldn't this make a beautiful scarf?" The fashionista asked posing with a red organ on her shoulders that resembled a feather boa

Paisley gagged in disgust feeling like she was about to vomit again, Gaston was chewing on something..oh god no..was he- "Ta-a-sty!" "Gross!" "You're the one wearing the green one's intestine as a scarf!" "It's fancy! Who knew the human body had so many fashionable parts?" "Same with the meats! I gotta get more when we're done!"

The business woman fell to the ground and held her head down, she was trying to block everything out..the screaming..everything was terrible..she wanted to get out of here, she didn't care about paving the forest anymore..she wanted to escape this..


"I've long to do feels..euphoric." Zack laughed holding his head back,"Tell me about it!" "10 long years, we finally get our revenge!"

Paisley lifted her head, 10 years? They've..been planning this for 10 years?


"Oh god.."

She helped them..she helped them get a hold of the brothers..she was responsible for this


It was her fault










The woman snapped out her memory and looked up as half of the area was now paved over,"I-I missed it?" "I tried delaying them, but we were on a tight schedule." Rex apologized,"It's..fine..I'm going home." She said as she let herself off the lift

"Are you sure..? You look..pale." Paisley flipped her hand,"I'm fine..just need some rest.."






Another 12 hours pasted


Paisley was in her room crying into the pillow she held to her face, It was all her fault. She could have stopped them, but she never did. Those eyes looking at her, begging, it scared her

She sat up still holding the pillow. The woman went into the bathroom to splash water into her face, once her face was drench in water she used a towel to wash it off. Paisley looked into her dead gray eyes as the tears dried up

"I'm a monster.."


"Why didn't you save us?"


She turned around hearing a familer voice


"Why did you just stand there? You could have saved us...from our fate.."


Another voice said. Paisley started to cry,"Who are you?! Please leave me alone!" She screamed looking around in fear


"You don't deserve to live.."


The woman ran out the bathroom towards the front door






She tried to open the window






The woman started to panic again,"Who are you?! What do you want?!" Two figures appeared in front of the little woman and she stopped breathing. Martin and Chris. Martin had blood on his clothes and his head was gone.

But Chris looked the most scary,"Oh god..what did they do to you?" He was missing his lower jaw and eye


"You could have stopped them..but you never stepped in.."


The two walked up to her. Paisley started to sob,"I'm sorry!! I'm so sorry!!" She screamed falling to the ground


When she looked up through her haze, they were gone. But something replaced that. A noose. The small woman stood up slowly and started to shake,"Is this the only way you two can be freed?"




Paisley took the rope in her hands,"I guess I don't have a choice." She said as she put it around her neck. But before any other action was made. A note was written. A small note.

It explained everything and why she needed to do this decision.

But she wasn't the one who wrote it

The note was placed at her feet for her to see, Paisley took her glasses off and placed them down next to the note, a breath escaped as the rope took hold of her neck, that was when





She jumped








"Miss Paisley! Wake up! Please!"


The business woman opened her eyes, Rex was in her line of vision, tears streaming down his face

She jolted up,"Thank lord you're not dead!" He yelled grabbing her hands,"W-What were you doing?!"


Paisley looked around, the rope was still there, flowers were by the door



She hugged Rex before letting herself finally break down,"It was my fault! I'm the reason they're dead! I deserve to die!" Rex looked confused, but hugged back




"It'll be alright.."

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"Dr McStuffins! Patient in room 590 is having a seizure!" A woman in a coat wearing a stethoscope around her neck matched to the room, a man was spazzing around while foam appeared out his mouth,"Nurse! Get me a syringe, Benzodiazepine 7!"

The woman screamed making a lady run out to find the syringe, she returned with the syringe and gave it to the doctor,"Thank you!" She yelled as she injected it. The man slowly stopped spazzing,"Stay calm sir. Everything's ok." Dottie said patting his head,"Thank you doc." He said getting laid back by the two nurses in the room,"No problem. Get well Joe." She left with a smile across her face.


Dottie took a drive back to her house when she got a call,"Dr McStuffins of the West-ford hospital speaking." "Wow. Formal much. It's me, Donny." Dottie took a turn into her drive-thru,"Oh hey Donny! How are you and Alissa doing?"

"Great! Her due date is next month!"

"That's amazing bro! I'm happy for you!"

"Anyways,I called to tell you that Mom and Dad are moving out their house." Dottie got out the car,"And you want me to-"

"Stop by tomorrow to grab some childhood stuff! We could sell them or maybe you can give those stuffed animals to the kids at the hospital."

"I'm off tomorrow so I guess I could stop by and grab those toys who I thought was alive."

"Oh yeah. I remember when you went into that small house with injured toys and fixed them. You said they were alive."

"I felt like they were alive. But now that I have a more grasp on logic, that was just my imagination going."

"Yeah. You had a crazy one."

"See you later!"

"See ya!" Dottie out out the car taking her bag with her




Two people walked into the yard of an old home,"Wow..this place didn't change one bit!" Donny said looking around impressed," many memories." Dottie said looking at the yard where a small house used to be.

They walked into the house where their parents were packing,"Hey ma! Hey pa!" Donny said as he walked in,"Kids! You surprised me! I didn't know you were visiting!"

Maisha said,"We just decided to stop by to look at the old place. Me and Alissa want to get it so we could raise our children here!" "My best guess was Dottie having kids, but turns out she just had a successful career which she got from me!" Marcus said while taking a box out the room,"Mind if I go into my room to get some stuff?" "Go ahead sweetie."



The woman looked into her old room. It was just the same as she left it. Nothing changed. Her bed was the same way, her toys were on that bed

Stuffy the competitive dragon.

Hallie the best assistant anyone could ask for.

Lambie the sweet lamb.

And Snowy the coward snowman who got the job done.

Dottie looked at them and laughed,"Come to life? Wow I must have been crazy to think that!" Dottie said grabbing them and putting them into a bag she brought,"But maybe some kid might like them. After I wash them." Dottie left her room.












A few days later

Dottie walked the halls of the hospital holding a box with something, she took the elevator to the 6th floor where the kids area was. The area was calming and very quiet

Children, Teens, Preteens, and toddlers played up here while the babies played on the other side, the area had one teen reading a book and the rest were 3 kids who were all playing with toys.


The area was for the kids who had learning disabilities or ones who were hurting physically or mentally. Dottie walked over to the group and keeled down,"Doc Stuffins!" A kid pointed,"It's McStuffins but you're getting there. I have a huge surprise!" The kids and the teen listened excited, Dottie grabbed Stuffy and showed him, a little girl saw him and lighten up

"His name is Stuffy. He's a brave dragon and only wants to be your friend." She placed him down and the little girl grabbed him giving him a hug, Dottie took out Lambie,"This is Lambie. She's a sweet little lamb who wants to have adventures!" She placed her down and the boy grabbed her looking at her with a smile,"She's me!" He said with a smile,"She is! I can tell you two will be best friends!"

Dottie grabbed Hallie next,"This is Hallie. She's a nurse and assistant. She's a great companion to have and will help you if you have any problems!" She placed her down and a child grabbed her,"I want to be a doctor just like you one day!"

they said hugging the hippo,"You can if you try hard enough, and Hallie will be there to help you become one." Finally she took out Snowy,"This is Snowy. A scared snowman who doesn't like the sun but he's heroic when the time comes for a hero!" The teen reached out for him and Dottie gave him to them. They looked into his black bead eyes and hugged it

"I hope you have fun with them. They made me very happy." Dottie said standing up taking the box with her


She looked back at the dolls with a smile knowing they were now happy with new friends to play with

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Under the sea,was a team who saved the sea life that inhabited it. One of the members was mentally destroyed as a child,he was losing sanity every moment he was alone. When he joined the Octonauts,his sanity grew when he was near the captain who was the only one who knew about his state. They grown a bond that was almost unbreakable,until one night. Everything seemed normal,the captain and another member named Peso was scoping out the area.

The mentally destroyed cat always stayed near where the ships were come in if the leader went out,in case he came back. But no ship came back,a bloodied penguin came back. He saw that they were attacked by a great white and the captain sacrificed himself to save the penguin. That was it. All the sanity that he was rebuilding. Was gone. One strained was left and it was breaking.

He found himself alone again,but that was the moment,it broke. He had forgotten that being alone only broke him more. The cat stood up from his bed wearing a smile of insanity.






Night came over the Octopod. Everyone was doing their own things and some were sleeping. One was in the kitchen holding a knife,his eyes didn't leave the blade. It was sharp. He needed it to be sharp so the job can be done faster. Kwazii held out his writs with that smile still on his face,he held it over the skin and start to move it,"Who's in here?" The cat stopped before the knife even touched his skin,Dashi walked in looking confused,she noticed the knife in his hand

"Why..are you holding that?" She asked slowly approaching him,that's when tears slowly fell down his eyes. The dog ran up and hugged him,"I...I miss him.." "I know..I miss him too.." Dashi said patting his back,but that was when something snapped. His hands moved by themselves the knife still in his hands,he stabbed her back. The dog fell to the ground screaming,the cat looked at her with a fearful expression

"W..Why?" "G..Get away from me!" Kwazii screamed holding the now bloodied knife,Dashi stood up looking at him confused. The cat looked down at the knife with blood on it,"No..No..No..I can't let her go..she'll tell everyone..and..and..hehehe.." The cat giggled as he walked towards the dog,"Kwazii?" "Oh know,maybe if you would have left me alone..and minded your own business..I would have died..and you wouldn't have to.." In a quick movement the knife was found in the dog's chest,her breath was taken away.

Kwazii watched as her body fell down to the floor dead. The blood on the knife shined red,'kill them all..' a voice said in his ear. A sicking smile crossed his face as he walked out the kitchen leaving the dead body behind.






Inkling sat in his library reading a book and eating biscuits while drinking tea,he was enjoying the night until a knock was heard on his door,"Come in!" He said not looking up knowing it must be one of his friendly members. But the blood thirsty cat walked in holding the knife drench in blood that dripped to the carpet that stained it,with that smile he lunged towards the octoling and stabbed him in the head.








Peso was in his room talking with Codish,they were just talking about the captain and how it's sad that he was dead and how the team is going to move on from it. That was when his door was knocked on,he looked at the time,4:34,who would be up at this time? Peso opened the door before being pined to the ground and a knife being stabbed into his head two times. Kwazii looked at the vegimal with that smile.






The rest of the vegimals were in their garden planting and taking the grown plants out,Condish walked in to be greeted with happy faces until Kwazii walked in behind them holding the blood soak knife to the point blood covered his paw.








Shellington sat in a hidden place in the Octopod that nobody knew about,only he knew. But he was here to do something. A katana sat in front of him as he shut his eyes,the door behind him opened showing the cat holding the knife in one hand and in the other the head of a rabbit,"Hm. I was wondering when you'd fine me." "Your spot was pretty hard to fine,but easy none the less." The otter stood up taking the weapon in his hand,"So..after all this time..we meet again..huh Kwazii? Or should I say..Agalierapt?" The otter looked at the cat looking stern

"You still remember my name. That's so sweet of you!" "How can I forget you? You made me kill my family." "Aw yes..but you didn't do the last action." Shellington looked deadly at them,"Because I'm not weak. I had a reason to live. But now..I don't. You killed everyone I loved..AGAIN." The otter started to walk away. The cat followed holding the knife ready to attack,"Where do you think YOUR going?" "Finishing this." Shellington walked into the main area still holding his weapon,he took hold of a container of gasoline and started to pour it out. The cat watched as he walked down the halls and went through each room.


When he was done,the otter took hold of a lighter and lit it. But before he lit it,he ran towards the control panel and moved the ship towards an oil refinement. But the demon grabbed him and threw him to the ground

"You can kill me? I'll keep living and killing people til the end of this world!" The otter laughed as he pointed towards the oil spill that was covering the water,that's when the lighter was lit and dropped into the gasoline. A flame broke out lighting the oil,"Fire kills demons right? Guess this is the end." Shellington said standing up,"You doomed yourself as well!" "I know.." The otter grabbed the katana and held it over his chest,"I planned this. I'll see you soon." The weapon stabbed through his stomach making the animal fall to the ground lifeless.



The demon tried to put it out but only caused the fire to grow. He thought but then stopped when the body sat down and watched the fire,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Kwazii smiled as the fire and smoke moved towards him,"I tried captain..I tried.." He said as the flames consumed him and the demon.

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Let's start with the most obvious.

Max and Ruby live alone. There's a picture that has Max, Ruby, and their parents. And they showed up in an episode,the problem is why were they gone? More questionable,why aren't they living with their grandma if their parents were gone? Here's a personal theory. Max is Ruby's child that she had on accident, her parents left so they could process this.

The grandma didn't know either so she was led on to believe that Max was her brother. They are able to live alone due to the father of Max giving them money to take care of them.


Who is the father? Who's the only male bunny who hangs out with Max and treats him the way a father would to a child? Roger Piazza. Ruby and Roger know what..and Max was made, But instead of leaving he helped out by giving money so they could live in the house til her parents came back and visited his son and being the father he needed to be.


Since Max is very young and has a mental disability due to being born by someone who was nowhere near puberty,he believed that Ruby's parents were his parents and believed that Ruby was just his older sister and not mother. Ruby got everyone to agree not to tell Max since it would be awkward and she didn't want to think about that moment,they all agreed. The only two clueless was the grandmother and Max.



Everything was fine. But Ruby wished her parents came back since taking care of a kid was hard without help,Roger was there but he never stopped by at the right time but only gave money he made at his dad's business which wasn't much. That's why she doesn't get seen going to school,she doesn't go. Unless Max is at school or someone is babysitting him for no charge.



One day,the parents came back. Max saw them and called them mom and dad,Ruby told them that she told Max that she's just his sister and that they were our parents. The two agreed to go along. Those few days past,they even got a family picture. The parents left off money before leaving due to work in another state. Ruby was just happy her parents were disappointed in her.


Everything went on like it needed to,everyone lied to Max and made sure he never knew the truth on who his true mom is..and he'll never know..





Or maybe Max sold his parents to pirates to buy toys IDK

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A boy with orange hair and blue goggles, walked slowly towards his preschool, he had taken a different path then he usually takes because he rather not encounter his friends and have them worrying

On his face, a black bruise stayed on his left check, but he wasn't going to say what happened, maybe everyone wouldn't notice


The school was in sight, the boy looked at it to make sure everyone got into the school before he did. Once he knew everyone was inside, he went in himself

"Good morning class!" Mr.Grouper said as the guppies sat down on the steps, but one was missing,"Where's Nonny?" everyone looked around,"I think he's sick. Should we-" The boy walked in with his head hanging down low,"Morning Nonny! How are you feeling?" Grouper asked with a bright smile, the boy looked up but only brought more attention to the bruise

"Oh my goodness! What happened?!" Molly yelled running over to him, he didn't say anything. He put his bag up and sat away from the others looking down, everyone looked at him in concern. Molly took her seat next to Gil sharing everyone's concern

"Is..everything alright Nonny?"

Nonny stayed silent, he covered the bruise with his hand

Grouper sighed,"Alright, now class you can go play while I talk to Nonny." Everyone stood up and went in different directions to play

The fish floated beside Nonny as he kept looking down,"What happened?" He asked. Nonny didn't look up, Grouper put a fin around his shoulder,"You can tell me..Is it something happening at home?" The boy nodded

"Do you wanna talk about it?" The guppie shook his head and cover his face,"Alright..but if you need to. Please come talk to me." The fish left leaving the boy alone to his thoughts. Nonny's eyes were glossy from crying that morning, but he tried his best to hide it..who would even care?



It was lunch time now. Everyone had lunches that their parents made out of love, except Nonny. He had a small PB&J sandwich and a water bottle that's turning purple, the sandwich was only one slice and was very small.

The boy ate it in one bite not like he needed to try, he looked at the water and didn't even dare open it. Oona looked over at the boy who didn't come sit with the rest of them, she looked at her bowel of mac and cheese she had to eat and stood up with it in her hands. The purple haired guppy walked over to her best friend and tapped his shoulder

"Here..Have it. I'm not that hungry." She said giving a loving smile, Nonny took it from her hands looking a little more happily and somewhat hopeful. The girl gave him a spoon to eat the food, Nonny placed the bowel on the table he was sitting at and took a bite out the food. A small smile crossed his face feeling his growling stomach finally subsiding. But all that joy left when something made of glass hit the floor

"Dang it! I dropped my plate!" Zooli yelled trying to pick up the piece of glass before being stopped by Grouper who picked it up for her,"Never pick up sharp objects, you could get hurt!" Zooli nodded, the boy with glasses looked down panicking,"Are you ok?" Oona asked worried as she reached her hand out to comfort him but only made it worse. He pushed her down and ran towards the storage closet slamming the door shut



It was recess, everyone was outside enjoying the sun. But Nonny stayed inside drawing and Grouper was inside also watching him. When he was done with his drawing, he laid them out like a timeline. Three drawings marked on how it all played out.

The first drawing was of him dropping a plate, the second was of a lady yelling at him, and the last was of the lady hitting him.

Grouper looked at these drawings and understood what he was trying to say,"Your mother..hurts you?" Nonny nodded looking down sadly,"What about your dad?" The guppy didn't do anything,"Oh..I see..well go outside and play while I try to figure out something." The guppy nodded and walked outside into the blinding the sun.



The guppy sat on a rock looking down and away from the rest of the other kids hiding his black eyes and tears. His gaze looked up to see the new student standing there with a juice box,"I'm sorry for making you seem like you were dealing with a lot of stuff and I made it worse.." Zooli said looking really sorry, Nonny took the juice looking a bit happy but still felt sorrow,"Would you like to talk about it?"

Nonny didn't nod or shake, he just took a small sip of the juice. The girl sat beside him and looked at him,"So..why do you have a black eye?" Nonny looked down," that a little too personal?" "My mom..hit me..because I dropped a plate.." Zooli's eyes widen

"Your parents hurt you too?" She asked,the boy looked at her in shook,"I thought I was the only one..I guess I shouldn't feel alone anymore." "I always feel alone! Even when my Mom's there!" "I wish my dad was there..he would have stopped her.." Zooli pat his back softly,"Don't worry..Everything will be ok.." She said giving a sweet caring smile. Nonny looked at her and smiled back small tears going down his face.



It was time to go home. Oona waited by the exit so her and Nonny could walk home together, the boy walked over with his bag on his back. They started to walk towards their houses, Oona started to balance on a fence as the walked to her house that was right across from Nonny's house. Once they were there, they split and walked into their houses and different reality's.



Nonny looked at the table and saw there was a note addressed to him,"I'll be back around 4. Make yourself a sandwich for dinner." He sighed and walked to his room where he dropped his bag off in the corner. He took out a book and began to read.







7 hours past. The guppy was about to sleep but then his door slammed open,"Brat! Why are you awake?!" Nonny didn't speak..he looked down taking his glasses off so it didn't break. The lady's hand was lifted and crossed the small child's face in one movement.

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A Police ran into the building holding a gun out that had a flashlight,"FBI! Come out ****! This will be easier for everyone if you corroborate!" He yelled looking around. The man looked around walking into a room,he looked around but was stopped when he was stabbed in the back. He screamed and fell down,"Hehehe~" The girl smiled at guy and stabbed him in the heart, but she was kicked off and shot down by whoever came in

"------!" A female ran to him and cupped his face in her hands,"Hey..Goodway.." "Don't worry! We'll get help! I promise you we'll get-" "No..Please...don't.." He said giving a weak smile at her,"Please..I believe your campaign will go well and you'll be a great mayor for this town." The police officer closed his eyes before leaving the world,the woman started to cry losing her husband and the source of confidence she had left.



A Firefighter looked at the fire that engulfed the house,he looked in fear but knew he had to go in to save the child,"Go in! That child might be dead!" The man ran into the house feeling a sudden rush of adrenaline. Once inside he heard a loud scream coming from upstairs,but that was where the fired had started. He sucked up all his courage and ran upstairs into the flames,he went into the room where a little girl was sitting

"Come with m-" The fighter started to couch badly as the smoke filled his lungs,the girl backed away scared,"No..I won't hurt you. I'm here to save you.." The girl didn't move,her blue eyes not moving from him,"If you come with me..theres..a..*cough* a dog you can pet! At the station..just come with me..please*cough*." The girl grabbed his hand and was rushed out the house. She lived..but the man didn't..



A Deep-sea diver looked into the ocean as it switched and swayed rocking the boat,"Can you go take some photos for me? Theres' this squid I really want to see but it never comes to the surface." His partner said giving him a camera,"Alright. I was wanting to go in the water anyhow." The diver said as he put on the gear with his partner helping him,"Be careful ok?" "I will Horatio, don't worry so much."

"You're right -------..good luck!" The two shared a kiss before the diver went into the sea to take a photo of the squid. The deeper he went the more darker it became, he looked around trying to find the creature so he could snap a quick pic. But soon he was at the bottom, his oxygen was low but he needed this photo. But all that came to an end when, a huge thing with tentacles came from behind and started to choke him. The diver took out a knife and began to stab the tentacles holding his neck, legs, and arms, once freed he ran towards the surface but was dragged back down and descended into darkness.



A Construction worker was working on a new building in town square,he was looking at the plans and changing a few things,"Hey ----! What should we put the water?" "Around the stature. Duh." He said jokingly,the worker walked towards the structure they were building and nodded in appreciation of the amazing sculpting.

But then whoever was keeping it together dropped the rope and it fell,the worker heard a shoat but didn't act quick enough and he was crushed with the statue.



A Professional flyer was up in the sky where she was meant to be,she took in the air of the night sky her worries leaving her. She reached out the plane and held some of the cloud in her hand,"This is living!" She screamed as she made a left turn.

A sigh escaped as she left go of the wheel for a bit,"Maybe it's time to turn in." She said as she headed home. But something went wrong,her plane stopped working and every system went off. The flyer try to get it to work very quickly but it was too late, she hit the ground and two wooden spikes stuck themselves in her eyes killing her at impact.



The Eco helper picked up some trash that people never bother picking up,he was fine with it though. He looked over and saw people throw stuff into the water,"H..Hey! Stop it!" He yelled running over to the teens that were doing it

"Ohh! So sorry, we'll pick it up. Oh wait! You pick it,it's your job!" One laughed. The Eco helper looked at the water and started to panic,"No! You were the ones to drop it,so it's your-" The teens walked away not listening to what he says. The man looked at the trash and took in a breath, he picked them up since it was just in the sallow area,"That wasn't so bad." He said smiling weakly.

The Eco helped walked over to the recycle can and placed all the things he picked up. He walked away but was stopped when those same teens emptied out another trash can he picked up,"Pick it up tree huger!" The boys ran away laughing. The Eco looked down hiding tears that was about to go down, he picked up all the trash with tears streaming down his face.


The Eco helper was at the beach again,but for a different reason. Those same teens were there throwing trash in,"Oh hey! Go pick it up!" They laughed. The helper walked into the water his eyes gray and drained of life, on the sand he placed a letter where the tides can't reach. He then walked into the deep end, he closed his eyes and put his head below not letting it come out even as it hurt to breath. Those teens ran to get help but the helper who just wanted to help the world be more green, died with water filling his lungs.



A ski director was on the snowy mountain looking out on the snow,"------! Come inside,they said theres a blizzard coming!" Her husband called out from the cabin both of them share,"Hold on Jake,I want to ride one last time for today!" The director took her bored out and was ready to go

"What if you get cought in the storm?" "I'll be fine! Trust me!" She said as she road off away from the cabin and into the snowy wonderland she lived in. The snow fell in her face but she was still able to see,the woman felt alive. But all that joy left when the a bunch of snow came her way. She started to run towards the cabin but..she tripped on the snow..and was pulled into the storm.



A forest explorer looked around the area deciding where to go,but he had gotten loss. So he looked at the paths and took one towards a huge forest he never discovered,but he didn't know he was taking the path to his death.

One step in a huge hiss was heard,he froze as a snake wrapped around his legs. Then in someway, he was hit against the trees making him bleed out and dying on the forest floor as the woods hid his body in the trees.




"Great job pups! You did great today!" Ryder said happily,"It's our duty and we're happy to do it,Ryder Sir!" Chase said as he stood up tall,Mayor Goodway walked over to where the dogs and the boy were,"I must say,you all did very well!"

Chase looked at the mayor and smiled,the mayor made eye contact at him,"You..remind me of someone..someone long ago.." She said petting his head,the dog looked at her with happy eyes. Ryder looked over and saw Zuma walking away,"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to see Cap'n Turbot. We're going to watch TV." He said as he walked away from the group

"Mind if I go for a fly Ryder? I feel like some air today." Skye asked,"Sure I suppose."

"May I see the statue? I wanna see how great it looks!"

"Can I go see Katie? I have some questions about pet grooming."

"Can I see Jake? I want to talk to him for awhile."

"Can I go see how the Eco team is?"

"Can I get a map? I need to make sure I don't go on the wrong path." Ryder sighed happily

"Go ahead!"

All the pups went different ways,"Ryder dear? Would you like to have tea with us?" Goodway asked talking about her and Chase,"Sounds good." The three walked into townhall.


Marshall talked to the little girl he saved that day


Zuma was with his lover he lost on that day


Rubble was able to see the statue that took his life on that day


Skye was back in the sky but now was in full control unlike that day


Rocky was happy to see people help the world even those two teens from that day


Everest was talking to her husband she didn't listen to that day


Tracker was able to find the thing he didn't find that day


Chase was finally with his wife and son,as a family he never got to be due to that day

Chapter Text

"Did you guys hear?" Amaya asked as she walked to school with her two best friends,"Hear what?" Greg asked holding an instrument case,"They found the handle of a jump rope at the scene of the crime, Mrs Hamburg's scene." "You didn't grab it before we left?" Connor asked drinking a juice box,"I forgot.." Amaya looked down in shame,"It's fine, just be more careful next time."


The three kids walked up to the school walkway into the school where a boy was waiting,"Hey losers! Where's the money?" He asked trying to sound intimidating ,the three just looked at him with smiles,"We don't have it now..but our parents are bringing us money around lunch." Connor said,"Really?" "Yep. Come to the music room before lunch and we'll give it to you." Greg said gripping the case handle tightly

"Isn't that room closed off from us?" "Want the money or not?" Amaya asked annoyed,"Alright Alright. See you loser then." The kid walked away thinking he'll get his money



Lunch was rolling around and all the kids were in class paying attention, Amaya raised her hand,"Excuse me Mr Smith. Me, Connor, Greg, and James have to get to the music room." The teacher turned around taking his glasses off,"Why? The program is shut down for the next 5 months." "We have music practice after school. Me, Amaya and James forgot ours in the room." Connor said

"Hmm, I suppose so..please make it back before the bell rings." Mr Smith turned around and went back to teaching. The 4 kids got up and walked into the hall, they made a turn to the music room that was empty due to the death of their teacher Mrs Hamburg


"Money. Now!" James said holding his hand out to each one of the kids, they just smiled. Connor locked the door making sure that their victim couldn't get away,"Come on! Give me the-" The boy stopped when Greg open his case taking out not an instrument, but a gun

"What's going on?!" He yelled baking up, the girl grabbed his arm pulling him towards the blonde haired boy,"Hold him still..I could only find one bullet in my dad's closet."

Greg said holding the silencer to the boy's head,"Please let me go! I won't ever pick on you again!" The three just laughed,"You think we're doing this for revenge?! What a laugh!" Amaya laughed as she kept his head still by holding his neck, Connor tied his arms together with violin strings. Greg held the firearm to his head holding a finger to his lip before taking the shot



The three walked back into the class holding their instrument cases,"Where's James?" "He said he had to do something and left. We're not sure where he went." Amaya said looking innocent along with her two friends,"That boy must have gone home, I'll call his parents after class. All right class, you are dismissed."

Everyone jumped up and ran to the lunch room to enjoy a meal then run and play outside. The three kids put their cases up and went to the lunch room with the rest of the class.




When they were done eating, Connor led the two to the music room where the body of James was laying in his own blood. Greg opened a window that had a trash can right below it, Connor threw his body down into the can and jumped out,"You know where to take him right?" Amaya asked,"Yep, tell Mr Smith that I'm in the bathroom."


The brown haired boy started to push the cart to a hidden sewer grate behind the school, it led to a warehouse just outside of town where the three would hide the bodies

They would cut the bodies and bury them in the ground which they would have done with their latest victim which was the music teacher but they were almost caught so they had to flee, the boy would have loved to cut apart the newest victim, but since Connor didn't have the time he just dumped his body there on a blue tarp they laid out. He turned around and made his way back to the school just before the bell ringed


"Connor, where were you?" Smith asked as the boy walked in looking tired,"I was in the bathroom." He said sitting down next to a girl with silver hair,"Ok..? Make sure to get to class on time." The teacher said going back to writing stuff on the bored


The three killers smiled at each other











School was now out for the weekend, the three friends met up outside the school to cut the new corpse up

They walked the opposite way that they usually do, but this time, a kid followed behind. It was a boy with brown hair and green eyes, he talked to the three kids but has noticed that they seemed to be very..unnerving. The boy named Cameron followed them to a warehouse,"Did you bring the saw?"

Amaya opened her backpack showing a saw,"Never forgot." She said putting her bag back on, the boy hid behind a tree watching the three walk into the warehouse. Greg looked both ways before closing and locking the door.


Cameron walked towards a pile of hay that looked decayed, he climbed it and looked through the blurry window. He couldn't see much the only thing he could see was the colors of his friend's clothes, the boy could tell Connor was cutting something and Greg was cleaning up the floor while Amaya watched, Cameron got off the hay and decided that they were just doing something not of his concern

He was about to walk away but he tripped on something sticking out the ground, it was something made of bone.


The boy started to panic and dig out whatever it was, he was just praying it was of an animal. was of the chard remains of his sister that gone missing 6 months ago, a loud scream came out his mouth along with sobs. Cameron stood up slowly but started to panic as the door of the warehouse opened showing the brown haired girl,"Cameron? What are you doing here?"

She asked giving a friendly smile, but the boy didn't respond as he backed up. Amaya looked back giving a small wink as a signal,"What's wrong?" She asked as she walked up to the frighten boy

"G-Get away!" Cameron screamed,"Why are you scared? I'm not going to hurt you." She said walking in with open arms, Cameron was about to run but was stopped when an arrow made it's way to his arm. A scream came out his mouth as he fell down, Greg lowered the weapon giving a small chuckle. The two dragged him into the warehouse locking the door


Cameron screamed out as Amaya tied his arms and legs down,"Stop screaming,nobody can hear you." Connor said finishing his cutting job and cleaning the blood off his face. The three stood in front of him looking annoyed,"We didn't have anyone else planned for the next 2 weeks..but I guess we could kill you and save us 4 weeks." Connor said patting the scared boy's head

"We could just stab him in the head..or maybe the chest.." Amaya suggested taking hold on a sharpen knife off the table,"I was thinking more a bullet to the head." Greg suggested taking the silencer out his case

"What about burning him alive like we did to his sister?" Connor suggested holding a match and container of gasoline

The three started to brain storm what they could do to kill the former friend, that's when a ring was heard. It was Greg's phone, Connor covered Cameron's mouth before the blonde answered

"Hey mom! I'm with my friends right now, I'll be back at-what? But we have something to to study.." The two watched as Greg's expression shifted,"Ok fine, I'll be home in a moment." He hung up,"My mom said I have to go home now." He said annoyed,"That's fine. We'll just put him in the freezer." Amaya said referring to the body,"What about our guest?" "We can tie him up on that hook." Connor said pointing up at a hook that descended from the ceiling.



The three friends took their other friend by the wrist and put him on the hook lifting him up, Connor made sure the rope was tied on to the weight so it wouldn't break off,"Hey isn't it Melissa's birthday tomorrow?" Greg asked,"Yeah! We should poison the cake while we're there!" Amaya suggested,"That sounds great! I'll bring the poison." Connor said. The three left laughing happily.




When the moon came out, everyone fell asleep. Cameron has been trying to get his hands free from the ropes,the warehouse was so dark that he couldn't see what's going on around him. The boy screamed out for anyone to help but nobody was around to hear, The green eyed boy wanted to give up but he didn't just yet.

All his strength was put into trying to escape so he wouldn't be the victim to the three, that was when he started to calm down. Cameron put his thoughts in his brain so he could think,that was when he started to move his hands out the ropes and now he was free. He hit the ground on impact causing blood to pool around him which knocked him out.






"Happy birthday Melissa!" Connor said holding gifts while talking to the girl with silver hair,"Thank you for coming guys! I'm so happy you made it!" She said over joyed,Greg and Amaya held gifts as well sharing the same smile that Connor had

"You can put them over there if you'd like." The three placed the boxes that were highly decorated on the table,"So where's the cake? I want to take a picture of it." Greg asked,"It's in the kitchen! My dad's decorating it, I'm sure he'll let you take a look!" The three walked over to the screen door that was open but nobody was inside,in the kitchen a man was over a cake,"I'll distract him, Greg you choke him, and Connor you put the poison in."


Amaya ordered,the two nodded. Amaya took out a long piece of wires and gave it to Greg,she walked into the kitchen hands behind her back,"Hello Mr Moon!" The man turned around surprised,"Oh hello. You came for the party?" "Yep! Me and my friends came!" She said smiling sweetly. Greg made his way behind the man holding the wires in his hands,"Are you close friends with my daughter?"

"Not really, but I do consider us as friends!" Before Mr Moon could respond Greg attacked wrapping the wire around his neck choking him, Amaya helped keeping the man down and covering his mouth. Once he stopped moving, the two dragged his body to a closet. Connor took this chance to add poison to the frosting, he did the remaining bits that were left to do and then placed the bag down next to the poison bottle,"A perfect birthday cake." he said with a proud smile.




Cameron made his way towards the birthday party blood still on his head,he needed to get everyone out as fast as he could. When he was there,he went through the window to not be seen. From the backyard,singing was heard meaning none of the people ate the cake yet. The boy took a step but then saw the two separate containers on the table,"Oh no.." He ran to the back quickly.

The grown ups started to cut the cake into pieces but was stopped when the brown haired boy ran in,"DON'T EAT IT! The frosting's poisoned!" He yelled stopping everything. The three friends looked at him in fear

"How did he-" Amaya was quick to react,"What are you talking about? The cake's fine! See?" She walked towards it and took the half that haven't been touched with the poison, she licked her finger giving a delightful hum,"This is absolutely amazing! Would anyone else like some?" Amaya asked smiling happily, before anyone could even move the boy took the cake and threw it

"THEY'RE LYING! THEY TRIED TO KILL ME!" He scream pointing at the three,Melissa looked at the cake feeling tears build up,"You ruined my sister's birthday!" A girl who had longer silver hair yelled holding her sister close to her,"What is wrong with you?!" A grown up there yelled,"Yeah..what the heck?" Connor asked going along with everyone else,"But-But they have poison in the kitchen!" "Just..Leave.." Melissa said sobbing. Cameron walked away looking down in tears.





Once the party was over. Melissa's older sister went over to a friend's house leaving the littler sister alone with her three other friends,"That kid ruined everything.." She said holding onto a moon pillow her dad made her,"Do you want anything? I can go get it." Connor asked,"Yeah..that'll be juice please.." Melissa said. Connor walked downstairs taking the bottle of poison in his hand

A smile crossing his face as he poured the substance in. He mixed it together and walked upstairs,"Thanks.." The girl took it from his hands,the boy gave the signal to his friends and they too gave that smile.


The girl took a little sip before something hit the window,"What was that?!" "We'll go check it out. You stay here." The three went downstairs leaving the room. Melissa looked through the window and saw the boy standing under her window"You need to get out!" He yelled,"What are you doing here? Are you going to ruin everything again?!" Cameron sighed,"Listen..those three aren't what they seem.

They tried to kill me and are trying to kill you!" He yelled,"What the heck are you talking about-" The girl was pulled back with a wire around her throat,"Melissa?! Are you there?!" he response. That's when someone looked out,it was the blonde haired boy,"Hello Cameron, wanna come up?" He asked giving a smile as a body hit the ground lifeless.
















The boy found himself running again,his ankle was twisted but he could never stop running since the three were following him,"Cameron! Come back!" Connor yelled out sounding like a concerned friend. But soon Cameron stopped in the middle of the streets,the three stopped confused,"No...I won't run anymore..I'm going to take you three down for killing my sister.." Amaya looked to the side and gave a signal to the boys. They started to walk towards him, the boy stood his ground. But stopped when Greg handed him a gun,"Go ahead..take the shot."

He said giving a weak smile. Cameron looked at the gun and pointed it at the three, but just as they planned Amaya screamed loudly. The house doors open with a commotion,one owner calling the police one grabbing a bat and one stepping in to help the kids get away from the boy.







"Who would have thought that Cameron would be the killer." A boy with black hair and a white streak going through it,"I's unbelievable.." A boy with brown hair said. The news went out that the boy was sent to an asylum for the rest of his life. Life became normal again.





"You wanted to see me here?" a boy named Kevin asked as he entered the empty music room. Nobody was there. He walked in completely looking around but his thoughts were stopped when a knife was on his neck

"Shooo..if you scream..we'll make your death more painful." A friendly voice said that sounded like a females voice, two boys walked into the picture one holding a gun to his head and the other a can of gasoline,"How shall he die?" One asked,"I feel a quick stab.." "I think a bullet to the head is better.." "Now way..a burned body is better.." The three gave a sicking smile,"Let's do all three."

Chapter Text

A carpet flew over Zahramay Falls as it went over to a house that wasn't far to begin with but the one flying the carpet didn't want to waste time walking. That genie was the Princess Samira,she was visiting someone who didn't want to see her. That person was her old friend,Zeta,she stayed away from the rest of the world in her own tower out of Zahramay Falls even though the princess allowed her to stay in the castle but she refused. Samira wanted to see if she would forgive her for whatever grudge she held against her so the could be friends again.


The carpet came to a stop in front of the dark house,it stood up tremendously from the colorful world. Samira knocked on the door waiting for an response,nothing,she knocked again. Nothing

"Zeta? It's me..Samira..I would like to talk to you. Don't worry,nobody is here with me." She said standing with a small smile,still nothing. The princess was about to knock again but the door opened,"Zeta!" Samira said seeing the girl beat up and wearing baggy clothes,"Hello..Sam..what brings you around here?" Zeta asked giving a weak smile

"I..came to talk to you..can I-" The sorceress opened the door completely letting her ex-friend in,"Nobody has seen you in 4 days." "And who cares?" She asked closing the door,Samira looked around the tower she lived in. It was really nice,well kept too,"Well..not many-" "Just as I expected..if I disappear then nobody would care." Zeta said walking towards the kitchen,"I would care.." Samira said following her.

The purple haired girl didn't say anything and just took out the stuff needed to make coffee,"Would you like some?" "That would be nice." The princess sat down looking around the cute looking kitchen. It had pictures of animals that were found in the human world,"You like animals?" Zeta looked over,"Yeah..I used to go to the human realm and take pictures of animals that I wanted.." She said turning the machine on and watching the black substance pour down in the glass.


The turquoise haired genie looked at her old friend as she mumbled to herself a bit,"Mind if I go to the bathroom?" Samira asked,"'s on the left of my room." Zeta said not looking up. Samira got up and walked towards the stairs. On the way there,she looked at the pictures that lined the walls. They were just of family and more animals. Once upstairs,the princess opened the bathroom door to be met with an also cute looking scene that didn't match the outside of the house. But she didn't want to go to the bathroom,she wanted to look around a bit.

The princess opened Zeta's room door to see a horrifying sight,a noose hanging from the ceiling..along with a letter folded down on the bed. Samira covered her mouth feeling tears fill her eyes,her friend would have killed herself if she didn't come. The princess picked up the note and opened it to be met with words among words.







Hello. If your reading this. Then you haven't listen to what I wrote on my door.

I said not to open the door and call the police. They would have handled everything else.

But like they say,curiosity killed the cat.

Anyways,If you care enough..I guess I'll tell you why I did this..


Back when I was training to be a powerful genie,I always felt like I didn't matter

But nobody noticed..not even my own 'friend' that I loved deeply

When I failed the test,I was devastated..I stopped talking to everyone feeling like a  failure

My friend Samira passed however,and I hated her for it

Then I became this bitter old  person who wanted to take over Zahramay Falls


That's not the case


I wanted to be given a home but everyone hated me

I don't hate Samira...I love much..

But everyone sees me as a villain..

Do I want to be seen as a villain? No. I want to be seen as a normal genie of Zahramay Falls


But nobody gave me that chance to redeem myself and help the city grow

Nobody cared


So one day,I decided that i needed to leave so the city can destroy this tower and make the kingdom grow  more

So to make their job easier,I'll end it all

I'll make everyone's life easier and end myself

It's for the best


To Samira,I love you. I always have. If you end up reading this for any reason,know I love you. I wish I told you that..but my hatred over powered me

Maybe we'll meet in the after life..or in another life..maybe we'll be lover in the other world..or maybe just anyway,I will be much better to you


That's all I have to say. I can't stay any longer. Maybe my body will be in the room where I sleep or in the bathroom where I take baths..who knows..only I do..


With Love and Hate,Zeta.U. Sorceress








Samira looked up from the note tears down her face hitting the ground,"The coffees-" Zeta looked at her open door and saw Samira holding the note she wrote. The two looked at each other like a long staring contest,The sorceress broke the silence," read it? Was it good?" She asked trying to avoid the severity of the moment,"Why are you so..calm about this? You tried to kill yourself.." Zeta sighed before turning around and walking but was stopped when her friend grabbed her arm,"Ow! Stop it! It hurts!" She screamed trying to stop Samira's nails away from her cuts

"Why would you think of doing this?!" Samira screamed tears streaming down her face,"Stop pretending you care! Nobody cares!" Zeta screamed back trying to get her arm away,"I care! I always cared! I wanted to help but you always shut me out!" The two girl locked eyes both crying.


Soon,Zeta broke down falling down. Samira looked down at her as she sobbed out,she keeled down grabbing her hand,"Nobody cares! Why do you care so much?!" Zeta sobbed her tears staining her face and her eyes going all red and puffy,"I care-" The princess hugged her friend,"Because I love much.." The sorceress started to cry more as she hugged back.



The tower was filled with crying












A new couple walked through town holding hands,they walked into a small shop that sold cinnamon-buns,"Hello Princess Samira-" The owner looked up and saw Zeta holding her hand,"2 cinnamon-buns please."

Chapter Text


What's Romeo looking at?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


























"Hey Romeo?" Cat Boy asked as he hanged off a tree,"What?" "Are you gay?" the boy paused from working and looked at his enemy,"No..Why do you ask?" Romeo asked blushing a bit,"Gekko said he seen you staring at me a lot. So I just wanted to know-" "Well you can't keep believing everything! I wouldn't want to be your boyfriend even if you asked! I wouldn't even blow you if you payed me all your allowance!" Cat Boy looked down confused,"I..didn't say anything about-" "You think that i think about you every night? You must be thinking about ME every night! That makes YOU the gay one." The boy in blue went down from the tree and stood beside Romeo,"I mean your really attractive..and I feel weird around you..and sometimes I'd wish you'd just fu-I mean..that's not what I meant! I think your really ugly and I would never a million you!"

Romeo yelled still denying himself,The other boy raised an eyebrow,"I do like you..but..but..I would never love you like a boy would love a girl! Never!" The scientist said turning his head,Cat boy placed a hand on his shoulder. Romeo looked at him still blushing,"You can tell me what you think..I wouldn't mind.." Cat Boy said smiling slightly,the other boy sighed,"The truth is..I really like you..and I would always fantasize us together..doing things. I really wanted to tell you my feelings but..I never had a chance to since you were always with the others. So..I stayed silent.." The younger boy looked at his crush blushing more,the older boy gave a smile and removed his hood,"It's ok..I feel the same way.." Connor said. The boy with black hair started to cry as he hugged the other boy who was now his lover.

Their hug was loving and didn't stop,"Can know?" Romeo asked,Connor knew what he meant and gladly did so. The two shared a loving kiss under the moon giving it a almost cliche feeling,but the thing that broke the cliche was when the older boy started to bite on the younger boy's neck causing a cute sound to come out. Connor looked into Romeo's eyes as they glossed over like glass,Connor removed his goggles so he could see his eyes clearer. He then went back to biting into his neck releasing small moans out the smaller boy,"Connor..I..I-" Romeo hushed him by picking him up,the younger male wrapped his legs around his waist his arms hooking to his neck.





Awhile later,they found themselves making out on the control panel of the PJ Mask's headquarters. They were all over each other touching each other none stop,once air became limited they separated to gasp in air,"So tell me..what kinds of fantasizes do you have of me?" Connor asked removing the boy's coat," I have a call me you..thrust into me.." Romeo said as his lab coat fell to the floor uselessly,"Really?" The older boy asked removing his shirt and throwing it to where the coat was,"Another is where me..against a table.." The younger boy said watching the older boy remove his pants,"Alright..are those the only ones?" He asked removing the boy's boxers,"I..I have other ones..but their a bit..graphic.." "What are they?" Connor asked taking hold of the member that poked out,"It's..It' bite me..everywhere..and me.." "Really? You think of that?" Romeo nodded turning his head biting into his hand,"Aw..that face is so cute.." Connor said rubbing his thumb over the tip of the member causing the younger boy to shudder at the feel.


Connor took off his own clothes not breaking his gaze from Romeo who was breathing harshly,once they were completely off he kissed Romeo again and flipped him over. The younger boy didn't protest,this potion wasn't unknown to him but having someone else putting him in this potion was almost too hard to handle. Connor lined himself to the boy and slowly..but surely did pushed in

















Welp..that's enough internet for the day people. I'm done writing this semi smut story. Sorry if it's not up to exception. But I hope you enojoyed none the less.

Chapter Text

The sounds of footsteps hitting the water of puddles that were formed for the rain,the girl who was running breathed heavily as she held her hand to her side that was bleeding. Annie kept running even though her legs were giving out on her,a fire shined in the distance which she was running from. It was keeping her in regret of what she did to cause the crash.



"Annie! Stop it!" Leo yelled trying to get his sister to stop messing with the stirring wheel,"I wanna drive!" She yelled trying to get it,"Annie please sit down.." June said looking out the rainy windows,"'s not safe to distract the driver." Quincy said cleaning up his trumpet. Annie still didn't listen and kept trying to grab it. That's when..everything went black.





The girl stopped near a open swear drain to catch her breath,she moved her hand away from the large bloody gash on her side. It hurt so much and it stopped her from moving. Annie laid against the wall crying. The rain hit hard against the stone that sent some water down to the ground some hitting the gash. Annie started to close her eyes drifting to sleep at least she thought she was going to sleep.






















The bodies of 4 kids were found on the flight of 167. They were the only ones who died. Crew said they somehow made their way to the control room when the pilot and co  pilot were on break. They sang songs and controlled the plane. At first nobody noticed but then the plane stopped moving and went down.


The parents said all kids had crazy imagination of traveling to a world of music


All of them had a dream that never came true


June Huang wanted to be a dancer

Quincy Pompey wanted to be a musician

Leo Schwartz wanted to be a music conductor

Annie Schwartz wanted to work with her older brother


4 little lives taken so soon


This is news channel 78,we'll be back after the break

Chapter Text

Julius was working on a new invention when the door was knocked on,he stood up from his desk and answered

"Hey Julius!" A familer face said happily,"Oh hey Clancy,How's it going?" The giraffe walked in looking really happy,"I wanted to ask if you would like to hang out and play hide and seek!" The monkey looked over confused,"Why? Don't you have a job?"

"Nope!" The monkey sighed,"Clancy I can't. I have to work,I was given this huge chance and I'm able to work for a huge company! This will help the company go to higher grounds so I need to focus since all the things I built in the path will help bring it higher!" Julius said pushing him to the door,"We can hang out later,Right now I'm busy." The door shut.


Clancy looked sorta hurt,"What? Ug,grown up stuff. Gross."




Worry Bear was outside holding bags full of food,"Hey! Over here!" The giraffe yelled running after the bear,"Hi Clancy..I can't talk right now,I need to get home before Julius starves himself." Clancy chased after him,"Come on! Let's play tag!"

The bear groaned,"Not now,besides I have things to do after." "Like what?" "I have to pick my daughter up from band practice." "Wait..daughter?!" "Yes,I told you me and Julius adopted her a few months ago." Worry Bear continued to walk,"After that can we hang out?" "I'm still busy,I'm helping at a homeless shelter." Clancy stopped following and watched the bear walk off.


"More boring grown up stuff!"







Sheree was mixing together a bowel full of flour,eggs,and white chocolate. She was making a cake for a wedding that she was invited to,"Hey Sheree!" Clancy said walking into the cake shop,"Oh hey Clancy,how are you?" "Not bad! Wanna go play?"

The raccoon looked at her calendar,"I'm sorry..But I'm booked. I have to work this whole week,Theres a lot of goods I need to make. So I'm sorry,but I won't be able to." She said putting the mixture in a pan,"Why not take a break?" "If I did then I won't be able to finish. I need to finish this cake today, thanks for stopping by!"



Clancy walked out and sighed,"Why is everyone busy all of a sudden?" He then remembered something,"Ping! She's free!"







Ping was at the airport ready to take the trip back to China,"Ping! There you are!" Clancy yelled running towards her,Clancy, hello.." She said not really wanting to see him today,"Why are you here? Are you waiting for someone?"

"No. I'm going back home." "This is your home!" "No it isn't..I'm going back to my home town. I belong there more then here." "Did you-" "Yes I told Sheree, Julius, and Worry Bear. I tried to call you but you wouldn't answer."

Someone came on the speaker

'Flight to Sichuan China is boarding.'

Ping grabbed her bags and looked at her friend,"You can't leave!" "I need to..for it is the best for my path..Zàijiànle(Goodbye for Now)." She walked away not looking back. 


Clancy watched as the plane took off and saw a quick glimpse of Ping as she shut the window,"This isn't fair! Why is everyone acting like adults all of a sudden?!" He yelled running out.










"Hello Clancy,How are you today?" A fox lady asked looking up from her clipboard,"Terrible! All my friends are grown up,and refuses to play with me!" "We all need to grow up one day."

"But..everything is changing too quick! Julius is working for a huge company that makes his work 24/7,Worry Bear is married to Julius and they even have a daughter! Sheree is running a bakery and has to make treats everyday so she doesn't have time to hang out and Ping is gone!" Clancy yelled

"It's called life,it can send us to paths that we didn't expect." "But I don't want to grow up! I want to play with my friends forever!" The fox took off her glasses,"I know how that is,but growing up is important to grow and move on from childhood. Your friends did and have achieved great things. Maybe you should-" "Convince them to play with me again?! Great idea,thanks doc!" "No wait-" The giraffe was already out the door.









Julius,Worry Bear,and their daughter were in the car driving through the streets when Clancy stopped them,"Oh dear god.." Julius honked the horn trying to get him out the way,"Guys! Let's go to the card bored box again! Let's play again!" He yelled happily. Julius rubbed his forehead annoyed,"Is that Giraffe on drugs?" The female mouse asked,"I believe so.." Worry said taking his phone out,"Should I go tell him to move?" "I would say run him over.." Julius drove around catching Clancy off guard.


Sheree carried the cake she worked really hard on to the alter placing it on the table,"Wow! That looks amazing!" A red panda asked,"I'm glad you like it. Wait til you try it!" Clancy ran in almost knocking the cake over

"Let's go to the card bored box! Let's go play!" The raccoon tried to show a smile but couldn't keep it on for long,"Clancy..I don't have time for this.." She said annoyed,"Can we go now?! It'll be so much fun!" Sheree held her head down shacking,"I.Don't.Have.The.TIME!" She yelled annoyed. A guard dragged him out the alter and pushed him to the ground.














"Hey guys! Why did you want to meet here?" Clancy asked walking in to be greeted with his friend and his therapist," for you. Listen your acting like a child,and your starting to get involved in our lives." Julius said,"We are your friends but we can't always hang out! You do know the box was destroyed years ago? The day we all decided to grow up." Worry said,"Your friends told me that you've been trying to get them in that area, so I decided to send you to rehab."

Clancy looked at each one of them,"I..I were my friends.." "We are..but you need help. Serious mental help." Sheree said,"I DON'T!" The giraffe ran away leaving the building.

Chapter Text

The fanfic section of the internet



Knock Knock


"SomeLove-fanficsday? Are you-"










So I was taking care of my niece and we were watching Max and Ruby when I was watching the summer episode. And they ruined everything the show stood for

They changed the theme song,they added the parents,MAX TALKS and my childhood is ruined..but I guess they need more ideas so that's why they added this..I'm sorta happy it was canceled so they wouldn't get worse and add..MORE..



Now I have to redo the theory..I hate it..why..why..please make it go back to the 2 where my theory made sense..

















The parents return to live with Ruby since they thought it was bad to leave them alone. They even brought new siblings,Max has been going to speak therapy so he can speak normally during the time his parents were gone.




But around the time the show was canceled,Ruby finally told Max the truth. He was confused and had mixed feelings about it. His parents were his grandparents,His sister was his mom,Grandma was his great grandma,the twins were his cousins(????),and Roger was his dad




Nothing made sense. But in the end,he learned to understand that things aren't what they seemed
































"Let's leave them to question life.."

Chapter Text

It was a cold evening

Winter was never my favorite but the snow always made some fun memories

Mommy was making dinner

Daddy was working late

And the Fuzzlies were enjoying their day


I would be too,if only my friend was there


He was gone






He was napping on the window when someone broke in and kidnapped him. I was downstairs eating some crackers when this happened

Theres no glass on the bed so someone here must have been in on the kidnapping



Mom didn't let anyone in


But maybe,someone broke in to kidnap him



But why?




Too many unanswered questions,not enough answers







So I need to ask some suspects







Princess Flug,Known for her beauty

She's on the couch watching her dramas,she would watch it with my mom but she's in the kitchen cooking spaghetti

Bozzly's favorite


Her red lipstick glowed along with that jewel in her tiara. She looked almost tired,never understood why,she did nothing all day. Maybe she knows something about the kidnapping




"Evening your highness." I say to get her attention,just saying her name will send millions of snacks my direction 

"Hello..Abby,Why are you acting-"

"I'll be the one asking the questions princess." I said walking in front of her my hands behind my back

"Okkkkkkkkkkk??" She looked very confused

"Do you know anything about the kidnapping of my best friend Bozzly?"

"Wait,he was kidnapped? When?"

"This afternoon,around 3. He was napping,he taken took from under my nose." I say my voice becoming quiet


"Yeah,you need to stop talking like that. It's quite annoying."

"Hush! Now tell me what you did around the time Bozzly was taken."

The princess took out a file and did her non existent nails

"Me was down here watching Keeping up with Princess Suger Bottom me. Half of it at least,me was too late me so it switched to Dance Princess Dance."

"Did you hear anything strange?"

"Now that you mentioned did me. A a hiss of pain..then it disappeared."

"I see. Thank you Flug."

"No problem Abby,also stop talking like that please."




The princess didn't give me much but enough that it was clear she's out the picture


No glass shattering?


A hiss of pain?


Bozzly must have been hit with something to cause that hiss




But it's too early to make assumptions

In the name of Blue's Clues


Let's find more Blue's Clues to find out what Blue wants to do


But unlike that show for kids,I don't have a dog who makes everything obvious for me




Now,time for my next suspect,Miranda Hatcher





There she stood grilling the hamburger meat,My mother was quite the looker for someone in their 30's. She's very pretty. Every guy would go after her if not for my dad who I think..killed someone but I can't be sure


Her brown eyes lifeless as she cooked,She might know what's going on



"Hi mom.."

She looked over with that huge smile she fakes every time,poor,poor,poor mom

"Hello Abby! Dinners about to be ready!"

"Put my food on hold. I'm not eating without Bozzly.." I say as I took a seat at our table

"Did he get lost?"

"No..Mother..he didn't. He was kidnapped.."

"Are you sure? He might just be-"

I slammed my hands on the table getting her attention


"Mother,I'm sure he was kidnapped. Theres clear evidence that he was taken from right under my nose. I will not be eating when he's missing."

"Well honey,I don't know what to tell you. But you need to eat."

She was a hard shell to crack open,but I know just how to do it


"So mother. When you were cooking dinner,did you hear anything? Like a hiss of pain?"

"No..The only hiss I heard was the hissing of the grill."

"Hm,What about glass shattering? Someone walking upstairs?"

"You walked upstairs and for glass..I'm not sure really.."

Another dead end,Shouldn't have asked someone whose bloodline is 92% of alcohol


"I further questions mother. I'm going to go ask the Peepers if they heard anything."

"Good luck on your quest honey!"




Still nothing,Every turn I take is like I'm hitting a brick wall

Another hit and I'll lose my head







The Peepers,8 in total. All singing happily,how could anyone sing when something terrible just happened


Can't blame them,I found them abused and dirty in a box on the side of the street


Might be the only time they got to sing,their last owner must have been a total monster





"I see your singing..again." I say hiding my happiness,there was no happiness without Bozzly

"Hello Abby! Do you wanna hear our song? We worked very hard!" They sing everything they say,it gets annoying sometimes 

"No thanks. I do need some answers from you though." 

They all looked at each other then back at me

"Go ahead! We just can't wait,tell us about your day!"

"Did you hear anything from my room? Glass shattering? A hiss of pain?"

"We were singing all day! We didn't hear anything! Maybe we could help a bit,if we get payed a bit!" They say with their happy tones

I wouldn't let it get to me,when others are happy,I want to be happy but I can't without my best friend Bozzly


I walked to the window,my hands behind my back as I stared at the snow

"Bozzly was taken this afternoon..I assume he was kidnapped..please...tell me if you know anything.."

"Oh..I'm sorry to hear that,but we did hear something being put in a bag..and when we checked nothing!"

"No glass?"

"What? The window was broken? We didn't see the window broken."

I was now super confused,Bozzly mustn't have been taken out the window..but how?








A knock came from the apartment door,I went to check and saw a familer boy


Kid was 4'0,Brown skin and black hair in an  Afro


"Hey Abby,I just wanna say sorry for throwing a ball through your window.."

"It's fine..It was an accident. You haven't seen anyone walk down here with..a bag?"

"No,I was in my room."

"Ok..Thank you."





All the evidence I have is either wrong or correct



Bozzly was stuffed into a bag

A ball hit through my window after Bozzly was  taken

He was hit with something


But that was all I had at the moment


I needed more evidence,Nobody else was here,Otis Harriet and Teeny were on the roof so they couldn't have heard and Curly was out with Chef Jeff to grab some cake ingredients












There he stood,the purple beast folding  laundry


"Hello Grumbles.."

He looked over surprised to see me

"H..Hey Abby! What brings you down here?"

"Cut it. Did you hear anything? A struggle? A hiss?"

"N..No! I was down here all day!"

The fuzzlie started to sweat badly hiding something big


"Grumbles,Do you know where Bozzly is?"

"No way! I have no clue!"

"Are you sure?"


I took in a breath and walked from the room









It's been 4 hours since he gone missing

Dad came home just in time for dinner


But I couldn't enjoy a meal without him


Mom told me to eat or I'll starve,but I cannot eat without Bozzly with me



But she made me eat


The sauce was good,the meat was too

But it didn't quite fill my empty stomach


Dad and Mom didn't speak to each other once again

Neither of them acknowledged  me

Normal day for me




Bozzly would always brighten up the cold room with a joke

But he was gone

There was no happiness without him
















There was no sleep either


I toss and turn in my bed trying to sleep without him


I put back on my glasses trying to see if I missed anything



My eyes looked out the window and saw,footprints that was hidden by the extra snow


Quickly,I changed into something warm and jumped out my window into the ground and followed the footprints








The cold snow went on my back causing shivers to go down my spine but I had to continue,I had to fine him


The footprints led to a house,a nice house,why would anyone steal Bozzly who lives in a nice house







With a quick movement,I barged in






The house was empty



But the sound of crying filled the room



I ran to that room to see Grumbles there holding in his hand..a ripped piece of Bozzly's arm



"W..What happened?"

"Gr..Grumbles didn't know! He said it would be quick! He said he needed a friend! Grumbles didn't know he'd hurt him!"


That's when all the peices clicked to together





Grumbles must have let someone walk into the hotel saying he needed a fuzzly friend,but instead he kidnapped Bozzly and left out the door. He brought Bozzly here..and when he woke he must of been  struggling trying to call for help but..



"O..Oh no.."


Quickly I ran out the house and saw a purple bike take off the house and down the street. I sprinted towards them grabbing a bike that was nearby and took off after them

Without training wheels were hard but I knew I had to hurry or I'd lose him forever







The bike stopped next to a fire pit and parked,I too parked hiding myself watching the hidden figure take out the aqua bunny

"Time to finish this.."



That's when the fuzzly alert went off causing the boy to turn around

"Whose there?!"

"I am!"


I went out my hiding spot showing myself,Bozzly looked at me with a weak smile,cotton leaving his wound

"Let him go!"

The boy held Bozzly over a bit of fire


"Step away from me..or I'll drop him.."

"Why are you doing this?! What did I do to you?!"

"You didn't! Your a sweet kid! It's your dad!"


Confusion hit my head,my dad?


"Your dad took my dad's job that he was passionate about! He killed himself days ago! I have NOBODY!"

"But why did you want Bozzly?"

"Because,you and him are always happy. I wanted him so I could be happy! But he's just like everyone else!"


I approached slowly trying to get him to calm down

"I know how you feel..before I met Bozzly..I felt alone since my mom's an alcoholic and my dad is always working. I understand you think your alone in this big world,but your not.."

"How do you know?!"


I walk towards him,he was a little taller then me..but he looked around my age

I took off his hood showing a pale face and died purple hair

"You have me.."


The boy moved Bozzly away from the pit and gave him to me,I looked at him with a smile and tears


I hugged the boy as he started to cry














A few stitches were enough to make things ok

Grumbles was in big trouble for telling people where our room was


But Bozzly was doing right as rain

That boy was given a free room after my mom heard he didn't have a home


His name is Kevin actually,My newest friend





Things went back to normal..with a few things  different












Huh..This story was a lot less darker then I thought



"Good night Abby!"

"Night dad!"

Chapter Text

”” Motu asked looking at the person walking towards them,it was clear to see Patlu was the one wearing it,”Sorry guys! I was reading the paper and got lost.” He said but the guys didn’t listen. They were looking in awe at the girl in front of them,”um..what are-” Chingum walked up with a flower and gave it to him

”I never seen a flower as beautiful as you,what is your name cutie?” Patlu looked confused at the officer,”Chin! You're scaring her!” Ghasitaram said, pushing him away holding out a stuffed bear,”I’m sorry for my friend,he’s awkward. How about me and you go for a walk in the park?” Patlu was now weirded out,”Man! You're even worse!” Jhatka yelled, kicked him away holding out a box of candy,”listen,you are the most amazing thing I let eyes on. Let us ride the tunnel of love together.”


Patlu backed away a bit,”Leave her alone!!” Motu yelled, pushing him,”I’m sorry for them. How about you and me go and eat Samosas? I know a good place where they make them crispy!” Patlu finally understood,”Guys! I’m Patlu! I’m just wearing a dress!” They looked at him but just saw a babe waiting for a man,”Nah..Patlu isn’t here.” Chingum said, grabbing his hand,”It’s just you and me baby.” He went in for a kiss.

The other boys pulled him away and started to beat him to a pulp,Patlu rushed away to get away from the fight,”hey babe! Wanna come to my place?” He ignored him as he ran. 


He stopped at a corner to catch his breath,”god..this dress is a curse..” He said looking at the dress that is making everyone assume he’s a girl

”But this cost me too much,so I might as well wear it till it’s worn out.” He said looking around. Patlu walked out the corner towards a shop of sorts so he could do what he enjoyed most,he took a newspaper and started to read. John and his goons walked to that same shop to see a figure reading,”Boys..stay back.” John stole a bouquet of flowers

”and watch as I get that fine thing in my bed.” He said walking towards the figure. Patlu looked up feeling more clear minded about the situation when a familiar face walked up,”my my. Look at what we have here.”

“listen John I’m not in the mood. I have other things to worry about then you.” “I see you know my name. Well,May I know your name?” “Seriously?! I’m Patlu! The guy who hangs with Motu all the time?! You tried to kill me!” John looked confused,”I see your crazy on the streets,but are you crazy in the sheets? Is what I’m asking,you know what I’m saying?” Patlu groaned walking away,The goons walked up to their boss,” she coming or what?” “Hard to get I see..No matter I will get her if my name isn’t John the Don!”


“Hello Chaiwala.” The man looked up to see a girl walk up to his shop

”hello cutie~what can I help you with?” “OH MY GOD! I’M PATLU!” He yelled annoyed. Chaiwala looked again and didn’t see it,”Just give me my tea. Number 68. Warm with a side of mint.” Patlu said taking money out,”I’ll pay for it.” Money appeared on the counter,Motu was there.

Chaiwala gave the boy the tea taking the money,”Oh..thank Motu. You're not ordering Samosas? I thought you loved those.” Patlu asked sitting down in a chair,”I do..but I rather spend my money on someone who deserves it more,like you.” He said smiling at him. Patlu looked surprised,he was never this nice when he was wearing that tunic..but wearing this’s like he changed. He took a sip of the tea feeling relaxed


”WHAT ARE YOU DOING NEAR MY GIRL?!” John yelled at the plump man,”YOUR girl?! You mean MY girl right?” Motu asked,”Like hell your getting with her!” Chingum yelled, walking beside a bruised Jhataka and Ghasitaram,”She’s MINE! I had my eyes on her first!” Jhataka yelled,”You always steal my dates! Let me have someone!” Ghasitaram yelled. The man started to fight again,Patlu covered his ears annoyed at them,”STOP IT!” He yelled. Everyone looked at him,The glasses man took the dress off showing his normal Tunic

”It’s me! The moment I put a dress on it’s like I’m this new person you never saw!” “so..your Patlu?” “YES!” The guys looked at each other but Motu was the one to step up,”I never knew you had such..beautiful curves.” “Wh..What?” He asked,”yeah..Your right.” Chingum said also looking,”Even though you're a guy..I wouldn’t mind messing around with you.” John said,”HE’S MINE!!” The boys fought again. Patlu took his dress and put it back on


”Welp..there’s no escape.” He said walking away with his tea taking small sips as he walked.

Chapter Text

"You have me.."


The boy didn't move,he smiled with tears in his eyes before letting go






I saw as Bozzly looked into my green  eyes as he was gone in the lava

The boy walked to his bike and rode off



I fell to my knees and started to cry



Maybe he wasn't dead

Maybe he was hiding..maybe he's still alive at the hotel










He was gone

























I walked inside the hotel,darkness in my heart


I saw that mom was on the couch drunk


Dad was probably out with some other woman






My bed awaited for me upstairs

But I had nobody to tuck me in..or tell me it would be ok












I laid in my bed feeling tears rush into my eyes and fell down in the corner of my eyes








I failed this



I failed everything



I failed him

Chapter Text

Ni Hao!

That's how I say 'Hi' in  Chinese










Ni Hao Kai Lan 

Is way better the Dora(not really I still love dora)











Fight me

Chapter Text

Age 5


"Are you sure..he's..normal or at least..sane?" "Arpa,we told you,there's nothing wrong with his wiring or his mind. We don't know why he's like this."

Two young robots in the waiting room waiting for their parents

"Mom told me she likes me more." The oldest told the youngest


The youngest looked at him with a smile that sent a shiver down the oldest's spine

"The devil told me he's waiting for you...Why keep him waiting?"




Age 10


The youngest sat on the ground looking at the ants and killing them with a  magnifier

An older kid who was a monster walked over and kicked the ant pile over


"Thank you. You got rid of their pathetic lives faster." He said looking at him

The kid grabbed him by the collar

"Give me your money!"


The youngest looked at him before he grabbed his wrists and squeezed where the vain was


The kid fell over and started to cry

"Weak. Everyone knows not to let your wrist be left out for someone to push it."









Age 12


The young robot walked to school with a monster who was around the same age as him

They were stopped by a group of robots who was talking




The monster tapped the robot's shoulder

"Let's just go."


The robot looked at them and smiled


"You know..I had a lovely conversation with the devil yesterday,I could get him to bring you down."

"Do you think we're scared of a-"


The robots were brought back when the kid laughed in a creepy way

"Don't think I'm joking..I seen things mortals never see."


The two walked off with the robot glaring back at them laughing slightly









Age 15


"Gart? Can you get Robot down for dinner?" Arpa asked draining the noodles

"Do I have to?" The oldest robot asked worried





The oldest walked upstairs to the attic where his brother stayed,he had a room but he refused to sleep in it


He opened the door to the attic to see his brother reading a book and speaking the words that sound like  gibberish


"Um..dinner's ready...we're having..pasta.."

The youngest closed the book and placed it down where a circle was


He walked past his brother ignoring him

















Age 18


"Miss something.." The woman was called on the phone by the doctor


"Your son..Robot.." "Yes?" "We've..discovered why he'd..behaved in that manner.."


The woman looked really concerned,"W..What's wrong with him?"



The doctor sighed and brought the breaking news



















"He was possessed by your father."

















Age 36



"So your parents don't talk to you just because your a failure?" "Yeah. But it's fine,I don't care."

Gart looked down at where his younger brother was and sighed


He wasn't a failure

He had a bright future


But it was thrown away by the demonic presence of their grandfather

Chapter Text

Peppa Pig walked down the road smoking as she did everyday,that's when she noticed Mandy Mouse packing something in her car

Peppa decides to go talk with her friend


"Hello Mandy." Mandy turned around frightened

"Oh..Hi P..Peppa! Wonderful day right?" Mandy seemed worried


Peppa notices something poking out her trunk,she shoved Mandy to the side and opens it


Oh My! It's a lot of Molly and Crystal Meth!


"Wow. That's a nice load you got here honey! How much are you selling for?" 


Mandy Mouse tried her best to get back in her wheelchair

Once she was in,she sighed


"I'm..selling the meth for..100 dollars each bag..and the Molly for 200 dollars for 20 pills."


Peppa smiled taking her cigarette out,she smashed it into the parchment and took out 100 dollars


"I bet your making bank!" Peppa hands Mandy the money

"Yeah. I'm going around the other block to REALLY sell this shit." Mandy rolled over to the trunk and took out 2 bags of Meth

"Since I like you,have 2 bags."


Peppa takes it and smiles


"Welp. Have a good sell Mandy. See you tomorrow." Peppa walked away as Mandy went into her car








Peppa walks to a rabbit den and knocks on the door

The door was answered by Rebecca Rabbit


"Oh..hi.." Rebecca said not wanting to see Peppa today


"Hey Rabbit. I got Crystal Meth for Richard." Peppa said smiling


"I told you to stop coming here with that shit! Richard is trying to stop his addiction-"

"My meth is here?!"


Richard came running out to the sweet smell of meth


"300 dollars." Peppa demanded holding her hand out


The rabbit placed the money in her hand and took the meth


"I swear Peppa. Karma WILL catch up to you!" Rebecca yelled before slamming the door







Peppa made her way back home counting up the money she received 

That's when she was stopped by a fox


"Hey baby. What you got there?" Freddy asked wrapping his tail around Peppa's shoulder

"300 dollars. Best deal I made."


"My My. Making that money out here eh?" Freddy said moving closer

"I know. Now move over,personal space remember?" Peppa said pushing the fox


"I know I know. Love you!" Freddy ran off


Peppa smiled at him before making her way back to her yellow house


"Peppa! What did I say about selling drugs?!" Mommy Pig yelled as Peppa entered


"Get off my back mom! I'm making BANK out there! I know what I'm doing." "No you don't! What would Grandpa and Grandma pig say?!" "They'd say,'follow your dreams Peppa!' I am following my dreams! This job is paying the bills right?!" "But it's wrong!"

Peppa rolled her eyes and went upstairs


"Get down here Peppa Pig!"



Peppa slammed the bedroom door shut annoyed

George Pig was hitting his bong on a beanbag


"Mom still isn't over your job?" George asked his eyes a bit red

"I'm just selling drugs! I do do drugs!" "Maybe she's just worried." "I'm 23! I can do whatever I want!"


George shrugged and hit his bong again


Chapter Text

The sun shined through pink curtains that blinded the mouse in her huge bed that had very fluffy blankets and a lot of pillows

She opened her purple eyes and sat up


"Another day..alone.." She said getting out of bed and putting her slippers on

The mouse washed her face and brushed her teeth


Black sunglasses took a place on her face and a fluffy pink jacket was put on her shoulders


She sat down at her table and poured herself a bowel of cereal

The TV flashed on showing an older woman


"Morning Miss Angelina,shall I tell you what happens today?" "You do everyday,hurry up." The mouse said taking a bite

"Today at 8 you have to go to the local high school's dance program to give a speech. At 12 you have to have lunch with Lord Mic. Then at 6 you need to meet fans."

"Great.." Angelina said still eating,"I'm hoping you won't miss any one of these." "You bet Eliza."


The screen shut off leaving only the thoughts of the mouse





"Welcome Miss Angelina Mouseling!" The mouse walked on stage and waved at all the students who do dance at the high school

She took the microphone and smiled


"Hello. How is everybody? Good? Good.

When I was younger,I wanted to be a ballerina..and I practiced day and night to get where I am now.

And if you ask me,if I'm happy with my life now. I'd say-"

Angelina froze up when she realized what she needed to say


"I'd..say..this was the worst decision of my life..I miss my home..I miss my friends..I just want to be normal again.."

The mouse looked up and sighed

"I'd sat this is the best thing that ever happened to me! And one day you could be like me!"





"I'm glad we could have lunch Miss Mouseling." "Yeah..whatever." The mouse sat in front of the big man in suit as their plates arrived

Grilled Cheese and Fries for Angelina and Pizza with Fries for Mic


"Now we need to talk." "About what? My performance?" "No. Your..single status." "What?"

"All celebrities have a lover by their side. Wheres yours?"


The mouse took a bite out the sandwich and shrugged,"Don't have one. Never been the one to like people."

"Well I could find you someone." "Nah. I'm fine with being single."


Mic nodded and went to eat





"MISS ANGELINA! I'm a huge fan!" A mouse with bring yellow fur yelled,Angelina nodded with a smile as she signed the video and shook her hand

This went on for awhile until everyone was FINALLY gone













The mouse came home with a pizza and opened it,she placed it on the table and ate a slice

"At least..I can finally have the pizza to myself..without sharing.." She said smiling but soon felt tears come out her sunglasses






She found herself in her bed crying


All Angelina wanted was to go home..she now wishes she never wanted to become a ballerina

Chapter Text

Caillou ran into his house looking at his mom


"Mother! Where is my juice box?"

His mom gripped the counter and started to cry

" need to leave.."

"But why mother? Why can't I have my juice box?"

She looked at him and pointed at the mirror

"He will attack this home if you stay."


The bald boy looked at the mirror and saw the green monster

"I see mother. Tell Father and Rosie I love them."

"I won't."


Caillou walked down the street looking ahead seeing what lied in front of him


"Caillou! We have news!"

His two friends Dora and Bill caught up with him


"Ya man,we heard that Shrek is going to attack after he gathered Hitlers powers."(I'm so sorry. The internet is going to kill me)

"We need to find Peppa and gather her bacon grease to defeat him!"

The kid nodded and followed his friends to PEPPA TOWN




Peppa was playing fortnite when her house blew up



Dora held the bacon grease in her hands

"Now we need to stop Shrek!"


The kids were stopped when Trump showed up,"Give me that grease. You have to listen to me cause I'm rich."

Lil Bill walked up and crossed his arms


"No man. Your tripin'(Lord I feel like I'm drunk when I write this)

He started to rap


Man,why don't you wear a cap?

Your skin lookin' orange like that Annoying Orange

You dating Sherk the heck and the mother fucking wreak

Angelina about to spin on this D

With a little Word Girl going high speed


Get some pickles and name one Rick

Suck some D and you'd better be!


Man I'm hanging with my homies Big C and D. We about to kill some ogre with this bacon grease

So step out the way before I shoot you down,Peppa about to be here so we better start runin'










The three walked into a castle where Shrek was dancing to Nicki Minaj,Praise the queen AMEN!


"Hey Ogre!" The green man looked over





Caillou poured the grease on his head and he became ONE PUNCH MAN




Then he defeated Shrek






"You did it my son!" "Can I have my juice box now?" "No. Your still kicked out." "Ok."


Dora ran to Caillou and started to make out with him


Lil Bill just watched

That's when Trump showed up


"Lil Bill! I loved your song so much that I decided to make you a rapper! Have 100000000000000000 Zillion dollars!" "Yeah man! That's whats up!"





Now the all lived sexily ever after


















Unless another villain comes up

We'll see

Chapter Text

It was a normal night,everyone was watching the act take place in the big-top


Trina and Croaky was walking the tightrope

Jojo,Skeebo,and her parents were doing their clown thing


But then an unknown acrobat came down and picked the little girl up


Her mom looked up and in fear

"NO! Get her down!"


Jojo was put down by the acrobat that went forward

The little clown looked down at the ground



She smiled before she turned her attention to the audience


"Ladies and Gentlemen! Get ready for the show of a lifetime! Watch as I jump from this height and survive!" The little clown holding her arms out



Her family and friends started to panic

"You can't survive! Get down here!"



Jojo knew she wouldn't live,that's why she was doing it

Why keep this death secret? Why not let everyone laugh at her experience,they'll think that they were joking cause their from the circus

Why not one more laugh?


The clown closed her eyes and fell back in the arms of death


















A little girl awoke in a white room that was padded

"It's time for your pills." The nurse said in a white coat


The little girl looked at the woman before she took the pill from her hands

"I'll be back later to check up on you."

The lady left



The girl hid the pills in her pillow case with the others

She laid back on her bed and hummed a circus tune

Chapter Text

"Yo homies!"

Caillou and Dora looked over

"Shrek's husband wants to kill us!"


They started to panic


"What do we do?! We're out of bacon grease and Peppa is DEAD!" Dora screamed

"Don't worry. We have to find his accomplishes and steal their bacon grease!"


Now the kids were off leaving the kids that won't be a problem later down the line








First they came to a video game world that was playing Nikki Minaj music and everyone was shaking their asses

"Man,These bitches don't know how to twerk." "Bill stop looking and start finding bacon grease."


The three looked everywhere for bacon grease but all they found is more people

That's when they saw a boy with brown hair holding a bottle of bacon grease


"Hey! Give that to us!" Dora ran up to him to grab it but he wouldn't


"No way. I like this shit. And I like this music."


"This music ain't even the shit." "You think you can do better?" "Yes. I can." The boy came up to the stage and grabbed the mic


"Ready to hear REAL music bitches?!" The music stopped and the beat was dropped




Lil Bill on the mic

Time to get this party started

Ready people?

Yeah I know

I'm the shit. Let's begin! Ah


Ended in this world,Don't know where the fuck we are

Tell me before ya get clapped,and nobody wants to mess with the mac


We be rolling in town and bringing bitches in my car

They want to suck my balls? Hell no bitch get out!


Them edgy motherfuckers wanna take a swing at me? Go ahead bitch! Try to but that'll get you shot!

Hanging with my friends Big D and Little C. They be banging everyday while I'm making BANK

We killed some pig and now we're killing his husband,we'll kill everyone who gets in our way


To all them fine bitches out in the crowd,shake that ass and let it make a sound

Smack that ass and let me hear the sound

Go ahead now!




Louder now!


Oh hell yeah!


Lil Bill is the name motherfuckers,I'm high in my game for a four year old!

Dora looking fine for someone really young!

And Caillou looking sexy for someone with no hair!


Holy shit! Here comes the click,click your dick back in your pants!

My shit is longer then a foot long!

Goes for my balls too! Ohh baby yeah!


This was Lil Bill!

Buy my merch dropping in 2034

And buy mix-tape coming out a year later in 2035

Lil Bill signing off from Video Game Land!



Everyone cheered loving it for some reason

Felix looked in shock,he groaned and gave Caillou the bacon grease





They were now in some place in Mexico

Dora knew this place since she's Spanish


They entered a tool shop where a man held a bottle of bacon grease

The girl held her arms out stopping the two and walked up to him


"Hola. Soy Dora. ¿Usted está?"

The man looked at the girl

"Handy Mandy. ¿Qué hacen aquí los niños pequeños?"

"Tienes grasa de tocino, ¿no?"


The man chuckled


"Sí. Y me dijeron que no te lo diera."

"¿Por quién?"

"Su nombre es Shadow the Hedgehog."

"¿Tienes mamá?"


"¿Amas a tu mamá?"



"Sería una lá tu mamá se enterara de tu trabajo a tiempo parcial. Dices que eres un hombre hábil pero de verdad trabajas para la mafia española. ¿Correcto?"

The man froze hearing this

"Danos la grasa de tocino y te dejamos en paz. Pero detente y tu mamá se romperá el corazón"


Mandy gave her the grease

"Mantén la boca cerrada...y no le digas a mamá."

"Lo haré Mandy. Que tengas un buen Cinco de Mayo. Adiós."



Now the kids were at a construction sight


"There it is! What do we do?!" Dora yelled seeing the grease be guarded with a machine

"Simple! Bait them."


Scoop looked out for anyone when he saw a human girl walk his way


"Hey there you sexy scooper. Want to come to my place." The Asian girl moving suggestively towards him

He dropped his jaw and howled running towards her


"Thanks Sarah!" Caillou said smiling at his ex

"I needed to get married anyways."


Bob came out the bathroom and saw that the grease was gone


"Hey! Get back here!"

Caillou pointed at the outlay of the house he was building and it blowing up

The man fell to his knees and cried out in anguish


"Let's go!" The three ran off having the last bacon grease they needed





Now they were in the edgy lair of Shadow the Hedgehog

Caillou had the greases ready to use

"Be careful." Dora said waiting behind with Lil Bill


The bald kid walked in as the door shuts


The two were then ambushed by the dildo faced monkeys call,'Teletubbies'








Caillou was now in front of the edge lord as he..feed a hedgehog that had ogre ears,human eyes,a gold hammer,building a small house and..a mustache

"You made it..good."

"Why are you doing this? Why did you marry Shrek?!"


"I didn't! I married Hitler!" Caillou looked in confusion(That sounds like some fanfic a friend of mine would write)

"Shrek killed Hitler and forced me to marry him! After that I had sex with Mandy,Felix,and Bob behind Shrek's back for killing MY husband while I was SUPER pregnant!"


"How long were you pregnant?" "2 years." "Oh god!"

"But now my son won't see his fathers..because YOU killed them!"


Shadow put the baby in the cradle and took out the chaos emeralds

"Now I will KILL you!"

Caillou put the first bottle of bacon grease on his head and he became one punch man



Dora and Lil Bill were now hanging by ropes by the Teletubbies who were doing cocaine

"Do you think Caillou will save us?" "Don't promise things that might not happen bitch." Bill said smoking a weed


The bold kid and edge lord were fighting to the death

Soon the hedgehog was now stuck looking into Caillou's eyes


"Now I will kill you!" But before he could,he heard the cry of his beloved one


Shadow laughed,"Will you kill me..or save them? It's up to you."


Caillou looked back on all the fond memories of him and his friends




He glared down Shadow and poured the next bottle on his head before running out the window to where his friends were hanging


"Caillou!" "Hey man." The bald kid killed the Teletubbies and cut the rope of his friends and took them to safty


"You saved us!¡Gracias Gracias! ¡Te quiero mucho!" "Yeah..what she said."


The three were distracted and Shadow along with the baby got away


"He got away!"

"It's fine..he'll be back.."




They all came home to their family and they were happy now


Dora and Caillou now kid for some reason the rest died

Lil Bill is now even MORE rich and has more fans


Felix saw Lil Bill's performance and is now working at his company

Handy Mandy left the Spanish Mafia and is now a full time Handy Man

Bob the Builder killed himself after losing everything


Sarah and Scoop got married and now have 4 scooper/human kids


Shadow and his son are nowhere to be found,but people think he'll be back




The last bacon grease was put up on Caillou's shelf,in case Shadow comes back

Chapter Text

Chaptor owe


I was walking down a road looking for something to buy at the corner store. That's when I saw a tape fall out a plane. It was my favorite TV show from when I was really young! Jay Jay The Jet Plane!'

Excited. I ran back home to play the tape not seeing the words written over it


Chaotor twi


I took off my shoes and threw some slippers on,I made popcorn and put the tape in getting cuddly with my couch

The theme song played driving some nostalgia into my brain


But then I saw blood flash on the screen! That was very scary! But it gets worse!!


Chouter thre$


The epoiside starts with Jay Jay and Snuffy were flying in the sky,that's when Snuffy asks,"Have you ever wondered why we're planes?" Jay Jay looked over and shrugged,"Never put thought into it." I thought that was weird,this was a childrens wasn't supposed to go into depth about the characters!

Snuffy flew in front of Jay Jay laughing,"Let's go ask Eva why we're planes!" He said with joy. Him and Jay Jay ran flew to the stop station

But that's when things got scary


Final choprtiytr


Snuffy and Jay Jay rolled into the stop station,but looked in fear as they watched the human KILL A BABY AND SHOVE IT'S BODY INTO A PLANE!


I threw up. It was so gross! It had my lunch in it! I started to pike again!


Then I shortly died






Chapter Text

Two girls walked down the street laughing and joking about something from their past, their names were Angelica Pickles and Susie Carmichael, best friends since they were kids

Susie gave an inviting smile towards Angelica which set her heart on fire,"So Angel, has any guy crossed your mind yet?" The blonde gave a chuckle,"Of course I've found a guy! He's so dreamy! Loving! And inviting! He's everything I want!

"He sounds like a dream Angel, I wonder if I'll find someone like that." Susie said looking towards the side a bit,"Maybe the person you right beside you.." Angelica whispered


The girls walked their separate ways towards their houses leaving Angelica walking home all the way alone, she hummed a song by the Girl in Red. She made a turn towards her house and opened the door walking inside

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" She yelled putting her coat up and walking towards the kitchen to get a soda. Once it was in her hand, the blonde made her way upstairs


Angelica put on her headphones playing the same artist who she was humming, in front of her was a piece of paper and a pencil,"Alright! Time to write!" She said taking hold of the pencil and writing the name of her best friend


Dear Susie Carmichael, I know I may be suborn, spoiled, and a bit of a brat

But I'm hoping you'll hear me out and understand these words

Do you remember when we were kids?

When we went to preschool and played? feelings started to grow from there

Since you moved in, and since we've grown up together

I wanted to say these 4 words

Susie, I love you. Like a boy loves a girl, I know it's weird, but I don't care if people shun me for it

I was confused! I thought I had to like boys, so I pretended to like all those guys in middle school so I could fit in

But I don't want to pretend anymore

I want to stand out and be happy for who I am

It's ok if you don't feel the same, but I needed to say this

All I'm hoping is that you don't look down at me

If you do turn me down, then I hope we can still be  friends



Angelica lifted her pencil reading over everything

" all I have to do is give it to her.."




The blonde girl ran down the street ready to start the day off


She stopped in front of her friend's house waiting for her

Susie came out her house surprised to see Angelica with so much energy


"Ready to go?" The blonde asked happily,"Yeah..but don't we have a test-"

Angelica grabbed Susie's hand and dragged her towards the school building



Just as the day started, the day ended and everyone was ready to leave


Susie and Angelica were getting some things out their lockers as people passed by


The note rested in the girl's hand, Angelica took a deep breath before turning to face Susie,"Hey-"

"Oh! I forgot to tell you! Micheal Hitch asked me out! We're going on a date after school, isn't that great?"


Angelica froze looking down at the note and gripped it

"Why..did I think..-"


The blonde ripped the note and ran away


Susie stood there dumbfounded and confused

She picked up the split note and placed it together so she could read it



Red flashed on her face as she felt a jerk on her heart

She grabbed her bag and ran after her friend 

Chapter Text

Just here to update ya'll on the story





It's still going



The chapter I'm working on is long



Because this is my childhood I'm ruining...



I hate Nickelodeon..

Chapter Text

July 23rd 1996


Heyo journal! It's me again, Felix!

Today was just as great, if not better!


I woke up to see the bright smile of my dearest, Kitty Kat, her smile brings me so much joy, it's the best way to wake up!

And you wanna know what's even better?! She made breakfast! Fish, eggs, toast, and a glass of milk! It was pretty good! I enjoyed it!


After breakfast, I went for a walk in the park, there, I ran into my cousin, Alex

He gloated for hours how he's better then me and how Kitty should be with him. That's Alex for ya!


Me and Kitty went out for lunch, then returned home, just in time for our favorite show!


Then I got a call during one of the commercials, it was the professor, he was going out of town, and he needed someone to watch Poindexter

Of course I said yes! Poindexter is the smartest kid in town! I'm always delighted to spend time with him!


Once there, Poinsy showed me his latest inventions and chemicals he was testing. Both looked pretty impressive!

He went to sleep at 11

And I'm here waiting for the professor to get home


I just wanted to tell you about my day, can't wait for tomorrow!

I'm going to take a quick nap

Til tomorrow!



July 24th 1996


Heyo journal! It's me again, Felix!

Today was strange, I had a feeling everything that happened yesterday happened today! It was like, yesterday repeated itself

Firstly, I woke up back in my room instead of being in the Professor's house. Kitty made the same breakfast..Alex said the same things..and Poindexter showed me the same work


It's very strange, yet cool!


Til tomorrow!



July 25th 1996


Hehe, it's happen again, the day repeated again


I doubt it's nothing to be worried about

Tomorrow will be different!


Til tomorrow!



July 26th 1996


Today..I thought everyone was pulling a prank on me..but when I told Kitty

She was worried about me


We had the same breakfast..she said the same things


Alex..kept gloating, and..Poinsy showed the same inventions


Maybe I'm in a time loop? Like in those movies!

I tried something I always wanted to try, just to see if I wake up in my room or it's just my imagination

Gotta go, the sirens are getting louder



July 27th 1996


Welp, I guess I'm in a time loop

I woke up back in my bed with Kitty smiling at me and not in a cell


At least I finally got to punch Alex in the mouth! It was rather relaxing


So..what now?

Guess I should find a way out, Poinsy might know, he's smart like that


But it seems I wrote this too late, he's already asleep, I don't wanna wake him up

I'll wait til tomorrow



July 28th 1996 


I asked Poinsy about time loops but he said there was no such thing, only in movies

But I'm almost certain I'm in one


Everyday is repeating, everybody forgets what happened in the past loop. Hell, I asked the officer who arrested me if he remembers! It all came back as a no

He..started to suspect me and took me into custody


It doesn't bother me too much, I'll wake up back in my bed, with Kitty and breakfast



July 29th 1996


Told ya!

Once again, waking up in my bed with my dearest

Today I decided to test out some things, I went to the store to get some cereal, got Poinsy a new beaker, went clothes shopping with Kitty, and accidentally broke one of the professor's inventions

Why I did this?


I want to see if the stuff I bought appear in the next loop

Along with if my money is still intact


Ha! Regenerating money! That would be amazing!



July 30th 1996


Just as expected, the stuff isn't here


I don't know what I was expecting really, I sorta knew it would happen but I guess I needed to make sure


I didn't do much today, I just watched TV with Kitty


Her smile brings me such reassurance..I love her..

Professor called at the same time he did in every loop, asking the same question

I could never turn down being with Poindexter, he's the best kid I know


This time, we just played catch

Simple but it was a good change of pace


Same time, he went to sleep


And I'm here, writing in this journal..I wonder something..well, two things


How is it..this journal isn't resting to the previous days before I was in the loop?

It still has my notes from the previous loops, I think it proves that I'm not insane..maybe


Second, what'll happen if I stay up past 12?

Only one way to find out!



July 31st 1996


Well, I blacked out

Once it hit 12, I blacked out and woke up beside Kitty again


There goes that question, but it doesn't explain why it happens? What kind of time loop is this?

I spent this loop with Poinsy


I love Kitty..but eating the same food for..I don't know how long, is starting to make me sick


He looked through my journal and was rather confused of my most recent notes, I tried to explain but he didn't seem to understand, he may be smart, but he's still a child

Professor came home but completely ignored Poinsy and just acknowledged me


I never understood their relationship, I knew the Professor was Poinsy's uncle..but were they on good terms?

Guess I never put thought into it

But I did finally figure out where the Professor goes, some convention for mad scientists


We watched a movie that night, Poindexter fell asleep on my lap while watching and I couldn't bring myself to wake him

Today was nice..I enjoyed taking care of Poinsy, he's like a son to me..


Wonder what I'll do tomorrow..



August 1st 1996


It's August already? Wow..


Anyways, today I suggested to Kitty we just go out and eat breakfast

We went to this cafe her friend works at, we were able to snag food for free


It was nice eating something other then fish..never thought I'd say that


We took a walk through the park and ran into Alex..I want to punch him again..

He did his usual shit..stuff and I could tell Kitty was getting annoyed so we just went to another park


There..Kitty told me some things that were on her mind, things I never knew she was going through

Self hatred, depression, anxiety, body image issues..

Hearing this..broke my heart


I hugged her


I didn't want to let go of her..ever

Tomorrow will be better



August 6th(?) 1996


Sorry..these past few loops..weren't interesting to talk about

I'm not even sure if it's the 6th

But today..I enjoyed myself


I got everyone together, and we all had dinner

Kitty, Poinsy, Professor, Inky and Winky


It was relaxing and a breath of air to just forget I'm in a loop

Everyone was having a great time..I was too


It'll be alright


I'll find a way long as I have the ones I love by my's all going to be fine



August 7th 1996


I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed..


Kitty brought me breakfast..I felt like throwing up when I took a sip of milk..


She stayed beside me on the bed, she tried to get me to talk but I didn't have anything worth talking about

When that afternoon came around, Kitty had to leave to get groceries like she did in every loop, but when she got home, she gave me some pain killers


It's what I needed in that really..really helped me


Professor called again, his voice is killing me..

I could never say no to hanging out with Poinsy..I invited Kitty over just so I could have a little break from him talking about the same things..


They looked like they're having fun..


Both of them fell asleep on the couch beside me..


I love both of them..we're like a happy family..



August 8th 1996


I suggested a vacation to Kitty during breakfast, she liked the idea


We packed our things and went to a rather relaxing hotel that had a cool water park

I don't like water..neither does Kitty..but you only live once and..I'm stuck in a loop so I can basically do whatever

It ends with my dearest sleeping in the nicest room of the hotel, like the princess she is


It was nice seeing spending time with her


Maybe I could do the same with Alex..our relationship could be better

I'll spend time with him in the next loop



August 9th 1996


Wow..I never connected so much with my cousin before..

Turns out, he's more likable when you get to know him


I convinced him to meet me at a cafe for lunch, he didn't seem willing but agreed in the end

He told me he was only trying to steal Kitty because she was nice..and treated me like I wasn't just an ATM

I told him he wasn't wrong, Kitty was an amazing girl..I love her for that


We walked in the park for a few hours, just catching up, getting to know more about each other

I learned a lot about him! He's starting a music career and wants to return to Australia one day once he retires. I support him fully! I know..I'll never be able to see him make his dream happen, but I hope he does end up making it happen 

I invited him to babysit Ponisy with me


He and Poinsy got along pretty well, even though they have nothing in common

Alex went home, and Poinsy went to sleep at 11

And I'm here again, writing in this journal..


In this loop, I learned how to be more open and not just assume people are bad just because I don't know them

Maybe that's why I'm in this loop in the first place, I need to learn a lesson


Maybe I'll wake up and Kitty will make something new. Poindexter will talk about other inventions. And I'll have a new set of tricks to do


I can only hope



August 10th 1996


Still stuck, nothing new

Part of me is upset the last loop rested, I actually liked that version of Alex, more open..


When I took a bite out of the fish, I threw up..I couldn't take the taste or the smell of the same food, over and over again..

Kitty took me to the doctor and I was given a prescription of pain killers

I was needing to take these again, being forced to hear and smell the same things everyday is starting to hurt my head


Sadly, I'm not writing this in the Professor's house, I had to say no..I hate not having to spend time with Poinsy..but I can't stand having to hear him say anything about the same inventions every time I go over

I'll visit him in the next loop


Right now..I just need this headache to stop..



August 11th 1996


Another loop

What am I expecting at this point?


Everyday will be the same, unless I do something to change it

But right now I don't feel like doing anything


I know I said I would visit Poindexter, but my head is hurting too much

Not even painkillers can help me


I couldn't eat..I couldn't sleep

It's hard for me to even write this!


I'll just..leave again..

All alone..just me


I always wanted to visit the city..

And I'll be back tomorrow

Nobody would know I was even gone!



August 12th 1996


I took my advice..a vacation alone..was what I needed


My head is more clear now


I'll get back to doing what I normally do soon..

Maybe that'll break the loop?


Who knows?



August 13th 1996




How did I not notice this?


I went over to the..Professor's house and saw..what he did to that child


A child..


I cannot..why would he hit him?!

Why didn't I see this sooner?


I fucking hate that man..what he did to Poinsy..he didn't deserve that

Who would hit a child?!

I need to do something..

But what? It won't solve anything in any loop..


I guess I'll figure it out..



August 14th 1996


Halfway through August..

How fun

I confronted Professor about Poinsy..and he denied everything

I tried getting Poinsy to talk to me about it..but he wouldn't say anything


Poor kid..


I hate that man..


I told Kitty, and she also shared the same fear..she was worried just as much as me..


I don't know what to do anymore, my head is spinning too much for me to comprehend everything

Another vacation sounds nice right about now



August 15th 1996


Am I gonna die here?

Will I ever die?

Maybe it's for the best-


No..I can't just..end myself like this! I'm better then that!


But it's so annoying having to eat the same food..hearing the same words..smelling that dreadful smell..

I'm going to punch that ugly bitch in the throat!

I..should get away..yeah, a second..third..vacation!

Swear to god..I'm going to kill that man!


I'll be fine..yeah! Just gotta..get away



August 17th 1996


I spent today hugging Kitty..after what happened yesterday..I can't ever forgive myself

I didn't mean to kill her, I swear! I tired of having the same. Damn. Food!


Kitty I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please forgive me!



August 18th 1996


Does it matter if I put dates? I'm not even sure if it's August anymore



August 19th 1996


Ever since..I killed Kitty in that one loop..I've been scared to leave my room..


What if I hurt Poinsy? Alex? The twins?

It's better if I stay away from them


It'll give me time to just..think about my situation a bit

Something useful might come into being..



August 20th 1996


Nothing..nothing new..


I'm..I'm sick of it all..


Just make it stop..



August 21? 1996


I'm losing track of the loops..maybe it's been..4?


I don't know anymore


I've been away from Kitty, Poinsy, Alex..for a long time

But I'm doing myself a favor..I'm keeping the ones I love safe

In expense for my own mental state slowly dying..


Wake me up..please, just wake me up..

Why can't I wake up?!



August 1996


I gave up even trying to think of the date..


It's been..hell, over 20 loops since I wrote in this..


The pages are almost gone..


Sometimes..I think I'm just insane, but this journal is the only thing disproving this

For once, I decided to leave the house


But when I heard Alex start talking..I couldn't hold back..


It was Kitty all over again..

I'm back in jail..but I'll be out by the morning



August 1997?

Has it been a year yet?

I wouldn't know, it hasn't gotten colder..or hotter for a matter of fact


I tried spending time with Poinsy-I mean..Poindexter, but, just like Kitty and Alex..he was covered in a poodle of his own blood


Why..can't this all be over?



August 1997

Dear anyone who finds this,

Heyo! It's Felix!

Ha, been awhile since I wrote that..

I'm sorry

But I can't stand this anymore, my head is hurting..and having to live everyday over and over killing me

Kitty, I love you, keep fighting, you're strong and beautiful, I know you can fight your demons, even without me around

Inky and Winky, you two are the best nephews I could ever ask for, I hope both of you grow up to be amazing cats..I'm sorry I won't be there to watch though

Alex, even though we don't see eye to eye, I believe you can achieve your dream, I hope theres a way I can listen to it when I'm gone

Poindexter, you're like a son to me..I'm sorry your uncle was terrible to you..I understand why you didn't want anyone to get involved, you're a smart kid..please don't give up, you can get through it, I know you can


Please do not hate me for what I'm about to do, just know, I love all of you..and I will miss every single one of you, but it's better if I leave a hell then continue to suffer in one




I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up..



Stop waking up



I'm running out of pages..



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



I woke up



Last page..


Help me, please..just end my life..

Stop..waking me up..just..end my suffering..

I don't want to wake up anymore..please..end my life


God..whoever can hear me..please help..


I'm scared


I woke up..